Slave of Sensation

BY : kashudoreineko
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Written in response to the Week Makin' Lemonaide challenge.

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Tohru stood frozen as the cat began to walk away. Wrong about what? Not allowed? And then she heard his voice - so soft she might have imagined it. And then he was gone. She heard the door to his room close, and it woke her up to action.

She turned to Shigure, her face tortured by hope and pain. He was smiling. "About damn time," he muttered. Then he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. "Go to him." He spun her and pushed her toward the stairs.

Standing in front of his door, she raised her hand to knock, and paused. What if he didn't mean what Shigure thought he meant? What if...

She didn't realize that tears had started to fill her eyes. There would be no going back now. Even if she didn't have the courage to knock, there would be no going back. No going back.

Her knuckles rapped upon the door, but the cat didn't answer. "Kyou? Can I...? I'm coming in." How brash! She'd never done anything like this before. Her hand reached for the handle, and she opened the door.

He was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

She closed the door behind her. "Kyou? I'm sorry. I'm just barging in. But..."

"You know you can always come in here whenever you want."

"Oh. Kyou... did you... What did... Um..."

"So why does Akito want you to sleep with the damn dog?"

She went pale and quickly fell back against the door to support herself. What had he heard? "I... don't know. Shigure says it's supposed to hurt him and Yuki most of all. But he thinks that... you and I will be the most..."

"You and I?" He turned his head to look at her. "There can never BE a you and I!"

She'd known it. She shouldn't have hoped. Her knees gave out and she sank to the floor, her tears spilling over. "I know, Kyou. I'm sorry."

"Don't you see? I'm the cat! The cat never gets what he wants. No one falls in love with the cat - the cat's not allowed to love! I'm not allowed to BE in love with you." He'd crossed the room and kneeled in front of her. She looked stricken. She looked like he felt. But his words kept coming, and his hands were grasping her shoulders. He began shaking her. "No one can EVER love me! Don't you get it? You can't! You can't!"

He pulled her shoulders closer and his lips pressed against hers.

'He's kissing me! Kyou's-' She put her hands on his shoulders, and pressed in to him - careful to keep enough distance so he wouldn't transform. Her lips opened slightly, and his tongue instantly pressed inside. She moaned into his mouth, her heart was racing. Better. This was better than...

And then he pulled away. Looked away from her like he was disgusted.

"I'm sorry, Kyou. I know you don't love me. I'm sorry."

His voice was raw, "Tohru. It's like I'm being stabbed in the chest. It's like I'm dying. To love you so much and know I can never..."

"You... love me?" Her hand reached out and tentatively rested on his shoulder. "Kyou?"

He nodded but wouldn't look at her. "I'm the damned cat. I..."

The woman he loved stood and walked to the door. He heard a soft click. And then, she was moving toward his bed.

"Kyou. You know that Akito has ordered Shigure to sleep with me. But that's not everything. She wants... She thinks... Shigure thinks she's trying to break me. She wants me to not only have had sex, but to crave it. She says that if... If Shigure can make me want sex so badly that I'll even beg for it..." she swallowed hard. It was odd how easy the thought was even coming to her now - now after a week of dealing with it. "If that happens, she'll make me a permanent member of the family. And if not... She's going to have my memory erased and send me back to live with my family as a woman who's been... ruined."

So THAT's why! Even if Shigure could have refused, that bitch would have ruined Tohru's life. What choice did she have but to try? Kyou began growling.

"Kyou?" He stood and came over to her on the bed. "I... I don't care what anyone *else* thinks. But I love you, Kyou. I love you so much." She put her head in her hands and began to cry.

"Tohru," he breathed as he sat next to her. How could he comfort her? What did he have that he could possibly offer?

She pulled her face out of her hands and looked up at him with her determined face. "You... You told me I should ask for what I want, Kyou. So I'm going to... I'm going to be selfish."

She stood up and her hands began unbuttoning her blouse.

"Tohru, what-?"

The last button separated, and she slipped the blouse off her shoulders. Her milky white skin led down to full breasts, held by a light blue, lacy bra. He swallowed hard at the sight. She began to unzip her skirt.

"I want you, Kyou. Please."

The skirt pooled at her feet and she stepped out of it. Her lacy underwear matched the bra, and her knee-high socks. She got on her knees in front of him. "Please, Kyou." She began reaching for his waistline, her fingers working at unbuttoning his cargo pants.

