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He was tensed up, all nervous and why wouldn’t he be? Here he was standing in professor birch's lab, sweating and nervous. After all he was gonna get his starter Pokémon. After the Pokémon School he had waited for this for so long now. He heard professor’s voice calling him in just as a weird looking guy rushed past him with a pokeball in his hand. He gulped as he made his way into the lab.


"Hello Aman" the professor said as he gestured with his hand towards an empty podium.

“Coming for a starter are you?”

The boy nodded nervously.


The conflicting look on the professor's face wasn’t boosting his confidence either.


"Umm...I’m really sorry but I just ran out of starter pokemon.The league was supposed to deliver them on Saturday but due to some technical difficulties..." the professor said nervously.


What joy! He had waken up so early and everything for getting his starter but now nature itself opposed his luck. He was just going to roll his eyes at this idiotic nature when his eyes fell on a sleeping bundle of feathers on a pillow near the professor’s computer.


The professor immediately followed the kid’s line of sight."Oh yeah we do have a torchic but she’s kind of injured." the professor said eyeing the roll of bandage wrapped around the small bird's leg. injured Pokémon...that too female. Not that the boy had anything against the gender or anything but he had always thought of big strong male blastoise or a blaziken winning the league.


Seeing the boy considering taking the injured Pokémon, his brain processed a brilliant plan. He hadn’t meant to give this torchic away but seeing the boy's hope of a starter and the benefit of his own plan made him change his mind.


"Guess what Aman" the professor said smiling confidently "she’s a really fine Pokémon and this injury of hers is gonna be healed in a matter of hours. Also I’m not gonna get any starter Pokémon for at least a week. So either you can have this one or could wait for the next shipment."


'No! I can't wait for a week' the boy thought 'the registration for the league is gonna end this month if I don’t get a Pokémon today...'


"I'll take her. Thank you so much professor." the boy said. Atleast he liked fire Pokémon so nature wasn’t entirely screwing him but he had his doubts.


"Okay give me a second. I'll put her in a pokeball and get you your pokedex." The professor said fumbling into his pocket taking out a pokeball. He pressed the white button on the ball pointing at the sleeping pokemon. A beam of red light fell on the bird, sucking her in.


"Here's your pokedex and your Pokémon" the professor said handing the amazed boy the small sphere and a rectangular device which could fit in his open hand.


"Now release her."The professor said making the kid jump.


“What!?You mean now?"He asked.


"You want to name her don't you? And even if you don’t, you might wanna get acquainted with her." the professor said smiling encouragingly. Aman gingerly pressed the button releasing the torchic in a glow of red light.

The torchic looked at the human with confused eyes. Sudden fear gripped the boy. 'What if she doesn’t want to be my pokemon?'

He looked at the professor who nodded at him. He gathered what confidence he had and extended his hand towards the small bird. "Hello I'm Aman."



She jumped back as the human extended his limb towards her, landing perfectly even with her hurt foot. Was this a trick or some human gesture? she wondered. The whole nest was filled with humans making the small torchic shiver slightly. 'No' she thought ignoring her instincts 'this human in white had saved her, given her berries and also had saved her from the fire. But mother always said humans were dangerous'.


She knew she had always interest in humans but she didn’t want to be captured by them. But oh yes! Humans were fascinating and the human right now was a beautiful specimen of its kind. Dark hair,eyes as dark as a moonless night, long and slightly thin build. Slightly rugged but he was nowhere as strong as father. He extended his hand a little nearer. Maybe this was a good gesture. She slowly moved forward, ready to jump back in case of any impending attack. She came near his hand, her wings tensed. She slowly rubbed her beak on his hand.


The soft human skin fascinated her beyond her small mind. ’Almost as soft as mother’s feathers.’ She wondered. She rubbed her head against his hand abandoning all caution. 

"Im going on a journey to become the Pokémon master. Would you like to come with me?” She was so mesmerized by the human that she didn’t even pay heed to anything the boy had said. Yes master she said, as she chastised herself for her lack of attention. The boy’s brow furrowed. 

"Is that a yes?”He asked. She rubbed her beak against his hand again sending her message to the bewildered boy. He fist pumped in the air with joy, smiling inadvertently. 

"Aman"the professor spoke up after viewing the introductions of the trainer and Pokémon."If you have a name in your mind you can name her now." 


The boy cursed silently. He lamented not researching any torchic names. Blaze and other common names popped into his mind but were simultaneously discarded. A name suddenly came to his mind. His grandma’s name. It was really girlish but amazingly beautiful and fitting. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed right.


