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Chapter 35

I've Got You Under My Skin

Before either one realized it, a week had passed. They spent the time together, sometimes going out, but mostly staying in and lavishing one another with attention.

Yet Monday dawned with the alarm clock blaring. Laxus simply rolled over, wrapping himself in his blankets more, while Freed rose with a stretch and immediately headed to the bathroom to shower.

As the shower ran and he heard Freed humming a song, Laxus shuffled slowly out of bed. Goddamn too early in the morning, but there was no way he was sleeping through Freed's first day of work. He stumbled groggily into the kitchen. Coffee! He got a pot brewing, then went to the bathroom to be undated by the smell of Freed's peppermint shampoo and that musical humming. He rarely heard Freed actually sing, but he sure did like to hum.

"Want me to make you breakfast?" he asked gruffly.

The humming stopped. "Oh! You don't have to. I should have time to cook something quickly."

"Screw that. I'll make ya something. Need a lunch, too?"

This time Freed laughed. "I'm the CEO's son. I think it'd look bad if I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a brown bag." Freed peeked out from behind the shower. "I'll likely go out somewhere with my father since it's the first day on the job. Thank you, though. That's … really thoughtful."

Laxus walked forward and kissed Freed's drenched face. "Just tryin' to figure out my role in this."

Freed blushed and hid back away in the shower. His … role? These little domestic things were still a bit surreal. Just a few months ago…

He covered his cheeks, thinking about how lucky he was, to have gone from a lonely man thinking he would never find love, not with his peculiar needs, to now living with a man he thought was way too perfect for him.

When Freed finally stepped out toweling his hair, he smelled coffee and eggs. Laxus had breakfast completely set up. Freed let his hair air-dry while he sat in his robe in the dining room and ate a nice breakfast with Laxus. They did not speak much, but Freed realized Laxus was staring as if ready to devour him. He worried slightly that he might try something kinky before he had to go, but Laxus seemed to realize this was not the time. This was an important day for Freed.

After eating, Laxus dealt with the dishes while Freed brushed out his hair and dressed. He already had a suit picked out ahead of time. He had dressed in outfits like this frequently while living with his parents. College allowed him to wear less formal attire, but putting on the dress pants and tie felt familiar.

Laxus walked silently into the bedroom and watched him from the side. He had seen Freed dress formally a few times and damn, he looked good. Clothes like that suited him more than the casual-wear he had been lounging in all week. As Freed looked in the mirrored closet to adjust his tie, Laxus finally strode forward and kissed the side of his neck, nuzzling into the smell of cologne.

"Laxus!" Freed protested, although he melted slightly at the soft nose rubbing over his skin.

"I ain't gonna mark ya," he promised, still sniffing him. He gave the side of Freed's ear a kiss and looked into the mirror at the two of them, Freed in a suit and tie, him still in boxers and muscle shirt. "You look great. Knock 'em dead!"

Freed grinned with confidence. Then Laxus moved aside to let him finish getting his shoes on and the last few details of his suit. He kept clear until finally Freed grabbed his car keys and walked to the door. They faced one another, about to leave each other's side for the first time in days.

"Will you be okay here?" Freed asked in concern.

Laxus scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Who the hell do you think you're talking to?" He put his hands on Freed's shoulders and looked at him firmly. "You have some serious duties. I won't bother pretending that you're not the bread-winner in this relationship. You go on and do your thing. I'm gonna sort through the boxes." He gave Freed a kiss on the forehead. "Have a good day at the office."

Freed gawked at him in surprise and began to blush. "I … I feel like my wife is kissing me off to work."

"Fuck you!" Laxus laughed. "I really will spank your ass. Your coworkers wouldn't see my hand print on your butt."

Freed chuckled and kissed Laxus' lips. "Why don't you try making a pot roast for dinner?"

"Bitch, I really will—"

"I'm serious," Freed cut in. "I don't think I've ever had your cooking besides breakfasts. You lived on your own up until now. I assume you know how to cook more than scrambled eggs."

Laxus glared aside. "You … like pot roast?"

