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Chapter 36

White Bird in a Golden Cage



The building was a normal night club most days, where Laxus was one hell of an intimidating bouncer … or electrician … or whatever he decided to be that week. From Wednesday to Friday, Blue Pegasus was a well-loved club where music blared, drinks poured, and young crowds mingled.

On weekends, it transformed. The pleasant club became a haven for people with sadomasochistic flair.

Freed had been there a few times before Laxus' trip to Greece. He liked to watch when Laxus gave demonstrations. The club had a collection of items, some which they sold through an online store, so Laxus had a wide range of whips, floggers, paddles, and just about every bondage device Freed could imagine. Some Freed had to see in use just to figure out how it worked. With his experience as a professional Dom, the club hired Laxus to give demonstrations in many forms of BDSM play. Freed had been suspicious at first, but he saw for himself, these were treated like actual lessons, and a few people standing around to watch even jotted down notes on the back of napkins.

The first few times he went, Freed hardly thought about someone recognizing him. Now, although the RSVP list contained no familiar names, Laxus hinted that maybe he needed to be more cautious—he did not mention meeting Llewellyn in that club the day Bickslow overdosed, but he did worry that if a gentleman like him knew about this club, others in Freed's social circle might sneak in as well under pseudonyms. That often happened, since the richer clientèle did not want their name associated with a place like this. Even Freed's name was not on there, not really. Laxus wrote him down as "Greenie Dreyar." Freed had blushed for hours when he found out that, at least for that night, he was taking on Laxus' surname.

Although he arrived in normal clothes, as soon as they were inside the club, Freed took a duffel bag clutched to his chest and hurried off to the restroom. Laxus waited for him, leaning against the wall outside the restrooms and eying the audience with the gaze he used as the club's bouncer. Although he was technically working, he had cleared everything with Flare. Freed was his responsibility during this exhibition. The club was more crowded than usual, and Laxus' need to protect his little angel was greater than ever.

When Freed stepped out of the restroom, he walked slowly, shaking already.

"Cold?" asked Laxus.

"I'll … be okay," he shuddered.

This was like a high school nightmare and his wildest fantasy wrapped up together. They decided the best thing was to have Freed dressed in disguise. He wore a white leather body harness with gleaming white angel wings and a white-silver vinyl pouch thong that fully exposed his ass. His white leather collar, new for the exhibition, moved every time he gulped, and a decorative eye mask of downy white feathers hid his identity. He realized everyone would see him practically naked, and yet no one would know who he was, none except the few workers who knew that he was part of the show that night.

Laxus grabbed Freed's chin and yanked it up. Through the feathery white mask, likely something from one of the Justines' fancy masquerade balls, he saw those blue-green eyes. His angel! He stroked along Freed's shoulders to the snowy wings strapped onto the body harness. He wanted to fuck this divine creature!

"You're my slave tonight, my pet," he said sternly. Laxus pulled out a white leather leash and hooked it onto the collar. "Tonight, you will obey me fully and completely. In return, I will not let any harm come to you. I'll protect you, no matter what."

The trembling fears subsided. He knew he was safe with Laxus.

Those electric blue eyes roamed over his exposed body. Freed had waxed off all body hair for this event, and the smoothness of his skin glowed in the club lights. Laxus cursed silently, wanting this night to be over already so he could ravage this delicious body. Instead, his hand caressed Freed's throat and down to his chest.

"Let's parade you around," he grinned sadistically.

Freed dropped his head, worried what Laxus might do. He felt a pull on the leash and followed. However, Laxus simply walked around the club, patrolling as if he was merely the bouncer … who happened to have a leashed pet that night.

As they walked through the main club room, Freed realized even more potently that absolutely everyone would see him wearing next to nothing, only a tiny thong. His head buzzed with the intensity of the humiliation. However, he was not the only one. One man was being led around by a leash held by a middle-aged dominatrix, and he wore only a spiked leather penis sheath. One slave girl wore only a chain g-string, and rather than a collar, her mistress led her around by a leash connected to nipple rings. Everyone had dressed up for the event. Laxus seemed like the most normal person there, wearing a half-opened yellow shirt and his usual leather pants, no different from what he used to wear at the old club.

"Feeling more comfortable?"

Freed jolted. So, Laxus was showing him around to reassure Freed that what he was wearing was not as risqué as some of the people there. He actually did feel more at ease knowing he was at least covered.

Suddenly, a woman in a red, vinyl cat suit and devil horns walked up to Freed and tipped his head up with the handle of her whip.

"Well, hello there, angel!" she said slickly. "Looking for some sin?"

Freed felt a yank on his leash, and he collided into Laxus' chest. The burly blond wrapped an arm around him possessively and glared down at the devilish woman.

"Back off, devil-bitch. I own his halo."

She chuckled and moved aside, mingling with the crowd and flirting with others, male and female.

"You're too sexy for your own good," Laxus scolded. "Next time, I'm dressing you in a full gimp suit so no one can see your body at all." Laxus looked down sternly at him. "You know the mistress here, Flare Corona, and you know the other bouncers. If I'm not nearby and anyone touches you inappropriately in any way, go directly to them. Our job is to protect everyone here and keep this whole establishment consensual. If you don't feel comfortable, tell them to back off, and if they don't, shout for Flare or for me."

"I know," he nodded. They had been through this his first time visiting the club, but back then he wore normal clothes and it was nowhere near this crowded.

Laxus' attention was suddenly distracted. "Shit. I have to deal with something." He unlocked Freed's leash. "Fetch me a drink, put it on my tab, and meet me by whatever couch Flare has taken. Stay by her." Then Laxus shouldered his way through the crowd to some trouble happening by a cluster of tables.

