Catch the Thunder

BY : Rhov
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Chapter 18

Everywhere, Everything

Freed and Laxus stepped into a hotel room. Laxus glanced around the room. It was small, cheap, something close to the campus and probably meant for visiting guest speakers or parents of students wanting to visit their children. Laxus doubted that the walls were thick, but he equally doubted that the hotel had more than a dozen people. At least Freed requested a top-floor room. There was even less chance of someone being up here.

"Get yourself ready," he ordered.

Freed made a small gasp, but he nodded. "R-right." He set a satchel down with the things he brought. It was not a lot, but he had the basics, including some suppositories to clean himself inside. He blushed as he took those and scrambled off to the restroom. He rested his hands on the sink and lowered his head to calm himself. Freed wondered if he would ever stop feeling his heart race like this just at the thought of having sex with Laxus. He already felt hard just anticipating it.

He raised his face and looked in the mirror. 'What does Laxus see in me? Why would someone so amazing give up his entire livelihood just for a guy like me?'

In the main room, Laxus walked over to the window and stared out at the city. He let out a deep breath and watched it fog the icy, wintry window. Outside, the campus spread out like a miniature city of its own, the leaves all gone from the trees, the sky overhead gray and threatening snow, while students rushed to classes, preparing for winter finals. He closed his eyes on the world and focused inward. He needed to psych himself up. He had a hard day, but this was time to let everything go. To let it all fade.

To be the Thunder God again!


He turned around sharply and saw Freed already naked, kneeling on the ground, with his head down in submissive position. It made his heart race just seeing that, with the green hair draping down to the floor.

Laxus closed the curtains, shutting out the world of wintry chill, cram studying, lost jobs, crazy clients, fucked up families, all the shit that was out there in that place called the real world. Here in this room was something far more real: him as master, Freed as slave. Fantasy play? Hardly! This was far more real than anything else in his life. These feelings, this desire, the bonds between them, were all real. His life as a dancer, as a sadist-for-hire, and the sculpted grounds of the university: that was fake. That was playing a role: the good son, the perfect student, the hardhearted stripper, the professional Dom. Just roles. This connection between him and Freed was more real than any of that.

"Are you ready?" he asked in a low, sensual tone.

That voice shot through Freed and straight down to his groin. "Ah … yes, master."

Laxus walked over to the bag of goodies, searching for something good to use. He felt something strange and pulled it out. In his hands was a collar. He held it by the metal buckle and eyed the black leather dangling down, then he looked sharply over to Freed.

"What's this?"

Freed glanced up and saw it. His face suddenly went pale. Shit! He had toss everything into the bag without looking. That including some things Laxus did not yet know about. "Ah, um, I…" He cringed down and whispered, "I bought it."

"On your own?"

Freed chewed his lower lip. "Is that bad?"

"No," Laxus said quietly in amusement. He looked from the leather strap and then down to Freed again. "You want to be collared, huh?"

"I thought … maybe … sometime."

Laxus walked back over to where Freed was knelt. His green head lowered deeper, not daring even to look at Laxus' shoes. Still, he heard them stop right in front of him, and he crouched down, wondering if he would get punished.

"Do you know what happens when you get collared?"

Freed jolted and opened his eyes, looking up in confusion. "What … happens?"

Laxus' blue eyes sparked with desire. "It's more than just a piece of material wrapped around your neck. It means a lot more than that."

"Y-yeah. It's…" Freed gulped hard and steadily gazed up at him. "…ownership."

"That's right," he whispered gently.

Laxus knelt in front of Freed. Immediately, the green head dropped again, and his breathing quickened. His heart was racing with both fear and need, a deep desire to be accepted and wanted. Laxus glanced between the collar and Freed. His brow was tight, and he nervously licked his lips.

"Does this mean … you want me?" Laxus asked cautiously, and he pointed out, "You bought it yourself."

Freed wanted to scream his answer and tell the whole world. Did he want Laxus? Oh God, yes! Fucking hell, yes! With every fiber of his being, he wanted this man! Instead, a weak wisp of air managed to escape his clenched throat, and a single syllable eked out. "…Yes."

A smile came to Laxus' lips, but he forced it aside. He needed to stay in control. It would not do to show his slave how happy he was, not yet at least. "Head up."

Freed obediently raised his face. He had wondered how Laxus might look. Giddy would not suit him, so when he saw sharp eyes and a delving gaze, it sent a shiver through Freed. Those were eyes that said they wanted to claim a soul, and Freed was willing to give his over to this thunder god.

Laxus held the collar in front of Freed's face, so close that the man's turquoise eyes crossed slightly as he looked at the strip of leather. "If I put this on you, then this collar never goes on another neck. Only your neck, and only I can put it on you."

"I know."

"It's something exclusive."

He gulped and nodded. "I … I know."

"Do you want that?"

Freed's eyes lowered humbly. "Only if—"

"Do you want that?" Laxus asked louder.

Freed moaned faintly at the sheer dominance in that voice. He shivered at being questioned by this god amongst men. How could he dare want something exclusive with a man like Laxus? Yet still … if he could be that greedy…

He looked up firmly and answered clearly, "Yes."

This time, Laxus could not hold back his smile. He glanced aside and laughed slightly as he felt his cheeks growing hot. "I wasn't sure."

Freed's mouth dropped. "Huh?"

"I wanted to buy you one. Damn brat. Beat me to it."

His eyes gleamed. "R-really? You wanted … this?"

"Heh, yeah," Laxus reticently confessed.

Those thick fingers stroked through the long, green hair. Freed relaxed and smiled at the gentle petting. Laxus wanted him! He felt pure happiness at hearing that. Then suddenly, Laxus grabbed Freed's hair and yanked his head back. Lightning flashed in those electric blue eyes.

"Don't ever buy something like this without my permission again."

"N-no! Sorry!" he cried out.

"No, it's okay." Again, the hand petted his hair, but just that little bit had made Freed's heart pound harder with masochistic excitement. "I like that you took some initiative. As expected of my slave."

A moan shivered up out of his lungs. Laxus' slave! His alone! This collar would show his ownership, his claim over Freed's body, heart, and soul. Freed was ready to surrender everything to Laxus, even his freedom. To be a slave, to be wanted, used for pleasure, cherished as a slave by his master! It was all he ever wanted.

Laxus laughed at the emotions playing so clearly over Freed's face. He was so easy to read. Then suddenly he pulled his hand away and raised back to his feet. "Okay, move your hair out of the way. We'll put this on."

Freed eagerly pulled his long hair to the side, but Laxus glared down at him.

"Stand up," he said in annoyance, as if that should have been obvious from the rest of his instructions.

"R-Right…" Freed whispered, ashamed that he did not realize that Laxus would have to stoop to fit the collar on. Of course, the Thunder God should never stoop! He scrambled to his feet.

Laxus slid the collar around Freed's neck and slipped the end through the buckle. It was a high quality collar, from the look of it, although it was simple in design and not custom-made. Still, the leather was soft, the stitching was superb, and knowing Freed, money was not an issue. (Stupid rich boy! He probably bought the most expensive one in the store!) The band was narrow, which complemented Freed's thin features, and it came with a small padlock with the key still inside. Likely, Freed had tried it on once, bought it, and never put it on again. Many times, Laxus had thought about getting a collar for Freed, but he was never confident enough that this was something his lover wanted. He could have just asked, but that was awkward.

To Laxus, collaring came in two forms: decorative and meaningful. Some of his clients liked to wear a collar for any number of reasons. Some had collars that forced their chin up to look at their master, or with sharp edges that would cause pain if they moved too much. Others just saw the collar as part of the whole BDSM scene, a necessity to get into their alter-ego. A few had liked pet play, and the collar was just part of that. Laxus rarely put collars on. If they wanted to wear one, they could put it on themselves. If they wanted the thrill of having it placed on, he charged them, because it was so repulsive, listening to them whimper as he wrapped it around their neck. Because of the charge, most did it themselves. Many already had the collar, and any other items like cock rings or ball gags, already on when Laxus arrived so they would not waste his precious—and expensive—time.

Such decorative reasons for collaring were plain to Laxus. If they wanted to decorate themselves, they could wrap their fucking cock in Christmas wrapping for all he cared. (One client had done just that!)

What mattered far more was a collar that had meaning. A collar could be just a piece of material, or it could mean something very deep between a slave and master. Ownership! It was a deeper ownership than just calling one another boyfriends. He never collared a client if he realized they held a deeper meaning to it.

As his fingers caressed the pale throat, he saw Freed shiver. Obviously, this collar had that sort of deep meaning to him. Laxus briefly wondered what it was like, to have a collar put on by the man you love. As Freed's eyes gazed up, he saw curiosity in them and realized Freed was thinking the same thing: What was it like to collar someone you love? For Laxus, the feeling was … indescribable! Shivers kept running down his spine, and although he remained stoic on the outside, inside his heart was racing.

"Is this a good fit?"

Freed moved his head around. "Mm-hmm."

Laxus smirked sadistically. "How about here?" He yanked the collar tighter until Freed began to choke slightly. Seeing that discomfort amused Laxus.

"It-It's a little tight."

"Can you breathe?"

Freed felt like he was choking, but air was still passing through. "Y-yeah."

Laxus' fingers stroked along the pinched skin, watching Freed's Adam's apple struggling just to swallow some saliva. His face was turning red from the tightness. Oh, how he would love to truly torture his little slave some day! "Does it hurt?" he asked, utterly enthralled.

