Catch the Thunder

BY : Rhov
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Disclaimer: Fairy Tail is the property of Hiro Mashima. I make no money, I just do this for my own pleasure.

Inspiration: Inspired by fan art originally on the "AskFreed" Tumblr blog (formerly run by infinite-atmosphere, now discontinued) which was in turn inspired by "Catch the Thunder." It's like cyclical inspiration, a symbiotic relationship of kink and cuteness.

Audio Drama: My dramatization for this chapter is impressive, if I may say so. I maybe went too far with adding sound effects. I even created a whole news report that was NOT in the chapter. Way too much fun! -

Chapter 58

A Special Punishment

Freed unlocked the condo door, and Laxus followed him in. Before he could even slip his shoes off, Laxus grabbed Freed by the wrist and yanked him to the bathroom.

"Laxus!" he cried out. Definitely, he would have bruises on his wrists now.

Laxus practically threw him in there. "Remove your shoes, belt, watch, and anything in your pockets. Only that. Do nothing else," he ordered, and then he turned sharply out.

Freed heard him rummaging through the bedroom closet, pulling out whatever kink supplies he planned to use. He guessed Laxus wanted to get started on his punishment right away. In that case, he had to obey like a good slave. He undid his belt, removed his shoes, slipped his watch off, and emptied his pockets. His heart was already pounding with anticipation. Laxus must already have a specific punishment in mind if he was this precise in his orders.

What could it be? Why remove the shoes but not the socks? Why remove the belt and watch, but not his necktie? Why empty his pockets? Freed was eager to find out.

Laxus returned with a spreader bar for his ankles (they had not even used this yet) and a coil of rope. He looked frustrated, like he had wanted something else but they did not have it yet.

"Walk into the shower. Stand straight."

Freed went to the frosted doors of their shower and positioned himself beside the drain. The bottom still had a few drops of water from the showers they took that morning, and it was uncomfortably cold on his socked feet, especially since his feet were sore from standing all day in those fancy shoes.

He could already guess what was coming up. The shower door followed a railing above. That railed bar was perfect to string him up. He was enthralled watching Laxus at work, trying to figure out his plans.

Laxus knelt in front of the shower and nudged Freed to spread his legs. The ankle cuffs forced his legs apart just slightly, enough to be noticeable but not uncomfortable. Then he moved Freed's hands in front of him and positioned the wrists together. He was right! He would be strung up by the shower door bar. Freed felt his pulse quicken as the coils bit into his flesh. Maybe it was the anger that still furrowed his brow, maybe it was because Freed's shirt was still on so Laxus had to deal with fabric in the way, but he was coiling the ropes tighter than normal. Freed flinched, but it was still bearable.

"Before we start, I want you to understand. This is punishment, pure and simple. It's not meant to make you feel aroused. It's meant to put you back in your place. Parts of it might be for my pleasure, not yours. If you feel aroused, that's unintentional. You may not relieve yourself of arousal without my permission. You may not ask for assistance with arousal, because I will not give you any. If it's not arousing at all, you will not complain. You will obey without question. You will put up with it, no matter how humiliating. Use a safeword only if you're truly ready to crack. Is that okay?"

It was a contract. This meant Laxus must be truly serious about what he had planned. The scene was going to be intense, Freed could already tell that much. He wanted to know! He wanted to experience all that Laxus planned for them.

"I agree," he said in a steady voice.

A brief smile flitted over Laxus' lips, quickly banished back into a scowl. He walked out of the bathroom for only a moment and returned with the collar and leash.

"You will be my pet," he announced as he wrapped the collar around, being careful not to buckle it too tightly. "Right now, you were a bad pet. You will be put on a timeout in the bathroom until you learn your place."

"Master," he said softly. "Before we start—"

"We've already begun."

"Yes, but I … I couldn't slip away to the bathroom the entire time we were at the party."

"That's your own fault. You will hold it."

"I'm telling you, I've been holding it for over two hours," he said, hearing his voice get a bit whiny. "I planned to go before we left the house, but you got mad and then we left right away."

Laxus said nothing. If anything, that seemed to anger him even more. He threw the rope up over the shower door bar and yanked, pulling Freed's hands up, although barely above his head.

"Laxus," he protested.

"Master!" Laxus suddenly grabbed the collar and yanked Freed forward by the neck, almost pulling him out of the shower. "You will put up with it, no matter how humiliating. You just agreed to that."

Freed's mouth dropped. No way! He couldn't be thinking…

"You're my pet," Laxus said with a hint of pride. He attached the leash onto the collar and held it possessively. "But you proved you're a bit wild and naughty." He pulled the leash down almost to the ground, forcing Freed to bend at the knees and leaving his arms now straining high above. Laxus wrapped the leash around the spreader bar, tugging, pulling Freed down lower and lower, until his arms were stretched to the point where Freed hissed in pain. He stopped there and tied the leash into place.

Freed was forced into a crouch with the spreader bar holding his ankles apart. He could not simple sit, because his arms seriously felt ready to dislocate. He could not straighten up because the leash forced his neck down. He had no other choice but to squat.

"Laxus," he cried, realizing precisely what he had planned now.

"Timeout for my bad pet." Laxus turned sharply on his heels, marched out, and slammed the bathroom door behind him.

"No way!" he yelled, but Freed knew it was useless.

Now he was squatting, in the shower, with a full bladder.

Was this seriously his punishment? He was still dressed in a nice, bespoke suit, his shirt tucked into the trousers, his tie flopped over his groin now like a censor in a cheap online porno. He drank a lot at the party, and being a good host, he had not left to relieve nature. He seriously had to pee.

And this was the worst position for that.

His pride refused to just give in. Laxus said to hold it. Maybe it was a test. So he clenched his bladder and stayed there, squatting. If he raised up, the leash choked him. If he dropped down, the bound wrists pulled dangerously. He honestly could not move, and this position was burning his thighs.

He tried to listen for noise. He heard the microwave beep. Was Laxus making something? Food? Would he make Freed eat out of a dog bowl?

A pet! They had not explored pet play much, besides Freed joyfully yipping like a dog just to be cute. Was he being housebroken, potty trained, domesticated? In that case, he really had to put effort into holding out.

Minutes passed, and he squirmed around to find some relief to the discomfort. His shoulders ached, his thighs burned, and his groin began to lose its ability to clench back. Tears dripped as the pain gradually increased. Each minute increased the burn in his muscles and the heaviness in his lower gut. Something was going to give first, either his bladder or his body.

He wanted to hold out, so he strained to stay in this terrible position; however, the ache was turning into real pain.

"Master, it hurts," he shouted. "I seriously have to go."

From somewhere distant, he heard a shout back, "You know how to end it."

Écriture. He just had to say the word. Nothing Laxus did was forced onto him. He could choose to end it.

But he wanted to hold out.

His thighs were truly in agony now, and he could feel a tiny damp spot on his underwear as his bladder felt heavy with need and his cock twitched to clench back.

"Laxus," he said in a sob. He wanted to be set free, but he wanted to obey.

He tensed up, but that made his legs hurt beyond what he could handle. Freed began to cry as he felt piss drip out, the wetness spreading. No! He needed to show he could obey. It burned, though. His legs, his bladder, his shoulders, his eyes, they all burned. Then he heard a drop echo through the bathroom as it hit the bottom of the shower.

"Shit, Laxus … I can't hold it."

"Ten more minutes," Laxus called over.

Ten minutes! Okay, he could do this. He could put up with it. He just had to wait a little longer.

The minutes passed with increasing pain. The agony in his legs now outweighed the desire to hold back his bladder. He felt the wet spot spreading. He shook his head, trying to hold back. Just ten minutes. Probably five now. He could wait.

Just hold it.

Just a few minutes.

It wasn't working.

"Please," he begged softly. "Laxus? Master?"

It hurt to hold back. It burned, and he felt more spurt out. Every drop rolled down into the drain, and he heard it. He shook his head, refusing to believe that he, of all people, was slowly pissing himself.

"Shit, please. I … can't. Lax- … Laxus!"

He shouted, but it was too late. His bladder gave way, and Freed gasped. He felt it, warm and relieving. He tried to stop it, but it was flowing out too fast now, splashing on the shower floor. His socks got wet from it. He looked down in horror and saw the yellow puddle under him slowly heading toward the drain.

He couldn't obey. He pissed himself.

Or was this the punishment? He felt utterly humiliated, pissing in his clothes, and one of his nicest suits, at that. The dry cleaner was going to seriously wonder about this.

A sob shook out. He was still urinating when Laxus walked in and stood right in front of the shower, glaring down at him. Freed averted his eyes, mortified, dishonored, feeling disgusted with himself. He didn't want Laxus there! Freed wanted him to leave so he could be alone with his shame. However, Laxus folded his arms and waited until finally the drips stopped. The only sound was Freed's weak sniffles.

"Hello, pet."

Freed shivered, not wanting Laxus to see him like this. "Master, please."

"What a mess," he said casually. He knelt down and tugged Freed's head up. "You're a bad pet."

A sob shook out.

"Do you want to be a good pet?"

Freed eagerly nodded.

"You need to prove you're a good, domestic pet. Will you do that?"

His voice was frail but filled with the desire to obey, to return to a standing of honor. "If it pleases you, master."