Freed gulped, feeling all alone suddenly, but he had his orders. He went to the bar. He knew Hibiki from other visits to the club and told him Thor wanted a drink. Hibiki already knew what their biggest bouncer liked, and Freed got himself a martini.

As he turned to go, he bumped into a small, pink-haired woman just coming forward. She was wearing a French maid outfit—rather traditional, he thought—and gasped as Freed spilled his martini.

"My apologies," she cried out. "Please punish me."

"Ah, it's … it's fine." Freed set Laxus' whiskey down, grabbed some napkins, and began to wipe the spill off his chest.

"No, let me, Master," she cried out, and she pulled forward a handkerchief from her ample cleavage, diligently wiping his chest.

Freed leaned away from the touches. Master? Him? Did she really not see how he was dressed?

"Please, feel free to punish me in any way you want," she said, looking excited at the prospect.

Freed cringed. "Ah! Uh … w-well … I only lost my drink. It's not a—"

"Then I will buy Master a new drink." She suddenly sniffed his chest, and Freed yanked back in disgust. "Sapphire gin, dry vermouth…" She sniffed again right over his nipple. "Noilly Prat?"

"What?" he asked, feeling dizzy at the thought of some strange woman sniffing him.

"Ah. Forgive me. Princess says I do this too often." She straightened up and stuck out her hand. "Call me Virgo."

Freed stuttered, but the courteous side of him managed to surface. He politely shook her hand. "Fre- … ah … Greenie." He should not give out his real name. He was supposed to be in disguise, after all.

"I will purchase Master a new drink."

"Uh, please don't call me Master. I have a master; I'm not one."

"Oh. I see," she said flatly. "How about Brother?"

He arched an eyebrow at that title. "How about Greenie?"

"That will work," she decided. She leaned over to the bartender. "Sapphire martini, Noilly Prat vermouth." She looked back to Freed. "One or two olives?"

"Doesn't matter."

"Shaken or stirred?"

"Stirred. Shaking bruises it." He picked Laxus' drink back up before anyone tried to sip from it. "So, Virgo, huh? That's a rather ironic name."

The small woman looked up in confusion. "It's an appropriate name Princess gave to me. I'm a virgin, after all."

"Y-you are?" he asked in astonishment.

"Well, I have not had sex, at least. Not even oral or a toy."

He blushed at her bluntness. "But you're … you know … into the scene," he said awkwardly.

"I enjoy the punishment," she grinned in excitement. "I don't want sex, just to be punished."

"An asexual masochist?" he muttered.

"Not asexual. Just not interested."

"I … I see."

Virgo suddenly leaned in close and hooked her finger around the ring in Freed's collar. He gasped, wondering if she planned on leading him around. Instead, she looked at the design with intense fascination and excitement.

"This is the Heart Kreuz BDSM line Pure-Sub collar with shimmer-satin lining." She looked up at him, eyes gleaming in awe. "How did your master find this in white leather?"

Freed gawked that she was so knowledgeable in fetish-wear. "We … we custom designed it to be in pure white. My master wanted it for the outfit."

"Your master spoils you. They're highly sought after and very expensive. Even Princess could not afford this."

Freed felt awkward. Laxus had balked at the price, but Freed had not thought much about it. He liked the design, and they both wanted it in white for the angel costume. He quickly and tactlessly diverted the conversation. "So, you have a … a princess? That's new."

"She is a good Princess."

"Is she here?" he asked, curious what sort of domme would demand to be called a princess.

Virgo turned back to the bar as Hibiki held out the new martini. "Princess does not like establishments like this. She's out on a date with her boyfriend."

"Her boyfriend?" he asked in surprise.

"My brother."

"Your … wait, what?" he asked. This virgin masochist had a … a princess? A domme who was dating her brother? Freed's mind tried to sort that out, but he decided it might be better if he did not think too hard about it. "So, you're here alone?"

Virgo turned back to him and held out his drink. "Don't try to pick up on me."

"I … I'm not!" he cried out defensively. "Just, you need to be careful. A petite girl like you—"

"I'm quite strong, actually."

Freed stopped. His gentlemanly side almost took an anti-feminist turn. "My apologies."

"Accepted. Will I be punished?" she asked eagerly.

Freed's eyebrow twitched. "Uh … I don't punish others. Sorry."

"Anything!" she begged enthusiastically. "Pain, humiliation, make me do a task, anything at all." She sounded truly desperate for the punishment.

Freed looked around awkwardly and saw Laxus still off to the side, glowering down at some man who now looked terrified. Then he looked back to the tiny lady. The gentleman in him would never hit her, and he could not think of ways to humiliate…

Well, there was one thing, something he and Bickslow used to do as kids.

"Are you okay with peanuts?" he asked first, knowing a few people with allergies.

"Peanuts? Um, yes," she answered with confusion.

"Good. Sit," he ordered in the same voice he used for the dog his family had when he was growing up.

Virgo instantly took a seat by the bar, and her eyes gleamed in a thrill. Freed leaned over to a snack bowl filled with peanuts. He showed it to her, and Virgo's eyes almost crossed as she looked at the nut.

"Head up," he ordered, and she was quick to obey. Freed carefully placed the peanut on her forehead. "Now, balance it."

Virgo held still, totally focused on her task.

"That's it. Like a dog," he added, just for the additional humiliation. As kids, they would do this and even bark, but he figured for an adult that might be too much.

"Shall I bark?" asked Virgo.

He nearly laughed. Seriously, this woman! "No barking until after you prove you're a good dog."

She shivered at the dominant pitch to his voice. Even Freed was a little amazed. He had flipped his role so suddenly from slave to pet owner, it left him a little dizzy.

"Stay," he warned as her excitement made the peanut wobble. "Don't … move."

She stilled herself again, keeping her head up and the peanut balanced.

"A little longer," he said, watching her. When he saw a pinch in her face from the stiffness of her neck, he said, "Okay. Good dog. You may eat the peanut."

