Catch the Thunder

BY : Rhov
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Chapter 29

Bright Flashes of Lightning

Freed felt like he was in another world. This was a world of flashes and thundering murmurs.

Flash! "Look at me." Flash! "Drop your head down, only look up with your eyes." Flash! "Stay on your knees, but put your head on the pillow." Flash!

He did not have to think or worry about anything. He just had to obey. He did not move unless ordered, and those orders were ripe with sensuality.

"Lift your body up, but stay on your knees. Yes." Flash! "Yes, like that." Flash! "Now touch yourself. Your chest, too. Yes." Flash! Flash! "Stroke it while pinching your tit, bitch." Flash! "Fuck yes, that's it. Just like that." Flash! "Look at the camera." Flash!

The collar reminded him that he was a bitch now. He was an obedient pet, and this … this was just learning a new trick.

"Hey, I said look at me!"

With that shout came a tug. Laxus had put the leash on, and Freed groaned whenever he used it. He pulled the leash to yank the collar, forcing his head to turn up.

"Look at the camera. Look at it like you're making love to it. Fuck this camera, Freed. Fuck it like a whore!"

He shivered. These were pictures Laxus would use. These were images Laxus wanted to see. These poses would please his master even when he could not be around. He had to make them as erotic as possible. It was utter humiliation, though! Touching himself, posing himself, staring at that black eye. This was no cellphone camera. Laxus had pulled out Freed's good camera. He was taking so many pictures, the flashes began to blind him.

"Not enough. More."

Laxus kept saying that. The first time he said it, he nearly ripped Freed's robe off of him. The slow and bashful strip show was over, and it was on to nudes. Then he said it again, and the collar went on, with the leash being attached soon after. Then he had said those three words again, and he put on Freed's cock ring. Every time he said "not enough, more," Freed was taken to a new plateau of sensuality. He shivered, wondering what would be next.

Laxus marched over to a box where Freed had packed away all of their sex toys. Most of them looked like they had not been touched in weeks. Realizing his little slave had gone without punishment for that long made Laxus want to remind him of that sweet pain.

He set the camera down, pulled out a rattling pair of handcuffs, marched back to the bed, and yanked Freed's arms back, tugging him up and backwards a bit until he bowed into Laxus' chest.

"You're sexy when I make you touch yourself, but sometimes I don't like to think that you're capable of doing that much. I like to think you can't do a damn thing without me." One hand held the wrists together while another hand roamed Freed's thin chest. "Trapped! Helpless!" He stroked over a nipple, and Freed could do nothing. He could not pull away or grab his cock that leaped at the touch. He truly was helpless. Laxus sneered a smile as he felt the shiver through his lover. "That's sexy, too."

He put on the handcuffs, clamping them down tight. Freed hissed as the metal bit into his tender wrists. Then, before he could get used to it, he was practically thrown down. He could not stop himself from falling, and that feeling of being defenseless made his pulse spike. Instead of falling and hurting himself, his face landed on pillows. His hair was everywhere, and he could not flip it out of his mouth or from under his shoulder. Strands pulled, but he was trapped.

"Helpless," Laxus growled, and although Freed's face was smothered in downy softness, he heard the clicks of the camera. "All mine. Waiting for me to pleasure you."

Then, much to his shock, he felt something nudging at his ass. He tried to look back, but his hair was so tangled, it trapped him. He felt wet slickness of lube on something smooth, and slowly something pressed, entered, and widened him. He began to shout into the pillow. His ass was still sore from the roughness in the car. This time, the sex toy really did hurt, but not to the point where he wanted it to stop. He needed this. As if he had not realized it all night until now, he needed this emptiness filled. Just like in the car, when Laxus had lost control and thrust into him right there, in public, inside his brand new Corvette, this emptiness had to be filled. Pain no longer mattered. Only feeling this!

"Your cock is dripping. Oh fuck, I need a picture of this."

The plug was not even all the way in, but Freed heard those click noises again. He wondered how Laxus had this much self-control. If it was him, he probably would have burst untouched. At the moment, the only thing keeping Freed from coming apart was the cock ring and the edge of pain burning in his ass.