"Well, it can be anything, so long as it's made by you. I actually prefer chicken to roast."

"Good. I've never even had pot roast in my life."

Freed gawked. "Are you serious?"

"My mother was vegan. We ate a lot of salad, pasta, rice, and tofu."

"Well, I look forward to anything you make," Freed smiled. "I'll call you on my lunch break."

"Y-yeah," Laxus said awkwardly. "Now get the hell outta here before I really do feel like a goddamn wife."

Freed just laughed and waved as he shut the door.

Laxus stood in the silent apartment and finally allowed himself to blush.

"Idiot," he muttered. "Pot roast, huh?"

That evening, Freed came home tired from a long, exhausting day. First days at a job were always stressful, but this one was far worse. He was the son of the CEO, he knew many of the upper management from Christmas parties, but the lower ranks had their prejudices against him already. His father wanted him to start low and work his way up through merit, but to the people who had been working there for a year or more, to suddenly have this man fresh out of college already be the junior manager stank of nepotism. Freed knew this was going to be a long fight up the corporate ladder. The pressure to be perfect was greater than ever.

So coming home was a huge relief. Here, he knew he did not have to be polite, amiable, authoritative, and socially perfect. If he was lucky, he could be a slave, where he made no decisions and his only responsibility was to follow his master's orders.

"I'm home," he called in, hearing the exhaustion in his own voice.

Laxus rushed forward out of the living room, wearing faded old sweats and looking worried by that tired greeting. However, Freed smiled to show he was fine, just weary. Laxus eased his suit coat off and hung it up for him. As Freed removed his shoes, Laxus held him steady, already pampering him. Freed loosened his tie, smiled up at Laxus, and collapsed against his chest.

"Missed you," he sighed, feeling safe in those huge arms.

Laxus smiled and stroked down his hair. "You look like you've fought a battle."

"Mmh, might as well have. People all around me are too aware of my standing with the company's CEO. I'm just a junior manager, but I'm already fighting to have my coworkers call me Freed and not Mister Justine like my father. Just as I thought they were warming up to me, and we were standing around joking like normal people, Father came down personally to see how I was doing, and bam, it's Mister Justine all over again."

Laxus just chuckled. "A little respect isn't so bad."

"I want to be treated normally," he sighed. "I know where this game of my father's ends. I'll be CEO one day. Until then, I want something normal, typical office dynamics, coworkers who don't treat me like I'm a demigod. Dammit, Macao was practically bowing to me, and he's a senior engineer, been there for decades."

"Shhh!" Laxus said, hugging him. "That's all out there. In here, it's just us."

Freed hummed happily. "Just us," he whispered, wrapping his arms around Laxus. "I wish it was always just us."

Laxus kissed the top of his head. "What do you need tonight? Tell me what to do to make it better."

Freed sighed in misery. "I feel bad saying it, but I'm really not—"

"Foot rub?" Laxus offered. "Hot bath? Glass of wine? Cuddling on the couch and watching reruns?"

Freed raised his head in astonishment. He thought Laxus was talking about sex, and at the moment he was too mentally drained.

"Idiot," Laxus chuckled at seeing his expression. "Ya think I've never worked a shitty shift and came home needing to watch old 80s shows while guzzling beer? While you were sitting around in that university, I was out there working crap jobs. I know what it's like. The world out there wears you down, and today was a big day. Relax for tonight. Come on! Dinner is done. I'll pop a bottle of wine to celebrate your new job."

Laxus tugged him over to the kitchen. Freed had already smelled something good cooking, and now he saw that Laxus actually did manage to make a pot roast, although the kitchen was a mess. They sat down to dinner, and they were relatively quiet, just casual remarks about the food, asking for the salt, and idle chat.

Freed thought this was like some crazy dream, coming home from work and having dinner together. He kept looking up, seeing Laxus sitting across the table, and shaking his head. Something like this … nine months ago, he never would have dreamed of something so incredible.

