Catch the Thunder

BY : Rhov
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A/N: Just to clarify, their condo has a separate shower stall and side bathtub.

Warning: They engage in some mild rape fantasy. It's totally consensual and very much enjoyed by both.

Chapter 59


Freed woke and felt a heavy arm draped over his chest. He was on his back, but Laxus was still on his side, snuggled next to him. Laxus' mouth hung open, and drool crusted his cheek down to a damp spot on his pillow. Freed wanted to laugh at how adorable he looked, especially after everything that happened yesterday.

The sun was up, the morning already getting hot with summer. Freed caught sight of the clock. A quarter to nine. He rarely slept in so late, but his body still felt stiff from the night before. Slowly, he slipped out of Laxus' hold and stretched. He rubbed out his jaw. That especially felt sore from the muzzle. When he went to the bathroom to pee, it still stung a bit deep inside from the catheter.

He wrapped a housecoat around him and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. While he was flipping pancakes, Laxus lumbered forward, completely naked and his blond hair frazzled.

"Goooood morning!" Freed sang out.

Laxus growled. How could he be so chirpy first thing in the morning? "Seriously, you have no sense of the concept of sleeping in."

"I did sleep in. I'd already be sitting at my desk by this time."

Laxus rolled his eyes, knowing he would never get used to Freed's early morning schedule. Then he really looked at him, wrapped in a robe and barefoot in the kitchen. Memories of the previous day returned to Laxus. It was hard to believe how Freed could change personalities so drastically, from the refined elitist entertaining politicians and powerful business moguls, to an erotic pet whimpering with masochistic pleasure, to a domestic husband—

Shit, don't think of him as a husband!

"Y'kay?" Laxus asked, just a little worried about how Freed was holding up, not just physically, but mentally, bouncing from one extreme to another like this.

"I feel fine," he assured. "You should clean up. I'd like to eat soon."

Laxus hummed, wondering why the rush. Did they have to go somewhere? What day was it anyway? His mind was still on some dream about a water park and Freed in a speedo.

"Remember? Ten o'clock sharp."

It still took Laxus a few seconds for it to register. When it did, he smiled to see Freed so eager to continue this long-term scene.

"Did I really say ten? I meant nine."

Freed's mouth dropped. He looked over at the clock. 8:57. There was no way he could finish cooking breakfast.

"You should have slept in longer … and let me sleep in."

Freed turned to the stove and began to rush. Three minutes. The pancakes at least would be finished by then, but he had biscuits baking in the oven, and he had not even started on the eggs.

Laxus walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around Freed. "Is my pet talented enough to cook?"

He gulped hard at that whisper and the strength in those warm arms. "Y-yes, master."

Laxus nuzzled his neck and left wet kisses down to his shoulder as he tugged the housecoat aside, letting his hands glide over Freed's chest and abs. "We have two minutes. Talk to me while you still can."

Freed had to shift the pancakes aside before they burned and set his spatula down as Laxus slowly undressed him, kissing and lightly biting all the way. He shivered at the erotic tenderness, but he tried to think of something to say, to set up barriers before they began. He had hoped to have a slow, heartfelt talk about last night over breakfast. Now, he had to rush and simplify everything.

"I liked yesterday, you can make me hold my bladder, but don't make me pee myself, and pooping is completely out."

"Mmm … no promises on not making you piss yourself. I really liked that. I agree to no pooping. Is that okay?"

"I'll only pee in the bathroom. It's easier to clean up."

"Not as fun, but noted. Anything else?" Laxus let the housecoat drop to the ground and began to draw his finger around the rim of the boxers, tugging but not pulling them down yet as he was too busy kissing Freed's neck under the curtain of hair.

He shivered at the hot mouth and tickling morning stubble. "Use me more."

"Oh, I plan to!"

"The handles on the muzzle."

"Mmm, you liked those."

"And have me see myself once in a while. I barely got to see how I looked."

"Fucking divine, that's how you looked! Can I take a video so you can watch that later?"

"That's fine, but I want to see myself in the moment."

"Got it. Thirty seconds."

Freed began to pant as the kisses turned into bites. "Fuck me," he said with a shudder.

"Definitely, but I don't promise to let you come."

Freed whined. Already, he was erect and aching.

"Any last words?"

Freed spun around, gazed right up into those blue eyes, and reached up to stroke his fingers through the pillow-ruffled hair. "I love you, Laxus."

