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Chapter 26

Corvette Kinks



Hand in hand, Freed and Laxus left the Fairy Tail Pub. The night was warm and dark with a tiny crescent of a moon in the sky. Simply walking beside the blond giant, Freed felt safe. He feared nothing at all with Laxus around. Timidity, humiliation, the possibility of thugs trying to rob a wealthy man like him, none of those fears surfaced with his master protecting him. Happy to the point of giddiness, Freed walked over to a silver Corvette.

"New car?" Laxus asked.

"A graduation present from my father," he explained.

"Sweet! Wanna know what my grandfather got me for graduating high school? A steak dinner. That's it."

"It's the thought that counts."

"Yeah, but his thoughts cost thirty dollars, not thirty grand."

Freed unlocked the car and carefully sat down. The condom was starting to slip, and the cock ring felt oddly loose now. He would probably have to take them both off before attempting to drive.

He saw Laxus standing at the passenger door, not even grabbing the handle to open it. Freed had to fight the instinct to open the door for him—he remembered that Laxus hated that—however, he wondered why Laxus was not entering. He double-checked the doors to make sure they were unlocked.

Was he worried about ruining the moment by getting carsick?

Suddenly, Laxus yanked open the door and sat down hard. He stared ahead grimly, but something looked off. It almost appeared like he was already sick, but that wasn't quite it.

"Do you have tissues in here?" he asked peevishly.

"Um … sorry, no. Is something wrong?"

"Not wrong, just … I … I hate to ask this, after what I promised earlier," he mumbled.

Freed tensed up. Laxus sounded like something was really wrong. Was he sick? Drunk? Dead tired and unable to have sex tonight? Freed pitied Laxus and placed a hand on his forearm.

"Whatever it is, it's okay," he said.

Laxus sneered, looking ill again. Then suddenly he yanked his zipper down and pulled out a fully firm arousal.

"Whoa!" Freed cried out, leaping back over to the driver's side. That was unexpected. He looked around sharply, wondering if anyone could see them.

"I need you to suck my cock," he said breathlessly.

Freed's eyes grew massive. "What?" he cried out. He looked around again. On the other side of the parking lot, he could see Natsu getting into Gray's truck.

"You heard me," Laxus snapped. He grabbed his erection. "I'm ready to blow. I was in the pub. Damn near came five times already." He gulped hard, obviously struggling to keep himself under control. "Come on, please! I'd do it myself, but you don't have tissues, I don't have another condom handy, and I already know I'm built up. It'll be messy as hell. So please. You gotta do this or else I'm shooting cum onto your upholstery! One way or another, this thing's gonna blow, and soon! Shit," he hissed. "My hand or your mouth, Freed. Come on!" he shouted.

"Uh … Ye- … o-of course," he said. He looked around again. Gray's truck was just leaving. He saw no one else in the parking lot. Freed quickly moved his long hair aside and leaned right over to Laxus' seat. He twisted around, trying to get a good angle. It was horribly awkward, but somehow he laid half on his side, half bent over, and at least his mouth was near the leaking arousal.

Laxus sat straight up, staring forward and looking angry that he was this weak against Freed's sensuality. "Just go for it," he whispered. "I'll keep a lookout."

Freed eyed the flushed shaft and circumcised head. He had wanted this cock so much earlier. Now … it was his!

He dived down, thrusting it into his mouth. Immediately, Laxus shuddered out a deep, primeval groan. The sounds of slurping, lips slicking, and soft suctions filled the narrow space of the car. Laxus yanked at Freed's hair, keeping it up off the floorboard and also pulling his head to a better angle, comfort be damned!

"Shit," he hissed. Freed's mouth worked fast and heated him. "Wait. No."

Freed pulled up with a string of moisture thinning out from his lower lip. "What? What's wrong?"

"I don't want it like this."

Freed wiped his mouth and looked hurt. "Is it bad?"

"No! Hell no! But…" Petulantly, he confessed, "I want my first load to be in your ass."

"Uh … we're in a car," Freed pointed out awkwardly.

