Slave of Sensation

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'It's my own fault. Only my own.' He repeated this as a mantra as he once again attempted to focus on the document that was up on his computer. Never before had Shigure experienced such a distraction - usually he could block out extraneous sounds without a thought. But the sighs and moans, while not overly loud, seemed to filter through the walls, right into his doggy ears. It was pretty much putting him at his wits end.

If only he wasn't so able to vividly imagine every movement up there.

If only he could join in. But those two deserved some time alone. Even though they were going to almost torture her with physical pleasure today, it was crucial that she had sweet time with the one her heart couldn't do without. Because if all she experienced was raw, rough, unmeaningful sex - if THAT was what they got her addicted to - it could destroy her. It would make her nothing but a vehicle. Instead of the sweet giver and receiver of love in every way.

And Kyou... If Shigure's plan failed, Kyou deserved to at least have memories of his time with her to take with him. He deserved to feel truly loved. It was a bit surprising to the dog how important that part of the goal had become to him. Initially, it was just about Tohru. Okay, a little bit about Kyou, but not much. Now, Kyou's happiness was becoming pretty important to the dog.

'I wonder...' His mind finally settled in on his new novel: the triangle would be a lot more complicated if two of the three cared deeply about the other two and only one was focused solely on the single person. He began working feverishly. The seed sprouting into an interesting new direction that he didn't think his readers would expect.

It wasn't the ringing of the phone that brought him back from his writing fervor. It was that the sounds from upstairs had silenced, giving the whole house a feeling of suspense. Then the dog registered the phone, and quickly moved to pick up.

"Moshi, moshi!" he replied, his voice as cheery as always.

"Hello, Shigure, you certainly are in a good mood." The voice of the speaker did not sound at all pleased. In fact, Hatori sounded downright irritated.

"Why, yes, I am. Is there any reason I shouldn't be?"

There was a pause on the other side of the line as Hatori struggled to not lose his temper. "Akito has requested that I drop off a package for Tohru." He paused to let that sink in.

"Oh," Shigure kept his voice light. "I take it you don't approve of me obeying Akito's demand in this instance? She is our god, you know, it's not like I had much choice."

He bit out each word, "I wonder how true that is. And regardless, even if you had to obey, that doesn't mean you have to be enjoying it so much."

"Hmmm," the dog mused. "Jealous or something?"

"Don't be absurd." The dragon really was irritated.

Relenting, Shigure confided, "'Tori, don't worry so much. She's precious to me, too. I can guarantee that what Akito will receive from my obedience in this matter will be to the letter, but will NOT be what she expects."

A long silence filled the line. "What are you plotting this time, Shigure?"

"Ah, ah, ah! A master never tells. So when will you be dropping by?"

"I'll be over in just 15 minutes." The dog could almost hear the doctor shaking his head in resignation.

"I'll be waiting with bated breath for you - to COME to me," the dog whispered breathily.

"Idiot." CLICK.

Smiling, the dog glanced up the stairs and yelled loudly, "I'm off the phone now!"

'One... two... three... four... five.' Right on schedule, he heard a giggle, then a chuckle. With his sensitive ears he heard a sigh, and then a moan. Grinning from ear to ear, he continued, "You've got 10 minutes! Then I'm going to have to borrow her for some acting - Hatori's coming over."

The noises stopped, and he could hear Tohru's voice, then Kyou's - but not what they were saying. Then there was silence for about 15 seconds. Followed by Tohru chanting the cat's name.

He walked to the living room to organize the props he'd need, and wait. As he finished laying everything out, he heard the young woman he loved scream, "Oh, God, I love you!" and his smile flickered back and forth between proud and sad.

At the eleven minute mark Kyou & Tohru, both in their robes, entered the living room. The dog smiled up at them and handed Kyou one of the vibrators. "Hatori is coming over. And... he's not very good at keeping things from Akito. He doesn't approve of my assignment - or the fact that I'm following Akito's orders. Not that HE ever was able to not obey. But still..."

"What do you need us to do, Shigure?" Kyou and Tohru asked together, then turned to look at each other with a surprised expression before blushing and grinning.

Even through his jealousy, the dog had to smile. With those two so much in love, his plan really might work.