The feel of her fingertips at his waist brought him back to reality. Only, for some odd reason reality seemed to consist of a mostly naked Tohru trying to take his pants off.

"Tohru." He breathed her name and she looked up at him. He was shocked at the desperation he saw there. Her tears were spilling over, leaving tracks down her cheeks. "Tohru." His hands found her shoulders, and he lifted her from where she was in front of him. She shouldn't be doing this. She was too good for this. "Tohru, you don't have to do this."

He lifted her away from where she'd been fumbling - trying to get his pants off. She wanted to be with him, but she knew she had so little time that she was coming off like a... Like Akito wanted her to be. She began to sob, she covered her face so he wouldn't have to see her like this. Of course he wouldn't want her like this. No one would. That was Akito's whole goal.

"It's okay, Kyou," she said through her tears. "I understand." She wiped at her face. And she tried to smile. "I'm glad I got to tell you though. I got to tell you that I love you. I love you, Kyou." She looked in his eyes. She looked so sad. And then with an effort, she pulled her eyes away, closed them, and swallowed. She was just about to say, "I should go," when she felt his hand. His hand was brushing the hair off her face, brushing it behind her ear.

"It's softer than I imagined," he breathed.

She opened up her eyes and saw that he was holding a strand of her hair in his hand. He'd brought it to his lips. He kissed the hair, and breathed in its scent.

"But I knew that it would smell like strawberries and plums." He smiled a bit. Looking at her and then closing his eyes, he continued. "And your skin would be so smooth, that if I ever touched it, I could never get enough. Never." His hand ran down her arm and she shivered. Or maybe he was the one who shivered.

"If I kiss you again, Tohru, I'm never going to want to stop. If I kiss you again..." He opened his eyes to stare at her. His chest was heaving. Hers looked like she might pop out of her bra. "I love you, Tohru. I love you." Each breath was like he was expecting it to be his last. The cat wasn't allowed to love, so how could this be happening? "I love you."

Her eyes were frightened, and hopeful. "Kyou."

"I love you." His hand had reached hers, and their fingers intertwined.

She pulled it up to her lips and kissed each fingertip. He was mezmerized. Then she pressed his hand against her heart. "Kyou. I..." His hand - she was pressing it so tightly to her chest. Hugging it like she never wanted to let it go.

He could see her asking for something. She'd said she wanted him. She wanted him. She loved him. He wanted to stand up and do a victory dance. Who cared about the damn dog? Who cared about Akito? He'd think about that tomorrow.

"Tohru, I..." he hesitated as a blush covered his face. "I meant what I said. If I kiss you again, I don't think I'll be able to stop. But..." her eyes met his and he found the strength to finish. "Can I kiss you again?"

She didn't trust her voice. Tears were pouring down her cheeks, but she was smiling as she nodded. He still hesitated, so she said, "Please, Kyou. Please kiss me?"

He held her as tightly as the curse would allow, his hands running down her back, their lips pressing together - at first lightly, as if scared that if they tried too hard they'd jinx it. Then passion took over, and their tongues danced, exploring the one they'd wanted and been denied for so long.

When they broke, Kyou buried his face in her neck, breathing her scent. Strawberries and plums and night-blooming jasmine. "Tohru," he breathed.

"Oh Kyou!" her voice was the wind, tickling his ear. He kissed her neck, mouth moving in small circles, learning her, learning where she moaned, where she shivered, where she giggled.

It couldn't be real. He couldn't be here with her. He must have fallen off the roof and hit his head. Her hands were under his shirt, leaving trails of fire behind where they touched his skin. With a growl, he leaned back and whipped it off of him in one movement, flinging it to land wherever it would. She smiled, reaching out to trace the angles of his chest. And he decided he didn't care if it wasn't real. If it wasn't real, it was the best damn dream he'd ever had, and by god, he was going to enjoy it.

He leaned toward her again, whispering her name like a reverent prayer. And then he fell to her lips, her soft wonderful lips - so gentle, so perfect, so... "Tohru," he moaned into her mouth.

She moved the kiss from his mouth, to his cheek, to his jawline, up to his ear. "Kyou," she breathed again, "Am I dreaming?" She pulled back and looked at him. "I don't want to wake up."

His thoughts from her mouth. He pinched his own arm 'til it hurt. Then smiled softly at her. "I don't think we're dreaming."