Laxus untied the leash and allowed Freed to stand. He wobbled on spasming legs, and suddenly he began to fall. Large arms caught him and held him steady.

"Hold around my neck."

Freed wrapped his bound arms around Laxus, and the dom lowered the rope. Laxus continued to hold onto Freed as he carefully undid the binding on his wrists.

"Are your hands numb?"

"No, but my legs seriously hurt."

"You won't be walking. Can you stand for a moment?"

"Y-yes?" Freed honestly was uncertain.

Laxus left him standing and knelt to unlock the ankle cuffs. He pulled the bar aside and set it on the toilet.

"Undress yourself."

"May I sit, master?"

"Yes, in the shower. I don't want you dripping piss all over the bathroom."

Freed blushed at that. He looked down and saw his ruined trousers now dark with urine. Slowly, he settled down into the base of the shower. His legs crumbled in relief from the burning, and he spent a moment to rub out his thighs. Then he undid his fly and shimmied the moist trousers and boxers off. Next came his socks. He realized the tail of his shirt that had been tucked in was also stained yellow with urine. He took that off, as well as the tie which had ended up getting wet.

Then he curled into a ball, naked and humiliated. He could still smell the urine splashed right next to him.

He, Freed Justine, had just wet his pants.

Laxus pulled down the shower head and turned the water on full blast. Freed cried out as icy water hit his body.

"Master! Cold."

"Gotta hose down my dirty pet," he said casually. "Quite a squirmy pet."

"It's freezing!"


Freed slammed his mouth shut, but he tried to pull away from the spraying water. He shivered as the coldness hit his body flushed with shame. Laxus washed him down and made sure the shower was cleared of urine. He also moistened the clothes to get the urine out. Freed groaned; these were the type of clothes that should not get wet like this. He was probably better off throwing the entire suit away now.

At last, the cold shower turned off. Freed rubbed his trembling arms, and his teeth chattered. Humiliated, legs in agony, shivering with cold … this was miserable, almost torturous.

Truly, it was punishment.

"Can you walk?"

Freed mutely shook his head. A moment later, Laxus lifted him right up into his arms.

"Seriously, you've gotten heavy," he complained as he carried Freed to the bedroom.

He was tossed heedlessly onto the bed and bounced over the mattress. Just as he began to hope he could cover up in warm blankets and get some rest, Laxus grabbed him and flipped him over.

"I need a fuck," he announced.

Freed cringed. Seriously, he was not in the mood. He was cold and in pain. The last thing he wanted now was sexy playtime. However, Laxus already had his fly unzipped, his cock pulled out, and a condom with a bottle of lube in hand. The prepping was brief, barely enough to get the lube spread around inside, then Laxus grabbed Freed's hips to pull him up and thrust in. Freed cried out. This was too sudden, he was not even aroused yet. He was still cold; his cock had shank to about as small as it could get, and his balls had pulled in for any bit of warmth. However, Laxus pounded him into the bed with greedy need. All Freed could do was lie there and take it.

He was being used! It was diminishing, and yet also a bit thrilling deep down inside.

Slowly, it felt good. Real good. His racing heart warmed his body. Laxus' merciless thrusts rocked him, setting his cock swaying. Freed wanted to reach under and touch himself, but just as he started to Laxus grabbed his hand.

"What were our terms?" he shouted. "You may not relieve yourself of arousal without my permission. You may not ask for assistance with arousal, because I will not give you any."

Freed shuddered. So dominant! Such fierceness was seriously hot.

Laxus continued to trust into Freed. "You're nothing more than my personal sex doll right now, and I need to get off. Fuckin' been three days."

A sex doll. Just a hole to ease his master's need. There was a thrill to being reduced to that. So Freed stayed there with his ass in the air and his face in the pillows, grunting as Laxus' hips snapped hard into him.

"Fuckin' a sex toy, that's all. Sex toys don't get aroused when they're being used."

That was impossible to ask for. As Laxus plowed his ass and the sheets rubbed his cock with each thrust, Freed struggled with trying to ignore his own personal need.

He could tell when Laxus came. He heard the grunts and felt sharper jolts. Then everything paused, Laxus panted and shuddered, and slowly he pulled out. Freed whined as that fullness left him, but Laxus forcefully flipped him over onto his back.

"You make a decent fuck, pet."

Decent? Only decent? That infuriated Freed. He wanted to prove he was better than merely decent.

Laxus discarded the condom and wiped his cock clean. Then he wiped the lube from Freed's ass. Freed was hoping that now he might do more, maybe relieve the erection dancing in the coldness of the room, but Laxus merely stood up to fix his pants.

"Rest a bit." He walked out, leaving Freed to lie there, his cock slowly and disappointingly shrinking as his body realized it was not going to get anything more. A minute later, Laxus returned with a cup of tea. "Drink it."

Freed gratefully took the teacup. It was mint with honey, and it made him feel at ease again.

Laxus pulled out an electric heating pad, plugged it in, and laid it over Freed's bare thighs. Then he pulled the blankets over him. The heat helped his aching muscles to relax. Freed hummed at the much-needed relief. Laxus sat beside him and began to stroke his wet hair down flat.

"Is that better?"

He nodded happily and took another sip of tea.

Laxus continued to pet him, but his eyes were hollow. "What you said earlier … really angered me."

Those words punched him in the gut.

"I am so mad, it's taking a lot of discipline not to hurt you for real. I wasn't joking earlier; if you weren't my boyfriend, I would've punched you. I'd never harm you," he assured, caressing Freed's hair, "but I will punish you. I want you to rest, because I'm going to be harsh. As you just realized, it'll hurt. It'll be humiliating. I plan to push your limits in ways you never even dreamed. I won't bother asking permission, so if it's truly non-consensual, use the safeword. If you start to hate me, use the safeword. Let me know when it's physically or emotionally too much. Besides that, I'm not going to pay attention to your discomfort, nor to your needs. This is about my needs and your punishment. You have half an hour to rest. Don't touch yourself! You'll need your stamina."

Then Laxus got up and left the bedroom. Alone now, Freed stared down into his teacup. Laxus must have been brewing tea while making him squat in the shower. He knew Freed would need this little bit of comfort.

He claimed he would be harsh, yet Freed knew Laxus took good care of his emotional needs.

And he wanted to prove that.

"Master?" he called out.

In no time, Laxus swung around the door. Freed gave him a pathetic look.

"Just … hold me a little. Just a little."

For a brief moment, those electric blue eyes looked tender. Laxus walked in and sat beside Freed again, who leaned into him for comfort. Laxus rubbed out Freed's thighs and stroked through his long hair.

"Is this better?"

"Yes. Please don't have me squat again," he said, feeling weak, clingy, and needy.

"You won't be. Can you crawl?"

"That's probably all I can do now."

"You're my pet," he said, drawing his finger around the collar to whisk away any dampness. "I want you crawling on your hands and knees. No upright walking for you. I have kneepads and protection for your palms for this."

He knew it! Always so thoughtful and prepared for his comfort, even while humiliating him.

"Freed…" He sounded serious, and it made Freed gulp his tea down hard. "Have you ever had a catheter?"

He blinked in confusion for almost ten whole seconds, before he realized what that question implied. Then he cried out in slight horror. "Wh-What? What are you saying?"

"You heard what I asked. Answer me."

"Do you mean like in a hospital?"


"What the hell!" he shouted, drawing back in repulsion. "Laxus, that … it goes … wait a minute here!"

"Have you or no?" he barked.

Freed jolted and clamped down the protests raging in his head. "I … n-no." He cringed and gripped his teacup. A catheter! Bickslow had complained about his when he was in the hospital. The nurses had used it since he was so overdosed, he had no bladder control for the first few days, and so they could check his urine to see the drug levels going down. Freed looked down at his shriveled cock and whispered, "That's really going to hurt."

"It won't feel good, but it's not painful. This is part of your punishment. I will determine when you can pee. You wet yourself earlier, so this is punishment until my pet is housebroken."

Freed trembled. A catheter! They never even mentioned using such a thing before now.

Laxus rose again and stepped out of the bedroom, leaving Freed to sit on the mattress and think about what was to come. The more he thought about catheters threaded up his cock and into his bladder, and what that sort of medical device implied in terms of humiliation, the more it made him queasy.

He could always stop it.

Yet he was curious what Laxus planned to do with a catheter.

Freed finished his tea and laid down with the heat pad on his sore thighs, warming under the blankets. He snuggled into the blankets, took a short nap, and woke up with Laxus stroking his cheek. The hand felt so tender, he wanted to feel it all across his body.

"Are you awake?"

Freed stretched, but suddenly his sore legs spasmed. He cringed as he rubbed them out. Laxus removed the heat pad and massaged Freed's thigh muscles.

"Doing that to you early in the scene was probably a bad idea if you're this sore for the rest of the day," he muttered to himself. "Can you stand for a few minutes?"

Freed shook his head. There was no way his legs would work yet.

"In that case, hold on." Laxus left, Freed heard water running, and soon Laxus returned with a towel, wet cloth, and soap. "I hosed you off earlier, but now you need to really clean your groin. Wash it thoroughly, as clean as you can get that entire area."

Freed put the towel under his rump so the wet washcloth did not get the bed damp. Using the cloth and soap, he carefully washed his genitals. Meanwhile, Laxus busied himself setting up what appeared to be medical gear. As Freed slowly woke up more, he realized what all this was for.

