Slave of Sensation

BY : kashudoreineko
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Written in response to the Week "The Kinks" Makin' Lemonaide challenge.

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Once all their houseguests had left, he'd followed her into his bedroom. She was surprised to see that he'd waited and gotten dressed after transforming. She'd supposed he'd have come in naked - it would have saved him a step later. But when she told him that, he had smiled lazily at her, making her stomach twist, and said, "This isn't about me. It's about you." And then he'd sat on the bed.

He looked her up and down and said, "You now know what it feels like to have had a man." She blushed, but he did not relent. His voice was demanding, serious. "For most people, what you felt last night is as good as they ever get. But you're going to learn more than that. And it's going to start tonight."

Then he smiled his normal smile and said, "Unless of course you change your mind or need to stop. I will never force you to do anything Tohru. But know this," his voice once again became serious and dark, "If you ask me to stop, I will. And I won't start again unless you beg me."

She swallowed hard at that. It wasn't that the concept was scary, but there was something sinister in the thought of having to beg him. She wasn't sure what.

"Before we start anything, I thought I'd explain all of the gifts Ayame brought." He gestured to where they were all laid out on the bed. "I figured knowing what they were for would probably be less scary than letting you imagine. I know your imagination has to be pretty fanciful for you to find all us Sohmas as wonderful as you keep telling us." He winked to show her he was joking.

The girl nodded and said, "I have been wondering..."

"I thought you might."

He held his hand out to her, and led her toward the bed. "So let's begin," he exclaimed. He held up the collar first. "This! Is a slave collar," he declared. "Do you know what it's for?"

She shook her head no.

"It's not FOR anything, really. Except to make you feel owned. When you're wearing it, you'll call me 'Master'. And if you refuse to do what I tell you when you're wearing it - except if you say 'stop' - you'll be reprimanded." He turned to her with his gigantic smile. "But I promise that you'll enjoy every moment of it!" he sang.

She swallowed hard. She was going to be his slave for sex? Wasn't that wrong? Why, then, did she feel so squishy when he talked about it? It was like the thought was 'turning her on'. But she'd have to think about that later. He had moved on to the next item.

It was very similar to the collar - black leather, yellow ribbons - but it was so small that it looked like it would fit around her -

He took her hand and began strapping it on her wrist. "Aya is so talented. These are beautiful. And look!" He pointed out the buckle that he'd just fastened. It's specially designed so that you can use it just as it is, or-" he pulled a little heart-shaped lock out of a pile of them on the bed "you can lock it in place. I think for tonight, we'll put them on you just so you can see how they feel. But we won't lock them yet." He sighed happily. "If I succeed at Akito's task, you'll be asking me to use the locks. Or asking Kyou." He flashed her a smile, and her heart constricted at the jealousy she saw there. But he quickly squashed it down changing the look he gave her to sweet and warm. He quickly put the restraint on her other wrist, then displayed the ankle restraints for her inspection.

"Um... Shigure... What are these *for*?" She shook her arm and the ring on the wristband jingled.

"Oh." He was surprised to find he blushed. "They're restraints. They... can enhance the stimulation of sex. I'll hook them to chains," he gestured to the chains that were now hanging from four hooks in the ceiling over the corners of the bed, "or to each other, or whatever, and then you'll be completely out of control." The look he gave her was dark with need and she felt the pulsing begin again. She'd be in his complete control. Remembering the way he'd touched her - the way Kyou had - she couldn't suppress a shiver of desire.

"Don't worry. It's all going to be to make you feel *unbelievably* good. And any time you want me to stop, all you have to do is say the word."

She nodded. Her mouth was a bit dry.

Taking a jovial tone, he went on to the next item on the bed. "These two things, are vibrators." He picked the most realistic looking one up. "You'll notice that it's shaped to look like a cock - although I've never seen one QUITE this color in real life..." She laughed. The deep violet color was very unrealistic.