"This goddamn sexy cock," Laxus said softly, almost reverently. He stroked between Freed's thighs, admiring how that cock with its own miniature collar hung heavily with a clear drip shining on the tip. Oh, the things he wanted to do to that cock! But not yet. Not now. "How about a closeup of your ass being opened?" He began to take pictures again, macro-closeups of that ass with a silicone toy stretching the rim. He played around with widths, pulling the plug a little out to shrink the stretching hole, then pressing it in more, but not all the way, until the skin became shiny from stretched tautness.

Freed had tears in his eyes. He wanted that plug inside of him. He desperately needed it. This teasing was more torment than any pain.

"Laxus!" he finally yelled.

There was a low laugh. "I was wondering when you'd start to break. Beg for it!"

"Please!" He tried to pull at his hands but was trapped. He needed to be touched. He needed something, anything! His ass, his cock, his chest, it didn't matter where. All he could do was lean back into Laxus, hoping for a little more.

"Now this is sexy, you thrusting up against my butt plug. Shit, if this was my cock, I'd lose it right now. I'd blow my load, fill you up inside, pour my cum into you, pour it in until it drips back out."

Those words were stabbing Freed. "Please!" he sobbed. "Please…" All dignity was surrendered. He was a sexual mess, and he knew it. He said he could not come a fourth time, and yet here he was, trembling with the need.

"I'll take care of it."

Yes! Laxus would care for him. Laxus would give him everything. All the happiness money could not buy, he had right here with Laxus' arm wrapped around him and fingers planted on his ass as that plug was slowly pressed in more, deeper, stretching him until Freed thought he would split apart.


It hurt. It felt wonderful. It burned. It tingled his soul. Then, as he shrank around the divot and could finally relax, filled and aching, Freed knew he was Laxus' bitch. He would do anything to give pleasure back to this man.

The fullness, the pleasure that flowed in after the pain, and the powerful feelings deep in his heart boiled and coiled and began to surge.

"La- … No!" He shook his head and struggled to fight it. "Laxus, I … I'm about to…"

"Shhh!" he hushed, stroking back Freed's forehead. "It's fine if you do."

Freed shouted, but there was no way to stop it now. He came, weak but enough for a little fluid to drip out of his cock. It was intense but brief, pleasure surging just to sink like a lake falling back into calmness. He began to shrink, but then suddenly, before he could recover, lips were on his mouth.

"My God, I want you," came a soft snarl, and then a tongue gagged him with need.

Probably, this was a bad idea. He was already torn. However, he didn't care. He wanted this … so much!

"You … you're incredible," Laxus whispered in awe. He sneered to force himself away from the intense emotions sizzling inside him. If he gave in, he would end this scene right now, right like this, and Freed would be denied the full pleasure Laxus had hoped to give him. He had to stay in control, although seeing Freed bound up, tossed around, dripping cum onto his expensive bedsheets, with his ass wide open and still twitching … it was almost too much!

Laxus carefully helped him up, being cautious of that long, luxurious, green hair. He did not want a single strand of that beautiful hair to be hurt. Flesh healed from bruises, but a single hair could take years to grow back to the length Freed had it. He caressed the hair off of Freed's face and out of his mouth. He smoothed it down as best as he could with his clumsy fingers, and then he kept touching, savoring the softness of this body, the sweat glistening on his pale skin, the corded muscles in those arms, small but powerful.

His eyes softened as he heard Freed panting through the pain in his ass, especially now that he was forced to be on his knees on the bed mattress again. Freed would endure so much for him. This sacrifice for the sake of love was a deep honor to Laxus. He wished he knew the words to explain how this made him feel.

Turquoise eyes turned up to him, wet and happy, filled with indescribable love. Laxus gasped softly. He had told Freed earlier about needing to reach his soul. Laxus was not even sure what he had meant with all that nonsense. He felt it, but he could not articulate it.

Right now, as Freed looked up at him, Laxus saw that soul!

Slowly, in a trance, he picked up the camera, aimed the lens, and took a picture. Dear God, he hoped he captured it! He set the camera back down, never breaking eye contact.

"I love you," he whispered with a tremble to his voice. When Freed showed this pure side to himself, it truly was like speaking to some divine creature. It was almost scary, confessing his love directly to such a beautiful soul.

