Catch the Thunder

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Chapter 27

Wash Away the Sins

Freed wanted to hide his face as Laxus carried him bridal-style into the apartment building, through a lobby where people stopped to stare, up an elevator ride alone where he was showered in kisses, through a hall, and finally to a door. Freed pulled his key out, Laxus unlocked it, and he kicked the door open with a bang, carrying Freed over like a newlywed.

"We're home," Laxus declared.

Finally! They were out of view of others. That had been humiliating! Carried like that, in public, in the new apartment where he was just starting to get to know his neighbors!

"Freed, look at me."

He turned his eyes up. Lips were instantly on him. Laxus gave him a powerful kiss, then pulled back smiling with a sort of joy Freed had never seen in him before.

"We're home," he repeated, but this time his voice trembled.

Freed stared in awe and saw Laxus getting emotionally overwhelmed as the truth sank in. From this day forward, they would be living together. They were now officially domestic partners. Although Freed had been living in this apartment for over a month, the sheer weight of it finally dropped onto him, and his eyes began to water as well.

They were home!

Their home!


Laxus clutched his lover into his arms and rested their foreheads together. "I love you," he whispered with all of his heart.

A tear dripped from Freed's eye as their noses rubbed together. "I love you, too."

Their home! Laxus realized, Freed loved him so much he got a place big enough for both of them. He had picked it out before Laxus left. He had wanted this place to be a surprise. Laxus ruined his plans by taking off.

A normal person would be furious at someone who suddenly up and left them, hardly giving a warning, and abandoned them for almost two months. A normal person would feel slighted and might not want that person back. Not Freed! Despite Laxus taking off and abandoning him just before college finals, graduation, and moving into a new home, he still got this place. A spacious apartment, big enough for two … hell, big enough to be a small house!

"Do you know what I want first?" Laxus asked.

Freed looked up in confusion. "Um … a drink?"

He shook his head and kissed Freed's cheek. "A shower. With you."

Still holding him, Laxus turned into a bathroom. Once inside, he finally set Freed down.

"Toilet," he ordered, and he turned away, stripping off his jacket and shoes while facing the wall to give Freed privacy.

Freed thought that bit of courtesy was sweet. They would be living together, things like toilets would become commonplace—it had eventually been that way with him and Loke in the dorm—but for now, Laxus had never lived with someone else who was not immediate family, and he was showing a bit of tenderness, giving Freed some privacy.

Freed yanked off his disheveled pants and sat to finally relieve the pressure in his ass. With it came a hiss of pain.

"Is it bad?"

"Hold on." He peed as well while still seated—he lost track of how many drinks he had—and then Freed wiped his ass, only to see bloody red streaks. "It's bleeding a little."

"Shit," he cringed. "I'm so sorry."

"Laxus, really, stop saying sorry. It's making me feel like we did something horrible."

"We just had sex in public, in a goddamn Corvette you got for graduation, in front of the pub my grandfather used to run."

Freed was distracted, staring at those bulging back muscles and firm deltoids. He watched the way his shoulder blades moved as he stripped out of his shirt, not in the way Laxus used to do on the stage under yellow lights, but casually, relaxed, unhurried. Freed felt lightheaded as he realized he would get to watch Laxus remove his clothes every day now. So Laxus' words jolted him out of staring.

"W-wait, the Fairy Tail Pub belonged to your grandfather?"

"Well, yeah! Oh … you weren't there when I explained that to the others." He began to tug off his leather pants, and Freed gulped as that firm ass was exposed. "Yeah, Gramps owned it until not too long ago. His father was one of the original founders, like way back over a hundred years ago. Then Gramps owned it. You could almost say it's a family-run business except there were other owners before Gramps, some lady and a really old guy I only met once. He wanted me to take over one day. As a kid, that was all I thought about, one day being in charge of Fairy Tail, making it the best pub in the city … no, the best pub ever," he laughed lightly with old memories of those idealistic days. "I even ran a few aspects of the business in my teens, like hiring new workers and punishing anyone who was lazy. However, by the time Gramps was ready to retire, I was in a bad place personally. I was busy with the South Pole Club, everything I did back then, and … well … I had issues," he muttered sadly. "I caused a bit of a ruckus within Fairy Tail, a hell of a huge fight broke out, and people got hurt. Gramps kicked me out, told me to never set foot in Fairy Tail again. Eventually, Gildarts took over. He let me return, but I didn't hang around like I used to. It's just … too weird now. I'm glad it's doing well, though. From the crowd tonight, it looks like business is booming."

Freed dropped his gaze away from devouring that muscular body. This was something about Laxus he never knew. He had not even met any of the Dreyar family yet. "Would you want to take over? Running your own establishment is quite prestigious."

"Who knows?" he shrugged. "Maybe someday. I wasn't ready back then."

"When was that?"

"Before I met you." Laxus finally turned around and looked down at Freed on the toilet. "You changed me, made me better, made me give a damn. I didn't really care about the future back then, or much about myself. I just wanted revenge. Now, there's a light in my future, bright and beautiful." He stepped forward and stroked his fingers along Freed's cheeks until he cupped his face with tenderness. "I want to build a future. Here. With you."

Freed stared, mouth dropped, not sure what he could possibly even say to that. He gazed up in awe and felt a tear slip down his cheek.

"Are you done?"

Freed nodded silently.

Laxus took his hand and pulled him up to his feet. "This is the one time I'll be gentle tonight. The only time! I just…" He sniffed hard as he firmed up his resolve. "I need to show you."

Freed waited in confusion and anticipation, but when Laxus said nothing else, he finally asked, "Show me what?"

Laxus stumbled over his words as he tried to think of how to express himself. "I … I don't just want your body. I don't purely want you as someone I can … um … do things to. Horrible things," he admitted quietly. "I need to show you how much I love you, and that I want you in every way. Maybe I'll be cruel sometimes, maybe I'll do things that will make you cry…"

Like leaving him! Leaving him just before finals and moving, with no warning, just a farewell, some sex, and walking away the next morning. Laxus deeply regretted doing that.

