Erase The Name

BY : NothingsXSorrow
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Zakk watched with detached interest the scene before him. Mello was seated on one of the couches, chest stripped bare holding a towel to the side of his face. The white cotton was soaked crimson with blood, rivets of it dripping down his neck. His chest was in worse shape, a nasty gash ran the length from collar bone to just beneath his left nipple. Skye currently was holding an equally blood soaked towel to the area as they waited for the Doctor.

His gaze shifted to corner of the room and corpse that lay there, the back of the head destroyed from a single gun shot, Jose's brain matter and fragments of skull plashed down the wall and puddled on the floor. The crazy Mexican fueled by dope had tried to usurp the teen, obviously it had not gone well.

"Fucking shit."

"Calm the fuck down Mello." She pressed harder on the towel trying to staunch the flow of blood.

"Shut the fuck up bitch." He dropped the towel and pushed her away.

Zakk winced, this being the first chance he had to actually see the full extent of the damage that had been inflected on the blond's face. Jose had managed to slice him from just above the eye brow and down across his cheek to his jaw. Miraculously the eye seemed intact.

"Fine, fucking bleed to death. Fuck if I care."

"Skye, Just shut the fuck up."

"No. Fuck you." She picked up clean towel and tossed it to him.

He reapplied pressure to his face, grimacing as she did the same to other wound, this time with more pressure.

"Fucker, couldn't keep your mouth shut could you?"

The blond ignored her, giving her just a quick glare before closing his uncovered eye and leaning back into the couch.

A bustling on the other side of the door had all three of them on alert, a collective sigh released as Rod and Kal escorted the Doctor in the room and dismissed Zakk.

Doc Travis payed no attention to the corpse, that man was beyond help, and instead focused on the young man bleeding. After examining the wounds he shook his head. "I would prefer that he be stitched up in the hospital, but I'm going to guess that is out of the question. Lay him over there." He said, motioning to a table near by.

Mello cursed up a storm as he was led to the table and helped up. The Doc got the things he needed and joined them.

"This is gonna hurt son, I didn't bring anything strong for pain. Thought I was doing simple stitches in a hand or something." He looked at the three. "Miss, if you could hold his legs. Rod, Kal grab his shoulders please. Now hold him down real tight."

In the end it had taken a total of six people to hold the thrashing teen down as his wounds were cleaned, sutured and dressed. After giving some instructions on wound care, the Doctor left. The underlings went about cleaning up the mess, rolling the body into a tarp for later disposal.

"How you feel?" Rod asked, helping Mello over to one of the chairs.

"Bloody fucking great boss."

Bandages covered a portion of his face and chest, the eye that was uncovered was glassy from the heroin that had been given to him midway through the procedure. The heavy narcotic being the only thing they could scare up.

"Well I need you in one piece, so try to stay out of trouble."

The blond leaned his head back, licking his dry lips before speaking. "Any new information on Vata?"

A month prior one of their establishments had been the target of a fire bomb. While they knew that more than likely the Albanian group had been behind it, they had yet to get a chance for retaliation. The mastermind of the gang having seemed to be untouchable.

"Haven't heard anything for two days, seems as if the dude just dropped off the face of the Earth."

Skye walked over to them, sitting at Mello's feet on the floor, head resting against his thigh. "How about his men? Are they talking yet?" She asked softly.

"No, the one we grabbed yesterday said they don't know where he is. Thought maybe we had been behind it." Kal added.

Mello took a deep breath to focus, the drug causing his mind to haze. "Well if he did go underground, someones gotta know something. Try pressing the family."

Rod nodded, he was about to say something something when his cell rang. Answering, he stood, three sets of eyes on him as he talked.

"Would you please repeat that." He said calmly.

"You're telling me that someone is here, right now with information on Vata?" He looked over at Mello and Kal, a malicious grin forming.

"No no. Frisk him for weapons and escort him to the meeting room, we'll meet you there in a few."

He hung up, cracking his knuckles as he walked back over to them.

"You up for this Mello?"

The teen nodded slowly, standing carefully. He snapped his fingers, holding his hand out towards Skye. Obeying the unspoken command, she handed him a gun that had been tucked in the waist band of her jeans.

"Good, because it seems as though someone brought us a little gift."

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