Freed could not reach up with his bound hands, so he lifted his head and rubbed his cheek against Laxus' chest, up his neck and face, and caressed up to his earlobe, giving a small kiss. "I love you, too," he whispered warmly right into Laxus' ear.

Laxus suddenly grabbed Freed's face with both hands. He wanted to hold onto this soul, possess it, not let it slip back away into flesh and sweatiness. He wanted to say so much to him like this, but the words froze up. He only managed to stutter and feel flustered.

"I know," Freed smiled.

Laxus swore, he probably really did know everything, every thought and desire and dream of the future. Freed probably knew it all. Or at least, his soul did.

Laxus saw when the moment passed. He wondered if Freed was even consciously aware of when he did that. Probably not. Those eyes went from holy to devious, twinkling with playfulness, and Freed bit his lip coyly. It was the same old Freed as always, but a man, not a soul.

"Pick that camera back up." He smiled with smug authority to his words. "I want to make love to it!"

It took Laxus a moment to move. When he finally unfroze, he smiled and pulled back. "Bitch," he muttered, just because he had no clue what else he could say.

After that, Freed was incredible. He still blushed, he still looked ashamed at some of the poses, but those eyes were starving. Laxus knew by the way his erection was smashing against his boxers, when he flipped through these photos he would definitely enjoy them.

"Can I pick a pose?"

Laxus almost dropped the camera. Freed really was an unpredictable little submissive. "Of course," he said, dying to know what he wanted to do.

"Stand up with the camera."

Laxus had been on the bed to get good angles, but he stood, robe discarded, only his boxers on. He snapped candid pictures as Freed struggled to roll around and get off the bed while still handcuffed.

"Can … can you cuff me up front?"

Laxus hit a quick-release button on the cuffs—he knew he did not need to actually lock them since Freed never tried to escape—and reattached them in front. Then Freed stood, his hands covered his privates with the chains dangling, and his face went bright red.

"L-like … this."

Laxus saw through the viewfinder what Freed must have imagined in his head. Sometimes, hiding himself was far more provocative than showing it all off. He looked embarrassed, submissive, shy, and yet starving. Laxus began to snap pictures as Freed stood awkwardly, twisting away as if too bashful to show off. Laxus' breathing got faster as he saw the timidity. The sadist in him loved the idea of humiliating his slave.


Freed walked up to him. Laxus could hardly help but take a picture up close of that face—that goddamn fuckable face, with pupils blown wide with lust and lips swollen and wet.

Suddenly, Freed dropped to his knees right in front of Laxus. His handcuffed wrists raised up, and he stroked the bulge pressing against the boxers.

"Photograph me," he whispered.

Laxus swore those two words in another language must mean Fuck me.

He kept mindlessly taking pictures straight down as Freed rubbed and licked through the fabric.

If this was Thor, the god of thunder, then Freed knew he was pleasuring his god. The flashes that blinded him like an electrical storm showed him how much this pleased his divine lover. However, he knew he could do better. He wanted to give Laxus something special, something he would never forget.

Laxus' breath hitched as those bound hands tugged the boxers down, and suddenly it was his own cock in the viewfinder. His cock, and Freed's mouth.

"You wanted to make a homemade porn video, right?" Freed smiled, licking around the flared head. "Videotape this."

"Oh fuck," Laxus gasped weakly.

He struggled to change the setting on the camera to video mode. Freed was not waiting for him. He slid his lips down the veined shaft, and the sucking yanked Laxus away from the task at hand.

Video setting! Video? Where the fucking hell was the video setting?

Finally he got it, and just as he hit start, Freed slammed down hard, all the way to the back of his throat, and Laxus cried out. The camera almost slipped out of his hands. He steadied it and focused down onto Freed. Through the tiny screen, Laxus saw Freed devouring his dick. Those wide, turquoise eyes kept glancing up, straight at the camera, as he slurped and bobbed up and down.

"Freed, you're…" No word worked. Laxus could only groan and strain to keep the camera on that face.

Freed pulled off and rubbed the erection with his chained hands, letting them rattle. "You taste incredible," he said softly. "I want to suck this cock … every day!"

Laxus almost lost it. When Freed talked dirty, it was like he was destroying this angel, yanking him into Perdition. He was the pagan god tarnishing a holy Angel of the Lord.

