Slave of Sensation

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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Written in response to the Week 24 "Flashback" Makin' Lemonaide challenge. Also a continuation of the "Get Schooled" challenge started in chapter 2.

DISC: I don't own Fruits Basket or its characters. I make no profit off this story. If anything, it's making me less productive at work and ruining my chances for a raise.

She stood in front of the stove, humming to herself as she stirred the noodles and then checked the simmering meatballs. 'Two dogs. No one will get it,' she thought to herself, 'but that makes it even funnier.' Someday, maybe she'd get the chance to play the video for Shigure and he'd understand.

Kyou was standing nearby, chopping up some spices for the sauce he was making. A glance at him made her heart clench. She still didn't know if he felt the same way about her. Truly it seemed like he didn't. Although he almost never yelled at her anymore. And last night, Shigure had told her that Kyou would really like it when she finally got a chance to...

Her mind lost itself in remembering...

She was kneeling by the bed as Shigure sat on it, his yukata still on, but open. She'd never actually seen a man's penis- *'Cock! Shigure told me only doctors doing rectal exams, Freud, and women who hate men call it a penis. If you don't hate it, you're supposed to call it a cock. Or a dick. But he liked it best when I said cock.'* -before. It had a slender shape, and the skin on it looked so smooth that she couldn't help but touch it. When it twitched, she'd pulled back.

"No. Touch me, Tohru." His voice was heavy.

She did as she was instructed. Her delicate fingers brushing up against the skin. She noticed that there was a hole at the tip that had a bead of liquid on it. It looked almost like a little eye. Her finger brushed against it. It was a little slick - almost sticky.

"That's called precum," he'd said. "When guys get excited, they get hard and their cocks get bigger. So that we can fill you up and bring you pleasure."

She held her finger up toward her face to better inspect the liquid. Then she touched her tongue to her finger and he gasped at the innocence and licentiousness of her action. It didn't taste bad. A little bitter. But grapefruit skin was worse.

"Lick your hand and then wrap it around my cock, Tohru." She obeyed. "Now move your hand up and down." She did, and he moaned. Struggling for control, he stammered out, "This is a 'hand job'. Your hand is mimicking what it will feel like when I'm inside you. The..." He groaned at the pleasure and forced himself to continue. "spit helps keep things from rubbing raw."

She'd noticed that her hand had started to dry out. She could lick her hand again, but it would just dry out once more. If she had some oil! Cooking oil! She'd have to bring that next time. But for now... she thought about how to add more lubricant.

Her tiny mouth opened, and she took the tip inside. Her saliva ran down his member, and gave her hand the much needed lubrication.

He almost came right then. Tohru had gone down on him. With no instruction. He growled in pleasure, and she continued to work with her hand, but her mouth stayed in one place.

Without even realizing it, he'd run his fingers in through her hair, and was holding her head, forcing it up and down on his shaft. She was a little bit surprised, but she thought he must like it. Part of her remembered holding his face in her pussy as his tongue licked inside of her, and she blushed. Turn about IS fair play.

After a couple of minutes, he realized what he was doing and pulled her off. He hadn't truly meant to start fucking her face like that. Before he could even apologize, she'd smiled at him and said, "Like this?" then gone back to the task. His moan of appreciation was all she needed to hear.

She began adding more suction - like he was kind of a straw, and it sent him over the edge. "I'm going to come!" he groaned. She wasn't sure what that meant, but she thought it was probably that he liked it so she continued. She felt him pulse in her hand and mouth, and then hot liquid was filling the back of her throat and mouth. She swallowed around him, and he felt like he had come again just from the sensation.

He reached down and held her in place for a moment.

She felt him soften in her mouth, and she pulled back and looked up at him. "Like that?" she asked.

A bit of his semen had leaked from her lips when he came - a stream down her cheek, and when she wiped it off with her hand and then licked it up, he groaned. She was too perfect.

"If that wasn't an A+, I don't know that one should exist."

She smiled and rolled her eyes.

"I'm serious."

"So... What is it called? The stuff that... " She gestured to what she'd wiped off and licked.

"Most people call it 'come'. Scientifically, it's called semen. Other slang terms are 'jiz', and 'cream'."

"Come..." she tried the word experimentally.

He patted the bed next to him, and she crawled up by him. He wrapped an arm around her, drawing her as close as the curse would allow. "So... how do you want to handle it when the boys are here?"