Laxus' mouth dropped, and he stared back in astonishment. He saw the clock tick over to nine, but still their eyes were locked. Freed obediently said nothing more, leave those as his last words for the day.

Laxus had to break his gaze. He needed to be a master, although he seriously wanted to spend the day cuddling Freed now after hearing him say that.

"Put your housecoat away, get naked, then fetch your collar and my robe."

Freed replied with a sassy, "Meow." He swooped down to pick up the discarded coat and strode away with an elegant sway to his hips.

Laxus barely held back from laughing at the mewing. He fixed himself a cup of coffee, and by the time he had stirred in the cream, Freed was back, naked and wearing the collar, with Laxus' robe draped over his arm.

"Good boy. Finish my breakfast and make yourself something a pet can eat."

Completely naked, Freed continued to cook the last of the pancakes. These would be too hard for him to eat without utensils, so he made sausages. Two he set aside normal for Laxus, the others he cut up into bite-sized bits. He mixed up eggs, over easy for Laxus, scrambled for him, and mixed that with the sausages into a bowl. Then the biscuits were done, so he buttered those for Laxus and broke them into pieces for himself. He brought the plate over to Laxus, but was not sure what to do with the bowl.

"Pets don't eat at the table," Laxus told him. "Set it on the floor, then fetch your mitts and kneepads."

Freed put the bowl on the ground. He went to the bedroom and found the animal paw mitts and kneepads. He also saw the cat ears. He put his hair up in a bun first—he had learned that long hair and crawling were a bad mix—then put all of the gear on. He returned to Laxus crawling on all fours. However, instead of appreciative, Laxus scowled at seeing his pet return to him.

"I didn't say to wear them. I said to fetch them. And I didn't say you could wear the ears yet."

Freed's mouth dropped. Crap! He had not followed orders.

"Bad pet."

His head dropped immediately, and he whimpered to show he was sorry.

"Come over here."

With his head down, Freed crawled to the kitchen table.

"Ass to me."

Freed's heart pounded with anticipation as he turned around, presenting his bare ass to Laxus. His eyes slammed shut, waiting to be spanked. The strike came, but instead of a sharp whack, it was barely a pat. Freed gasped and looked back. He had been somewhat looking forward to a stinging spank, so this was disappointing. By the smile on Laxus' face, he knew he had just denied Freed of some of his masochistic pleasure … and that was the true punishment.

"Now, fetch my slippers. You better not come back wearing those as well."

Freed crawled to the bedroom and found Laxus' slippers. He tried to pick them up, but with the paws on, he could grab nothing. How was he supposed to carry these back?

Of course. Like a pet.

Cringing past the realization that Laxus' feet went into these, reasoning that he had put worse things into his mouth, he leaned over and gathered the slippers between his teeth. He returned slowly, struggling not to drool on them. He crawled back to the kitchen, up to Laxus' side, dropped the slippers in front of him, and sat back, eager for praise.

"Looks like my pet is slowly learning."

That was not the praise he wanted. He needed to do better!

"Eat up, pet."

Freed crawled over to the bowl and was glad he had cut everything up. He leaned over and ate, chomping at the food, getting grease and biscuit crumbs on his face.

"I forgot to get my pet something to drink." Laxus rose, pulled out another bowl, and filled it with plain water from the tap. "There you go." He set it next to the food dish and stroked Freed's head. "Enjoy it."

Freed looked up with food bits on his face and meowed happily. Laxus drew back a step, as if Freed had done something shocking. He cursed under his breath and turned sharply back to his seat at the table.

Freed looked at him, confused about what just happened. He had only meowed. Or was this something that affected Laxus powerfully? He had said last night, between growls and fucking, that seeing Freed dressed in all the pet gear drove him with insatiable lust. Was he actually really into pet play and simply did not realize it before now? Was Laxus discovering a new kink?

Freed finished eating, but he could feel the food on his face. He brushed off a bit of egg onto his paw, then licked it off. He tried to clean his face with those puffy, cartoonish paws, but then licked the gloves clean. Laxus glanced over at Freed grooming himself and cursed softly again. When Freed looked up, Laxus had just turned away, his fist to his mouth, and through the housecoat he could see an erection surging straight up.

Freed slyly crawled under the table and sneaked between Laxus' thighs while he was not looking. When he meowed again, Laxus looked down, saw the ears and collar and paws, and he cursed louder.