Laxus also kept quiet. He was glad to hear that the meat turned out good, and the buttered asparagus he cooked to go along with it was easy enough, yet Freed still complimented the seasoning. They clinked wineglasses in celebration, but mostly their mouths were busy chewing. Laxus realized Freed kept staring at him, and he hardly blamed him. He kept looking up as well. He had gotten used to a solitary life, cooking and eating alone. Having someone as graceful and handsome as Freed sitting across from him, eating the food he had prepared, was a domestic wish he thought was far beyond the realm of possibility.

They washed dishes together and decided to watch some old episodes of Game of Thrones. As a homosexual scene between Loras and Renly came on, Freed blushed. He knew what was coming up.

"People love you. They love to serve you because you're kind to them."

Laxus rubbed Freed's leg. "See? You're kind, and if they respect you, isn't that the point of being a manager?"

Freed muttered humbly, "Junior manager."

"You're willing to do what needs to be done, but you don't gloat over it."

Laxus kissed Freed's head. "You're like that, too."

"You don't know that. You've never seen me at work, or even at school, for that matter."

"I know you," he said sagely.

As Loras Tyrell undid Renly Baratheon's trousers and dropped to his knees, Freed gulped at how hot that looked. When he had first seen this episode years ago, he had fantasized about his own sexy Loras gazing up at him with eyes that dreamy. Suddenly, Laxus' hand drifted up, lightly stroked Freed's erection, and elicited a choked groan.

"You would be a wonderful king."

Laxus leaned into Freed's ear. "You would be a wonderful CEO," he said in the same tone.

Freed looked up in astonishment. Laxus smiled down at him as Renly began to get a sweet blow job from Loras.

Laxus muted the show, not caring about the next part. His hand ran through Freed's hair, he leaned over, and he kissed warmly, powerfully, persistently. Freed hummed at the dominating lips and Laxus' massive hands stroking his skin.

Laxus suddenly grabbed Freed, yanking him right up onto his lap. Freed yelped as he was pulled like a doll, and his legs spread to straddle Laxus' thighs. Rough hands slid up under his shirt, tingling Freed's body like currents of electricity.

"L-Laxus," he whined.

"Love feeling you," Laxus growled, nipping Freed's lower lip and tugging it with his teeth.

Freed pulled away from the kisses, but Laxus' lips went to his throat instead. "Nngh! I don't want to complain or anything, but … ah! … but I have to wake up early tomorrow. If … ooh! … if we do this, I … I won't—"

"Shut up," Laxus muttered, his mouth still planting kisses, not sucking or marking, just kissing and sometimes running his tongue along the racing vein in Freed's neck. "It's fine if we just make out, right?"

Freed gasped softly as Laxus kissed a spot that sent chills through him. "M-make out?"

"Yeah, just this." He moved up again and kissed his mouth. Their tongues danced together, and although Freed moaned, Laxus was keeping his hands above the waist. "Just this is all. I won't touch you. I wouldn't want you to be late to work, Mister Justine."

After a day of hearing people call him that and trying to insist that they call him Freed, hearing Laxus say it affected Freed the same way as that one time when the blond had called him Master.

"Ooh, you like me calling you that," he chuckled.

"I … I don't!"

"Of course you do," he muttered, and licked around Freed's ear before whispering, "Mister Justine."

Freed shivered again. Why was that affecting him? He thought he hated being called that.

"I'm fine with just this," Laxus said, kissing the area behind Freed's ear. "Although," he whispered secretively, "if you want to do something to me, I'm fine with that, too."

Freed gulped. He glanced down and saw a bulge growing in Laxus' sweatpants.

"I … I could—"

"Only what you want," Laxus breathed hotly into his ear.

"Then … um … this," he said, and he pulled Laxus down, lying back on the couch.

Laxus followed him down and let their lips glance over one another. Their bodies pressed together, but their groins did not touch. Laxus was being strict on that. Freed sensed what this was. Although saying it was for his sake, Laxus was also purposely denying him. He could have kept kissing and Freed would have given in, letting himself be taken. Instead, since Laxus said he would not touch Freed, now he would definitely stick to that rule.

But Freed could touch him.

