Catch the Thunder

BY : Rhov
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Chapter 32

Morning Preparations

Laxus was having a hell of a dream. He and Freed were on a tropical beach. A warm breeze stirred the serene air, glittering waves crashed at his toes, and Freed was slowly, deliciously, sucking him off. Laxus did not even look down. He knew the feel of that hair, the silkiness of the strands, the bits on top that stuck out no matter what, and even the mouth was familiar by now. Freed's blow jobs were always so slow, methodical, and all-encompassing. He did not just thrust a dick into his mouth. He savored every vein and fold, diligently hitting every nerve that drove Laxus insane.

He moaned his lover's name while gazing up at the blue sky and swaying palm trees. It felt so good, so damn good!

Too good. Too good to be a mere dream.

Laxus jolted, and he realized there really was a mouth on him. The morning sky was changing from pink to gold. How the hell did this rich boy wake up so early?

"Freed!" he cried out in a dry, groggy croak.

Turquoise eyes looked up from his groin. Those long eyelashes batted, the lips were stretched around Laxus' cock, and his cheeks were flushed with excitement. Slowly, Freed pulled back until cold air hit Laxus' inflamed skin.

"Sorry," he whispered, but he did not stop. He kissed the top of the head, then licked down. He pecked kisses from balls to tip while Laxus tensed up and moaned.

"God!" he hissed. He felt Freed sucking gently around the edge, letting his lips drag over the turgid skin. "How long have you been doing that?"

The shrug he gave did not interrupt his tasty meal. "Not long." He sucked on just the head again, languidly pulling it in and out of his mouth.

Laxus groaned, loving the sensuality, and then laughed wearily. "Little bitch," he whispered, although there was no anger, only deep love. "Come o-…" His words were cut off when Freed thrust down and Laxus felt himself hit the soft back of Freed's throat. For a moment, Laxus almost lost himself. "Come on," he sighed. "Let me wake up."

Freed hummed sensually and slowly pulled back until his mouth popped off. "I think you're awake," he teased, and he continued to bob his head up and down the shaft.

"No, I'm not. God, must be dreaming," Laxus moaned. "Ugh! S-s-seriously, I…"

He could not even speak straight, not with Freed devouring him so eagerly. Damn, this angel would be the end of him! He was not stopping at all, and Laxus was too sleepy to think. If this kept on, he would be spent and tired and probably sleep until noon.

"Freed!" he warned. "Come on. Hey!" He reached down and grabbed the side of Freed's head to stop him. Freed pulled up with sad eyes. "Hey," Laxus smiled warmly. "I like it, but…" He gave a sigh as he felt the blood swelled within his member tingling, yet he was too tired to full enjoy this. "I need coffee or … or something to wake me up."

Freed felt a sting of disappointment. He had woken up so aroused by sensual dreams, he just really wanted to suck on Laxus until he woke up. However, if Laxus said no, he had to obey. That was what a beloved slave did, after all: please their master but always obey.

"All right," he said with a sigh as he sat up on the mattress.

Laxus collapsed back onto the pillow and exhaled as he tried to convince his cock that it was not time yet. The pristine conditions of this condo were still odd to him. No cracks in the plaster, no peeling wallpaper, no spiderwebs in corners. It was like being in a hotel, almost unreal. He looked over to Freed instead. He was real, and solid, and goddammit sexy as fuck! He sat in a contrite posture, as if he had been reprimanded and was awaiting punishment. As tempting as it was to scold and spank him for waking him up, Laxus could only smile, glad to know Freed loved him this much. It was not always just him ordering Freed around. He wanted this.

"Look, I know…" Laxus dropped his head, almost feeling guilty for stopping his fun. "I know what you're after. We … um…"

"We had plans," Freed said softly.

Laxus' brow drooped as he heard regret. They had such big plans yesterday, too. They had both been eager for it, setting it up, easing into the idea, when life got in the way. "Yeah," he muttered. "And everything that came up yesterday … just … bad timing, is all."

"Yeah. Sorry about that."

"Hey!" he snapped. "They're your family. Family comes first. Okay? Even over me, family comes first."

Freed smiled and shook his head. "Not over you—"

"Yes!" Laxus insisted. He softened his voice. "Freed."

Hearing his master call, Freed laid down and Laxus pulled him immediately up onto his chest, hugging him tenderly.