“Hey torchic do you like the name Jane?” She froze where she was. Master was giving her a name. She had lost everything in the terrible event she didn’t want to remember. The fire that had destroyed her home. She was getting a name….a gift from master. She could already feel respect, love and obedience for him. Master’s voice was so soft and silky, more like mothers. The name was human but so beautiful. She rubbed her head again showing approval to the puzzled human who did not seem to understand her language.


"You will start understanding her as she evolves."professor birch interjected.


“Yes professor . As the Pokémon evolves the trainer begins to understand the language of Pokémon by a weak psychic link." the boy replied instantly.


“You’re a smart kid. You still remember things from Pokémon school.”






As the kid rushed through the door Birch smiled. It had been a long day but these were moments when he felt he had done some good in life. Musing in his own thoughts he didn't really notice his white-coated lab assistant coming up to him.


"Sir,why did you give that torchic away? Her stats in the core M34-processor show that her core power and attack are way high than a normal torchic. It almost had a weak combusken's power. I believe we should have studied her more sir".


Birch smirked.

" Reed if we had kept that torchic here it wouldn't have grown stronger just by sitting there. What she needed was a trainer. Now we can observe her as she grows stronger without having to train her from the start. I think it'll turn out to be fine."


Reed sighed returning back to work ,accepting professor's 'so called plan'.






The human carried her in his arms. With her leg injured this seemed to be a good idea. She looked around curiously,never having seen a human settlement. She felt very safe even with a lot pf humans milling around. Aman suddenly stopped infront of a strange structure. Maybe it's a human nest the little torchic wondered it was a little different than the white-robed human's nest. As Aman walked in the little girl's eyes were immediately drawn to the female human sitting on a strange contraption.


"Mom I want you to meet Jane." .The female looked at the little pokemon, smiling from her wheelchair. The little torchic shook a little, not understanding all the attention she was getting.


"Hello I'm Lillia, Aman's mother. Congratulations Aman, she looks like a really good starter".


At the word 'mother' a little understanding came to the confused pokemon.


"Aman what happened to her leg?" the female asked, her brow furrowed.


"Oh mom, don't worry about it. She was injured when I got her. Professor Birch said that this injury should heal in no time".


The female nodded."I think she should meet Hypno. They should get acquainted." The mother said.


Out of thin air a blur of yellow and white, and a hypno appeared next to the woman. She didn't even flinch as she was used to Hypno's teleportation but the little torchic sank into her master's arms fiercely. Her instincts told her that this pokemon was stronger. Her simple mind associated master with safety not knowing that if the hypno were to attack her, her master would be helpless against the hypno.


"Hypno this is Jane, my starter." Aman said hoping to ease the obvious awkwardness between the pokemon.


[Hello little one. Welcome, do not be afraid for we are part of the same family now.] hypno said. It didn't need a psychic to see that the torchic was afraid. The strength of the pokemon before her chilled the little torchic to her heart.


"Okay I'm gonna take a nap, mom could you send our lunch upstairs?" Aman said feeling the energy which he had spent the whole day preparing for his starter, wearing off. He yawned as he climbed upstairs, to his room not noticing the torchic looking at him with adording eyes.

Aman sighed as he looked at his bedroom. Never in his life had he cleaned his bedroom but now the room before his eyes was barely familiar. Everything was in its place, his clothes were in his closet, his pc wasn't buried under heaves of paper and bed was organized and made. The only thing that kept him from running out of this strange room was his Pokémon posters. He snapped out of his thoughts as a "torchic, tor-torchic" sounded. Oh yeah, his Pokémon.

He kept the small bird on the bed as it marveled at the softness of his bed. He kicked his shoes under the bed as he climbed into his bed pulling a sheet on his body. Aman smiled when the torchic jumped onto his chest, cozying herself to sleep on her master's chest. The childish nature of this act made him realize his responsibility. But only for a second as the world of dreams beckoned to him. He lazily moved his hand switching off the lights.


"TORCHIC!!TOR TOR-CHIC". His eyes jumped open at the shrill screams. Instinctively his hand switched on the lights only to find a scared torchic clinging to his shirt.


"What happened Jane? Did I hurt your leg?"


”Tor-tor-chic-torchic" came the reply. 'Man this communication problem was a bitch' the boy thought. On the cue hypno suddenly appeared with two plates of food in tow.

