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The water is warm and soothing as it cascades from the shower down my back. I had gotten up early that morning, even earlier than my usual rising time. In fact, the sun has not even risen yet. Though I had already taken a shower the night before, I feel a need to take another one in the morning. Tilting my face up to catch the water, I smile as I think back to the previous night.

It was a coincidence, really. I had not expected to see him there. I was just out to get a drink. Contrary to popular belief, I do visit pubs sometimes. After all, I need time away from my teammates every now and then. So there I was sitting at the counter, drinking a glass of whiskey when I spied a splash of red just a few seats down. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was the hair of one of the Weiss assassins. Now, what a coincidence to meet one of the Weiss kittens in such a place. It was not hard to notice that he was drunk. He had his head buried in his arms, only occasionally lifting it to down a shot. Smirking slightly to myself, I approached him.

I sat myself down on the chair next to him. I could tell that he was totally wasted. When I put my hand on his shoulder, he lifted his head to stare sorrowfully at my face. For a moment, I was struck by his beauty. Drunk though he may be, his red hair fell around his delicate features, framing a face that must have been sculpted by Michelangelo himself. His flaming locks cascaded carelessly down about his face, almost like the Peace Ruby liquefied.

Now, I have noticed his beauty even when we were still technically enemies. With that red hair and that pale skin so nicely contrasted with all that black leather, how can anyone not become aware of such exquisiteness? So imagine my surprise and glee with such a sight presented before me.

I still had my hand on his shoulder when the redhead mournfully choked out a name. I could not pick it out as it was too soft, but that thought was flung far into the back of my mind when the Weiss kitten suddenly threw his arms about my neck and tucked his head into my chest. Who knew what a sexy little kitten the uptight Weiss swordsman could be when he wanted to. I brought him to a hotel room that very night.

The hotel was not very far from the pub. After all, I had a drunken assassin hanging all over me; I could not, and did not want to, drag him all the way just for comfort’s sake. No, the quaint little hotel at the corner down the road would just have to do. The elderly lady behind the counter frowned at us when she saw that we were both males. Old people are just too behind the times. After all, homosexuality, while not mainstream and commonplace, is by and large accepted, though generally ignored. She shook her head at us in disapproval when she handed us the keys to a room. Adjusting my glasses on the bridge of my nose, I sneered at her before dragging the drunken redhead clinging onto me towards the elevator.

The room was small and rather Spartan. Aside from a wardrobe, a bedside table with a telephone, and a small armchair with a side table near the window, there was only the queen-sized bed, which dominated the room. The bathroom was similarly simple with only a small shower stall, a counter and a toilet bowl. At least, the bed was comfortable. Perfect.

I threw the Weiss kitten onto the bed. Affected by the sudden movement, he remained sprawled on the bed. Looking at his flushed countenance, I wondered how drunk he was. Not wanting to dirty my suit, I removed my jacket, shirt, tie, and pants. I took care to hang them up nicely in the wardrobe provided. Thank the gods for the hotel providing their guests with satisfactory hangers. Pleased that my clothes would remain clean and pristine, I turned my attention back to the kitten on the bed.

To my astonishment, he was sobbing quietly into the bedspread. Never in a million years would I ever think to see such a sight. All the information we had gathered on Weiss suggested that the redheaded swordsman was cold and unfeeling, excelling at his assassin profession, making him exceptionally efficient on the job. Even when his sister was in our hands, he did not shed a single tear. I wondered what had happened to cause this episode.

Oh well, I was not there to be his counselor, to lend a listening ear and offer a shoulder to let him cry on. No, there were more important things to do. Things such as getting the little kitten naked in the fastest possible time. Truth be told, his open expression of grief, of any sort of emotion aside from anger actually, was turning me on even more, and making me even more aroused than I already was. I began to divest him of his clothes.

I did not take the same amount of care in his clothes as I did mine. They were not my clothes; I could care less about them. I was more concerned with the entity they covered. Oh, he was as beautiful as I had expected. All his skin was pale and almost flawless. Hard to believe, considering the number of fights the assassin must have been in. Even the occasional leftover from a battle only served to accentuate his splendor. He could have easily passed for Michelangelo’s David come to life. I was excited; it had been a long time since I have had sex, and here was gorgeous right in front of me, waiting for me to partake in his magnificence. Life was good.