"… but, I love you so much!" he declared. "Sometimes, I'm confused. I don't even know what I want. Part of me wants to see you screaming, striped red, unable to take anymore; and part of me just wants to hold you and be as goddamn tender as I can be. But … but that's just not me," he said with a wry laugh. "Or … it wasn't. I don't even know anymore. I just know, I need you, and I need to show you how much you mean to me."

Freed trembled in awe. Maybe he wasn't a man of erudite words, but when Laxus said things like this, it was Freed who was left speechless.

"Y-you don't have to show me." He took Laxus' hand and traced a finger over the silver ring. "I already know."

Laxus shook his head. "I need to show you. I need you to understand, because I don't even get it sometimes. I don't get how I feel so … so … so damn much in love with you!" he blurted out. "So much, I can't even say it. I don't get it at all. So I need to show it. My brain is too stupid I guess, but my body knows. No," he whispered, shaking his head. "My soul knows. My soul understands, and I need your soul to feel it."

His hands ran up and down that naked body.

"I want it to sink in, all through you, deeper and deeper, until it reaches your soul. That's how I feel when I do those cruel things to you. Until I met you, I just liked hurting people, but it's not that way with you. Maybe it started off that way, but it's different now. I feel like I just can't reach your soul. Telling you isn't enough; even sex isn't enough. I'm just telling your brain when I say it, and telling your body when I take you. I'm not reaching your soul! I need to yank and beat and ravage this body so that I can dig deep enough to expose everything.

"But sometimes," he said quietly, "I see it without all of that. I hate the idea of just using sex all the time, and I figured there's gotta be a way to see your soul, to touch it, to communicate with it, without beating the fleshy bits away. When I'm gentle—really gentle—I see it too. It's harder to see that way, like a small flash instead of nakedly exposed, but it's pure. Our last time together, I saw it. Brighter than ever! It's not a soul that's been torn to the surface, but a soul you allow me to see, even if just a flash. And in that moment, I know you're letting me see your soul. I'm not ripping it out. Somehow, that's a nicer view. I feel like I can truly communicate with that soul. That's the only time I can tell you that I love you, and I know—I know—it's reaching you: mind, body, and soul."

Laxus saw the blank look in Freed's face, and he began to blush.

"Shit, I don't even know what I'm saying anymore," he grumbled. "That was all stupid nonsense."

"It wasn't," Freed whispered. He reached up and took Laxus' cheeks into his hands. "That was the single most poetic thing anyone has ever told me in my entire life."

"Shut up," he muttered petulantly as his face turned red. "I just wish there was some better way to show you. I wish I could buy you a car, or … or give you a house. Give you something, anything, that could show you."

"You gave me this." Freed held up his hand and showed the promise ring.

Laxus looked at the ring and smiled, happy to see that Freed was still wearing it. "Yeah," he sighed. He held the hand, brought it up to his lips, and kissed Freed's fingers. "And someday…"

He let the thought hang, dreaming of a day when it would be a different ring, and on the other hand. Gold, maybe a diamond in the center.

"Someday … more," he muttered. He laughed gently to himself. He was getting overwhelmed again, and his eyes were stinging. "Shower," he said curtly, and he pulled away from Freed before he shamed himself by crying in happiness.

Freed stood there, a statue trapped within dreams of the future. With every step they took, there was more road to travel. They began dating. Then it was sex. Then meeting the family. Now, living together. Yet there was more. So much more! Even if they reached that matrimonial goal, there would be more beyond that, and in twenty years, still more goals, more adventures, more growth for their love.

Love does not culminate with a wedding, as if that is the final destination on a journey between two people. It is not a road that ends in some far off, obscure, anticlimactic way. It is more like the sea, no set path, no guidance, no maps, danger lurking deep below, but utter freedom to sail anywhere and never stop. A sailor never runs out of ocean.

Freed was beginning to understand, their journey never ended. They would always have another goal, another port-town to reach, but the voyage kept going, and where the Winds of Fate blew them, no one could guess.

"Hey, feel the water. Is this warm enough?"

Freed yanked out of his thoughts, went over to the shower, and stuck his hand into the cascading water. "Yeah, it's fine."

"Good. We need to wash you up. You're sweaty."

"I was moving your boxes all day," he told him as Freed eased into the shower. Another thing he checked when searching for apartments was the bathroom. He wanted a shower big enough for them to share. There was plenty of room for him, although much of the water was blocked when Laxus stepped inside.

"Why did you bring them in?" the blond asked as he closed the shower door, and steam began to build up. "Kinda piles up the place."

"I … I wanted to set everything up and surprise you."

Laxus let out a sigh and muttered a curse. "I just keep ruining your surprises."

"Well, you always end up surprising me."

"In a bad way," he grumbled, thinking about the bombshell he dropped when he left Freed to fly to Greece.

"Tonight wasn't bad," Freed protested. "I never thought I'd see you at that pub. That was a huge surprise, and in a good way."

He smiled down at his slender lover. "Yeah, tonight's surprise was good."

He leaned over and pressed Freed up against the shower wall with a powerful kiss, letting the water drip on their faces. When Laxus parted his lips to slide his tongue inside, the hot shower water dripped into his mouth. Freed's sensual hum echoed through the tiled stall. That thin body slid up against Laxus' muscles, making both of them ravenous.

"I never should have left you," Laxus muttered between kisses.

Freed pulled back and looked up. "You're going to keep saying that all night, aren't you?"

"And into next week," he admitted in regret.

"You needed to leave," Freed stated. "It was the opportunity you had been waiting years for."

"That's what I keep telling myself," Laxus admitted, "but still … I shouldn't have!"

"Laxus," Freed sighed. "Laxus, you needed to go, and I knew it would happen someday."

Laxus gazed ahead with a pensive face. "That's what kills me."

Freed knew. From the very first day, he knew what Laxus was planning. He still remembered the conversation that night. It was maybe only the third time Laxus had ever bothered to explain why he took old, rich men as submissives when he was not gay. Freed accepted the sordid tale with ease.