"Tohru, I..." the dog paused and actually looked chagrined before continuing, "I'm sorry that we have to do this, but we need to make Hatori think that I'm truly doing my best to... debase you. So we need to put on a little show. This may be a bit embarrassing, but just remember that Hatori IS a doctor..."

"Whadda you want us to DO you damn dog?" the cat growled protectively, his arm loosely wrapped around her shoulders.

"We need to have him think you're in session with me - and I may need to let him into the session to see it."

The cat began to growl more loudly, but Tohru ran one hand up and down his back while saying, "It's alright. I don't mind. It'll help, right?" The dog nodded, and the cat quieted.

"What do I need to do?"

The dog gestured to the open space under the metal frame where the swing had been hanging previously - it was laying off to the side now. "Leave your robe on and get down on all fours, please, Tohru." She did as he suggested. "Now I'm going to place your collar and cuffs on and chain you to the frame - you won't be locked in, so don't worry." She nodded and gulped while the cat paced. Kyou's nervous energy was distracting, so Shigure tossed him the items for her ankles. "Here. Help out with her ankles - Hatori will be here any minute."

Once she was chained, loosely - she could, theoretically lay on her stomach and her arms and legs would have about six inches of play - Shigure gestured to the vibrator he'd handed Kyou earlier.

"Put that in her sweet pussy and turn it on. Tohru, feel free to moan if you would like." She was surprised at how loudly the sounds coming from her were. "But whatever you do - do NOT allow that vibrator to slide out.

"Kyou, you're going to want to hide somewhere Hatori won't see you. My study or your room will do. And remain silent - he can't know you're here."

Bristling at being dismissed, the cat stalked out of the room. He knew it was for the best, so he didn't argue, but that didn't mean he had to like it. The dog watched him depart in a mixture of amusement, commiseration, and worry that Hatori would arrive too soon.

He turned back to the girl on her hands and knees under the swing frame. She had the dazed look that he'd grown to love - the one that showed she was revving up for another run. "Tohru," he said quietly, and she turned her gaze up at him. "After our run in the shower this morning, do you think you'd like me to try one of the anal toys?" He held up the thin, bendy vibrator to remind her of their discussion days before.

She moaned and shivered, responding only, "Whatever Sensei thinks is best." God, how was it possible that she could still turn him on so easily? If they kept this pace up, weren't they - all three of them - going to wear themselves out so much that sex would seem a chore? But the look on her face, and her words - he felt his member rising to the task yet again.

Biting back any sounds of need, for now anyway, he quickly grabbed a jar of special lubrication that was designed to both ease insertion, and slightly numb the tissues for additional pleasure. Once he'd applied a generous amount to the tip, he knelt behind her and lifted her robe.

"Now don't move," he cautioned. "But feel free to tell me if you don't like it or if it feels good."

She felt the tip at her anus, and she tensed, but the dog reminded her to relax by turning up the vibrations just a touch on the vibrator in her pussy. As she sighed, he slid the tip into her.

"OH!" she gasped, but said nothing more. He waited to see if there were any objections. When she let loose another whimper of pleasure, he slid it in the rest of the way, and turned it on, full tilt. She rewarded him with a shriek of pleasure as she thrust her hips back toward him.

"Now now," he chided, "You don't want to move too much, or they'll fall out." He stood up and attached the black and yellow leash to the collar on her neck, and then looped it over one of the bars on the frame. "We're not only going to put on a show for Ha'ri, but I'm also going to take you to your next lesson.

"Akito wants you to beg like a dog for sex. So for this session, you're going to be a dog. If you want something, you'll bark or whimper. If you don't like something, you'll growl. And if you let either of those vibrators fall out, you'll be punished like a dog."

'I'm a dog?' she thought. 'But I'm a human being...'

"You want to be a dog, don't you, Tohru? Don't you want to be my bitch?" His hands began fondling her breasts through the robe and she moaned. He slid his hands under her robe to touch her soft skin. "Bark if you want to be my bitch. Bark if you want me to fuck you like a bitch."

The vibrations were making her crazy, and he had one hand on her breast, another playing with her clit. 'Do I want... Bitch?... Fuck?...' Her brain struggled to make sense of it, but her body reacted on it's own, and a sound something between a bark and a cough erupted from her.