"I'm too weak in the morning," he grumbled. Laxus stood up so suddenly, his chair flipped backwards. "To the bathroom. Now!"

Bathroom? Freed followed but was confused until Laxus pulled out an enema and a large bottle of lube. Oh! Laxus was aroused from Freed's roleplaying and needed relief. He removed Freed's paws, then yanked up his chin.

"Prepare yourself really well. I want you clean, lubed inside, stretched out, and ready for me." Then Laxus stomped out with a sense of urgency.

Freed loved knowing he could make Laxus lose control like this. He used the enema to completely clean himself inside, then lubed himself and stretched his ass a bit with his own fingers. Once he cleaned his hands from all that, he put the paws back on and crawled to the bedroom, but was unsure what to do. Get up onto the bed? Stay on the floor?

Laxus had thrown off the housecoat and was naked. He pulled Freed by the collar around to the mirrored closet and turned him to look into the massive mirror.

"Aren't you a pretty pet?" he said in admiration.

Freed blushed as he saw himself on all fours.

"But my pet still needs to be muzzled."

Laxus strapped on the mask that clamped Freed's jaw shut. The floppy ear handles were already attached. Freed wondered if this meant Laxus wanted to fuck his mouth or his ass.

Laxus grasped Freed's throat and lifted his whole face up, until Freed almost felt like he was being choked. "Look at yourself, pet. You ended up with a terrible owner."

He wanted to protest. Laxus was a great owner.

"I have such a pretty kitty, so obedient," Laxus crooned, caressing along Freed's torso, "and yet instead of playing with you like a good owner … no, I'm a bad owner. All I wanna do with my pet…" He leaned down into Freed's ear and gazed hungrily at him through the mirror. "…is fuck you."

Freed whimpered with need.

"What sort of owner fucks his pet?"

Freed didn't care, he just wanted it.

"A normal pet would fight against that, right?"

What? Fight against it?

"A normal good pet," he said, and the hand on Freed's throat tightened slightly, "would try to get away from a terrible owner who wants to fuck it."

Wait, did he really want Freed to pretend like he didn't want it? Freed looked into the mirror in confusion and shrugged his shoulders to show Laxus, he was truly stumped about his intent.

Laxus whispered into his ear, "Struggle."

Oh God, he did mean it!

"Fight like an animal. Make me take you."

Holy shit! They had never done something like this, and Freed's heart raced with worry about this new type of play. How could he possibly pretend like he didn't want it, when he absolutely did?

If this was what Laxus needed, though…

If Laxus desperately needed to show this level of dominance to feel better…

Laxus whispered again, "In A Gadda Da Vida."

That was the safeword, a song he could hum, which meant Laxus did not intend to release his mouth and probably planned to bind his wrists. Freed felt the anxiety growing. He needed to use that panic and spin it around.

Laxus stroked his hand down Freed's spine, and as soon as it got to his hips, Freed scrambled away. He could not go fast with the puffy paws and kneepads, but he still escaped. Laxus smiled in approval as he watched Freed obey him.

"You can't get away from me, pet." Laxus stood up and stalked forward. "Where could you escape?"

It was a game of chase, a hunter and prey. Freed crawled out of the bedroom and to the living room. Where could he go? Ah, the couch! He scurried over there and hunkered down, trying to hide away. Laxus was slow to follow. When he came out of the bedroom, he carried the leash, a whip, and a coil of rope. Freed gasped at the sight, and for a moment he felt truly panicked, like being hunted by a predator.

"Where are you, pet?" he called out menacingly.

Freed cowered down. Where could he run?

"You know I have you trapped in here. You can't escape me. You're mine! I can do whatever I want with you. After all, I own you."

Shit, this was getting to be extreme, even for Freed, yet it was thrilling. His heart fluttered, his nerves tingled, cold sweat formed on his limbs, and his senses went hyper-acute as his natural flight-or-fight instincts kicked in hard.

Although Laxus had to have known where he was hiding—their eyes even met for a fraction of a second—he pretended to be searching elsewhere and turned into the kitchen.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are."

Freed waited until Laxus had turned a corner, then he scrambled over the floor, slipping as he hurried across the living room.

"I see you, pet."

