Slave of Sensation

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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Written in response to the Week 42 "Out of Control" Makin' Lemonaide challenge. I think I've followed the other rules, for that week too. Threesome, and Age difference is included.

DISC: I don't own Fruits Basket or its characters. I make no profit off this story. If anything, it's making me less productive at work and ruining my chances for a raise. You think I'm joking, but I'm serious.

By the time dinner was served, Tohru was panting. Her pussy was warm and tingling from the little bullet, but it wasn't enough. It just made her want them more. In the back of her mind, a little bee had begun to buzz. "Both at once. Both at once." Over and over. She kept picturing those odd little toys. Toys for her ass, he'd said. And then he'd plunged into her from behind. The memory was so fresh. So was the memory of Kyou's cat-tongue. He'd lavished her with it, almost bathing her, and drawing out screams from deep within her. These thoughts brought her almost to the edge, but she knew she wasn't allowed to come yet. So she panted, trying to catch her breath and calm back down.

This process repeated each time she had to kneel up and serve something else. The rice. The tea. The fish and vegetables were already on their plates. Each time she knelt up, the bullet shifted and more thoughts would push at her.

Shigure noticed immediately, and excused himself for a moment. Which left a panicky cat staring at a flushed riceball, and both just barely hanging on to their self-restraint.

When the dog came back, he had a sake set in hand. "No school tomorrow - except the Shigure school of hedonism. So tonight, we drink!" He poured each of them a cup from the oversized sake bottle. He lifted his glass and said, "To love." The teens lifted their glasses and drank.

Then, he passed the set over to Tohru. "Tohru, whenever you see an empty glass, would you please refill it? I want all of our inhibitions lowered a bit for tonight."

She nodded, her eyes starting to glaze from the fever that was taking control. The dogs fingers had brushed up against hers when he passed her the tray, and she'd stared at them longingly. For some reason, she thought they'd taste better than dinner.

They ate at a leisurely pace, mostly due to distraction. Tohru's chest was heaving, and both boys were staring at it. Each time Kyou realized he was staring, he'd down a cup of sake, and then Tohru would have to lean up to fill it, causing the bullet to shift. By his third cup, she was whimpering as she refilled it. Shigure sipped at his cup, and watched the kids' reactions. He was already hard under his yukata, and he suspected that Kyou was finding his cargo pants a bit restricting.

When he decided everyone had had enough, he inquired, "Have you two finished all your homework?"

The teens turned toward him and nodded blankly. He smiled languidly. "Good. Tohru, if you would be so kind as to take care of the dishes, Kyou and I will start setting up dessert." Her anticipation shone from her face as if to say, "Thank god! Finally!" and she slowly stood, moaning loudly as she did so. Cat and dog found they were just as excited as she, and stacked up the dishes to help speed her along.

Shigure rose to his feet and grabbed the bottle of sake. "Kyou, I could use your assistance." He walked into the living room. The sofa was no longer there. The dog had dragged it out onto the back porch earlier that day. Instead, there was a metal frame, from which hung an odd looking swing. One of the end tables had been completely cleared, and on it now were a variety of items - items that Kyou guessed were part of Ayame's care package. If that was the case, than that thing standing there must be...

"We have to both take her tonight, Kyou," the dog declared. The cat nodded. "Have some more sake, Kyou. I've got some things I need to say, and you'll probably want to pretend you were drunk and never heard them tomorrow." He handed Kyou the bottle and the cat took a swig. The dog indicated more, and so he took another. Then another. One more and then dog nodded.

"I know you've never liked me, but believe me the feeling was never mutual. You can be a complete idiot at times, and you're one of the most stubborn people I know, but you're also one of the strongest. There's a reason her heart chose you."

The cat looked at the dog in astonishment. "You were shunned more than the rest of us, just because you were the cat. And your parents were the CREAM of the crop" his voice was doused and flaming with irony. "The only one whose parents were worse than yours was Yuki." The cat looked like he didn't believe it. "I know you don't think so, but I saw it. His parents and your parents... they're pretty equally matched. I know, they had Ayame, too, but they weren't quite as bad until they had the rat. But I digress..."

