Erase The Name

BY : NothingsXSorrow
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"Hey watch the junk. Didn't know they let fagots in here." Matt winced as he was shoved into the wall, his head throbbing where it had connected with the cracked drywall.

"It be wise if you kept that fucking mouth of yours shut."

Hands traveled the length of his body, seeking out any hidden weapons or recording devices. None of which they would find of course. Satisfied that he was clean, he was roughly turned around to face the two gentlemen who were to be his escort.

He watched as his backpack was emptied out onto the floor. He silently thanked god that he had the forethought to place his precious DS in a protective case, but even still he inwardly cringed at the possible damage that may have befallen it.

The shorter one opened the garbage bag that Matt had brought, his eyes widening as he saw the contents. Face draining of color he quickly closed the bag, the back of his hand covering his mouth as fought the urge to vomit.

"What's wrong, Nick?" The taller one one made a grab for the bag.

"You don't wanna look man. I think he may be crazier than crazy fuck blondie." Nick looked at Matt, spitting on the ground before continuing "Sick fucker, lets go. Boss said he'll give you an audience."

They walked him up a flight of stairs and than down a hall. Matt taking mental notes of the surroundings, possible exits or entry points. As they approached a door, Nick handed him back the bag shaking his head.

"Boss man said he'll be with you soon. You just make your sick self comfortable."

They led him into the room, locking the door from the outside after they left. Matt took a seat, glancing around the room. No windows, and only the one door. If shit went wrong he was fucked. His fingers tightened around the bag as he heard the lock turn and the door swing open. Four people entered the room silently, all eyes focused on Matt.

The one was Kal, if his intelligence was correct, a low ranked member. The girl he couldn't place, a whore? No they wouldn't bring a whore to a meeting like this. She was young, a teen herself. Her hair dyed a shade of purple, which fell just beneath her ears. She was speckled with what looked like dried blood. Beside her was Mello, the fresh bandages causing him to wonder if the blood was his. Behind them was Rod, his hulking frame dwarfing theirs as he stepped up closer to him.

The blond regarded him silently, his fists clenched in rage as he instantly recognized the former Wammy's boy.

"What the fuck is this?" He started to withdraw the gun that was tucked into the back waist band of his pants. "Where the fuck is Ill Ratt, can't believe that fucker brought this shit here." They had been informed that their guest had been escorted by and vouched for by another of the gang, which was the main reason why he had been allowed an audience.

Matt stood, quickly dumping the contents of the bag before them. His eyes locked on the barrel of the gun that was pointed at him.

"Jesus Christ." Kal muttered.

The girl took a few steps closer to Mello, hand covering her mouth in shock and revulsion.

Rod approached him cautiously, bending down to pick the head up by the hair. Mello stared, his gaze going from Matt to the severed head of Vata that Rod was holding for him to see. His finger eased off the trigger a little.

"Now this is an interesting turn of events." He reached over, pulling the girl to stand behind him. Matt briefly wondered if she was his girlfriend.

"I hear you had a little trouble with this dick." Matt nodded to the head. "Hope you don't mind that I did a little cleaning for you guys."

Rod shook his head, speechless as the exchange continued.

"What the fuck do you want Matt?" The blond inched closer.

Matt shrugged, "I was bored, so I figured I would look you up. Figured we could get drunk, get us some cheap pussy" Bingo, the girl had tensed, just like he knew she would.

"Uh huh. Keep talking."The blonds finger went back to the trigger

"You know this kid Mello." Rod glanced between the two of them.

"Yeah, Rod I know him." he sighed, "Did Wammy's send you?"

Matt swallowed, carefully thinking over all possible answers. He knew that he was fucked no matter the answer. Lie, and he would be questioned as to how he found him. Tell the truth and the trigger gets pulled.

"What do you think Mello?"

Mello lowered the gun to his side, circling around Matt as he spoke.

"I think that you are a stupid, crazy mother fucker."

"You want me to interrogate him?" Kal moved closer, keeping himself between Matt and the girl.

"Bitch yours Mello?" Matt took notice of the flash of anger in the girls gray eyes at his words, Mello merely smirked.

"Perhaps. But that doesn't really matter now, does it? So, why are you here?"

"Huh, I always figured you were gay." Matt chuckled trying to hide his unease. "I'm here because I need a job. Hope my resume is up to par." He motioned towards the head.

"Fuck it, interrogate the little prick."

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