She looked up at him thoughtfully. "Well... Um..."

"I don't want Kyou to know about this," he stated suddenly. "It's bad enough that Akito ordered this to happen. You shouldn't have to worry about him thinking about any of this."

Her expression softened. "Shigure, it's okay if he knows. I mean... Just because I love him doesn't mean he loves me."

"You mean like Akito doesn't love me?"

"NO! Akito does love you. I'm absolutely sure of it." She sighed. "I don't like having to feel sorry for her, but I really do. She has someone who loves her so much and she's so scared."

"You think she's scared?" He sounded incredulous.

Nodding seriously, she affirmed, "Of course! I was scared today, and I had a mom and dad who loved me so much! She's never had that - all she's known of love has been from you."

He grimaced at that, and she thought that he looked a bit guilty. And then he distracted her by asking, "You were scared of me?"

She slapped him playfully. "Not of YOU. But... What if I wasn't any good? What if it hurt? What if you decided you didn't like me anymore. What if..."

"What if Kyou found out and hated you?"

She didn't say anything. Then she said, "Akito will probably make sure he knows eventually. We probably should tell him first." She put on her fake bright look. "But he probably won't care too much. I mean, after all, I'm just his friend, right?"

He brushed a strand of hair out of her face. "We're both dogs here. I'm not going to lie - you can sense it. Kyou is in love with you, Tohru. He loves you the way I love Akito. Fearfully and from afar. Because he believes he can never have you.

"And unlike me, he isn't willing to touch you in the hope that maybe he's wrong. He wants to protect you from himself. I never protected Akito from me. I'm too needy. But Kyou...

"He's like you. He'll sacrifice himself for those he loves."

He kissed her forehead. "And when he finally does decide he absolutely can't live without you - regardless of how much he wants to save you from himself - I'll be rooting for the two of you. You really will make a perfect couple."

He looked a bit sad at the thought, and she felt compelled to place her palm on his cheek. He leaned into it, then turned and kissed it. Then he took on a joking tone, "I just hope you remember - that I'm the one who taught you how to please him. Because if you give him head like you gave me tonight... WHOOOOO!"

. . .

Sneaking another glimpse at him, she tried to imagine Kyou's cargo pants at his ankles as she knelt before him, his hands in her hair. But all she could manage to think about was his lips and what it would feel like to kiss him. Oh, to kiss him. Could he really like her like that?...

"Hey! Don't you think those noodles have cooked long enough?"

Kyou's voice cut through the haze and she looked at him standing there in an apron, helping her cook. Her cheeks burned bright red as she realized all the things she'd been thinking. "Oh! Right!"

She turned off the burner and brought the pan over to the sink, pouring the noodles into the collander.

Was Shigure right? Would Kyou really like it if she... did that? She blushed again.

"Um... How's the sauce?" she asked as she tossed the noodles back in the pan with a little olive oil - just to keep them from sticking. She brought them back over toward the stove and set them on the now cooled burner.

Kyou smiled at her and said, "Here. Try for yourself." He held the wooden spoon out toward her to taste. As she leaned in and opened her mouth, her eyes caught his. Her lips closed around the spoon, and she drew back, still holding his eyes. He blushed bright red and turned away. "Is it any good?" he asked.

He'd blushed. Was that a good sign? She thought, 'Maybe Shigure's right?' and said, "It was delicious, Kyou," softly. "Why don't you pour your sauce over my noodles, and then we can add the meat?"

Kyou turned even redder and wouldn't look at her. Had she said something wrong? Shigure had told her several things that meant something else in slang than they did when she used them in everyday speech. Maybe she had said something she didn't mean to. She'd ask Shigure later. If she had, she was sure that at least the dog would get a good laugh out of it.

"Thank you, Kyou-kun," she said as he finished putting the sauce into the pan of noodles and she stirred them together. She placed the final concoction in a serving dish - spaghetti and meatballs. "You know, I like spending time with you like this in the kitchen. Maybe we should cook together more often." Holding up the dish proudly, she declared, "We make a pretty good team."

The cat smiled softly at her and said, "Well, if you wanted help with the cooking, all ya hadda do was ask, dummy. I can help more often."

As she carried the dish into the dining room she commented, "I think I would very much like for you to cook with me, Kyou. Any time you want." She tried not to blush at her intended innuendo. Ah, if only he knew what she meant.


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