"I know how important family is to you," he said, stroking his hand through the green hair.

Freed twisted around and looked down into Laxus' face. "But not before you," he said, and his fingers caressed the chiseled jaw. "Because you're like family now."

Laxus gazed up in amazement. Like … family? Like the two of them … were … a family?

He thought about what he had discussed with Llewellyn yesterday. Maybe it was premature, asking Freed's father for his blessing. It wasn't like he planned to propose anytime soon. They were still reuniting after that long separation. Still, hearing Freed say that, thinking of him as more than just a boyfriend, more than a domestic partner … like family!

"Wow…" he whispered, slightly embarrassed as well as in awe.

Freed jolted. He had said something that bold! "Ah! I … I-I-I-I … I didn't…" But he did mean it. He did want it. Somewhere deep inside, he really wanted Laxus in a deeper, stronger way. Maybe it was not time, maybe they needed to live together for a while and see if they were even compatible, but … he wanted it! He wanted to belong to Laxus and no one else.

"It's all right," Laxus muttered, hating the heat in his cheeks. "No, r-really, I…" Shit, he was mumbling and stuttering! He took a second to firm up. "It's nice to hear that," he stated.

Freed coyly lifted his eyes. "Y-you don't mind?"

"Hell no."

Laxus smiled at Freed and laughed softly. Mind? He was a step away from running out the door and buying the first engagement ring he could find, but it was definitely too early. Instead, he pulled Freed down to him and gave him a tender kiss. The long hair draped around him, curtaining them in their own verdant world.

"I don't mind … being … like family."

Freed's mouth dropped and a low noise escaped his trembling lips. Like a family! Him and Laxus! As he gazed down into those electric blue eyes, felt the warmth of that broad chest, and the tender strength in those arms wrapped around him, he wanted that sort of bliss. He wanted to be greedy and have Laxus all to himself, always. A family!

Laxus suddenly felt overwhelmed. He looked away before he said anything stupid. Firmly, he rolled aside and away from Freed, gulping as his heart raced so hard, it made his whole body tingle. He sat up, facing the window and the pinkish-yellow light pouring in.

It was too soon … too soon! They needed time, needed to make sure this was right, that it would work. Like hell would he take a chance like that only to discover they were not compatible. If he did this, it had to be done right. It had to be something they both wanted for sure, and both of them had to be utterly positive that this would work. Being together. Being … a family.

But they could act the parts for now. He could spoil his precious husband and set up a home together. The idea of doing that, of living here and treating Freed as his husband, seeing if this arrangement would even work, filled him with an emotion he did not understand. It was a burning in his chest stronger than happiness, deeper than mere love. It was an ache tighter than desire, more terrifying than fear, and more powerful than mere hope. He wanted it to work out between them, he feared he would mess up and ruin it all, and he hoped—stronger than anything he had ever wanted in his life—he hoped he could make a good partner for Freed.

Someday … a good husband.

It was terrifying and thrilling and made him want to laugh and cry and smile and bite his lip nervously. He shook his head as he knew he was drowning in whatever this feeling was.

"I need some coffee," he declared. He needed to escape this before he lost to it and sank into the depths of this emotional deluge.

Freed leaned back. "O-oh. Sorry."

"No, it's all right," Laxus assured him, still overwhelmed by this strange and powerful emotion. Then he noticed Freed eying the cock that was still half erect. Laxus laughed sleepily. What a horny little slave!

No, maybe not a slave anymore. Not at this moment, at least. A lover! He could be a slave another day.

"I'm not going to have sex before I pee and get some coffee down me," he said. "I wanna be awake…" He smirked over at Freed. "…so I can fully enjoy this."

Freed slithered across the mattress and rubbed his hands over Laxus' broad shoulders. "I could pleasure you before all that."

Seriously, how could he tame this needy boyfriend of his? "Yeah, you probably could," Laxus admitted, and he was tempted by those sensual hands, "but I don't want to piss all over you."

Freed hummed and rested his chin on Laxus' shoulder as he whispered into his ear, "Maybe I'd like that."

"Heh! Yeah, but I wouldn't."

"How do you know?" Freed asked. Then he flinched and pulled back. "Or … do I not want to know?"

Laxus frowned as he realized his past was still there to haunt him. "Client wanted a golden shower. Got hella turned on by me pissin' on his face, but I thought it was the grossest thing I'd ever witnessed. The smell in particular."