Freed wanted to say no, but he had to admit, this was too much. "A little."


Freed gasped in a struggle as he realized Laxus was serious about keeping it this tight. Maybe he was used to half-choking his clients, but … it was too much for Freed. He hated to tell Laxus what to do, but this was not erotic for him, just painful and annoying, so he firmly requested: "Looser."

"All right." Laxus had wondered if Freed really would tell him to loosen it, and he was glad Freed could speak up on his own. He loosened it to where he could still put a finger's space between the collar and the neck. "You need to let me know, okay?"

Freed's eyes dropped. "Sorry."

"No, let me know. Don't be afraid to tell me."

"Okay. Have…?" He cringed to ask, but he knew he needed to. It was already bothering his conscience. "Have you ever put a collar on someone?"

Laxus looked at him sternly. "Their own collar. Not one of mine."

"This is mine," he muttered. "I bought it."

Laxus saw sadness in Freed's face. He had a point. Freed had done the exact same thing as his clients, buying a collar and wanting to wear it. Even if this collar had meaning between them, it was still Freed's collar.

"That's true," he whispered, frowning and regretting now that he had not gone ahead and bought a collar of his own. Then he glared at Freed. "Can I steal it?"

Freed's eyes bolted up. "What?"

"I want it to be mine," he said possessively. "I want it to be my collar." He stroked along the edge of the leather. "My collar that I only use on you."

"O-oh." Laxus' own collar! Laxus had never used his own collar. He never bought supplies, so that meant he had never owned one. This would be a first for him. His first collar. Their first collar! "Um … Merry Christmas," he grinned awkwardly.

Laxus barked out a joyful laugh. "You're a brat."

"Sorry," he smiled meekly.

"I accept."

Freed's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Yeah." Laxus took the tiny padlock and secured it with the key. Locked in, it was now his. Freed, the collar … all his! "So, this collar is your gift to me?"

"Y-yeah. I mean," he admitted bashfully, "I did buy you an actual Christmas pres—"

"Shut up."

Freed's words squeaked to a halt. "Okay!"

"It's a Hanukkah gift."


"Shut up. My mother was Jewish."

"O-oh." Freed glanced around in shock. Well, that explained why Laxus' penis was circumcised. Jewish! Wow! They never discussed religion before. To find out Laxus was raised as a Jew … Freed wondered if he had a yarmulke, spun the dreidel, ate matzo ball soup, maybe he had a bar mitzvah as a kid…

"Shut up."

"I didn't say anything!" he cried out.

Laxus did not have to hear it. He saw all the stereotypes running over that face. "People teased me about it," he grumbled, hoping that was enough to let Freed know not to discuss religion with him.

"O-…-kay." He wanted to ask questions, but maybe that was a bad idea. "I think it's fine," he insisted, but he still felt shocked by the news. Jewish? Laxus Dreyar was Jewish? He muttered awkwardly, "Happy Hanukkah?"

Laxus had to chuckle as his attempt to always be the good boy, even now, naked and collared and about to be fucked. "You know," he said with a predatory purr, "for Hanukkah, we're supposed to get a present every night."

Freed blinked. He knew this, he had heard about that tradition, about the eight days of Hanukkah and presents every day, but the way Laxus said it sounded erotic. "E-every night?"

"Yeah." Laxus glanced briefly down to Freed's groin, then back up with a lecherous grin. "Every night."

Freed moaned slightly. Every night! Eight days of fucking!

"Of course, Hanukkah started last night, so this is a belated gift."


Laxus ran a finger around Freed's lips until his whole body shuddered. "So what are you gonna give me tonight?"

Give him? He would give his soul over to the thunder god! "Whatever you want."

"I still want you to touch me everywhere."

"Y-yeah." That was right. The reason they came here… "Yeah. I can do that."


Freed choked up a bit. Everywhere meant there, too. He was going to do that, to touch Laxus everywhere, even there. He nervously agreed with a nod and a whisper of simply, "Yeah."

"Freed, look at me."

His eyes jolted up. "What?"

Laxus held those sallow cheeks and looked down at him firmly. "Is this really okay?"

"Yes." His touch felt so warm, so comforting and protective. He would agree to anything!

"You've never done it."

Freed gulped hard. "I know." He was so inexperienced. Before Laxus, he had only kissed a few guys, nothing like this. "There's a lot of stuff I haven't done that I think I would like to."

Laxus laughed a little. Lots of stuff he wanted to do, huh? Although they had been dating for a few months now, they really had not done many intimate things. It was usually the same BDSM as always, tying Freed up, whipping him with the riding crop, sometimes using the e-stim plug. They had penetrative sex for the first time only two weeks ago, and they had not had a chance to get together like this since then. He wondered what sort of things Freed wanted to try. There was a world of pleasure they could explore together!

"I'd like to feel your hands all over me," Laxus said in a low, lusty voice. "Everywhere! You haven't touched me in so many places. It's always me touching you." He took Freed's hands and placed them on his chest. "I want you to touch me," he demanded. "I want you to spoil me. You're my slave now. This collar shows that I own you, and you're mine. I haven't demanded much of you so far."

Freed lowered his gaze obediently. "You're a good master—"

"Shut up."

Freed choked back his praise nervously.

"I don't want you to talk." As soon as he said it, Freed's mouth slammed shut. "Good. I want you to use your mouth in other ways. I want you to touch me everywhere, and kiss me everywhere. I want to be drenched from head to toe with your tongue!"

He grabbed Freed's shoulders, pinned him against the wall, and kissed him forcefully, seeking out that tongue he wanted. Freed moaned as he tasted Laxus and the flavor of whiskey still lingering in his mouth. He could get drunk on this man's kisses!

With a growl, Laxus pressed his arms out, forcing his body away from Freed before he completely lost control.

"And I want you to do all that…" He left his words hanging as he walked over to the bag of goodies and pulled out the butt plug. "…while having this in you."

Freed looked at it, then nervously back to him. "Laxus, I'll get too aroused."

"No. Just this. It won't be buzzing; it won't be doing anything. It'll just be right in your ass, and it'll remind you constantly that I want to be in there. Once you're done with me, you get that taken out…" His eyes narrowed dangerously. "…and I'm gonna fuck you so hard."

Freed moaned with shivering pleasure at the sensual threat. Laxus held a finger up, and Freed looked at that single finger as it lightly landed on his nose.

"But not if you come first," Laxus teased, and he licked his lips with amusement as Freed strained to calm himself back down. What an incredible man! Just a few months ago, he could not withstand a two-minute lap dance without coming in his pants. Now, he had learned some restraint. "Come here." Laxus walked over to the bed, but turned around when he did not hear feet following him. "Come on," he encouraged, as if calling a dog.

Freed began to walk, but his thighs refused to move. Hardly realizing it, he had gotten intensely aroused. Moving his legs hurt.

Laxus laughed at his shame and discomfort. "What? Are you so aroused you can't walk?"

"I … I can walk. It's just … um…" It hurt! He was so erect, it hurt.

"You're so hard already." His hand reached down and lightly stroked the turgid shaft.

Freed shuddered at the spike of pleasure burning from his groin and straight up his spine. "D-d-don't, I … I'm already ready to come."

Laxus held his finger up and ordered sternly, "Don't!"

"I know. I don't want to."

Laxus saw this truly was an issue. "Lie down."

"Yes, master." He laid on the mattress and flipped his long hair around the pillow.

Laxus sat on the end of the bed cross-legged and relaxed. "Okay. I'm gonna do something." He frowned. "Maybe it's a little weird."

Freed arched an eyebrow. "Weird?" Kinky stuff, he was used to, but … weird? What on Earth could Laxus consider to be weird?

"I want you to relax. Whatever it takes, I don't want you to come yet."


"Give me your foot."

His … foot? Was this something kinky after all? A foot fetish maybe? He was pretty sure he did not have a foot fetish, but maybe Laxus did.

Laxus took one foot, set it in his lap, curled his fingers around it, and began to rub. As his thumbs dug in, Freed stiffened, only to instantly drop bonelessly limp with a moan of pleasure.

"Rubbing your feet. Heh, never thought I'd do this to someone."

"You … you're pretty good," he had to admit. His family's private masseuse, Porlyusica, was good at massages, but Freed usually felt weird when the old lady messed with his feet. Suddenly, Laxus' thumbs hit a spot, and Freed flopped in heavenly delight. "Oh, right there."

Laxus smiled to himself as he focused on the arch. "I used to give my mother foot rubs."

Freed looked down at the blond and saw a wistful mien in his faint smile. "You never talk about her."

Laxus' brow tensed as blue eyes and luscious blond hair came to mind, along with a laugh that was so distinct and musical, he would never forget it. "I don't like to," he said softly.


"No," he cut in before Freed could apologize. "She was a great woman. She was a hell of a woman!" He sighed sadly. "She deserved better in life. She deserved a hell of a lot better than my father. And she sure as hell didn't deserve to get cancer."

"Oh my God," Freed whispered. He often wondered what happened to her. Laxus always sounded like he loved his mother, so he was curious what became of her but was afraid to ask, just in case it was like this. "I'm sorry." He had no idea what else to say.

Laxus gave a weak shrug. "It's fine."