"I know, and I said we wouldn't do it in public, but we are anyway, so…"

Dammit! He did not want to do anything that could honestly get Freed into trouble, and even this much, just sucking him in the car, could do it. At that moment, he didn't care! He was close, so damn painfully close, but he wanted to do this his way.

"Get up here!" he sneered.

He yanked Freed up with rough force, twirled him to sit facing outward, and placed him on his lap. Yes! This might actually work like in porno movies. He reached around, yanked Freed's belt off, and almost broke the zipper pulling it down. Then he shimmied Freed's pants and underwear down to his knees. He reached into the glove compartment, where he knew Freed normally kept a tiny bottle of lotion for chapped skin when riding around with the convertible top down. It was in there, and he pulled it out. Laxus squeezed lotion onto his hand and rubbed a copious amount onto his arousal. That was the best he could do. Not the best position, in the parking lot of a crowded pub, hand lotion, and no condom, but that made this more dangerous, primal … erotic!

He massaged Freed's butt cheeks and rubbed some lotion onto the pucker waiting for him. He did not really give time to prep him. He stuck a finger in, then almost immediately added another, stretching him as fast as he dared. Freed grabbed the dashboard, and his head crashed down as he strained not to make too much noise. Then quickly, the fingers yanked out, and Freed's thighs were bruised with gripping hands pulling him closer, lining themselves up.

"Laxus?" Freed shivered. He could feel the tip poking at him.

"Are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

He stuttered something that wasn't quite a yes, but also not a no.

Laxus kissed the back of his neck. "This is going to hurt," he warned.

Freed took a few breaths, calming himself and relaxing everything below the waist. If he could be totally relaxed, it would stretch easier.

"Do it," he whispered.

Laxus cringed in regret. "Sorry."

"No!" He glanced back around and looked Laxus firmly in the eyes. "Do it."

Freed sat up at the best angle, pulled his own butt cheeks apart, and began to lower himself. Right away, there was discomfort, and he ignored it. As Laxus' cock drilled him open, it turned into pain, burning, and a sensation of being filled in a way that never happened except when a cock that large pierced him.

Freed slapped a hand over his mouth as cries shivered out. It had been a long time, and he almost forgot how Laxus got wider, wider, filling him with pain and heat.

Pleasure was coming. Soon.

Real soon.

Dear God, he hoped it was soon! He hurt.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Laxus kept repeating, yet he did not stop. He was seriously ready to shoot out at any moment. He wanted all of his seed to be inside Freed. All of it! It was greedy, and now his greed was making Freed cry again. He kept waiting for Freed to pull off, or to shout Écriture, but he never did. He kept lowering himself out of his own choice, although Laxus could tell it was painful.

Finally, he was all the way inside, and Freed sat there on top of his lap, breathing fast and hard, with the streetlight gleaming off his tears. It burned, but he wanted to be brave. He had been so good in the pub. He wanted to please Laxus more, and that meant keeping quiet so they would not get caught.

"Are you okay?" Laxus asked again, hugging Freed and holding still.

Freed panted through pain as it slowly changed, softened, and the pleasure was almost there. "Y-you're bigger than I remember."

Laxus gave a weary laugh. "You mean bigger than your butt plug."

Freed sheepishly admitted, "I guess, yeah."

"Have you been using that?" Laxus slowly pulled out.

Freed cried a little at just that much. Laxus pulled until only the head was inside. "Y-yeah," he replied, shaking at the expectation. "Sometimes."

Laxus thrust in deep, and Freed's head bowed back with a shout.

"Yeah?" Laxus pulled Freed up again and then slammed him down onto his lap. Freed bit his hand to hold back the cries. "How often…" Thrust! "…do you u-use it? Oh, fuck…" Thrust!

Freed forgot about being in public. This was like any other place for sex, like the hotels they used to rent, or like the VIP room, where someone might be watching.

"M-maybe … nnngh … once a … ahhn … week." The pain was already fading, and he began to slide his ass on his own, rubbing the best way for him.

"And … arrgh … the rest of the time? Shhhit!"

"Hands," he cried out with a shiver. "Just … ahhn … my hands. L-Laxus!"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah." It felt so good now. It was a feeling he still remembered with sweetness, and as he stretched, he allowed himself to rock into the thrusts until Laxus was slamming right where he needed it most.