He heard the whip crack. Freed let out a yelp, although it was in another room. His heart pounded in a panic. Rather than fleeing into the bedroom though, he turned into the bathroom. He slammed the door shut and used his teeth to lock it. When Laxus grabbed the doorknob, he felt it unable to turn.

"What the…? You little shit."

The knob rattled, and Laxus pounded the door. Freed leaned against it, trapped in the fear of the game. He had never liked playing Hide and Seek. He liked to be the seeker, and he hated to hide from Bickslow or Evergreen. He had always manipulated childhood games to be the one hunting them, and this was why. His fear of being prey affected him strongly. It made his skin prickle and his lungs spasm.

It was also making him aroused as he realized what Laxus would do to him if he was caught. He would be forceful. He would tie him up, pin him down, and force himself onto Freed. Although it was everything Freed wanted, the act of simply struggling to avoid that conclusion made it taboo.

He heard a key fumbling into the lock. Freed tried to grab the doorknob, but he could not hold it tight enough with his mitt paws, and he was afraid that grabbing it with his mouth might chip his teeth. So he put his whole body up against the door. When Laxus tried to force his way inside, Freed pushed to slam it shut on him.

"You ass."

Laxus barreled through, and Freed was knocked to the floor. Laxus picked him up by the collar, choking Freed as he was lifted.

"I was trying to be nice, but I can be mean with my pet as well. I own you."

Freed had tears in his eyes. He could barely breathe. He was two seconds away from the safeword when Laxus released the collar, lifted him, and threw him over his shoulder instead. He carried Freed to the bedroom like a sack of meat he had hunted and captured.

"What a fighter I have! Such a strong pet."

He sounded proud. Was that what he wanted? More fighting? Freed tried to kick his legs in protest and pounded Laxus' back with the padded mitts, although he was pretty much helpless in this position. It seemed to be the right reaction, because Laxus chuckled deep in his throat, almost a carnal growl of animality.

He was thrown to the bed, and immediately he rolled until he fell onto the floor, then spun himself under the bed.

"Shit, you're quick," Laxus said, truly sounding impressed. He flipped the blankets up and looked under the bed. "I still see you."

He began to reach under and almost had the green bun, but Freed rolled away again. He thought he could get to the other side and out the door, but as soon as his head peeked out from under the bed, Laxus grabbed the floppy ears and forcefully yanked Freed out. He screamed as that put almost too much pressure on his trapped jaw.

"You're making me get rough." Laxus began to bring the leash forward to snap it onto the collar, but Freed slammed his head down, hitting Laxus' arm with the leather straps trapping his face. "Fuck!" he shouted, and he slammed Freed to the ground. "No fucking little pet is going to get the best of me." He clamped the leash on and grabbed the coil of rope. Freed struggled and twisted to break free, forcing Laxus to bind his arms quickly, sloppily, and with a tighter coiling as he rushed. "I'm gonna break you in and tame you."

He yanked Freed up and threw him face-down on the bed. Freed hit the muzzle too hard though, and the cry that howled out of him was definitely one of severe pain.

"Shit, I'm sorry." Laxus helped him to roll over, and he looked terrified at actually harming him. "Are you okay?"

Freed growled out a complaint that could not be articulated clearly enough. Laxus loosened the mask, and Freed's jaw dropped open.

"Stop yanking the muzzle like that, and don't throw me where I'll hit my face. It seriously hurts."

"Sorry. I can take it off."

"Do and I'll bite you!"

Laxus looked stunned by the threat, but then he smirked. "Does my bad little pet still need the muzzle?"

Freed hissed like a wet cat, which thrilled Laxus. Freed truly looked feral, and fuck he wanted to tame him! Laxus tightened the muzzle strap back to where it was.

"You can handle that much, right?" he asked to make sure things were comfortable before going on.

Freed nodded, but he still struggled and growled through a closed mouth, falling right back into character.

"Damn, you're amazing," Laxus said in awe.

He finished binding Freed to the bed with ropes, his arms trapped above his head, his ankles in the spreader bar again, legs stretched out and the bar connected via a handcuff to a bondage strap tucked into the foot of the bed. Then Laxus nudged an angled cushion under Freed's hips. As they prepared the setting, Freed struggled in a way that made getting that bolster pillow into position easier, while still growling as if he did not want this. It lifted Freed's ass into the air for a bit of comfort, and so Laxus could admire the pale cheeks. He stroked over the plump globes reverently.