The water is starting to run cold. Maybe I should switch it off before it goes totally ice-cold. After all, I have no particular liking for dousing myself in freezing water. I wonder if the little kitten will awake soon. I need to go off soon but I would like to see the look on his face before I leave. I doubt that he has any idea who he had been sleeping with; he was so out of it the previous night. I wonder what he would do when he realizes that the man who made him come so hard is the very same man he regards as his hated enemy. I smirk to myself, turning off the water and grabbing a towel from the rack to dry myself. It is a pity that I probably would not be able to have another round with the kitten later on; he is just so made for sex.

I draped myself over the pale body on the bed. Gods, he felt so good beneath me, all hard and soft at the same time. Unable to help myself, I leaned down for a kiss, but stopped myself at the last moment. The Weiss kitten had been drinking himself silly at the pub before. And his breath reeked. Badly. I turned my head away from his face, incapable of plundering such a mouth. Oh well, the rest of him still looked good and clean enough to eat. That would do.

I twisted my head back to his face and moved further down his body, laying my lips on the soft skin of his neck. Sinking my teeth into that pale skin, I made my way down to his collarbone, leaving a trail of red bite marks that doubtless would not disappear for days. I was pleased; the kitten would throw a fit when he saw those marks.

Feeling myself grow almost uncomfortably hard, I wasted no time in spreading the pale thighs before me. I slid my hand down between those thighs and encountered the treasure I was seeking. Tentatively pushing one finger in, his muscles clenched tightly around my that one digit as a gasp of pain escaped parted lips. I concluded that he was a virgin. Oh well, after that, he would not be one any longer. I let out feral laughter when the thought of taking his virginity struck me.

I retracted my finger and slicked it with the moisturizing cream I had pinched from the bathroom earlier when I was inspecting the room. After slicking three fingers, I ventured between his spread thighs once again. This time, I pushed two fingers in all the way to the first knuckle, tearing a pained cry from the kitten. I relished in his whimpers as I thrust my fingers in and out of him mercilessly. Whimpers that slowly turned into sultry moans. I quickly added another finger to prepare him, spreading my fingers inside him to open him up for me.

When my fingers left his body, the tantalizing little kitten let out a long groan, his hips snapping up to try and get my fingers back in. I knew there was an Eros lurking somewhere underneath the Snow Queen. I wasted no time lubing myself up and guiding myself to his entrance. I flipped him over and directed him onto his knees, with his hands firmly on the railings at the head of the bed. Holding myself firmly in one hand, I used my other hand to steer his hips higher, making him more accessible. With that, I pushed in slowly.

The warmth and tightness that greeted me almost made my heart stop. It had been a very long time since I have had a virgin. The pace I set was neither slow nor gentle. I took him hard and fast, hurling his body forward with every forceful snap of my hips. I gripped pale hips to keep them stationary while I plunged into that tight heat repeatedly.

I knew that I had nailed his prostate when he screamed. I tightened my seize on his hips and started pulling him back while thrusting forward, causing the writhing body underneath me to shudder helplessly. I could tell that he was sobering up, but there was nothing he could do under the force of my relentless battering.

He started screaming with every dynamic plunge I made into his quivering tunnel, spiking my libido and intensifying my pleasure. I could tell that he wanted to come. He, too, was hard and needy, his large stiff erection trickling endlessly like the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Rome. I knew that he desperately wanted to touch himself, but he could not let go of the railing for fear of me driving him into the wall.

The Weiss kitten was completely dependent on me for release! Gods, the power surge I felt at that thought was gratifying, to say the least. If I wanted, I could deny him his release. I decided to drag it out, and moved my hand to engulf his leaking shaft in a loose hold. I knew it was not doing much for him. I wanted him to moan, to beg for his release.

The proud little feline never opened his pretty little mouth and begged outright, but what he lacked in words, he made up in actions. I felt him tilt his hips up higher and push back more insistently. The deeper angle ripped a sigh from my lips as I tightened my grip on him instinctively.