He never talked about her, because he always remembered the end, and that was a painful thing. He and his grandfather were forced to watch, helpless to stop the disease's vile progression. While she was in the hospital, they got news of Ivan Dreyar's whereabouts. Makarov was instrumental in getting Ivan put on INTERPOL's list of wanted international criminals, although it was his own son. That meant Laxus was losing his father for good, at the same time that his mother was dying. He felt betrayed by his grandfather, and it caused a permanent schism between them.

"She was a good woman, though," Laxus said proudly as he remembered good times together, just the two of them. "A great mother. I always wanted to give back to her somehow. I mean, I was a teenager, you'd think I'd be wild and hating my parents and everything. Hated the hell out of my dad, but I realized my mom, she was cool. So I'd give her foot rubs. It was about the only thing I could do." He had been too weak as a kid, and too strong when whatever his father did to him kicked in. Somehow, his fingers, when on his mother's feet, were just strong and gentle enough for her. "When she got cancer, she'd ask me every time." He sniffed past the pain of those memories. "Every time I'd come into the hospital, she'd ask, 'Can you give me a foot rub?' The day she died, she wanted her feet rubbed. I did, and then she asked me to go wash my hands like a good boy, being a typical mother." His eyes saddened. "I think she just wanted me out of the room. When I came back, she had a smile on her face. She was buried with that smile."

Freed's mouth dropped open. This was the most Laxus had ever spoken about his past, and the only time he ever talked about his mother. What an awful thing to experience! And he had been only a teen!

"Laxus…" He wanted to hug him, hold him, and comfort the deep sadness that the blond was struggling not to show.

"So I don't mind giving foot rubs, but only to a person that I love." He smiled up to Freed. "Very much." His thumbs rubbed over his toes and over the top of the foot, and he focused back down on the feet with a faint blush.

Tears beaded up in Freed's eyes, and he whispered with heartfelt bliss, "Laxus!"

The blond laughed it off and shook his head. Shit! Getting so emotional over a little memory. "Only two people in the world ever got a foot rub from me. Her … and now you."

Freed wished he knew what to say to that, to be put on the same level as Laxus' own mother. It was definitely too great of an honor, and a tear slipped down his cheek. "Thank you. Th-that … it really means a lot."

"It should." He patted Freed's feet. "I see my little sob story softened you up."

"O-oh," he muttered, realizing he had completely forgotten about being turned on. "Well, it's a nice story. Though, it is sad."

"Yeah, it happens." He knew his story was hardly unique. Plenty of people lost loved ones to cancer. Still, it was a pain that would never fully leave him. "How about … you just hold me?" Was he really muttering a request? Not demanding it? What was wrong with him? He laughed at his own weakness. "Damn! Today's been a hell of a day," he said lightly, but memories from earlier—Freed's parents, quitting Jellal, calling every single client to tell them he was cutting out of their contract—it all came rushing back into his mind. Softly, he repeated, "Hell of a day."

Freed saw the weariness. "Laxus," he called, holding his arms out. The blond collapsed into that embrace, then curled onto his side and hugged Freed to him.

"Just start touching me. Start from the head and work down." With slow movements, he pulled off his clothes, leaving only the leather pants on. He caressed Freed's cheek and asked tenderly, "Do you really not want the butt plug in?"

"Wait a little bit. I just wanna … I wanna touch you for now. Just gently."

Laxus ran his fingers through the long hair. "I'm never gentle with anyone but you. Damn it, why are you like this?" He always felt strange around Freed, not quite weaker, but … like no matter how much he tried, he could never stay stoic and aloof. He gazed into that face, the long eyelashes, the gleaming hair, a cute beauty mark just under his turquoise eye, and Laxus wondered what it was about him. What made this man different from everyone else he had ever known? "You really mess me up."

Messed him up? "Is that okay?" Freed asked worriedly.

Laxus closed his eyes and smiled to himself. "Yeah, I don't mind, if it's you." If he had to lose control to anyone, he would rather collapse into Freed's arms, since he knew the swordsman would hold him up.

Freed stroked through the blond hair, then down, raking his fingers gently over his brow, getting the tension to ease out. Laxus hummed with pleasure as the stress melted. Those fingers caressed his cheeks, along his nose, and down to his neck.

"Mmmm. Touch me on my cheeks some more."

Freed brought his hands back up, stroking the chiseled features. "Did that asshole who bothered you touch your cheeks?"

"Che! Bastard tried to kiss me."

Freed jolted and screamed, "What?"

"Yeah, that's when he got punched."


Laxus kept his eyes shut, but he laughed to himself. "Man, if only you knew," he muttered.

"Knew what?"

"Oh, nothing," he said in amusement. There was no way he could tell Freed who that asshole was. "I talked about you."

Freed's eyes widened. "To a client?"

"He wanted me exclusively. Told him I couldn't." He opened his eyes and gazed at Freed. "Told him I had someone who I cared for very deeply."

Freed's face went warm, and he looked away with a soft, "Oh."

"Does that make you happy?"

"Uh … kinda."

"It should."

"It does!" he cried out, but he blushed more. "I-it … it does."

"Of course it does."

Freed wanted to laugh. Laxus often said things like Of course it does or Of course you do, as if he already knew how everything he did would affect Freed's heart. "Did he touch your shoulders here?"

"Yeah, he seemed to be quite fascinated with my muscles," he said with a sneer. "Some people are."

"I am," he mumbled. "Is that bad?"

"No. You're fascinated by a lot more than my muscles, right?"

"Mmm." Freed glanced to the leather pants.

Laxus laughed at his blatant horniness. "Don't eye down there yet," he scolded playfully, then he leaned back and sighed. "I'm … not aroused yet." He tried to slip back into a sense of relaxation. "Too stressed out to be aroused."

"Sorry." He rubbed the back of Laxus' neck, then down to his shoulders, massaging them. "Is this helping?"

"Yeah. Man, what is it with your fingers? Shit…" He could enjoy this all day. "I've seen you fight, seen how you hold a sword. Somehow your fingers are just … incredible." He snorted a soft laugh, then as those nimble hands touched him all along his arms, he sighed peacefully.

Freed moved back to the neck, down the collar, and to the upper chest, over the tattoos on the pectorals. "Here too?"

"Yeah. Just … everywhere," he whispered in bliss, feeling like he could lie there with his eyes closed and drift off to sleep.

Freed bit his lip to hold back a teasing laugh. "What about here?" Suddenly, his fingers twisted Laxus' nipples.

"Shit!" Laxus bolted straight up and covered his chest with his hands. "What…? No, he did not touch my nipple." Damn brat! Damn, smirking, too-sexy-for-his-own-good brat! Laxus flopped back down and grumbled curses under his breath. Then, reluctant to admit he liked it, he muttered awkwardly. "Um … do that some more." He heard a giggle from Freed and barked, "What?"

"You're blushing," Freed pointed out in lighthearted amusement.

Laxus turned his face away in humiliation. "Shut up."

"Did it feel good?"

"Shut up," he muttered petulantly.

Freed traced his fingers around the nipples again, round and around, until they hardened. "Right here?" Softly, he twisted the nipples between his fingers, not teasing and aiming to shock him, but softly, sensually, sending jolts through Laxus' nerves that shot straight down to his groin.

"Oh … ffff- … fuck," he whispered, ashamed at making noises like this, but, damn it all, that felt incredible!

Freed was fascinated that Laxus was reacting so strongly. Normally, he kept himself under control. Now, it was like every touch surprised him. "Um, has anyone ever touched you here?"

"Not like that." He moaned slightly. "Shit."

Freed was shocked. He figured Laxus must have experienced almost everything. Then again, he never let people get close to him. Touching nipples was not the only first the two of them had discovered.

"They never touched you here? Or licked here?" He leaned his mouth over. "Like this?" Softly, Freed pulled at the nipple with his lips.

Laxus gasped and suddenly slammed Freed's face away, shocked by how good it felt. "Freed!" He was panting hard now. "Oh fuck…"

Freed had a devious grin. He glanced swiftly down to the trousers and saw the lump pressing hard against the leather. Playfully, he teased, "I think you're aroused."

"Go to hell."

Freed laughed happily. The grouchier Laxus acted, the stronger he felt internally about something. This must have really rocked him. "I can't," he replied, and he leaned up into Laxus' face. "Because I'm in heaven." He dipped down and stole a swift kiss.

"Damn green angel," Laxus muttered, but he smirked. This guy! Freed had hedonistic lust simmering in his eyes as he slithered down Laxus' body and back to his chest. Slowly, wetly, he laved over the nipple. "Oh man!" Laxus snatched the back of the green hair, not sure if he wanted more or wanted it to stop. Softly, Freed scraped his teeth over the nipple. "Enough, enough! Damn!"

Laxus yanked Freed's head up by the hair, but the college student was playfully licking his upper lip. Damn bitch! Laxus moaned and collapsed backwards. As he lay there, he began to pout. Damn, stupid, sexy bitch!

Rolling his eyes in surrender, he grumbled, "Other … one … too."

"Oh?" Freed mused lightly. "You liked it?"

"Shut up." As he felt that mouth work the other side, Laxus pursed his lips tightly. Like hell he'd moan again like a tomcat in heat!

Freed glanced up from where he was suckling and saw Laxus' face turn crimson. He raised up and rested an elbow on the barrel chest. "I don't see this side of you too often: the side that can accept pleasure."