Freed pulled completely back and sat on his heels with his head down, whispering, "Oh." He shivered as he was reminded of the sorts of things Laxus used to do. He could hardly help but imagine it, some faceless old man begging, Laxus pulling his cock out, urinating on this submissive client, and probably the client moaning at the masochistic thrill. There were so many things Laxus had done with others that the two of them had never tried. It saddened him at times. Still, that was a past the dominant had given up, all for his love of Freed.

Laxus saw the shadow that passed over Freed's face. "Is that something you really want?"

He jolted up at the question. "What? N-n-n-no! I … I mean, it's not like I'd mind either way. I was just teasing you is all," he insisted. Still, the masochist in him was curious.

Laxus rubbed his chin as he thought about it. "Maybe if we were in the shower, and I don't have to smell my own piss…"

"Hey, if it's something you don't want, we won't do it." Freed paused. "Oh my God, I sound like you."

Laxus laughed and kissed him. "Keep sounding like that. It's sexy," he said, eying Freed up and down, "and you're gonna take my ass today, so you better get ready to ask a lot of questions to see if I'm okay with it."

"I … I-I-I know," he blushed. "I-I promise, I won't let it hurt."

Laxus' eyes narrowed. "Shut up," he grumbled petulantly. Then Laxus stretched and said flippantly, "Even if it does hurt a bit, that's something I can handle."

"No, really! You … you made my first time … incredible," Freed said, his voice fading as he turned bright red from the memories of In a Gadda Da Vida playing as Laxus thrust into him for the first time. "It was so good, and I want it to be good for you." He looked at Laxus and promised, "I'll make it good."

Laxus patted his head. "Then I leave it to you … but not before I wake up."

Freed watched Laxus stand, naked and incredible in the early morning light. He stared, mesmerized by him. Then he saw Laxus reaching for a robe. He jolted as he realized Laxus would probably want to fix everything on his own. He had lived alone for so long, he was used to waking and cooking first thing.

"Let me make breakfast this time," he blurted out.

Laxus looked back around, shocked by the outburst. "Okay, if you wanna." He shrugged the robe back off. "I'll get my shower then." He began to walk across the room.

"Uh … um…"

He glanced back around at Freed. "What?"

Freed pressed his fingers together in nervousness, then suddenly folded his hands and forced them down. "N-n-nothing!"

Laxus watched as his cheeks began to flush. He chuckled softly. So incorrigible! "If we shower together, I'll fuck you against the wall."

Freed's cheeks went bright at how bluntly he put it. "Y-yeah…"

"Yeah, and you want that, don't you, little bitch!" He reached over and dragged a finger down Freed's neck. "Not yet."

The eyes that turned up to him were bashful but filled with mischievousness. "Well, what if I fuck you against the wall?"

The room was silent for a few moments as Laxus gazed down, honestly shocked the F-word had even passed across those lips, let alone threatening him so seductively.

Softly, he exclaimed, "You little angel." He laughed and shook his head. He really was corrupting Freed, and he loved it! Still, he said, "I don't think so."

Freed shrugged, not too surprised by the denial. "It was worth a shot."

"Another time. I want this to be special," he said with a tender smile, "and I want it to be here, in this bed. I want it to be something good, not awkward, not wet and slipping all over the place." He cradled Freed's face with both hands. "Just us, doing something awesome."

Freed looked up at him in awe. Laxus really thought highly of this moment, held it as something precious, not just as a kink, mere role reversal. He was treating Freed's first time topping as something hallowed, and that made Freed realize how much Laxus respected him.

"Yeah," he said, unsure what else to say.

Laxus chuckled at his overwhelmed face and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Then he pulled his hands back and commanded, "Go make me breakfast."

"Y- … y-yeah," he stuttered.

"Make sure you make that coffee strong, okay?"

"R-right! Uh, how many scoops did you use?"


Freed's mouth dropped slightly. "Six!"

"Well, yeah," Laxus shrugged, looking nonchalant.

"Oh wow," Freed mumbled. He was going to go through a lot of coffee living with Laxus. "Okay," he said cheerfully, but as he walked toward the kitchen, he muttered to himself, "Six?"