"I'm a terrible owner. Seeing my pet being cute turns me on so much. I have the sexiest pet," he whispered, lubing up his fingers. "I want to spoil my pet, but in the worst ways. I want my pet to feel good."

His finger nudged into Freed's ass, getting a howl of pleasure.

"I'm going to take really good care of my pet," Laxus promised, working his finger in and feeling inside. "But chasing after you like that … shit, that did something." Laxus sounded honestly stunned, completely out of character. Freed heard his breathing change and a gulp as Laxus tried to sort out what was really happening to him mentally and emotionally. "My heart is racing. I feel like I just hunted my prey and now…" The moment of confusion was over; he bit into Freed's shoulder as he forced a second finger in. "…now, I wanna devour you."

Laxus was glad Freed had stretched himself, because he was desperate to get started. Besides, a little pain would make Freed fight for real. So he pulled his fingers out and suddenly spanked Freed, one hit to each butt cheek. The reaction was perfect: surprise, confusion, even a little anger. That was one oddity about Freed. It took very little impact play to get the right response, and too much would have him screaming the safeword. He liked some pain and humiliation, but he was not really a fan of striking flesh. It meant Laxus could not lose himself in smacking him, which forced him to find other creative methods than the ones he had used as a dominant-for-hire. For instance, biting, which he did now, leaning over and chomping into the middle of the pink hand print on Freed's ass. Also scratching, so he dug his nails into Freed's back and clawed welts down that porcelain skin. And one thing Laxus had never done with clients: fucking.

"Maybe I'm not really fit to be a pet owner," Laxus mused, crawling up behind Freed and rubbing lube onto his cock. "Maybe all I really am … is another animal, a beast, and all I'm doing is playing with my food."

He grabbed the floppy ear handles, but they were designed to be pulled from the front. Pulling from behind would unsnap them from the muzzle. So he did not pull hard. He only tugged enough to get Freed to lift his head, ready for the next part.

"I'm done playing." He began to press his cock up against the tight ass.

Freed bucked and yanked his head down, which popped the handles off. Laxus threw them aside in frustration. He was ready to grab the leather muzzle straps, but his fingers pulled back. Freed had warned him not to do that. So instead, he grabbed Freed by the throat, not hard, but enough to keep his head in place.

"Hold … still."

The slight choking forced Freed not to move and added a dangerous element of thrill, a deeper sensation that this was being forced. He was already breathing rapidly, but now it wheezed out. As he felt Laxus push inside, he could not cry out nor move to get away. With those fingers pressed on his throat, he felt like he was being raped.

"Is that good?" Laxus asked, beginning to thrust in.

Freed tried to gulp, but he felt his Adam's apple catch on the hand.

"Holding you by the throat isn't the proper way for a good kitty like you." Laxus released, but at the same time his other hand tightened on the collar, keeping the same amount of pressure on Freed's throat. "Little kittens get held still by the scruff of the neck, right?"

Laxus pounded him hard, and with each thrust that sent Freed forward, the collar choked him a little tighter. Freed felt dizzy, and he hissed out through the clamped mouth: "Yellow."

When Laxus released his throat, it was a powerful feeling. Air rushed back in, and his cock felt ready to explode, as if all that oxygenated blood was rushing between his legs. Freed doubled over on the bed, letting out cries as his body shuddered.

However, Laxus grabbed his cock tightly. "Bad pet! Not allowed!"

He let out a cry of frustration. A few jerks were all he needed at this point, or even just rubbing up against the bolster pillow, anything for friction, but Laxus was not allowing it. His grip on Freed's cock was edged toward the painful side, and as always happened to Freed, it made his need to come whither.

"Goddamn, you're … f-fuck!" Laxus wanted to praise him, but he felt overwhelmed so suddenly, he choked off his words. He began to thrust rapidly, desperately. "Oh God! Fuck! Fuck!" He burst apart in a growl of carnal need. He scratched harder into Freed's hips as he made the last sharp thrusts, spurting out everything. "Oh God, yes! Fuck, Freed. Oooh fuck. We're doing this more. Shit…"

Freed still needed to release so badly, it throbbed. He tried to whimper to show his desperation, but Laxus hushed him.

"Good pets wait. Now, I don't want to just pull out and have all that leak back out. I just bred my kitty, after all. Need to keep that cum in there."

Bred? Like an animal! Like a bitch in heat.

