Slave of Sensation

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Sunday she’d woken up to both men she loved - each with an arm draped over her. Even with her mother, she’d never felt this loved and protected. She’d kissed each of them, and then extricated herself to go clean up - and then make some breakfast.

She was humming happily to herself when she’d heard the dog come into the bathroom. “Um. I’m… In here right now, Shigure.”

He’d pulled back the shower curtain and she gave an “Eeep!” jumping to cover herself. He chuckled as he stepped in to join her.

“I’m here to wash your back, my lovely flower.” He took her hand and kissed it and she sighed, smiling at him. “Kyou’s down cooking breakfast, and I get to… attend to you in the shower. The plan is to keep you… occupied all day. Kyou will see to giving you a bath this evening, so it's all fair.”

She gasped as her heartrate accelerated. “But… The chores. The laundry.” She wasn’t expecting this much attention. He pulled her into a kiss, and she whimpered, then relaxed. With the hot water running on her back, it was hard not to feel soothed and stimulated.

“My flower is undergoing rigorous training - she can’t worry about that stuff. We’re going to attend to your every need today.” His hands were holding a sponge covered in liquid soap. He began to lather up her chest.

“Actually, today’s probably going to be harder on you than all the chores you normally do. Because today we’re going to keep you coming. All. Day. Long.” She swallowed hard and he flashed her one of his brilliant smiles.

"Turn around," he commanded and she complied. He scrubbed her back with the sponge. When he was done, she felt something cold on her head. From the strawberry scent that filled the air, it was shampoo. He massaged the shampoo into her scalp, working out the knots in her hair. His fingers felt so good, her scalp was tingling. He directed the showerhead to rinse her off, then repeated the process for another shampoo, and a conditioner.

Then he picked the sponge back up, and knelt down in front of her, scrubbing down her long lean legs. His lips left trails on her belly as he went. He picked up each foot, lathering it completely. As soon as he was done, he gently nudged her legs apart. The sponge grazed up and down her folds, and she squealed and then sighed.

The sensation of the loofa had been unexpected. But his hands took over the action, and once she was rinsed completely clean, his mouth. His tongue lapped at her folds, and she found herself unconsciously spreading wider to give him better access. Briefly she wondered if this made her a bad person: she seemed to be able to "turn on" at the drop of a hat - or the drop of a sponge. He lapped at her folds until she was moaning his name.

"Shigure! Oh, Shigure, please!" she gasped.

Smiling, he stopped and stood. "Do you want me to fill you, flower?"

She blushed and whispered, "Please," softly.

"I would do anything for the women I love." Turning her away from him, he said, "Bend over and grab the sides of the tub." She did as directed. She was quivering inside. Oh god, she needed him again. Again. She was pulsing inside. 'Sex *must* be addictive,' she thought.

She felt something oily pour over her ass. The shower water was beating in the middle of her back. This was cooler than the water.

And then she felt him at her entrance. She began to thrust back, but he reprimanded her. "Not just yet. Trust me, little flower. Trust Shigure will make everything better."

His finger was drawing kanji in the oil, but she couldn't figure out what it was. Then his finger was tapping. It was tapping where it had tapped the other night - on her anus. He was rubbing the oil around on it, all the while with his head placed at, but not entering, her core.

His cock twitched at her opening, and she whimpered. It was getting harder to not thrust back onto him. Her body trembled. His finger continued to play with her asshole - dancing around it, but not entering.

When was he going to help her? She moaned her discontent.

"Tell me what you want, Tohru," he commanded.

"Want! Your cock! In me!" she stuttered.

Dirty words sounded dirtier from her sweet mouth. "Is that all you want? Should I just put it in there and leave it?"

She keened out her need - a sighing wail - before the words could take shape. "Plee-heeeze. Shigure! Please. Fuck my pussy with your big Cock!"

She had answered his question and her words were getting him even harder. "Can I fuck you as hard as I want? DO whatever I want?"

"YYYEEEESSSSSSSS!" she screamed as he slid inside her both with his cock and his finger. He alternated rhythms, pumping in her ass with his long, slender digit as he pulled out with his rod. Her arms were getting sore from holding up her weight, but she didn't care.

His finger was in her ass. She knew that's what she was feeling. It had to be. GOD, it felt so GOOD! It was dirty down there, but they were in the shower, so they could wash everything clean after, and it FELT like nothing she'd ever known. The alternating rhythm - she didn't know whether she was coming or going.

His hand had wrapped around her, pulling her back as he slammed into her again and again. Her wet hair sprayed droplets against the shower wall, as he lifted her off the ground to meet each thrust.

Her screams of pleasure were bouncing off the mirror, echoing back to them from all sides, and he found himself growling in delight.