"Good girl," he cooed, squeezing her nipple and clit simultaneously. She whimpered as she came, and he noted one of the vibrators starting to slip out. His hand immediately left its ministrations, and caught it before it fully left the warm confines of her pussy. He shoved it back in harshly, and she yelped.

Then he gave her ass a warning slap. "Do NOT let those fall out. If you come, they'll slide out. So control yourself. If you're a good puppy, I'll reward you." His voice was stern.

She watched him stand and begin to walk out of the room. 'Where is he going? I...' Her mind filled with shame. She was a dog. A dog in heat. Nothing but a fuck toy. Just like Akito ordered.

The other half of her mind argued: I'm not a toy. I'm not. I- I'm a woman in love. It's natural to be sexual with the man - the men - you love. And when Akito sees how much I love them, she'll...

She'll want to take Shigure back. She'll see how much I love him and want him and she'll remember that she wants him, too.

She'll... probably punish me, but it's okay. Because Shigure will have Akito again. And he'll love her, and they'll be happy. And Kyou...

She struggled to convince herself that he'd be okay, that Shigure would somehow convince Akito to let him be free. If that happened... If that happened, she didn't care what happened to herself.

Before he got to the door, the hentai inu turned toward her and said, "Tohru, you really are amazing, do you know that? I'll keep protecting you - and I'll try to keep Hatori out - his imagination will probably be enough. Just keep reminding yourself how much I love you - how much Kyou loves you. And when everything is said and done, I promise that no matter what happens with Akito, I'll always take care of you." He smiled at her tenderly.

"Be my good little bitch. Keep quiet unless you need something, little puppy." He stressed the word need. Then he exited the room.

Somehow, his words both eased and troubled her mind. She felt better, but... she also now felt BETTER, and the vibrations - oh, god. If only they would move in and out of her. If only he would fuck her. If only Kyou were here. If only she had a cock that she could suck - these feelings... They truly made her want to suck.

Did that make her a dirty girl? Wasn't that Akito's goal? The desire to take was beginning to grow. She was starting to truly feel as if she WANTED. Without worrying about whether she was asking for too much.

As Shigure left her alone, chained in place, filled in almost every hole, he heard her whine like a dog who had been abandoned. A sense of guilt filled him, even as his cock rose to the sound of her need. Would she figure it out? Would she actually begin barking, begging him to come back in and take her? If she did, he might not have to let Hatori see her chained up.

The doorbell rang, and Shigure laughed. Usually Hatori just let himself in. He must really be weirded out, worried he’ll see something to get him aroused. This was going to be fun!

Opening the door, he grinned broadly. “HA-san! You came to me!”

“Idiot. I just called you.” He held out a package. “Is Tohru… available right now?” He looked aside and down, embarrassed.

Waving one hand idly, Shigure turned and entered the dining room. “She’s… a bit tied up right now. But she’d never forgive me if I didn’t invite you in for some tee-ea!” he sang.

The dragon followed him into the house. ‘Tied up?’ he thought. “Shigure,” his voice was dark with warning. “If you do anything to that girl, anything that she doesn’t agree to, I swear…”

Shigure turned back to him with genuine rage on his face. “You’ll WHAT, exactly?” he growled. Then he got himself back under control and put on his playful attitude. “I thought we were friends, Hatori. But if you honestly believe that I would be so low as to do something against her will…”

The dragon just glared at him. But internally, he was confused. Shigure had actually been angry for a second there. What exactly was going on here?

The dog walked into the kitchen, ignoring the glare, and set the kettle on to boil. “Have a seat and relax, Hatori.” He gestured to the breakfast nook. “The tea will be ready shortly.”

Grinding his teeth, the doctor sat. “Why are you doing this, Shigure?”

“Doing what?” he asked disingenuously.

Sighing in exasperation, the doctor shook his head, then spat out, “Taking advantage of that poor girl! She’s been nothing but giving from the moment she met this family-”

“Yes. She always was a bit naďve.” He nodded.

“That’s not what I meant! You’re deliberately trying my patience, Shigure!”