Laxus backed off. "Squeeze your ass as soon as I'm out. Don't let a single drop out or you'll be punished. You remember how I punished you yesterday."

The catheter! Freed really did not want that again, pissing himself without any ability to hold back. So when Laxus pulled his cock out, Freed clenched up as tightly as possible. Laxus walked to the black shopping bag from the sex shop.

"I cleaned this up last night while you were sleeping," he said, and he pulled out a butt plug with a cat's furry tail attached. Freed's eyes widened. "With this, my pet will truly be perfect." He lubed the plug, then pressed it against Freed's anus until it was snug inside, keeping him spread open and stopped up. "You don't get to release my cum until I say so. We're gonna hold it in there." He patted Freed's head. "Maybe you'll be a good breeder and get pregnant."

Freed scowled up at him, and Laxus chuckled. He kissed Freed's sweaty brow.

"Master needs a shower. Come with me."

Were they going to shower together? Freed eagerly followed, hoping for maybe a hot bubble bath where they could cuddle in the water. However, Laxus started up the shower. Well, that worked, too. Yet as Laxus was about to step into the cascading water, he turned to Freed and held up his finger.

"Sit." Freed plopped down onto a rug but flinched when he realized the tailed butt plug was there. "Stay." Then he climbed into the shower and shut the frosted glass door.

Freed pouted and folded his arms. Really? Forced to sit and wait? He could have gotten a little nap on the bed, or even rubbed himself off while Laxus was showering.

Of course, that was probably why he was being forced to sit where Laxus could sort of see him.

Laxus did not take long, at least. He stepped out wet, and Freed's groin ached all over again to see him in full glory.

"I saved you some hot water."

A hot shower? Laxus was being kind.

He carefully removed the paw mitts, collar, and head harness. However, he left the butt plug in.

"It's waterproof, and I want to comb out your tail. Crawl into the bathtub."

Freed had begun to think that Laxus would hose him down again like yesterday, so he was stunned that this would be an actual bath. He crawled to the tub, climbed in, and Laxus started up the water. As the tub filled, Laxus shaved, brushed his teeth, and combed out his blond hair. Freed reclined, enjoying the heat on his limbs, especially his knees, which were already starting to ache from crawling around.

Laxus put on boxers and returned to turn off the water and start to scrub Freed. He hummed some tune from the musical Cats as he soaped up Freed's back and scrubbed down his limbs. Freed enjoyed the pampering. However, then Laxus washed his hair, and Freed did not like how rough he was. It was easier to wash long hair in the shower, and he did not like the idea of the tips of his hair getting into the dirtied bath water, so he kept holding it up.

Once they were done, Laxus brought Freed out onto the rug, had him sit there, and wiped him down. Freed squirmed, having to sit on the butt plug on the hard floor. He supposed that was part of the reason why Laxus had him here instead of standing.

Laxus immediately put the collar back on, but he left the rest off for the moment. He ordered Freed to crawl to the bed and lie stomach-down. Freed relaxed, glad not to have pressure on his ass anymore. However, then he felt movement from the butt plug. He whined and looked back sharply. Laxus was drying the furry tail with the towel, stroking along the full length, tugging the plug erotically.

"Does my pet like having its tail cleaned?" Laxus ran the tail through the towel again, pulling, letting it loose, pulling again. Freed buried his face down into the pillow as he got hot with pleasure. "I want to make sure my pet's tail is nice and dry." He did it again, and this time Freed groaned the entire time the plug was being tugged on. "Now I should brush it out before it gets knots."

The brushing was even worse. Instead of one long tug, it was numerous small motions, each one massaging the plug against his prostate, which still felt sensitive from everything that happened the night before. Freed had to fist up the sheets, struggling to hold back moans, desperately wanting to touch himself, but he had rules to follow. One of those was not to relieve himself from pleasure, nor ask Laxus to help him with this. He had to put up with it. If he was lucky, Laxus would take care of it. Since this was punishment, that was unlikely.

"There! Now, I should get the rest of my pet's fur. Sit up."

He moved slowly, humiliated to be so aroused, and rolled over as he sat on the edge of the mattress.

"Oh? What's this?" Laxus slid one finger up Freed's erection, eliciting a trembling groan out of him. "My pet wants to mate more? My cum should still be up there, though. Maybe after you poop, I'll consider breeding you again."