A catheter. It did not sound erotic at all, but Laxus had said he would push his limits. Maybe this would be fun in other ways. At the moment, he could only picture having a tube up his cock, threaded into his bladder, controlling when he could pee.

"Are you done?"

Freed looked down at the flaccid cock. Nope, not even a little aroused by the idea of losing control over his bladder.

"Yes, master."

Laxus pulled out packets with sanitation wipes. He sat beside Freed and began to wipe his cock. Those huge hands on him made Freed hum. He wanted Laxus to touch him directly, not with the slightly cold towelettes that stank of alcohol.

"That should be fine. Don't touch that area," he commanded, then Laxus left to the bathroom to throw away the towelettes and wash his hands. He returned, pulled on latex gloves, and got to work at the little station he had set up on the dresser, opening sealed packages with the equipment they would use.

"I'm going to warn you," he said as he laid out tubing and a syringe. "This is a medical procedure. You need to be honest if there's pain, and you'll need to guide me so I can insert the catheter safely." He sounded so stoic and confident.

"Have you done this before?"

Freed instantly cringed, hating himself each time he asked those words. He knew so little about Laxus' experiences as a professional dominant-for-hire. At times he hated to even acknowledge that his boyfriend used to get men off for money, yet it was part of Laxus' past which he quit … for Freed.

"Yes," Laxus confirmed simply. He glanced back and saw Freed's face. "Don't pout. You should be honored that you have a master so well-versed in how to pleasure you."

"Will it really feel good?" he grumbled, still not sure about this.

Laxus only shrugged and turned back to the equipment. "I had a client who was into medical play. The bastard even sent me to classes to learn how to do things. Hell, I could be a nurse."

For a moment, Freed allowed himself to imagine Laxus in a sexy nurse outfit, a tiny white hat with a red cross on his golden head, white miniskirt straining against those muscular thighs, fishnet stockings covering thick calf muscles, his massive feet crammed into high heels, with a stethoscope draped around his neck. He could not stop from laughing.

"You're thinking something sexist, aren't you?"

Maybe it was a bit sexist to assume nurses were all female, but the mental image of Laxus in women's clothes lightened up Freed's mood.

Laxus walked over to the bed with a single-use packet of something—was it a new lube?—and the long catheter tube that would be threaded up Freed's urethra.

"I don't know what the inside of your cock looks like, so speak up if I need to change the angle of insertion."

He eased Freed's foreskin back and put drops of the clear gel onto the pee hole. It definitely felt like lube, and as Freed saw the packet he read that it was medical-grade lubricant, meant to be sterile and thicker than normal. It thoroughly coated the first few inches of the tube.



"No … Laxus?" he asked, and Freed looked up with real worry. The uncertainty was finally getting to him. Of all the things they had done which could have resulted in scars or bruises, this one scared him. "Don't let it injure me."

Laxus' eyes softened. "I'd console you, but I need to keep my gloves sterilized. I don't want this to cause you harm. That's why you need to work with me. People get catheters put in all the time. It's safe, this thing is designed to go up your dick, so it's not going to maim you for life."

Freed gulped and nodded.

"Relax. Breathe slower."

Every new kink was a little scary at first. If someone paid Laxus to do this, even sent him to classes to learn how, then using a catheter must be a really fun thing for some people. Maybe he would like it as well. Maybe this was the start of a new playtime experience.

Or … maybe it was purely going to be punishment.

He focused on Laxus' face and the concentration in his brow as he lined up the tube to Freed's urethra. Then he felt the tube press inside.

"Ah! No." Freed tried to scamper back.

"Relax!" Laxus shouted, using his elbow to hold Freed down while his gloved hands held the catheter up and out of the way so it would remain sterile. "You're scared, I know, but this won't hurt you, I swear. Just relax and accept it."

Freed had to take many breaths before he could calm down. It wouldn't harm him. Laxus would never do anything to cause him injury. Nurses put catheters into patients all the time. This was common in the medical field. Common! Plus Laxus would take care of him. He would probably be far more gentle than a hospital worker. Freed tried to just lie there, passive and trusting his master.

He felt the tube spread his tiny hole again, and Freed whimpered.

"You're doing good," Laxus praised, threading the catheter in. "See, it's practically dropping in on its own."

Freed did not want to watch. He felt humiliated, almost like he was being violated in a way never done before. He felt the tube sliding deeper inside.

"Ow," he suddenly gasped.

"Which direction?"

"Um … down more? Lower? I don't know."

"That helps. Talk me through this."

Talk to him. Guide Laxus. He really wanted to do this, obviously, since he had all of these supplies already at hand. Had this whole scene been part of his plan even before the incident at the party?

"Ow … you're angled too far left."


Thanks! He was helping Laxus to seek out this new kink, something his master really wanted to try with him, something so special, they had not done it before.

"Are you okay?"

Always so thoughtful! "Yes. It doesn't hurt anymore."

"I can tell. You feel like you're getting erect."

"M-maybe a little."

"This rubs right past your prostate, so it can feel pretty damn good once it's in deep enough. Just not too much right now. Okay, I think we're at the part where you'll feel a pinch."

He did, a sharp pain just like a pinch deep inside, but the warning helped.

"Very good. That's the tube entering the bladder, which means that's the worst of it." He pulled forth a syringe.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Freed said in a panic.

There was a Y-joint in the catheter, and Laxus inserted the syringe into the branched off portion. "There's a tiny balloon at the tip that keeps the catheter in place so it doesn't screw up your entire plumbing system. The water here…" He depressed the syringe. "…makes it inflate."

"O-okay." He laughed nervously and relaxed again. "For a moment I thought you planned to pump my bladder full of water."

"Not today," Laxus said with a secretive smile. "Feel okay?"

"Feels weird, like I have to pee."

"That's normal. No pain?"

"It's not comfortable, but not painful."

"Then it's perfect. If you feel any pain, let me know instantly." Laxus gathered up the supplies and carried them to the dresser, where he removed his latex gloves.

Freed finally looked down at his cock, drooped to the side, now with a tube sprouting out of it. It looked so surreal, he almost wanted to touch it, but he also worried that he might hurt himself if he did anything weird. "So, are you going to force me to not pee, since I wet myself earlier?"

"You sure talk a lot for a pet." Laxus opened his top drawer. "The opposite, actually."

Freed jolted. "What? Opposite?"

Laxus pulled something out of his drawer and turned around. Freed had no idea what it was for a moment, but when he did he let out a strangled cry.


"It's master. And you don't get to protest."

They were adult diapers. Laxus smirked as he brought one over.

"You're right. If I cap this, you won't be able to pee. But if I uncap it."

He popped open the cap, and Freed saw urine dripping out.

"Looks like that tea went through you quickly."

"Master," he whimpered. He tried to clench up to stop the drips, but it was impossible. The tubing was all the way inside his bladder. There was no controlling it.

Laxus helped him to put the diaper on in a way so the catheter was safe and the uncapped end was tucked inside.

"If you're good, I'll cap it for you, and then I decide when and where you'll pee. Until then, my bad little pet showed it wasn't housebroken. It gets to wear a diaper." He leaned over Freed's diapered groin and sniffed. "Is that more urine I already smell? What a bad pet."

"No! Lax- … Mas-…" His throat squeezed shut with shivering humiliation.

Freed had already been shamed to tears just pissing his clothes. Now he had a constant feeling of needing to pee, and worse, he realized he would have absolutely no way of stopping himself from wetting the diaper.

All because he disappointed Laxus.

No … because he lied to Laxus.

He accused Laxus of cheating.

He had only meant to tease him, but he ended up questioning his fidelity.

"I'm sorry," he sobbed, shattering under the guilt. "I'm so sorry. I won't do it again. I'm sorry."

Laxus immediately held him, and Freed buried himself into that broad chest as he sobbed without control.

"I'm sorry," he repeated in a fragile whisper.

Laxus hushed him, kissed the top of his head, and stroked Freed's arms as he let him cry. His eyes rolled up to the ceiling, trying to shove emotions down. However, he had to be truthful. Freed needed to know precisely why he was going through all this.

"I'll be honest, Freed. Right now, I'm mad as hell."

He burst into louder cries.

"I need to calm down before I do anything stupid. Not hurt you—I would never do that—but like … like taking off somewhere, probably getting drunk, doing something stupid, ending up in jail. I need to get over this anger legally, and this is how I've always done it. I'm a fucked up man, Freed," he said, looking like he despised himself. "In the past, the madder I got, the harsher I was with the assholes who hired me. I'd take it out on them, because they wanted it. I won't hurt you like I hurt them. I know you're not much for pain, so I'm seeing if humiliating you to extreme levels works the same. I hope to fuck it works, because the alternative is me going down to the fetish club and paddling some sub to the breaking point." He hugged Freed closer. "I don't want to have to resort to that. I want this to be just between you and me, but seriously … I am so fucking mad, part of me truly wants to beat your ass until you shriek that safeword," he snarled. Laxus again shoved that anger down for the moment. "So let me try it this way. Let me humiliate you. Cry, whine, whimper, blush. I get off when you do that, and maybe that will calm me down. So work with me on this, Freed. Try to put up with as much as you can, because I don't want to get another sub just to keep you safe from a monster like me."