"Vibrators are used to simulate having sex. They're most commonly known to be owned by women - so that they can... know pleasure without the assistance of a willing male." He turned the purple one on, and it hummed softly. Her curiosity was adorable. He turned it off and set it down. "But I don't think we'll be using them for THAT purpose. They're also used by men to stimulate their women - to help enhance their excitement and stimulate additional climaxes. Men usually need a rest between orgasms, but women can come again and again and again. So when I'm spent, I can still use this." He winked at her. "One of these nights, we'll have to see how many times I can make you come in one night. It'll be a scientific experiment!" She swallowed hard and tried not to rub her thighs together.

Next, he picked up something that looked like a big pink rubber arrow. It had a cord attached to it that ran to a control. "This we won't use for a while. So we'll just skip this for now. Same with this. But when you're ready, we'll try em once, and then if you don't like them, we'll just throw them away." He set aside what looked like a much smaller, thinner vibrator.

"But what are they?" she inquired, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"They're..." The oddity of the conversation struck him like a hammer. Here he was. With Sweet Tohru. About to say the words he was about to say. He had a hard time not laughing. "They're toys for your ass."

She started and choked. "Toys for my...?"

He nodded. His desire to laugh was so great that he found himself coughing. Finally he gave up and just laughed. "I know. It really does seem like it doesn't make sense. But, when the excitement takes over, all the areas down there become really sensitive, and extra sensation in your ass can make the pleasure all the better." He leered at her. "Plus, when your butt is all filled up with the toy, your pussy will feel more full when I put my cock in it." A picture of her face should have been in the dictionary next to the word dumbfounded.

She had never thought about her butt before. Waste came out of there, and it was not pleasant to think about. It was stuff so dirty that you didn't talk about it - so dirty that it was even a cuss word. And... people put stuff up themselves there - for pleasure? She couldn't even imagine it. She never would have thought for one second that this could be a possibility. It occurred to her that she was even more naive than anyone had imagined.

He laughed - but not unkindly. "Like I said, don't worry about it. We may never need to play with it - unless you're curious." He reached over and pulled her into a kiss. "But, I have to say that if you DO decide you want to try these toys - if you like them at all - then someday, we may be able to set it up so that Kyou and I can fill you up and please you together." He whispered in her ear. "Would you like that? Would you want to make love to both of us at once?"

The words buzzed in her head, and her heart began to vibrate in time with them. Both of them. She could have both the men she loved together. Her head tried to calm her down, she stuttered, "I... That... Would be asking... For too much. I... I..."

He smiled. She would like it. She just thought it wasn't allowed. "I would love to make love to you knowing that for once, you were getting more of the love you so richly deserve. It's not asking too much, Tohru."

"I..." She would be allowed...? Her mouth was so dry.

He relented and kissed her cheek before releasing her and dancing over to the bed, singing, "We still have more TOYS to play with!" He picked up the next two. One was a silver bullet on a cord with a control box at the other end. The other was a yellow butterfly with some black cords. "THESE are REALLY fun! And, I think, are going to be the MOST instrumental in helping you learn how to want sex as much as me." He winked at her.

He dangled the bullet. "This silver bullet goes inside your pussy. And then, the cord either gets wrapped around your leg, or comes up over your waistband, and the control goes in your pocket. We'll be using this around the house a lot. It should feel good inside you, but not good enough to make you come. And as you spend your time with it on, you'll want me more and more." He bounced like an excited puppy. "I LOVE this toy!"

He set it down and held out the Butterfly for her to hold. She took it and looked at it, stretching the black elastic straps. "You put it on, kind of like underpants. And this!" He held up a little yellow box, and flicked a switch on it and the butterfly sprang to life in her hands. She gasped and almost dropped it. "Is its remote control. It works kind of like the bullet, but instead of going inside you, it sits right on your clit-"

"My 'clit'?"

So innocent. "Hm..... I think maybe we need to get you naked before we go on. Then I can demonstrate. Tonight," he continued, voice playful, "I think you should just stand still, and let me undress you. Alright?"

She nodded and he quickly swept all the toys off the bed and into the bag Ayame brought them in. Slowly, he walked over to where she stood.

