Erase The Name

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The interrogation took just a little over an hour. Mello had left strict instructions that while beatings were permissible, the inflicting of permanent damage was not. Zakk did the actual questioning while another underling who's name was Nick dished out the pain.

Matt spat blood on the floor, his ribs aching as he was helped up off the ground and made to stand. He had told them as much as he could without risking his actual life. Yes he had known that there had been prior attempts on the blond's life. Yes he knew there was a contract out on him. No he was not a part of that, and nor did he have inclination to collect on the bounty.

"You gonna really talk now smartass?" Zakk asked

"What ever, but I wanna speak with Mello." Matt spat again,hobbling over to a chair.

The two men exchanged glances. "Stay here." Zakk said gruffly.

Matt resisted the urge to ask him where the fuck he was gonna go and just nodded, wishing for something for the pain from his ribs as he sat down.

The men were gone maybe twenty minutes, returning with Mello and the cute little girl from before. The blond looked like hell, the lack of sleep and pain etched in the side of the face that wasn't covered. The girl didn't look much better, fatigue was starting to settle in with her, fresh bruises were darkening on her upper arms, bruises that were unmistakeably shaped like fingers and very recent. Her gaze was averted downwards, as she trailed behind Mello.

"One million up front, we'll work out arrangements later for being on the rolls.." The blond nonchalantly said.

"What?" He blinked, not understanding.

"The reward is half a million, so I'll give you double. The rest we can work out when we are both up to it."

Matt tilted his head in thought as he ran the numbers and offer through his mind. The offer was generous, and god knows the only loyalty that he had was what was bought.

"I'm not stupid. I know you were hired." Mello rested a hand on his shoulder, "So I figured I would hire you myself, with a pay raise of course."

"If I refuse?"

Mello nodded to the girl, she removed a switchblade, passing the knife to Mello. The blond examined the blade, eyes darkening as he rested the blade against Matt's throat.

"Are you refusing?"

"Nope, but I may hold out accepting until we come to a full agreement."

Mello pulled the knife away, and leaned against a wall, his arms at his side. "Understandable. Now talk, I'm listening."

Matt bit his lip, thinking it over for a few moments.

"I'll take the one million. I also want ten grand a month and a go at sweet tits here."

Mello's eyes flashed in anger, his hand shooting out to grab Skye, who had started to advance towards Matt.

"Fuck you ass.." She was cut off as Mello tightened his grip on her arm, no doubt causing new bruises if the way she cried out was any indication of the strength behind it.

"The whore is private property. Mine to be exact. How about one million, plus three grand a month. If you work out we'll discuss a pay raise."

Matt mulled it over a bit, smiling as he extended a hand. "Deal."

Mello let go of the girl, shoving her aside and shook his hand. "Welcome aboard Mattie. Now what have you got to give me?"

Matt told him everything, leaving nothing out. He brought him up to date on the inner workings of both Wammy's House and Near's department. He touched upon the talent that both had their disposal, and the places where spies had infiltrated, cases that were active and cases that he had knowledge of that were under consideration.

"So, Ill Ratt is working for Near?"

Matt nodded his head, hand reaching into his pocket for his cigarettes. He tossed the pack onto the floor, cursing because they were crushed. "Fuck, that blows. Yeah he's working for Near, fucking freak got spies everywhere."

"Give him a cigarette, Skye."

Matt thanked her, fishing a lighter from his front pocket and lighting it. His eyes travel over the girl, taking notice of her slight curves and the way her tight fitting jeans and purple tank clung to them. "Bitch got a name huh? Stripper name too. Not your real name is it hon?" He winked.

She held his gaze defiantly, "Any one ever tell you that you're a dick?"

"All the time sweety, how about you? The men all tell you what a fine piece of ass you are?"

"Yeah right before their their brains paint the wall." She made another attempt at getting him, Mello easily holding her back with a arm wrapped around her waist.

"Feisty little pussy." Matt clucked his tongue.

Mello's eyes narrowed to slits,"Skye, leave. Wait for us outside." She relaxed slightly, and after a few seconds Mello's hold loosened enough for her to break free. Wordlessly she stormed out the room, slamming the door behind her.

The blond stalked over to him, eyes glinting predatory as he placed the blade of the knife between Matt's legs.

"Talk like that again to her and I'll cut your fucking nuts off. Got it?"

Matt gulped, nodding his head slowly. "Yeah, sure what ever man. Didn't mean to touch a nerve."

"Good, now lets go, you can stay with us tonight until living arrangements can be made."

"I have an apart..."

"You actually think I'm gonna just let you walk the fuck out of here?"

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