Freed snuffled up his nose and looked up with pity at Laxus. He was struggling so hard to be good, to keep Freed safe, and to be loyal to him, despite how Freed said hurtful things without any thought.

"Is it working?"

Laxus frowned. "A bit. I'm calmer."

"Then … then I can put up with it. It doesn't hurt."

Laxus grabbed Freed's cheeks and forced his face up. "Listen to me. Don't you dare hold back on that safeword. Don't go thinking if you say it, I'm gonna take off to the club and whip some random person. That's not gonna happen. We can try something else, go another route to humiliate you, but don't think ending the scene will end my fidelity. Don't you fucking ever think that again."

Freed smiled at the promise shouted in anger. He had to admit, part of him had begun to worry that if he said the safeword, that would be it, Laxus would end the scene and leave to the fetish club. The promise that he would not was reassuring.

"If you're emotionally ready to break, rather than panicking like right now, let me know. Just say Timeout. We can take a few minutes to cuddle, I can reassure you, and then we continue. I'd rather have a timeout than have you break on me. And if it's truly too much, use the safeword, and we'll try something else."

Freed nodded. He really was glad Laxus was so accommodating. He felt so fragile, so physically vulnerable like this, not even able to control his own bladder anymore, but Laxus was right there for him.

"Are you ready to continue?"

He felt much better, more positive, especially now that he realized this was not purely punishment, but an adventure in self-discovery. Laxus was seeing if his anger could be appeased with humiliation, not just making someone hurt. This was probably a lot more important to Laxus than even he realized himself.

"You're going to be my obedient pet for the rest of the weekend."

Freed gasped. "The whole weekend?"

"The day's mostly over. There are rules for being my pet. Once we start for real, you will not be allowed to speak, and you will be punished for trying to say anything more than the words Master, Timeout, and Écriture. Only those three words. You will remain naked except for the diaper. You will wear the collar the entire time. I will control every aspect of your being, including what you eat, when you pee, and where you are allowed to go within the apartment. If you go anywhere, you will crawl, unless I say otherwise. Also, I will be using your body in any way I want. This could be as trivial as having you fetch things for me, having you pleasure me, to turning you into a foot stool." His finger trailed Freed's cheek, and a smile flickered over Laxus' face as he said with purring amusement, "You will be mine to control."

That sent a shiver down Freed's spine. Truly, this was a level of enslavement they had not dived into yet.

"I think you just peed a little. You must like the idea."

Freed immediately felt humiliated and buried down into Laxus chest again. It was one thing to willingly do things for Laxus, but to have no control over his own body like this was pushing a limit within Freed.

"Can I be honest?"


"I don't like not being able to control my bladder. It's sort of like how I sometimes can't control … you know … coming too soon."

Laxus stroked his hair consolingly. "Can you put up with it?"

Freed pouted. He could end it. He could say the safeword and end it all. He did have control, the ultimate control. This was voluntarily giving in and trusting Laxus. He just needed to trust him. Cringing down but firm in his decision, Freed nodded.

"Then I'll be honest as well." He nuzzled Freed and kissed his ear before whispering into it, "I've always wanted to find some way to truly break your pride. Everything I've done to humiliate you, it's something you ended up liking. It's been a challenge for me, trying to come up with something that would make you humiliated to the point of tears. Looks like I finally found the right button to push." He reached down and caressed the adult diaper, making Freed cringe as he worried if it was already wet down there. "You're so eager to please me, giving up control so freely to me. Finally, I found something you refuse to surrender. This is the perfect way to train my pet." He bit Freed's ear hard, like an ear tag on an animal, causing him to cry out in pain. Laxus shuddered at the sound of his whimpers. "Are you ready to begin?"

Freed steeled himself, gulping down anxieties, and nodded.

"Good. Now … stay," he ordered.

Laxus got off the bed and took Freed's empty teacup to the kitchen, returning with more.

"I need to go buy some things, probably be about an hour or two. Stay in bed with the heat on your legs. Don't get up for any reason. Your phone is by the bed. If there's an emergency, if you feel another panic attack coming on, call me right away, but it'll take me at least half an hour to return by bus. I expect you to drink all of that tea before I come back."

Freed took the steaming cup and looked down into the brown liquid. "What if I pee?"

Laxus patted him on the head. "Well, wouldn't that be humiliating!"

Freed pouted sourly. Laxus took the leash and wrapped the handle around a bedpost, securing Freed into place.

"Stay," he ordered again, holding his finger up like a dog trainer. Then Laxus shoved his wallet into his pocket, grabbed up his phone and keys, and left the condo.

Freed made sure he drank all of the tea before curling down into the bed. The feeling that he needed to pee was constant; the tube in his dick was a continuous discomfort and reminder of his humiliation. After a few minutes, he wanted to look at it again, so he peered under the diaper only to smell that he actually had drained through the catheter. Freed whimpered and buried himself under the covers, as if to hide from the shame.

Somehow, he drifted off to sleep. In his dream, he was back at the mansion, just him and Laxus and a string quartet. They were dancing in front of a massive water fountain. It felt so romantic, just the two of them. However, then Freed felt water trickling down his legs. He pulled back from Laxus and looked down to see his white pants turning yellow with urine. He could not stop peeing, and he tried to hide away from Laxus. As he turned around, there was suddenly a massive crowd of guests. His parents were there, Bickslow and Evergreen were pointing and mocking him, Gray and Natsu were laughing loudly, Elfman was shouting "How unmanly," Senator Mard Geer shook his head in disgust, even President Zeref was there to laugh at him. Freed tried to turn away from them, but he was boxed in. The musicians had stopped playing Mozart and were now playing Pop Goes the Weasel. Laxus looked smug as the crowd roared with laughs. There was only the fountain, and so Freed leaped into the water, squatting down within the shallow pool. Still, he kept feeling himself peeing and peeing. Yellow spread out from him, until it overflowed the fountain and spread over the garden.

He jolted up in horror, and this time he really could feel it. He definitely had wet himself in the diaper. A lot!

He could feel the dampness in the cloth now and felt his pride crumble. He hid under a pillow, sobbing softly. If Laxus wanted to break him, this was definitely the way to do it.

No more than ten minutes later, he heard the door open. Freed felt ashamed and yanked the blankets up to his chin, wanting to hide just like in the dream.

Laxus stepped inside the room, turned on the light, and saw Freed cowering.

"Was my pet good?"

Freed pulled the blanket completely over his head. He hadn't been good. He had wet himself again. Being under the blanket, he could even smell it.

"Is my pet feeling shy?" Laxus set down the shopping bags and tugged the blanket off. "Come on, Master wants to check on my little pet."

Freed reluctantly let him pull the blanket away, but he felt hot with mortification. Laxus checked the diaper and raised an eyebrow.

"You really must have drunk a lot at that party. I'm surprised you didn't overflow and wet the bed."

Freed cringed and tried to pull away.

"Now, now. Good pets stay still. I'll have to change this."

He pulled out a new diaper and removed the soaked one. One of the bags he bought had baby wipes, which he used to make sure Freed's genitals were clean, and he even bought baby powder to keep him dry. He playfully said "Poof!" as he powdered the freshly cleaned groin, which at least got Freed to laugh a little. Seeing Laxus changing a diaper was a bit heartwarming, even if it was his diaper. As he started to put the new diaper on, the catheter began to leak again. Laxus hurried to get the diaper under the end of the tubing.

"Is this like in the movies, where the baby pees as soon as the diaper comes off?" He waited, but the tube was still leaking. "Damn, and it's a lot. Let's just have it go straight into the diaper. Looks like we'll need another."

"Master," Freed whimpered, wanting to cry in disgrace. He was pissing himself, and he couldn't even stop it.

"I'm not angry at my pet," Laxus said, patting his green head. "It's my duty to housebreak you. There, I think you're done. Let's get another diaper on before you piss more."

He was careful with the placement of the diaper against the catheter. Finally, Freed was done, lying on his back with reddened cheeks and mottled skin from the intense humiliation.

"I got some toys for my pet."

Freed perked up a little. Toys? A gift?

Laxus brought forward an opaque black bag that Freed knew must have been from the sex shop. The first thing he pulled out was a headband with fuzzy cat ears. He placed the headband over Freed's hair and smiled at it.

"Looks good. Look in the mirror, pet."

Freed sat up and looked at the closet's mirrored doors. With the collar and ears, he really did look like a little pet.

"My kitty looks good," Laxus praised. "However, my kitty bit me pretty hard earlier with those sharp words. That hurt, so I have to make sure my pet doesn't bare those teeth again."

He pulled out something in black leather, all straps, rivets, and buckles.

"This was actually really hard to find. They didn't have precisely what I wanted, so they had to order one from another town, and I had to pay extra to have someone deliver it to the store right away. You should be happy that I go to such lengths for my pet."

"What is it?" Freed asked in eager curiosity.

Laxus suddenly grabbed his chin and lifted it, almost causing Freed to bite his inner cheek. "Pets don't talk, remember?"

Freed wanted to immediately say sorry, but he could not open his mouth, plus that would be talking again. Instead, he dropped his gaze subserviently.

"Count this as your only warning." Laxus released his face, and Freed worked out his jaw. "That's precisely why I bought this. It's a muzzle, keeps you from talking, or at least from opening your mouth, not unless I loosen the straps. All the muzzles they had at the store covered your entire mouth. I didn't want that. I want my pet to be able to drink lots of water, and I want to see your lips quivering. Fuckin' love how expressive your lips are. So when I saw this in a catalog, it was perfect. You'll see what I mean when you put it on. I hope it fits okay over those kitty ears."