"Hey, if you ever find that father of yours, let me know. I'd like to get in a few punches as well."

"You … you're not … sickened by me?"

"I'm sickened by him, not by you."

"I'm the one beating up old men."

"They're masochists. They like it, and it's how you deal with your emotions."

"I thought you'd vomit and run away."

"I don't run out on friends."

"We're not friends!"

"Not yet, but I care about you."

"You care about Thor, some asshole slut who prances around on a stage."

"I care for whatever man is standing in front of me right now."

"… Laxus. My name is Laxus."

"Nice to meet you, Laxus. My name is Freed."

Before Freed even knew his real name, he knew about Laxus' plans to torture and murder his father. Instead of the logical thing, which would be to run away from such a patricidal maniac, Freed accepted that darkness and even offered to help.

Of course, it had not always been so easy.

"Is there any way you can maybe not have my father as one of your clients?"

"Yeah, I could drop him. I've dropped many clients. I have no reason to do so, though, and no longer seeing Llewellyn after four years would be way too suspicious. It also wouldn't erase the fact that they know me. I wouldn't drop him, anyway."

"Why the hell not? He's my father! … You beat my father … while thinking about how to kill your own father. Don't you see how fucked up that is to me?"

"I hit a lot of people's fathers. They pay me to do it."

Laxus had avoided talking about his family all this time, and even avoided having Freed meet anyone related to him, because he feared what the young man would think. Yet Freed stayed with him. He accepted Laxus just as he was. Even the darkness was okay to him. His feelings were that deep, and Laxus felt someone as horrible as himself—someone who premeditated the torture and murder of his own father—did not deserve unconditional love like that.

"Laxus?" Freed asked quietly, looking up into his face with worry.

He sniffed back his emotions. "Nothing. Just let me wash you."

Laxus grabbed a loofah sponge and drizzled on soap that smelled like peppermint. The perfumed scent made Laxus' nose twitch. Well, rule number one of living together: no weird-scented bath products!

He rubbed circles around Freed's chest, working up a lather, then moved the sponge up to his shoulders, circular strokes, while Freed stood straight and tall, accepting the tender attention. His hands trailed down the slender arms with their thin but well-toned muscles, not bulging like Laxus' arms, but as his hand rubbed the soap suds up and down, he felt how firm those muscles were from years of fencing. He lifted the limp arm and made sure to wash the armpit as well, getting a small giggle from Freed that made Laxus smile. Such a sweet and innocent sound, considering the sensuality of this moment.

The sponge then went down the bony sides of Freed's ribs and over the softer flesh of his stomach, caressing gently until he reached the patch of curly hair below. That, he skipped. He went back up, turned Freed around to face the wall, moved his hair out of the way, and attended his back. Now, he put aside the sponge, getting plenty of suds on his hands and slowly massaging the tension in Freed's shoulders.

The moan that shivered out was purely pornographic, and Laxus sneered silently as it shot down to his groin. He was still too tired, but like his cock ever listened to him! He worked out the muscles in Freed's back, slowly making his way down.

Freed simply closed his eyes and braced himself on the wall, head cradled in his arms, not caring about the groans he was making. He remembered the day Laxus gave him a foot massage, the evening after he quit the South Pole Club and all of his old clients. Laxus' fingers were magical, and any strain from lifting boxes all morning and afternoon was now gone. The water ran in rivulets down Laxus' face and over Freed's body, washing soap and sweat alike down the drain.

Laxus turned Freed around. The hazy lust in those lowered eyes was almost too much. He gave Freed a single, passionate kiss, but that was all he would allow himself for now. He grabbed the sponge and continued with the wash. He knelt to clean Freed's legs, working from the hips down. He popped his knee out, lifted Freed's foot, and rested the heel down so he could wash the underside, working his fingers between the toes and pressing his thumbs into the arch. At that, Freed clutched into the short blond strands of hair, and his low groan made Laxus sneer at the restraint it took to hold himself back. Then the next leg got the same gentle consideration, with a slight foot massage as well, and more groans, more sneers, more struggling to remain gentle.

After that, he turned Freed around yet again, and Laxus began to wash the back of his legs, nudging his thighs apart a bit so he could wash the inside of them, up the ass, rubbing circles around those taut globes. He used his sudsy hand to nudge between the cheeks. Freed let out a slight hiss of pain. It was still sore here.

Laxus muttered half to himself, "I'll need to take care of you down there, put some medicine on it."

"I'm fine."

"You're torn. I'll try to be gentle."

"I don't want you to be!" Freed said, starting to get sick of the guilt he kept hearing. He turned around to face Laxus with anger in his eyes. "Will you stop acting like I'm some fragile girl? I'm not going to break that easily, dammit!" He wanted his cold sadist back to normal, even if he had to rile him up.

"Idiot," Laxus scolded. "Do you really think I'm treating you like a chick? I'm worried about your ass, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be worried like this if you had a pussy that could fit my cock without tearing and shitting blood. I'm worried for you as my lover, and I'm worried about your ass because I want to slam my dick back up there so badly, it's taking all of my energy just to stop myself. If you think that just because I don't want you to end up in a hospital with colon cancer or some shit means I'm treating you like a girl, then fuck you! Just let me do what needs to be done. Let me do it the way I want to!" he snapped.

That was precisely what Freed wanted, to be scolded and ordered, not coddled. He had been catered to all of his life. He was sick of people fretting over him every time he hurt just a little. His cheeks flushed at hearing Laxus taking control again, and he lowered his eyes submissively.

"If that pleases you, master."

"Shit!" Laxus hissed. "Don't say that. I'll fuck you right here."

When his eyes lifted, they had a wily gleam. "Who says I don't want it?"

Laxus really had wanted to be good, to be gentle and not use sex to reach Freed's soul. He was almost done with the shower, and this slutty bitch couldn't keep a lid on his sexiness for ten fucking minutes!

"Damn you." He slid down onto his knees. "Then I'll do this."

He still wanted to be gentle, and Freed's ass was out of commission until he could get some medicine on it and make sure the damage was not significant. So instead, Laxus wrapped his mouth around Freed's erection and pressed down until it hit the back of his throat.