He began by unbuttoning her blouse. He took time with each button, looking her in the eye, and tracing on the skin underneath before moving up to the next. When the last button came undone, his hands slid over her shoulders, forcing the garment off her, onto the ground. She bent to pick it up - it needed to be folded - but he stopped her. "Leave it." The heat in his voice made her shiver, her nipples hardening into pebbles.

His hands found the zipper at her waist, running down the center back to the farthest point out on her tushie. She swore she could hear each tooth of the zipper run through the gear as it opened. And then, he pushed the skirt off her hips, down onto the floor.

Kneeling at her feet, he rolled down first one, then the other sock, before lifting her foot and slipping it off. All she had left were her white cotton bra and undies. He walked behind her, and with a single flick of his hand, the hooks popped open and the bra began to fall off. Still behind her, he pushed the straps off her shoulders, letting his hands lightly graze her breasts as he encouraged gravity to divest her of her garment.

The white cotton underpants were so pure, so Tohru. But he was changing all that tonight. So he walked over to his desk and grabbed a pair of scissors. When he got back to her, he snipped through each side, and they fell at her feet.

He could tell that she was thinking of the waste - they weren't expensive underwear, but she was a very frugal girl. "It's okay. You'll be needing fewer pair anyway. To help with your lessons, you won't be wearing any underwear when you're at home - not until your training is done."

"Oh," she replied, not knowing what to say.

"It may seem odd, but trust me. It'll help." He smiled. "It will mean that Kyou and I will be able to stroke your pussy whenever we pass by. So... That won't be too bad, will it?"

She shivered in anticipation. God, she was so perfect. He decided to institute a new rule. "Now that we're free to begin your training, you're not going to wear any underwear in the house at all. You'll take it off before you come in from school, and leave it at the door by your shoes. And you will step out of the house before putting it on before school."

She flushed bright red. Could she do that? He seemed pretty certain. But wouldn't she be embarrassed?

"There's no one anywhere near to see anything, so it'll be just like you're putting them on in your room," he stated.

"Oh." The thought made her turn even more red, but her heart rate was increasing, and she felt... Why would this turn her on? Was something wrong with her?

He stroked one of her breasts and leaned in to kiss her neck. She sighed into him. "You're excited by the thought of taking off your underwear before coming into the house. Because you know that you'll be open for me to fuck whenever we want." She moaned.

"Let's begin your anatomy lesson." He led her to the bed and she sat on it at his gesture. He bent to place light kisses on each nipple, and she sighed happily. "You know about these. So full and beautiful - I can't help but want to kiss them."

He knelt before her, kissing her navel, and she gasped.

His fingers threaded through her curls. "This is called your bush - or your beaver."

"Why are there so many names for everything?" she mused aloud.

"Because everyone wants to talk about sex, but they're told they're not supposed to, so they come up with code words so they can get away with it. It's like they're pretending to be good," he continued while lightly stroking her folds, "but all they want to be is bad." On the last word, his finger found and pressed her secret button and her hips involuntarily thrust toward him as her head flew back, mouth open to allow her moan to echo in the room.

"And THAT is your clit. Short for clitoris. It's a tight little bundle of nerve endings placed there by god for one purpose only - to give you pleasure." As he spoke, he continued to play her, his fingers grazing over her clit with each stroke, his mouth placing kisses on her belly, her breasts. "It can also - KISS - be called your button - KISS - because it's a secret button - KISS - that you press for pleasure.

"There are so many - KISS - different ways - KISS - to tease and please a woman. - KISS - For example," his fingers brushed against her clit like the touch of a feather and she gasped, "there's the light, sensual touch." He brushed it again so lightly that it felt like she was imagining it, but still, it made her feel a sense of anticipation. She struggled to get closer to him.

"There's the gentle but firm attention you can get." His fingers were now purposefully stroking her button like he was petting her. She sighed, leaning back, spreading her legs wider for him. Something was building inside her. If he'd just keep going she could... She rocked into his hand, assisting him, and he moaned in response. She may have been the most apt student he'd ever seen.

"Then there's a rougher touch." He used his finger and thumb to pinch her clit and she screamed. Her hips jumped off the bed as her back arched, and he could smell her scent peak.