I could no longer hold back anymore. I could feel the heat pooling in my groins. His screaming only served to bring me faster to my completion. I gave a particularly powerful thrust and I released into the thrashing body beneath me. Feeling my orgasm within him, he came as well, coating my hand with his essence.

I pulled out of him after I gathered myself. That was when I realized that the erotic little creature had passed out. I smirked to myself at that sight as I made my way to the bathroom for a shower. After taking a shower, I was reluctant to share the dirty bed with the kitten, considering that he was still coated in sweat and other substances. In the end, I slept in the armchair, which proved to be very uncomfortable, waking me early so that I decided on another shower.

I pull on my clothes and step out into the room. I am greeted by the sight of a very conscious kitten on the bed. His head swivels to my direction when he hears the door to the bathroom open and close. For a moment, he is confused. I can see it in his amethyst orbs. They widen as they take in the sight of me coming out of the bathroom, wondering why he was in the same hotel room as his enemy. I throw a simper at him.

Confusion swirls within deep purple depths until everything falls into place for him. His mouth falls open as horror and disgust flood violet spheres when the situation finally sinks into his brain. Looking at him gaping openmouthed on the bed, I am abruptly reminded of The Scream by Edvard Munch. All he needs to do now is to raise his hands and clutch on both sides of his head in fright for him to absolutely resemble the painting. I chuckle at the image that comes to my mind.

A furious blush spreads over his face all the way down to his chest. Amethysts narrow in anger and outrage as he clutches the blanket, pulling it higher up his body to conceal himself. I find myself biting back a sigh of disappointment at that. However, I notice the bruises on his hips. Bruises in the shape of hands. My hands. I feel a smug leer make its way across my face.

Holding the blanket around himself, I watch as he launches himself off the bed and at me. I sidestep his assail easily. When will he learn that he just is not my opponent? Even at his best, he can never hope to defeat me, not to mention at this very moment when he is not even clothed.

He does not give up his attack, however. He throws a punch in my direction again, which I deftly knock aside, causing him to tumble forward thanks to his momentum. He gains his balance just as he is about to fall, turning back towards me and lunges at me again. Once again, I step aside so that he falls forwards. He cannot display his full skill at combat since one of his hands is busy holding up the blanket to protect his modesty, so to speak.

He flings a kick at me. The kitten is getting tiresome, and I do not wish to play with him anymore. Easily grabbing the leg swinging at me, I push it away from me forcefully so that he loses his balance and falls backwards. His arms swing out instinctively to break his fall. This causes the blanket to drop away from his body, exposing alluring skin to my hungry eyes.

His skin burns crimson in shame, anger, and embarrassment as he scrambles to get his naked body under the blanket once more. What a pity to cover up such a sumptuous feast for my eyes. Oh well, I have had my fill already so it does not really matter. His body is tense under the blanket. I smirk at his helplessness at the situation.

“What are you doing here?” the kitten spits out.

“Why, don’t you remember what happened last night? What a pity to forget. You were moaning so prettily too.”


He grits his teeth hard and is shaking in fury by now. I only throw another simper at him, knowing that it will agitate him even more.

“Kill me.”

Well, well, that is not something I was expecting. Kill him? Maybe. If I let him go now, he might send Weiss after us again. It is not as if we cannot deal with them, but it is just annoying to have a whole group of professional assassins constantly out for your blood. Looking at him, I come to the realization that he will do no such thing. His pride will prevent him from relating this to anyone else.

A grin breaks out on my face as I reply him, “Sorry kitten, no time. There’s somewhere I’ve got to be in thirty minutes. Can’t waste that time on you. I’ve got to thank you for last night though. You gave me the best sex I’ve had in a while.”

His face turns livid as the words fell from my lips. I push up the glasses on the bridge of my nose and open the door into the hallway outside the room. Stepping out into the corridor, I smirk one more time at the pathetic figure on the hotel floor before walking towards the elevator, leaving the door open. Life is good.

ShirouKamui: Here's chapter 3. Sorry that took so long, Crawford is really really hard to write for me. And I apologize if he sounds ooc >_

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