"Not many people want to give me pleasure." He sighed and confessed, "Not many people can."

"I like to."

Laxus stroked his fingers over the soft cheeks. "You're the only one who can." He looked aside in frustration. "That bastard couldn't."

"Did he try?"

"He was groping me like a … like … I don't know. Like a five-year-old to a monkey or something."

Freed's eyebrow arched up. "That makes absolutely no sense."

"Shut up! I can't … can't think when you're doing that."

He chortled slyly. "You mean touching you … here?" Again, both hands tweaked his nipples at the same time.

Laxus only barely held back a cry of pleasure. "Y-yeah."

"I bet a lot of people want to."

"I don't want to think about that! I gave up that. No more. No more clubs, no more clients." He grabbed those distracting fingers and gripped both of Freed's hands tightly in his. He gazed seriously at the young man. "I'm sorry I put you through that."

"I knew what I was getting into."

"I'm still sorry."

"It's okay, really." He shrugged lightly. "It was part of the package."

Laxus glanced up worriedly. "Is it okay if it's not?"

"Yeah, I don't mind."

So much had happened today. As Laxus left the Justines' home, he knew he had to get rid of every single client, but he had no clue at first how Freed would react to this sudden decision, especially that he felt he should quit the South Pole Club, as well. After all, that was where they met. Laxus sighed to hear that he was fine with having a boyfriend who was not a strip dancer—some exotic profession—and instead having an unemployed bum with no marketable skills.

"Keep touching," he whispered, needing this reaffirmation. "Everywhere!"

Freed ran his fingers over Laxus' hard abdomen. "Do people touch around here a lot?"

"I told you, I don't want to think about others."

"Okay," he whispered sadly, hoping to soothe away the stress.

"Just us." He stroked the back of his fingers over Freed's arm. "From now on, just us."

Freed smiled to hear that, but he felt slightly uneasy. "I still can't give you everything you need, though." He had suggested that fetish club, a more open area, monitored and structured. They talked only briefly about it on the walk here. It was an alternative, but Freed wondered if it would be okay for both of them. Would Laxus be allowed to get as rough as he was used to doing in the private homes of rich old men? Would Freed be able to stomach seeing Laxus do those sorts of things to another person? It was scary, venturing into the unknown together.

Laxus saw the worry in that pinched brow. "If that's ever a problem, you let me know. I don't ever want to force you."

A problem … if ever that was a problem, if Laxus' need as a sadist could never be sated any other way … then what? Would that be the end of them? That was what Freed feared.

"But that would mean, I won't to be able to have you. I like that idea even less."

He needed Laxus, needed him like he had never needed another person in his life. He had been raised by loving but stoic parents, trained to be proper and never express emotions too freely, expected to live in a world that was a bubble away from normal people, to hide his loneliness as he perched on the top of the corporate ladder. He was taught never to depend on anyone but his own skills and wits.

Now, he realized he could never go through life that way. He needed someone to hold him and shelter him from time to time. He needed Laxus to give him that dose of raw reality in a world of plastic perfection. He needed love and warmth and strong arms that shielded him from the harshness outside. To lose this was unthinkable! If he had to pick: sharing Laxus with some submissive person who wanted more masochistic pain than Freed could withstand, or losing Laxus completely…

"Sharing you with someone else … isn't so bad," he said sadly, "but the thought of not having you … I just…" He shook his head, refusing to accept that possibility.

Laxus saw tears beading on his thick lashes, and he pulled Freed down into his chest. "Shhhh. That's not gonna happen. Like I said, if I do need this, and I need more, I want you there. It's your turn to protect me."

Freed laughed a little. A mouse like him, protecting a god?

"I'm serious," Laxus insisted.

He still chuckled. "It's just ironic." Wasn't it supposed to be the dominant's job to protect the submissive?

Laxus pouted and looked away. "Well, that's what I want."

"Okay. So I get to protect you, huh?"

"After that bastard, yeah," he grumbled.

"I really want to kick that guy's ass, whoever he was."

Laxus laughed softly again.


"Nothing, nothing." He hummed that this was his own private joke now. He looked up at Freed's confused tilt of the head and could hardly help himself. He grabbed both of those pale cheeks and stated firmly, "I really do love you."

Freed could hardly believe this. "Really, what's gotten into you?"

"An epiphany. Heh! Him of all people to give it to me."

"Laxus?" Him? Him who? The client? "What do you mean?"

Laxus sighed. Freed's own father had showed him how deeply he had fallen in love. "It means I only want you. Is that okay?"


"It means … I want you to give me a foot rub now."

Freed had to laugh at just how seriously he said that, ordering, demanding, the same old Laxus once again. "Okay," he smirked.

"I want you to touch me everywhere." He smiled at the slight timidity in that blushing face. "Keep touching, come on," he urged.

"Yeah, yeah!" Freed chuckled as he ran his hands over that muscular body.

"All of my leg, everything," he ordered. "I don't want an Achilles' heel. I want your hands all over me."

"Well, here's your Achilles' heel."

He laughed at thinking that Laxus knew about that myth, that Achilles was invincible due to being dipped in the river Styx as a baby, but his mother had held him by the heel, the only place where the water did not touch, so that was the only vulnerable spot on his body, and ultimately an arrow to the heel was the cause of Achilles' downfall. Freed wanted to completely cover Laxus' body, everywhere, no spot left void and vulnerable.

"Stroke along there," Freed said soothingly as he tried to touch every single bit of flesh. "All along your foot. Between your toes." However, as he touched the webbing between those large toes, he made a face. "They're sweaty!"

Laxus glared. "Shut up."

"Well, they are sweaty. My goodness, you have sweaty feet."

"Shut up!"

He sounded so petulant, like a sulking child, and it amused Freed. Today, Laxus was so different, almost vulnerable. It was sad to see, but Freed also liked caring for him in this moment of weakness. Whatever happened, however that perverted client must have harassed him, it obviously gave Laxus a hell of a shock. It was time for someone else to assuage the thunder god.

"Flip around. I want to get your back now. You should always protect your back," Freed schooled, being the fencing champion he was.

"Yeah…" he sighed.

Laxus decided to remove his pants now. They were tight, and his belt buckle would dig into his stomach if he laid on top of it. So as he flipped around, he removed the last of his clothes, then flopped his face down onto the pillows.

Laxus never turned his back on people. Even while dancing, Gray had told him many times that he should turn around and show off his ass more, since the audience loved booty shakes. Laxus did not trust them, though. He preferred to face people or be behind them, not expose his back. However, he felt that with Freed, he was safe. Freed would protect his back. If anyone in this world could fight back-to-back with Laxus, it was this swordsman-scholar.

Freed began at the lower calves and slowly worked up. "I've never really looked at your back—" He cut off sharply, and his hands stopped at the knees.


Freed's eyes drew up to what awaited him. He had seen it a few times already, but now, with Laxus' back to him, he saw it up close and could hardly help but laud this grand view. "You have a sexy ass!"

Laxus' face instantly went bright red. "Shut up!"

Freed had to laugh at his adorable embarrassment. "Well, you do. And your legs." He continued to run his hands up the legs sensually. "Mmmm. Right along here." He groped those two globes, massaging Laxus' butt, even between the crack, until Laxus grunted with hidden pleasure. "And up your back." Freed wanted to stay at the butt cheeks longer, but his hands went on their journey, rubbing all around to cover every bit of flesh.

Suddenly, Laxus felt a jolt of pleasure in his nerves. "Ooh! Right there."

Freed focused on the back muscles. "You're stiff."

"Yeah, I've been told that," he muttered. Porlyusica noted his tension last time.


"Nothing." He really did not want to talk about his visit to the Justines, not now.

Freed massaged those bulging deltoids and trapezius muscles. He looked at the swirling pattern of the black tattoos. He felt that there were scars back here as well, covered up by the odd patterns of the tattoos. Laxus' back was strong, impressive, and yet somehow Freed sensed that it was vulnerable. As he gave Laxus a massage, he could not shake off that feeling.

"Ah, that feels good," Laxus groaned. "You know massage?"

Freed gave a humble shrug. "Sometimes in fencing, you pull a muscle, so the students would rub each other's shoulders out."

"Mmmh. Well, that's good. Damn."

Suddenly, Freed's hands yanked away, and he gasped sharply.

"What? You stopped, what?"

"N- … Nothing," he said in a startled whisper.


Freed gulped hard, staring down at the scars. "Have you ever looked at your back?"

"No," he said in confusion.

"It's covered by the tattoo but … there's a number etched into your skin. Oh my God," he breathed. A number! A number carved right into the flesh!

Laxus' brow tensed up, and coldly he answered, "My dad."

"He numbered his own son?" Freed cried out in horror. "Like…?" He could not dare say it.

"Yeah. Like I was just one more science experiment," he said bitterly. Laxus took a slow breath in and said aloud. "Subject number 4-6-2."

Freed gawked in dread. Subject number? His stomach felt ready to hurl.

Laxus shook his head sadly. "Makes me wonder who the other four hundred and sixty-one were before he decided to turn to me."

"Oh God…" He gulped hard. Over four hundred people had experiments done to them. Over four hundred! Were they all children as well? Did they all have scars? Were they even still alive?

Laxus began to turn around. "Are you okay?" he asked softly.