'Hypno something's wrong with Jane' the boy thought, knowing that the psychic Pokémon would read his thoughts. He couldn't understand hypno by speech like his mother because Hypno wasn't his Pokémon but the telepathy-thing of hypno sure came in handy.


[She is afraid of the dark]. He jumped at the sudden voice in his head. Though it came in handy, it scared the shit out of him even now, after having lived with hypno all his life. Sudden realization came to him and he face palmed himself. Of course torchics were afraid of dark. 'Pokémon School's education was waning off' he thought. Jane, who was now snuggling fiercely against his neck, didn't look any calmer. Was that due to her previous fear or the new presence of hypno, he didn't know.


[I'll be downstairs if you need anything.] with that the hypno teleported downstairs. The little torchic was calmed a little bit and with reassurances from her master she finally stopped struggling against his neck. He picked her up from his chest settling her down on the bed.


"Torchic?" the little fire type questioned at losing the sudden closeness from master.


"Here's our food." he said not even having a clue what the little torchic had asked. He picked up the plate from the side of the bed, putting it in front of the bewildered torchic. Torchic curious at this new thing giving such an aroma took a whiff. She instantly brightened up as the primal urge of food took over her. As she pecked her omlette, Aman took his own plate in his lap to eat. Before he could even touch his omlette, a coo sounded and Jane stood before him abandoning her omlette.


"Torchic-torchic-tor" she said her voice really resembling a cooing child. The boy who was lost in his Pokémon’s cuteness didn't notice the hungry look on her face. She jumped onto the plate and began pecking at his omlette. Obviously she thought that her master's food was much tastier than hers. Her simple mind still unaware of the ettiques and manners of humans or of the fact that even Pokémon allowed their masters to eat in peace. To her, her master was her provider, her guardian, her mentor and her whole world.

The complex understanding of love was not understandable to her. Her childish mind somehow did not anger the boy, instead it made him feel his responsibility and love again. Yes he was a trainer now. The lives of his Pokémon depended on his leadership now. As he was delving into deeper thoughts, she had already finished both her and his omlette. A hungry human, a fully satisfied torchic and two empty plates now lay on the bed. As he settled for no lunch for the sake of his Pokémon, she climbed on his chest again. She gave a small yawn, so cute that the boy wanted to hug her but now his hunger and sleep were winning out against emotions. As he lay on the bed his last thought was about the far off worlds he will be going into tomorrow, and then darkness swallowed him.




He was standing alone in complete crushing darkness. He cowered where he was as low growls sounded and echoed, making it appear as if they were coming from the all the directions. He looked at the outline which was much darker than the surrounding darkness.

A growl and everything blanked out. For a brief second he felt his body, his heart thudding, his lungs drawing air as he slept. Immediately his eyes opened in absolute fear only to find a little torchic sleeping on his chest. A dream he thought, no it was a nightmare. A nightmare he had been having from childhood. Even hypno had been unable to explain these nightmares because the hypno couldn't see them. Though he was a master at sensing dreams of people but when he had examined his master's child in his sleep, all he had sensed was a black void during his supposedly nightmare-time. It was as if, during that time the boy wasn't dreaming at all. While the boy gulped and dismissed this whole thing as a coincidence, the little torchic sleeping on his chest dreamed on.




She listened to the muscled blaziken as he looked back slightly to find his packmates ready for the hunt. [Don't wander off and don't trouble your mother again].

[Yes father] the little torchic nodded. A beautiful female blaziken came out of a nearby cave.

[She won't be causing any trouble. You should hurry.] the female said moving her beak to point towards the small group of blazikens standing behind her mate. The male blaziken nodded and jumped back to his pack-mates to join the hunt. The discomfort of her leg made her realize that this must be dream. She was a mere toddler by Pokémon standards otherwise she would have realized from the start that this was her dream. She shook of the feeling of sleepiness and ruffled her feathers. She tried opening her eyes but they resisted any effort made by the torchic to get up. With an angry squawk she opened her eyes only to find her master not present around the human sleeping place.


She panicked, frantically searched for her master when the door of the room opened, revealing the person the little torchic was searching for. She practically jumped at the human who was bewildered by the sudden 'attack' on him. The boy took a bottle out of his pocket raising it in light just for the torchic to view.


"This Jane is the magical herb from Lavaridge my uncle gave to me. It should help you heal very fast".


"Yeah now sit tight. I’m gonna remove the bandages around your leg." The boy sat on the bed, softly taking the small bird into his lap and petted her to calm her. After he had removed the bandage and applied the herb, he stood up.


