Erase The Name

BY : NothingsXSorrow
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Four weeks Matt had been in the compound, or as he preferred to call it purgatory. The first few nights he had been forced to crash on the couch in Mello's room while he waited for a room to be cleared and set up for him. The lumpy mattress of the cot a welcome change from the uncomfortable couch. The peeling paint and damp cold concrete floor a godsend when compared to sharing tight living quarters with two other people.

After only the first week restlessness had begun to settle in. Although he was not confined to the room, his movements were restricted, with multiple areas of the compound being off limits. Also leaving the building, he had been informed, was out of the question.

His cell phone had been confiscated as had his lap top, for security reasons he was sure. With access to the outside world limited, he had to wonder if Roger and Near had begun wondering if he had become another causality in this pissing contest.

He passed the time by playing video games and reading, raiding the book shelf in the blonds room in search of stimulation and as a way to relieve some of the boredom. Which was currently what he was doing at this moment, stretched out on his cot reading some trashy horror book to pass the time. For the most part the blond had not been around this past week, he and his girl having chosen to leave the dreariness of the compound in favor of their own, more private apartment.

Matt found himself dozing, the words blurring as he turned pages absently without really reading anymore. He nearly fell off the cot when the door was banged open, Mello standing there with a scowl as he gestured impatiently for him.

"Come on, we're leaving." The bandages and stitches had been removed awhile back, leaving behind a nasty scar on his face that was a stark contrast to the once angelic features. The leather vest he was wearing was partly unzipped, giving Matt a view of the ragged angry red raised flesh that ran along part of his upper torso.

"Where to?" Matt pulled on his boots.

"Got business to conduct, figured you could also use the fresh air." Mello was twirling a set of keys as he waited for Matt.

Matt pushed down the feeling of excitement and the urge to shout hallelujah at the prospect of getting to go outside. While under normal circumstances he craved solitude and staying in doors, when not given the option it is amazing how much one comes to long for the opposite.

They walked down the hall, Mello nodding to a few of the men as they passed by. The whores, Matt took notice of were not acknowledged, the girls quickly moved away, their eyes averted as the two young men walked by. Matt spied the tiny brunette who had serviced him a few nights ago, bitch had an annoying voice, but that mattered little when a cock was in their mouth. Matt winked, a soft chuckle following as she paled, her fingers unconsciously going to the bruise that was on her cheek from where he had smacked her. Bitch had used her hands to finish him off, not her mouth like he had asked her.

As they stepped outside, Matt took a deep breath stretching his arms. "Ahh fresh fucking air."

Mello glanced over at him, brow arched as he laughed. "I always thought you enjoyed being indoors. Back at Wammy's we never could get you leave the dorms for anything other than meals and class."

Matt lit a cigarette and was about to respond when a voice cut across the parking lot. "You two fucking queers gonna hurry?"

Matt followed the voices, his eyes falling onto Skye. The girl was dressed in a short black skirt, purple stockings and a matching purple spaghetti strap tank. The outfit topped off with simple black combat boots. But it wasn't what the purple haired girl had on that had Matt nearly drooling, instead it was what she was leaning against.

The 1971 Chevelle SS was in mint condition, its black paint gleaming in the afternoon sun. He was shocked when as they approached Mello tossed the keys to her.

"You let her drive this?" he sputtered.

"It's her fucking car." Mello gestured to a black Ducati 848 near by. "The bike is mine."

The blond reached into the passenger seat of the Chevelle, retrieving his leather jacket and a helmet. "You'll ride with her, following me."

Matt nodded, his fingers gingerly skimming along the hood of the car as he slowly walked around it, almost afraid to mar it's sleek finish with oily finger prints. Admiring it beauty and condition he whistled. "So what does one gotta do get one of these babies?" Matt asked jokingly.

Skye climbed into the drivers seat, nonchalantly responding. "Let Mello indulge in his anal fantasy."

"He gave you a fucking car just so he could fuck you in the ass?"

Matt peered over her as he got in, unsure if she was joking or not. Mello, zipping up his jacket had heard him, and started laughing. "It was a birthday gift. The car, not the anal sex that is. That was my birthday gift." Mello said grinning, putting his helmet on and lowering the visor climbing onto the bike.

