Slave of Sensation

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Written in response to no particular Makin' Lemonaide challenge.

I have to warn everyone, Musei is slowing down. After this, I only have one more chapter that is potentially ready to post. Of course it IS the one everyone is looking for… But still…

Enjoy it while you can, cuz Musei seems to be MIA. Oh, and… sorry about the cliffy…

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The next day at school went by in a flurry of confusion.

Yuki had found her in the morning, and they'd chatted amiably. He wanted to make sure she was okay - and more importantly that she wasn't worrying about him. She'd been known to literally worry herself sick, so he'd taken pains to let her know that everything was okay with Ayame. She'd smiled and nodded, but truthfully, she barely heard him. She was too busy ruminating about the previous evening.

The strange new turn in her life consumed her thoughts from the moment she stepped outside the house, putting on her panties and her shoes, throughout the entire school day. Her first night alone with Shigure had been a little disconcerting. Not that she hadn't enjoyed it. It was just… different than anything she could have ever pictured.

First there was the fact that she was in love with two men. Part of her brain still couldn't get around that fact. She seemed to be capable of setting it aside when either of them was kissing her. Or... other things. But she was 18. That meant that for 18 years of her life, she'd been taught that people fell in love with one person - only one. That one person was the person with whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life.

The person... didn't really complete you - her mother had always said that relationships were more like multiplication than addition. If you took someone who was half a person and put them with another half a person, you'd end up with only a quarter of what you needed. It took a whole person with another whole person to make a whole relationship. 1x1=1. The thought that the Sohmas weren't exactly whole never occurred to her.

And your joy in being with them definitely multiplied the longer you were together. Every day she spent with the Sohmas was a day to treasure.

But nothing had prepared her for feeling that way with two people.

When she got right down to it, she knew that if she was forced to choose, her heart had already made that choice. She might not get to make the choice - it would probably be made for her - but the longer she spent with each of them, the more guilt she felt about making a choice at all. The longer she spent with each of them, the more she wanted them both. She suspected that made her fickle. Except she wasn't changing her mind.

Why was her heart so split? She felt like she was betraying Shigure by being with him - even though it was ordered by Akito, she believed in her heart that maybe the god was hoping he wouldn't go through with it. So if that was the case, she was HORRIBLE for wanting him. And she did want him.

Worse, she felt like she was betraying Kyou by being with Shigure. Kyou had told her that he loved her. Just when she'd given up hope, he'd told her - and shown her. And when he kissed her, she felt like she could fly.

But Akito had commanded - and they would not go against Akito's commands. They couldn't. It was a part of the curse. So Kyou had told her that they would have to learn from the dog and complete the task. Together, they would work to do what needed to be done.

The cat and the dog were doing this all for her sake. As usual, that added to her guilt. They were getting along just for her. She knew it because she saw flares of jealousy in each of them, which they tamped down for her. As things progressed, she thought she saw a grudging respect developing between them and THAT made her happy. But... she still felt pangs of guilt in the silent moments when she wasn't being fawned over.

Second in the elements causing her to be disconcerted had been what she'd done. What she'd said. What she'd felt. The feeling of his hands on her, the words that he spoke, it had made her flare into fire. And the words that poured out of her lips. He'd only just taught them to her. She'd never used them. Occasionally, she'd heard them used, but they'd seemed a bit nonsensical to her. Until that night. And he really did make her feel like she'd exploded. No one living could ever feel that good.

Except that, apparently, GOOD sex - no, GREAT sex - did. Which really did explain why so many people were fascinated by it. People got addicted to drugs because it made all your pain go away, made you feel pleasure. She'd been told that by her mother. Her mother had often seen good people in her gang gradually disappear into useless shells by that kind of addiction. The drugs destroyed their bodies, and their minds stopped caring. She wondered, while in a daydream at school, whether it was possible to become addicted to sex - and if too much sex could destroy you like drugs did. If it was possible, was that Akito's true aim for her? And then, she felt guilty for thinking poorly of the god. It wasn't her fault that things in the Sohma family were so... gnarled.

And then school ended. She'd be going home, and Kyou would be there tonight. She didn't know what to expect, and she was both terrified and excited. She waved goodbye to Uo, who had kept asking her all day if she was coming down with a fever, and Hana, who had a soft smile on her face all day, and began turning toward home.

"Miss Honda!"

She turned to see Yuki running toward her. "Yuki. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. You... You've seemed a little distracted all day. I... wanted to make sure that stupid dog wasn't... doing anything inappropriate."

Her smile was very genuine. "I'm so happy that you were thinking about me. But you don't have to worry, Yuki! Everything's exactly the way it should be. And I'm just so glad that you're getting a chance to spend time with Ayame." Her voice got soft and sweet. "He really does care about you an awful lot."

His shy smile warmed her heart, and burned up the fangirls who were watching from a distance. "Yeah. I just wish he wasn't so loud all the time."