"Yeah, I just … th-that's … that's worse than awful. That's…" A tear dripped down. Laxus had been just a subject, a test experiment. Number 462.

Laxus began to turn and reached his hand out. "Hey…"

"No!" Freed forced him down with surprising strength. He might be a scholar, but he was still a champion fencer. He had power when he wanted it. "Just stay down. I don't want you to worry."

Laxus heard the tears choking his throat. "Hey, Freed…"

"No!" he cried out, pushing Laxus hard against the mattress. "No … no, I'll just keep massaging. Like this." His hands worked forcefully.

"You're doing it too hard now." Laxus forced himself up, not letting Freed get control again. He sat up, but Freed's head was down. "Hey…" Was he crying? Then Laxus felt a wet drop hit his skin, and an inhale from Freed snorted with snot. "Come here," he encouraged, but Freed stubbornly shook his head. Laxus yanked him forward forcefully and embraced him. "Come here."

"I don't want to worry you," he whispered.

"I'm not worried. You are."

"Laxus…" His heart ached for what must have been a childhood of fear and suffering.

"It's all right," Laxus said soothingly. "It happened when I was a kid."

That only made it worse! Freed burrowed his face down into Laxus' shoulder. Those strong arms wrapped around him in comfort. Laxus had honestly forgotten about the number branded into his shoulder. He did not think much about it, just one more thing he suffered through during that dark time, but as he saw Freed's horror to it, he realized just how inhumane that action really was: reducing one's own son to a test subject!

He gently stroked down Freed's hair. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he said numbly. "Still…" He blinked the tears away. "It's still just … a shame."

"Yeah, it is." Laxus kissed the top of Freed's head. "Thanks … for caring," he said awkwardly.

"Of course I do!"

Laxus smiled happily to himself. Of course! He often said that. "Of course it feels good. Of course it hurts." It was a way to belittle one person's opinion. When Freed said it, it was different. It was like he was pleading with Laxus to believe in his sincerity. All Laxus could do was hug him and sigh with happiness.

Laxus sat up sharply and ordered, "Come on. I wanna put that plug in you."

Freed felt stunned by the sudden change. "Um … now?"

"Yeah, 'cause I don't want to remember the past. I want to be focused right here with you. Okay?" he asked, hoping this was fine with him.

Freed saw the need in those eyes. It was not just about kinks. This was to keep Laxus from losing himself in the sadness of childhood trauma. So he gave his consent and began to undress while Laxus walked over to the bag of sex toys. He pulled out the butt plug and walked to the restroom to give it a thorough washing before using it.

Laxus watched the water flow over the silicone and cleaned it with methodical precision. He was escaping, true, and that sucked! It was running away, and he hated doing that. Still, he just really needed to stop thinking about that time before he got lost in the hatred and needed to hurt Freed just to feel better. He preferred being gentle.

Which was not normal for him! He was never gentle. He even treated his grandfather gruffly. His mother had been the only one to see his tender side, and now it was Freed who reeled in that gentle beast hidden within the scarred and tattooed body.

When he walked back into the main area of the hotel room, Freed was laid out on the sheets, naked and glorious. Laxus paused just to look down at him, and Freed bashfully turned his face away. Those taut muscles, firm from swordfighting, but a thinness to him, like he did not eat enough while studying all the time. Perhaps they should go out for dinner later. Laxus made a note of that. They had the hotel all night. There was no rule that they had to stay inside the hotel room the whole time. A date out to some student café would be nice.

Later, though. Right now, he wanted this man to spoil him, and he wanted to see pleasure color those sallow cheeks. He grabbed up a bottle of lube from the bag of goodies and drizzled it copiously over the plug, spreading it around with his fingers until the whole thing was slick. Then he settled down on the bed and pulled Freed's legs apart forcefully.

"Here we go."

"Not your fingers?" he asked in surprise as he already felt the tip of the plug press against his hole.

"Nah, you should be stretched out by now. Here." He lined up the plug to the precise angle he knew he would need. Then he stared down sadistically at Freed. "And I wanna hear you scream!"

He rammed the plug in, fast and hard. It made it halfway in before Freed tensed up too much from the shock, and Laxus could not go further without tearing him. Freed's cry of pain was musical, and Laxus felt himself getting hard just from that much.

"Good way to stay in the moment, right?" he teased lightly. Laxus began to pull the plug out, only to press in more.

Freed moaned wantonly, "Laxus…"

Yes! That was what he wanted to hear! "Does it hurt?"

"A bit."


He pressed more, and Freed clutched tightly to the pillow, straining against the pain of the slow stretching. He tried so hard not to outright scream.

"Safe words, remember?" Laxus warned.

"I know. I know." It hurt! And it felt wonderful! The pleasure made him want to come, and the pain killed that need, leaving him intensely aroused without the trouble of prematurely ending this. Still … it really did hurt. He clenched his teeth as the plug went even deeper. "Dammit…" He began to shudder from the sensation that was so good, yet so uncomfortable.

"You okay?" Laxus asked, pausing to watch him and see if it was too much.

"Yeah. Keep going," he demanded, wanting it all, everything, all of it at once. Now!

"All right."

Laxus palmed the end of the plug hard, getting over the thickest part, until the divot slid into place. The half second of agony ended suddenly, and Freed's whole body arched up at the relief that instantly followed. Any pain vanished. All that was left was an amazing feeling of something inside him, filling him, and those blue eyes gazing down, utterly enthralled.

"God, you're hot," Laxus whispered, barely able to contain himself.

Freed panted now that it was over and glanced up at him, softly moaning his name, "Laxus."

"That was so good," he praised, still amazed at how seeing this man's reactions could tingle his nerves, affecting not just his groin, but all of his body. Everything sparked like a live wire at the sound of Freed's pleasured moans. "Shit, when was the last time I really made you cry out like that?" he wondered.

They had done it a few times in the dorm, but they had to be quiet there. They had not come to a hotel in a long time. Laxus could barely help himself; he reached down, needing something to touch his cock. It was so hard, just hearing Freed panting for air. If he was not careful, he might come before they even had fun.

"Oh, fuck." Suddenly, he collapsed on top of Freed, clutching him possessively.

Freed squirmed under him. "Laxus, you're heavy."

"I know, sorry." He pressed his arms up, holding his upper torso off of that thin body. "Like that?"


Although Laxus held himself up, he still nuzzled into Freed's neck, smelling him, his nose rubbing up into the green hair to enjoy the scent of shampoo. He lightly licked Freed's neck, wanting this man so much.

"Just need to feel you," he whispered into Freed's ear, then licked around the rim. "I need to know I'm in control still."

Freed wrapped his arms around and pulled Laxus in a little closer. "Master!"


That word! That title! Hearing Freed call him that always did something, like a heavenly jolt zapping Laxus' nerves. If he was called Thor, this incredible man was his Mjölnir, hammering at his heart and sending sparks to his groin. He gulped down intense excitement and tried to get his cock to listen to him that now was not the time to fuck him.

"All right…" Nope, his cock still felt stiff and needy. Laxus forcefully ignored it and flopped onto his back. That forced Freed to sit up despite the plug putting pressure inside of him. He grinned up at the green-haired man and playfully told him, "Time for you to touch where you've never touched before."

Freed laughed nervously. Touch … there! "Um, how do you want me to do that?"

"However you want. How about face up? You can watch me."

"Is that okay?"

"Yeah. I want to watch you. I want to see how you look as you feel inside me."

Freed shivered. Feeling him … in there! Everywhere!

"And this way," Laxus smirked slyly, "I can keep an eye on … this."

He suddenly grabbed Freed's erection, and a sharp moan jolted out.

"Should we put the cock ring on now?"

"Um … no, not yet." He remembered Laxus saying that cock rings could only be worn for a short period of time, and he had no clue how long he would be touching his body.

Laxus spread his legs and lifted his knees up, exposing himself fully. Freed looked down at his fingers, then at the tiny puckered hole that he was supposed to enter. He began to reach forward.

"Hey, get the lube."

"Oh! Right, right." Lube! Yes! Lube for his fingers. He was going … in there! And he needed to make it feel good. Lube helped. Lube … yes! His mind fluttered wildly as he poured probably too much lube onto his fingers and returned to the entrance in front of him. "Um … okay. Um, like this?" He lightly began to trace the puckering. His heart was pounding so fast, all he could hear was the rushing in his ears.

"Your fingers aren't sharp, right?"

Freed yanked back. "What?"

"Your fingernails?"

Freed glanced down at his hand. "Um … N-no."

Laxus grabbed the lubed hand and inspected it. The last thing he wanted was a fingernail cutting up his colon. "Damn, your hands look manicured."

"They don't!" he snapped, blushing. "I just keep them cleaned."

Laxus looked at him deadpan. "They look manicured."

"Shut up!"

"They're manicured, aren't they?"

"No!" he cried out, then hesitantly admitted, "…Maybe."

Laxus rolled his eyes. "Damn rich boy."

He stuttered out denials, but then decided to just explain it. "My fencing instructor wanted to take a picture, and I knew they were gonna be focusing on my hand, a-and I—"

"Shut up."

"Okay!" he said, snapping his lips closed immediately.

Laxus laughed at how quickly he obeyed. He stroked Freed's hair. What a good slave, and what an amazing man. "It's fine," he assured Freed, but suddenly something dawned on him. "Wait, does that mean you were modeling?"

"Well, they were taking pictures and—"

"You were modeling," he said bluntly.