Matt shook his head in disbelief, chuckling softly as he said a little louder than he intended. "Ass man Mello."

he laughed harder as Skye responded. "You have no idea, gave the man ass access once and now he asks for it at least once a week."

They followed behind Mello, Matt enjoying the feel of the leather seats and the purr of the engine.

"So whats this business that he's taking care of?"

"Don't know."

"He didn't tell you?"

"Mello tells people on a need to know basis." Matt could detect in her tone that she was not being truthful, but decided not to push it.

"So a birthday gift huh? Must have been a hell of a birthday. Eighteenth I take it?"

"Nope, sixteenth. Had the car now for almost six months." She glanced side ways, smirking.

Matt turned and looked at her, his expression blank as he looked her over, although his voice betrayed his shock. "Wait, you're only fucking sixteen."

"Yeah, why? Got a problem with that?." Her fingers tapped against the steering wheel as they pulled up behind Mello stopped at a red light.

"No, but what the fuck are doing hanging around with criminals and whores. You should be, I don't know in school, hanging out with friends what ever the fuck it is that sixteen year old girls do. Not being fucked by some thug, being kept like slut."

"You're what nineteen, right? I could say the same about you, patronizing whores, asking to join the gang. Why aren't you in school, planning for your future?"

"You got me there, but you can't tell me that you actually enjoy being treated like his little sex toy."

She shrugged, the light turned green, Mello revving his engine before turning left.

"In the two years I have been with him, I haven't had to worry about others touching me."

"Two years? What the fuck." He yelled. "You were only fucking fourteen fucking years old when you shacked up with him."

"It wasn't by choice. I was given to him." She was speaking through clenched teeth, her knuckles white as she gripped the steering wheel.

"Like as a fucking gift? That's fucking sick man. And you went along with this?" He said, hints of shock and disgust creeping into his tone. He watched her as she took a few deep breaths to remain calm, the very idea that at a young age she had been given away like a material possession that was no longer needed leaving a nasty taste in his mouth.

"I wasn't a gift okay. I was fucking payment you cocksucker. If you wanna know, my prick of a pimp owed Mello a large sum of money for some drugs. Figured Mello would lay off of him he had pussy to trade. Trust me, my life may not be perfect, but I would rather be fucked by him on a regular basis than be touched by the filthy stinking assholes who only wanted me because they can't dick daddies little fucking girl. Now drop it." She yelled the last part, staring straight ahead as she tried to calm herself.

Matt put his hands up in defeat, apologizing halfheartedly. "Sorry. So what happened after the trade? I mean to your former owner?"

She sighed. "You should know that pussy is a poor substitute for cash in Mello's line of work. Even good pussy."

"One last question, does he force..."

She cut him off quickly, "No. I am a willing participant in everything."

He slumped back in his seat. Although he still had unanswered questions, he remained silent. His mind replayed the information he did have, more questions forming as drove in silence.

They pulled into the parking lot of a club. The letters on the garish neon sign told him the establishment was a sleazy strip club. The kind of place where hideously dolled up tramps danced to feed their habits and lonely men went in hopes of procuring one of the girls for a little off the books action in back rooms.

Mello hopped off his bike, leaving the jacket on but placing his helmet on the seat before he jogged over to where they had parked. Matt's eyes widened as Skye, leaning over to open the glove compartment, retrieved a Beretta 92FS that had the addition of a suppressor.

"The other still in the trunk?"

"Should be." She muttered. She nearly hit Mello with the door as she got out, handing the keys to him so he could retrieve the other gun.

"Ty w paradku?" Mello's gaze flitted between the two of them as he asked her if she was okay, the anger in her eyes giving him pause . She shook her head slowly, answering softly, telling him to drop it. "Ne. Pakinqce mjane w spakoi."

He quirked a brow at her brush off, "We'll talk later, okay?" Not waiting for an answer he walked around to the back of the car. Matt sank down in his seat a little as he caught the look of fury in the blonds gaze directed him. He had heard the exchange, and although he could not understand what had been spoken, instinct told him that it wasn't good.

