Erase The Name

BY : NothingsXSorrow
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Mello groaned, yanked from sleep by a heavy handed knocking on the door. He rolled over onto his side, burying his head under a pillow in a vain attempt to block out the irritating sound. After a few minutes, the knocking became more insistent.

"God damn it." He yelled, stomach lurching as he separated himself from the comfort of his bed, and after pulling on a pair a boxers made his way to the door.

"This had better be fucking important." He muttered, sliding the dead bolt and opening the door.

"Morning Mello."

Mello leaned against the door frame. " The fuck you want Snydar."

"Rod wants to see you." Snydar peered over Mello's shoulder, chuckling as he took notice of the blond's girl passed out on the bed, the room littered with half empty beer and liquor bottles,

"Rough night?" he asked, ignoring the glare he received in answer.

"Hurting?" Snydar asked, clucking his tongue as Mello ran a hand through sleep mussed hair, the dark circles under his blood shot eyes and queasy look making him appear like something that was on deaths door.

"A little," he responded, snorting at the knowing smile that was flashed him.

Kal had been sixteen when he had been born, the bastard child of an Eastern European prostitute who had been under employment in the gang. It would be three whole years before the teen would learn that the tow headed prodigy had been fathered by his older brother, Micheal. The elder Snydar boy only owning up to paternity after having taken notice of the toddlers intelligence.

Mello's mother had died of a drug overdose when he was five, his father was gunned down four years later. Unable to provide for him, Kal had allowed him to be taken by the system, always assuming that the boy would be given a chance. When his fourteen year old nephew had shown up on his door step, filthy and starving: having just crossed an ocean and a continent alone he hadn't been able turn him away. Taking him under his wing he watched him quickly climb up through the ranks, although his looks had come solely from his mother he was his fathers child.

"Well get dressed, he's pissed."

Mello swung the door the rest of the way open, motioning for Kal to come in. He took a seat on the arm of the couch, ignoring the half naked girl on the bed as the younger male picked through various discarded items of clothing in search of something to wear.

"Is he pissed at me?" he asked, pulling on well worn ripped black denim jeans over the boxers.

When he had first brought Mello into the fold, Rod had been hesitant. Afraid that the youth would blanch at the reality of the inner workings of the "family", the only thing that had swayed the boss had been the fact that he had been friends with and held high respect for his father, and although barely out of puberty he had not disappointed. Although the connections went deep, and Rod placed a lot of trust in him, that did not mean that the teen didn't incite his anger on occasion.

Kal shook his head, "I don't think so. I think he's pissed about the fucking Albanian, I'll let Rod fill you in himself."

Mello nodded, slipping on a simple black t-shirt that was in need of a wash but would have to do for now. Skye stirred on the bed, pulling the sheet up over her breasts as she turned and faced them.

"Morning sunshine, hope you didn't give my nephew too much trouble last night."

Skye rolled her eyes at the nickname while repressing the urge to laugh as Mello flipped his uncle the middle finger.

"Everything okay?" She asked, stifling a yawn

Mello sat on the edge of the bed, pulling on socks and boots. "Just fucking peachy." he muttered.

She sat up, catching the shirt that Mello tossed her and put it on, semi covered now she stumbled out of bed. Kal caught a glimpse of purple lace and looked away.

"Jesus girl, have some modesty."

Skye waved dismissively, peering at him over her shoulder before bending to pull on a pair of jeans. "Fuck modesty, its over rated anyway."

She down next to Mello, lighting a cigarette, after a few hits she passed the rest to him, sighing as she leaned back a little. "Come back in one piece. I would hate to be at the mercy of the men, defending my honor against their vile advances."

Kal snorted, "Honey, you have about as much honor a mafia whore. You'd spread those thighs for anyone that came up with the cash. Even so, a skank like you is only good for two things, fucking and slapping around. "

He caught Mello's glare, returning an equally icy one as he continued, "But since you are Mello's skank whore you are tolerated and allowed around the big boys. Now be a good girl and try not to irritate me today"

The three of them had a relationship that was often times volatile, the two teens arousing his anger with their carefree attitudes and equally smart mouths. While Mello he could put in his place with a few veiled threats, the girl was another matter. That was Mello's territory. She was his possession, it was his right to smack her, no other could touch her.

Choosing not enter into the argument, Mello laced his boots. After which he leaned over and kissed her. "Think you can do laundry today?"

She gave an exasperated sigh, shaking her head. "yeah."

Mello gave her quick pat on the head and than left, Kal waved goodbye, chuckling as he spoke "I'll come by and collect you later." he closed the door, following Mello down the hall.

"You ever think of making it official?"


"You and her?"

Mello shrugged, "Like you said before, she's a whore. Nothing more than someone for me to bust my nut in. Unlike most of the sluts around here, she doesn't choke when my cock is shoved down her throat. That is why I keep her around if you were wondering, not because I actually like her."

The blond paused, turning around slowly, eyes boring into his icily as he spoke, "Oh, ever refer to her as skank again and I'll shoot you myself."

His father's child, through and through he thought as he quickened his pace to keep up with his incorrigible nephew.

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