"Oh!" Freed cried out, shocked by the sensation.

Water dripped into Laxus' eyes, but he ignored it as his mouth worked, lips tight to get the most suction, tongue running up and down and pressing that penis up against the roof of his mouth.

"Laxus!" keened Freed.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" he said smugly, stroking with his hand while he talked. "You can come if you want. It'll be your third time, and I wanna taste you."

As good as that sounded, Freed had just come twice in under half an hour. "I'm really tired."

"I bet!" Laxus chuckled smugly. "I still want to taste you." His mouth went back to work.

"I … I don't think I … aaahn!" he cried out as Laxus pressed so hard, Freed felt the tip of his cock smash against the soft, fleshy wall of his throat.

Laxus pulled back again to catch his breath. "You say you're too tired, but your cock doesn't agree. You're getting so hard."

"Because … you're good," Freed whimpered. Laxus made a smug grunt of satisfaction and returned to sucking. Freed clutched at Laxus' scalp and leaned back against the wall in surrender. "Oh God, so good!"

Laxus loved the way those fingers clutched at his scalp, nails sometimes scratching, but his hair was short, no real pulling could happen, not the way he could grab handfuls of Freed's luscious green hair and yank him. Freed's cock was perfect for sucking: not so thick that it hurt the corners of his mouth, yet thick enough so that he would feel it in his jaw for an hour. It was long enough to hit the back of his throat, but small enough so he could fit the whole thing in his mouth without some inventive deep-throating techniques. Doing this, pleasuring Freed in such an intimate way, was hardly shaming. It was arousing! It was bliss to suck on his little green angel. He wondered sometimes, who got more pleasure: Freed who got to thrust into his mouth, or himself for getting the chance to taste the salty bitterness and feel the glory of giving pleasure.

Suddenly, Laxus stopped and pulled back. It was not a one-sided unselfish act at all, not like he was wanting. He was getting pleasure from this, aroused just from the feel of that cock sliding in his mouth. It was pleasure he felt he should not be receiving!

"I'm sorry." He dropped his head and crunched up his brow.

"Wait, what?" Freed yelled breathlessly. "Don't stop."

"No, really, I'm…"

"Again, no sorries. Just … oh God, please don't stop!"

"I need to say this, okay?" Laxus snapped. "I'm sorry for leaving you. Sorry for making you cry. Sorry for not being here, for not helping you move in, for ruining the surprise you planned, for always ruining your plans. Dammit!" he seethed. The guilt was really eating at him more and more as he took pleasure in Freed.

The young swordsman gazed down and stroked his fingers through the wet, blond hair. "Laxus…"

He glared up with pink lining his eyelids and tears mixing with the shower. "Why do you still want me?"

"Because I love you," Freed declared.

"Why would you love an asshole like me?"

"Because you're you. You're precisely who I want to love."

Why? Why did Freed love him so unconditionally? This wasn't fair. It couldn't be right. Someone like him … he didn't deserve this! Laxus used to think he would never find love. He had even begun to think he must simply be asexual since no matter what he did, nothing his partners did aroused him.

Then Freed came along, and the softest whimper made Laxus so overwhelmed with passion, he could lose all control. He was so in love, it terrified him. This relationship was so perfect, he just knew that one morning sunlight would shine in his eyes, he would awaken to the smell of an empty bottle of cheap whiskey and the mildew stench of his apartment, and the whole thing would have been nothing more than a dream.

Until that horrific wakeup happened, he wanted to indulge in this. He wanted to drown in love, except he feared that he might really change and no longer be someone he recognized.

Not like he acted anything like how he had been nine months ago.

"I say I love you," Laxus said softly, "but that's not quite it."

"Huh?" Freed asked in confusion and worry.

"I love everything about you," he declared ardently. "I love your voice. I love your hair." He dropped his gaze. "I love the way your toes look." He leaned over and kissed Freed's foot.

"Laxus," he gasped airily. To see his thunder god kissing his feet was so … wrong!

Laxus caressed the arousal in front of him, just touching it, admiring it, worshiping that incredible phallic organ. "I love the shape of this cock. Just love it."

Freed moaned as those thick fingers touched him so reverently.

"I love its size, how it curves." His fingers followed the full length, arced like a scimitar, all the way up to the head. "I love how it darkens when you're excited." He softly kissed right over to slit, letting his lips suck away a little viscous pearl.


"I like to play with the foreskin." Laxus watched in amusement as his hands brought the skin up over the head, then stroking it back down into wrinkled folds. "I'm Jewish, I don't have this, so I like to play with it."

Freed let out a shivering wail and shouted in frustration, "Come on!" This was too gentle. He might really come if Laxus kept this up.

"Sometimes I'm a little jealous," Laxus told him, slowly toying with the loose skin. "I wonder how much more sensitive I'd be if I had foreskin. It's something I think about once in a while. Weird, I know."

"L-Laxus!" He gazed down at the brawny blond on his knees before him. "I like you how you are, precisely how you are." Seeing Laxus knelt was somehow wrong. What sort of master knelt before his slave? "Stand up."

Laxus rose to his feet and towered over him. Yes! This is what Freed wanted, to feel small, to feel like he had no choice but to give up and surrender everything to this man. It made his heart race just being in the presence of this Norse god. He reached down and took hold of the thick shaft.

Laxus groaned deeply. Damn, those fingers were incredible! "What are you doing?"

"Giving back," Freed said happily, using both hands to cover his whole girth. "I like how you're so big, I can barely wrap my hands around it. You scared me the first time you pulled it out."

Laxus arched an eyebrow. "Scared you?"

"I had never seen one that size."

Laxus blushed at the compliment and laughed. "Kind of a monster, isn't it?"

Freed licked his lips hungrily. "It's my monster." He stroked down firmly all the way to the blond curls and got a grunting moan from Laxus. "I like it. I like to touch it. I like…" He suddenly dropped to his knees. "…to kiss it." His lips drew closer, kissed the fuzzy balls, and then began to move up toward the head, mouth opened and ready.