He fitted the straps around, one set going from Freed's chin around his neck, then a flap with a round ring opening over his mouth, straps on either side of his nose connecting in the middle of the forehead and traveling over the crown of his head to the back where it joined the neck straps. Laxus carefully tightened all the buckles, trapping Freed's face with his mouth forced shut. He could not move his jaw at all.

"Perfect. Looks like it tightens well. Look in the mirror, pet."

He twisted Freed around to see himself. He hardly recognized his own face, wrapped half in black leather. Now, this looked like stereotypical BDSM.

"Ya see, this is how I'll keep you today. Muzzled, for saying such biting words to me. However, that mouth of yours is useful." He loosened the buckle going over Freed's head and tugged it down. Now Freed was able to open his mouth. Suddenly, Laxus stuck three fingers through the ring opening and filled Freed's mouth, almost choking him.

"I had to make sure this ring was wide enough to fit my cock. So see, I have full control over even if you can open your mouth or not, and you only get to open your mouth to pleasure me."

Freed moaned as the fingers stroked across his tongue.

"Do you like this? I think you're going to love the last bit. You see, this isn't the full setup."

Laxus removed his fingers, wiped them dry, and pulled out something from the black bag that looked like two leather loops, which snapped onto the back of the muzzle. The loops drooped to either side of Freed's head like floppy ears.

"Look at that. New ears for my pet. Do you know what they're for?"

Freed shook his head, and the ears flopped around with the movement. Why would he need droopy ears when he had kitty ears?

Laxus stood in front of him. "On your knees."

He dropped to the floor while Laxus unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Freed's eyes went wide at the sight of the erection. Laxus was getting really turned on just from dressing Freed up, and that made Freed like the whole strange set-up. Laxus gave himself a few strokes to make sure it was stiff and ready.

"Look how good my pet is! Just seeing you like this has me hard again. Now, open wide."

Freed parted his lips, Laxus lined his cock up to the face mask's ring, and he thrust in. Freed figured that was the purpose, but then Laxus grabbed the floppy ear loops and yanked. Freed's gagged as the cock slammed into the back of his throat. He understood immediately. They were handles, and their purpose was to control him. He could not pull back, and Laxus could yank him in as deeply as he wanted.

"Do you get it now? With these…" He yanked the handles, and Freed choked as the cock thrust down his throat, completely blocking his airway. "…I don't have to grab your hair." He loosened, and Freed gasped for air. However, Laxus began a gentle tugging, fucking right into Freed's mouth. "I don't want to ruin my pet's silky fur. I love all that hair. Love getting tangled in it. But I'm gonna protect my pet's hair. Can't just grab it and risk ripping it out. Can't get rough with you when I wanna fuck that throat of yours." He yanked in hard again while thrusting his hips, and Freed choked as the cock plunged down. "Like this, I can get as rough as I want. I can fuck that mouth of yours that dares to question my fidelity." He did not give in even as Freed began to flail about with the lack of air. He gave short, sharp thrusts right down his throat. "Fuck, so tight."

Gagging, Freed finally slapped Laxus' thigh three times, and the yank to the harness was loosened. He pulled all the way back and gasped. Saliva drooled down his chin to his neck, and his eyes watered from the pain of that massive cock crammed down his throat. Laxus grabbed the ring on the collar and yanked Freed's head up.

"Look at me," he ordered. Still coughing with throat pain and struggling to catch his breath, Freed forced his eyes up. "You're such a sinful mess." He provocatively dragged his finger over the lines of saliva and streaked it around. "Does my pet like the new toy?"

Freed nodded vigorously.

"It's not too much?"

He shook his head. To show he was okay with more, Freed leaned forward, stuck his tongue out through the mask ring, and licked Laxus' cock while gazing up at him, silently begging for more.

"What a slut," Laxus muttered in adoration.

He eased himself back through the ring and into Freed's mouth. This time, he did not go deep for long, only yanking Freed in for a few seconds before letting him pull back for air, yet never pulling out of his mouth completely. Freed hummed as he sucked Laxus and felt the taste of pre-cum dripping out.

Suddenly, Freed flinched, then jerked back with a pained cry. "Ow, ow! Yellow!"

Laxus let go of the ears, and Freed dropped to the ground, shouting as his hands went down to his crotch.

"Freed!" he yelled, kneeling by him with panic on his face, unsure what to do.

"It's getting hard, but the tube is pulling and it really, really hurts."

Laxus practically tore the adult diaper off and saw the problem. Freed was getting aroused from his ministrations, but the catheter was not lubed enough to allow his penis to expand that much, causing it to stick and pull at the urethra. Laxus grabbed the medical-grade lubricant and applied it right where the tube entered the penis.

"Calm down. I'm going to touch you," he warned.

Freed felt Laxus grip his penis, and although he wanted to thrust into it, he forced himself to be still. Laxus carefully stroked him, just enough to spread the lube. Freed's cock was now able to lengthen and curve. He moaned in pleasure at the warmth of Laxus' hand.



"No." Laxus pulled the diaper back up into place. "I told you, this is not meant to pleasure you. I'll take care of anything that hurts, because you're my pet. However, I'll decide if I want you to be pleasured. Right now, I don't want that."

Freed cried out and looked up with sad, pleading eyes.

Laxus' gaze was cold. "I'm mad," he reminded, and Freed instantly dropped his head in shame. "Does it hurt at all?"

Besides desperately wanting to be touched and the feeling of fullness in his cock which he was still not used to experiencing, there was no discomfort anymore.

"Good. No more talking. Back up on your knees. Put your hands up onto the bed where I can see them."

Laxus stood again, and Freed whined with need as he returned to his knees. Laxus gripped the ear handles and this time yanked Freed in deep right away.

"Tap when you need air, but expect to take big breaths before being pulled in again."

Freed nodded at the warning, and sure enough Laxus did not let up, pounding down his throat until Freed tapped his thigh. Then he was allowed to pull back for no more than five seconds before Laxus yanked him in again, choking Freed with his cock. Laxus cursed softly in pleasure at the tightness of that throat and the fact that he had total control over Freed.

"So fuckin' good. Damn, should've bought this months ago. Fucking your face like this … so good. Shit! I'm gonna shoot straight down your throat, okay? Big breath this time."

Freed inhaled deeply, and then Laxus yanked in, really pulling Freed in and out, grunting as his cock prepared to blow.

Freed tried to hold out, but it was taking longer than he expected. Finally, he tapped Laxus' thigh.

"Shit, not yet," Laxus yelled, right on the cusp of pleasure. "Fuck … fuck."

He needed air! Freed's ears were ringing, his cheeks tingled, and his mind began to panic with the feeling of suffocation. He tapped Laxus' leg again. However, he heard Laxus give a loud grunt, and he felt pulses in his throat.

He could hold out.

Just a few seconds.

It felt like minutes.

He tapped again, but Laxus was still trembling. Finally, Freed really dug his nails in and scratched hard right down the thigh. Laxus cried out in pain and let go. Freed reeled back, falling onto his ass and gasping desperately.

"What the fuck, Freed!"

However, as Laxus looked down at him, he saw Freed clutching at his throat with one hand and at his chest with the other, gasping air deeply. He was shaking and pale. Laxus realized, he had felt the taps and ignored them. Those taps were as good as safewords.

He had ignored their nonverbal safeword!

Cold with dread, he whispered, "Shit, I'm sorry."

He dropped beside Freed and laid on the floor with him, curling around Freed as he struggled for air. He felt the thin body trembling, and he knew that was not an erotic convulsion. He had scared Freed by ignoring the safeword.

"Sorry. I'll never do that again."

"I liked it," Freed said through a sore and battered throat.

"Of course you did. However, I ignored you. I won't again."

He waited until the shaking stopped. Then Laxus fixed his trousers and lifted Freed into his arms: long hair, gangling legs, and all. He carried him out into the living room and laid Freed on the couch, sitting next to him with the green head resting on his lap.

"A little break. You're allowed to talk. Let me know if you need anything."

Then Laxus turned on the television and set it to the news. After a little segment about the newest Hollywood couple, there was a segment about the party at the Justine mansion. Mostly the news was interested in the fact that both Invel Yura and Natsu Dragneel, "younger brother of the President," were present at the party, and what that might mean for the Zeref Dragneel presidential campaign.

"Look, you're on TV," Laxus said, although Freed was on for only a few seconds and in the background. "All fancy in those clothes. Now look at you, wearing a diaper and my collar."

"Your pet," sighed Freed.

Laxus glanced down and saw the blushing smile. Maybe Freed was feeling that juxtaposition even stronger than Laxus himself, realizing how far he fell from that heir dressed in Armani to a sexual pet who just got his face fucked.

"Tea?" Freed asked quietly.

"Hot or cold?"

"Hot. Something for my throat."

"You okay?"

"Mmh … tea."

Laxus adjusted Freed's head on a throw pillow for comfort. Then he left to the kitchen to fix another pot of tea, same as before, with extra honey for the throat. He let Freed drink it with a straw through the muzzle while he went into the bedroom to clean up from their play. When he returned, rather than being on the couch, Freed was lying on the floor.

