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And now, on to chapter 4. Sorry for the long wait, and thanks for following this thus far ^_~


I sigh as I look at the clock for the umpteenth time. Dawn is already approaching, yet Aya is still not home yet. Where could he have gone? I am sure that he did not go to Aya-chan’s. Not after what happened, he would not. I sigh again as the events of the previous day come crashing back to me.

It was like any other day in the Koneko. That meant the horde of girls who grace our shop daily with their presence after school. Too bad none of them were over eighteen. I was bored; I could do with a little flirting. I gave a soft sigh as I contemplated whether or not to retreat back to the storeroom at the back of the shop to escape the girls. I would have happily volunteered to make deliveries but unfortunately, Ken had jumped at the chance to flee the girls earlier and was now blissfully out of the clutches of the deceptively weak female high school students. Watching Aya take purposeful steps into the store, I knew I had lost my only chance at freedom. I sighed again as I made to calm the crowd of babbling girls with the smile that worked wonders with the female population.


I turned my head to the direction of the voice and spied Aya’s little sister at the entrance of the Koneko. I waved at her in acknowledgement as I called for Aya, knowing that he would want to see his precious little sister. Aya-chan would want to see him too.

It was just a month ago that Aya-chan was still lying unconscious in the clutches of Schwarz, to be used in some dubious ritual by Esset. Miraculously, we all survived that mission, and Aya-chan had even woken up. Our resident sword-wielding silent redhead had been too shocked to say anything aside from her name when she first stepped out from behind Manx. The reunion was so heartbreaking; Aya might not have been in tears, but the wet sheen that came over his eyes was proof enough that he came close.

I still remember that day when we all came so close to death. I was trapped under some debris in the water. Aya was the one who snatched me back from the gates of hell when he pulled the pieces of wreckage away to free me. I remember him hauling me out of the water and dragging me to shore. I tried to help him as much as I could but with both my legs injured, there was only so much I could do. Somehow, we made it back to the coast. Aya passed out immediately from fatigue.

I just remained lying there for a moment, just thinking. I knew that help would come sooner or later, be they Kritiker or the police. I was hoping for the former; I just did not feel up to explaining our weapons or our reasons for being there to the police. Looking up at the blue sky above, the disaster that was Esset seemed almost like a dream, a nightmare. I chuckled softly to myself.

“Ne, Asuka, it seems that I’ve made it out alive again. Seems like it’s not time for me to go look for you yet eh?”

The soft words left a bitter taste in my mouth. The clear blue sky above was suddenly wavering and so very watery. When the tears started, I had not noticed. Closing my eyes, I felt those tears roll down the side of my face while I continued chuckling softly to myself.

The next time I opened my eyes, I found myself on a soft bed in a white room. It took me a while to realize that I was in a hospital. I must have passed out on the shore. I was wondering how I had ended up in the hospital when the answer to my question was revealed when a certain redhead walked into my ward. And no, I do not mean Aya.

“You’ve finally woken up, Yohji. How’re you feeling?” Manx asked, concern brimming in her eyes.

I struggled to get up, and with Manx’s assistance, managed to sit up on my bed. I told her that I was alive, which said a lot, and though aching all over, I would survive. Relief flooded her countenance as a genuine smile graced her face. It was then I remembered about my teammates. She assured me that they were all fine, and recuperating in other wards. I heaved a sigh of relief at that. At least, they were still alive.

Eventually, we were all discharged. After a long discussion during our hospitalization, we had all decided to reopen the Koneko while continuing to work for Kritiker. The latter was not an option; Kritiker would hunt us down otherwise. The former was just a choice for familiarity. Going back to the florist was both comforting and depressing. The very next day after we returned, Manx showed up on our doorstep unexpectedly with someone we should have expected.

“Those legs, Manx! And someone else…I’ve never seen her before…”

The rest of Weiss turned to the entrance of the Koneko when the shutter was pulled up to reveal our redheaded Kritiker agent and a teenage girl. I knew that girl. I would know her anywhere. After all, Weiss had just recently risked their lives to save her. Fujimiya Aya stepped out from behind the redhead and stood at the entrance next to Manx, smiling brightly and in the pink of health.

“Aya-chan! You’re Aya-chan, right? I’m Omi, and this is Yohji-kun and Ken-kun. It’s so nice to see you so well and smiling! Please, do come in!”

Aya only stood frozen in shock, staring wide-eyed at the image of his sister, hale and hearty, right before him. He could not believe that what he was seeing was not a dream.


The ends of my lips tug up slightly at that image. Aya can be like that sometimes, all tongue-tied, when he gets nervous. That time, though, it was not nervousness that got his tongue. Rather, it was a sort of disbelief. I know that even now, one whole month after interacting with his sister, he sometimes still finds it hard to believe that she is awake and living a normal life going to school and continuing her education. I take another swig from the beer bottle in my hands as my thoughts continue their travel into the past.

It seemed that Manx and Sakura-chan had told Aya-chan all about her brother. I could tell that Aya was torn between being elated and being enraged. Elated that his sister had come back to him, and was going to be close to him for at least the next few years. Enraged that they had told Aya-chan about his assassination work. He had not wanted Aya-chan to know, did not want to stain her with his sins, but it was already too late.

Personally, I feel that it was for the best. At least this way, Aya would no longer have to worry about his sister. Aya-chan would be able to spend more time with her brother, and make up for the lost two years. If Aya had had his way, she would have been told that he’s dead, and that would be just too depressing for her.