She smiled at him, then scooted back on the bed, laying down and reaching out her hand to draw him to her. Side by side, facing each other, mouths entwined. His hand traced down her side - only two bits of lace preventing him from touching nothing but her alabaster skin. Each curve, oh god, it was more than he'd hoped. Soft, so soft. And when he touched her she leaned toward his touch, moaning his name. He'd never dared dream this. When his deepest sleep took him and his unconscious completely took over, he'd still never dreamed... he'd force himself awake if he even got close to dreaming anything remotely like this.

Her hand ran across the expanse of his chest. He was lean muscle - like a cat, his muscles were relaxed and ready. Once she touched him, she wanted more. She wanted to taste him. She leaned toward his ear and nibbled on it. Then she pulled back and her eyes looked up at him pleadingly as she breathed, "I want you so much, Kyou. Please."

Instead of answering, his hand reached for her breast. As he massaged it gently, she threw her head back and moaned, "Kyou. Yessssss."

Encouraged, he leaned in and began to kiss her mound. She writhed next to him, and as he slipped it free from the lace covering and softly took her nipple between his lips, she moaned his name again.

Her hands were sliding around his waist, stroking his back, and she moaned passionately. "God, yes, Tohru," he replied without thought.

She pulled back and smiled at him - it was the biggest smile he'd ever seen. "You..." Her hands traced down toward his waist, and this time there was no fumbling as the button to his cargo pants opened. Her hand slipped inside, cupping him through his boxer briefs lovingly.

His eyes rolled up in his head, rolled shut. Sweet, innocent Tohru - his Tohru - HIS! - had her hand on his...

Without thought, he shucked off his pants, and resumed his place next to her - all in the time it took her to blink.

He was surprised to see her look him up and down appraisingly, and he began to turn red. "Wh-"

"Kyou is so handsome!" she breathed. "Better looking than I-" She gasped and put her hand up to her mouth, startled at her own admission. Then she put her hand down and looking deep in his eyes, she 'fessed up. "Kyou is more handsome that I'd imagined."

She'd imagined him without his clothes on? That's what she was saying, right? Did she imagine the dog, and the rat, too? Or was this just him? Okay, so he was insecure - he had reason to be.

"Kyou, are you disgusted knowing I... I've dreamed about you... Wanted you... Wished for you to touch- to make love to me?" She had to force the words out. She wasn't one to admit what she wanted - it would be like asking for too much. But he was here. And she needed him to know how badly she needed - wanted!

"You... wanted ME?" Even after all she'd said - all he'd heard this evening, he was still having a hard time believing it. "Why...? How could you want me?"

"Because I love Kyou. My heart... it has Kyou's name on it." She looked down. "I'm sorry. I know I'm nothing spec-"

He put his hand over her mouth. "How many times do I gotta tell you to stop apologizing? Unless you're sorry you... love me?" His hand was still over her mouth, her eyes were wide as she shook her head no. "I'd understand if you were." She shook her had no more emphatically. He smiled his little smile.

"What is it about you? How did you... From the moment I met you, you've been finding a way to... make it impossible to not think about you. All the time. You're... You're the only person who ever..." He looked into her eyes, and his voice was very soft. Gentle. "My heart has your name on it. Only you, Tohru."

She looked up at him hopeful and sad. "Even though Akito's going to...?"

"Screw Akito!" His voice was venom at first, but he reined it in as he continued, finally telling her his dark secret, "Tohru, when I graduate, Akito will have me locked up. The cat is not allowed to be free. Akito will lock me up and only family members will ever get the chance to see me - even in passing. I won't be able to... I'll never be..."

She spoke so softly, "I know. Oh, Kyou. It's not fair." He didn't respond. "But if I... I'm going to do what Akito demands. And if she does what she said... If I can be a real member of the family, maybe I could..."

His voice was flat. "You're going to sleep with Shigure so you can maybe see me once I'm locked up."

She felt very small. "I love Kyou."

"It's not fair to you. You shouldn't love me. You deserve better!" His voice was angry.

"I love Kyou!" She grabbed onto his arm and held it to her, crying.

"You..." His voice broke. "Tohru, you love Shigure, too." She looked up at him startled. She didn't want him to know. He didn't need to know. "I heard," he said. "And Shigure loves you. He can take care of you."

