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No complaints okay? I wanted to write more so as the story could progress faster but to remind you i just wrote fuckin 11650 words and my fingers are cursing me right now. This chapter anyhow progresses further into the relationships between humans and pokemon and its penalties in the world. There will be anger, there will be blood and there will be sex (definitely sex.) But as for now keep calm and read Nefastum.


It had been almost a week since the gym battle and the team was already on the road. They were now moving towards the rock tunnel that would lead them to venturdarf. While venturdarf town wasn't a big town and didn't even have a gym it was important for trainers as Venturdarf connected Rustoboard to Mauville which housed the electric type gym and Watson, the thunder master. The trainer fought his way through  tall grass and trainers that dotted the path to the tunnel. The team stopped at the entrance of the tunnel, trying to rest a little. Battling all afternoon had really tired their spirits and bodies.

The sun shone over their head. And the shinx who had levelled up pretty good curled up for a afternoon nap. The trainer had spotted a large shady tree along the path and had constructed his tent for the afternoon. The heat was too much to travel for our tired team and Delia rolled around the tent before finally settling for the combusken's lap. The combusken however showed no signs of tiredness. She had had her share of battles but her stamina had increased greatly with evolution.

" okay you should rest Jane. The tunnel is gonna be full of zubats   and wishmurs so we need you to be sharp for that."

[not tired master.]

"are you sure?".

She nodded.

The boy then plumped up a  pillow. 

"you don't mind if i take a nap do you?"

[sleep master.] she stared at the sleeping body of her master as his chest heaved under his shirt with every breath. His mouth was askew and his breathing noisy. She couldn't help but admire the beauty of the human. Every feature seemed so perfect to her while in reality the boy was your average looking trainer. He turned over in his sleep and his hand accidently landed on her leg. She froze. Her mind replayed the dream she had that night. Her and master, as mates.

What!? No. Master would never mate her. He was so courageous, so powerful. How he had commanded her in that battle with nosepass which without him she had no hope of winning. He would probably mate a human female, possibly the one whose mudkip she had  battled when she had been a torchic. She felt a tiny spark of hatred towards her. Whoever would be the mate of her master. She suddenly realised what she was doing. She shook her head, trying to clear these confusing feelings. Master was her protector ,her trainer , she shouldn't think of him like that.

She cast another sidelong glance towards the sleeping human and blushed. She couldn't stare at him even when he was asleep. She always had been a little shy. The shinx in her lap purred bringing back the ill gotten thoughts of the combusken. She sighed, arching her soar back and plopping it against the wall of the tent.  The heat was making her head dozy, her eyelids heavy. She was about to doze off when her ears perked up. Sounds of frantic shouts and running. Nearby. Before the combusken could even get up, the tent was frantically unzipped and a wheezing huffing old man tore through the intense sunlight that shone through the entrance. The combusken jumped to her feet and the shinx fell out of her lap onto the ground. Delia awoke growling at the combusken then sensed the other presence. Sweat was pouring down the bald head of the old man who was catching his breath, his hand on his chest.

"p-please help m-me. Please you h-have t-to help me."

The combusken looked sharply at the old geezer.

[wake master.] she said to the growling shinx which immediately leapt onto the sleeping bag of her master and licked his face.

"uhhh...Delia stop...umm..let me sleep..."  she adamantly licked his face but the human waved his hand sleepily at her trying to dislodge her.

The shinx growled and bit her trainer's ear slightly, trying to get his attention. "ow! Hey that hurts! No biting on the face." he said picking the shinx off his chest and plopping up to find a grandpa looking guy and an aged wingull in his tent.

“who are you and what do you want?" the trainer said putting the shinx down and getting to his feet. His mind buzzed frantically. If this guy was old he would have older and more experienced pokemon. And in the middle of the route not much help would be there even if he yelled for it.

" i need your help please. Help me."

"oh yeah? What kind of help?"

"please team aqua  is t-trying to take my darling peeko. Please you are a trainer. Help me."

"t-team aqua?. Some shapely chills ran up his spine. The last time he had fought team aqua, it hadn't been exactly a happy ending. But this old guy here needed his help. He bit his lip trying to think of something.  Another sound. Someone was coming in. If they were cornered in the tent, they would have a tactical disadvantage and the tent was no place to fight. "stay in the tent old man" he said and nodded towards his pokemon. He ran towards the entrance of the tent with his pokemon following him into the light.


