Slave of Sensation

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Written in response to the Week 34 "Get Schooled" Makin' Lemonaide challenge.

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She sat on his bed, looking nervous and vulnerable. He felt like he could eat her up.

"Wh... What do I do, Shigure?"

He smiled at her. "Did you enjoy it when I kissed you?"

"When we kissed?" He felt a thrill that she had corrected him to include herself. "Uh huh."

His smile was soft. "Then why don't you kiss me again?"

She stood up and walked over to him. She placed her hands on his shoulders - instinctively knowing this was the best way to kiss him so that he wouldn't transform - and leaned up. He was so much taller than she was. He bent down to brush his lips against her. The kiss started as soft, delicate. But her stomach was coiling, and she pressed against him more firmly.

Remembering earlier, she parted her lips a bit, and traced his with her tongue. She could feel his smile as he gave her access to his mouth. Her tongue darted in and his twined with hers. Her knees began to get weak, and she grasped his shoulders a bit more firmly so that she wouldn't fall.

Sensing her need, he broke from the kiss and, looking down at her, was surprised by the pride her flushed and happy face caused to swell in him. His heart jumped, and he felt a bit weak. This type of reaction hadn't happened since... the first time he kissed Akito. That was dangerous to be thinking about, so he focused instead on how beautiful she looked, her lips slightly bruised and swollen. With a tender smile, he held her hand and led her toward the bed.

"Well, Miss Tohru," he struck a pose for her as she sat on the bed again. "Since I am the teacher, we should probably establish a few rules." He was being overly dramatic again, and she couldn't help but giggle. "The first is the most essential. And that is the word 'Stop.' You need to feel free to use this word at any time." He sat down beside her and said, "I mean that, Tohru. You say, 'Stop,' and we'll stop. It'll be completely up to you if you want to continue again or not. I... don't want you to ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Okay?"

His eyes were searching hers, to make sure she really wanted to continue. She smiled and leaned over, capturing his lips. Somehow, she was sitting on his knees now, straddling them. Her nose still lightly touching his as she broke away, she quietly assured him, "I want to learn more, Shigure. I feel... like I need to. Right here." She pointed to her heart. "And here." Her hand, still touching her chest ran between her breasts down to the point between her belly button and the juncture of her legs. She blushed at her forwardness. "I think I HAVE to keep going because since you kissed me, I feel so..." She started rocking in a quick series of starts - like someone trying to expel nervous energy - and then forced herself to stop. Soon her hand moved from herself over to his chest, and she began unconsciously drawing kanji there. "Um... wound up? I don't know what to do to make it go away so I can relax. It was very distracting while I was doing the dishes."

She was so adorable. He couldn't help the merry twinkle that lit his eyes. "Why, Tohru! Are you trying to tell me that I turned you on?"

Mulling over the phrase in her head, she concluded that this was indeed what it felt like. A motor she didn't know she had inside had been started up, and now it was humming inside her. "If I say yes, does that mean you'll turn me off?" She knew that didn't sound right. But when he laughed, she decided that was okay.

"God, I hope not!" He leaned in and began nibbling on her neck. She gasped and then a sigh escaped her lips. "Does that feel good?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"Good." He pulled back to speak to her some more, but his hands began running up and down her back. Her look became relaxed, languid. "Now on to the second rule. I'm going to instruct you, but to do so well, you need to tell me when you don't understand something. Okay?"

"Mmmm. Okay," she sighed happily. Shigure decided that there was at least a slim possibility that this plan would completely backfire on Akito. How, he wasn't sure. But he knew that he wasn't supposed to be enjoying this so much - and neither was Tohru.

"Third, I need to determine what to teach you first: to give, or to receive pleasure." His hands had worked over her shoulders and begun to stroke her arms. The sensations were delicious - he could tell by her expression. "I think that since you are so natural at giving pleasure, that we should start by showing you how to relax and receive. Okay?"

"Mmmmmmmm." She was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. She'd never felt so good before.

"That's my girl," he murmured, and leaned in to suck on her earlobe. His words had caused her heart to flop again. She was his girl. He loved Akito. And he hadn't said it out right, but he loved her. He loved her. She felt a throbbing. That area had never felt like that before.

As his teeth grazed her ear, she gasped. "If- You're not - going to turn me - off - what...? How...? Will this throbbing ever stop?"

Whispering in her ear made her shiver - from both the words and the feeling of the warm air, "Never fear, Tohru. I'll make the ache go away for you." His voice had become predatory, but she wasn't scared. If it was possible, the motor inside her had begun to rev harder. Perhaps she was "even more turned on."

Sighing, she urged him on, "Please, Shigure. Just tell me what to do."