She looked up at him honestly. "Shigure loves me like I love him. Shigure doesn't love me like I love YOU." She tried to will him to understand. "I do love Shigure, but YOU... It's... I'm not the one Shigure longs for - the one that could make him feel complete. I'm not... He wants me to be happy. But he can't... Without you..." She closed her eyes so that she didn't have to see how he would react. "I need you, Kyou. I love both of you, but you're the one I need. I just..." She waved her hands, trying to figure out a way to express the emptiness that filled her heart at the thought of never being with him. It hadn't been so bad - back when she wouldn't believe he loved her. But he'd kissed her, and now... Now it was unbearable.

She needed him. She loved him.

He remembered Shigure's actions the whole past week. He'd been deliberately provoking the cat to get him to admit he loved her. And when they were talking, when he was eavesdropping, Shigure had told Tohru that her first time should be with Kyou. That even though he was risking pissing off Akito - who he loved? Okay and that was just weird! - he was willing to wait until Kyou could show her love, so that she'd have that to carry her through. It wasn't for the cat that the dog was being self-sacrificing. But... still...

"Tohru, after I'm locked up, I want you to promise me... promise me that you'll let Shigure take care of you." Her eyes sprang open. "He'll protect you when I can't. And... He won't let anything happen to you. So... promise me, okay?"

It was just like Kyou. He was so thoughtful, so considerate. With great seriousness, she replied, "On one condition."


"I'll promise to let Shigure take care of me if you can't - only if you'll make love to me, Kyou. Because if you get locked away and I've never gotten to hold you, I..." How could she say this? "Because it's you that I'll hold in my heart forever. And if Akito is going to make me... I want to remember you each time."

He didn't know what to say. No one had ever loved him. And now she... loved him so much?

Wordlessly, he got to his knees next to her on the bed. He reached out toward her with both hands - his fingernails trailing along her sides. And when they got to lace, the slid underneath her, and then popped open the hooks, releasing her bra. He slid it off her shoulders and threw it aside.

There was still one more piece to go. His fingers hooked through lace, pulling down the last thing hiding her from him, over her hips, off her feet. She was bare before him. His mouth hung open slightly at the sight of her. He forced it closed before drool could form and prove him an idiot.

"You are everything. The only thing that has ever mattered to me, Tohru. I love you." Even with naked Tohru on his bed, he still fell into her eyes. Her beautiful, trusting, loving eyes.

"I love you, Kyou."

And then, there were no more words. His fingers traced her outline. His mouth fell to kissing her. Her alabaster skin - more perfect than he ever could have imagined - was his to touch, and each touch coaxed sounds that he knew would haunt his dreams forever more. Such delicious sounds.

He kissed her instep and she giggled. "Kyou!" she laughed.

He grinned back at her. "No complaints! I have you and I'm going to kiss every inch of you!"

She had no words for what she felt at that, and he fell back to his task. Her long slender legs. He crawled up between them, licking her lightly as he went. And then, he came to that place that he'd never dreamed of. Her desire wafted to his sensitive nose, reminiscent of caramel, it made him moan in delight.

He couldn't stop himself. He leaned in and licked her. She moaned his name and he grinned. She tasted better than cream, and she was so hot and wet. His tongue darted inside her, and her hips thrust up at him. "Please, Kyou! I... OH!" He felt her come - she tightened and her juices ran into his mouth. He'd given her pleasure. He couldn't help the possessive smile that thought spawned.

She could feel her release, but still - she was wound so tightly. She needed more. She felt him kiss up her torso, and then his mouth was on her breasts. He suckled and she moaned. And then he couldn't help it, he began tugging at her nipple with his teeth, biting. She was surprised that it hurt, but it felt amazing. She screamed his name as the orgasm ripped through her. His smile released its hold on her breast, but captured her soul.

How could she ever have not known? She belonged to him.

One hand reached down and grasped his manhood, squeezing lightly. She stroked him up and down and his smile was replaced by a look of pure ecstasy. It was surprising how much power she felt when she saw that look on his face. Tohru Honda - the girl who lived by Zen philosophies, going where the current took her with no resistance - felt power. It was odd, but liberating.

She shifted her position, out from under him, coaxing him to lie down on the bed. And then, her mouth descended. She teased him, licking him from shaft to tip, and he gasped.

Tohru was going down on him. What the? Someone must have altered the fabric of reality. Then her mouth encased him fully, and thought was gone.

