Slave of Sensation

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Written in response to the Week Makin' Lemonaide challenge.

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In the kitchen, a cat was eating a riceball. Okay, so he was really just nibbling on her neck while she was trying to finish up the breakfast dishes.

Breakfast had been mostly quiet. Yuki, as always, slept through most of it. And Kyou and Shigure didn't seem to have anything to talk about. So Tohru had kept quiet as well, and they ate in silence.

As Tohru had begun gathering up the dishes, Kyou had leapt up, offering to help. Tohru thought she caught a furtive nod from the cat, given to the dog, and then Shigure had leaned back casually and said, "Oh, Yuki. Before you finish getting ready to go to school, can you please come see me in my office? There's something I need to discuss with you."

Tohru felt the bottom of her stomach drop. Was Shigure planning to tell Yuki that she was... to tell him what Akito wanted? She looked frantically at the dog, but Kyou had grabbed her by the elbow saying, "Let's go wash these dishes."

She followed with a disheartened, "Oh. Right." Once in the kitchen, she filled up the sink, and began to wash.

"It's not what you think," Kyou stated from beside her.

"What?" she asked, disingenuously.

The cat smiled softly at her. "Don't worry. He's not telling Yuki anything he doesn't need to know. It's just... Shigure and I had a little talk. And we agreed that if Akito finds out that Yuki is in love with Machi, not you, she might freak out and do something. So it's easiest if we convince him to pretend."

"But that won't be fair to Machi!"

"Machi doesn't have a psycho for a house head! She'll still get to be with Yuki. And it's not like the damn rat has ever announced they were dating. He keeps calling it student council business anyway. Besides, Machi's a sweet girl. She'll be glad she can help."

Tohru thought it over and nodded. "I'm going to have to do something nice to thank them both."

In a way, she was so predictable. He smiled and then remembered the other part. His smile faded. But before he could say anything, she spoke. "Kyou... This means that no one can know about us either. Doesn't it?"

He nodded.

"I guessed that would happen even before you mentioned Machi and Yuki. But... You'll remember that it's you that I love, right?" She'd turned to look at him with her heart in her eyes. "Even if we don't get to show it..."

He stepped in behind her and placed his chin on her shoulder so he could whisper in her ear. "I only love you, Tohru. It will be okay." He placed light nibble-like kisses on her neck and she sighed.

"If you keep doing that, I'm going to be too distracted to make sure the dishes are clean," she giggled.

"Who cares? We can eat off dirty dishes."

She laughed and he sighed. "I have to tell you the rest, Tohru."

She turned to him. "The rest?"

He nodded and looked away guiltily. "Shigure says that he still needs to do what Akito told him to do."

Tohru gave a resigned smile and nodded. She hadn't even thought that would have changed.

"And he says that for part of it, it will go better without me around." The girl blushed and said nothing. "But part of it he wants me to help with." She blushed even darker. "Is that okay? Do you mind if I'm there-"

She looked up at him with happy eyes. "You could be there?!" Her eyes darkened with desire. "I'd... like that." She blushed and looked down.

How had it come to this - that with a simple look, she could make his entire day? But there was more to say.

"I agreed to let Shigure decide when I should be there. But if you want me to be there, I'll be there whenever you want."

With a pensive look, she considered it. "I always want Kyou with me. But... Shigure knows more than me and..."

"And we probably need to trust his judgement," he concluded for her. She nodded. "For now anyway."

He leaned in and kissed her softly. "One more thing. Shigure's going to set it up so that Yuki's staying with Ayame for a while, and we're going to tell everyone that I'm staying with Shishou - to train. I'll... I'll stay there on the nights that Shigure says I shouldn't be here."

She smiled at him and said, "Yuki should spend time with Ayame. This will be good. Although... I hope Kyou-kun doesn't have to spend too much time with his father." She blushed again, and he laughed, then fell to kissing her neck, eating her up.

"Kyou! We need to finish the dishes."