It was like god created her just to be enjoyed in bed. He wanted to ravage her right then - no more waiting. His cock pulsed at the thought. But he still had work to do if he wanted to truly succeed at his plan. He withdrew his hand and allowed her a few seconds to recuperate.

"So which touch did you like better?" he asked.

She struggled to make sense of it. "I... don't know. They were..." The combination had been amazing. The light touches made her want more. The medium touches - she was pretty sure that with enough of them, eventually she would have reached her peak - but... she suspected it wouldn't have been such a far fall off the cliff if he hadn't used the rough. And if he'd skipped the lighter touches, she thought, the hard touch might have hurt.

"Ah," he sighed happily. "You like variety!"

She nodded vigorously. Variety. Yes.

"Good," he breathed into her ear, bringing forth another moan. "Variety is good. But I wonder how you'll like variety in positions."

She cocked her head. "Positions?"

Dear god in heaven. He was going to burst if he didn't take her soon. How could she sit there naked in front of him and ask a question like that so sweetly?

He coaxed her further back on the bed, then crawled in between her legs and positioned himself above her. "This, is the missionary position. It's the basic one." He drew her into a kiss while he untied his yukata. It seemed he'd decided he no longer needed underwear in the house either. Before he slid the robe off completely, he pulled a condom out of the pocket and quickly put it on, being sure to keep her distracted with his kisses. He didn't want to interrupt to explain - he could do that later.

Once it was on, he positioned himself at her entrance and she moaned into the kiss. He couldn't hold back any more. He slid home. She moaned and lifted her hips up to him. He thrust into her welcoming heat - gods, how had he managed to live in the same house with her all these years without enjoying this heaven?

She was moaning with each thrust. Her sweet face. God she was beautiful. Unfortunately, he did have a task. He pulled out of her and was rewarded by her sob of disappointment.

He rolled onto his side next to her, and she turned to face him. "This is a side by side position. Similar to missionary, but more difficult to get the proper amount of thrust.

"Roll over so you're facing away from me." She did so. He thrust his hips against the soft curve of her buttocks and she groaned. "This is an alternate on the side by side." He thrust a few more times, his hardened member firm against her backside. She felt so good. He groaned and prayed that she was a woman who would enjoy anal sex as much as any other type. Pounding into that firm ass... He groaned again.

"This leads me to my favorite position. I'll need you to get up on your hands and knees." She did as he instructed. She felt air brush against her heated core and she just barely stifled a moan. This made her feel so open - so... wanton. He looked down at her hooded eyes, and thanked Akito for giving him this treacherous assignment. No matter what came after, he would cherish these stolen moments.

Before he crawled behind her, he leaned over to whisper in her ear, "Tonight, I'm going to fuck your pussy doggy-style."

Even as her heart rate sped up - he could tell because her breathing had gotten heavier and her breasts were swinging underneath her with each breath - he could tell that she was registering the word "pussy" and trying to decipher whether it meant what she thought it meant. "Oh," he chuckled, "I didn't finish your anatomy lesson!"

With a caution for her to stay where she was, he clambored behind her. His hands grasped her butt cheeks, and her back arched, thrusting her hips upward toward him. "This is your beautiful, perfect ass." She blushed, but she was facing away from him, so he didn't see it. His hands started massaging the muscles there, and he bent to kiss the small of her back. "This tight little tushie is designed for one reason only - to drive Kyou and I wild with passion. It's very well designed for this purpose." As her ass raised, her cheeks had separated, revealing to him everything. One finger traced the curve of her hip, around the fleshy part, and then down the cleft. It trailed over her anus, and she gasped, pulling away a bit.

He stopped, his finger still resting on the tight sphincter. "Does it hurt when I touch you here?" he asked, concernedly.

"Um... No. I just... wasn't expecting it." She unconsciously was wiggling her hips against his hand.

"Does it feel bad?" he murmured, tracing a line of kisses over the curve where her back met her hips.

"No...'' she breathed - she sounded hesitant - almost uncertain. But she still was moaning and wiggling beneath him.