Virgo obediently popped the nut into her mouth. She chewed, swallowed, and yipped like a tiny dog. Freed was so amused, he reached forward and patted her head.

"You dress as a slave, but you make a good master," she complimented. "Are you a switch?"

Freed was caught off-guard by the question. "W-well … we've done role-reversal."

"Your voice is very domineering. Please, punish me more."

This woman! "Sorry, my master is waiting. I have to go."

He took his drinks and carefully wove through the crowd, away from the strange lady. A dominant voice, huh? He wondered if Laxus thought that way as well. He seemed to like when they did role-reversal, although Freed felt Laxus was just indulging his whimsies. Just how different did his voice sound when he was a slave versus the days Laxus called him Mister Justine?

He saw Flare and a huge man with long, wild, mint-green hair barely tamed into place by a headband. Although this stranger was instantly intimidating, Freed bravely approached.

"Thor said I should wait here," he said. "Or … or is it the other name now?"

Flare smiled and waved him to set the drink on the table nearby. "He's known to the staff, but for Club he wishes to go by Thor. An interesting nickname. And … Greenie? I find that charming," the redheaded woman said with a smile.

"Well, he's worried, what with the exhibition and everything."

"Understandable," she assured. "He takes good care of you. And I won't tell him about you and the pretty pink-haired maid."

The bullish man beside her barked out a laugh, and Freed's whole face went crimson.

Flare glanced past him. "Ah, looks like the trouble has cleared up. He's quick at managing ruffians."

Freed turned and felt deep relief to see Laxus returning. Those blue eyes were instantly on him, and although he did not smile, Freed saw the gentleness in them.

Flare giggled, "He's helplessly smitten." She stood and walked up to Laxus, placing a limp hand against his chest. "Thank you for dealing with that. Attend to your slave. The poor thing is lost without his master. If you're not careful, he'll become a master over someone else."

Laxus frowned at the cryptic warning.

Flare ignored his surly expression and slithered away. "I'll make some rounds."

"They're getting restless, and that's never good. Start this damn thing up soon," Laxus suggested.

"Agreed. We're on schedule still. Remember, be backstage half an hour before your turn." Then she wandered off.

Laxus walked up to Freed and glared down at him. "You reek of alcohol. Ya drink a barrel while I was gone?"

"Someone bumped me. She replaced my drink." Then his head dropped. "Sorry, master, if I was clumsy."

"Nah, it's crowded as hell in here." He pulled out the leash and attached it to the collar again. "Don't get lost," he warned. "Wanna drink while we wait?"

"If it pleases you, master."

"Sit at my feet while I chat with this brute," he said, thumbing to the mint-haired man.

Laxus collapsed onto the couch and motioned Freed to sit between his legs. Slowly, mindful of the thong leaving his ass completely bare, Freed settled down obediently. The two burly men faced one another.

"Hey, Orga. You alone again?"

"Not tonight. I have a new pet."

Laxus took a drink and chuckled. "Did you break your last one?"

"Hey, sometimes a sub just isn't meant for a dom. Ya gotta find the right one, ya know."

Laxus shook his head and sipped his whiskey. "You're backwards. Sometimes a dom isn't right for a sub, and if that dom wants the sub anyway, you have to decide how much you can compromise."

"Che! I'd never compromise anything," Orga scoffed pridefully.

Laxus shrugged. "Then you haven't met the right sort of person." His hand stroked Freed's head.

Orga glanced down at the collared slave who was staring around at all the unique outfits. "Oh, and you have? You're gonna shatter this poor guy."

Laxus laughed and continued to pet Freed's head. "Nope. I sometimes think he's gonna shatter me."

Freed looked up, gawking that Laxus would say that to a man who was almost as intimidating as himself. Then he dropped his head and drank almost half of his martini in one go to calm his nerves and hide his happiness.


A slim, blond man came forward. He wore an eye mask like Freed, but dark red with gold trim, and a matching scarlet cavalier hat with pink plumage. However, all he wore below was a red mankini. He held a drink out with his head lowered.

"Good job, pet," Orga said, and he patted his leg. The man with flowing blond hair sat obediently and gracefully on his knee. "This is my pet. You can call him Minstrel, since he loves to sing when I fuck him just right."

"Sir!" the man cried out in horror.

Orga laughed and rubbed the bare thigh. "Forgive his outbursts. He was a hard one to tame," he chuckled, stroking back the golden hair, "but he's the sort I need, strong and proud, not weak and delicate. Show him."

The masked man blushed. "Sir—"

"Show … him," Orga ordered.

Minstrel slowly stood, turned around, and pulled the mankini to the side to expose his right butt cheek. Freed also glanced over and saw deep bruises from a large bite.

"Mmh, still looks good," Orga hummed proudly, and he spanked the bruised ass, getting a yelp from the masked man. "Marked him just before coming here. Can't have him roaming around without a mark." Orga glanced at Freed as his blond pet took a seat again. "Your slave isn't marked. Did you just pick him up?"

"Hardly. Hand!" he ordered, and Freed raised his hand. Laxus grabbed it and showed the matching silver rings. "That's his mark, and it doesn't fade in a day."

Orga sighed in disappointment. "Damn, Thor. You're going all domestic on me."

Laxus stroked Freed's hair lovingly. "If you've found the right man, there's nothing wrong with that. I've found the one I've been looking for all my life."

Freed gasped and dropped his head to hide his smile, overwhelmed to hear Laxus say that to someone in public.

"Are you really gonna make your domesticated slave sit on that floor?" asked Orga. "I bet it's dirty and cold."

Laxus glanced down. "Are you cold, Greenie?" he asked Freed.

"Ah! Well … it's not bad yet."

"Get up here. If this pompous ass has his slave on his lap, I might as well show you off a little as well."