Laxus used the bathroom and got into the shower. Now without Freed bathing with him, he realized how huge the place was. The shower was practically meant for two people to share it. He had a feeling that might have been a requirement Freed had while looking for places to live. Kinky little brat probably had stipulations like it had to be soundproof, a large bedroom for a king-sized bed, and double-occupancy shower. Hell, if he could afford it, Laxus was not going to complain.

He heard Freed step in briefly, just enough to use the toilet. He did not peek out, and Freed obediently did not step inside. He merely said the coffee was done and stepped out again. Good boy, thought Laxus. His slave was trained well.

When finally he stepped out in boxers and an undershirt, with a towel over his shoulders to catch any drips from his damp hair, Laxus smelled something divine: strong coffee, fresh breakfast, and the scent that was uniquely Freed's. He inhaled deeply and hummed at the aroma.

"Well, that smells good," he called out. "What'd you cook?"

Freed turned around, wearing his hair back in a ponytail and an apron. A goddamn apron! Laxus swore, if they did not already have plans, he would have taken Freed right here, slammed against the kitchen sink, maybe using a spatula to spank him for being so damn sexy this early in the morning.

He grinned at seeing Laxus fresh out of the shower. "Well, I didn't have much," he apologized, "but, um … eggs, and some sausage, there's still toast, and oatmeal."

"Oatmeal? Wow. I haven't had oatmeal in a while." He took a seat at the little breakfast nook and let out a sigh. "Ya got that coffee?"

"Yeah!" he said eagerly. "Here." He poured out a cup and brought it forward.

"Good," Laxus said, looking down and seeing that it was indeed dark and strong.

Freed then brought forward plates of food, a bowl of oatmeal, and a platter of toast, with butter and jam. Laxus spread the butter on his toast and heartily dug in. It was a seriously delicious meal. Freed had talent in the kitchen.

Freed brought his own plate over and nibbled a sausage link. He watched Laxus forking eggs into his mouth and felt a warm happiness at seeing him eat his breakfast.

"Um, Laxus?" he asked timidly, looking down at the crust of his toast.

"Yeah?" he asked with a full mouth.

"Um … a-a-about … later—"

"Do you have any sugar?" he blurted out.

Freed's throat clenched up at the interruption. "Uh … well, yeah…"

"Good. Where?"

He blinked in surprise. "Uh, the cabinet—"

"Oh, that's right. You told me yesterday." He stood up and walked back to the kitchen to fetch sugar for his coffee.

"Yeah," Freed muttered, disheartened that he had built up the nerve to ask only to get interrupted. "Um, is the coffee okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine," Laxus assured, stirring sugar in.

"Okay," he whispered. Freed was so nervous, he could not even stomach the eggs and just kept poking at the food. "Y-y-you said you … wanted to … v-videotape it, and … and, uh … I-I-I was—"

"Do you have any … salt?"

"Salt?" he asked, stunned at being interrupted yet again. He looked down and realized he had forgotten to season the eggs. "Well, I have a no-salt seasoning."

"Yeah, good enough," Laxus decided.

Freed let out a frustrated sigh, slowly rose, and fetched it. Laxus sprinkled the seasoning and some pepper on his eggs, then he began to eat those with the same gusto.

Freed watched and waited until Laxus had his mouth full of food. If he could not speak, maybe he could quickly say what he wanted to ask. Finally the moment came, a mouth full of oatmeal, no way could he interrupt now.

"I was j-…" Right as the words came out, Laxus pulled out his headphones and plopped them over his ears. Freed growled now in frustration. "Why are you putting your headphones on?" he cried out.

Laxus gulped and looked up in surprise. "I told you yesterday, I listen to music when I eat."

"Argh!" Freed cried out, and he slumped into his chair with his arms folded petulantly.

Laxus gazed at him firmly. "Eat! Enjoy your meal. You cooked it, you should enjoy it." Then he turned on some music and sat back with his coffee, staring off in relaxed contentment.

Freed had an annoyed scowl. "I wanted to talk," he grumbled, but Laxus could hear nothing, or if he did, he ignored it.

They continued to eat in silence, although Freed hardly enjoyed the flavor. Laxus said nothing as he ate, although sometimes he hummed along to the music. Freed picked up melodies here and there. Although Laxus liked classical music in the car, it seemed he listened to rock music at breakfast.

Finally Laxus swallowed the last bite of toast. He leaned back with a satisfied sigh.

"Well, that was good."

Freed looked up with dazzled eyes. "Yeah? S-so … um … it was okay?"