He muttered bashfully, "M-maybe." Was he mad?

"I want a picture," Laxus demanded.

Freed jolted, surprised he was not jealous. "Uh, sure! Yeah."

Laxus nodded firmly in satisfaction. "Okay."

Freed still felt awkward. "It's okay that I did that?"

He scoffed softly. "It's for your fencing thing. Of course it's okay." He might be a dominant, but dominants could not control their submissive's personal life.


"What, ya thinking of becoming a model?" he teased.

"No!" he insisted, then bashfully muttered, "I just wasn't sure if it would be okay?"

"Well, you weren't nude, right?"

"Of course not!"

"Then it's fine. They're just taking pictures of you, and I want a copy."

A copy. A picture. Of him! Freed realized that he had no pictures of Laxus at all. They had not even snapped a selfie of themselves together. "Do you have pictures of me at home?"

"I have one on my cellphone."

Freed smiled bashfully. "You took a picture of me?" How sweet!

"Loke did."

Freed jolted out of his daydream of Laxus secretly photographing him. "Loke?" he said with a sneer.

"Yeah." Laxus had gazed at the picture so many times while masturbating at home. He really should take a descent picture of Freed, something he could show to others, but that was just awkward. Then, realizing he could tease Freed with this, he got a devious smile. "It's a sexy picture."

Sure enough, Freed went instantly red and tried to shout, only to choke up. "Agh … geh … whuh … wh-when did he take this?"

Laxus licked his lips at how humiliated Freed looked. What a lovely shade of red to his cheeks! He teased him mischievously, "Not telling."

"I want to see that," Freed insisted.

"Shut up…" Laxus grabbed the slave collar and yanked Freed down nose-to-nose, reminding him of who was master. "…and touch me."

The financial magnate he had been born and raised to become rippled away as he felt the collar and shivered as he faced those demanding eyes. Still, he had his pride as an upper class socialite. Too many families like the Justines had been brought down by a single cellphone picture being leaked out into the public.

"It's not like a scandalous picture, is it?"

"Nah … although you're naked."

Freed cried out in horror. Naked? There was a naked picture of him on someone's cellphone?

"And so am I," Laxus told him.

Freed's horror shifted to curiosity. "Wait, the two of us?" Both of them? Naked? And Loke took it? When the hell did this happen?

"Heh, he took it when we were asleep."

"Oh." That day! Their first time … and they had fallen asleep together. Laxus had stayed the night. Now it made sense. Still, Loke—of all people—had taken it! "Can you see anything?"

"Oh hell no! I would have punched him if he did that."

"Okay, good," he said in relief. "I don't want Loke to see that."

"Heh! What, are you afraid he might want me?" he asked playfully, but he realized that Freed was scowling. It was rather cute. "Look, your friend is straight. He's not gonna want me."

"I can still feel jealous," he grumbled with a pout. "He takes up all the nice girls. What if he takes up the guys?"

"Che, be jealous about the right things." Like your father, that bastard!


"You're clueless."


"Touch me already."

"Oh! Right." Touching! He was supposed to touch Laxus … in … there. "Um, so, like this?" Slowly, being as gentle as possible, he slipped his finger inside. He felt the tight clench of muscles and warmth inside. Freed had never touched someone else this way. It squeezed between flesh and slowly sank within.

"Ah!" Laxus said with a soft hiss. "That is weird."

"Is it okay?"

"Just keep touching." Everywhere! Everything! He wanted to be touched all over. He wanted Freed to claim his body, so that no one else could. However, as the finger pressed in more, there was a sharp jolt of pain mixed with pleasure. "Ahh! Okay, stop."

"I'm barely in."

"Shut up, okay?" he snapped. "It's my first time." He tried to think about what his submissives did. Relax, right? Relax those anal muscles and it was supposed to feel better. He struggled to, but it was not easy.

Freed eased his finger back to take an edge off the pain. As he did, he saw just a tiny bit of something brown. Oh shit! Literally! Of course, he was touching there, so it should not be too surprising to get a little dirty.

He teased in a singsong voice, "You didn't use a suppository."

Laxus went pink as he realized why Freed must have brought that up. He must be dirty! "You're just touching it, though."

"Yeah, but you make me."

That was true. He wanted Freed to be clean inside, and here he was making him stick his finger in his ass, and he was not even sure how well he had wiped the last time he took a shit. "Uh, do you want me to?" he asked, reluctantly offering. If it was dirty and sickening to Freed, that was no good at all. He wanted to make things enjoyable for both of them.

"Nah, this is okay." With a playful glint in his eyes, Freed slid deeper inside.

Laxus moaned as pleasure and weirdness mixed in some bizarre yet amazing way. It was … strange. And incredible. Maybe a little discomforting, but not truly painful. No wonder Freed reacted so intensely. Freed felt this sort of pleasure each time Laxus touched him down here. Freed got this weird but wonderful sensation every single time.

"Freed…" he groaned.

He cocked his head to the side as he gazed down at his finger sliding inside and back out. In a trance, he whispered, "I do like watching this."

Laxus' scarred eyebrow raised. "What?"

"Your face." His face, his ass, his whole body reacting to his touches. He loved it all! "Heh, this is actually pretty nice: giving you pleasure for a change."

"The hell you talkin' about? You always give me pleasure."

"Yeah, but … not like this." He slid back, almost out, but when he pressed in again, a second finger joined him, stretching wider. Laxus cried out, struggling not to moan, and failing dramatically.

"Ah fuck! You know just what you're doing, don't you?"

"Well, you do it to me so much, I have an idea of … where … to … hit."

With an impish smirk, Freed pressed as deep as he could and let his fingers curl up until he felt the lump inside.

Laxus' eyes popped open, and a gasp of pleasure sputtered out so suddenly, there was no way he could hold himself back from the noise. "God, what was that?" He heard chuckling and glared up at Freed. He had done something amazing, and Laxus wanted to know, "What the hell did you just do?"

"Prostate," he explained simply with an imperious smile.

"Aw, fuck. So that's how it feels."

"You've never done it? Like, even on your own?"


"Not even, y'know, just curious? With your own finger."

"No," he sneered. "I've never thought about it." He realized Freed was staring hard now. "…What?"

He shook his head out of his shocked daze. "I just thought it was weird. I mean, you know exactly where to hit on me. I figured maybe you—you know—practiced on your own."

"Well I don't, okay?" He hated to admit that he knew what felt good only due to years as a professional sadist and touching other men. He hated to think about those years now. "Do that again," he whispered.

"You mean … here?"

He curled his fingers again, stroking that spot, aiming for it. Laxus' fists clenched the sheets, and his body arched up on its own. "Fuck! Argh!" He strained not to make sounds like that, but … holy shit, it felt amazing! "Touch me everywhere."

"Even here?" His other hand reached down, and he softly stroked Laxus' balls.

"Oh God, yes. Oh God," he shuddered deeply.

Those were the hands of a fucking angel! Laxus felt ashamed at his wanton moans, but no amount of clenching his teeth could hold him back. He was ready to roar like a dragon. When he looked up, he saw Freed with what had to be the sexiest, most fuckable face, a tiny smile that showed pure and utter enthrallment, while intense desire smoldered in his eyes.

"Don't look at me like that," Laxus grumbled. "You're gonna make me come."

"Wouldn't want that, would we?" he smirked, but then uncertainty twisted in. "Um, can I try something?"


"Um, it … it might be a little weird."

Weird? Oh, he had to hear this! "Okay, tell me."

He wanted this. He had wanted to do it since their first time together, but it was awkward to ask, and he knew it would be embarrassing for him personally. That was partly why Freed wanted to ask. It was daring and humiliating and … oh God, so delicious!

"Can I … um … uh … be … on top?"

Laxus stared at him blankly and muttered, "What the hell?"

Oh crap, that came out totally wrong! "I mean riding on top. Not … not that," he said bashfully. "Just … sitting … on top."

Laxus still stared at him, but a dark fire burned his blue eyes. In a low and commanding voice, he snarled, "Get that damn plug out of your ass right now."

"Right." Breathlessly, with his heart fluttering with excitement, Freed reached behind him … and yanked. It came out so fast, so sudden, he cried out and collapsed on top of Laxus' chest, gasping in pain.

"Okay, you went way too fast."

"Shut up," he snapped, wanting to get over the pain quickly.

"Oh, you're telling me to shut up now?" Laxus asked in a challenge.

Freed gulped down the shocking pain. Lesson learned: never yank a butt plug out forcefully. It burned down there, but that hardly diminished his desire. If anything, it made him want to be filled up again, and quickly. The pain eased away, and he slowly climbed up, straddling Laxus across the hips.

"C-can I?"

"You better now that you've said it."

"Okay." He began to pull back his other hand.

"Keep your finger in my ass."


"Keep…" He grabbed Freed's wrist. "…that damn finger up my ass when you do this."

"Oh, right."

Laxus snatched the lube off the nightstand and thrust it at Freed, silently ordering him to prep him. Freed drizzled the viscous fluid on, then handed the bottle back. He held Laxus' cock with one hand, with the other twisted behind him and down between the butt cheeks. Holding the twitching erection steady, he lowered himself down. He was already slick and stretched from the plug, so Laxus glided in with hardly any resistance. Freed moaned as pressure returned to his ass, thicker this time, way more intense.

