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Something was going on between Yohji and Aya. It started about one week ago. Come to think of it, there was probably already something up when Aya asked me to send his sister back to her dormitory. He had never done that before; he would always make sure that he personally saw her safely into her own room. I was surprised at that request but Aya did not give me any time to respond before turning from me to walk away.

When I sent Aya-chan home on my bike, I tried to ask her what was going on. However, she just said that everything was fine. Like hell everything was fine. Something happened and no one was talking. Sure, I was pretty peeved at being kept out of the loop but I guess I cannot really complain about something that does not really have anything to do with me.

When I got back home, Yohji was drinking by himself in the living room. That was odd. Usually, he would be drinking with Aya. The two of them had somehow grown closer and I would often see them lounging in the living room together, drinking beer and watching television. I would have joined them but it just seemed to me that they had this impenetrable air about them, discouraging me from approaching them at such an apparently special time for Yohji and Aya both.

“Hey Yohji, you drinking alone?”

My blond co-worker looked up at me from the floor before forcing a smile onto his face, “Hey Ken. What’s up?”

“What’s up with Aya?”

I thought I saw something flicker across Yohji’s face but it was too quick for me to catch. His face settled back onto the previous forced smile.

“He’s out. His car is not in the garage, if that’s what you’re asking about.”

“Dude, he just told me to send Aya-chan home. That’s like the weirdest thing he’s ever said to me. Doesn’t he usually send her home himself? I mean, considering how important Aya-chan is to him, I’d think that he’d want to make sure of her safety personally.”

Yohji shrugged before looking back down at his bottle of beer, “Yeah well, who knows what’s going on in that mind of his? I guess he trusts you then, leaving his most important sister in your capable hands.”

“Yohji, are you all right?”

He looked up at me with a wide, but obviously fake, smile before replying, “Of course I’m all right. Why wouldn’t I be?” He paused a moment before adding, “And don’t you need to be up early tomorrow to open the shop? Better go get some sleep now.”

I knew Yohji was trying to avoid the subject but I recognized that I would not be able to get anything out of him anyway so I took his advice to get some sleep while I could.

I remember going down to the shop early next morning. When I passed the living room, only empty bottles were left on the table. I thought that Yohji must have gone to bed. I wondered about Aya, if he was home yet. I did not have to wonder long, as I heard footsteps coming from the direction of Aya’s room upstairs going towards the toilet. I shrugged and continued on my way downstairs to open the shop.

The next time I saw Aya, he was storming out of the florist and towards his car. Not a moment later, that very same car was speeding away from the Koneko. Omi threw a questioning look at me but I was equally perplexed. We did not have time to contemplate that baffling behavior as we were soon overwhelmed by the girls asking after Aya.

When Aya returned, he had a bottle of wine in his hands. He was headed towards the stairs leading to our home upstairs without so much as a glance at either Omi or me. I had just noticed that his face was covered in bruises. Concerned, I apprehended him before he could ascend the steps.

“Man, Aya, you look like shit!”

A very worried Omi interrupted before Aya could reply, “Aya-kun! What happened to you!? We need to get those looked at immediately. Just take a seat; I’ll get the first-aid kit now.”

Our redheaded teammate glared at us for a bit before looking away with a response, “I’m fine. I’ve taken care of them already. If there’s nothing else, I’m going upstairs now.”

With that, Aya went up the steps two at a time hurriedly, as if he could not wait to get away from us. Omi and I just looked at each other. I could see the worry in his eyes, and knowing Omi, he would most probably be worried until he could figure out exactly what had happened.

When I saw a similarly injured Yohji a few hours later, I knew that the two of them had been fighting. While it was true that we did have our disagreements once in a while, nothing that bad had ever came to pass before. Yes, we would argue vehemently and at the top of our voices, sometimes even going so far as to raise our fists, but actual fighting? No, this was a first. Whatever was going on between the two of them, it was serious.

The next time I saw Yohji and Aya, the two of them appeared to be avoiding each other. When they passed each other in the hallway, they would avert their eyes. Even when they were working together in the shop, both of them would go about their chores in utter silence. Omi and I were becoming increasingly concerned. If the situation did not improve soon, our lives would be in danger when a mission came in, and only the gods knew how much we were overdue for one.

During the span of the past week, I would catch both Yohji and Aya stealing glances of each other when they thought that no one else was looking. Something must have happened between them. Something real bad. I tried talking to first Yohji and then Aya but neither were inclined to spill the beans. Omi went next, yielding the exact same results as me; nothing at all. I also attempted to work on Aya-chan, thinking that she might have an idea of what was going on, but she was equally tight-lipped. Whatever it was that happened, they were not sharing.

Not only were Yohji and Aya acting strange, they were also weirdly more irritable than usual. For the whole of last week, Omi and I had been snapped at countless times even over trivial things like leaving my apron on the worktable instead of hanging it up on the wall, or forgetting to wipe down the counter at the end of the day. Both Omi and I stepped rather carefully around our other two housemates after that. The first few times, I almost fought with Aya when he yelled at me. After that, I just ignored him and Yohji even when they threw such tantrums.

Then came that day.

It started out as usual, with Yohji and Aya ignoring each other and being easily annoyed by all else. Yohji staring at Aya when Aya was not looking. Yohji turning away when Aya looked back. Aya staring at Yohji when Yohji turned away. Aya turning away when Yohji looked back. And so on and so forth. Then something different happened.

Yohji was staring at Aya, and then turned away when Aya looked over. I could totally see Aya’s face darken even further when he saw Yohji looking away. Then, he stormed into the shop, headed straight for Yohji. I shared a quick glance with Omi before moving to try to stop the impending disaster before it could happen. However, Aya threw me a glare so cold that I instinctively backed away. The message was clear: stay out of it or else.