The dog smiled sadly at his friend. “No. Actually, I’m not. I’m following Akito’s command. You yourself know that Akito’s commands are not always easy to follow. They cause heartbreak to those who obey, while protecting the rest of the world.”

The doctor sat upright. “Oh. So Akito is trying to break you by having you fuck Tohru,” he stated bluntly. The dog started and stared, and the dragon raised one eyebrow sardonically. “I’m Akito’s doctor, you know. You’d be surprised how much I know about what goes on at the main house. And I’ve never been blind to the way you two… react to one another.”

“Ah, Ha-san. You’ve always been smart - if not terribly observant. Why on earth would being able to taste that lovely tender flesh break ME?” He was just playful enough where the doctor would think that he was reluctant for the whole task. At that point, the kettle whistled, and the dog busied himself with the tea preparation.

Hatori kept silent as the tea brewed, and was then served. He picked up his cup and inhaled the fragrance - but spoke before sipping delicately. "Hm. I suppose being forced to repeat your mistake with Ren wouldn't be quite as painful as Akito rejecting you for Kureno."

The dog was surprised - by the bluntness of the statement as much as the underlying assessment. He struggled to find the right witty retort, and settled for, "Ah! But are you sure that Akito has set me to this task as punishment? Perhaps it's a reward."

"Or a test," the stoic doctor replied. "Akito's been almost impossible to be in the same room with - I'm guessing since the time she directed you to debase Miss Honda."

"Why, Hatori! Are you suggesting that our god would give me a task in the hopes that I would refuse?" He grinned over his teacup. "You are, aren't you? Why, I might almost think you were rooting for Akito and I." He shook his head sadly. "But she knows me better than that. She commanded me. If I refuse her, it would be that I don't respect her as god. If I succeed, it will prove that I love her enough to take the one woman she hates almost as much as her mother and make her crave sex so badly that Akito will be able to manipulate her as easily as she does us. How could I possibly refuse?" His voice was carefully maintained to not let any of the desperation he felt at the situation reveal itself. It was his normal light, high-school-girls-are-wonderful voice.

The dragon stared at him blankly. Then shook his head as if to clear it. "Ah," was all he said.

Taking on a confidential tone, the dog continued, "But I have to admit, Ha'ri, that turning someone as pure and innocent as our Tohru into a bitch in heat is not exactly the easiest of tasks. However, I will keep at it until Akito is fully satisfied."

The doctor sighed in disgust. But internally, he could tell that Shigure had something else in mind. If only he lived in a family not so couched in lies and deceit. He smiled sadly, stood and began walking toward the front door, "I really should be getting back to the main house. Thank you for the tea and please make sure Miss Honda takes-"

As they crossed from the kitchen into the dining room, they heard it - a whimpering, whining interspersed with barks that almost sounded like howls. Shigure looked stricken. He hadn't realized that they wouldn't be able to hear her from the kitchen.

He quickly masked his dismay and stated proudly, "Well... Just because the task is difficult does not mean I can't accomplish it." He winked. "I think my little bitch is begging for some relief." The barks got louder and more pathetic. "Please let Akito know that I will have a progress report for her on Friday."

The look of shock mixed with anger told him that the task was fully accomplished, and he quickly urged the doctor out the front door, not catching the deliberating look that was thrown back at him as he shut the door on his friend to go attend to the girl in chains.


When he left her, she'd felt odd. She felt full, but she knew she wasn't allowed to do anything. There was no way to find release without losing one of the toys. In fact, when she moved at all, she thought she could feel them slipping out, and that wasn't acceptable. So she was stuck in one place until he came back.

'The chains really aren't even necessary - I can't move anyway,' she thought. 'Oh! But I suppose he put them on so Hatori would see them.

'But he said he'd try to keep him out." She was a bit puzzled by that. It was easier to not concentrate on the feelings in her pussy when she forced her mind over a riddle. 'Why would Shigure want to keep Hatori out? Was it just to keep me from being shamed?'

She pictured Hatori coming in and seeing her like she was, and was surprised by the thrill that went through her. Would the doctor be sickened by it, or turned on?

And then, she heard the doctor come in. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but Shigure and Hatori were definitely talking. And then, it got quiet. She couldn't hear anything. No sounds except for the whirring of the vibrators.