She became convinced in that moment that sex must be magical, because each time seemed to be more amazing than the last. She was truly going to become addicted. If she wasn't already.

As she came in a spectacular burst of lights, she felt the dog slide out of her. And then she felt something warmer than the shower water rain onto her back. The dog helped her to stand back up, and then washed her back again.

She took the sponge from him and washed him. They finished by turning off the water and drying each other. Once she was wrapped in a fluffy, oversized towel, he bent down and kissed her again, saying, "Let's go down and get some breakfast."

She nodded and was about to get dressed when he said, "You won't be needing clothes today, my little flower." He handed her a robe, and she put it on, blushing. It felt odd - she wasn't used to being so informal. He patted her head as he slipped his on as well, and then followed her downstairs.


The boys had been awakened by a sensation of loss. The warmth they'd shared all night from the little riceball was no longer there. Both sat up, confused by their location for a moment. Then, memory struck.

As he remembered everything, Shigure felt like a grand patriarch. He was surprised by the feeling of FAMILY he got from the cat and the riceball. After all, he had a large family. He had a large extended family with whom he shared a special bond. But... He could imagine himself as a large property-owner, with Akito as his wife, Tohru as his second wife, and Kyou as his... um. Fellow husband? That seemed odd, yet that's how it felt. They'd have lots of babies and be so happy. He sighed. If only it could work out like that. But he knew better. The best he could hope for would be that he got to stay by Akito 'til she died, and that the cat and the riceball would be allowed to marry and make babies that he could visit as Uncle Shigure. Oh, well. For the next two weeks - or as long as Akito gave them - he would allow himself to live the fantasy while he could.

Kyou, on the other hand, had a little bit more to worry about. He'd made love for only the second time in his life - to the woman he loved more than life. But he'd kissed... Oh, dear GOD! Had that been real? He'd kissed Shigure! Sure, he'd been a bit drunk. And yes, he'd been in the heat of the moment - in the heat of her mouth. But... He'd kissed Shigure!

But the DOG had STARTED it! It wasn't his fault!

It wasn't his fault that he'd been distracted. And that when the dog kissed him it felt too good... 'Oh, god! I even held him to me!' His face burned. He hadn't enjoyed it. He hadn't! ...Had he? He shot a quick glance at the dog, who was smiling very happily. A groan struggled to burst forth as his brain remembered the combined sensation of Tohru's soft lips enveloping his cock, and Shigure's firm lips pressing against his own - the taste of sake and cigarettes as their tongues twined.

"Morning, Kyou!" the dog sang happily. The cat merely grunted in return. This was going to be a long day.

Shigure said, "Well, are you looking forward to today's activities as much as I?"

"How could I? I don't know what the hell you have planned," he replied with more grumpiness than he actually felt.

"Oh. Right." Kyou had never seen the dog this happy. It was... kinda weird. "Well... Today is going to be about seeing how many times we can make our lovely flower come. I thought I'd start off by taking her in the shower while you make some breakfast. We'll take turns all day. And there's toys so that when we're not... Up to the challenge, she'll still be screaming in pleasure. We'll probably also get at least one chance to both work on her together today, too. And then, you'll take her in for a nice, soothing bath. Of course, you can let it get stimulating if you want, too..."

"I thought you said that she'd be more likely to crave pleasure if she was turned on but didn't get any." He was trying not to sound excited about the dog's plan. But the idea of making Tohru come over and over again was actually pretty appealing. She deserved pleasure like that.

"Hm. Did I? Well, yes. That is true. But, we'll go back to that tomorrow... We have to push her limits. She's not used to receiving pleasure. She usually talks herself out of it when it's offered and instead focuses on the pleasure she gets from GIVING. I want to make it so that she knows what it feels like to know nothing but pleasure from sunup to sundown - so that her level of PERSONAL desire can increase." The dog grinned ferally. "Wouldn't you - at least occasionally - like to see her so hot that she pushes you down and takes YOU instead of her making you feel like you want to do that to her?"

The cat swallowed hard.

"So if you don't mind, please go cook us some breakfast. Then I'll do the dishes - and before you ask, yes, I DO know how to load the dishwasher and run it."

The cat smirked and shook his head, then began to get dressed.

"Stop! Just put on a robe or something. I'm planning on keeping her mostly naked today, so... let's not make her feel like she's the only one. Not today anyway."

Thinking about her naked all day, the cat groaned and forced himself to penguin walk to the kitchen. This WAS going to be a long day.


Kyou decided to prepare a meal that even Shigure would compliment as "almost as good as Tohru's." And a western breakfast to boot: swiss omelets, pancakes with maple syrup, sausage patties, bacon, rice, and toast with marmalade. With all the activity they'd be doing today, they'd need the carbs, and besides, all of it could be eaten cold. Just in case they got distracted.