"Nngh! No!" Laxus reached down quickly and pressed Freed's forehead back. "You shouldn't."

His eyes drooped sadly. "Why not?"

Dammit, those pleading eyes were almost too much for him. "It was up your ass. I need to wash it still."

"Then let me." He grabbed the bottle of liquid soap and squirted some into his palm. "I'll handwash it." Freed continued his reverent stroking, this time sudsing the erection. A loud groan of pleasure bubbled up from Laxus' throat. "I'll make sure the soap gets everywhere, clean up all of it," he said like some happy housewife in a horrible cleaning product commercial. He stroked the full length rapidly.

Laxus slammed a fist into the wall. "N- … don't." Again, he pushed Freed back and retreated a step.

"W-what?" Freed asked, worried about all these rejections. He knew they had been apart for a while, but he figured he could at least give a decent hand job still.

"I … really will … c-come," Laxus panted weakly, "and I want it either in your mouth or up your ass."

Freed tilted his head and smirked. "What about on my face?"

Laxus gazed down in shock. On his … face? His cum, all over Freed, messing him up, dirtying his perfect, porcelain skin. "Oh … shit. Oh shit!" He had to take a few breaths just to calm himself, but as he looked down again, Freed was waiting and more than willing. Laxus smirked at how incredible he looked, so eager to please. How could he possibly deny his slave from something he wanted so badly? "Then, go ahead."

Eagerly and with a seductive smirk at getting his way, Freed stroked Laxus fully, using both hands again since just one wasn't enough to fully encircle him. He squeezed just a little tighter, giving more friction.

"Oh yes!" Laxus moaned.

Then Freed used one hand to stroke while letting his cheek get in with the action, nuzzling the cock, soap, and precum while feeling the fleshy hardness press against his jaw and cheekbone.

Laxus seriously worried about Freed sucking him while he was dirty. After all, he had just thrust up into Freed's ass, no enemas, no condoms, no warnings. He yanked Freed up and slammed him against the shower wall, scrubbing the cheek and any filth that might have touched it.

"Let me touch you, too." He reached down and rubbed the curved cock in tempo with Freed's hand. "Don't come yet," he ordered. "I want to suck you off, so don't come yet."

Freed trembled, but he forcefully held back. "Okay. Together, like this?"

He took Laxus' large hand, used his own, and together they rubbed both of their cocks, sharing heat and friction. A low and primitive groan quaked through both of them, and Laxus found himself humping up against Freed, practically impaling his lower stomach over and over.

Freed panted at the friction, although the pain of Laxus' penis slamming into his gut kept him from reaching his climax. "I like rubbing against your cock," he said softly, purely aimed to drive Laxus crazy. "So big!" he groaned like an animal in heat. "I can use it to rub myself off."

"Freed!" Laxus cried out. Oh shit, if he kept talking dirty like that…

"Feels so good." His moan shuddered through the showering water and billows of steam.

"Oh … shit! F-Freed!" he trembled. Laxus grabbed himself harder, not bothering to touch Freed as well now, not with how fast he needed this.

Freed watched him, licking his lips deviously as Laxus sneered and lost the last of his control. He leaned into his lover's ear and moaned as crudely as he could. "It feels really good!"

Laxus' fist hit the wall, his mouth dropped open as he gasped at the hot, damp air, and he felt it all gush, all of the need and lust draining out against Freed's skin, splattering those alabaster abs, while Freed's fingers drifted up to play with the cum. He drew patterns of whiteness around on his skin, finger-painting artwork that the shower quickly washed away.

Laxus gasped, swallowed more groans, and struggled to regain his senses so he could take control again; however, all of the nerves in his body tingled until the shower drizzles felt like fluttering tongues all over his skin, and the rush of blood in his ears deafened him like a flooding rainstorm.

Slowly, his eyes drifted open, and what he saw was Freed looking deliciously fuckable, self-pleased, almost smug that a tiny David like him had defeated this blond Goliath.

"You little bitch! I didn't hit your face," he scolded.

"No," Freed acknowledged, not looking the least bit guilty that he had gone against what they agreed upon. "Now I want you to suck on me … with your cum on my cock." Freed smiled in a way Laxus rarely saw, eyes narrow and commanding. "Lick it up. Taste it."

Holy … shit. Laxus was not about to confess how incredibly hot that was. "You little freak!" He laughed at the role-reversal Freed had suddenly shifted them into. "Are you trying to act like a dominant?"

"Maybe a little," Freed shrugged. Not really asking for permission, he still asked, "Is that okay?"

"Fuck yes!" He dropped to his knees again, devouring that divine staff with zealous adoration. Dear God, he wanted this angel to be all his! He wanted to glorify him, venerate him, prostrate before his prostate.

Okay, he was really going off on some bizarre mental tangent, but Laxus could hardly help it. He might have been raised attending Jewish temple, but he had never truly believed in something divine until he met his sexy seraph.

Laxus suddenly pulled his mouth back and looked up at Freed. "Order me," he requested, begging for once in his life.

Freed was stunned. Order? Him? "What?"

"Tell me what you want me to do," Laxus smiled, his eyes so narrow that Freed swore there were golden sparks in them. "Command me how I should please you."

Laxus was … was … being submissive! It was too bizarre, and it took Freed's brain a while to process this. He muttered in mental shutdown. "I … I…"

"It's okay," Laxus assured him, caressing up those thighs. "I deserve it." He kissed along the edge of the groin, right where the hip met the curly patch of hair. "I need to atone for my sins." He kissed up the arousal, small kisses all the way up to the tip.

Freed said nothing, still in mental reboot. Laxus glared up that his slave was not obeying.

"Look, I'm serious," he snapped. "Give me some fucking orders! I need to make up for making you cry."

"Um … y-you don't—"

"Yes, I do!" he shouted. "Look, I need to atone for all that shit or else I'll keep feeling like an asshole all night, and … fuck it, I don't want that. I want to focus on you, not on the mistakes I've made. So make me do something as punishment."

Freed still stared as his brain continued to reboot, as if some hourglass was twirling in his eyes.