He locked eyes with the guy in team aqua uniform. Now that he had encountered team aqua previously, his fear had lessened considerably. He stood his ground, his fist clenched and his face set.

"you boy, have you seen a old man here?" the man grunted. Aman wanted to punch the guy in his face but instead he said " yeah, he went that way with his wingull" pointing to the opposite side of the route. The guy unleashed a poocheyana and a zubat and ran off towards the opposite path.

The trainer heaved a sigh of relief and traced his steps back to the tent. "are you okay sir? Did he hurt you?" he asked the sweating old man who was standing, looking pale as death. "no I’m fine. I..thank you really. This old coger owes you one lad. No its nothing really.” Aman wiped his forehead and looked at the old man.

”Aman from littleroot. This is Jane and delia” he said subsequently motioning towards the combusken and the shinx.

” I am Briney and this is my darling peeko.”  

“Umm...are you Mr. Briney? The Mr. Briney?” The old man nodded and smiled.

“Wow. It’s an honour to meet you sir. It’s like a dream come true.”

[Master who human?] He mentally smirked. Anybody to ask who Mr. Briney was in poke school would have received a punch on the face and a good no of moron idiot asshole for the good measure. But this was his pokemon.

“Jane Mr. Briney is a legendary  sailor. He has crossed the ocean of sinnoh in three days and he actually fought a pack of sharpedo with his bare hands. You will have to tell me that incident sir.”

“Ahh..that was a long time ago and i was young. Thank you lad for saving my darling peeko from those savages. I couldn't be more indebted.” He said stroking the aged wingull's plumage.

“Its an honour to help you sir.”

“By the way where are ya headed youngster?”

“Oh im on my way to venturdarf. From there i will go to mauville and challenge Watson.”

“Ahh young laddies on yer pokemon adventure are ya? Yes sir. Well than ya better get a boat to Dewford son coz this tunnel ain't gettin yah through.”


“The tunnel is closed  lad. The pokemon in the tunnel have gone in a uproar due to all those goddamn miners runnin around with their fanny sticks.”

“Oh! well i don't know anyone with a boat or anything. What am i gonna do?”

“Tell ya what lad, I’d be glad to sail ya to dewford. After all ya did save ma darling peeko.”

“Really sir? Thank you so much.”

“Don't son. This old man hasn't sailed for a long time now. Now pack up yer things. We'll bunk over at ma place and get goin to Dewford first thing in da mornin.”

“Yes sir.”



He sighed as the cool spray of sea hit the side of his face. The combusken was also leaning on the railing with the shinx trying to shield herself from the splashing cold water that hit the deck of the small boat. The shinx was the only one who seemed very discomforted at this incoming of water as she whined and growled with ever wave. Mr. Briney rotated the wheel with peeko occasionally flying ahead through the clear waters.

“Everything okay back there son? "

“yes sir”.

Wingull's soared past them and tentacools waved breezily, their tentacles waiting for innocent remoraid and magikarp to wander into them. The combusken chirped at them happily bouncing and asking master about what kind of pokemon they were. He happily pointed out the wingull's soaring through the wind and the ugly feebas herds splashing in water. She waved a claw at them and pouted when they ignored her friendly hellos. Aman laughed at that and rubbed the combusken's shoulder.

“it’s okay.”



[Beautiful world master.]

“Yeah I know. I nevethought I'd get this far in my journey.”

Suddenly a  particularly forceful wave jolted the boat and the whole deck shook. The shinx who was already vary of these waves had latched on her trainer's foot, digging her teeth into the boy's trainer boots but the combusken was so distracted by the beautiful view of the sea that her grip had loosened on the railing and with the impact of the wave she was thrown headlong into the cold sea water.


“Jane!?” The boy shook the shinx off and jumped into the cold sea water. Icy coldness bit into his skin as he opened his eyes briefly to see vast deep dark sea depths. He pushed up and while he wasn't a pro he knew how to swim. He ploughed through the blue waters as the combusken splashed her arms. She was drowning. [MASTER!] she gasped He grabbed hold of her hand and pushed with his other arm towards Mr. Briney boat. The combusken however didn't know how to swim and splashed around which hindered the boy's progress.

"Jane I'm here” he said trying to get her to stop struggling and splashing.

[But water, master]

“trust me.”

Immediately the combusken stopped splashing though her panic and fear of drowning hadn't disappeared but her trust in her trainer was too strong.