He started with the bacon and sausage - while the rice steamed in the cooker. It took a great deal of concentration to keep himself focused. He could hear the cries of pleasure from upstairs. Shigure was taking his love, bringing her pleasure while he was relegated to the kitchen like a servant. It was necessary - he knew that. And a part of him didn't even hate the dog anymore. He was truly doing everything he could to help the cat - well... to help Tohru. The cat was incidental.

Except. After the previous night, he didn't believe that was completely true.

Shigure... he did things in his own way. He was a complete hentai. There was rarely a time when you knew exactly what he was thinking - he had his own agenda. But... He'd taken Yuki out of the main house. Given Tohru a home. And when he stopped and really thought about it, the entire time he'd lived here, the dog had done so many little things that - if you stopped looking at him as a just complete hedonist - could POSSIBLY have been done JUST to try to help the cat. The dog - helping the cat.

He placed the meat in a covered dish and poured the eggs in the pan for the omelet, all the while struggling to keep put his thoughts in order.

Shigure had pushed and prodded him. It was almost as if he genuinely cared for him. Like family. A family that wasn't the fucked up Sohmas. Shigure had pushed him til he was ready to try to get along with others. Then he'd prodded him to get along with Tohru. Next he'd poked at him to admit what he'd felt for her. And then he'd pushed them together. And when that was done and the dog could have just taken Tohru away from him with the explanation that he'd be better at training her - instead, he'd brought Kyou into the process. So into it that they had to deceive everyone about living arrangements. So far into it, that he'd massaged the cat's back, sucked on his neck, and kis-

A vibrant "YESSSSSSS!" cut through his thoughts. He was both jealous and envious. He tried to focus on his cooking, making sure everything was perfect - dishes set on the table, tea brewing.

Why was Shigure helping him? He could no longer deny that the dog seemed to care about him. Was he a pawn in the dog's game? Was it all about Tohru? No - that couldn't be, because he'd shown interest before Tohru had even entered their lives. Maybe it was all about Akito...

It couldn't be... for any other reason.

He touched his lips lightly.

Today was going to be interesting. He wondered if he'd be good enough to pleasure Tohru for the whole day. It was a pretty single-minded task. But it would be worth it just to see her sighing and happy and screaming his name the way she'd screamed Shigure's.

He noted that they were silent now. No more screams. And no sound of running water. Time to place the food on the table.

He had just finished when she came downstairs. Seeing all the food, she gushed, "Kyou! You didn't have to make so much! Oh, it all looks delicious!"

He blushed and said, "Eh. It's nothing. You don't have to make such a big fuss over it."

"It smells so good!" She sat down next to him at the table, smiling broadly.

The dog came in and took his place at the head of the table. "Mmmm. Kyou, I do think you've outdone yourself." Tohru immediately reached to begin serving, but Kyou stopped her and took over.

"You just sit back, relax and eat. You've got a..." he blushed, "strenuous day ahead."

"Indeed," Shigure agreed, then took a bite of pancake. "Oh! I'm in heaven! I thought only Tohru had the talent for creating such a magnificent feast in this household. But this is almost as good as her cooking, Kyou."

After taking a bite, Tohru called out, "Mmmm. Oh, I'm sure this is MUCH better than anything *I've* ever cooked. It's DeLICious!"

Too many compliments. He was unused to that. How the hell was he supposed to react to COMPLIMENTS?

"Well, I don't know if I'd go that far, Tohru. Your cooking is still slightly better. But... I think it's just... You make everything with such love." He sighed happily. "And now Kyou is finally admitting he loves me enough to cook such a wonderful meal."

The cat blushed some more and muttered, "Shut up, baka hentai inu!"

"He just doesn't love me quite as much as you do, Tohru."

"I SAID SHUT UP!" He yelled, turning completely red and not looking at either of them.

The dog did not fail to notice, and smiled, going back to happily eating. What a happy fantasy that would be! The four of them. With little babies running underfoot. Sharing one big playroom. It would never happen in reality, though.

The rest of breakfast was shared with companionable small talk. Once everyone had eaten their fill, Shigure began to pick up the dishes. Tohru tried to help, but the dog was resolute. "You have other duties to attend to today. Kyou, why don't you take her up to your room for a couple hours. Keep track of the number of times she comes. Then I'll come get you two once the next part of the day is set up."

Man. Somehow it seemed like some of the magic was drained from it when it was being directed like this. Sure he'd get to be with her...

He'd get to be with her. His cock twitched, and he smiled.

It was magic enough.

He smiled at his love, and held out his hand for her to take. Together, they made their way up to his room.


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