Freed stood slowly and sat on Laxus' leg.

"The hell do you mean, it's not bad," Laxus snapped. "Your ass is freezing." He yanked Freed to be curled between his legs and rubbed his icy rump. "Sheesh, don't suffer so much. Not yet. I'm gonna be paddling this ass. You need to take care of it until then."

"Y-yes, master," he blushed.

Orga and Laxus kept chatting while Laxus continued to rub Freed's butt, even after it warmed up. Then his palm rested on the rump while his fingers pressed against the taint, making Freed whimper with pleasure. He wanted to get erect, but he feared just how much the tiny thong might hide him. He covered his groin just in case.

Freed lifted his eyes and looked at the submissive slave across from him. Minstrel, was he called? Obviously just a pet name, like Greenie. He stared harder. With those elfin features and silky hair, the man was very familiar. Freed wanted to hear him talk again. His voice had sounded familiar as well, but he had not heard enough over the noisy club, only "sir." Maybe that was all he was allowed to say.

"So, a mask?" Laxus asked, nodding to the red-masked slave.

Orga chuckled and stroked a hand over Minstrel's cheek just under the eye mask, only to have him pull away petulantly. "He's shy about people finding out who he is. Rather a proud, rich fucker. You're one to talk, though."

"Mine happens to be known publicly," Laxus said, and Freed heard a little bit of arrogance. Was he actually proud of Freed's familial fame? He was not famous; he just happened to be the son of a wealthy man.

"Well, with their masks and their long hair, these two could be cousins," Orga laughed, slapping his slave on the back.

Laxus' brow tensed, and he looked over to Freed in question. He shook his head at that. He had no cousins.

"Are you thirsty, pet?" Orga asked, offering the drink to Minstrel.

The man took it and accepted a sip. Freed gasped as he did. The way he held the glass, the delicacy of those fingers, the tilt of his head…

Rufus Lore!

Laxus heard the sound of a sharp inhale and felt Freed stiffen. He looked down in concern while Orga pretended to wipe Rufus' mouth, not as if that refined gentleman would ever spill a drop. Laxus leaned into his ear and whispered.

"What's wrong?"

Freed shivered slightly, being this close to the man who, just weeks ago, had been flirting with him. He leaned over to Laxus. "I know him," he said in urgency.

Instantly, Laxus bolted to his feet, and Freed was cradled in his arms. "I have to get my angel ready for later. You two enjoy the night." Then he stomped off and did not stop or set Freed down until they were backstage. There was a room Laxus used as an electrician, and he went in there for privacy. "Fuck!" he bellowed, setting Freed down firmly. "Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure you know that man? Fuck! Did he recognize you?"

Freed backed away from Laxus' raging anger. "I don't think so. I didn't notice until I saw how he held the glass."

Laxus' teeth clenched in rage. "I'm getting you out of here," he insisted, grabbing Freed's wrist.

"No," he shouted, yanking away so hard his elbow hit a metal cabinet. "Owww! Ow, ow, funny bone."

Laxus dropped to his knee and cradled Freed's hurt arm, kissing it in apology. "I'm sorry. Freaked out, I guess." He stood back up and looked anguished. "But seriously, if you know him enough to recognize the way he drinks, we should get you out."

"But the exhibition—"

"Fuck that! If I have to, I'll find someone else to paddle."

"No," Freed yelled, and he tore off the mask. His finger pressed hard into Laxus' chest. "Now, you listen to me. If that man out there figures out who I am, we're trapped in this together. If he rats me out, trust me, he would suffer much worse if I turned right around and exposed him to his family. At least my parents would be understanding, and they already know you. I seriously doubt his family knows anything about this side to him. So far, he doesn't know who I am, because if he did he would have bolted in an instant."

"He's a friend of the family," Laxus deduced.

"Not a friend, but his family knows my family, they're richer than my family, and if you think I'm a little bit popular just because I was on the news for ten seconds, that man is far more well-known."

Laxus shook his head. "I don't like it. He could figure out who you are."

Freed shrugged. "And then what? If he came here as someone's master, I would be begging you to take me home this instant." Freed glanced slyly at the door. "Considering the way he acted around me last time … I'm savoring seeing him like this." Rufus had acted like such a domineering person, indulging in Freed's occasional timid side, so seeing him as the one blushing and stuttering was sweet revenge for the social awkwardness.

Laxus looked confused, but suddenly anger blazed in his eyes. "It's the douchebag with the vodka gimlet!"

Freed's mouth dropped. "You remember that?"

"When you come home from Greece to learn some rich-as-fuck asshole has been flirting with your boyfriend, yeah, you kinda remember shit like that!"

"Well, now I have blackmail on him," Freed said with a smirk. "He doesn't know who I am yet, and so long as you stay away from them, I doubt he'll figure it out. He's the sort who looks at a man's clothes more than his face."

Laxus' eyes narrowed. "You managed to spot him out just by how he sipped a drink. You must have been watching his face more than his clothes," he accused.

Freed chuckled to himself. "Loke's right. You're cute when you're jealous."

"If Loke called me cute, I'm kickin' his ass."

Freed laughed lightly as he wrapped his arms around Laxus and slid up against his body. "I really want to do this," he said, biting his lip with excitement. "Please, master." His body pressed up against Laxus and he leaned into his stoic face and begged with a sensual pout. "Please let me."

Laxus glared down, but a smile cracked. "Fuck. I don't even know who's the slave in this relationship anymore." He leaned over and kissed Freed. "Because I would seriously do anything for you." He kissed him again and wrapped his arms around Freed, clutching him closely. "You're mine. My cute little angel," he purred, stroking over the fake wings. Then his hand slipped down to Freed's ass and grabbed it, not too harshly, just enough to get him to gasp. "Let's get you ready."