"Jane would you like to you know, explore the forest?”


"Tor-torchic". He hesitated.

Would it be rude or cruel to ask her now that she was still so new and healing.


"Would you like to train a bit too?"


"Torchic-tor-chic". The same tone of her voice and her obvious happy expression seemed like a yes to him. With that the trainer and Pokémon left the house and proceeded to the nearby woods to train. After having trained for some time both the boy and the torchic lay on the grass, both tired albeit the torchic more than her trainer. As they lay on the grass, a rustling sounded in the nearby bushes. They both were up almost immediately facing the wild poocheyana which jumped from the bushes. It seemed a little bit more powerful than the occasional wrumple or zigzagoon they had faced today.


"Jane do you want to fight?” The determined look on the torchic confirmed his question.


"Okay use ember". She prepared a small flame in her beak throwing it at the jumping poocheyana. It hit him on the side, thought it was a hit the poocheyana shook it off like it had been nothing.

[Im going to tear off your wings, you little dolt.] The torchic froze where it was. Primal fear took hold of her. She couldn't move a limb.


"Jane scratch him". Her master's voice cut through her fear clearly like an Ariel ace and she jumped the bite that had been intended for her leg. She brought her leg and her full talons on his back. With surprising speed the poocheyana recovered and ran at her. The tackle hit her full on and she was thrown back by the impact of the attack. Anger replaced fear and her pride swelled. She took a hit before master and it was embarrassing for her. She prepared an ember in her beak and threw it at the poocheyana, who had jumped towards the boy. The ember hit the poocheyana in the face and he dropped in the mid jump. He fainted before he could hit the ground.


The torchic huffed. 'Good riddance' she thought before stumbling towards her master. Her wings drooped as she felt her energy seep to nothing.


“Jane just give me minute."Aman said as his hand vanished into his bag. After ruffling in the bag for a second he drew out a small bottle. As Jane slowly closed her eyes due to being tired, her master sprayed the potion over the fainted poocheyana and withdrew the potion into his bag. He then put his hand in his pocket and withdrew a small blue fruit. He kept the Oran berry next to the, now healing poocheyana and turned to his own Pokémon. The little torchic was baffled as to why her master was throwing the berry to the poocheyana. She decided to ask master later as she could barely process any thoughts right now. Sleep was taking over her. Two warm hands lifted her from the ground and cupped her small body.

"Lets go to the Pokémon centre to get you healed" the trainer whispered to his Pokémon but she didn't reply him. She had already fallen asleep.



Aman looked at the pink cap of nurse joy as he entered the Pokémon centre. It was empty as not many trainers chose to be around these gym-less parts of Littleroot. He smiled as he drew closer. It was lucky for him that Brianna Joy was on nurse duty because she was Aman's cousin.


"Aman hey what are you doing here. Aren't you supposed to be home before eight?Do I have to take you back to Littleroot?" she said as she faked a pout.


"No thanks I’ll escort myself cause I have my Pokémon now." Aman said lifting his hands to show the injured and sleeping torchic.


"Wow a Congratulations on your starter Aman. Do you want to heal her? She does look hurt." Aman nodded, giving Jane to the nurse who whistled. A chansey came out of the backdoor and looked at the boy. Both split into grins and chansey jumped towards Aman, hugging the boy. Both had known each other for a long time and memories of them playing when he had still been a child were still fresh in his mind.


"Chansey-chan"chansey said looking at the torchic which Brianna had put in the healing machine.


"Yeah she is my new starter." Aman said not understanding her but nonetheless assuming her question to be it.


"She looks pretty worn out for a starter. What happened to her?" Brianna asked waving at chansey to get some potions.


"Oh I wanted to get started early on her training so we could get into the championship you know and you wouldn't believe it, she’s level eight now and she learnt ember today." he said, with pride obvious in his voice.


"Aren't torchic's supposed to learn ember after level nine and so?"Brianna asked looking at the healing torchic.


"Yeah not only that but she also defeated a level ten poocheyana. It was kind of a close call but we got it."


"Don't whip her into fighting too much. She’s just a baby after all." said Brianna, her heart softening for the little bird as was with the case of all nurse joy's.


"Don't worry I won't make her fight against her own will even if im getting mauled by a pack of mighteyanas." he said mockingly.


"Yeah like that's gonna happen. So Aman....ummm I had a favor to ask you if it's not too much trouble that is". Was she blushing? Aman thought there definitely was a red tint on her face. He knew his cousin, she never hesitated to ask anything.