He kissed up her cheek, and ended with a peck on her pert little nose. Then he smiled at her. His eyes were so dark. They were amazingly beautiful. She could disappear in them.

"We need to get rid of some clothing. Now, in situations like this, you can either quietly disrobe, you could strip for me, or I could take your clothes off piece by piece. Eventually, I think we'll try them all - til we see which you like best."

She swallowed hard. "We... We're going to have to..." She blushed, but she looked so excited he wondered why he hadn't already thrown her to the bed and begun devouring her. "Practice a lot right? Because I'm not a very good student. So wh- Which would you prefer today? Shigure." Her voice purred his name.

He felt a bit of drool gather in his mouth as she spoke his name like that. "Why don't you disrobe, you already know how to do that." He winked. "And then I'll show you how to strip for next time. Unless next time I can't hold back and have to rip all your clothes off." Her chest began to heave. His words were definitely turning her on.

She stood up, extricating herself from his lap, and demurely began to take off her clothing, folding each piece neatly and setting it on his bureau. She began with her tights, removing them without undoing her skirt. Then, she removed her top - her shirt, then her bra. She struggled not to feel embarassed and exposed. Her skirt followed - now she was just in her pink cotton underwear. She couldn't believe how hard her heart was beating. And the throbbing beat in time with her pulse.

Shigure was seeing her naked. Of course, he'd seen prettier women naked before, she was sure. What if he thought she wasn't pretty enough once she had her clothes off. She looked at him over her shoulder. She hadn't been able to face him without her shirt on. His mouth was open, and his eyes were running up and down her body appreciatively. He nodded at her without realizing he was encouraging her to proceed, and she blushed as she hooked her thumbs into her underwear and began to pull them down. Once off, she placed them on top of the rest of her clothes.

He moaned and she jumped, turning toward the sound. "God, you're so beautiful." Her blush deepened as she felt the area between her legs get hotter, and somehow it seemed like she was sweating. He patted the bed next to him, and she demurely came closer and sat on the edge of the mattress next to him.

Taking one of her hands in his own, he brought it up in front of his face. Bowing slightly, his lips pressed against the back of her hand, gently. Then he turned her tiny hand over and softly kissed her palm with slightly open lips - a lover's kiss. She felt a jolt of electricity run down to the tips of her hair. His lower lip trailed against her palm as he made his way to her thumb, sucking it in his mouth, suckling on it gently until he heard her whimper. Next came her forefinger. With open mouth, his tongue traced along her digit and then he suckled. Each finger in its turn, no part of her gentle hand was left untouched, untasted.

Open kisses - nibbles - he was eating her up, tasting her - cherries and cream - ran up her arm. Before she knew it, he'd kissed up to her shoulder, and now was working down to her breast. Somehow he'd kneeled in front of her. His tongue left a trail of moisture, a pattern spiralling toward her plum-colored nipple. Already erect, his tongue flicked it once before he latched on. The suction made her moan, as did the chill from his breath on the damp trails he'd left behind.

Tentative fingers began combing strands of silken hair. He usually left it fairly unkempt, and she'd always wanted to touch it, brush it. It was even softer than she had imagined. She had thought his would be smooth - a bit softer than Kyou's - but this was truly like silk.

Part of her brain froze on that as she realized she had imagined what Shigure's hair felt like. She had imagined Kyou's hair, and she'd imagined Shigure's.

She would have begun contemplating the implications of that, but Shigure's hands had run down her sides, across her thighs, and gently prodded her knees open. And now one of his hands was pulling lightly at the curls that grew in her most private place. The gentle sensation threw all thought out of her brain, and her head fell back as her eyelids floated shut.

"The fourth rule," he whispered as he made his way over toward the other breast, words interspersed with kisses, "is you need to tell me if you like something, and if you don't like something. Not everyone likes the same things, so you have to let me know what you like best."

"Mmmmmmm. Kay." Her words were breathy moans.

"Do you like this better?" He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked while his tongue played with the tip.


"Or this?" He bit it gently, pulling away from her while he still had it in his teeth. This was to see if she needed gentle treatment or preferred a bit more rough touches.


Leaning back he chastised her. "You're not listening. I asked which you liked better." A smirk decorated his face as she saw her head come back up and her eyes worked open as if the lids were truly heavy.

"Wh? I... Which?" She bit her lower lip and blushed. "I... have to PICK?"

He laughed. "Does that mean you like both?"

She nodded at him. My god, she was too good to be true. He wondered how far he could take her - what she would enjoy and what she wouldn't. He could easily imagine that there was nothing she wouldn't be willing to at least try. This was Tohru. If he suggested it, she'd try it. And if he played it right, she would grow to love anything he wanted to try.