"Oh God, yes." Laxus closed his eyes as he felt Freed slip down onto him. It was incredible to feel, and as his eyes peeked open, he saw Freed's flushed face as he gave himself a moment to adjust. "Damn, you're so hot."

Freed felt the ache ebb away, and when he looked down, he saw his thunder god laid out before him. Like this, being on top and looking down, was incredible. "Laxus…"

"You okay?" he asked in amazement.

"It feels good like this." That was an understatement! "Really good." Dammit, his eloquence went right out the window when he was being pierced by that cock.

Laxus saw the intense pleasure. Maybe reclining like this and watching his little slave do all the work wasn't such a bad thing! With a playful laugh, he ordered, "Ride me, cowboy."

Freed chuckled. "That's stupid." Seriously, what a cliché thing to say!

"Yeah, it is," he admitted, but then he stared hard and ordered, "But ride me anyway."

Damn, that was the sort of dominating look that made Freed turn to putty. He tried to adjust his position, but his other hand was twisted strangely. He began to pull it out again.

"Keep your finger there."

"It's a little awkward—"

"I don't care," Laxus cut in. "I want you to keep touching me inside."

"O-okay. Maybe if I angle it like— Oh God!" he suddenly screamed with a high yelp. "That felt good. Ooooh!"

Laxus grabbed his hips. "Stay like that." Freed moaned and shook his head. It was too intense! "Stay … like that." Such an order could not be disobeyed. "You okay?"

"Yeah." He answered, but it was more like a question. Was he really okay? He felt like if he shifted even a little, his whole body would shatter in pleasure.

"Try moving."

Freed just barely pulled back up. He cried, almost cursed as lightning flashed through all of his nerves. It was so intense, it was painful, yet that made it feel so much more wonderful.

"It's hitting right in your sweet spot, ain't it?"

He shivered and whimpered, "Mm-hmm."

"Angle yourself how you want it."

Freed shifted just a little to ease off the intensity.

"Here's your order, bitch," Laxus said roguishly, and he tugged on the collar ring again, reminding Freed that even if he was on top, he was the slave here. "Entertain me."

"Nngh!" Freed felt ashamed. Entertain him? How?

"Come on! I'm always dancing for you. Your turn to give the lap dance."

Laxus grabbed Freed's shoulders and hefted himself up into a sitting position. Without pulling out, he readjusted Freed to be sitting on his lap.

Freed flinched as a bone shifted in his wrist. "Laxus!"

"Oh, you can get your hand out now."

"Thanks." He pulled the fingers out and shook loose his aching hand.

"I don't want to break your wrist. You have a fencing match coming up after January, right?" Freed nodded, happy that Laxus remembered. "So I have to take care of these hands." He grabbed the hand into his own and massaged the strain. "Nice long fingers." He saw lube covering them, as well as that tiny bit of brown from earlier. "Dirty fingers, now."

Freed moaned with embarrassment. He was dirty! And it felt good!

Laxus reached over to the nightstand, yanked a tissue out of a box, and wiped the fingers clean. He smiled at Freed as he cleaned the filth he made him touch. Freed's eyes turned aside bashfully, feeling giddy that Laxus was caring for him. The tissue was dropped to the floor, then Laxus raised Freed's hand and kissed the underside of his wrist, right where it was most sensitive. He could feel the flinch in Freed's body tighten around his cock, and his blue eyes gleamed up mischievously. Softly, he nipped the wrist with his teeth, giving Freed a possessive love bite, right there on the wrist. Freed's mouth dropped open like he wanted to speak, but nothing except a soft moan came out.

What an incredible man!

"Come on, lap dance." Laxus traced his finger around the edge of the slave collar. "Dance for me."

Dance… Dance? Freed had been raised to attend grand balls and galas, taught the waltz, tango, and ballroom dancing, years of dancing lessons so he would not humiliate the Justine family at parties. Oh, he could certainly dance! But he never thought he would give someone a lap dance. Not even his private fantasies were that daring.

"I, um," and he laughed nervously. "I don't know what to do."

"Move your damn hips!" Laxus snapped, too horny to be patient.

"Um, like this?" He slowly swiveled left and right. How did Laxus do this?

"Come on, do I have to put on some music? Hold on a sec." He leaned back, shifting Freed with the cock still inside of him. Laxus reached over to the nightstand and got his cellphone. He flipped through songs, then paused. "Heh, can't believe I've got this song on here. This is probably a weird song but, uh … maybe you'll like it."

A soft arpeggio of notes started up, just guitars, a light and airy feel, and Laxus set his cellphone back down, letting the music play.

Freed was not familiar with the tune right away. "Um, do I know this song?"

"Probably not," Laxus shrugged as a female began to sing soft, breathy lyrics. "Just sway."

"Okay … um, like this?" In time to the slow song, Freed swiveled his hips, swaying on top and feeling that cock move inside.

"Yeah. Sway." He saw Freed shudder from the movement within, and he felt those hips moving him, swiveling and driving his cock in just a little deeper as Freed began to relax. "Just like that."

As Freed swayed to the music, Laxus gazed up at him and sang to him.

"Oh your face when you laugh.

All my worries fade.

You can grab me by my jeans.

Pull and take what you want of me."

Truly, when he was with Freed, all of his worries melted. He would give this man every bit of pleasure he wanted, anything at all. Everything! Because Freed had given him a true meaning to his dismal life. He had broken into a heart that had never known sensual love, roused a desire that he thought he did not even possess, and now Freed had changed him fully.

Gone was Thor the Stripper. Now he was just Laxus Dreyar.

For the first time in years, perhaps the first time since his mother died, he could be fully himself in front of someone, and he did not have to worry about being scolded, laughed at, or anything. It was just him and Freed, and Freed accepted everything about him, even the tenderness that hid deep inside.

"That's good. Just like that," Laxus encouraged as the song soared louder, a cymbal crashed, and Freed began to get into the music, caressing Laxus' shoulders with his hands and swaying with his whole body, truly giving a lap dance. Granted, it was a slow song, but it somehow fit Freed.

"It's kinda fun," he admitted awkwardly.

Laxus grinned at that adorable blush. "It should be."

Freed found himself really swaying to the music, swiveling his hips, rising up a little just to slide back down, far deeper than he could earlier when he was tense and nervous. It surprised him how this simple thing banished his apprehension. Like this, they were equals. Well, almost. He was still wearing a collar and being ordered to dance, but face to face, noses sometimes touching, lips occasionally brushing together, he felt like Laxus was less thunder god and more mortal human. He was not Thor, just Laxus. Although Freed liked when Laxus was rough with him and humiliated him, like this was rather nice once in a while, too.

"Laxus?" he asked, since he felt confidence returning, and something had been bothering him all afternoon. "Um, about the strip club. Are you sure about that? I mean, are you gonna miss it?"

"Hell no," he whispered. "I only dance for you—" He grabbed Freed's hips. "—and you only dance like this for me."

Exclusiveness! It made Freed smile happily, and he whispered, "Okay."

Laxus saw the hidden joy. Really, he should have quit that damn club ages ago, as soon as he realized how precious Freed was to him. Bob had been telling him since the Halloween fencing match, when the television camera had broadcast the image of Laxus watching Freed fight. That bald bartender with too much makeup kept urging Laxus to quit strip dancing and grab hold of Freed, never let him go, and to stop putting this special bond they had in danger. Bob was seriously a romantic! However, stubbornness and a lack of confidence—unsure if Freed felt as strongly about this relationship as he did—kept Laxus chained to the stage and blinding spotlight. Now, his world was softer, less isolated, and the light was only the gleam in those long-lashed turquoise-green eyes.

Laxus felt flustered as he suddenly realized, this was the first time someone else had given him a lap dance.

"It's not the best song to dance by, is it?" he muttered.

"Just slow like this is nice, though," Freed smiled, swaying more.

Laxus suddenly flopped backwards and landed on the pillows. "Are you ready?"

Freed felt calm and confident. He wanted to pleasure Laxus with the same sort of intense pleasure as he had received many times now. He nodded firmly. "Yeah."

"Okay, just keep touching inside. Slip it in again."

"All right." With Laxus lying back, Freed could reach behind him, and Laxus spread his thighs for him to reach far enough. "Like this?" He slid one finger inside, still slick within, and Laxus was less tight this time.

"Nnngh!" Seriously, he would never get used to this pleasure! "Okay. And just go for it."

Gazing down into those blue eyes, Freed lifted his hips, then slid down. The depth he could reach at this angle was shocking, and he moaned instantly.

"Like that," Laxus said in approval. As he bit his lip, Freed turned his head aside, but Laxus yanked it back. "Let me watch you."

Freed slowly undulated his hips, riding on top, letting himself glide down onto that cock. Having that bit of control, showing Laxus how he liked it, taking pleasure … pleasuring himself … it was incredible, and it was making him desperate. He reached for himself, but before he could give a stroke to his own painful erection, Laxus snatched away his hand.

"Don't touch yourself."

Freed gasped and wanted to protest.

"Not yet. I'll do it when I see it's time."


He smirked arrogantly. "What?"

"I need it," he begged. His cock was burning with the desire to be touched.

"Not yet. I know how you are. You'd come in two seconds." He relaxed back onto the fluffy pillows and smiled up at Freed. "Keep riding me."