"Tell me, Tohru. How does it feel?" His finger tapped lightly at her anus, his tongue running down her spine and causing her to shiver.

She struggled for the words. "It feels like..." If his hand was just a bit lower it would be in her. But... still... where it was... She said the only word that seemed right: "Waiting."

Akito was either going to be very happy, or very disappointed when he finally brought her to see the god. He wasn't sure which. And at the second, he didn't much care.

He traced his finger down further. She was so wet. And as his finger neared, she rocked back, like she was trying to coax him to enter her. Instead, he traced around her hot box. His cock was burning to be back inside her, but the more he teased her, the better it would be.

"This is your pussy," he breathed. She moaned and writhed. "Your vagina. But that name's not at all romantic, is it?" His hand cupped her entire sex, and she whimpered loudly. He smiled. He could wait if he had to.

"It can also be called a box, a hole, or a cunt. But most people can't stand that last one. It's the dirtiest name of all. When you want to be really, really naughty, you would use that word. The others are interchangable."

His kisses trailed lower, and she could feel his breath against her sex. "For example, if you wanted me to kiss you there, you could say, 'Shigure I need you to lick my pussy.'" His finger stroked around the edges - avoiding her clit - but never going in. "If you needed something inside, you could say, 'Shigure, I want you to finger my hole.' Or, 'Please stuff my box.' Or, 'Pound my pussy.'"

He was having a tough time keeping his voice normal. She was moaning and her hips were shaking from side to side trying to get him to slip inside her. He grinned and gave a quick lick to her slit - she gave a soft scream in response.

"Language is important," he continued, his fingers getting closer, but still not entering her. And definitely missing her clit - except every fifth stroke. "If all you wanted was a nice sweet emotional moment - one that would feel good, but be over quickly, you'd ask me to make love to you." He kissed her hips in between sentences. "If you wanted something a little more primal, you'd ask me to FUCK you."

His finger was so close now, and she was straining toward it. "But if you wanted me to fuck you absolutely senseless - if you wanted to lose complete control and give yourself over to me completely." Oh god, if she could just move that last quarter inch. "...if you wanted me to take you to heights of pleasure that you'd never seen and to be as dirty as it's possible to be," His finger began lightly playing with her clit now while the others continued circling, "Then you'd beg, 'Shigure, I need your cock to fill my cunt.'"

Her brain was taking each phrase in turn and turning it over. Lick my pussy. Finger my hole. Stuff my box. Pound my pussy. He was giving her a whole new language to learn. Each one made her feel like she was being wound too tight. She'd made love to Kyou. Did she want to be fucked now? She thought she did. Senseless? He was waiting for her to tell him what she wanted - needed. She moaned loudly.

"What's wrong, sweet Tohru? What do you want from Shigure?" he had positioned himself so that it was almost like he had crawled over top of her. His nearness, was driving her crazy. She could feel the heat of his rod - it was millimeters away from where she needed it. His body was so close that she could actually feel his body heat like a caress on her skin. But no matter how she twisted, his cock wasn't going where she wanted - needed it.

"Fu-" her mouth struggled with the new words. "Fuck. My pussy." Her breathing was so heavy. "Your cock. Please. My... My... c- cunt!"

Her words. Dirty words coming from sweet Tohru's mouth. He growled, and his hips thrust forward, his cock filling her completely in one swift movement. Thank the gods!

She screamed as her orgasm hit her the moment she felt him enter her. Her body began unconsciously bucking against him, His hands grasped her hips and he pounded her furiously. She didn't have time to recover from the first- she was already building into the next.

"Are you my bitch to fuck, Tohru," he growled. He heard the words coming from his mouth, but he felt like he was an outsider hearing them, not the one speaking. "Do you like my cock in your tight little cunt? Does your pussy scream for me to pound it?"

"Yes! Yes! YESSSS!" she screamed as she came again, building up for another one almost immediately.

One of his hands shifted to a breast, and he began tightly fondling it, squeezing and pinching. Each touch made her flail more beneath him.