"What's up?" he asked in confusion.

Freed smirked with a twinkle in his eyes. "Pets aren't allowed up on the couch."

A smile tweaked up Laxus' lips. He stepped forward, knelt beside Freed, and patted his head.

"Good pet. Break time is over. I'm going to adjust this now." He snapped off the floppy handles and tightened the buckle on Freed's chin, trapping his mouth closed again. "There. My pet can't bite, only growl and whimper," he said with a devious grin. "Are you ready for more of your pet outfit?"

Freed nodded silently. Laxus went to the bedroom and returned with kneepads and massive padded paw mitts like a cartoonish kitty. They both chuckled at the massive paws. He placed those onto Freed and gazed at him. Collared, muzzled, with fuzzy ears and paws.

"The perfect pet," he said in admiration. Laxus had to thrust down just how amazed he was, so he could keep in the character of an owner scolding his disobedient pet. "I don't know about you, but I worked up an appetite. Be a good pet and stay there on the rug."

Laxus went into the kitchen and cooked. Freed remained where he was, watching the news and drifting through his own mind, feeling himself falling into the role again. He looked down at his hands … paws, now. A pet! He did not have control over anything, he could not grasp anything, he was naked, except that diaper which he knew he might pee in at any time, without him even realizing it. No control over his bladder, his hands trapped inside the paws, his mouth muzzled shut, caged away, a naughty pet.

He shivered in euphoria.

Then he felt something odd; the diaper was heavier. Without really even feeling the need, he had peed himself through the catheter. Freed cowered down in humiliation. He did it again! Like a bad pet. It humiliated him, but he told himself he just had to put up with it, be a good pet, and Laxus would eventually housebreak him.

"Come on, pet. Dinner," Laxus called from the kitchen.

Freed tried to crawl, but the paws were something he was not used to, and the diaper drooped with wetness. On top of that, his hair kept getting in the way, and he could not hold it aside without access to his fingers. It was so frustrating, he stopped halfway to the kitchen and flopped down, cringing as he felt the moist diaper against his skin.

Laxus came out to see what was taking so long and saw Freed sitting in the middle of the floor with tears in his eyes, looking down at the adult diaper with mortification.

"Did my kitty make a potty mess again?"

Freed slammed his eyes shut and whimpered. He was a bad pet! Bad!

Laxus walked up and felt the crotch of the diaper. "It's not that much. I'm going to leave you in that until you truly saturate it."

Freed looked up in wide-eyed horror. Leave him in it?

"Come into the kitchen. Now."

Freed tried to open his mouth to protest, but the muzzle kept his jaw clamped shut. All he could do was drag himself up, keeping his hair out of the way as best as he could, and crawl despite the uncomfortable feeling between his legs.

"As much as I would love to feed you kibbles, you're muzzled and I don't feel like you deserve to be released from that right now. I made you this."

It was a diet shake with a straw. This would be his meager dinner. He could not even pick up the glass, so Freed curled down onto the floor and began to suck the straw. Meanwhile, Laxus sat at the table with a simple dinner of canned ravioli and a beer. He ate while watching the television in the other room.

Once Freed was done with his shake, he crawled up to Laxus and laid his head on his lap. He felt a warm hand in his hair, and Freed's anxiety eased with the comfort.

Just be good a little longer … be a good boy…

"You're such a good boy."

Freed sank deeper at the praise.

"Do you want that diaper changed?"

More than anything, he did! But he could only gaze up longingly at Laxus.

Laxus finished his dinner and took his time washing the plates. Finally, he walked toward the bathroom and beckoned Freed to follow. He tried to crawl, but he got the kneepads under his hair again.

"Oh, that's a problem," Laxus muttered. He went back, gathered Freed's hair up, and held it like a leash as they went to the bathroom. "Tomorrow, put it up in a bun."

Tomorrow? Oh … Laxus planned to keep this play up all weekend. Already, Freed felt like he could not sink much deeper into his role, but he was sure Laxus had something planned.

They got to the bathroom, Laxus laid out a towel for Freed to lie on, then he fetched another adult diaper and some baby wipes. Freed laid on his back with his legs spread while Laxus removed the saturated diaper, cleaned him up, powdered his bottom, and put a fresh diaper on.

"Is my pet happy now?"

Freed beamed a smile, feeling much better. Laxus chuckled, patted his head, and walked off. Freed stayed where he was, figuring Laxus left to get something. He had not been called to follow, so he waited eagerly. However, minutes passed, then almost an hour. Freed realized the television was off now. He crawled to the doorway and peeked out. All the lights were off except in the bedroom. Freed crawled up to the door, which was left slightly ajar. He saw Laxus already in bed and playing on his phone.

He crawled to the side of the bed and looked up, waiting for something, an order, a praise, some acknowledgment. Laxus barely even paid attention. He finally reached over, patted Freed's head a little roughly, and pulled his hand back to swipe something on his screen.

After another half hour of silence between them, Laxus got up, undressed—that got Freed interested—and turned off the light. He climbed into bed and covered up his naked body with only a muttered "Goodnight."

Freed was left in confusion. Was he supposed to stay there? Should he climb into bed as well? Sleep at his feet? Sleep on the floor? There were a couple of issues that needed to be addressed before he went to bed. His catheter was still uncapped—Freed seriously hoped Laxus did not expect him to piss himself all night long—and Laxus had not allowed him to poop yet. Freed rather needed to go, but Laxus had not even given him the chance to indicate his need before putting a new diaper on.

If there was one thing Freed was not about to do, it was poop in the diaper. Peeing it in was bad enough, but he had no control, otherwise he would be holding back until it was impossible. He whimpered softly, hoping to get attention.

Laxus did not even roll over and spoke into the darkness. "Pets sleep on the couch."

Freed felt his heart drop. Was he seriously being kicked to the couch? Was Laxus that mad with him? He dropped his head and felt the ears shift over his scalp. He was a bad pet. After all, he was not even housebroken yet.

Still, there was issue number two … literally, number two.

Freed crawled up to the edge of the mattress and hummed to let Laxus know he needed to talk; however, the blond rolled over, ignoring him. Freed reached up and pawed at his back, but Laxus batted away his arm.

"Perhaps I should get a cage for my pet next time."

Freed sank to his heels. Laxus was dead set on ignoring him, and if he bothered him too much … well, who knew what Laxus might decide to do as punishment. Freed slowly crawled away. He probably could stand now, but he felt like he should continue to be a good pet, even when his master was not watching. He went through the dark apartment to the couch and crawled up.

It was cold, he was naked, and Freed knew he would not be able to sleep well. Plus sleeping on the couch felt so depressing. He began to cry to himself, but he made sure it was silent.

Why had he said those things to Laxus? He should have known Laxus already felt insecure, especially regarding his past, fearing that Freed might think the things he did long ago made him technically unfaithful. He should have known! Yet he had wanted to tease Laxus, get him riled up, so he could get punished later.

Not like this! Not banished to the couch. The rest of it, the humiliation and degrading treatment, he could handle, even enjoy, but sleeping apart from Laxus truly reinforced how angry those words must have made him. Freed hugged himself in misery.

Maybe he deserved to shit in his diaper.

An hour passed. He began to calm down as physical discomfort won over emotional misery. His stomach was gurgling. All the rich food earlier, plus that shake for dinner, churned in his gut. Freed twisted around, but he knew he had to deal with this. No matter how guilty he felt, he did not want to shit himself.

He tried to put up with it, twisting one way, another, crossing his legs, hoping he could just fall asleep. It was not working. Another hour, and the pressure in his colon was too painful. He got up and crawled into the bedroom. Although it was close to midnight, Laxus had to be awake still because he was not breathing heavily like he always did. Besides, the man was a night owl. Falling asleep before midnight was unheard of!

Freed sat on his heels beside the bed and whimpered quietly.

"Bad pets should go to bed," Laxus muttered.

Freed glared in the dark. He had had enough! He seriously needed to go, and it was making him cranky. Although his jaw was locked closed, he parted his lips and spoke without moving his mouth.

"Mmh … Mmxus … Mm gomma go."

"I must be dreaming. Pets don't talk."

Freed huffed in annoyance. Enough of this! "Mm gomma gooo."

Laxus bolted up, and Freed sighed in relief. However, he heard metal rattling, and then Laxus dragged him by the top of the muzzle, further slamming his mouth closed to the brink of being painful. Freed was pulled and barely able to crawl along to follow him to the bathroom. Once they were back on the cold tile, Laxus slapped handcuffs onto Freed's wrists and wrapped it around the sink pipes.

"Only bad pets keep their master awake," he said sharply. Then Laxus stomped out and slammed the door behind him.

Freed panicked. No! He yanked on the handcuffs, but there was no way to get them loose without breaking the pipes. He leaned over to hit the emergency release with his nose, but Laxus had locked it for real. He shouted through his closed mouth. No way was Laxus really going to make him crap himself.

"Mmxus! Mmmh! Nooo! Mm gomma go, reawy. Mmxus!"

His stomach gurgled, and Freed yanked hard on the handcuffs. He did not even care that his wrists would be bruised up in the morning. At that point, he was even willing to break his plumbing. The pipes could be repaired easily in the morning. His pride … not so easily.

"No! Enuff. Mmxus!"