"Goddammit, I need this," Laxus shouted.

That jolted him like an electric shock, and his capacity to think suddenly jumpstarted, although still sluggish. "Y-yeah. Sorry. Just … I … I don't know how…"

"Just give me an order. Anything," Laxus pleaded. "Do it!"

Freed thought about it. What did he want? What did he really, truly desire right now, at this moment?

He looked down at those waiting blue eyes and ordered softly, "Suck on me." As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Laxus was on him, starving and groaning.

Freed gazed up at the shower head raining down on their bodies, and his hand blindly grabbed at the short, blond hairs, pulling and urging Laxus on while his hips made small thrusts. He felt the sharpness of teeth against him for a mere second and bit his lip hard to hold back the groan of pain. Immediately, Laxus' tongue soothed away the ache, and only his firm lips worked now.

The feeling of his cock being slowly, rigorously, and oh-so-desperately worshiped made Freed lightheaded, as if he was ascending a Jacob's ladder right up to heaven. Seeing Laxus getting completely drugged on the feel, smell, and taste of his dick was the most arousing thing Freed had ever seen. When those electric blue eyes looked up and that lightning-shaped scar quirked in amusement, it took all of Freed's energy not to shoot his load inside that perfect, hot mouth.

Laxus pulled back, slurping the whole way, siphoning spirals of cries from Freed, louder, higher, more desperate as his lips came to the flared head. It all popped out, and Laxus added in a few fleeting kitten licks to the sensitive slit. Freed heard garbled chants of his name mixed with something along the lines of 'you're amazing' and 'tastes so good.'

Eagerly, Laxus looked up at him and asked, "What else?"

What else? He had needed nothing more in his entire life! "Just like this is good."

"Nope." Laxus shook his head firmly, showing that this was not acceptable. "Something else. A real punishment. Come on, I need to atone and shit."

"Um … then…" He reached for a bottle of hair wash and held it out to Laxus. "You didn't finish washing me. Shampoo my hair." He sounded truly in charge now, like he was ordering a secretary to type up a report.

"What?" Laxus asked, chuckling softly in amusement.

"You heard me. Give me a shampooing."

Laxus took the bottle and looked down at it. "I don't think I've ever washed someone else's hair, and you've got a hell of a lot of hair."

"It's a bit of a hassle sometimes," he admitted, then imperiously demanded, "so you have to wash my hair."

Laxus smiled at his sternness. "You make an adorable dominant."

"Shut up!" he shouted, but he still blushed a little. "What are you waiting for…" The corner of his mouth curled up. "…bitch?"

Now Laxus laughed loudly, and the musical guffaws rang through the shower. He smiled up at the green-haired man, feeling so much pride and amazement in him. He would never stop being in awe of this angel.

"I love you," Laxus smiled in chuckling happiness.

Freed gave him a soft but still imperious smile. "Of course you do."

The same damn words! Laxus never realized how hot it could sound to hear someone else talk that way. "Okay…" He stood up and leaned into Freed's ear. "…master."

Freed gasped at the wisp of hot air calling him that.

Laxus let his eyes linger on that face. "Do you like that? Do you actually like being Master?" he asked shrewdly.

Did he? Freed felt how that title surged through him, almost the same way as how he felt when Laxus called him his slave, except it was slightly different. "I … don't know." It was so different!

"It's okay if you do … once in a while," he added strictly. Freed's face softened, the uncertainty melted, and Laxus got a glimpse of that aristocrat once again. He poured some shampoo into his cupped hand. "Let me know if I pull."

He started at the top, scrubbing through the scalp. Freed moaned, Laxus kept asking if it was okay, if it felt good, if he was doing it right, and every time he was answered by such sensual moans, he could hardly stand it. He tried to focus as he worked the shampoo lower. Somewhere past the shoulder, he had to get more shampoo. Seriously, washing this much hair was a pain in the ass!

"Don't forget to get all the way to the tips."

"Bossy, bossy," muttered the blond.

Freed shook a finger at him in scolding. "Don't complain."

That got a small laugh from Laxus.

"The scalp some more."

Laxus went back up and scratched his fingers through Freed's scalp.

"Ahhh," he moaned, tipping his head back to wash some suds away before they slipped into his eyes. "That actually feels really good."

"What, just washing your hair?"

"Mmm-hmmmm!" Freed replied.

That wanton moan made Laxus' worn out cock tingle, but there was no way it was rising now, leaving him dissatisfied.


"Stop moaning," Laxus grumbled.

"But it feels so good," Freed said in utter ecstasy.

"Shit," he whispered under his breath, but another hum echoed through the shower. Sharper, he told Freed, "Stop moaning!"

"But it's so, soooo good."

"Freed!" he snarled. Weariness be damned, he wanted to pleasure this man until he screamed.

Freed easily pushed Laxus back, showing the strength in those slender arms. "Nuh-uh. Punishment." He smirked, but then his eyes suddenly went cold. "You left me, so you have to take care of me now."

Punishment! He needed to atone, to wash away his sins, make up to Freed so he would stop feeling this dark guilt. He needed the purity that came with punishment.

"Yes, master." He took a deep breath to regain control of himself. "You really know how to torture me, though."

Freed shook his head. "I'm the one being tortured, making me feel so good."

"Now you know how I feel. Hearing you moan drives me crazy."

He pulled off the shower head and held it to wash all the shampoo suds away. Freed stood there as if he was used to someone else bathing him. Had that been a tradition in his family, to have a servant wash their hair, maybe scrub their backs?


Shit, shit, shit! Freed sounded so fuckable, it was almost too much. "You're doing that on purpose now."

"No, it really does feel incredible. Don't forget to get underneath."

"Yes, master." Laxus tugged the hair up off of Freed's neck and held it out to be sprayed with the shower head right in his hair. Another shivering moan of "Aaaah" trembled out.

"Is that good?" Laxus asked, smoothing down the hair.


Laxus hung the shower head back up, and Freed turned around to face him. Laxus' eyes instant drifted down.

"You are seriously erect."