"Aman" a voice sounded and the trainer looked at the boat watching as Briney immediately threw a lifeguard towards them and disappeared from the view. The boy caught hold of the rubber tube holding the scared fire types hand tightly. Briney reappeared, his holding the railing tightly while peeko seemed to be coming towards them. Briney's face went pale but the boy didn't have time to register that as pain shot through his right leg. He cried out and shook his leg reflexively but the pain seemed to escalate at his motions. His conscious flickered and the world started spinning. He struggled but failed to keep his eyes open. So he didn't hear Briney jumping into water or Briney's “peeko use wing attack” nor did he hear the growls of the shinx which was suddenly engulfed blinding white glow. He felt his body give up as he surrendered to the darkness that welcomed him.


He woke up suddenly, jumped and was rewarded with a burst of pain shooting through his leg. “Oww,” he cried out looking at his bandaged leg. He turned his head to find the combusken next to him, her bandaged arm to the other side. He looked around. Briney's boat. They were in Briney's boat. He laid back in the bed trying to think what the hell had happened.

They must have accidently hurt a tentacool but the pain had been.... The cabin door opened and Briney came with a fruit bowl in his hands and a unfamiliar pokemon at his side. A blue and black lion. Maybe it was another one of Briney's pokemon but it looked oddly familiar.

He tried to get up but the new pokemon forced him down with its head. [Master rest.]

He was shocked at the voice. ”Delia is that you?”

The trainer tried to sit up again and was pushed back and growled at by his newly evolved pokemon.

[Master rest. Protect master, Jane.] The voice of the pokemon was so in contrast to the combusken. While the combusken had a sweet and soft voice tone of your average teenage girl, the shinx, oh wait, the luxio had a mischievous edge to its voice. Definitely feminine but devious ,clever and taunting. The luxio rubbed her head against her master, looking for approval but the boy was just recovering from shock.

He turned towards the aged sailor. “What happened?” But Briney just handed him the fruit bowl and nodded at him to eat.

He shook his head. “What happened?” He persisted. “Fine you were attacked by sharpedos lad. Thank god son it was just a rouge one, a whole pack of sharpedos wouldn’ know”. He nodded trying not to imagine, a whole pack tearing him apart. “And your shinx evolved as you were getting attacked. Though peeko fought off the sharpedo but not before it bit you and your pokemon. Well your leg wasn’t majorly damaged and we got lucky that your combusken attacked the damn thing before it bit off your leg. But it also bit your pokemon in retaliation. Luckily son both the bites are not deep and you should recover in a day or so but until then you and your pokemon must not strain themselves. There’s always risk of infection on these sea  journeys lad so I’ve disinfected and bandaged you guys.”

“Thank you sir, thanks for saving us.”

 Funny how from thinking single-mindidly thinking about himself he had gone to think of his team as us. He looked up when Briney didn’t say anything. Briney’s face was full of what he would call....”I’m sorry lad. In my frenzy to sail these waters i quite forgot to ride out that wave instead of ramming into it. Forgive this old man.”  

“Its okay sir, you did save our lives and also you are giving us a free ride to dewford and anyways sir its not your fault, accidents happen sir.”

Before the old sailor could utter another word the combusken stirred. She tried to sit up but was urged back by the adamant hand of her trainer. She opened her eyes, rubbing her head slowly.


Her eyes widened, realising where she was and how close to whom she secretly crushed on. She looked at her trainer. Was this a dream? Why were they in the same bed? A different train of thoughts entered her mind and her heartbeat increased, which went unnoticed by everyone. “Are you okay Jane? How do you feel?” She was so embarrassed at their closeness.

[Fine master.]

[Jane okay?] The combusken turned her head to find her small friend had evolved.



[Evolve?] The luxio nodded and bundled into the bed with its team, quickly snuggling against its fire type friend. “You guys get rest and eat up. We’ll be reaching Dewford tomorrow morning sunrise.” The sailor nodded and turned to leave his thoughts switching between the sharpedos and the trainer who had luckily escaped the scavenger. With evolution the size of the furry lion snuggling to its team had increased and the single bed could hardly accommodate two Pokémon and a human.

As soon as Briney left Delia jumped out of the bed and quickly went to the door. [Master sleep. protect master] she said before butting out of the door leaving the trainer and the combusken alone in the cold bed. “Well that was one hell of a swim wasn’t it?” He said trying to lighten the gray mood that seemed to clog the air. The combusken however simply stared ahead. “Lets eat should we?” The boy said putting the bowl in his lap and munching on a razz berry. After no response from the combusken the trainer sighed and waved his hand in front of her face. “Hello anyone there?”