He snagged the sake bottle and took a drink. "The cat is part of you, Kyou, but it's not all of who you are. Regardless of the fact that you think you’re not a part of this family, you ARE. You’re an important part. You're an intelligent (though you don't always show it), caring, kind person, who I respect more than you know. You're the one who deserves her most. …And you absolutely burn inside that I get to share her.

"I know because I have a hard time not wanting to tear you limb from limb each time I see you touch her."

Kyou cocked his head and looked at the dog through slitted eyes. "So is there a point to all this?"

The dog barked a laugh. "Yes. Point. Hm... I think there was a point in there somewhere... Oh yes! The point is that I really do love her, and that I will share her only while we have to. If the day ever comes when I can fully release her to you safely, I will. I know where her heart truly belongs. And that, is not with me, much to my dismay.”

The dog poured them each a glass of sake and waited ‘til Kyou lifted it and drank before drinking his own. The cat noticed the dog’s eyes were remarkably serious and dark. Then they twinkled like normal.

"Oh, and one more thing. Since we have to share… would you rather start off tonight in her mouth or her pussy?"

The cat looked at him like he was a total ass, but for once didn’t punch him. "Don't talk about Tohru like she's just a sex toy."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way. Have some more sake." He practically poured the drink into the boy, and pulled them down til they were both sitting. "But to do what needs to be done, one of us will have to fuck her sweet pussy tonight and another one of us her mouth. If we don't, she won't forgive us. You saw how ready she was. It just wouldn't be fair to her to not give her as much pleasure as possible. So think about where you want to be in her. Because you will be in her very soon. And I will leave the choice up to you."

He smiled as he saw the boy swallow hard and groan. On cue, Tohru came into the room, and Shigure made his move. He leaned in toward the boy, gesturing for Tohru to join in. Shigure's mouth latched onto the boy's ear as Tohru came into view. He whispered, "Moan again. It turns her on." And then he began kissing, suckling and nibbling the cat's lobe. The cat gasped and started to pull away, but the dog had already released him.

"Tohru. Can you strip for us the way that I taught you last week?" he said, then turned his attention back to the boy next to him. He knew he had to get Kyou's inhibitions down to nothing, or he'd tense up at the wrong moment. And Tohru would think she'd done something wrong. But if he could get the cat to feel sexy with the dog still there, then everything would work out.

Shigure had tried every type of sex imaginable in his years. Yes, he’d even been in threesomes before. In the interim time between his first union with Akito and her betrayal of him, he’d had lots of experience. He knew he should consider it cheating, but somehow, he didn’t think Akito would mind him gathering experience to pleasure her better. And when he told her that’s what he was doing, she had laughed and told him it was okay, so long as he came back to her. So long as she was always his heart’s chief desire.

THAT was never in question. So he’d experimented all over the place, mostly with Ayame. In college, they’d slept together just to see what it was like. It wasn't either of their favorite. Both much preferred the soft flesh of a woman. So then they started sharing women. It had been interesting learning that now was going to come in handy.

A bit dazed, Kyou noticed Tohru had entered the room. And then the dog began kissing his ear, whispering things that made him feel like he was going insane. Shigure was coming on to him? He knew the dog wasn't gay, regardless of what he and Ayame always intimated was between them. And Kyou CERTAINLY wasn't gay. He pulled away from the dog as the dog said something to Tohru. He wasn't sure what. The sake was making him feel a bit light headed.

But then Tohru stood in front of him and began unbuttoning her shirt. When it was open, she ran her hands down her sides, shivering. Then looked at both of them very intently.