"Yeah. I was hungry. It was good," he answered curtly.

Freed felt pride swelling in his chest and heat in his cheeks at the praise. "I-I-I'm glad," he said, laughing softly in excitement. "I rarely get to cook breakfast like this … but, y'know, today's … special." His eyes turned up to the blond god before him. Now that they were done eating, maybe they could talk about what was to come. His heart began to race again. "I … I want to be the one … t-taking … care of … thi-…"

"I'll do the dishes," Laxus declared, bolting away from his seat, snatching up both plates in a single swoop, and taking them to the sink.

Freed was left shaking but now stunned. He was escaping again! "Uh, wh-wh-wh- … what?"

"What?" Laxus shrugged as he clattered the plates down into the drainer. He returned and grabbed the empty cups next. "You cooked; I'll do dishes."

Freed sank out of the nervousness. Seriously, what was going on here? As Laxus set the dishes in the sink—except for his coffee mug, which he put to the side—Freed rose with his fists tight in determination. "Well, I can help!"

"Fine," he shrugged.

"All right," Freed nodded.

"You should get your shower, though."

"Wh … uh … I … I w-…"

"Get your shower." The order was said in that dominating voice Laxus used when he was giving his slave an order.

Shower? Wait, was he being sent away? Why was Laxus doing all this? Was he nervous? Or was he plotting? A shower! Maybe he was planning something. Something sexy! Freed licked his lip. Maybe Laxus needed time to set up a scene. Another deliciously sensual scene! And then they were going to do it. They would make love, and although he was the giver today, Laxus would still be the one in charge.

"Okaaaay," he simpered, nibbling his bottom lip. "Will you maybe be … joining me?" Maybe Laxus planned to wash him, wash all of Freed, every inch of his body, worship him in the shower, like what they had done together two nights ago. He felt a tingle in his boxers just thinking about it.

Laxus refilled his coffee cup and looked over in annoyance. "No, I already took my shower."

Shower sex fantasies: crushed!

"Fine!" Freed shouted, and he stomped off in a huff.

Laxus stirred sugar into his coffee and sipped it as he watched Freed stride away. Seriously, if he let his guard down for even a minute, this succubus in angel's disguise would ensnare him. He wanted this to be perfect, though. He wanted their bodies to be clean, prepared, food to give them energy, and coffee. Definitely coffee.

He looked down into his coffee cup. Freed somehow made it perfect despite acting so shocked by how strong Laxus liked it. Breakfast was perfect. Everything so far was like heaven. He wanted to thorough enjoy this day as Freed rose him out of Hell and showed him how to fly with angels.

He laughed with a bit of smugness and shook his head. Seriously, what was up with him? He wanted this angel like he had never wanted anything in his life, but he still liked teasing him a little, being a sadist. It seemed he could not tame that side of him.

Freed wanted to take the quickest shower possible and rush back, but then he realized that maybe this was also part of Laxus' plan. He should be clean before they had sex, after all. So he began to diligently wash every part of his body. He took special care washing his genitals. If Laxus was going to suck on him…

No! Don't think that! Don't even imagine that!

He heard Laxus enter. He wanted to peek out, but then he remembered earlier. When he had walked in here, he obeyed and did not step inside. Still, as he heard Laxus relieving nature—and curse him, but he began to get hard visualizing that impressive mast of manhood and how it might look doing what it did most naturally—he waited, hardly moving. Laxus seemed to be taking his time, too. Freed heard him even brushing his teeth.

Could it be Laxus was preparing himself for later? Freed really wanted to peek out now, but then he realized this might be why Laxus wanted Freed to stay in the shower. Using a suppository, preparing for this moment, was probably embarrassing. He would let Laxus keep his honor and not watch him get ready.

Then suddenly he heard nothing. He had not even heard the door shut, but the steam in the shower swirled. He gave only a tiny peek, and the room was empty.

Maybe it had not been what he was thinking about at all.

Freed finished washing, toweled off, brushed down his hair, and pulled a robe around him. When he stepped out, he was hoping to see Laxus on the bed, waiting with a seductive gleam in his eyes and crooking a finger to him. Instead, he heard droning voices in the living room, followed their banal banter, and saw Laxus lazing back on the couch with a mug of coffee in his hand.

"You're watching TV again?" he cried out.

Laxus glanced back with an arched eyebrow. "I told you, I watch the news."

