Erase The Name

BY : NothingsXSorrow
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Matt sipped his coffee, the bitter taste making him wish that Halle had picked something other than this fucking dive which barely passed as a coffee house for their meeting. Damn place was also non smoking, than again the majority of places now a days were, hell pretty soon the whole world would probably have garish "No Smoking" signs.

He had removed his goggles upon entering the establishment, the dim lighting already made it difficult to see, no need for tinted lenses to add to it. From the corner of his eye he caught two young girls eying him up, giggling and blushing behind hands as they spoke in hush tones. He was just about to turn and ask them to join him when he caught sight of Halle walking through the door.

She had ditched her usual business attire of neatly pressed slacks and shirts for something more comfortable and practical given the circumstances. The tight low rise denim of her jeans and plain red t-shirt clung to her curves, Matt gave a low whistle of approval as she took a seat across the table from him, ignoring the look of warning she gave him in response.

"Hello Matt, been awhile huh?"

Matt shrugged, tapping his lighter off the scratched table as he fought to bring his current urge for nicotine under control.

"Still smoking I see." She said, nodding towards his hand.

"So are you, Hal." He winked, grimacing as the toe of her tennis shoe connected with his shin.

A slight redness crept into her cheeks, her eyes darkening in anger. He mumbled a half-hearted apology after which she cleared her throat and she retrieved a set of keys from her pocket. Handing them to him, his thumb brushed against the side of her hand before palming the item.

"I see you haven't changed, still cocky as ever."

"And you are still the ice bitch I see." Another kick was delivered to his shin.

Halle ran her fingers through her hair in frustration as she spoke.

"I am not thrilled to be here either, but can we at least be civil." She paused, watching him roll his eyes. "Car is around the corner, full tank. Red Mustang. Can't miss it. The other key is to the apartment where you will be staying."

He nodded, pocketing the keys into his vest. Eyes traveling over to where the girls were packing up their things in preparation of leaving. He could still slip his number, tell them to give him a call later and meet up. Two innocent girls like that, no problem. Five minutes tops and he could have them both begging him to fuck them.

"Are you even listening to me. God, I told Near it was a bad idea to bring you in."

"Huh? Oh sorry. Had a little bit of a hormonal moment there."

"Yeah well get that dick of yours under control, you are gonna need to be alert." Her features softened a little "The rest of what you requested is in the apartment,if you need anything, call."

He nodded, finishing off the last of the coffee before rising. Offering a wave over his shoulder he left, Halle sat there for a few more moments musing over the situation. It had been six months since they had last been together, enough time she thought. Perhaps not though, the guarded way with which he behaved indicated that this was gonna be a hellish partnership. She just prayed that he wouldn't be needing too much of her assistance.

Matt went through the various bags that were awaiting him back at the apartment. He had found the place with little difficulty, swearing under his breath when he first took in the dilapidated conditions. He would be lucky if the fucking hell hole even had lukewarm water to offer.

Counting the ammo clips, he pocket an extra clip for the Beretta 92 that he pulled aside earlier. Lighting a cigarette he surveyed his surroundings in detail. It would do, for now. The yellowed, peeling wallpaper stained with water marks, the threadbare couch that had seen better days and discolored with god knows what. Add in the filthy torn carpet to give vision to a poor mans apartment, a poor man desperate for survival who would stoop to even criminal levels.

Exhaling, he pulled the file onto his lap, rereading the exploits of his current target, trying to get a feel for the man and to push away the memories of the loud mouthed hellion of a boy he had once been.

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