Tohru finished with her shirt, and then looked at her lovers to see if she was doing everything right. Shigure nodded at her from where he was kneeling behind Kyou. The dog was kissing the cat's neck. She didn't know why, but the sight made her moan. Kyou's eyes were riveted on her body, she could feel their heat. Smiling sweetly, she continued, slipping the shirt off her shoulders to land in a pile behind her.

She ran her hands over her body again, gasping when her palms grazed her nipples through her lace bra. Reaching behind her, she unhooked the contraption, and then let the strap slide off one shoulder then the other, before freeing her breasts and tossing the garment aside.

She stared after it. Shigure had said that the key to stripping was to focus on the removal of clothes, not on what you did with those clothes. He had said that you needed to pretend that as soon as they were flung away that the garment ceased to exist anymore. But still, she gazed after the garment. She couldn't help it. It seemed messy.

That is, until Kyou moaned. The sound made her head snap back toward him. The dog was hugging the cat from behind, his mouth latched onto the boy’s neck, his hands unbuttoning Kyou’s shirt. Catching hold of his eyes, Tohru slowly slid down the zipper on her skirt, grasped the control for the bullet, and then let her last remaining garment fall to the ground.

God, she was beautiful. Kyou’s mind placed her behind him as well as in front of him, and somehow, he didn’t register that this was impossible. She was kissing his neck. She was taking off his clothes. And she was now in the process of kneeling before him. As soon as she was on her hands and knees, she crawled over to him, Her breasts swayed hypnotically.

Rational thought was nigh impossible now. All she knew was that Shigure kissing Kyou made her burn. She was on fire. Kyou would make her feel better. And Shigure knew how to take the pain away. It got too much, she couldn’t stand anymore so she dropped to her knees and crawled toward them. As soon as she neared him, the cat sighed her name. Shigure was pulling the cat’s shirt off. Tohru leaned in and kissed him, her hands reaching for his pants.

She wanted him inside her. And the tiny part of her brain that was still somewhat functioning reasoned that since Shigure was the one to decide whether that could happen, and he was kissing Kyou, that it must be okay. She pulled the zipper down, and reached in to fondle his manhood. He moaned into her kiss, and she sighed happily. Being with Kyou always made everything a little better.

Tohru’s hands were all over him, he was on fire. She was kissing him. He broke from the kiss so that he could nip and lick her neck, the pressure point where her neck met her shoulder, down to her breasts - her beautiful breasts.

As Kyou released her from her kiss, Shigure kissed her over the cat’s shoulder. One hand was still stroking the cat, but the other was massaging the firm mound that Kyou happened to not be suckling on. The girl gave a little mewling sound and he knew she needed more. But they had to get Kyou ready first.

“I think you might want to suck on Kyou’s cock for a little bit - to reward him for helping you with that lovely toy,” the dog suggested.

Kyou in his aroused state didn’t realize the voice was Shigure’s, and internally he applauded the speaker. That was a lovely idea.

The girl smiled, and bent down, kissing his front the entire way. She was still on all fours, and Shigure smiled. He really REALLY liked her in that position.

As her mouth closed on Kyou’s erect phallus, the cat’s head lolled back. Right onto the dog’s waiting shoulder. The dog made the final move. He leaned over and captured the boy’s mouth with his own.

Kyou sighed into the kiss. Tohru really was magic. Her tongue was so talented, wrapping around his cock, playing inside his mouth. A portion of his brain awoke. Wait. Tohru’s mouth couldn’t be… He tried to jump back, but at that moment, the girl’s hand began stroking the underside of his sac. That combined with the suction on his cock - and the way she twisted her tongue around it with every stroke - distracted him from his horror. His eyes opened abruptly, and he saw Shigure’s closed, kissing him as if he really meant it.

A part of his mind that was trying frantically to make sense of everything replayed words from earlier:

“I know you've never liked me, but … the feeling was never mutual.”

“You're one of the strongest people I know. There's a reason her heart chose you.”

“You’re a part of this family. An important part.”

“You're the one who deserves her most.”

“I respect you more than you know.”