"I told you it felt good. Now," Freed smirked, "you're allowed to suck on it."

His sweet slave made an incredible dominant. "If it pleases you."

Freed gasped at those words, and Laxus chuckled. He was going to show Freed how incredible it was to have a servant cater to him. Maybe he had maids and butlers in his childhood, but he never had someone like Laxus Dreyar!

He took the wonderful hardness slowly into his mouth, torturing Freed by not gulping it down, but slowly pressing in deeper … deeper! Then just as slowly, he worked back up to the tip. He was methodical with his sucking for a minute, but then Freed must have dripped some precum, something that increased the taste and made Laxus utterly lose himself. Without restraint, he bobbed his head along the length. It was like vigorous and zealous worship rather than languid prayers. He groaned whenever the tip brushed the back of his throat, and those slight vibrations sent jolts through Freed.

"Nngh … Laxus? Can you…?"

"What?" he asked, eager to please him more, to get more moans and to give more pleasure. He had never desired something as fervently as now.

Freed was so close to losing control, but he needed something, just a little more! "P-put a finger in."

Laxus looked truly worried. He had not attended to Freed's ass yet, and he said earlier that he was bleeding. "Are you okay for that?"

"I think so."

"Let me put some medicine on it first." Laxus raised to his feet and smirked roguishly. "I'll rub it around … inside."

At the sensual suggestion, Freed collapsed against the shower wall to hold himself up.

Laxus got out of the shower, dripping water everywhere to fetch some medicine. He had to look through a few drawers, unsure where anything was in this apartment, but finally he found something that would work for now. He brought the whole tube of medicinal cream over to the shower, where the heat made the shivers in his wet skin ease away.

"Here." He squeezed a generous amount onto his finger. "Like this."

Laxus dropped his hand down behind Freed and slipped the finger within. He felt around and slowly rubbed the medicine within the tight constrains of the ass.

Freed moaned as Laxus' thick finger swiveled around within. "Yeah … ow!" He suddenly trembled with a face that belied the pain he did not want to show.

However, Laxus picked up on it right away. "Are you all right?" he asked, using his free hand to hold onto Freed's shoulder.

"Yeah. Feels so good," he moaned with a whimper hidden in the words.

Laxus chuckled softly as he gently slipped his finger in and out. "Bitch. Getting me turned on again."

"Suck on me," he mewled breathlessly, "and don't stop." He leaned back against the shower wall and softly sighed in surrender, "Don't stop."

Laxus knelt and nuzzled Freed's cock. Then he glanced up with feral eyes. "What should I do?" he asked sensually.

"Huh?" Freed asked, totally lost in the anticipation. What should he do? He just said what! Suck it!

"At the end. How should I end this?"

"O-oh. Um." His eyes flickered one way and another.

Ending it! Spit or swallow? Of course, it was Laxus' choice … normally. Tonight was not normal. Tonight, Laxus was handing over the power to control things.

Could he really demand something like that?

It felt weird, wrong. Although Freed had been ordered to do things plenty of times, doing the same to Laxus was strange. So many times, Laxus had proudly declared that absolutely no one forced him to do anything erotic. That was part of his glamor as the Thunder God. Freed was a mere mortal. How could a person who was nothing more than a weak man dare give commands to a god?

"D-do you want…?"

Laxus cut in sharply, "Don't ask me what I want! Order me!"

Freed gulped back the politeness in his request. Order him! Make him obey! Something flipped in Freed's brain. Lessons he had learned for handling servants at home, scoldings as his father brought him up to take over the company, training to be a proud man and in charge, a natural leader: they all clicked on.

Freed took the chiseled jaw into his hands, rubbing over stubble and sharp cheek bones. Gazing like a prince looking down on a serf, he commanded, "I want—um, no." He needed to be stern and give the order properly. "You're going to swallow it."

Laxus hummed, glad to finally be getting his slave to obey his little whim. "Would that please you?"

"Yes!" he whispered, and a tremble went from his spine to his toes. He tilted Laxus' face up a little higher, just enough to put a strain on the thick shoulder muscles, and ordered as firmly as he could, "Swallow it!"

Laxus let that dominance roll over him, purifying him of his sins. "Yes, master."

Then the hands let go of his face, and his head naturally dropped. He felt the ache in his neck, but somehow that only reinforced that he had to obey.

Since it was an order, and Freed was already fully aroused, Laxus wasted no extra time with foreplay. He took it into his mouth, as much as he could in one go. It slid easily all the way to the back of his throat, and Freed's hips hitched in surprise. He felt fingers in his hair, tugs of encouragement, and listened to soft-spoken words, whispers of passion that blended with the hiss of the shower water.

"Yes. Suck there. A little more. That's good. Oh God, Laxus. Your mouth is incredible."

Laxus remembered when it was a mental struggle for him to give a blow job. He had bad memories of things being rammed into his mouth, gags to bite down upon as he suffered agony at the hands of his father. Once in a while, those memories surfaced.

It did now, just briefly, probably because of his failed trip. How old had he been? Things that happen in childhood tend to last longest. He was already forgetting about the clients he used to take, all the filthy things they said to him, all the depraved remarks Jellal used to say about his harem of pain-whores. He was forgetting that, but those childhood horrors never fully went away.

It was different now, though. He was never good enough for his father. He had been born weak and sickly, such a disappointment as a son that his father used his nefarious experiments on him, hoping to make him into a worthy heir.

"Oh Laxus, you're so good. So … nngh … so good! I love you so much."

He was good enough for Freed. He got love from Freed, love his father never once showed.

Fuck his father. Fuck him! Fuck his past, and the pain, and all those years of living in darkness. Fuck it all!

He had Freed now. He was loved, he was appreciated, and he could please Freed. He had a purpose to life, and it was not to kill the bastard who tortured him. It was to show this man in front of him all the pleasures he could, to adore him, worship him, protect him, to be the best partner he could be, and to be as attentive as possible. His purpose in life now was to love Freed with all of his energy.

He had suffered with the mouth guard in his youth because his father wanted to create a worthy son. Now he was willingly being choked by Freed's cock because this green angel found within Laxus a worthy lover.