She began sucking on his cock, up and down. One hand held the base of the shaft for added sensation, and the other she used to support her weight. She was giving him pleasure! His moans made her heart soar and her clit throb. She moaned around his shaft. He glanced down to see her eagerly taking him in and out of her beautiful mouth, her full lips encasing his engorged flesh. But then he noticed what the rest of her was doing.

She was on her knees and one hand, and she was rocking back and forth - moaning. She looked like there was an invisible person behind her, pounding into her the way she was writhing. It was too much!

He reached down and stopped her from continuing. "Too good!" he breathed. She sat up, her ass resting on her heels, and looked at him questioningly. "I... You're... I don't want to come in your mouth. I want our first time... I want to be in you." He looked embarassed, but he had gone this far. "I want you so much, Tohru."

She felt the ache in between her legs and knew what he meant. But she'd never done this before, and she wasn't quite sure what came next. "I want Kyou," she breathed with more passion than he'd have guessed possible. His cock twitched from the sound. "What... How do we... What comes next?" she asked.

He ran a hand along her cheek and said, "Lay down."

She did as he instructed and he crawled between her legs. Then, he carefully positioned himself at her opening. She was looking up at him with such desire, he thought he must already have died. God had had pity on him and he was in heaven. And then, he slid into her, and he discovered what heaven really was.

When he reached her barrier, he stopped, and looked down at her. She felt a little discomfort - her body wasn't quite used to this - but her excitement easily overpowered it. Except he'd stopped. Why had he stopped? She looked up at him and he said through gritted teeth, "I've been told this might hurt. If you want me to stop, just tell me, okay? I love you."

She smiled and nodded. "I don't want you to stop. I love you, Kyou."

Only Tohru. With a quick motion, he pulled back just a bit and then thrust forward. He felt her tear as he buried himself into her. It had to be a sin - nothing felt this good in life. And she was smiling at him, with a single tear escaping her eye.

"I won't move until you feel okay, all right?" he encouraged her. Of course - it was typical, he felt good only when he caused someone else pain.

But she sighed, breathing his name. "Kyou." Her hips began to move slowly. "Oh. It feels... Like I'm home." And then her hips picked up the pace. Her honeyed center was so tight around him it was unlike anything he could have imagined. It felt... She had hit it exactly right. Like he was home. For the first time in his entire life.

His eyes were fixed on her face, the expression of pleasure as she writhed beneath him, as he pumped into her lovingly. She smiled up at him and moaned, "Oh, Kyou!" as he felt her shudder in a mini-orgasm.

And then her hands grabbed at his ass, pushing him in deeper, as she lost herself to sensation. Little shrieks of pleasure ripped out of her, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" and the sound encouraged him to join in - a deeply vibrating growl - like a lion purring - boiling up from somewhere deep within.

Unthinking, he grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders so he could bury himself deeper. The shift in angles drove her to a pleasure that made the world fade in and out of existence. Her walls milked him as she came - and then came again. Finally, she succumbed and the world exploded.

She shrieked his name, "KYOUUUUUUUUUU!" and he could hold on no longer. He shot his hot seed inside her, moaning her name in response. He locked his elbows, to keep himself propped above her - so that he wouldn't collapse and accidentally transform.

That left his face merely inches from her own as her eyes opened dreamily. She smiled up at him so beatifically - like he was the best thing God ever created and seeing him was all she could ever want. Which was pretty much what she was thinking. Tohru never was one who could hide her pleasure. Only her pain.

He couldn't help but smile back. Bending down, he kissed the tip of her nose.

"No matter what happens, I will always love you, Tohru."

She smiled at him and said, "I'm so happy."

Slowly, he pulled himself out of her, and was pleased to hear her sigh in disappointment at the loss of him inside her. "Kyou... Until Akito stops us... Would you... Would you want to do that again ever?" She was biting her lip so demurely.

He looked at her slyly. "Would you?"

She closed her eyes and nodded. "Uh huh."

Smiling broadly, he lay back on the bed and responded. "I will never stop wanting to make love to you, Tohru. Whenever you want me." He breathed a happy sigh. "Is this really real?"

"I hope so."

They lay in silence for a moment.

"Tohru, if I wasn't cursed. If I wasn't the cat. Do you think you'd ever want to... marry me?" He pointedly didn't look at her, so he didn't see how wide her eyes got, or her head immediately nod yes.

When she realized that, she answered. "That would be like a dream come true."


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