Mello popped the trunk, and after a few minutes he walked to the passenger side, opening the door for Matt. As Matt got out, stretching the kinks out of his legs he stared down at the firearm that was being placed his hand.

"Here, tuck this in your pants will you." Matt complied, not questioning the other young man. He watched as the blond handed a leather jacket to Skye, which after she put it on, tucked the gun she had into the waist band of the back of her skirt.

Matt broke his silence, coughing nervously as he spoke. "Protection or needed?" He asked in reference to the guns.

"Needed." Mello said curtly. "Matt you come with me. Skye, you stay here and take care of anyone who may present a problem." She nodded, leaning against the hood of the car as she watched them head toward the entrance.

When they were out of earshot from her, Matt spoke. "Russian?"

"Perhaps if you had studied harder you would know the answer."

Matt ignored the jab at his past academic failures as they entered the establishment. Taking a deep breath as an emotional numbness settled in him, a professional trait that allowed the red head to be good at his former job.

The reason why Mello would choose to do a job in daylight hours quickly became apparent as he surveyed the near emptiness of the club. It was still too early for the place to be filled. A single cracked out looking girl clumsily gyrated on stage, her audience being three men who looked as if they had stepped from one of those Faces of Meth public service announcements.

Mello cleared his throat, his voice taking on an icy edge that even made Matt shiver. "Okay every one, bars closed."

The men turned to stare at the two teens, at first ignoring the hint, but quickly scrambling to leave as they caught sight of the look of pure malice which graced the blonds features. Mello reached out, grabbing the half naked who had been dancing by the hair as she tried to move him.

"Gino around?" His voice dripped venom as he spoke. She nodded a yes, pointing to an area that Matt guessed were the back room. Mello pushed her away violently, the girls body connecting with a table as she stumbled to catch her balance.

"Come on." He pulled out a gun from the inside of jacket, his eyes telling Matt to do the same as they walked to where the stripper had gestured.

Matt steeled himself, taking a deep breath to remain collected as Mello kicked open the door. The blond fired a single shot. A girl that Matt guessed was another stripper slumped to the ground, her face bloody from where the hollow tip had struck her. Gino was scrambling to pull his pants up, blood speckling his face and chest.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Please don't shoot me." He pleaded. "I have Rods fucking money."

"I'm sure you do." Mello said, stepped over the lifeless body of the girl. Pushing the barrel of the gun under the greasy mans chin. "Where?"

Sweat was dripping off the man, the acrid smell of urine reaching Matt's nose as the blubbering slob pissed himself in fear. "It's in the office. Oh god please. In the desk."

Mello patted him on the cheek and left, instructing Matt to keep on the fucker until he returned. A few minutes later he returned, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. "Come on Matt."

Matt lowered his gun, a look of relief on Gino's face as he turned to leave. The blond paused, turning slowly to face Gino as he spoke. "Oh, I almost forgot. Matt shoot him." Mello's gaze flickered to Matt a smile forming as the red head turned , and taking aim fired a single shot. Gino fell to the ground, a neat hole in his forehead, blood and brains leaking out from the back of his head from the exit wound.

Mello then instructed Matt to take the mans wallet and clean out the till on the bar of any cash while he stepped back outside for a moment. He returned as just as Matt was emptying the last of the cash from the till, the bills shoved into the pockets of Matt's jeans. The red head hung back, watching as Mello went around the place, placing what looked like blocks of C 4.

"You ready Matt?"


They left, Mello pulling a remote detonator from the inner pocket of his leather once they were in the parking lot. Skye was already in the driver seat, engine running as they approached calmly. Matt spied the duffel bag on the back seat as he climbed into the passenger seat.

"I'll meet you two back at headquarters." Mello slipped the helmet on, climbing onto his bike, waving as they left.

Two blocks from the club the distinct sound of explosion startled Matt. Looking in the rear view mirror he could see smoke rising above the surrounding buildings. He licked his lips nervously, almost afraid to know the answer to the question.

"Where were the explosives stashed?"

"In the trunk."

Crazy mother fucker, Matt thought. As he leaned his head back he thought about Gino, the expression of terror that had been frozen on the guys face as he had pulled the trigger.

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