[Master] the combusken choked out, her voice softer than ever. The combusken turned her face towards her master, letting him see her shame. Her eyes were misty and tears were starting to well up in them. “Hey its okay. There’s nothing to be scared of. I’m here.” The trainer said, hugging his best friend, his starter. [No master] she said detangling herself from him, hating  the break of physical contact.

[Sorry master] she said burying her face in his lap, unable to take it anymore. The boy softly stroking her head. She was obviously hurting over something and if she needed comfort so be it. “What is it?” he asked softly.

[Couldn’t protect master. Master hurt. I hurt master.]

“What, no you didn’t hurt me. You saved me. If it hadn’t been for you i would be missing a leg right now. Thank you.”

[Master hurt trying to save. My fault master hurt. Punish.] She said arguing and letting out the guilt that burned inside of her.

“What? No I’m not gonna punish you. I can’t  thank you enough. And anyways it was my decision okay? you didn’t ask me to jump into the sea. Also its not your fault Jane, accidents occur and they are gonna occur in future, all we need to do is protect each other. Not just you protecting me but i also have to protect you. It isn’t a one way ticket and i knew it when i became a trainer. So please stop crying huh?”

[Thank master.] She said hugging him, not  caring if her arm wracked with pain.

“Now i don’t know about you but I’m starving.”

[Not hungry master] she said not wanting the hug to stop ever. But her stomach grumbled as if protesting the lie its owner had made. “Liar liar” he said smirking widely, feeling the warmth of the fire type pokemon to be soothing and comforting.

[No master] she said. He was hurt and instinctively she wanted him to have all the food, so he could heal faster.

“Oh come on? For god’s sakes? For my sake?” He said picking an Oran berry from Briney’s fruit bowl and raising it to her mouth. At his words she opened her beak, letting him feed her. The intimacy of the act touched her and she smiled widely. After both the human and the pokemon had had their fill they lied back into the bed. “guess we should have some rest now, if we are going to kick some dewford-gym-leader ass tomorrow.” He said, yawing the physical exhaustion of their charade catching up to him. He drifted to sleep, while the combusken wondered if she really deserved a good master like him. The boy during the sleep had unconsciously put his hand on her back, hugging her. Now the combusken raged with happiness and nervousness simultaneously. Would master be angry? Would master allow it? She summoned her courage and hugged him back, her hand lightly touching his shoulder. Immediately the boy drew closer and hugged her tightly. The combusken cried out lightly not expecting such action. She snapped her head upwards looking at the still sleeping trainer, a small smile lighting up his features. The sea wind was cold and the room was likewise chilly. Maybe it was the warmth of the combusken that drew him to hug her. Maybe it was something else.

Enough said, the combusken didn’t mind in the least bit. He loves me. Not like i do but he still loves me in some way. He loves me. He loves me. She said over and over. The small consolation enough for the combusken to be comforted and she let her eyes close, letting her head lean against the solid chest of her trainer .Protection. Safety. Both didn’t care how the world viewed them. Both had their justification. For him a best friend. For her he was everything. And they were lucky they were in a boat with just an old sailor to Dewford coz the world would not have been forgiving to find our friends in such a...compromising position. And more lucky were they that Briney thought to let them rest rather than checking up on them. After all it was no guarantee that Mr. Briney even with his open mind would be pleased to see them that way. After all they were in a pretty sleazy position. But they weren’t noticed by the world, so it let  this one slide. So the combusken and the trainer slept on, finding comfort and love(different for them both) in each other’s embrace.



Dewford wasn’t what the trainer had expected. A lone island town. Frankly he had expected cavemen to be sitting around fires but Dewford was in no way inferior in technology or in living standard. Infact it was better. Long sunny beaches and the caves. He looked around. What a nice little town and the people here were also more hard-working and kinder than in the main Honen continent. He had received an old fishing for free from an old fisherman in exchange for a battle(with Delia’s spark the tentacools of the fisherman didn’t stand chance.) The newly evolved Pokémon swung her tail lazily as warm, moist air blew into their faces. It was like island paradise.