They left the supply room and went out. Laxus saw Flare and called out to her.

"Do you have any rooms?"

She eyed the two with amusement. "A quickie before the show? Sex in the back rooms isn't allowed, you know. I don't want the cops here again accusing me of prostituting men."

Laxus laughed while Freed gasped and blushed. "Lucky for you, I don't do quickies. I gotta get my green angel ready to fly to heaven."

She hummed in pleasure at the idea. "Back rooms are available for performers tonight. Get a key from Hibiki. Keep the room locked when not in use. I'm not responsible if your gear gets stolen."

Laxus nodded and led Freed by the leash. From the coat room, he retrieved the duffel bag he brought with Freed's street clothes as well as the supplies he wanted to use specifically for the exhibition. Then he got a key from the bartender named Hibiki. He led Freed back, away from the music and the chatting. A bouncer guarded the corridor leading to back rooms. Freed wondered what these were used for normally. Tonight, they were for performers or anyone experiencing sub-drop and needing some serious time-out.

Laxus found the room and opened it with the key. Inside, it was not much: a couch, a vanity table with a mirror, a chair in front of the small table, and shoved to the side was a tiny rack with hangers. Freed wondered if this was used for performers in the normal Blue Pegasus Club, green rooms for the singers and band members about to perform.

Laxus hung up Freed's street clothes so they would not be wrinkled when they left. He set the rest of the bag on the vanity and looked inside. They brought far too much, but Laxus wanted to see just how Freed was feeling when they got to the club. He wanted to be ready for anything, and that included alternatives to what they initially agreed upon.

Laxus heard a soft gasp and turned around. Freed had seen himself in the mirror, and apparently facing the reflected truth had horrified him. Such a powerful, wealthy man, and he had been reduced into such a humiliating state. Laxus saw him shaking. He was losing confidence just when Laxus needed him to be brave.

"What's wrong?" he asked sternly.

Freed gulped before he could speak. He felt like he needed another martini. Or five! "I … I look—"

"Fucking gorgeous!" Laxus barked over him.

Freed jolted in surprise, but then turned his face aside. "I'm dressed up like some silly angel wearing only a thong. This is not exactly a standard definition of beauty."

Laxus stomped two loud steps over to him and yanked his chin up, glaring down domineeringly. "I dunno about dictionaries and shit, but you are my definition of beauty. Just you, Freed Justine. It doesn't matter what you wear … or what you don't wear."

He dropped to his knees, yanking the white thong with him. Freed let out a high yelp of protest.

"Do you think you're dressed silly?" He shimmied the thong to Freed's ankles. "Maybe you're right. I'm not all that impressed with thongs." He forced Freed's feet to lift, one then another, and pulled the thong away. Then he stood with the tiny underwear swirling around his finger, and he smirked down at Freed. "In that case, you don't have to be dressed at all."

Freed shook his head, shivering and hugging himself in humiliation. "Master!"

Laxus looked concerned for a moment. "Écriture, remember."

"I … know," he panted, trying to steady his mind. "It's not … not that yet."

"Are you okay with this?"

Freed meekly looked up. "Do you really want me to go out naked?"

"I'm thinking about it," he answered honestly.

"They'll see it!"

Laxus cupped Freed's cheek. "Trust me, you have nothing to be ashamed of. My slave should feel honored that I have deemed his cock worthy of my approval."

His slave! Freed felt his struggling mind drifting, caught between his pride as a Justine and his role as a slave.

Laxus saw the internal struggle. He had to put Freed fully into that space, that mental zone where he let go of the cumbersome pride he had in the outside world and could slip into the liberating role of a slave.

"You're mine tonight," he said in a low, even voice. "My bitch. My slave."

His slave! Those words echoed in Freed's head as reality and fantasy battled.

"My wishes are your commands," Laxus continued. "You will do as I tell you. Don't think of anything else, only what I order you to do. That's your only concern right now: fulfilling my desires."

His only concern… Outside in the real world, his life was plagued by duties, deadlines, family troubles, job disgruntlements, the pressure of being a CEO's son, and the expectation to meet such a high standard. Here, that all vanished. That reality was a nightmare that faded with this new, sensual reality. He was not some rich man's fortunate son; he was the slave of the god of thunder.

As he felt the outside world fading from his mind, he answered airily, "Yes."

Laxus yanked on the collar's leash and harshly snapped, "Say it properly."

Freed hesitated. He mind still struggled, the proud businessman grasping at the edges of a cliff, the subservient angel watching and debating whether to let that pride fall.

"Say it!"

His mind snapped. Pride fell into the abyss. He was the slave to Thor.

He bowed his head and replied, "If it pleases you, master."

Laxus smiled as he saw that his beloved angel had defeated sinful pride. "That's good," he praised softly. "You'll be in front of people…"

Freed slammed his eyes shut in dread.

"… but it'll be safe," Laxus assured him. "I won't let anything happen to you. I would risk my life to protect you."

Freed blushed at the loyalty in those words. "Thank you, master," he whispered. "I trust you."

"Good," Laxus said gently. "They'll see you, but I don't want you to see them. I've been on a stage before; I know what it's like to be on display. It's one thing to just stand there staring out into a dark and blurry crowd. It's another to see their faces staring back. I don't want you to see how they look at you." He smirked and lifted Freed chin. "I want you to imagine it."

Freed knew they had talked about this, and it was already in their flexible agreement. "You're going to … blindfold me?"

"Eventually," Laxus confirmed with an arrogant smile. "I don't want you to think of anyone or anything else, except for me and what I'm doing to you. I don't want your eyes to look on them. I want it to be darkness for you, so all of your focus is on me."