That had been a month ago. With the help of Kritiker, Aya-chan was sent to a high school with a dormitory. Aya had decided that living with four assassins was too dangerous for the bubbly teenager. Well, that is something I agree with him. Hence, the cute little girl ended up dropping by the florist almost every day after school, becoming pretty much a part of our lives.

Aya came out of the store immediately, and the slight smile that broke out on that usually stoic face could only be described as beautiful. I felt my own brightening up at that scene. It was nice to see such a close friend find his well-deserved happiness after so long. We all shared the experience of loss, so it was pleasant to know that at least one of us had been able to get back some of what was lost. I suppose it gives us hope in some way. Besides, Aya was one of my best friends, so naturally, I was happy for him.

Aya-chan was invited to stay for dinner as usual, with her brother wanting to spend as much time with her as possible. The surprising thing was that she had approached me after dinner. Usually, she would be talking softly with Aya in his room, or laughing gaily with all of us in the living room. This time, though, I was softly asked if she could have a moment with me. Apparently, she had something of utmost importance to discuss with me. Overwhelmed by bewilderment and curiosity, I invited her to my room for some privacy away from the others.

Aya-chan sat on my bed immediately after the door closed behind me. Well, I could not blame her for her openness; there was nowhere else in my room she could have taken a seat. A smile spread across my face at her familiarity with me. Settling my own lanky body down next to her, I cast wondering eyes at her own sparkling brown ones in question.

“So, what was it that you wanted my opinion on?” I asked her gently, turning my body slightly to face her.

She looked me straight in the eye with worry lacing her features, “Yohji-san, what do you think of onii-chan?”

Now, I was confused. I frowned slightly, conveying my puzzlement to the slight girl seated right in front of me.

Aya-chan must have picked up on my bafflement, because she elaborated, “I think there’s something wrong with onii-chan these few days. He’s been more distracted than usual, and a little more lonely and sad too, I think. Do you have a girlfriend, Yohji-san?”

“What?” What does my getting a date have to do with our conversation? Was the discussion not about Aya? How had it become a talk about my love life?

“Eh? Not really, I don’t think so? What has that got to do with what we’ve been talking about anyway?”

Aya-chan sighed in frustration, “Oh Yohji-san, you can be so dense sometimes! Can’t you see that which is so obvious and right in front of you?”

Right in front of me? What in the world was she talking about? Now I was truly lost.

A grin broke out on her cute face at my bewildered frown while she explained, “I think onii-chan is in love with you!”

What!? Never in a million years would I expect those words to come tumbling out of her small lips. Aya? In love with me? The idea was just too ridiculous; I could not help chortling with the hilarity of that notion. When I saw that Aya-chan was completely serious, though, the significance of her words dawned on me. Wait a minute, she was joking, right? I mean, how could Aya ever like me? Yohji, the playboy of Weiss. Yohji, the one who could not even protect the one woman he ever loved. Yohji, who should be nothing more than a good friend.

“Aya-chan, you don’t seriously mean that, do you? I mean, Aya’s not gay. At least, I don’t think he is. And even if he were, why would he fall for me, of all people? I’m not exactly the embodiment of commitment, you know. Besides, Aya’s a guy and I’m not gay…”

A sound at my door tore away our rapt attention on the conversation. Moving quickly, I flung open the door to my room just in time to see Aya turning away from me. I grabbed his wrist on impulse, preventing his escape. Had he been listening in to the exchange between his sister and I? How long had he been out here?

“Aya, what’re you doing here? You looking for me? Or maybe for Aya-chan? How long were you out here?”

Aya just glared at me before snatching his wrist out of my grasp and stating gruffly in a voice that I could have sworn was wavering, “Aya, time for you to go home. It’s getting late, and you need to wake up early tomorrow for school. Come on, I’ll get Ken to send you home.”

I knew then that something was wrong. Asking Ken to send Aya-chan home? Aya usually did that himself. I knew that Aya had closed himself off once more. Aya-chan probably knew that too, since she just obeyed him meekly without another word, which was unusual for the loud cheerful girl.

Needing to calm myself, I went to the garage about fifteen minutes later to find that Aya’s car was gone. I sighed to myself as I slid into my own car for a drive down to the nearest store for a couple of beers. When I got home again, I noticed that Aya’s car was still missing. Fighting down a wave of worry, I settled in the living room with my stash of beer.

That was more than four hours ago. And Aya is still not home yet. Where could he have gone? My mind wonders back to Aya-chan’s words. Really, how could her brother have fallen in love with me? That is just too impossible. I close my eyes and lift the bottle to take another gulp, only to find it empty. I curse softly when I realize that it is my last bottle.

My eyes automatically seek the door, expecting it to open anytime to a stoic Aya telling me that what Aya-chan said is all nonsense, and that we are still friends. Really, the last thing I want to do is to jeopardize our friendship. My eyes widen slightly, as the door flings open to reveal said redhead. Only thing different from the image I had is that he is not looking too good with him supporting himself on the doorframe. I rush to his side at once.

“Aya! Are you ok? Where have you been the whole night?”

He just pushes me aside with a mumbled “I’m fine” and slowly makes his way up the stairs to his room. He had been drinking. That much I can tell. Does that mean that he is affected by what Aya-chan said? Does that mean that there is some truth in it? Impossible!

I watch him hobble up the steps. I frown slightly at his gait, wondering if he had been injured. Hearing his door close with a soft click, I suppress a sigh. We need to talk.

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