Were they standing in the door watching even now? She lifted her head, but no - the door was still closed.

Her brain began wandering.

Shigure had said that she could make love to both Kyou and Shigure at the same time - one in her pussy, the other in her ass. But that would leave her mouth free, wouldn't it? Because last time, she had one in her pussy and one in her mouth. Would Shigure want Hatori to come in and see her like this? So he could report it back to Akito?

And would there be any reason that the doctor would... join in? Shigure didn't seem to mind sharing her with Kyou. But he always seemed a bit jealous - or at least she thought he'd been so. Of course, once she went to Akito, the god would probably need proof of her craving - it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that she'd have to have sex with anyone the god chose.

In fact, the god would most likely be marrying her off to someone - how else would she become a member of the family. If the god ordered her to have sex with Hatori... Hatori, the brave tortured soul who right now was somewhere nearby... If the god ordered her to...

She wasn't in love with him. Not like Shigure. And NOT like Kyou. But if the god ordered her to...

Would Shigure want to prepare her for that and try to train her to be ready? Would they be able to... For some reason, her fevered brain imagined all three coming in to her, taking her. The thought of every hole being filled, and hearing all three of them grunt in pleasure... She began to whine.

The vibrations...

In her head, she heard Shigure's voice saying, "Keep quiet unless you need something," and "If you want something, bark or whimper," and even, "Bark if you want me to fuck you like a bitch." The three sentences repeated like a mantra. She didn't even notice that she'd begun barking in time with the words in her head.

Finally, it got too much and even words like, "I need," and, "please," were gone from her mind as she begged for release.

He entered the room silently as she continued to howl. She'd lowered her head to touch the ground and her ass was as high in the air as she could raise it - but other than that, she hadn't moved from the position he'd left her. She was barking a keening wail as he walked up to her. The guilt he'd felt at leaving her dissipated in the lust that enveloped him.

"Does my bitch need something from her master?"

Hearing his voice, her wailing stopped. She took a moment to process his words and then barked once pleadingly. She wasn't allowed to come until he said she could. She couldn't drop the vibrators. And all she wanted to do right now was come - she thought she might actually die if she didn't.

He didn't waste a moment, he walked up behind her and said, "Come for master, little bitch."

She shrieked in pleasure and her muscles contracted, shooting both vibrators out into his waiting hands. He smiled. "I don't think that's quite enough reward for you - you were such a good girl." She let loose a growl of contentment.

"Let's just put this one back in and see how you like being fucked up the ass like a true bitch." As the tip of the vibrator reached her lips, she thrust back on it and he laughed. "So eager! So greedy." His voice lowered in pitch. "I LOVE you like this. Bark if you want me to fuck you up the ass."

Vaguely, she registered what he was going to do, but all she really heard was Bark and Fuck. So she barked and thrust her hips at him.

He'd used enough lube on the vibrator, there was plenty inside her - he didn't need any more to prep her. Instead, he place the tip of his member at her anus and said, "Are you sure you want this, little puppy?"

She whined and barked once more.

This beautiful girl - he would make sure she would have a happy life, regardless of what Akito did. He would make her ready for any challenge Akito would throw at her. Slowly, he inserted himself in her, reveling in the pleased growls she uttered. It was painful - so painful - to go so slow, but she would have time to adjust. He would not damage her.

She gasped as she felt him enter her. It was... so much more than even the toy had been. His voice began softly whispering endearments. "So tight. So good, Oh, Sweet Tohru, your ass feels so good around my cock. Oh, Tohru. My love. Dear flower."

Finally, he was fully in her. He'd gone so slowly, pausing until she moaned. He carefully leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Does my girl like to be fucked in the ass?"

She growled and then barked, and he reprimanded her, "No. Use words. Tell me."

She wailed as she felt him start to pull out. "NO! Don't take it out! Please! Fuck me in the ass with your cock, sensei!"

For that, he rewarded her by turning the vibrator in her cunt on to high, and slammed back into her. She screamed in pleasure.

He was fucking his bitch up the ass, and the profanities that were coming out of her mouth were driving him insane. "Don't stop! Keep fucking my ass! Oh, god! Shigure! It feels so good. I want your cock so much. I want it in my pussy. My mouth. My ass! Oh, god!" She burst into flames as the orgasm over took her. Her clenching sphincter muscles pulled him over the edge, and he released inside of her, groaning her name in ecstasy.