He knew Freed needed that. He knew personally what it was like to have people ogle a body being displayed on stage. He had grown calloused to the degradation at the South Pole Club, but he knew Freed would be hyper-sensitive to that. Laxus could put up with it because the strip club's lights blinded him from the audience. The lights in this club were lower. Whoever was on display would see the onlookers, sometimes up close. That could easily overwhelm Freed, so blindfolding him would help.

Laxus walked over to the bag and pulled out a ball gag. "I also wanna use this."

Freed jolted. He knew Laxus had bought that recently, but they had not even tried it out yet. "How will I talk?" he cried out. "Safeword … h-how…?"

"Can you snap?"

Freed looked confused. He tried to snap his fingers.

"Pathetic," Laxus sighed. "Either snap or stomp your foot three times. That's Écriture. One snap, you're okay. Two, that's like yellow, I'll ease up. Three, the scene stops. Repeat!"

"Three snaps, scene ends," he repeated.

"That's your physical safeword."

Freed's brow tensed. "We've never done that before."

"I know. It's something new, and it'll be in a public setting. I know that's scary to you," he acknowledged, "but we're gonna do this, and it'll be safe."

Freed smiled. Laxus had completely thrown him off his balance, and it worked to plunge him deeper into his role. All he had to do was follow Laxus' commands. Don't think; just obey.

He looked up and responded, "If it pleases you, master."

Laxus stroked his green hair, smoothing it down. "Good. Very good." He set the ball gag aside. That would be put on once they were done with the rest. At least now Freed was fully submerged in his subservient role and would feel more at ease. He returned to the bag of goods. "Cock ring, right?"

That was what they planned on, but now Freed wondered if it was what he needed. "Do we have anything more?"

Laxus arched an amused eyebrow. He was glad he brought all of their gear. He dug down and pulled up the leather penis sheath. "Is this what you need?"

That was better, but Freed needed something a little different. He blushed and bit his lip. "Maybe … we brought everything, right?"


He smiled in bashful mischievousness. "I got something while you were gone."

Something? Laxus thought about the new items Freed had added to their collection, and one came instantly to mind. "The cock cage?" he asked, astonished by that extreme choice.

"You saw it?"

"Of course I did! I packed it," he snapped. As if he could hide those kinky new items from him! "You'll feel more protected in that, right?"

"Yeah," he admitted. "I … I have … that problem," he said with a hint of self-disgust. "I don't … don't wanna … in front of everyone…"

"Shh." Laxus hushed him and hugged him gently. "I won't let that happen. I'll cage it up. I don't want anyone to see your face when you come. That's a face only I get to see." He pulled back and tilted Freed's head. "They can look upon my angel, but they aren't worthy of seeing you in your full glory."

Freed wanted to tell him, 'Only a god can see that.' However emotions choked him. Laxus was being so gentle while still humiliating him so profoundly. His eyes lined with tears of gratitude.

"Thank you," he snuffled.

Laxus pulled off the white feathered mask and dabbed Freed's eyes with his sleeve. "Shh. It'll be okay. Leave everything to Master."

Freed groaned and sank into Laxus' chest. "Master," he whispered, clinging to him.

Laxus stroked down his hair. Such a proud, dignified man, so young and already a manager in a major corporation—junior manager, Freed would have humbly corrected him—so much pressure to be perfect in every way. Laxus wanted to steal him from that corporate world that enslaved him, and capture him in their own private form of slavery. This one demanded little of Freed. He did not have to make any major decisions. Continue the scene, or end it. The rest was about freedom, being liberated from that grueling life.

Laxus had begun to realize that a big part of BDSM was not a Dominant enslaving a Submissive. It was granting the Sub ultimate freedom. He saw how emotionally vital that need was as he watched Freed transform from the tired office worker to this glorious being, freed from his gilded cage and ready to soar. His freed angel!

"Freed," he whispered, kissing the top of his head. Then he pulled back. "Let's get that on you now before you get all worked up and erect."

Freed wiped his eyes and nodded in agreement.

Laxus walked over to the bag and dug down until he found a case that held the phallic-contoured metal chastity belt. "Do you know how to put it on?"

"W-well … yeah," Freed admitted softly.

Laxus arched an eyebrow at the nervousness in his voice, and not turning around yet he asked, "Did you wear it while I was gone?" He heard Freed choking, and finally glanced in the mirror to look at that amazing blush on his cheeks. "You wore a chastity belt while I was in Greece?" he asked, his voice trying to be accusative, although he was more amazed and amused.

Freed stumbled around for the right words. He saw Laxus fold his arms, silently demanding an answer. Of course, the reason was simple, and he looked up at Laxus with a pining expression.

"I only wanted you," he whispered. "When I wore it, I knew no one else could touch me, no one but you, and so I'd wear it when I went to classes." He laughed awkwardly. "It was a problem, though. It kept me constantly aware … of my dick!"

Laxus burst out in an amused laugh. "Did it really?" He tried to imagine this pristine Justine sitting in a university business class squirming in his seat due to a cage around his cock. "But you felt safe?"

Freed smiled to himself, remembering those days. It had not been every day, but he still liked to wear it so long as he was not going to be doing anything rigorous. He reached out, softly touched Laxus' arm, and felt over the firm skin. Then he looked up, and love filled his eyes.

"I knew I was waiting for you. I don't want anyone else. Just you."

Laxus' heart raced. Leaving Freed so suddenly had been a cruel thing to do. As he sat in cheap hotels in Greece, he feared every day that he would return home to find out that abandoning Freed had been his ultimate mistake, and he would lose him for good. Instead, Freed had gone out of his way to stay loyal and chaste. Despite being left behind so suddenly, he had decided in his heart that he wanted only Laxus.

He suddenly grabbed Freed's cheeks with both hands, holding his head up, wanting to devour that mouth that spoke such sweet words.

"Damn, I love you," he sneered with overwhelming passion.