I could see Yohji looking about for an escape route but it was futile. When he realized that he was trapped, I could swear that I saw fear and panic on the blond’s face as he tried to make himself smaller behind the register. I braced myself for the catastrophe as Aya started screaming at Yohji.

The gods must have had taken pity on Omi and me when the potential fight between the two older members of Weiss was broken up by a single word. I did not know whether to be relieved or worried by the mission that Manx had brought to us. I was relieved that the clash was averted, but worried at how Weiss was going to handle a mission with that problem hanging over our heads.

The mission itself was fairly straightforward. We had to take out a target that was conducting unspeakable experiments on humans. Sometimes I cannot understand these people. What was so fun about making other people suffer for no good reason? It was a rather simple mission plan. We were to infiltrate the hospital using our cover as florists, and then hide there until night time when the target would start committing those heinous crimes. Then we could take him out under the cover of the dark. Nice and easy.

However, the reality proved to be the exact opposite. For starters, we did not expect the large number of booby traps that lay in ambush the whole way down into the basement. By the time we reached the door of the laboratory, all four of us were injured in some way. Balinese’s upper right arm had been shot by a shotgun and there was a thin red line on his neck where an axe just narrowly missed loping off his head. Bombay had been shot in his left arm with a poisoned crossbow dart, paralyzing his entire left upper limb. Abyssinian had walked straight into a noose which had drawn tight and upwards, lifting him several inches above ground. I had to cut down the noose with my bugnuks to save him from strangulation. I was attacked by an axe that seemed to have come from nowhere, leaving my right thigh bleeding profusely from a big gash.

When we kicked down the door to the laboratory, the target was already gone. He had escaped through a secret passageway hidden behind one of his bookshelves. Without a moment’s hesitation, we all followed him into the passageway. Finally, we emerged into the basement car park of the hospital, which was thankfully empty except for one car. And we could see our target scrambling to start the ignition and drive away. We could not allow that to happen. Balinese threw his wires at the car and managed to snag the side mirror on the driver’s side, causing it to be torn off when the car drove off. Bombay threw a dart at the window of the driver’s seat, shattering it, but the target ducked and the dart landed harmlessly on the passenger seat. I tried to go after him but the hurt in my thigh slowed me down and before I could get there, the target had already started up the car. Fortunately, Abyssinian and Balinese got there before me and managed to jump onto the roof of the car before the target drove off.

Abyssinian held on tightly onto the roof with both hands and his katana between his lips as the car careened towards the exit while Balinese used the momentum of the car to swing his body down towards the passenger side. With a strong kick, he broke through the window and landed in the passenger seat. The blond assassin loped his wires about the target’s neck and pulled tight. The target’s hands left the steering wheel to fight back. One hand found a shotgun, which he pressed into Yohji’s gut. The bastard pulled the trigger.

As the car slowed down due to the struggle in the car, Abyssinian took his katana in his right hand and stabbed into the driver’s seat blindly. What followed was a strangled scream by the target as the katana pierced through his cheeks before withdrawing only to strike at his throat. By the time Omi and I got to the car, the target had already stopped breathing.

“Yohji!” I shouted as I spied his crumpled form in the passenger seat.

He was bleeding very badly where the shotgun got to him. The rest of us scrambled to the passenger side of the car to get him out but it did not look good. Yohji had lost a lot of blood. Knowing that we needed to get him to a hospital soon, Omi called Manx hastily as our van was parked three blocks away.

“It’s no good. Manx said that they’ll send an ambulance over at once but it’ll take at least ten minutes for them to get here,” Omi announced in a trembling voice.

“That’s not good enough! He’s bleeding too much! He needs a transfusion right now!” Aya was almost on the verge of a panic attack.

Yohji groaned and tried to speak but before he could, he passed out due to the blood loss. I had never seen Yohji’s face so pale before. Was he really going to die like that? No! I would not let my dear friend die just like that!

Aya, who was even more agitated than me, stammered out, “He needs a transfusion! Now! There’s no way we can let him die just like that! I won’t let him die like that!”

“We won’t let Yohji-kun die, Aya-kun. This is a hospital. There must be something we can do. There has to be.”

We carried Yohji back into the basement laboratory, where we found just the equipment we needed. Years of assassination had taught us how to do a rudimentary blood transfer. Having the right equipment was a lucky break. Another major stroke of luck was Yohji’s blood type. He was type AB, which meant that any one of us could give him our blood.

“I’ll do it. Ken has already lost a lot of blood from his thigh wound and the dart that got to you was spiked with something. We can’t risk that affecting Yohji too,” Aya said to Omi when everything was set up.

Omi and I nodded. It made perfect sense. Aya was the least injured among the four of us, and could afford to give a little of his blood to Yohji. As the transfusion was underway, I checked to make sure that Yohji’s heart was still beating. We would have hooked him up to the fancy machines in the laboratory, but we did not really know how to use them. All we could do was to supply him with blood from Aya and wait for the ambulance to come so that he could get real treatment from certified doctors.

Ten minutes later, we stopped the transfusion to carry Yohji upstairs to wait for the ambulance. By this time, his breathing had stabilized. Omi offered to support Aya as he was a little dizzy from the loss of blood but he declined the help in favor of providing more support for Yohji. When we reached the entrance, the ambulance had arrived and they hurried to get Yohji into the ambulance with the three of us riding with him.

I could see the worry on Aya’s face as he anxiously watched the doctor wheel Yohji into the operating theatre. That was understandable. We were all worried about Yohji. He had to make it. He just had to. I sighed as a nurse led me into another room to get my thigh wound attended to. It was going to be a very long night.

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