Before pulling out, Shigure leaned forward to kiss her pert butt right on the cheek. "Rest for a moment - because a moment is all you're going to have." Then she felt the loss of him, and felt him pull out the vibrator as well. She collapsed into the floor.

He removed her bindings, placed a pillow under her head, dashed out of the room for just a second returning with a fluffy comforter with which he covered her carefully. She had fallen fast asleep.

One tender kiss graced her forehead, and she smiled in her sleep, bringing one to his face in response. Then, he walked toward the door.

"I'll be back soon, my love," he called as he exited.


Standing at the bottom of the stairs, he called, "It's okay to come down now, Kyou."

The cat slinked down the stairs, hands in his yukata pockets, his expression a mixture of guilt and ire. Gritting his teeth, he said, "Is she okay?"

The dog looked puzzled, then chagrined. "Oh. You could hear her." He nodded. "She's fine now. Napping." Gesturing toward the kitchen, "Why don't we make some lunch for her, and talk?"

Lunch was probably a good idea, but, "Talk? What've we got to talk about?" He had muttered this over his shoulder as he headed in.

Sighing, the dog said, "More than you know. But let's get started on lunch first."

"You keep your hands off! If you try to cook, you'll probably poison us all!"

"Now, now," Shigure sang, "I'm not THAT bad in the kitchen." The cat glared at him so he went and sat down at the table, allowing Kyou to do... whatever it was that was needed to prepare sustenance.

"Kyou..." he hesitantly began, once the cat was fully focused on the food, "We need to talk about what's coming next."

Kyou shot him a look, and then replied, "Do you mean about what's coming next today? What the plan is for the week? Or what's going to happen once she gets brought before Akito?"

Smiling gravely, Shigure nodded to himself. The cat was definitely smarter than most people saw. His only problem all this time had always been controlling his temper. "All of these, I think. But let's start with the end result and work backwards."

Still cooking, he nodded for the dog to continue.

"Akito is... Akito is a very jealous woman. She views the jyuunishi as her personal property almost. And, because she's never been allowed to truly BE a woman - because her warped excuse for a mother has made her be a man - she cannot tolerate it when one of her jyuunishi is in love with someone other than her.

"For me, this has never been an issue before - because I've been in love with Akito for as long as I can recall. But others have felt her lose control when one of her jyuunishi has chosen another woman to love. Hatori fell for Kana and lost an eye for it. Hiro fell for Kisa, and Akito injured her so badly she wound up hospitalized. I'm not even going to go INTO Haru & Rin.

"And Yuki suffers because Akito secretly wishes she WERE him. But that's beside the point.

"Tohru. Tohru is the point. Every single one of the jyuunishi has fallen to her charms." The cat looked like he was about to protest, so Shigure quickly added, "I mean, she's beyond charming. She's probably the single-most giving person I've ever met. It's pretty difficult to spend time with her and NOT love her."

The cat nodded in agreement.

"Can you imagine how envious Akito is of her? Tohru gets to be a girl. She gets to have the relationship with all Akito's closest family - and they love her. Would anyone other than me put up with Akito if she wasn't the god?" the dog mused. "Tohru would. But again, beside the point.

"Now, what's going to happen to Tohru when I bring her in front of Akito? Tohru is NO actress. You know that. So Akito will see just how much she cares for me. This is why I am being VERY careful in my plans.

"I need your help, Kyou. Because if we don't fully prepare Tohru properly, it's not only going to be for nothing, but every single one of us will get hurt. And even if it goes correctly, Tohru may STILL get hurt. But it's the best chance we've got."

The cat set down his cooking spoon. "What do you need me to do?"


She awoke to the feel of someone lifting her. "Huh- Wha- Shigure?"

"Shhh. It's time for lunch, little flower," he replied as he carried her into the dining room and set her at her spot. "Kyou's prepared a lovely repast, so just relax and enjoy."

The dog snuggled up on one side of her, and the cat on the other, each touching her somewhere at all times. The conversation was relaxed, friendly. Shigure would crack a joke and the cat would shake his head. The cat would say something and the dog would smile wryly.