However, he harshly let go and stepped back, needing to regain control over his desires again, otherwise Flare would whip him for having sex in her club. It took him a few seconds while his cock protested that they could make this quick and quiet. Glancing into the bag of goodies, he saw a box of condoms as well. He knew sex was prohibited within the club, but he was not so certain he could wait to get home, and now he wondered if he could wait long enough to even get through the presentation he had planned for tonight.

This damn rich brat messed him up so much at times.

Laxus pulled out the silver chastity belt box and opened it. Freed did more than just splurge a little when he bought this thing. He went extreme! "White Bird" was engraved on the side of the silver box that held the cage in a contoured divot lined with white satin. He pulled out the gold-finished metal cage with diamonds around the rim. As Laxus lifted it out of the satin bedding, he hummed an old song that he knew was the name behind this chastity device.

White bird in a golden cage
On a winter's day
In the rain
White bird in a golden cage

White bird in a golden cage! His little angel would be locked away from flying to heaven. There was no way Laxus could miss why Freed must have wanted this extravagant cock cage.

"Well then…" He grabbed a cut-off nylon stocking and handed both items over to Freed. "Put it on."

Freed shivered at being ordered. "Yes, master."

He slipped the nylon onto his penis first, trying hard not to let the attention arouse him. Then he carefully slipped the cock ring on, squeezing his balls through the golden hoop. Finally, he slipped the gilded cage up, making sure the pin connecting the two parts aligned. He picked up the padlock, but Laxus' hand suddenly rested on his.

"Let me do that," he said in a low voice.

Freed gulped, and already he felt himself wanting to lengthen and enlarge as Laxus dropped to a knee in front of him.

Laxus could hardly help but think of this gold and diamond cage as some kinky type of engagement ring. That was silly, of course, but still … he glanced up to Freed, and as he slipped the padlock on, he thought about words he wanted to say some day … when they were both ready.

He locked it in place, and then pulled the nylon off of Freed's cock, allowing it to fully fit inside the cage. Once the stocking was off and tossed back into the bag, he inspected all the parts to make sure nothing was pinching.

Finally, he stood and held the small key up in front of Freed's eyes. "No one lets you fly but me," he said in a possessive growl that made Freed's groin tingle.

Laxus placed one spare key in their bag, and the other went into his back pocket, just in case. If something happened to him, if he had to leave due to a brawl and he had to play the part of a bouncer, at least Freed could unlock himself. Two keys were just for safety, though. In reality, he knew Freed would not want to unlock himself. He was a good slave and would wait for his master.

Laxus gazed at him again. The gold-finished rings with three embedded diamonds forced the cock to point down, as if in a flaccid state, and compressed it, with the cock ring attaching behind the balls to pull with discomfort if Freed began to get erect. It ended in a birdcage-style tip, stylish and sensual, showing off Freed's cock yet not enough to see its full glory.

"It looks incredible. How does it feel?"

Freed knew, no one would be able to touch him now. That devil woman, that Virgo girl with her weird habits, Flare, Rufus, all of them! No one would be able to pleasure him. Only Laxus. He belonged fully to one man only.

"Feels that good?" Laxus asked, enthralled by his squirming stance, so overwhelmed that Freed could not talk. "So, the chastity belt makes you feel protected." He suddenly yanked on the leather strap in his hand, rattling the metal ring on the collar as he forced Freed's head up. "This shows to everyone that you're mine, and this…" He reached down and stroked Freed's balls. The green-haired man gasped and choked as his instant erection was smashed down by the cage that forced his cock to remain pointed downward. "This shows to everyone that you are off-limits. No one can touch my slave!"

Freed trembled as the electrifying hand left him. He felt limp and yet alert, tired and yet hyper-aware, overwhelmed and yet so empty, needing to be filled up with sensations, any sort at all.

"You are collared. Leashed." Then his hand drifted down to the metal cage that followed the drooping contours of Freed's cock. "Caged!" he snarled. "You're mine, fully, completely … publicly."

Freed gulped hard and could not take his eyes off Laxus. "Yes, master," he whispered. "All yours."

Oh, the things Laxus wanted to do to him right then! If they had just ten more minutes, he would have slammed Freed against the wall and taken him, just to ease the burning in his loins. Instead, just as Laxus thought for sure he would pounce him, there was a knock on the door.

"Five more minutes until you're up."

Laxus snapped back in irritation, "I'll be there, Ren."

"Not like I care, but Flare wanted me to make sure you're following club rules."

Laxus growled in sexual frustration. He stomped away from Freed and yanked the door open wide. "I'm prepping my slave, not fucking him. Tell Flare to keep her panties on."

The overly tanned man chuckled softly. "You know she doesn't wear any." Ren glanced at Freed, still standing quietly and obediently, flushed but caged. "Four minutes." Then he shut the door.

Laxus turned around and faced Freed. "Are you ready?"

He looked down at the gold cage. That was all that was covering him now. The flesh and shape of the penis was still visible. Although he felt safer wearing it, he could not imagine walking out there with just this on.

"Do I have to be this exposed?" he whimpered.

"Yes," Laxus answered coldly, not about to give in to his slave's little act. Oh, he could see how much Freed wanted this, but the pride in him was struggling to climb up again.

"Okay," he whispered, and he gulped hard, forcing aside the hubris and arrogance. He was a slave, and tonight his master was publicly showing him off. "I'm okay," he assured.

"Good." Laxus was glad he acting so brave. It gave him confidence as well. He walked back to the bag and pulled out a blindfold. Laxus began to bring the blinder over, but Freed pulled back.

"Can that wait?" he asked in a panic.

"I think you really need it," Laxus said seriously. "I don't want you to see them. Don't think of them, other than the fact that they're out there."

"I don't want to walk around blind."

Laxus put the blindfold aside. "Before we get on stage, then."

"Thank you."

"How about the ball gag?"