Laxus wrapped his arms around Freed and felt the erection revived. "You're hard again."

He whimpered in pleasure. "Can't help it."

Laxus grabbed him and began to stroke, not just light touches and through clothes like earlier, but fully, quickly, pleasuring him in thanks for giving into one of his selfish whims. Freed panted, and the windows of the car began to fog with the rising heat.

"You've still got this condom on, and you're this hard. Little slut," Laxus teased, and Freed whined shamelessly at the crude words. "Well, if you've gotta go … unnnf … let it blow."

The hand stroking his sheathed cock gave no mercy. Freed wanted to just please Laxus. He worried that if he came twice in a row, he would wear out long before sunrise. His fingers clenched into those muscular thighs, but he knew he was quickly going past the point of no return.

Laxus urged him on. "Seriously, don't hold yourself back."

"But … but I…"

"I want it. Here, in your goddamn car. I want it! Both of us. I wanna fuck you in the toy your daddy gave you."

"Laaaaaxus!" he screamed.

"God, I love when you scream my name." He gave a tense laugh as he realized how weak he was around Freed. "I'm … ready to go … now!"

He unsnapped the cock ring, freeing his lover to come at any time. The rush of blood made Freed scream and convulse in a pleasure he could not control. Laxus gave a few more piercing thrusts while stroking Freed hard and fast. Laxus grunted and let out a low roar like a dragon as he came, bursting into Freed.

"L-Laxus! Lax- … aaaah … -us!"

"Shit, Freed. Shit." He felt himself filling Freed, and then his hand felt throbs as Freed wailed with no restraint at all. "That's … God, you're incredible."

He felt Freed pulsing out and the way his body tensed as he spasmed inside. Laxus glanced over the thin shoulder and down. Already, there was milky cum in the tip of the condom, but now more shot out, ballooning the latex barrier.

"Freed." He grabbed around him, crushing him into a hug. "Freed," he sighed in a shiver. "I've been needing you. So much! Too long. Too damn long. Freed," he sighed. "Love you. Dammit, I love you. So much. Freed … so much," he whispered as weariness washed over the pleasure and tingled him like an electric shock.

Freed felt shaking in those arms and Laxus' voice growing thicker. Was he crying? In any case, Laxus was holding him so tightly, there was no way he could turn around.

"I love you so much," he whispered ardently. "How do you overwhelm me like this? I still don't get it. Damn! Miss you. Missed everything. I don't ever want to leave you again."

Freed smiled, but part of him knew deep down, this would happen again. Laxus would find his father and take off. And he would wait. He would wait like he did this time, without flirting or even feeling compelled to fantasize about anyone else. And maybe the next time, their love would be even greater when they got back together.

That was an unknowable future, though. Right now, Laxus was resting his sweaty head on Freed's shoulder and breathing onto his skin in exhausted puffs.

"Love you," he said so softly, it was just a wisp of air. "Sorry about that."

"No need to be sorry," Freed said in amusement. Finally the arms loosened enough so he could at least look backward. "I missed you too."

Laxus laughed and finally looked up. His eyelashes were wet from tears, but he had a smile. He grabbed Freed's cheeks, pulled him closer, and kissed him hard.

"Freed," he said, lost in love.

He looked like he was about to say more, but just then they heard the music from inside the pub get louder, then softer as a door opened and closed. Laxus looked up sharply and saw a group leaving. They needed to get out of this position before anyone noticed.

"Can you hold it inside?"

Freed blushed. Hold Laxus' cum … inside. Keep it in there. Keep it safe inside of him, let it sit inside.

"Yeah," he said. He would take care of things this time. He would clench up and not let it out.

"Go slow. Don't let it spill out."

Freed nodded and started to lift his hips. Laxus held onto him, slowly hoisting him up. He felt Freed tensing around him already, ready to pull off without spilling any of the cum. Freed began to whimper again. As they got to the tip, he carefully slid off. Freed gave a soft cry as he shrank back down, and instantly, despite the pain, he clenched his ass tightly.

It was inside him. Cum … held inside!

"Pull my pants up," he said tensely, keeping clenched.