She was building toward a spectacular height, when he stopped and pulled back a bit, leaving just his tip inside her. His hands held her in place so that she couldn't impale herself back on his spear. "We're both dogs, Tohru, aren't we? Tell me you're my bitch, Tohru. My bitch in heat. Beg me to fuck you like the dog you are."

She was silent except her sobbing moans. He was quivering. Not being inside her was the most difficult thing he'd ever done. But this was the first step. Getting her to admit pleasure was important, and while in the middle of it was so much easier than having someone admit it at any other time. He'd show her how much he loved her after this - after she'd said it. Even if she couldn't say it. But this had to be done.

He wasn't going to fill her back up unless she spoke. She knew she didn't have to do it. But... She NEEDED! Whimpering, she said softly, "I'm Shigure's bitch."

He waited, and his cock twitched against her opening, causing a moan to rip out of her. "Please fuck me, Shigure! Please. Like a dog. I'm.." His cock slid into her and she moaned again. As he thrust in and out of her, the words poured out gratefully, "I'm a bitch in heat, Shigure! Please fuck me. I need your cock in me!"

He growled possessively. "When Tohru uses dirty talk like that, it makes me want to fuck her so much!" He leaned down and started kissing her back. "I love you, Tohru. God I love you."

Bliss. She was floating on a never-ending orgasm. She didn't know how she had left the room and gotten up to these clouds, but her whole body was alight with pleasure. She was dissolving. Coming apart. And she felt like she'd never smiled so big in her life.

He felt her come as he told her how much he loved her. Her walls shuddering and tightening around him - like she wasn't tight enough already. But it wasn't stopping. The feeling... She was no longer coherent. Her body was on autopilot. And words were pouring out of her mouth.

"love 'gure - so much - big cock - So good - Fill me - your dog - Fuck me - Love you. Need you. Love. Oh. Oh. GURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Finally she reached the pinnacle. And clamped down on him so hard she was milking the come out of him. He felt himself unload his seed inside her. Her walls were still trembling when he forced himself to withdraw, carefully holding the condom on so that none would spill inside her. He carefully removed the sheath, and threw it away.

At the loss of him, she collapsed onto the bed.

He crawled up next to her an began lovingly caressing her back and shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked up at him dazedly. She blinked a few times and didn't say anything.

Growing concerned, he bent down to kiss her forehead. Before he got there, she finally spoke. "How...?" was all she said.

He didn't know what to make of the question so he just blinked. It could have been: How was it for you? How do we go on from here? How am I going to face Kyou again? He was starting to feel really guilty for taking her so far so fast. "How what, koibito?" He completed the action of the kiss.

She gazed up at him earnestly. "How is it I'm alive? I was nothing but molecules." Her face looked surprised, but content. With a touch of confusion thrown in.

He chuckled. "AH! Well, my little flower, now you know why so many people are so fascinated by sex. Although, I would venture to say that few have orgasms as spectacular as that." Brushing some hair out of her face, "It's almost as if you were made just for this."

Her face was thoughtful - was that what she was made for?

"But we know better. It's not that you were made for this. God just decided that a woman as wonderful as you should be able to know as much pleasure as she brings to everyone else."

His smile down at her was one filled with heart-felt love. Her eyes teared up. She didn't know what to say to that.

He kissed her cheek. Then said, "You rest, koibito. You've had a strenuous night." He covered her with the blanket, picked up all the toys, placing them back in the bag, and then left the room. She'd fallen asleep almost immediately after he'd covered her up.

He stood on the front porch, smoking a cigarette. Kyou really was the luckiest man on earth. Then he corrected himself. "No. I'm the luckiest. Because I deserve her a hell of a lot less than Kyou."

He leaned his head back and let himself dream of what life would be like without the curse. A life where he was married to Akito, and she laughed a true laugh - like she used to do with him so many years ago. A life where he was able to make love to Akito like he'd just done to Tohru. A life where Akito said the words Tohru had said, and meant every syllable.

Tohru loved him. And he loved her. But somehow, it just made him more aware of the hole in his heart that was Akito.


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