Erase The Name

BY : NothingsXSorrow
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"Well, well. You have been quite the busy little shit Mihael." Matt whistled, closing the file and pushing it aside.

Mello, he thought, a lad of only nineteen and he already had quite an impressive criminal record. So to speak. It seemed to run the gamut from theft, to being suspected of dipping his fingers into the arms and drug trade to possible torture and murder.

It seemed as if his role was a dual one if the file was correct. Part time trusted adviser, both mastermind and overseer of operations under crime boss Rod Ross, while also acting as a de facto enforcer. A ruthless hired gun that took out the trash for the organization.

His education had not been a total waste it seemed. Everything listed had been classified as merely allegation, not a single act could be substantiated. Hence why Wammy's got involved.

As Matt stretched, working out the kinks that were starting to threaten his muscles, his mind ran over the possible ways he could get the damn job done and all the outcomes that may result from the scenarios.

The tricky part was three others already failed, which means Mello would be on guard. He could always do a simple long distance hit with a sniper rifle, but the more than likely lead to retaliation against another organization, as Ross and his underlings would take that as their cue to start a full blown turf war. Although he cared little for the rivalry between groups and the violence that was often times a result of it, he really did not want the headache known as Near on his back.

That also ruled out a car bomb, and a few of the more common methods he employed.

"Fuck" He swore softly. No matter which way he looked at it, killing him out right was just not a viable option.

He paced around the apartment, chain smoking as he tried to think of a solution. When he had first agreed to the assignment he had assumed that it would be quick and easy, like prior jobs had been. Now that he had committed to doing it, the complexity of being against a mind that rivaled his own was frustrating him.

Pretty much any thing he could think of, Mello would have already taken into account. And while he knew he had been sanctioned to operate outside the scope of the law, Matt was pretty sure that there would be hell to pay if too many innocent people were taken out also.

He reached over for his phone, dialing the number from memory.

Speaking before the other person even finished saying hello. "Hey, Stephen have a favor to ask of you."

"I thought you were the one who owed a favor." He laughed.

"Put it on my tab. I need some surveillance work done" he paused to light a cigarette, flipping the television on, keeping the volume low just to add some background noise "along with some insider information on a certain criminal organization that currently is based out of L.A. Members names. Known rivals. Possible disputes with other groups."

Stephen sighed, Matt could faintly make out the sound of paper rustling coming through the phone. "Ok damn it. Shit. Last time, last favor got it?"


"Okay give me a name."

"Dude who runs it goes by the name Rod Ross."

Matt caught an image on the news from the corner of his eye, turning the volume up he sat down, only half listening a Stephen relayed some of the information that he knew. "Hold on a minute, you watching the news?"

Matt watched the segment, relaying the information to Stephen as to what the reporter was informing the public. In the background, a good distance from where they were filming, flames could be seen. Along the bottom of the screen the words "Local Strip Club fire bombed, confirmed casualties." was scrolling.

After relaying the name of the club to him, Stephen confirmed that the establishment was owned by Ross and authorities had long suspected it of being used as a meeting place for various members.

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