A thousand scenarios played through Freed's mind as they made out on the couch. He could mimic the scene they just saw and give Laxus a blow job here in the living room, sitting between his knees and slowly sucking on him while Laxus continued to watch television, taking the pleasure in stride. He could lie there and have Laxus thrust into his mouth. He could worship this man's cock while denying his own pleasure, torturing himself with need. He could do just about anything to this man, since the only rule was that Laxus would not touch him.

Before he could make up his mind what to do, Laxus pulled back.

"Dammit, I can't do this."

Freed looked up in confusion. "Can't do what?"

"Make out with you without wanting sex, and I won't do that, not on a workday."

"Whoa, wait!" Freed cried out. "No one said we can't have sex during the week."

"Then what am I supposed to do?" he asked in a snappish, annoyed tone. "If I pound your ass, and you have to sit at a desk all day, you'll end up with hemorrhoids or something. I'm not gonna do anything to hurt you permanently or risk your job."

"Then … what if … just this."

He pulled Laxus back down to him, but this time his arms pulled those sharp hips down, too. Freed thrust up, grinding their arousals together and getting a low growl out of Laxus.

"This is fine," Freed whispered.

"No, it's not."

Freed felt stung. "Why not? I'm so turned on, I'll jerk off anyway, so it's fine if we're doing this together."

"No, I mean … I don't want you to come in those nice clothes."

Freed laughed and patted Laxus' cheek. "Then let's do something about that."

They sat up and hurried undressed themselves. Laxus yanked his shirt off and shimmied out of the sweatpants and boxers. Freed took longer, messing with all the buttons on his shirt and getting the belt off his slacks. When he was finally done, Laxus was sitting on the couch with a massive erection sticking straight up. With a gleam in his blue eyes, he patted his lap. Freed walked over, straddled those muscular legs again, and sat on top of Laxus with his knees folded to either side. Laxus' large hands went to Freed's waist and pulled him in close, smashing his cock up against Freed's belly.

Freed arched his body and pressed up against Laxus. The long day, the stress of the job, the pressure of being the CEO's son, all melted as he stroked his arousal against Laxus' own erection. They continued to kiss like before, but now their bodies moved, skin against skin, and each stroke heated them inside.

Although Laxus' large cock was more than enough to completely stroke Freed, he realized that his own might not be as pleasurable—how wrong he was!—so he reached down, wrapped his hand around the top side of Laxus' cock, and pulled it slightly away from his stomach. That increased the friction between them, and his hand began to stroke in time with his hips' moments. The blond was so used to kinks, he rarely bothered to think how pleasurable normal stuff could feel.

"Before I'm too erect, can I try something?" Freed breathed heavily.

"Try anything you want," Laxus grunted, "but I'm still not touching you." He sure as hell did not trust himself at this point.

"No, you won't need to for this. The day you came home from Greece, you mentioned that you wondered what it was like to have foreskin." Freed grinned devilishly. "How about I show you?"

Laxus arched an eyebrow.

"Since you don't have it, I bet you never thought of this." He looked way too pleased with himself as he shifted his position on Laxus' legs, lifting his ass and tilting his hips. "I'm not really sure if it'll work with someone of your size, but … if it does … you'll at least get a hint."

Freed pulled on his foreskin, tugging on it until it went over the head of his half-hard cock. This would have been easier if he was not erect at all, but the discomfort of stretching his skin this far was erotic as well. Then he placed the tip of his cock right up against the leaking slit of Laxus' own.

"What are you doing?" Laxus asked cautiously.

Freed grinned at him. "Giving you foreskin."

He pulled his skin over the head of Laxus' cock. It was an incredibly tight fit, nearly painful, and he realized lube would have been a good idea. He had to relax himself. The mental imagery alone would have him coming in under a minute, plus he wanted his skin to truly cover Laxus. Luckily, the stretching pain killed his desire to come and made him shrink just enough for this to work. After a minute of stretching, tugging, and fitting, Laxus was properly docked right inside of his foreskin.

"Ho- … -ly … shit," Laxus gasped.

"You'll need to touch yourself," Freed warned him. He knew that if he let go, this could spring back and they would lose this incredible connection. "So, this is foreskin, that bit of penis protection your god ordered to be cut off from good Jewish boys, although he was the one who created it in the first place. What do you think?"