She sweatdropped. "Well... Ayame is Ayame, and Yuki is Yuki..."

He laughed. "That is true. Um... Do you want me to walk home with you?"

"Oh no!" she exclaimed. "I couldn't ask you to do that. You already have so much work to do, and Ayame's house is much further away from Shigure's. I'll be just fine."

"Ok, then. Be safe." He smiled at her and she grinned back.

"You, too, Yuki. I'll see you on Monday!" She turned toward home, smiling, and not letting her thoughts turn to what she'd encounter there.

She was about one-third of the way home when a soft thud made her jump, turning back toward the way she had come.

"Yo." The cat had jumped out of the tree where he had been waiting for her.

"Kyou!" she breathed, giving him a smile so dazzling, he thought he might be blinded by it. It broke through any reserve he had felt.

All day long, he'd seen her looking distracted. She'd get flushed - like she was caught in a memory - a pleasant memory - and then she'd pale. She was either worried about what was coming or what had happened. He could tell. But was she worried about what she'd done with Shigure? What she'd done with Kyou? Or what was still to come? Or worse: was she regretting her time with him? What if her night with the dog made her not want the cat any more. He'd understand. She'd be better off. But... Now that he'd had her, he didn't want to let her go. He'd been so distracted that he didn't trust himself to be around her. He might let something slip.

Now that she was smiling at him, all his worries melted away like fog in noontime sun. All that mattered was...

He pushed her against a tree and kissed her forcefully. She moaned as his tongue begged entrance, and she thrust her hips closer to his unconsciously. Breaking the kiss, he grinned as she looked up at him with dazed eyes and gigantic smile. "I've been wanting to do that all day," he said.

She just smiled at him giddily.

"Shall we go home and see what insanity Shigure has planned?" he joked, until he saw her freeze up. "What's wrong? What'd he do?" His mood instantly shifted from joyous to murderous.

"No no!" she waved her hands in front of her. "He didn't do anything! Well, that's not entirely true. But he only did what he had to do - what Akito told him." She gasped and covered her mouth. "Oh!" she spoke through her hands, "I didn't want to talk about that! Kyou will..." She closed her eyes and just sighed. She looked sad.

In a moment of rare insight, the cat smiled at her kindly. "Are you being stupid and worrying about what I'm going to think or somethin'?" She didn't open her eyes, just nodded. "Well, don't be such an idiot."

Her eyes popped open in surprise. He was smirking at her. "Tohru, there is nothing you could ever do or say that would change how much I love you. So stop worrying." She smiled and he continued. "And I've been thinking a lot about what's coming up. I mean... anything that pervert has planned, well..." He blushed as red as his hair. "I just mean... if it's from his brain, it's got to be something... You know... something we'll enjoy."

She blushed to match him. Then she nodded. "Let's go home, Kyou."

They walked the rest of the way home in silence. And then they reached the front door.

She froze for a second as he took off his shoes and entered the house. She'd forgotten about the rule.

Once he was past her, she took off her shoes. And then, nervously, she reached up under her skirt, grasping the sides of her underpants. She'd just gotten them down past her skirt when Kyou turned around to see what the hold up was.

"What're you doing?" He asked, his stunned voice devoid of emotion.

The fire she felt on her face... "Um. Shigure said that... for my training... I'm not allowed to wear-"

"AH! The young lovers are home from school at last - and ready to begin," his voice went from amused to serious, "their real work." Glancing toward Tohru, he smiled, "Let's let Tohru finish up out here, and I'll tell you about some new house rules." He guided a stunned Kyou back into the house.

Once both of the teens were seated around the table, he began. "As I've already told Tohru, she's not to wear underwear in the house while training. We don't have a lot of time. If we don't get her to satisfy Akito's insane demand within whatever timeframe she gives me when I talk to her next week, we're going to lose everything we're working for. So we're on a crash course, kiddies.

"Not that I don't have full faith that we'll succeed, what with the two of you fully setting your mind on it. And of course, me to train you. But there are going to have to be some more rules for the house that you both need to agree to if we want make this work."

The young couple looked at each other, then back at the dog and nodded together.

"GREAT!" Shigure sang. "Now, to business. Here's the rules. Kyou, you and I - our task - is to get Tohru as turned on as we can at all times. Not too onerous a task, now is it." He waited for both of them to blush before continuing. "So, Tohru here, will wear no underwear, but she'll wear the rest of her clothes unless we're in a session. You and I will feel free to stroke or fondle her - or to bend her over and kiss her senseless - whenever we want. So long as we're in the house. And so long as no one else is over. But Tohru has veto power. At any time, if she says the word 'Stop,' we will immediately cease whatever we're doing."

He let those rules sink in and then continued. "One more thing. No one gets to bring Tohru to climax unless I approve it. We need to get her hunger for satisfaction to be so all-consuming that Akito is satisfied. So we have to stoke her fires until she's burning hot all the time. And this also means that if I tell you that we need to make her come, we will make her come so hard that she forgets her own name."