"Laxus," he groaned wantonly, stroking the cock with his cheek and letting his tongue hang out to lick it. "Tell me what to do."

Shit! Shit, shit, shit!

Sinful eyes gazed up. "Tell me, master."

Laxus sneered and gulped hard. This was going to be the video he used for masturbating. What did he like best?

"Let me come on your face, bitch."

Freed looked like he melted a little. He shivered, the camera definitely picked that up, and he began to suck on Laxus again, faster now, grunting when the cockhead slammed into the back of his throat.

Laxus held the camera as still as possible with one hand while the other went down, running through the long hair, pulling and guiding his head. He would have fucked that mouth hard, except that would jolt the camera, so he let Freed do the work while those cuffed hands stroked Laxus' balls, giving small tugs, pulling him closer … closer…

"Fuck, Freed!"

The camera jolted, but Laxus steadied it. Holding it still as his whole body coiled into one tiny ball of tension was almost impossible.

"Ah … arrrgh!"

Right at that moment, what the porn industry calls The Money Shot, Freed pulled back. He reached up, realizing the camera was shaking, and steadied it himself. Laxus did not see him do that. His eyes were squeezed tight.

A stream of pale liquid shot onto Freed's face. He closed his eyes as some of it hit his eyelid, then opened his mouth to let it drip within.

Another shot landed right across his cheek and into his parted lips.

Just a dribble after that, and Freed let it smear over his chin, oozing thick and white onto his lower lip. He gazed up at the camera again, imagining what Laxus will be seeing, imagining all the times Laxus would come into a tissue in the future while watching this, and he smiled seductively, knowing it would be his face that makes Laxus do this.

Laxus opened his eyes, momentarily angry that he probably screwed up the best part of the video, until he saw Freed holding the camera, looking up into it, sexy as fuck with Laxus' cum splattered all over his flushed face.

"Master," he mewled. "Master, I really need it now."

Oh … fuck.

Oh fuck!

Laxus stopped the video and saved it before he messed it up. He wiped Freed's face clean with his own ratty robe. The stolen thing was good for something at least. Then he yanked Freed up, threw him onto the bed until his thin body bounced, and he pounced on top. Laxus grabbed the chained hands and slammed them to the headboard.

"You said you were too tired," he snarled, kicking the lowered boxers off.

"I was, but … but you—"

"I did something?" he bellowed. "You're the one at fault. You're too damn sexy for your own good. And … it's been too long."

He reached down to the butt plug and twisted it to turn on the vibrations. Freed gasped, and instantly there was a flash. He looked up; Laxus still had the camera.

"It's been way the hell too long," Laxus said, palming the plug in.

It kept rubbing and buzzing against Freed's prostate. He was losing control, losing his mind. He cried at the pleasure building inside, and there were more flashes.

This was worse! Rather than just posing in sexy ways, he was being photographed in the midst of experiencing pleasure. That camera was another set of eyes, watching him, voyeuristically observing him, and recording these faces he was making. Freed became far more conscious of his expressions. He wanted to make it sexy like the porn pictures he had seen late at night in the dorm room, yet when Laxus slammed the plug in again and massaged it around with his palm while his fingers caressed Freed's sack, the idea of making the perfect porn face was gone. His mouth opened wide, howling in pleasure, and behind close eyelids he saw more flashes.

"I've been needing this," Laxus growled, not stopping with the camera, sometimes capturing Freed's face, sometimes his erection, and sometimes taking a picture of the plug in his ass. "Needing you!" He palmed the plug in again and snapped a shot of Freed as his body arched up. "I need to please you and make you scream!"

He turned the vibrations up higher and grabbed Freed's erection. He pumped him steadily, wanting to pull out another orgasm from him.

"L-Lax- … La- … I…"

"I can tell you're close," Laxus whispered deeply. "I know your body now. I can feel it. I can smell it. You're so close, aren't you?"

"Mm-hmm," he whimpered, biting his lip to hold back the howls of pleasure.

Laxus breathed right into his ear. "Do it! For me."

For him! For his master. Master wanted him to accept this bestowed pleasure to its fullest. Master was giving him permission. Master wanted it.