"So finish," he said between kisses. "Don't let me stop you."


It was pretty easy to pretend that nothing had changed between them at school. All Kyou had to do was think about how soon Shigure would have his hands all over her, and he was his normal, simmering, glowering self. Of course, every now and then, he'd catch her smiling at him, and he'd feel warm all over. But - that was pretty much normal.

When Yuki barked at Kyou to stop sulking and get a life, he knew that he'd succeeded in his most important acting debut.

And after lunch, which Yuki spent "taking care of some student council business" with Machi, the rat began smiling more at Tohru, and blushing when she looked at him. Which, of course, pissed Kyou off to no end. The rat, apparently, was an even better actor than he was. Damn rat!

All in all, they were giving a very good performance, though. The Prince Yuki Fan Club was glaring daggers by the end of the day. And Uo was back to teasing Tohru about her relationship with the Sohmas, and how Kyou looked like he'd swallowed a bug. But all Hanajima did was stare at Tohru, then at Kyou, and then say, "Hmmm."

He decided it was good enough. They went home hand in hand in hand like they used to do so often, Tohru smiling from ear to ear.


At dinner, Shigure waited until everyone was finished before making his announcement: "I saw Akito today." He waited until they were all focused on him. "Akito has decided there will be some changes."

He'd gone to see Akito earlier that day, with two requests.

"Shigure. How are you coming at your task?" her voice had taken a decidedly unctuous tone, but he was in control and refused to let it get to him. Much.

Bowing, he replied, "There is some progress."

"SOME progress?" She raised her eyebrows. "Perhaps you're not putting enough effort into this." She didn't let show any emotion - so that he wouldn't be able to tell if she wanted him to succeed or fail. "With your skill, I would have thought she'd be half yours already."

He smiled and nodded his head gratefully. "While I appreciate the vote of confidence," he was rewarded with a twitch - she hadn't meant it to sound like a compliment, "there are a few details that I would like to take care of - to make sure I can fully complete the task to your satisfaction." He didn't have to force his voice to include a trace of bitterness.


"I am assuming, of course, that it is not your intention to have her become pregnant from this event?" He saw her eyes widen by just a fraction of a millimeter, and he had to suppress a smirk of satisfaction. "I've begun enlightening her to the pleasures of the flesh, but my thought was that you might prefer to have her on birth control before the real lessons begin."

She nodded. "I will have Hatori provide you with a prescription today. In the meantime, there are other methods you can use to prevent conception. Use them. I do not wish for you to delay this project. My patience is running out."

"As you wish, Akito." His voice was soothing, like he was trying to remind her of that quote from The Princess Bride - but she forced herself to not hear it that way. "There is one more thing I would like to request - to help move the project along more quickly."

She waited for him to continue.

"It would be... more efficient if we did not have the boys constantly underfoot. They will undoubtedly try to interfere in the lessons, and there are only a couple nights a week where both are out of the house at the same time."

She pondered what he had said. Certainly, the boys would try to interrupt, and that would delay things. But it would add another layer of embarassment for the intruding girl. Plus, it would irritate Shigure. Would it be more satisfying to add a layer of difficulty to his task now or to make the task a little simpler - so that he didn't have to be touching that girl for any longer than necessary - and then have her degradation and need be a surprise to everyone - have her displayed as a whore for everyone to see quite visibly how wrong they had all been? She smiled.

"In the interest of speeding this project to its conclusion - I'm SURE you're finding seducing this young monster quite taxing - I will consider this. What solution do you propose?"

"Ah. For that I'm not sure. If Kyou stays with Kazuma, it will be difficult for him to attend school - the distance is so great. He'd have to get up three hours early just to make it to school on time.

"And Yuki... Ayame lives close enough that it would be possible, but Yuki would never agree. He still gets so irritated every time he has to deal with his brother - I'm afraid Yuki would kill him after only two days." He sighed. "Do you think Hatori would take him in for a few weeks?"