"Right." Laxus was now in a rush as the group of revelers came their way. He yanked Freed's pants back up, zipped them, ignored the top button, and just pulled the belt on loosely.

As the group came nearer, Freed shifted over to the driver's seat. As soon as he sat down, pain shot through him. He slapped a hand over his mouth.

"Are you okay?" Laxus asked in dread.

Freed shook his head in honesty. It seriously hurt! However, the group was only three cars down from them. He had to keep quiet.

Laxus saw the restraint in his sweet lover, and he felt miserable, putting him through this after he said he would keep him safe. "I'm so sorry," he said, cringing. "I would offer to drive, but…" He had never driven a car in his life due to his motion sickness issue.

"No, I … I just need … I'll be fine." Slowly, his ass adjusted to the idea of sitting. It probably would not have hurt this much, except he needed to stay clenched. Still, he tried to grin. "Now I've got cum in a condom on my cock and up my ass." He chuckled, but then pain cut off his forced attempts to play this off. "Laxus, I … I'm gonna drive really fast, and I'm not going to wait for you if you get sick."

"I don't expect you to," Laxus said, tucking his cock away. He pulled his seatbelt on.

"All right," Freed sighed, steeling himself for the discomfort of driving with his ass on fire. He needed to get home as quickly as possible. "We're peeling out of here."

The ignition rumbled, the Corvette's engine roared, and he pulled out of the parking lot as fast as he dared. Once on the main street, tires smoked as he squealed off in a rush.

Laxus grabbed at his seatbelt as he was slammed back into his seat from the speed. "Whoa! You weren't kidding."

Freed's eyes were focused on the evening road. "We're getting home fast."

"Uuurk!" Laxus felt nauseated, but he realized his discomfort was nothing compared to Freed's. "I won't complain," he decided, even as acid shot up into his mouth.

They drove down the road at speeds that were probably illegal. Freed raced to miss yellow lights, and Laxus was pretty sure at least two were technically red. Even as his stomach churned, the unsteady breathing from Freed told him that his temporary sickness was nothing in comparison to what he just did to his lover.

Finally, they had to stop at a light, and Laxus heard ragged breaths.

"I'm really sorry," he said again.

"You needed it," Freed shouted, his voice grating as he struggled with keeping his body clenched, "and … I wanted it!" Freed took his focus off the street light. "Your cum is inside me, Laxus. This is what I wanted. It's what you promised: to fill me with your cum until I burn for a week."

"I could have just had you swallow."

Freed chuckled as the light turned green and he was forced to follow traffic. "Don't go all softy on me right at the start. I don't want that." He glanced over briefly. "I want to ache for you."

Pride surged within Laxus. His slave was willing to withstand anything to pleasure him. In return, he would pleasure Freed as thoroughly as possible.

"You'll never forget tonight," he growled. Then another shot of acid burped up, and the beastly sadist looked ready to turn green with sickness.

In just a few minutes, they were at a nice apartment complex that looked more like a resort hotel.

"You live here?" Laxus exclaimed as Freed eased into a designated parking spot. "Aren't these expensive?"

Freed smirked haughtily. "Who are you talking to?"

Laxus glared over. "A damn rich boy, that's who!"

Freed chuckled. He could hardly wait to spoil Laxus in luxuries. Maybe this apartment was more than he needed on his own, but he wanted to build a home with Laxus, to give him everything he never had as a child. That started with undying love, a soft bed, and a home that wasn't infested with cockroaches.

Freed opened his door and began to shift, but the pain shot through him again. Like a flash, Laxus was out of the car and by his side.

"Just relax."

Suddenly, Freed felt himself being lifted. He gasped as Laxus easily pulled him out of the car and up into his arms.

"I'm taking my lover home for the first time," Laxus explained. "Of course I'm carrying you over the threshold."

"Not all the way up!" he cried out in embarrassment.

"I love that face you make," Laxus growled hungrily. "Don't forget to lock your car."

He slammed the door shut with his foot and began to haul Freed away while the green-haired man fumbled with his key fob to hit the button that locked the doors. By the time the car beeped to show the alarm was activated, Laxus and Freed were out of sight.

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