Freed's head flew back, and his spine arched in a glorious curve. Laxus felt those sharp hips giving the final thrusts directly into his hand. He snapped picture after picture, capturing the whole thing, the spurts, the face lost in pleasure, Freed's body splattered white, the mess on his own large hand holding the swollen cock, the look of surprise as the rush faded…

More pictures! More!

… how the mess dripped down across the toned stomach, Freed's body gradually sinking, his half-opened eyes, so sleepy and seductive, and then a smile, so sweet and happy, knowing confidently that he gave a good show.

"Damn, you're incredible," Laxus whispered in awe. He set the camera aside and smiled down at Freed while petting his head. "I think we captured some great pictures."

Tired eyes streaked with tears gazed up, and a faint smile struggled to his lips. Then Freed sank back, ready for sleep.

Laxus turned the vibrator off and used the old robe again to wipe up the mess. Being as gentle as possible now, he pulled the butt plug out and set it on top of the robe that was now covered in the essence of both men. He removed the cock ring and set it aside. As he gazed down at Freed, a thought came into his mind: they were making love in their own bed. Theirs! A bed they would share from now on. Although, these bedsheets were utterly ruined!

"Freed, I know you're tired but … can you go one more?"

With a grunt of weariness, Freed looked up in silent protest. One more? Seriously? No way!

Laxus looked apologetic. "I am hard as a rock again."

Freed glanced down. Although he had just had an orgasm a few minutes ago, Laxus was already erect.

"If it's too much—"

"Shut up—" Freed cut in, and he spread his thighs. "—and take me."

So many protests raged in Laxus' mind about this. Freed had torn earlier. He now had five orgasms that night. There was probably no way he could go a sixth. This would just be him fucking Freed for the sake of his own pleasure. Laxus was so used to delivering pain and pleasure, not taking it.

"Laxus," came a gentle voice, and the blond looked down with worry. Freed's smile was placid and understanding. "I want this night to end with your cum inside me. Please."

His face tensed, but he nodded. So long as he had permission, it was okay, even this, just using Freed's worn out body for his own pleasure. He grabbed the bottle of lube and was generous with it, hoping that a little extra would make this easier, quicker, just enough to finish him off without hurting Freed too horribly.

That tired face was still smiling, wanting him, although Laxus was pretty sure Freed was way past his limit.

With one hand, he wrapped Freed's legs over his shoulders, and with the other he gripped himself, nudging at the entrance. Slowly, carefully, he pressed in, sinking inside easily. Freed was loose, and unlike the tight, almost painful forcefulness in the car earlier that night, this time he entered his lover smoothly, tenderly, gliding inside. Welcoming arms wrapped around his neck, and Freed pulled him down into a kiss.

"Take me," Freed whispered against his lips.

Laxus pulled back a little, and he saw it again. The body was exhausted, defeated, far past worn out, and here was the soul, that shining brightness that made him swear Freed was an angel in disguise. This was a chance to not only tell this soul how much he loved him, but to show it, to love it, to make love to it, to pour his own soul into Freed's.

Laxus pulled back and slowly burrowed himself back inside. Although drained, Freed arched and moaned at the feeling of being full, the emptiness in his life filled up with love, with passion, with Laxus. Another thrust, and he felt like Laxus was already pouring in something, not liquid cum, but something else, something spiritual. It filled him in a way fleshly bodies never could.

"I love you so much," Laxus whispered, setting up a slow and easy motion, in and out, tensing and releasing, recoil and flex. Freed was limp in his arms, panting and moaning, utterly surrendering body and soul to pleasure. "Missed you so much!" he said, aching as all those weeks of loneliness flowed out, being filled up with Freed's love.

Laxus suddenly grabbed Freed into his arms and sat up. He placed Freed on his lap, lifting him, pressing him back down, so Freed did not have to do anything. He hugged him tight as he thrust inside.

Then suddenly Laxus looked ahead. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, his feet down on the floor, with Freed as limp as a rag doll in his arms. Straight ahead was the closet, with mirrors as the sliding doors. In those full-length mirrors, Laxus could watch himself, see the sweat on his skin, the flush in his face, and his shaft piercing into Freed's body. Laxus gasped when he saw it, and quickly he looked away. It was almost too much, seeing himself doing this. Curious though, he peeked again. His grip on Freed must have changed, and he stroked somewhere good inside. Right then, Freed arched back, shuddering out a moan, and Laxus saw it all in the mirror.