Laxus was stroking himself as he felt the inside flesh. "It's … soft."

Freed smiled at the lost, hazy lust in his eyes. "Feels good?" He stroked so that the skin moved around Laxus' head. The stimulation to the inside of his foreskin was intense, and he bit on his lips.

"Fuck yeah!" Laxus growled.

Freed liked wrapping himself around Laxus this way. It was different than just being thrust into, since he was the one thrusting down, feeling that large cock through his foreskin and through his fingers. It was his own cock, an extension of it at least, yet it was Laxus inside, wearing him like a piece of clothing.

"Oh God, Freed," Laxus grunted.

Seriously, it seemed like anything this rich brat did was amazing. The silky feel of Freed's foreskin rubbing the most sensitive part of his cock drove him on. The heads of their cocks slithered together with drenching pre-cum until both cried out in pleasure. Freed felt himself losing control, and the foreskin was pulling back. He tried to keep this connection at least a little longer, even though it was getting more painful to hold the skin in place.

"Freed!" Laxus gasped. "Fuck, I'm not gonna last at all."

"It's fine."

"But … inside?"

Freed leaned up into his ear. "Yes. Come inside me."

That sensual breath snapped Laxus. His wrist flew faster, his face grimaced at the intensity, and he roared as he came, spilling into the hood of Freed's foreskin. The look of Laxus succumbing to pleasure, and especially the feel of that cum spurting against his own cock at point-blank range, was the last bit Freed needed. With a whimpering cry, he felt himself pour out, and the feeling was incredible. He was coming directly into Laxus' own slit, almost like he could shoot his load down that tiny tunnel. He felt their cum mixing within his own skin, spilling out and dripping down Laxus' shaft. Their foreheads pressed together, both sweaty, and their breaths mingled as they panted in exhaustion.

"Freed, that … that was … damn!"

"Good?" he asked in an arrogant tone.

"Oh fucking hell, yes!" he growled.

Freed let go, his skin retracted back to normal, and the cum slithered out, getting onto both of them. The tips of their cocks were still together, covered in milky white.

"See, there are ways to enjoy kinks without hurting me or being in my ass." Freed leaned into Laxus' ear again. "You can get under my skin anytime."

Laxus looked like an exhausted yet still ravenous beast as he glared up with a salacious smile. "We're getting a shower, and then I'm sticking you into bed."

"I'm not really sleepy," Freed shrugged.

"Fine, but if I'm still awake by the time I get my second wind, I'll be too weak-willed to stop myself from pounding that ass of yours. So we're going to bed. Sit up and read if you want, but for your sake, I'm going to bed, and I want you in the bed with me."

"So demanding," Freed teased, and gave him a kiss before climbing off his lap. "Get the shower ready. I'll toss the clothes into the hamper and clean up."

Slowly, feeling the cum dripping on his skin, Laxus stood up. He watched Freed walking around, gathering the discarded clothes. His eyes drifted down. Now flaccid, that wonderful cock was completely hooded by the foreskin.


He hummed in question and looked around his shoulder.

"We're doing that again someday."

Freed smirked slyly. He knew Laxus would enjoy it. "Does my Jew like his little Gentile's manhood?"

"Fuck yes!" he snarled. "Makes me almost jealous."

Freed slithered up until their hips were touching. "I'm the jealous one. Yours never hides, and it's so … so … big!" His tongue made a slight flicker out to his lips, just enough to moisten them.

"Dammit, Freed!" he shouted in frustration.

With a light laugh, the green-haired man pulled away, loving how he could tease his lover so easily.

"Bitch," Laxus grumbled, but he smiled as Freed practically pranced to the laundry room. Damn, living together was going to be wonderful!

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A/N: It's been mentioned before that, since Laxus was born and raised Jewish, he is circumcised while Freed is not. In case you've never heard of it, what they're doing is called docking.

Audio recording: It includes the clip from "Game of Thrones" I mentioned: Season 1, Episode 5: The Wolf and the Lion.

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