Laxus rested his hands on the shower wall to brace himself as his mouth bobbed faster. He loved the noises Freed made, little hitches of breath and half-stifled groans. He loved when those delicate but strong fingers suddenly pulled, belying the pleasure that was wracking his body. He loved how the taste began to change, and even if it was bitter, it was powerful, masculine, evidence that Laxus was not someone who disappointed everyone—a father who saw him as a failure, a grandfather angered when Laxus refused to take on the family business, a boss who thought of him as merely a sadistic slut—no, with Freed he was more. He pleased this holy angel, and this was the only way to seek atonement. He needed this green angel's blessing.

"La- … Lax- …"

Freed's hips began to thrust more, snapping forward. Laxus groaned in shock. He remembered the Christmas party and how Freed had bruised the back of his throat with those powerful hips. It was happening again, a pain in his uvula as the cock pounded, hammering in. He might have moved away, but Freed had his skull in a vise-like grip, fucking his face without mercy. Instead of protesting, Laxus let his jaw go slack, loosened his throat, and allowed Freed to use him.

Pain! Punishment! Laxus put up with it. He had made Freed hurt, made him cry, and broke his heart. He deserved this. Freed would never spank him like a bad boy, but he could do this. He could ravage him, fuck his face, take him by force, use Laxus up in whatever way he wanted.

Not even words were coming now, just suppressed grunts, clenched growls, hisses of fast breaths seething through a face drawn up in agonizing pleasure. Laxus gazed up and saw that glorious ecstasy. He hummed, feeling the darkness leave him, knowing he was being chastised and purified. And now, like Holy Communion, he would partake of Freed's body.

The green head swung up, the tension in his jaws and neck snapped, and a howl like some demon roared out. There was a grunt of discomfort from Laxus as the blond was almost choked. Then Freed felt it. He felt that throat working, the tightness around his cock at each swallow, heard the gulps and the snorts of air as Laxus tried to drink it all down. Forcing him like this felt … good. Knowing Laxus loved him enough to allow Freed to use his body for pleasure made him so happy, he just melted.

Freed sank in relief, and Laxus yanked back as soon as his scalp was released. He coughed and rubbed out his throat.

"Goddammit, I forgot how strong your hips are!" He laughed to himself as he massaged the pain. He underestimated Freed sometimes, saw him as being a delicate rich boy, but in moments like this he saw this man's real strength: a champion swordsman who sculpted his body for his sport. "Freed, you're a sexy bitch when you get a chance to call the shots."

A sexy bitch? Hearing Laxus praise him like that made Freed's cheeks hot.

"Do you know what else I like about your cock?" Laxus whispered, kissing away some cum about to drip off. "I like that you're not that big."

Freed jolted right out of his afterglow. "Hey!" he protested.

"No, I'm serious. You would honestly kill me if your cock was any longer. You'd stab through the back of my throat. Shit, you and your piston hips!"

He coughed and rub out throat. He needed a drink to numb the pain now.

Laxus opened his mouth to get a little water to wash down the cum. Then he rested his head on Freed's slender thigh and felt the flushed skin on his cheek. The shrinking cock was right in front of him, and he watched its slow decline, still flushed, but twitching as it lowered. The shower was beginning to cool off, so he twisted the knob to bring on more heat.

"Well, that's three," he finally said.

Freed blindly reached down and caressed Laxus' hair in weariness. "I really need a rest," he murmured, eyes closed and face slack.

Laxus lifted his head and smiled at the utter exhaustion. Slyly, he said, "No."

"No, seriously," Freed moaned sleepily. "I'm ready … to pass out." He could barely stay on his feet.

Laxus shook his head with a devious smile.

"Laxus…" Freed protested.

"No. I'm gonna…"

"Don't make me say Écriture!" he warned sharply. "Seriously, I'm not joking. I need a rest."

Laxus backed down. He did not want to make this night bad by pushing Freed past his limits. "All right. We'll finish washing up. I need a drink. Then you can give me the grand tour of this new place. We'll make our way to the bedroom."

"That sounds good, but … it'll be a slow tour," he warned.

Laxus rose back up to his feet and stroked the messy wet hair sticking to Freed's drenched face. "We could always tour the couch and cuddle."

Freed could hardly help himself. Cuddling? Laxus Dreyar, professional dom and sadist, was suggesting that they cuddle on a couch? He simply had to giggle. "Sounds good."

He gazed up, and the tenderness in Laxus' eyes made him smile. Freed could see for himself, the darkness was gone, the guilt had been purged, and Laxus looked like his old self again, confident, sexy, powerful, a blond god who could send jolts of pleasure crackling through his nerves.

Laxus leaned over, but he gave Freed only a soft kiss. "I'll finish washing you. No kinks."

He took the loofah. Freed was pretty much all clean, but Laxus did an overall quick scrub just to clean the sweat from all that passion. He grabbed a bottle of conditioner, and he let the creamy hair-wash cover the green locks.

"I love you, Freed," he whispered, nibbling the side of his neck as he stroked his fingers through the conditioner to wash it out.

Freed turned around to face him, letting the shower strike his head and clean away everything. He gently stroked Laxus' chest, up his neck, to his face, caressing up to his ear and cradling his sharp jaw.

"I love you, too," he sighed in heartfelt happiness. "We're going to keep saying that, aren't we?"

"All night!" he whispered ardently. "And tomorrow. And into next week." He wrapped Freed into his arms and kissed the top of his head. "Hopefully … much longer."

That sighed prayer was one wish Freed wanted to grant. "I hope so," he said in agreement.

Laxus closed his eyes, leaned over, and let his lips linger against Freed's mouth. His arms wrapped around the thin shoulders, not clutching possessively, but holding tenderly. The shower rained upon both of them, slowly losing its heat, while Laxus embraced Freed and kissed him gently, wanting this blessed union to be eternal.

He had his angel, and he was not about to let go!

Next Chapter: "Couch Cuddles"

A/N: Seriously, this is the longest shower sex scene I have ever written! -

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