Tohru was finding it hard to control her breathing. Shigure was pleased to see her that easily aroused by his words. Or perhaps it was mostly anxiety. He sniffed, and smelled her arousal. Well, it wasn't all anxiety at least.

He looked at the cat with one raised eyebrow. "So. You think you're up to it?" The cat glared at him in response. "Excellent! Well, I think it's time we begin. Tohru, remember this?" He held up the silver bullet and waited for the girl to turn even more red and nod. "I think it's time we tested it out Ayame's wonderful gift. Kyou, why don't you do the honors and put this nice little bullet in Tohru's sweet pussy?"

"While you watch?!?" the cat exclaimed.

Shigure leaned back and said, "Yes, of course while I watch. Unless you want Tohru to think that you're ashamed to be with someone who's capable of loving two cursed Sohma men." He looked at the cat pointedly. "You don't want her to think that, do you?"

The cat gave him a look of death. He stood up and snatched the device out of the dog's hand. Sarcastic tone in full force, he asked, "I'm assuming we're doing this now?" Then he walked over to Tohru and knelt by her. His hand gently caressed her face. "You okay with this?" He waited until she nodded and smiled tentatively at him, and then he leaned in and kissed her. His free hand began fondling her breast as he deepened the kiss. She moaned appreciatively.

Shigure watched the scene in front of him unfold. The girl loved Kyou. He swallowed his pride and the possessive growl that was threatening to burst forth. This would make Tohru happy. This would save her. That was all that mattered. He nodded to himself. He was turning out to be selfless and a nice guy. No one ever would have predicted that.

Kyou's hand slipped under Tohru's skirt and deftly found her opening. She moaned, and her hands began stroking his chest - keeping the distance that she so greatly wanted to close. She was not as wet as she'd been the other night - but then, there had been a lot more foreplay then. There was just enough natural lubrication that he easily slid the device into her. Once it was in, he broke the kiss, then kissed her neck and cheek. Then he backed away a bit, grasping her hands and squeezing them.

He turned to the dog and snarled, "Happy?"

Shigure looked him in the eyes. "The only one whose happiness matters here is Tohru."

"Yeah," the cat agreed, anger deflated. "Yeah. So what now?"

The dog said, "Tohru, you'll want to slide that cord up under your skirt, so that the control comes over the waistband." Without hesitating, she did so. Her eyes held the dog's. They were dark. She was already ready. But it wasn't enough. Not yet.

"Okay. So. I'm betting the two of you have homework. You should get that done. Oh, and Tohru, when will dinner be ready?" She blinked in response.

Kyou turned on the dog. "What the hell are you talkin' about? You're worried about dinner?"

Shigure sighed in exasperation. "Tohru needs to learn how to desire while still being Tohru. Would you please just trust me?"

With a grimace, the cat said, "Feh. I'm going up to study!" He stood up, but before he even moved away, Shigure leaned toward the riceball.

"Ooops. Almost forgot," he said, as he flicked the control and the bullet came to life inside her.

"Oh!" Tohru gasped and looked like if she hadn't been sitting, she'd have fallen. "Oh my."

The dog smiled lazily, and Kyou looked like his jaw was about to hit the floor. "Well, kids, let's get back into our routine, shall we? I for one, have several chapters to write, or Mii will want to kill me. Try not to let that fall out while you're working, little flower." He stood up and left them to adjust.

Kyou stood there staring at his love as she struggled to her feet. She took a deep breath, smiled at him, and began walking toward the kitchen. "I..." she swallowed hard, "better get dinner started."

She stumbled in her walk, and the cat ran toward her, taking her elbow. "Are you okay?"

The smile she gave him was so seductive - and so sweetly Tohru. "I'm fine, Kyou. It just... feels so nice." She sighed. "It's... it really feels..." Her eyes latched on to his. "I... feel like Kyou is kissing me... down there." The blush on her face didn't detract from the desire in her eyes.

He kissed her cheek, his hand trailing down her spine and she moaned. "Tohru, god I..." He pulled her close, into a searing kiss. She opened to him easily. His hand ran under her skirt to cup her buttocks, and she moaned his name.

And the dog's voice in his head spoke. "Ah, ah, ah! We're here for a purpose, you know." That's right. No one was allowed to make her come 'til the damned dog said it was okay. He wanted to rip that hentai in two. No. He wanted to rip her clothes off.

"I... better go do my homework," he stammered. "Make dinner quick and then... I'll kiss you all over, okay?" He quickly fled the room before he changed his mind. Walking was going to rapidly become an issue if he didn't beat down a rising problem.

Tohru sighed happily, turning toward the kitchen to prepare dinner. She took her school books in with her to do her homework while it cooked - just like usual.

Watching from his doorway, Shigure was pleased. The cat was dedicated to doing whatever was necessary. And Tohru never ceased to be a source of delight. She would get deliciously aroused while making their delicious dinner. Now, to decide what was on the menu for dessert.


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