Freed twisted with worries and stuttered random syllables.

"We need to get going," Laxus warned, raising his voice.

"I know!" This was the time to show just how much he trusted Laxus, to surrender everything—his freedom, his pride, his speech, his sight, his humanity—all for his master. He looked up and blurted out, "I love you!" He looked proud at being able to say it directly. "I … I just want to say it before I can't speak anymore." He laughed lightly. "My last words."

Laxus leaned over and kissed him tenderly. "I already know," he whispered. "When we're done…" He kissed Freed again. "…I'm going to protect these lips…" Another kiss warmed his mouth. "…and take care of them…" The next kiss made Freed's body arch up. "…and thank them for saying something that precious to me." He gave one last, lingering kiss, and when he pulled back, Freed was in a drugged stupor, smiling and relaxed again. "Are you ready to do this?"

With the tingle on his lips, Freed was prepared to do anything for the man he loved so deeply. "If it pleases you, master," he sighed dreamily.

Seriously, how was he supposed to do his job when Freed's expressions made him so aroused? He focused first and took up a bottle of water they brought along. "Moisten your mouth and swallow everything down."

Freed used the water to clear out the martini taste and gulped carefully.

Laxus caressed Freed's cheek, feeling the heat of humiliation. "Ready?"

Freed nodded silently.

Laxus picked up the ball gag, white plastic with holes so he could breathe easily and to let the saliva drip out. Plus he liked the idea of Freed wearing all white and gold. He fit the ball gag in, and Freed opened his mouth wide, adjusting his lips around it until it was strapped in firmly. Almost instantly, his mouth began to salivate excessively, and he tipped his head up to swallow, not wanting to drool just yet.

"Is that a good fit?" asked Laxus.

Freed made a garbled sound.

"Snap your fingers. One, you're fine; two, do less; three, all stop."

Freed had to practice before getting his fingers to snap properly.

"Damn, you suck at snapping. If you're shaking and can't snap your fingers … hum In A Gadda Da Vida."

Freed grunted in surprise. That was new!

"The opening line. Try it. You love to hum, so hum it."

With the ball in his mouth, Freed could not really hum. The tune came out in guttural garbles instead.

Laxus laughed at how comical he looked. "That's perfect. Only for the highest safeword, though. I have a feeling, if you're that far gone, snapping just won't be good enough, especially if I'm not right next to you to hear it. Damn, how come a swordsman like you has such weak fingers, you can't even snap? So hum, got it? Hum In A Gadda Da Vida."

Freed nodded in understanding with a grunt escaping his pried-open mouth.

He picked up the blindfold and began to bring it over to Freed; however, the little slave groaned a noise of protest, then remembered and snapped twice.

"No?" he asked. Freed snapped twice again. "Just not now," he realized, noting the signal for less. "We'll walk to the stage. Just before we step out, I'll put the blindfold on."

Freed nodded and snapped once. He did not want to walk too much blindfolded or he felt his knees might give out.

Laxus picked up the blindfold and also the feathered mask. He removed the leash since it would get in the way and held Freed around the shoulder. Then he guided him out. As soon as Freed saw Ren waiting impatiently down the hall, his hands went down to cover himself, and he felt his heart pounding frantically. He began to lose control over his legs, and Laxus grabbed him quickly. This was precisely why he wanted to blindfold Freed. Public nudity can be terrifying the first time because the mind gets trapped in a fixation on the fact that others can see you.

"Keep walking," he said sternly, shielding Freed around the shoulders so he could walk by Ren. "Let's get backstage at least."

Freed managed to continue, although his muscles were twitching rapidly with nervousness. He was about to walk out on a stage almost completely naked. He had watched so many strip shows at the South Pole Club, but he never stopped to think about how much confidence it took to go out there and be ogled by other people.

He began to shake his head. No way could he do this! Laxus suddenly yanked the blindfold on.

"You will pay attention only to me," he said in a low, demanding voice as he secured the strap. He slipped the feathered mask over the blindfold. "You will listen only to my voice. Respond only to what I say and do to you. Obey me!"

Freed snapped to attention. He had his order. Obey his master!

Laxus looked him over head to toe: gagged, blinded, naked, caged, helpless, divine! "Damn, you look amazing," he groaned. His hand snagged into the back of Freed's hair, snarling as he pressed up against that body and got an unrestrained moan. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard after this. So hard!" he snarled quietly. "You'll need all week to recover from the pounding I give to your ass."

Freed shivered, wanting it, and the strain of the cock cage reminded him that he had to wait and be obedient if he wanted his reward.

Laxus smiled at seeing him like that. He leaned into Freed's ear and breathed warmly, "Let's do it."

They heard Flare's announcement: "And now, our very own Thor will show a demonstration on paddling. Please welcome Thor and his slave, the Green Angel."

Freed caught his breath. This was really happening!

Within the darkness, he felt a warm hand guiding him. "I'm by your side. I'll protect you."

That promise soothed him as he felt warmth on his skin and sounds around him changed from muted to clear. He realized he must be under the bright lights, and now noises of a crowd were more audible.

Freed stood there, blind but aware in other ways. Although he could not see the audience, he knew they could all see him…

Naked. Blind. Gagged. A white bird in a golden cage!

And Laxus held the key to set him free.

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A/N: "White Bird" by It's a Beautiful Day is a song from 1969 that has seen some recent revival with films like Will Smith's "Focus."


Audio recording:

The chastity device in this story is based on the conceptual design "Diamond Studded Gilded Cage" featured in Mistress Cassandra's YouTube video called "White Bird" (after the background music) which depicts various styles of cock cages. I liked the idea of that gold-finished chastity device actually being called White Bird.

Over on Tumblr, infinite-atmosphere drew a picture of Laxus' vision of Freed as an angel, and it's so lovely!

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