His heart beat more rapidly at this thought, and his yukata was about to be forced open from his excitement. But today was about her. He could wait.

"Close your eyes, Tohru, and relax."

His hands began stroking gently up and down her legs. At first she shivered - it tickled - but then it just felt like all her nerve endings were waking up and standing at attention. What was he planning to do next? The anticipation was making her breathing erratic.

Her breasts were jumping in front of him, and he smiled at the sight. When she was dressed, she looked like a sweet, lovely girl. Very nice. But not out of the ordinary. But here! Naked and spread in front of him. She was the stuff of dreams. Her body was perfectly proportioned: round breasts that begged for attention, slim waist, flat tummy with silky skin that it was a crime not to touch, shapely lean legs that ended in perfect, delicate feet.

His hand traced up the inside of her thigh, and continued. Fingers flicked through curls, then began long strokes along folds of skin. A downward stroke hit it, and she gasped, her back arching. She opened her eyes to look at him - to ask what the hell was that? "Ah, ah, ah. Keep your eyes closed." So she closed them again.

As soon as they were closed, the strokes continued, and she moaned. Soon, she could tell that his fingers were finding their way closer and closer to her core. She was a bit embarassed because she'd been sweating down there - she knew it because it felt all damp. His fingers found the dampness and she tensed.

He felt her tense up. He'd been waiting for it, actually. She was a good girl. No good girl gets touched down there for the first time without tensing up. It just doesn't happen.

"Mmmm," he breathed, "Tohru, you're so hot and wet. Do you really want me this much?"

"Wha- What?" She was confused. His fingers felt good. He had seen that she was sweating - but he didn't seem upset - he sounded happy.

"So wet - ready for me." Ah! Wet was good. Okay. Not gross. Good. That was good, because it felt so good, so it must be good that it was good. Good. Her thoughts weren't exactly clear right now.

His finger wiggled at her entrance. Then slipped inside slowly. "And you're so tight!" A moan ripped from her as she was filled. If this little sensation did that much. What would happen if...

His mouth descended, and he began to lick starting at her knee and up her leg.

His mouth - everywhere it had touched her had both burned and soothed. Now it was on her leg. And his hand was moving inside her. This was beyond anything. Uo had teased and talked about stuff with Hana that she'd never understood, but she thought maybe... maybe now she'd have an idea what they meant.

His mouth wasn't stopping. It kept going. Soon it would be -

His tongue lapped at her, flicking her clit, and she exploded. Her head was thrown back, and she screamed his name. Her hands fisted in his hair pulling him closer as her hips thrust against his face.

Four things filled his heart: Pride that he was the one bringing her this pleasure; Shock that she would react so wantonly to the pleasure he was giving; Humor at the thought that maybe this task wouldn't be as difficult as he expected. And an equal mix of hope and pain - both borne out of the love that he now knew he truly felt for this girl. He couldn't deny it. Not now.

She came off her cloud, but he was still working at her, and she could feel something more building - the tension quickly increasing to a point where she didn't know if she was going to be able to contain it. Her second orgasm hit her, and she lost control.

Falling back against the bed, she thrust her hips up at him, granting him better access. He withdrew his hand - somewhere along the way he'd worked in more fingers - and began licking her opening, sucking her juices into his mouth. His tongue thrust inside her and she screamed his name again. He could feel her muscles clamp down on his tongue. He moaned into her at the thought of her tight pussy around his now throbbing cock.

She began calling his name over and over again. "Shigure. Shigure. Gure. Gure. Gure." It was a chant. How had he made her feel like that?

Her voice. His memory brought him back to another time - the girl beneath him not even a teen yet, and he was just a horny high schooler. Her head was thrown back, calling his name as he gave her pleasure to help her forget the punishment she'd received earlier for something stupid - some behaviour her mother thought was unfitting of a god. Back then, he was her only respite. He loved her so much, he'd have done anything to see her smile. But it was too soon. Even as he came inside her, he knew it was too soon - that he should be waiting for her. That taking her so young would harm her as much as it helped.

Tohru screamed her passion, and he was brought back to the moment. It was haunting - the similarities between then and now, Akito and Tohru. Both of them. They hurt his heart and healed it. Was that, after all, the definition of love?

He swapped his tongue for his hand, using lazy strokes to keep her buzzing, but not to raise her excitement for a fourth round - not yet. Hand still moving in her, he climbed onto the bed next to her.

"Tohru." His voice whispered next to her ear and her eyes popped open, her head swivelling to look at him.

"Shigure," she breathed, and her mouth claimed his hungrily, gratefully. She could taste herself on him. Part of her mind told her she should think that was gross, but the rest of her - the part revelling in all this newness - overruled.