Freed let out a sigh of exasperation. Here he was, all riled up and nervous about this, and Laxus looked like he hardly cared. Sputtering in frustration, he shouted, "Can't you get the news later?"

"Well, yeah," he said, but raised his mug. "Still drinking my coffee."

"How many cups is that?" Freed demanded.

"Third one." Laxus took a deep sip.

"How many do you drink every day?"

He shrugged as he swallowed. "Three or four."

Freed could hardly believe him. Not just the caffeine intake—Freed was a bit sensitive to caffeine, he usually preferred tea, and a single cup of coffee was more than enough to jolt his nerves—it was the way Laxus acted, not even looking over at him, avoiding him, putting things between them: first breakfast, then the dishes, now this!

"Well, you know what?"

He stomped over, grabbed the hot mug out of Laxus' hand, almost spilling it, and slammed it down on the side table so hard, some splashed out. Then he straddled Laxus' lap and peered down at him while those blue eyes looked up in astonishment.

Freed leaned in close with a narrowed glare. "You should drink less coffee!"

He forced his lips onto Laxus' and pinned him to the couch. Laxus sat there and felt Freed's urgency, his need, his riled lust, through those desperate kisses smothering him. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around Freed and pulled him in closer. Their tongues met, and Freed's body rubbed up against him, right over his groin, undulating his hips onto Laxus' lap, getting a low groan as well as a sadistic laugh.

"About damn time," Laxus muttered against Freed's mouth.

Freed kissed him and pulled back, glaring down. "You were doing that on purpose."

Laxus had an arrogant smile. "Mm-hmm," he smirked, and he grabbed Freed's hair to pull him in for another kiss.

"You're a jerk sometimes, you know," he accused as his mouth was conquered.

That made Laxus pull back and laugh heartily. A jerk? Seriously, Freed never ceased to amuse him. "You gonna complain?"

Freed's head cocked to the side. "Maybe I should," he said, dragging a finger down and slowly separating Laxus' robe. "Maybe…" He leaned over and kissed the side of his neck. "…I should punish you."

Laxus flinched as a rougher kiss nipped the tendon running along his throat. He loved that dark look in Freed's eyes. "Like to see you try," he goaded.

Freed gave just a light bite, nothing to mark him yet, and kissed over it. "Is that a dare?"


Freed kissed a little harder and dragged his teeth over the skin in a threat to bite again.

"Mmmh, Freed," he whispered, leaning his head back against the couch in pleasure. Fuck, he was getting hard already! Those nibbling lips were not stopped. "Not here."

"Yeah, here." He was lost in the pleasure of kissing his body, worshiping it.

"No! Not here."

He grabbed Freed's shoulders and pushed him back. Freed let out a soft cry of surprise. Then without warning, he was lifted up by the ass. Still clinging to his neck, Freed realized Laxus had stood up, hoisting him as if a full grown man like him weighed nothing. Those electric blue eyes sparked with desire, shocking and dangerous.

He growled, "In the bedroom!"

Still kissing, Laxus carried him across the condo, his hands clutching Freed's ass, feeling those arms holding onto him. He stomped across the pristine floors to the bedroom. However, he collapsed onto his back with Freed on top.

"Like this," he said, panting. (Freed actually was quite heavy.) "Now, kiss me."

He yanked Freed down by the hair, but he hardly needed to. Freed sought out his mouth and licked his lips. His hands thrust the robe apart and shoved the teeshirt up Laxus' torso, revealing the barrel chest and scarred shoulders with the black tattoos. Laxus gave Freed's lower lip a bite, and he hissed wantonly at the pain. Laxus felt Freed's body react, arching and thrusting against him, their groins rubbing together, arousals stroking each other. Already, Freed was finding a slow rhythm of frotting that would soon become much more.

"Yeah, like that," Laxus moaned.

Freed's tongue thrust in, and Laxus eagerly let him explore. Then his lips nipped along Laxus' jaw, following the sharp bone up to his ear, lapped around the shell, tugging the earlobe with his lips, and licked all the way down the neck to the collar.

"Freed!" he shivered. He suddenly grabbed those thin shoulders and pulled Freed upright. He looked seriously up at him. "Is the camera seriously a bad idea?"

It took Freed a moment to realize what he was talking about. Videotaping! His cheeks instantly went hot. "W-well … i-it's not a bad idea—"

"Do you really hate it?" he asked seriously.