A bone in his wrist popped, his skin was ready to break from straining against the metal, and Freed collapsed to the floor, sobbing in defeat. He kicked at the floor until his heels hurt as well. Seriously, what could he do? He was captive, powerless.

Was this really what his master wanted? Could he fall even this low?

He shook his head, sniffling and shaking. Laxus could push him so far, but this…

No. He hated it. He felt angry at Laxus.

It truly was too much.

"Écriture." The word came out so softly, sobbed and trembling, that he was sure Laxus could not hear.

Instead, the door opened instantly. Freed looked up and realized with relief that his master had not abandoned him. He had been waiting right outside the door just in case.

Without a word, Laxus unlocked the handcuffs. He undid the velcro straps on the paw mitts and pulled them off as well.

"Toss the diaper. This is the cap to the catheter." He set the cap on the sink. "Go shit, then cap yourself so you don't leak. After you wash your hands, put your paws back on, be mindful of the catheter, and come to the bedroom … crawling. You're getting punished." Then Laxus turned and strode out.

Freed stared in astonishment. Punished? For using a safeword? No, Laxus would never punish him for that. Was it for something else?

He moved slowly, shocked how his little tantrum had drained his energy so much. However, it was nice to sit on the toilet and let his body calm down. After he was done, cleaned up, and the mitts were back on, he bowed his head and crawled to his master, awaiting whatever punishment there was.

Laxus was waiting with the bedroom light on. Once again, he was wearing latex gloves, and a padding was spread out on the bed. He patted the padding, and Freed climbed up.

"Do you know why you're being punished?"

Freed automatically thought it was about the safeword, but Laxus would never punish for that, so he shook his head.

"You tried to speak. That was a rule: no speaking. Do I have to go over the rules again?"

Freed shook his head.

Laxus looked down in stern disapproval. "You could have said Timeout. That's allowed."

Freed curled down in shame. Of course, he should have said that. He did not even think about it.

"Your punishment is that, instead of the catheter, you simply have to hold it. Hold it until I allow it. I think you'll find that having zero control in pissing yourself is mentally less stressful than knowing full well that you're about to piss yourself and holding it with desperation until you just can't anymore. That is your punishment. However, if you need to shit, just say Poo. That's now a limit: no shitting yourself. If you say poo and you only pee in the toilet, you will be further punished. Do you understand?"

Freed was just relieved that Laxus would no longer expect him to crap himself.

He eased Freed back onto the pillows and fixed his hair to be comfortably out of the way. "Lie still. This might sting, and it might also feel really good. Either way, you seriously need to stay very still."

Laxus picked up Freed's penis, gripped the catheter, and inserted a syringe to the side port to drain the water that was used to inflate the balloon holding it in place inside the bladder. Once that was done, he carefully pulled the catheter out.

Freed moaned loudly and clenched his fists inside the mitts, but he tried his hardest not to move his hips at all. It was both pain and the most amazing pleasure, feeling that movement inside him, coming out of him, his cock being massaged from the inside. His head swung from side to side as he felt himself getting aroused from the sensation.

"Hold still," Laxus warned again, focused on the procedure.

Shit, it felt so good! When finally the last of it slipped out and Freed's urethra shrank back to normal width, he felt as if he had just had the longest orgasm of his life.

"I recall I promised to do something a few days ago. Now is the perfect time."

Laxus set the catheter equipment aside, but he had something else already set up to go. Freed's eyes widened. This device, he recognized. They had discussed using one for a while. A sounding rod! With electric stimulation!

"Oh?" Laxus said in amusement. "You look like a puppy who just realized his master is about to give him a treat." He lubed up the rod. "Are you ready for this?" he asked in a deep, almost threatening voice, chilling Freed with anticipation. "You've been wanting this, haven't you? Been wanting it for days. And all day today, I bet you've been craving it. Shaking hands with politicians and rich fuckers, you've been thinking about it in the back of your mind. This!" He pulled up the metal rod with a smooth, tapered end and a rubber grip on the top. "You've been drinking martinis and talking about fancy bullshit while secretly craving for the moment I fuck your cock with my metal rod."

Freed groaned at Laxus' words. He honestly had been thinking about this, wondering if Laxus would use it like he had promised … and threatened.

"Don't get too hard," Laxus warned.

It was challenging to stay relaxed. His cock still tingled from the catheter opening it up, and Laxus' voice was like pure sex. However, the time it took Laxus to prepare—plugging in all the wires to the power unit, carefully sterilizing the head of Freed's cock, securing a metal cock ring with a uni-polar electrode and conductive gel, and using the medical-grade lubricant to coat both the metal rod and the tip of his penis—Freed managed to loosen up at least a little.

Finally, Laxus lifted Freed's penis, pulled back the foreskin, and held it straight up.

"Relax," he said soothingly.

Freed felt the metal and realized it was warm. He was amazed at how easily it slid into his cock, no pain at all. All of his nervousness about the idea of something going into that hole had been cured earlier with the catheter, so now he could enjoy purely the feel.

"It's just sinking right in," Laxus said, yet Freed saw how careful he was being, holding both the rod and the penis to remain straight.

"Oh God!" Freed groaned through his muzzled mouth.

"No talking," Laxus reminded offhandedly, still focused on the sounding rod.

It sank effortlessly, and it kept going. Freed shivered as he felt the metal glide into him, deeper and deeper.

"I swear, I think you're going to swallow up the whole rod. Let's see just how much you like it."

Laxus rocked the sounding rod ever so slightly, and Freed howled with pleasure. The metal deep inside him rubbed right against the prostate.

"Fuck!" he shouted, muffled as his jaw strained against the leather muzzle straps.

Laxus smiled slyly. He always knew when Freed truly loved something, because this prim and proper man would resort to profanity.

"Look at it, Freed." He pulled the rod up, then let gravity tug it right back down. "How do you like that? Getting your cock fucked! Losing your peehole virginity to me."

Freed cried out something indecipherable as his limbs trembled.

"You like when I fuck your ass. Guess you like when I fuck your cock as well."

He quivered across the bed, but Laxus placed a hand down on his hips to make sure at least that part stayed still for Freed's own safety.

"I bet you still want more, though, don't you? Such an insatiable slut."

He picked up the power unit and turned it on. Electricity coursed through the rod as well as the cock ring. Freed gasped so hard, he almost sucked his tongue back into his throat. The feeling was … intense. He could not even begin to describe it. His entire cock hummed with a pleasure that blurred the edges of reality. Laxus turned it up, higher, stronger, enthralled as he watched Freed struggling to handle the intense waves of pleasure awakening every nerve in his cock.

Using some of the lube that now dripped down Freed's cock, Laxus coated his gloved finger and slid it down to the pale ass.

"Do you want your prostate massaged from both ends?"

Freed let out a shout that was definitely an affirmative.

Still being careful with the angle of the rod, Laxus slid his finger in. Already, Freed was so overwhelmed with pleasure, he barely seemed to notice that he was now being penetrated through the penis and the ass at the same time. Then Laxus curled his finger up against the prostate, and Freed's spine arched sharply.

"Whoa, okay, I need you to not do that or you're gonna impale yourself on the sounding rod." Laxus pulled his finger out and held Freed's penis back to the proper angle. "Damn those hips of yours! You're too strong, ya know that? So I guess I need to use both hands on you."

Freed moaned something, but his mouth could not open.

"Did my kitty try to speak again?"

Crap, he wasn't supposed to talk!

"They say a good owner can understand the barks and meows of a pet they adore. Maybe that was it, because I swear I thought you were trying to say you want something up your ass. Lucky for you, I prepared a special toy. Oh, you know this toy. We haven't used it in a while."

He pulled out something he had been hiding, something they used that first night together in the hotel room: the e-stim butt plug. Once lubed, he slid that snuggly inside Freed's ass.

"Now, this is going to blow your pretty green head. Ready?"

Freed could barely even hear him through his racing heart, but he nodded frantically.

Laxus turned the butt plug's electricity onto the lowest level, and immediately Freed howled with his mouth trapped shut. Laxus held his hips down again, but he licked his lips as he watched Freed's body stiffen, flop down again, struggling against the pleasure while groaning helplessly for more. Watching Freed, doing this to him, punishing him in such a sweetly erotic way, had Laxus raging hard yet again.

"I really must be a greedy master," he muttered. Laxus climbed around, straddled Freed's head, loosened the muzzle, and tugged his jaw down. "I wanna penetrate you through every opening in your body. Take it! Trust me, you won't have to suck for long. Seriously gonna come just watching you being such a slut."

Freed felt his mouth being filled, and instinct did the rest. He sucked and licked, tasting how much Laxus was dripping already.

"God, fuck, yes! Shit, so good."

Laxus could not be as rough as his body wanted to be. He had to hold that sounding rod perfectly still or else it could hurt Freed deep inside. So he rested on his elbows, his right hand gently moving the sounding rod in and out or rocking it up against the prostate, his left hand holding the penis upright, sometimes slamming Freed's hips down to keep them still, while also controlling the remotes, gradually turning up the intensity of the electricity for both the rod and the butt plug, while his hips flexed and drove his cock into Freed's mouth. It felt so good, but concentrating on Freed meant he could not focus on his own body's needs.

"Sorry, but you need to come first. I'm too scared of moving this damn rod too far on accident."

Was that permission? It was! Master gave him permission to come, so Freed began to give in to the tightness coiling in his gut.