"Shoot" he said feeling a little weird cause of her hesitancy.


"Could you...ummm take care of chansey tonight?”


"Sure but you know she loves to be with you and whats up with you giving her up so suddenly?"


"Yeah I know. She's my Pokémon but ummm... I had....that is to say.....Dave just thought...that", wow he had never seen his cousin this uncomfortable. "Dave-wants-us-to-spend-more-time-together". Brianna ranted out. It almost took him a minute to process what she had said in a flurry. Dave Umberto was the one of the most reputed doctor in all of honen and sinnoh and now, luckily his brother-in-law. Of course Dave and Brianna were recently married and they wanted to....


"Oh..Im..Im sorry...yeah so okay I guess. I can take care of chansey for some time." Brianna had gone a deep shade of maroon. On the cue the healing machine went off..beep..beep.


"Oh here you are. Your torchic's healed." She said turning from away from Aman just to hide her blush. She picked up the torchic that suddenly woke up and now was scratching, bellowing and struggling in Brianna's hands.


"Torchic-torchic-tor-chic!!". Chansey suddenly teleported in the room with a small but effective hidden power ready in her mouth. But on seeing the small torchic she lowered her attack, the torchic had stopped struggling, spellbound due to the power radiating off the pink Pokémon. She immediately jumped out of the unfamiliar human's hand and jumped towards master's range. She immediately dove behind her master's foot seeking safety in his presence.


"Jane relax. This is my cousin Brianna Umberto and her chansey." he said trying to create peace between his Pokémon and his family.




"Yeah they are my friends." he said not knowing that the question asked was quite different.


[Hello Jane, im chansey and this is my trainer Brianna. We both heal Pokémon from injuries and diseases.] Chansey said in her typical sing song tone.


The torchic didn't move but had at least stopped trying to hide behind her master.


"Chansey would you like staying at Aman's for tonight? We are shifting in some furniture and stuff so I just thought that it would be good for you to stay at Aman's place for some time.”Brianna said, though chansey could tell something was off but her complete trust in her trainer from so many years now dismissed it.


[But Bri I can help you with the stuff]chansey replied, obviously worried about her trainer being alone in the house with her new mate and lugging heavy material in the house.


"Oh...chansey don't worry it's just Dave's stuff and his Pokémon will be carrying it. Don't worry I promise we will go star seeing in your favorite spot if you behave at Aman's place that is and let us shift the stuff." Brianna said, knowing after the star-seeing promise chansey would have to agree.

Chansey even though a little dejected  agreed.[Okay Bri, take care and don’t try to lift anything too heavy.]Aman who had not understood a single word chansey had said looked at Brianna.

"Are we okay?"

"Yeah so my shifts end in five minutes, guys chansey will teleport you home" Brianna said picking up the keys to lock the Pokémon centre. Chansey put her nurse cap in the basket and waved at her trainer who smiled back at chansey approvingly. Aman waved his hand with his torchic who had surprisingly climbed to his shoulder. Chansey took Aman's hand and concentrated for a second. Brianna waved at them as they vanished into thin air.




He had arrived late, gotten yelled at by mom and had had Chinese which Jane had refused to eat except some leaf greens. Chansey was well received by his mom and hypno both. Well their acquaintance ran deep. Also it had been hypno who had taught the little chansey in the past to teleport. He was tired as he lay down on his bed.

He looked at Jane who had refused to budge from his chest, making it a cozy sleeping place. He didn't want her to sleep there because he knew he would wake up, cowering from the nightmare. That would disturb her sleep but well...looks like I don't have a choice he thought as sleep took over him.






Here he was standing near the Pokémon Centre in which his cousin worked. Though his cousin was not present there but he had just come to heal Jane who had encountered a few wrumple's from Littleroot to Odale town. He remembered leaving home with mom crying over his 'journey' to become the Pokémon master. She had approved of him but the thought of not knowing which harsh conditions her son would be facing had weakened her resolve. After hypno's constant nudgings, she had let him go with the promise that he would call every other day. He looked at the green woods and the white structures in odale. It was a small town but it had a Pokémon centre so that made it a little important to trainers.


He looked at the torchic which was looking at the world just as curiously as he was."Jane do you like it?"He asked out of jest, knowing he wouldn't understand her answer.