Freed saw the concern in Laxus' face. He smiled that, despite all the threats he made earlier about videotaping this, in the end Laxus always made it Freed's choice. That was how it worked in a BDSM relationship. The submissive always held the real power.

"No," he replied.

Laxus rubbed his hands up Freed's waist with a wistful expression. "I really want it."

It sounded so urgent! "Why?" he asked in concern. Was there something wrong?

Laxus laughed softly. "It's stupid."

"N-no! Really, why?" he pressed.

He reached up and caressed a strand of hair back off of Freed's shoulder. "Do you remember every detail of our first time?"

The question stunned him. Their first time! The dorm. That tiny bed. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida playing over his computer's speakers. "A- … almost?" he said uncertainly.

"Almost," Laxus repeated, sounding disappointed. "Do you remember how many times In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida played through?"

Freed remembered the song—he would never forget that—but … how many times? He looked aside, feeling ashamed that he could not really recall.

"Do you remember when I drummed out the drum solo while kissing your neck?"

That was a detail Freed did not recall at all. "You did?"

"Yeah," he smiled. Granted, that was not the first time they did it that day, but he remembered that playful moment, yet figured Freed would have forgotten. "Do you remember every kiss I gave you that night?"

Freed was feeling even more guilty. "N-no."

Laxus caressed his cheek, sat up, and gave Freed a kiss. He smiled at him with understanding forgiveness. "I don't either," he confessed, laughing as Freed's anguish turned to surprise. "And afterwards, it was just so unreal. I mean, that was our first time. For both of us! And I kinda wish I could remember absolutely everything. An' I can't! It wasn't that long ago, but I still can't. I can't remember everything. Afterwards, I thought, I really wish there was a way I could live it again, that same crazy awkwardness. And I thought, I wish I had recorded it."

Freed's eyebrows lowered in sympathy. It was nice to know that day was so precious, Laxus wanted to remember everything. Now he also wished there was more to remember that day besides memories and a claim that they were no longer virgins.

"So I'm not going to make that mistake again. I'm going to record this, so months down the road, or years down the road, I can watch it again." His hands ran up Freed's spread thighs. "Watch the first time … you take me!"

His hands trailed up Freed's torso, then pulled him in. His tilted his head to the side, and Freed leaned in, giving him a kiss. Laxus' fingers played through his hair, savoring how it felt, soft although still a little damp, the taste of his lips, his slightly cold fingers tracing the tattoo patterns Freed already knew by heart.

Laxus pulled back and rested their foreheads together. "It's not quite the same as our first time making love, but it's pretty damn special."

Freed choked up a little. Laxus really thought highly of this! "Yeah, it is," he agreed emotionally. He lifted his chin and gave Laxus a kiss on the forehead. "If you ever watch that video, you watch it with me. The other videos we made, you can watch them on your own, but … but that one. That one should be for the two of us."

Laxus' mouth dropped a little. Not only was he giving consent, but he wanted this to be something as a couple, a sex video they could watch in the future, likely to spur the two of them into action.

Seriously, Freed never ceased to surprise him. And he love him for it!

"Heh!" Laxus gave him a kiss to seal the pact. "Deal! Let me set it up."

"Okay. I'll get … things…"

"Yeah," he whispered with a dry throat.

They split apart and sat on opposite sides of the bed. Freed had to hold his hands to keep them from shaking with anticipation. They were going to do this!

Laxus felt his heart racing faster than any amount of coffee could make it go. There was a sense of fear—he knew this was going to hurt—and also anticipation. He trusted Freed above anyone else in his life, and if he dared allowed anyone to enter his body … hell, he even had a problem giving blow jobs until he realized this was Freed, and Freed would never hurt him.

Laxus glanced around his shoulder. Seeing Freed there calmed his nerves. He would be safe with Freed around.

Then the green head turned, and Freed looked around his shoulder only to realize Laxus was doing the same. In a moment of childish surprise, both twisted back ahead, hearts racing.

Laxus chuckled to himself. Seriously, he was an idiot in love. He looked around again, and this time Freed was already turned around, his curiosity piqued by the laughter. They just gazed at each other, and they knew they were going to be fine. This was a huge difference for them, but it would be okay.

Because they had each other!

Next Chapter: Ride Atop the Storm

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