The goddess smiled. "Yuki will live with Ayame until such time as they can get along, or until I rescind the order. My Jyuunishi need to be able to live in harmony. You will tell Yuki tonight. Hatori will be by this evening to move him immediately.

"As for the cat, while I hate to further burden Kazuma - he's carried the burden of putting up with the cat for long enough - there aren't any other options. Kyou will just have to make the adjustment to his sleep schedule. I do not want him to miss out on his education, but this project is too important, and he will adjust.

"I believe that should remove all your hesitation. I expect a progress report in a week's time. And Shigure, I expect you to have completed the task to my satisfaction, quickly. Unless of course you prefer the company of that vagabond to me."

He knelt and kissed her hand. "I will always prefer Akito's company to all else."

She pulled her hand back irritably. "Go! I don't want to see you for another week."

He stood and left. Once the door was closed, he smiled broadly.


"Changes?" the rat inquired.

"Yes. Apparently Akito has decided we need to get closer to our families. Kyou will be living at Kazuma's for the next month." He shrugged. "You're to train with Kazuma, but still attend school with Yuki and Tohru. It will require additional travel time to and from school, but... I'm sure you can handle it."

Yuki smiled. That meant that he'd be Kyou free. Not that the two of them spent much time fighting anymore - he just was too busy to pay attention to the foolish behaviour of the stupid cat - but still, it would be a bit of a relief.

And then Shigure continued. "And Yuki will be spending the next month living with Ayame."


"It wasn't MY idea, Yuki," he replied, quite truthfully.

"Then whose idea was it?" he responded viciously. "What the hell is Akito thinking? Forcing Kyou and me away so that you're left ALONE with Miss Honda?"

Kyou glared at the dog. "I swear to god, you try anything - you do anything at all that I wouldn't approve of, and I'll chop you up for stir fry!"

Tohru fluttered around, trying to calm tempers. "It's okay, Yuki. Kyou. I don't mind. I'll be fine here with Shigure - and Kyou, you want to spend more time training with Kazuma, don't you? And this will be the perfect chance for Yuki to truly become closer to your brother. If the two of you got along better, that would be so wonderful!" She clasped her hands together in front of her chest. "Yuki is so lucky to have an older brother - even if you don't always agree, it must be nice to know that you have him there, wishing you well." Her sigh showed him that part of her had always wished she'd been lucky enough to have a sibling.

It worked. How could he appear so ungrateful as to refuse the chance to spend time with a sibling - when she had no family left at all (other than extended relatives that made Ayame look like a true blessing)?

"You're right, Miss Honda. I may not always enjoy his company, but he is my brother."

"Oh! Did you hear that, Hatori?" Ayame flounced into the room in his usual burst of exuberance, followed by Hatori, shaking his head slowly in exasperation. "Yuki is declaring his undying devotion toward his older brother - but of course, it only makes perfect sense that he should look up to an older brother as talented and wonderful as I-"

"If you don't shut up, I'll change my mind. I'd rather live in Miss Honda's tent than waste my time listening to your drivel." The rat's words were hissed through clenched teeth.

"What the hell are YOU doing here, anyway?" Kyou hissed.

Hatori responded quickly - so that the snake would not have a chance to open his mouth quite yet again, "We're here to help the two of you move your belongings - since you won't be staying here for the next month. Akito has ordered me to assist you with transportation. As I still have several patients to care for back at the main house, I would suggest that you make haste in your packing. If you need to come back and obtain anything you've left behind, Akito has stated that you can do so after school - so long as you are back with Ayame and Kazuma within 90 minutes after school has ended."

"Um... but what about Yuki's student council duties?" Tohru asked, concernedly. She would hate for Yuki to get in trouble just for attending to his responsibilities.

.Hatori smiled at the girl. "Yuki's student council duties are an exception. But Akito has stated that Yuki will not come to this house after 7pm until the month is up - or Akito decides to rescind the order."