"Torchic-tor-torchic". He was all set for leaving Odale having stocked up on some potions and pokeballs just in case but then he noticed a girl, about his age following him. Had he become too paranoid after leaving home's safety for just a few hours now? No, he wasn't sure. He walked forward, turned around the corner of a street into a small alley. On the pretext of tying his laces he bent down and waited. Sure enough slow footsteps sounded behind him. He turned around looking at the girl. He would fight her but only having one Pokémon didn’t boost his confidence. The alley was deserted, but this was a small town and if he shouted loudly enough people would gather here.


"You, why are you following me? If you are looking for a battle, then you should ask people outright. Or if you are looking to steal my Pokémon from me then don't even bother. You can't beat me." he said looking at the single pokeball at her belt.


The girl just smiled though her hand reached out for the pokeball she didn't release it. "Don't worry. I'm May professor Birch's daughter."She said with an air of confidence around her.


Hmmm..."Can I see your ID please?"He said. Though there were no notorious Pokémon thieves in Odale but even so he didn't let his guard down. The girl fumbled in her bag and produced a card lifting it up for Aman to see.


"I'm sorry." he said feeling embarrassed over accusing a girl.


"Don't be. Can't be too cautious around these parts with team aqua and magma running around. But here my Dad sent me to give you this".

She produced a purple case from the disk with black writing over it.

"Is that MG-honen national edition? Wow this is the ultimate pokedex operating software for a trainer to have. Wait a second why would professor Birch send me something this awesome?" he said, still looking at the glinting case.


"I don't know he just said that you were going to be good trainer besides i'm not giving this to you for free. You gotta battle me, I could use some experience points for my starter."


"Oh yeah? You’re on." he said and nodded to Jane, who had been fiercely looking at this human female trying to intimidate her. Though due to her being cute and cuddly it was having quite  the opposite effect. When she leapt down to the alley floor, May took the pokeball from her belt and released the blue creature inside.


A mudkip, he was at a type disadvantage, he knew that but Jane did look at few levels over the mudkip so it was worth giving a shot. A basic strategy quickly formed in his mind.

"Okay Jane use ember" he said, knowing that ember wouldn't be very effective against mudkip but he didn't want Jane to get close to mudkip. If the mudkip knew a bubble or a water gun it would be over for them. So keeping a safe distance from mudkip seemed good enough to him.


"Mudkip use tackle". Uh-oh he thought as he looked at the mudkip running at Jane. His strategy had just gone off the deep end.


"Jane doge it and use scratch". The torchic jumped over the speeding mudkip, reversed in mid air and scratched the mudkip on the back. May winced as her Pokémon took a hit but her plan had worked out at least.


"Alright mudkip use mud-slap “she said. Before the boy could utter a word the mudkip threw a mud-slap towards the torchic who had just landed after using scratch. To Aman's surprise Jane immediately ducked and rolled. The mud-slap which would have been the end of match only clipped the torchic in the wing. Even still it had done some damage. "Mudkip use tackle"


Hmmm..... another strategy came to his mind.


" Jane doge it and then use scratch". As the mudkip ran towards the torchic it tried to duck but the narrow alley had so little space that this time the mudkip maneuvered his tackle. The tackle hit full on and the torchic was thrown along the far wall. The mudkip stopped to catch a breath and the boy's eyes glinted.


"Jane use focus energy".


"Mudkip don't let it focus use tackle". As the mudkip ran headlong towards the torchic who was still focusing energy, he waited for the right moment.


"Jane now doge it and use focus energy". The little torchic jumped over the mudkip as it looked at its opponent and stopped in short of himself colliding with the wall. "Jane now use scratch". The mudkip never stood a chance. With the focus energy enhanced scratch, the mudkip fainted on the ground.


May ran towards her small mudkip who now was lying on the ground unconscious. Aman was going to congratulate May for a good battle but when he saw her fussing over her little Pokémon he stopped. Dammit he felt guilty, why he did not know. He had won fair and square but due to his actions a Pokémon had just passed out.

"Oh muddy sorry." She said, petting the pokeball as she recalled her Pokémon with shaky hands.


She stood up and looked at her opponent. "That....that was a good battle Aman. Thank you so much"

"Yeah you too..that was a close one" he said and looked down towards his Pokémon. All his guilt vanished and worry replaced it. He bent down and picked up his Pokémon who was now barely able to stand. That mud-slap had done more damage than he thought.

"Let’s get our Pokémon to the Pokémon center. “he said picking up his torchic and running towards the Pokémon center with May hot on his heels.



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