"Oh fuck," he gasped.

He pulled out, lifting Freed off his lap, turned around, and placed the smaller man on the bed on his hands and knees, facing away from the mirror and those erotic images. He entered from behind and began to thrust with more urgency.

Now he was getting dizzy, exhaustion taking its toll, yet he was drunk on lust. He rammed into that ass, and Freed strained, quivering as his limbs tried to hold himself up. His throat was parched, he was quiet as the feeling tingling on the edge of sleepiness, like this was a dream and he was already unconscious. He was so exhausted, Freed almost wished it would be over soon. It felt so good, but he could not even moan, he was so worn out.

Suddenly, Laxus bent over with a growl and bit sharply into Freed's shoulder. It was a jump-start. The tiredness burned away, and his body sparked alive, electrocuted into motion once more.

"Sorry. Oh shit, I bit hard. You're bleeding a little. I'm just … fuck, so close. I need to hear you, though. Moan for me, Freed. For fuck's sake, moan!"

A rending cry filled the room, and Laxus felt the body under him coming back to life. Freed began to thrust his hips back into him, letting Laxus pound in even deeper. His hands clutched at the bedsheets. He was reanimated and moaning loudly.

"Mmmm, do you maybe like when I make you bleed? Is that something you like?"

"I … I don't…"

Laxus leaned over and licked the blood beading on the small pierce. "It's a nice taste. But you know what the problem is? A slutty little masochist like you wants the pain so you won't come as fast. The more I hurt you, the longer you last. That's sinfully delicious when I'm edging you all night, but that's not today. Today, I'm aiming to make you come seven times."

Freed gasped in shock. This again? Seven! Even at the beginning of the night, he was sure he could never make it to seven. Now… "No, we agreed—"

"Seven!" he sneered. Then Laxus smirked arrogantly. "We only have two more to go."

Freed shook his head as his thighs quivered. "I … can't. I can't." Coming again was a joke.

"You can!" Laxus said sternly. "But being rough isn't the answer with you." Laxus curled around Freed's trembling body and reached around the narrow ribs to grasp his erection. As he figured, Freed was hard again. This whole time, he had been limp and simply accepting Laxus' love. Now he was needy again, just how Laxus liked him. "No, you come strongest when I'm gentle." He gave a slow stroke while kissing up Freed's spine, to the neck, and leaned over, smothering his body, so he could nip the back of Freed's neck.

"Aaaaahn!" he whined, arching at the bite.

"Yes, this is what you like," Laxus purred. He licked behind Freed's ear. "Gentle. You're a raging masochist, but deep down you're a romantic. You like when I fuck you hard, but you go wild when I make love to you. Fine! I can do both. I can do whatever you want. Anything you want!" He nuzzled into Freed's long hair. "I'll do whatever it is you want, Freed. Whatever will bring you the most pleasure."

Freed figured he must have died. Sometime earlier today, he died. Maybe it was when lifting boxes. He must have had a heart attack, he was dead, and this was his heaven, eternity with Laxus, pain and pleasure never-ending. Because nothing—nothing at all—was this perfect. There was no humanly possible way to feel this happy.

Laxus heard a cry like a soul being reborn, the cock in his hand throbbed, and under Freed's body he could see the weak drips, everything used up, but in his ass … oh yes, Freed's ass clenched in the dry orgasm. Laxus felt those clenches on his cock, and Freed moaned, no longer angelic, but demonic, a creature of pure lust now.

"Oh shit. Freed, you … oh … oh shit!"

Laxus lost control again. He thrust fast, hard, and all noises went silent. He thought he heard a cry of pain under him, but he was already coming, a rush of need, his soul gushing into Freed's body, filling this fallen angel, this perfect creature he had corrupted, filling him and being utterly and fully complete in this single moment. He clutched Freed to him, still giving small thrusts with each spurt, yet fearing his angel would fly away.


The name was a prayer and a plea. 'Don't leave me. Don't vanish. Don't let this be a dream.'