Standing, Yuki sighed. "Well, I better go pack."

Tohru stood next to him. "Do you need any help, Yuki-kun?"

He smiled sweetly at her. "No, Miss Honda. I think I can handle it." He touched her shoulder as he went up to prepare for what he anticipated would be a very difficult month.

Shigure looked at the cat pointedly and said, "Kyou, I know you don't have a lot up in that room of yours, but you should probably pack, too - don't you think? Otherwise you won't be ready for Hatori to take you to the dojo."

The cat growled. If he didn't pack now, it would look suspicious. It seemed the dog wanted to spend the night alone with Tohru. "I meant what I said earlier," he warned. Then he stomped up the stairs angrily.

"Really," Shigure mused. "Everyone always talks about how softly cats walk - but Kyou certainly doesn't suffer from that characteristic, now does he?"

Tohru excused herself to go attend to the dishes, and to have a moment alone to figure out what was coming next. She'd be alone with Shigure tonight. What would that mean? She found that her heart was beating a little heavier than normal. The dog had let her have a night alone with Kyou. And if she could stay with Kyou for the rest of her life, she'd be happy. But someday, she knew, Kyou would be taken away from her. And Shigure would take care of her. He'd promised.

And now... he would take CARE of her. It would happen tonight. Tonight she would begin learning how to want. The only real thought that she had in her head, though, was that she wanted Kyou to stay. She wanted him here. To be a part of it. How horrible she was becoming - she wanted both Shigure and Kyou. She was selfish. And she would be punished. Akito would see to it. And now Kyou would be leaving. When would she get to see him again?

But Shigure would comfort her tonight.

How could she feel like she was losing so much, and still feel... anticipation?

As she finished up the last dish, she felt two hands wrap around her waist, and a mouth descend on her neck.

"Kyou," she breathed and spun to look at him.

He smiled at her. "Shigure came up to 'help me pack.' It's just for tonight. I'll be coming back after school tomorrow."

Her smile exploded on her face and she grabbed his arm, hugging it to her. "I'm so glad!"

It was amazing. She was the light that shone in the darkness of his whole life. Every time she smiled, she made all the crap in his life seem unimportant. He was leaving her with the dog. And while he wasn't happy about that, the fact that she was so overjoyed that he'd only be gone for the one night - it made it all okay.

He leaned in and gave her one last searing kiss that left her breathless, then smiled over her shoulder. "I love you," he whispered, and she leaned up and kissed him one more time before whispering, "I love you, too." As the cat turned to walk out of the kitchen before anyone else got suspicious, she wiped her face to make sure there were no traces of anything that shouldn't be there. And then, she put on her patented smile and walked out to say goodby to everyone for the night.

Ayame was talking a thousand miles a minute, and Yuki looked like he already had a headache. Tohru's expression became concerned, but Hatori leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry. I'm planning to make sure Yuki has a full bottle of Excedrin, and a set of earplugs before I leave him there. I find it helps me deal with Ayame when he's on full steam." Tohru looked up at the dragon, shocked. Hatori had just cracked a joke. She had a small smile on, but - as if she didn't have enough new stuff to deal with - she decided not to fully laugh.

Before she could fully grasp what was going on, they were out the door. Yuki had kissed her cheek and told her not to put up with the dog's idiocy. Kyou had just grunted at her, but his hand squeezing hers told her everything that he couldn't put into words. In a daze, she watched them pile into the car and drive off.

From behind her, she heard her last remaining housemate speak softly, "Are you okay?"

She turned and flashed him a brilliant smile. "I'm fine, Shigure."

He nodded, and hugged her, cherishing the moment before he transformed. She laughed when he licked her cheek, and he said, "If you're okay with it, we should..."

She lifted an eyebrow and said, "Like this?" gesturing to him in his doggy form. "Okay." She turned and walked into the house.

He stared after her in shock, his tail wagging. This was going to be an interesting night.


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