"That's it. Feel yourself being fucked up your cock. Feel how good my electricity is in your ass. I bet it's buzzing all through your prostate now, both sides, zapping across it and straight through it. We're gonna drain that prostate 'til nothing's left. Gonna zap it until my angel howls like a demon. Fucking your cock, your ass, your mouth, getting fucked everywhere at the same time. Bet you love it, whore. Bet you'll be begging for this every night now, wanting me to fuck your cock for you. Getting your cock violated. By me!"

Freed nearly choked on Laxus' cock as he felt everything explode. Laxus saw the white trying to seep out around the sounding rod. He held it there for just a few seconds for Freed to feel the pressure of being denied even the release, before pulling the rod out and letting it all out. The rod was coated in cum, and more spurts dripped down Freed's cock and over his stomach. He continued to stroke all of the cum out, milking it as Freed continued to spasm, until gradually his cock softened. He turned off the electricity for all of the devices, then Laxus swiped his thumb through a puddle of cum and licked it. His slave's essence!

"Now, I'm gonna be rough."

Laxus pulled out of Freed's mouth, removed the butt plug, lubed himself up, and slammed into the already-stretched ass so hard, Freed was slammed up against the headboard.

"Fuck, I need you when you're like this. Need you when you're such a mess. Driving me crazy all day, making me want to fuck you over and over."

Laxus sneered as he pounded in hard and desperately. Freed's puffy kitty paws flailed over the sheets, the headboard, the mattress, and even tried to grasp Laxus' shoulders, yet he was unable to hold onto anything as he was fucked so roughly.

"You have no idea, the control it takes to see you wearing those ears, that muzzle, my collar," Laxus snarled, thrusting without stopping, "seeing the humiliation every fucking time you realize you've pissed yourself, seeing you losing every last bit of dignity, and the control I need to have, holding myself back from fucking you over and over. Shit, I need to fuck you. Hard!"

"Laxus," Freed moaned.

Hearing that needful cry undid Laxus, and he slammed in with a growl as he burst inside. "Fuck, yes. God! Fucking shit … so fucking … good. So good." He loosened his fingers clenched into Freed's hips and sank a little. "God … dammit, that's … fuckin' good."

As the pleasure subsided, Laxus slipped back and watched Freed's body still twitching with residual spasms, making his cum dribble out of the tight ass and down Freed's inner thighs. So divine! He took off the paws, and Freed grabbed him with desperation, needing to feel his skin with his own hands. Laxus saw the bruises on his wrists, and he kissed them.

He unbuckled the straps on the head harness and pulled it off. He kissed some bits of skin marked pink from the tightness of the leather straps, kissed Freed's jaw as he saw him work out the newly liberated mouth, and finally kissed him on the lips, a long, gentle, tender kiss filled with amazement. He gazed down into those turquoise eyes, wet with tears, wide with adoration, and then Laxus rested their foreheads together.

"I need you," he whispered. "Only you."

Only you. The same thing that was written inside their promise rings.

Tears dripped down Freed's face. How could he have questioned Laxus' fidelity even as a joke? He felt the rough hand wipe away the tears, and then Laxus' lips peppered his face again.

"I guess my pet proved to be good enough to sleep on the bed with Master."

Freed jolted up with wide, excited eyes, and Laxus laughed softly.

"Fuck me, but I can't sleep without you next to me." He leaned over and nuzzled their noses together. "You spoiled me, you damn brat. You're just too good, and I'm too greedy, needing you so much." He saw the brightness twinkling in Freed's eyes. "Oh? Do you like being called good?" Freed blushed, and Laxus' heart swelled. "Well, it's true. You're a good pet."

Tears gathered in his eyes, and Freed rushed forward, burrowing himself against Laxus' chest. The blond held him protectively and petted his head.

"Good boy," he whispered, kissing Freed's hair.

Laxus hugged him and smiled in relief that the day could end on such a positive note. He desperately needed this. He had been feeling down, unable to sleep, worried and frustrated and angry at himself. Now, all the negativity melted away with a deluge of love. He nuzzled Freed as dom drop eased away.

"Timeout for sleep, but we start up again tomorrow. You're allowed to sleep in as late as you need, but we start up at 10 AM. I didn't even get to all the toys I bought for this."

"More?" Freed asked, both astonished and eager to see what else was planned.

"Just one more, and I know you'll like it. You have to wait." Then Laxus' face fell solemnly, and he held Freed a little closer. "Sorry if I was rough, or if I ignored your needs today. Dammit, but this overwhelmed me more than I expected it to."

"I'm okay," Freed assured, nestling into the damp chest hair and letting it pet his cheeks.

"No, it was wrong to ignore you when you tapped out, and then to push you until you said the safeword." He picked up Freed's arm. Damn, his wrists really were going to be bruised badly from the handcuffs.

"You warned me that you would push my limits. I agreed to that." Although Freed said that, Laxus still kissed his wrists, and Freed realized they truly were sore. He had struggled so hard, his wrists were starting to swell. "Did … did you really want me to poop in that diaper?" he asked timidly.

Laxus stared up at the ceiling, wondering precisely what he wanted. To be honest, he was winging his way through most of this. "Part of me did, only because I knew it would break you. I wanted to see that. Part of me really did not feel like wiping shit off your ass. Now we know, that's a limit." He stroked Freed's head and smiled at him. "That's fine with me," he assured. Then he leaned Freed back onto the pillows. "Lie back; I'll clean you up. "

Freed rested in exhaustion, and Laxus hurried around the bedroom, still naked and ignoring it. However, as he gathered up the sex toys for cleaning, Freed gazed at the light casting shadows over Laxus' muscles. He could be so intimidating, yet Freed knew his tender side.

Laxus left to the bathroom and returned with a washcloth damp with hot water. He began to wipe Freed's body, cleaning away the drying semen and lubricant. Freed stretched out like a contented kitten. It felt good to be spoiled after all that.

"Need anything? More tea? Something sweet?"

"Chocolate," he said. "And a little something to eat. That shake wasn't enough."

"You got it."

A few minutes later, Laxus was back with a Nutella sandwich as well as some Hersey's Kisses he found. Although Freed had not suggested it, he still brought hot tea. Laxus watched Freed eat, recovering from the play and slowly returning to normal. He also ate a few chocolates, knowing it would help with the drop that had begun in him. He rubbed an herbal ointment on Freed's wrists to minimize swelling, then massaged the slender limbs, especially the knees that had turned red from crawling, despite the kneepads. As Freed ate his midnight snack, Laxus removed the headband ears and collar. Freed tried to protest having that taken off, but Laxus calmed him. This meant that playtime was definitely over.

It was just them now, lovers and equals.

By the time he finished the last chocolate, Freed felt much better in body and in mind. He sipped the tea, but after a while he got up to pee. It was nice knowing he could finally do this on his own instead of having no bladder control at all. However, as soon as he let loose, he cried out in pain.

Laxus raced into the bathroom. "Shit, I forgot to warn you. It might burn to pee for a few hours. That's okay, it's normal." He rubbed Freed's shoulders and stayed right behind him. "Relax, just go and try to deal with the discomfort."

Freed loosened up thanks to Laxus' massaging hands and calming whispers of encouragement. When the urine burned all through his cock, Laxus gently praised him for putting up with it and assured him he would be fine, this was temporary. Laxus flushed the toilet for Freed and stayed right behind him as he washed his hands, brushed his teeth, and combed out his hair. They went back to the bedroom, and Laxus braided Freed's hair back for the night. At last, the light went off, and they cuddled together under the blankets.

"Rest as long as you can in the morning," Laxus suggested. "However, we start at ten o'clock sharp."

Freed hummed sleepily in acceptance, but already he was sinking into a much-needed sleep.

Laxus could hear Freed's breathing change into heavy, even exhales. Still he held him, needing that contact for himself to feel normal after being the cold and pitiless master. As good as it felt to break this proud man's will, there was a sourness to it. He had wanted to do all this anyway, only now it was punishment, not purely play. He could tell that this underlying negative reason was why Freed reacted so strongly, and why he himself sometimes ignored Freed's needs.

He traced over the silver promise ring on Freed's hand. He wished he could simply stop being angry, but the words Freed said that afternoon still echoed through his mind.

"He just thought I should know that my boyfriend had another toy on the side... If I'm not enough, I'll understand, but you should tell me before you seek out someone else."

Seek out someone else? Fuck that! No one was better.

He knew Freed was just joking, but for a few seconds Laxus felt all of his greatest fears swelling up, fears of someone from his past causing trouble for Freed's family, fears of Freed hating him for his dubious past, absolute terror at the idea of Freed breaking up with him. It still hurt his chest, thinking of even the possibility that Freed might think he was disloyal.

Laxus covered Freed's hand, shielding that ring that symbolized his fidelity.

"Seriously, never do this to me again," he muttered.

Then Laxus kissed Freed's hair and settled in around him, clinging to him throughout the night.

Next Chapter: "Hunter/Prey"

Face muzzle - based on the aptly named U4Ria Cock-Sucking Muzzle, which is actually really hard to find because it's always out of stock:
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E-stim sounding rod - based on the ElectraStim Uni-Polar 5mm Small Urethral Sound Probe.

Metal cock ring - based on the ElectraStim Prestige Cock Ring.

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