Tears flowed down, and Laxus did not even try to stop them. He cried for the loneliness he had suffered through. He cried for the joy of Freed taking him back. He cried for getting all of his wishes, for finding a man who was perfect for him, for finding love in just the right messed up way he needed it. Who else would do this? Who else was willing to let him have his kinks, but also show him how to give tenderness?

Laxus was not really religious, but he sobbed as he prayed in thanks to whatever sort of Cupid was out there that matched him with this green-haired angel.

Freed felt ready to pass out. Suddenly, that fullness slipped out, and cum dripped down between his thighs. Still, he felt like he could not move on his own. He had no power, no energy, drained of everything. With carefulness, he was turned around, and arms were right there to guide him to the mattress. Blue eyes looked at him in worship, and reverently his body was lowered to the pillows.

He heard a rattle of chains, the handcuffs came off, and Freed immediately wrapped his arms around Laxus, clinging to him to assure him that he would not leave or turn into wisps of grace, and he was no figment of a wet dream. He was here, this was real, and they were together now.

"Another rest?"

Freed wished he could keep going, but this wasn't a dream or even Heaven. It was real, and he was just a mortal who needed recovery time.

Laxus laid beside him. Sometimes he just lightly caressed Freed's skin or stroked his fingers through his hair; then he would scratch his chest or yank his hair to pull his head up for a lusty kiss. However, when he reached down, Freed flinched and shook his head. He was completely at his limit, utterly dried up.

"Save the last one for in the morning," he muttered. Freed looked up with disappointment. "I honestly can't again. I'm sorry."

"The hell you talkin' about, being sorry." Laxus kissed him and rested their foreheads together. "You were beyond incredible tonight. Six times! Shit … we've never done it this much. New record," he teased. "I am fucking exhausted. Six … shit. You know, in Jewish tradition, six is the number of sin, and seven is perfection. I'll leave you in sin tonight." Then he gave Freed a kiss on the brow. "I'll restore you to perfection in the morning. My little angel," he sighed, resting his forehead on Freed's chest to listen to his heart.

"My thunder god," he replied, smiling weakly as he stroked the spiky blond hair. Being left in sin … it sounded good.

After a moment of rest, Laxus removed the leash and collar, stood, and helped Freed up. He needed to rub out his legs before he could walk, but he managed to limp away to the bathroom on his own. Laxus watched him, that sore limp in his step, and he felt smug. He was the one who left his green angel weak and mortal. And he could rise him up from Perdition again.

Tomorrow. In the morning. Right now, Laxus was so exhausted, he could barely move.

While Freed was in the bathroom to shower off cum, lube, and sweat, Laxus hurriedly changed the sheets and washed the sex toys. He cleaned himself up with just a wet washcloth and a bit of disinfectant. Then he turned on a lamp by the bed and turned off the main light. Freed dragged his feet back, limping and pale from exhaustion. Laxus thought he looked like a perfect example of a fallen angel.

Freed laid down in bed and groaned. He was so sore, but it was worth it. Laxus turned off the lamp, wrapped his arms around the thin body, and spooned into him.

"You were amazing tonight," Laxus whispered to him. "Hey, I was thinking something. Come morning, our seventh time, that perfect time … I want you to fuck me."

Freed's sleepy eyes popped open. "Wait, what?"

"Isn't it about time?" Laxus reasoned. "I mean seriously, you've only stuck your fingers up there." He scoffed softly. "Don't you think I want more than just that?"

Freed was stunned. Did Laxus really want … that?

Lips nibbled on Freed's ear. "I wanna lose my ass virginity here, in our bed."

Freed knew his face was bright red, but Laxus merely nuzzled the back of his neck while humming in happiness.

"Yeah, it's a good place for that. We'll have breakfast, some coffee, and then you're going to top. I don't mean just riding on top. I want you in my ass. And I wanna videotape it."

"L-Laxus!" That was so much worse. His first time topping, his first time entering another man like that, and … and it would be … videotaped?

"Mmmmmh … all yours," Laxus muttered. "My ass … all yours. Only yours." In under a minute he was breathing heavily right into Freed's ear.

Although he was exhausted, Freed stayed awake a while longer, now nervous—and excited—at the two of them taking yet another major step in their relationship. Come morning, he would be the giver for the first time.

Next Chapter: Angel of the Morning

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