Erase The Name

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Two days had passed since last contact. A gut wrenching fear gnawed at the elderly mans being. Some might call it extra sensory perception or by some other pseudo science new age term that was in vogue. Roger, however, knew that it was merely an instinctual reaction resulting from prior experience. Would Matt, a brilliant detective turn down and pass the case to another, one with less experience so that his one time acquaintance would have a chance?

Three of his prior wards, dead. In just the past five weeks working this case alone. No tears. No guilt. Two young men and a female, who though it might be questionable as to if sound of mind, there had been no doubts as to their capacity to work this case. Methodologies as different as night and day, yet minds as sharp and quick to analyze that any comparison between them was impossible. All three fell quickly, their failures and his own thrown into his face as he had glanced over the crime scene photos.

X, better known as Xaphan, his code name chosen after the fabled fallen angel. Partially dismembered and left to decompose in an abandoned house that once served as a whore house for the syndicate that M ran with.

S, or Slate, tortured to death. His bloated and discolored corpse found floating. The multiple burns, cuts and broken bones a testament to the horrifying final hours of his short life. He was the youngest of the three, having just celebrated his eighteenth birthday a couple months prior.

The third had been V, also known as Veronica. Twenty years old, cautious and highly attractive. Her soft brown eyes and delicate features lending her an innocent quality that the board thought would help her to succeed where the others failed. Her body had been found with a single bullet hole to the forehead. Post-mortem examination had proved that was the only injury she had received, and that although stripped of her clothes and left to rot in a trash filled alley, she had suffered no sexual assault.

That offered some comfort. At least he wasn't that far gone, Roger had thought to himself. He had after all shown the female some margin of dignity and had handed her what the old man could only hope was a swift death.

Roger jumped, the shrill sound of the telephone ringing startling him from his thoughts.

Clearing his throat, his tone was formal "Hello, Roger Ruvie"

"I'll take it." The words were followed by the unmistakable sound of smoke being inhaled.

"Good, I'll have one of Near's-" He was cut off as Matt abruptly hung up the phone.

As he replaced the hand set back on its cradle he sighed, muttering a silent prayer. He couldn't lose this one, he was ranked far too high and right now a direct successor to the one who currently held the title of L. Yet as valuable as he was, his expertise and dedication said he could possibly be the one to get this done, and that alone made it worth the gamble.

Across the Atlantic, Matt tossed his cell onto the table. Taking another drag of his cigarette as he waited for his laptop to boot. He mentally went over the items and resources he would be needing to get the job done.

He quickly fired off an email to Near. Curt and to the point detailing some of his needs, and then opening another browser tab he booked a single ticket to L.A.

Twenty minutes later as he was replacing his laptop into a padded case for travel his cell rang, glancing at the display he laughed. That was fast.

"Speak to me Hal." He said answering it as he walked into his bedroom to pack some belongings.

"I assume that you booked a flight for tonight."

He grunted his response, eliciting soft laughter from her.

"Ever the dutiful one." She said, "I'll meet with you tomorrow afternoon. Expect a text from me in the morning with the location and exact time. Near said that if there is anything else that you may require, do not hesitate to ask."

"Does the offer include hookers and coke?" He snorted, tossing some underwear into his duffel bag.

Halle clucked her tongue disapprovingly.

"I take that as a no. Fuck me."

Halle roared with laughter "Now, Matt that is no way to speak to a lady." She paused, and when she spoke again all trace of kidding was gone.

"Seriously Matt, take care of yourself. We can't afford to lose you."

"Yeah what ever, I'm hanging up now. Later."

Matt placed his phone into his carry on, and shouldering his bags left. He had three hours until his flight, plenty of time to stop off and grab something to eat first

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