She broke from his lips, and was pleased to see he was breathing as heavily as she was. But he was still fully clothed, and that didn't seem fair. From the glimpses she'd unintentionally caught over the years, she knew she wanted to see more.

"Shigure, am I..." She blushed at her boldness. But after what had just happened, she was able to tell herself to get over it with confidence. "Am I going to have to hug you to get those clothes off you?"

Shock was the only word to describe the look on his face. He recovered quickly and said, "I'd be careful. You know dogs go mostly on scent. And if you hug me right now - with the way you look and smell - I'm not sure I'd be able to control myself."

Her face looked at his questioningly. "Why would you need to control yourself with me? Aren't you supposed to be..."

Equally amused and perplexed, he joked, "Do you really want me fucking you while I'm a dog?"

She looked shocked for a moment. And then curious and a bit confused. "Would you really want to do that?" Her mind tried to envision, but since she had no real frame of reference for sex at all, she couldn't completely make the picture form in her mind - but if it was really Shigure, not some animal, would it be so bad? Would Shigure enjoy that?

"Do you think that's why Akito wanted *you* to... train me? And not someone else?" She couldn't imagine, for example, Ayame being enticed into doing that while in his zodiac form - and certainly not Hatori. Maybe Akito's wish to have her crave was supposed to encompass her wanting him that way as well?

Her look of curiousity made him throb. But then she said... Was she thinking of Kyou the whole time? He was surprised at the stab of jealousy. His voice was biting as he retorted without thinking, "Well Kyou's got less experience than you now, so I don't think he could have ever been a choice."

Kyou? She hadn't even thought of Kyou. Oh, god. What would he think of her now? And why was Shigure bringing him up. She looked at him with wide vulnerable eyes, sitting up and curling into a ball. She said honestly, quietly, "I hadn't even thought of that."

He saw that he'd hurt her and kicked himself mentally. He gave a self-derisive laugh and said, "I know you didn't. I'm sorry, Tohru, you didn't deserve that. You're... you're really going to have to teach me how to do that thing -shutting up when you're hurt so that you don't say something you can't take back."

She gazed at him and said, "I don't know what I did, but I'm sorry I hurt you-"

"You didn't hurt me, Tohru!" he interrupted her. "Never think that. I was just... jealous."

Now she was really confused. "Jealous?"

"I've never shared well. I know the only reason you're here is because Akito ordered it." He looked away from her. "I know you'd rather be with Kyou."

Her mouth fell open a bit. Then she deliberately closed it. "You'd rather be with Akito than with me," she stated. There was no accusation in her tone. She could have been saying that dinner would be ready in ten minutes by her tone. It was a statement of fact - that's all.

Gaping at her, he stammered, "Bu- No- That's not!-" And then he sighed. That statement was both true and untrue.

"See? That's how it is. I am happy that I am here with Shigure." She blushed at her forwardness, "Are you happy you're here with me?"

"Very much, Tohru."

She smiled. "Shigure?"


"Um... How did you know that I loved both you and Kyou when even I didn't know until today?"

He was flummoxed and blinked at her.

"I mean, I knew that being alone with you always made me feel like I was waiting for something, and being alone with Kyou made my heart twist. But I never realized that I'd thought... That I wanted... That what I felt... How did you know?"

Her words were light on his heart.

He hadn't even realized that he had been thinking that all of her reactions were based on his deceit. He thought he'd been twisting things again - that by telling her his story, he'd made her feel for him, and through fast talking he'd convinced her that what these new feelings were was love. But she was telling him - She was telling him that what she felt, she'd felt for a while, but couldn't define. And if all he did was DEFINE her feelings...

He thought over all their conversation. There was no way that defining the feelings she had could make her think it was something it wasn't.

She loved him. She'd loved him for some time. She loved him.

She watched his face contort - from confusion through self-loathing and on to the wonderment of a happy child. She'd never seen that look on his face before. It made her fall just a little bit more in love with him.

And then he pounced on her. He kissed her so thoroughly, she thought her hair would stand on end. As they broke apart, she gasped for breath. "What was that for?"

"Does it have to be for anything?"

She shook her head no.

"So how much time do we have before the boys come home?" he asked.

"More than an hour."

He grinned. "Do you want to continue the lesson then?"

Shyly, she smiled. "I'm not a fast learner, Sensei. You may need to show me things more than once."

He put on a fake shocked look. "Why, Tohru-chan. I do believe you're enjoying school! With this positive attitude, you're going to end up valedictorian."

She blushed and looked away. Then mumbled, "Isn't it time I learned how to please you, Sensei?" and his heart flopped as his cock rose.

"I think it's time I taught you some Oral History."


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