He tried to shrink away. Bred! Like a bitch! That's what he was now: his master's pet.

Laxus began to wipe Freed's hair, wringing the dampness into the towel. Then he took a brush and began to soothe Freed with a long hair brushing. Freed hummed in pleasure at the gentle attention. His body slowly relaxed, passion ebbed away, and a smile melted over his face. Rarely did Laxus brush his hair like this, and it was rather pleasant to be spoiled.

"You have some seriously sexy hair," Laxus praised, stroking it down with his hand. "Maybe I have a weakness for men with long hair. It's hella sexy!" He gathered the hair up into a ponytail in his hand and slid down, pulling only slightly, enough to make Freed's chin raise and expose his throat. "Mmm, never cut your hair, okay?"

Freed said nothing. He was still a pet, and pets did not speak.

"Are you okay?" Laxus asked tenderly.

Freed nodded, relaxed and happy again.

"Ready to continue?"

He wanted to be spoiled more, but he supposed that would come later. He nodded his consent.

Laxus brought over the muzzle. First, he kissed Freed and thrust his tongue in. He wanted that taste to stay in Freed's mouth while it was trapped shut. Then he pulled the muzzle into place, being careful about the straps. He placed on the furry ears, paw mittens, and the knee pads, ready for more play. Then he also brought out the cock cage, eased it onto Freed, and locked it around his balls.

"Damn, you're so perfect. Turn this way. Look in the mirror."

Freed faced the mirrored closet door and shivered. He saw how he had been turned into a cat, with ears, a tail, and puffy paws. The face harness, collar, and cock cage showed that he was property, owned by the Thunder God.

Laxus caressed his naked body from behind and whispered into his ear. "You're my precious pet."

Freed shivered. Precious! He wanted so badly to be a good pet now.

"I want a picture of you."

Freed whimpered. A picture? Actual evidence that he had been turned into a sexual pet!

Laxus pulled out his phone and pointed it into the mirror. "Selfie with my kitty," he said playfully as he took a few pictures, one with them simply side by side, one with him kissing Freed's head, one with him behind Freed with a possessive arm wrapped around, picture after picture, and each one made Freed even more self-conscious of how erotic he looked.

"That should be enough. Now, how about we watch some TV?"

Laxus got up and simply walked away. Freed moved slower, his penis swollen but now trapped in the cock cage. The plug in his ass shifted with every movement. He got onto his hands and knees, but immediately regretted that he had not requested to have his long hair pulled back up. He had to wrap it around his neck in order to crawl without catching it under the kneepads.

He got to the couch and waited. Laxus was flipping around channels and did not pat the couch. He supposed, as a pet, he should curl up at Laxus' feet. Then he realized, the rug had been pulled over to be closer to the couch. Laxus had set up where he should stay: on the rug, like an animal.

"Ooh, Golden Girls reruns." Laxus sounded far too enthusiastic. He settled onto that show and crossed a leg over his knee. "My mom loved this. Bette White is the best actress to have ever existed, but Blanche is hot."

The idea that his boyfriend thought some fifty-year-old widow was hot irked Freed, but all he could do was glare up at Laxus, who purposely ignored him.

Freed realized Laxus was doing this to give him a break, a chance to rest, but also the humility of lying on the rug … like a pet! He watched the show and chuckled with the jokes, but then he watched Laxus instead.

Maybe he was the one who actually needed this break, a little return to normalcy. He must be sexually tired after that, and he said that chasing Freed did something to him.

Freed had to admit, it did something to him as well, edging into something dark and thrilling.

Perhaps they both needed time to think about that sort of play, and to recover from the intensity. He watched Laxus as he laughed at Betty White's comical acting, and Freed sighed in happiness to see his lover so at ease. He curled down at Laxus' feet and rested while he could.

Next Chapter: "Pet Training"

A/N: Let me clarify: yes, that was rape fantasy. Yes, it was totally consensual, Laxus set up the scene and a safeword, and Freed didn't even need a safeword. When a partner gets too rough, a real shout of pain should be enough to put things on pause. Laxus checked on Freed's comfort from time to time, frequently asking "Are you okay?" You can have your fantasy of being forceful while also being respectful.

No audio, because the next three chapters were all one MASSIVE 30-page chapter. I broke it down to make it easier for me to proofread, and so you guys get faster updates. The audio will be posted with Chapter 61.

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