Words he’d never heard from ANY of the jyuunishi - except Kagura, who didn’t really count. He’d developed a grudging understanding with all of them. And he genuinely did like most of his cousins. But none had ever called him family. None had ever told him they respected him.

Tohru loved him and desired him. Such was proven by her happy noises as she continued bobbing up and down before him. And Shigure respected him - as family, and as the right choice for Tohru. Sake and sensation. Fuck it all. He kissed the dog back, closing his eyes, and imagining that it was really Tohru. Although Tohru didn’t taste reminiscent of cigarettes and musk. It just all felt too good to fight.

Shigure felt the cat tense up for a moment, but he didn’t give up, he continued sucking at the younger man’s mouth, his hands stroking the cat’s back and chest. Just when he was about to give up, he felt Kyou sigh, and then his tongue danced into the dog’s mouth. The cat was kissing him back. The shock and pleasure at the cat’s final acceptance of him shot through him like electricity, and he whimpered into the cat’s mouth. Then, there were hands, holding his head in place, and he had to fight to keep his sanity.

This was the most intensely erotic scene he’d ever witnessed.

He gently broke the kiss and nibbled over to Kyou’s ear. The cat moaned in return. Thought was even harder to come by for him now. “Kyou, do you want to come in her mouth? Because her poor pussy’s aching to be filled.”

The cat groaned again. Pussy. Yes. Even better than her talented mouth. He wrenched his mind to enough consciousness to act, and gently lifted her shoulders. She released his cock with a whine of disappointment.

Shigure had already moved to take the cat’s place. He moved her over, guiding him down onto his own rod, and gasped as she eagerly began sucking him wildly. How had the cat lasted that long with her doing this to him?

Kyou moved behind the girl he loved, and said, “Tohru, I’m going to take this out now.” He was surprised and pleased to find his speech centers still worked. Then he grasped the cord and tugged. Her walls contracted, trying to hold it in her, and she trilled a sound that he knew meant she would regret its loss. Kissing down her spine, he pulled again and it popped out. Damn thing was loud when it wasn’t in her! He fumbled for the remote and quickly turned the toy off.

And then, he slid home with a sigh.

The cat looked at the scene in front of him. Tohru was eagerly bobbing between them. Each downward thrust on his shaft pulled her off the dog’s and vice versa. The dog had a look of sheer bliss on his face, and he stroked his fingers through her hair softly, lovingly.

Sensing the eyes of the cat on him, the dog’s opened. The cat only looked partially upset by the fact that he was screwing his woman while she was sucking off another. He also looked like it was kind of turning him on. The dog smiled at him with genuine acceptance and trust. Then he closed his eyes, moaning Tohru’s name like a reverie.

She really was too good for any of them. But she hungered. The cat could feel it from how hard she was thrusting against him. So he needed to make her come. He grasped her hips and began to take control of the rhythm. Long and lingering thrusts made her moans louder. And then, he ramped up the speed, his fingers reaching around her waist to grasp one breast, squeeze her nipples - first lightly, then more firmly. She came explosively, still bobbing on the dog, her shriek of pleasure gagged by his cock. Even in the throes of pleasure, she did not cease her ministrations. And Kyou continued to pound into her. His own groans becoming louder. He could feel her nearing another climax, and he knew that the girl would take him with her.

Shigure was in heaven. The cat had accepted him as a pack-mate. His little bitch was as loving and wonderful as possible. And if things kept going this well, Akito would find that whatever she had planned was going to fail miserably.

The cat’s climax prompted Tohru to explode, and as she did, her walls continued to milk the cat. She involuntarily swallowed, sending the dog over the edge. His head was thrown back as he let loose a wild howl of pleasure.

Then, the three collapsed, spent.

After a few minutes, the dog gestured to the sleeping riceball and said, “Help me carry her to her bed?”

The cat grunted assent, and the two of them gently lifted her, placing her softly between her sheets. Once there, they looked at each other, nodded, and crawled in next to the woman that they loved.


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