And each took turns feeding her. She didn't even have to lift a spoon. It would have been embarrassing if... Well, each time one put something in her mouth, the other one was touching her someplace softly, caressingly. Her shoulder, her arm, her thigh. Eventually, somehow the sash to her robe was undone, and while Shigure put a bite of onigiri in her mouth, Kyou leaned over to kiss her belly. Then Kyou had a bite of shrimp tempura held in his mouth and as his lips came to hers for her to take the food, Shigure began suckling on her breast.

The poor girl was a writhing mass of jelly by the time all the food was consumed. She looked up from where she was leaning and got to witness the two men she loved smiling at each other. Then, they both reached down and held out a hand. She took both, and they led her back to the living room, back to under the frame again.

Kyou slipped the robe off her shoulders, leaving her in nothing but her collar and cuffs. Then his hands began lightly stroking her skin. Starting at her shoulders, down her arms, then back up, down her back, around her waist and up the front. He left no portion untouched, his fingertips just lightly breathing over her skin. She shivered, goosebumps rising.

Kneeling in front of her, his hands ran down her legs, then up the insides. "Spread your feet for me, Tohru," he instructed and mindlessly, she obeyed, her senses on overload. Kitten kisses up the insides of her thighs had her moaning. She reached out for support and grasped the metal bars of the frame. By the time his tongue found its way to her silken folds, she was already moaning his name.

But then, another set of hands were working on her shoulders, another mouth nibbling on her neck, her ear. "Now," he whispered, and she moaned as she felt the loss of Kyou's tongue from her pussy. "Sit," he commanded, and she felt something behind her and sat.

Shigure held the swing in place, as her weight came to bear on the strategically located straps: one allowed her ass to rest on it, just high enough so that everything was still accessable; another held her shoulders and allowed her weight to be evenly distributed. She felt Kyou lift her feet, placing them into fur-lined slings. There wasn't a single portion of her body that wasn't fully open and accessible. The air blew across her slit, and she moaned, her hands reaching out for someone - anyone.

"Ah, ah, ah," she heard a voice - oddly it sounded like Kyou, but the words were something she would expect from Shigure. "We're here to attend to YOU."

And then, two mouths descended on either end of lips, coaxing her toward a gentle climax. She floated weightless between her lovers. As she reached bliss, she felt herself turning, floating, and then mouths descended again.

She was surprised how easy it was to tell who was who, by their touches, their taste. After four revolutions, she was sobbing through her orgasms, "Please, please, please, please."

"Please what, Tohru?"

"Tell us what you want."

"Do you want to come some more?"

"Do you want us to suck your clit?"

"Tell us."

"Tell us what you need."

She was spinning. It wasn't the chair anymore - it was herself. Her world. She didn't care. "Kyou! Shigure! Please!" She begged, "I want your cocks inside me, please."

And then, the straps holding her feet were pressed wide. Someone stood between her legs and drove into her, and she screamed as she came immediately. The swing's motion brought her hard on the cock impaling her, and she came again and again as the man she loved whispered, "Come again for me, Tohru. Come for me. I love you, Tohru. I love you so much." She lost track, she was floating in the midst of an orgasm that seemed like it would never end. Her arms were flailing, her breath in pants and shrieks. Finally his motions ceased as he came inside her, and she crashed from the orgasm to float in a wave of white and music. Spent, she felt him slide free.

The whirlpool spun her and she heard someone whisper, "Do you want more, or do you want to rest?" Something was playing at her clit, and she came just enough to bring the word, "More" from her lips.

A growled, "Good," was followed by the feeling of her pussy being filled again, and she lost herself to the bliss of sensation. Someone was stroking her breasts. Someone was kissing her on the mouth. Her pussy was filled, and she could no longer feel anything except the men she loved, loving her. Nothing else mattered. She came again and again. Time was no longer a reality. She floated, she exploded. She was buffeted by love.

A vague awareness of him sliding free as she came again, and then she felt something warm splash on her belly. She could hear voices. Something like, "Watch where you point that," and "I am. Not in her, and not on you. Or were you hoping that I'd miss on that last part?" And then, consciousness left her as sleep descended again.


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