Freed obeyed, sliding down, pulling back up, feeling himself getting impaled over and over again. He could barely stand looking down and seeing the hazy pleasure in Laxus' eyes. He whimpered, "It feels good."

"Of course it does," he said arrogantly. "It's my cock you're bouncing on."

Freed thrust down and felt that length filling him more and more, all the way in, until his butt was flush against Laxus' crotch. "It's … deeper. It gets in deeper."

Damn, those whimpers were driving him crazy! "You really like this, huh?"

"Mm-hmm," he nodded vigorously.

"Good." Suddenly, Laxus let out a moan. He was trying to hold back, but having Freed do the work and watching him—oh God, just watching him—was too much. He hissed as the pleasure shivered down to his toes. His balls were already drawing up. "You're making me come undone."

Freed felt the need to grab himself again, just some friction, enough to ease the burning tingle, but that massive hand grabbed his wrist again. "Laxus, please. Please!"

"No, not yet. Almost. Come on. You got to dance more for me if you want it."

Whining, Freed sped up, bobbing up and down, hoping that if he went faster, maybe Laxus would finally touch him.

"Almost," Laxus whispered, but he felt shivering deep inside him. "Shit, almost! Come on. The faster you do it for me, the faster you get it."

Desperate for touching, Freed thrust himself up and down quicker, until his green hair was flipping down into his face, curtaining the flushed cheeks.

"That's it. That's … it. Oh God, yes," he hissed, trembling as Freed's ass tightened. "Squeeze like that."

"Like this?" Freed tightened in twitching pulses.

That completely pushed Laxus over the brink of keeping aloof. "Oh God!" he roared. He released Freed's wrist and grabbed that needy cock, stroking it rapidly. Freed's spine arched backwards with the pleasure of finally getting touched. "See? You do good, you get touched."

"Nnngh!" It was almost too much, and Freed shook his head, straining to hold back.

Laxus felt a bubble of pleasure growing within him, swelling, surging, aching to explode. "Keep going and don't you dare stop."

Freed thrust on him, rocking his hips, feeling that cock gliding in quicker. Then suddenly those powerful hips began to thrust up, meeting him, driving in harder. "Laxus…" he cried out, beginning to blank out to the pleasure.

"I'm gonna claim you." He sneered, wanting this man so much, nothing could be enough. Biting, sucking, marking his skin… "Claim you," he hissed. How could he claim him strongly enough? There was no way. "Claim … you…" There was only this, and hopefully this was enough, because he was at his limits. "Ahh! F-fuck!"

Laxus slammed his hips up hard, shivering and grunting tensely as that bubble of pleasure burst and everything rushed out, all at once, an eruption of ecstasy. Freed gasped in surprise as he felt the pressure filling him, dripping out, and running back down his spread thighs. He looked down and saw the intense euphoria on Laxus' face.

"Keep touching, please!" he screamed, so ready and wanting to share in this.

Laxus was still on his high, but he blindly grabbed Freed's cock and pumped it. "Like that?"

Freed felt spasms squeezing, tighter and tighter, and a rushing feeling, like his whole soul was stampeding over a cliff and ready to plummet him into Hell. A spiraling moan jolted up and out of his throat until everything vanished, he could not hear anything but his racing heart thrumming through his ears, and he felt only pleasure, so intense, so wonderful, nothing else in the world mattered.

Laxus watched with amazement as Freed's spine bowed backwards and his mouth opened wide in a cry as he came. He shot out onto Laxus' chest and dripped thickly down his wrist, moaning loudly with jolt after jolt of pleasure. Laxus stroked him slowly, watching Freed panting, shuddering, and milking that pleasure for as long as he could, until Freed shook his head when the sensitivity became too much.

Slowly, he sank, an angel with broken wings, given flight for a few minutes only to drift delicately back to earth. Laxus watched it all, how seraphic Freed looked when he was like this. It was the closest thing to a religious experience as he had ever personally witnessed.

"Goddammit, I love you," he whispered in awe.

Those weary eyes slowly opened, drained and mutely thankful. Laxus gazed at him, stunned that this green angel somehow blessed a sinner like him. He looked aside, realizing he was thinking weird things again, and laughed at his own strange thoughts. He was crazy, for certain. Crazy and in love. And it was all Freed's fault!

"I really do love you," he repeated with a soft, exhausted sigh. "You okay?"

"Mm-hmm," Freed hummed sleepily.

"You made a real mess on me."

Freed gazed down and saw the splattered cum dripping thickly along Laxus' torso. He blushed at seeing the mess. "O-oh. Sorry."

Even after making love, Freed could act so cutely bashful, and that amused Laxus to no end. "Come on. Up." He helped Freed by picking up his hips and shifting him up off the defeated cock.

As the flared head slipped out, Freed flinched. "Ah, ouch!"

Laxus saw that was more than just sensual pain. Freed looked like it truly hurt. "You okay?" he again asked.

"Yeah, it's just kinda … uh, deeper than I'm used to." He was also still sore from pulling the butt plug out so quickly. It burned slightly now that his hormones were not masking the pain, and Freed wondered if perhaps he accidentally tore himself a little. He looked down, but he saw no blood on Laxus' penis, only lube and a little bit of cum that came out. "W-was that okay?" he asked timidly.

Laxus arched his eyebrows up. "What do you think?" he exclaimed. Shit, was it okay? It was a hell of a lot more than merely okay. It was fucking awesome!

Freed laughed softly to himself. "I just want to know if you liked it."

"Of course I did. I want to do it again."

He choked up in shock and cried out in a panic, "Now?"

"No! Not now. Another time."

Laxus was way too exhausted for the moment. Maybe he was not doing the work this time, but that was incredibly intense on an emotional level. He felt uttered sated. He closed his eyes in exhaustion and yanked Freed down into his arms, having him curl up beside him.

Laxus chuckled with sleepy happiness. "You were so sexy, riding on top of me. I mean seriously, I just wanted to grab your hair and say giddy up."

Freed propped up on an elbow and gazed down playfully at him. "Isn't that my line?"

Brat! "Shut up."

He lightly bit on the tip of his tongue and purred, "You're my pony."

Laxus burst out in laughter. Seriously, this little mouse had a mouth on him! "Shut up," he chuckled. He yanked Freed back up to ride him and snarled lustfully, "I'm gonna buck you like a wild bronco." His hips snapped up.

"Ow!" Freed cried out, bruised down there. "Okay don't, don't." He climbed off slowly and settled back down beside Laxus.

"Sorry." He stroked through the messy green hair that now stood out everywhere. "Sore?" he asked in concern.

Freed wanted to assure him he was fine, but just then Laxus' hand drifted to his ass to feel. "Nngh!" It hurt! He was glad he had also packed away some medicine.

"Sorry," Laxus whispered. He kissed him on the forehead in apology. "Let's get cleaned up. But," he smirked, "we got this hotel all night, and by the end of this night, I don't want you to be able to walk." He grinned slyly at the ideas he had forming in his head already. First, dinner. Then, one fuckingly delicious dessert! He wanted Freed to limp. He wanted him to scream and shiver and whimper for his master. Oh God, he wanted this man! "I'll have to carry you back."

Freed made a weak noise. Carried back? Across the university? A man of his age, a business major and son of a wealthy family, carried like a princess across the campus? The humiliation tingled his nerves, and the pain eased away.

"That would be embarrassing, wouldn't it?" Laxus egged on, knowing Freed's imagination must be raging right now.

"Mm-hmm," he whimpered. It would be utterly mortifying. Carried back, and the whole dorm would see. No, the whole campus! Laxus probably would do it, too, just to shame him publicly. That made his heart race even faster, knowing the threat very likely would be carried out.

"Good." Laxus grabbed the collar ring with one finger and yanked Freed up against him. "I'm gonna make sure you can't walk."

He blushed and protested bashfully, "I have classes tomorrow."

"I'll carry you to class."

Even worse! His classmates, his group partners, his professors! "Laxus…" he whispered. That was going way too far.

"You think I'm joking?" he said with an edge of seriousness to his voice. "I'll carry you, and I'll take care of you." He stroked back his messy hair. "But you gotta take care of me," he demanded.

Taking care of each other. Maybe Laxus liked to tease him—he sure hoped this was just teasing—but being there for one another, caring for each other, having one another's backs … that was sweet. Freed nodded at the promise. "Right."

"Good." Laxus leaned over to give Freed a gentle kiss. Turquoise eyes met electric blue, and for a moment that was all that existed, just them and this love. Then Laxus blushed and looked aside. He tried to act gruff again. "Okay, your cum is drying on my chest. It feels gross. Let's go." He yanked away and began to walk toward the restroom.

Freed laughed as he saw both sides to Laxus, the sadist and the romantic. He decided that he loved everything about him, no matter which way he acted. Everything!

As he watched his lover leave to the restroom, Freed had to admit again, this time silently to himself … Laxus really did have one damn sexy ass!

Next Chapter: An Awkward Family Reunion

A/N: The song Laxus plays is "Everything + Everywhere" by The Butchies, a lesbian queercore band from back in 2004.

A huge thanks to the volunteer on Rhov Anion's Minions who typed up the dialogue for me while I deal with my injured wrist. 20 pages of dialogue! You are awesome! If anyone else wants to hear how I make up these chapters (I seriously just ad lib this stuff with no clue how it'll turn out) I posted the audio on Chirbit. Beware: it's a little sexy, haha!

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