After a quick pokenet search Aman determined that Brawly would wipe the floor with his team if he was challenged in a gym fight. And anyways his team’s main offensive player, Jane had her arm injured. So there was no point in challenging the fighting-type gym leader. So he roamed on the sunny beaches of Dewford with his pokemon and with a letter from Mr. Briney to someone named Mr.steven. It was really stressed upon and was fairly important for Mr.Briney so Aman had agreed. The combusken and the luxio seemed to like the beaches and water better than on Mr.briney’s boat and wandered into water to play more times than their trainer could count. The trainer also tried his hand at fishing and found out that he sucked at it. Are you supposed to pull when they yank on it or when they splash up? All in all the team enjoyed a well deserved holiday and went back to the pokemon centre as the sun started creeping towards the horizon. Luckily enough there was a empty room in the building and the trainer and the pokemon were glad to sleep without having to keep watch for a change.


The trainer smiled as something lapped at his ear, slicking drool over his outer lobe.[master. Wake. Go out.] He turned his face into the pillow to shake off the attempts of the luxio to wake him up.

[master] it whined again and he felt a weight on his back. Delia had climbed on him and nudged him softly. “Hmmm...*yawn* uhh just a minute please.” He didn’t budge. The luxio went up to his side and pushed him forcefully, tackling him out of the bed. A chiming, female laugh sounded and the trainer immediately stood up, thinking someone was present in his room only to find a combusken and a luxio occupying his bed smugly.

“Hey you guys, i heard someone laugh and i know im not going crazy. Did you hear that too?”

[Sorry master. I laugh.] The combusken said. Wow the trainer said. It almost sounded human, like a real life human girl laugh.


“no its nothing. Well who wants to explore some caves today huh?” The pokemon bundled out of the faster than the blink of an eye expecting warm sunny beaches and ice cream like the previous day. After checking with Nurse joy and removing the roll of bandage off the combusken they walked down the path coming to the huge dark gaping entrance to the murky depths of the cave of Dewford. “Guys caves are dangerous so everybody will keep a look out and stay close. No wandering off alright?” Two heads nodded. “Fine. let’s go.” He said walking up to the old weathered signboard proclaiming the dangers of the cave. He inspected the entrance closely. “Hmmm, we don’t have flash HM and buying one would cost shitloads of money..Jane could you emit embers at continuous know to light our path.”

[Yes master.]

The team walked into the darkened maze of tons of dated rock. The combusken emitted a weak ember, bathing the cave in a golden yellow glow. Okay guys no people in this cave. “Looks like we are all alone here.”

Answering the call a makuhita  emerged from behind a dark wall looking  for a challenge. “Ma-makuhita”. It said sizing up the combusken. The combusken looked at its master. He nodded, letting the combusken go in for the fight. How she looked up to him for permission. It was almost as if she worshipped him. That worried him but he shook off the thought and made a note to breach the topic with her later. He looked towards the battle that was taking place and there was no doubt that the combusken was stronger than the wild makuhita. The grace of the fire type awed the trainer. The makuhita unleashed a focus kick on the combusken but the combusken ducked fast almost like a ballerina  and took a step back, double kicking the makuhita from the back, sending the fighting type into unconsciousness. She walked back to her team and joined them, leaving the makuhita fainted on the cave floor.

Both the pokemon shuffled forward not noticing that their trainer had stopped deep in thought looking at the unconscious pokemon.

[Master?] She said looking back at the trainer. He looked up to them surprised to find a question in their statement.

“We can’t leave him here all by himself can we. He is unconscious and the second we are gone zubats might pounce on him for all we know.”

[But master what do?]

“Well i don’t know but we can’t leave a defenceless pokemon just waiting for his death and i have only one potion left. Should we rush back to the pokemon centre?”

[Too far master.] The luxio said rubbing against his jeans trying to convince him to move forward.

[Lets go master.]

“What? And leave him here in a predator-full of cave?” he said accusingly. He knew. He had studied pokemon nature in school but seeing it in practical was just cruel. The weak and those who got separated from the pack were eaten. That was the law of the wild. And now he stood now puzzled over the law of the wild. Wasn’t there just some other alternative to the whole killing and eating thing?

The combusken also looked at her trainer. Though she was much more clearheaded than the boy but somewhere inside her, something nudged and made space. A newfound respect for her master. He cared about his foes and his allies even though he didn’t need to. He wasn’t cruel and selfish like he proclaimed other humans were. Though she hadn’t been in the wild too long but her instincts knew what happened to weak pokemon. Even if the trainer had just walked away she wouldn’t have judged him, any sane trainer who wanted to conserve his money and his time would have done just that. You don’t treat every opponent and wait for their recovery. Infact most trainers didn't do that. Most. He did. He just couldn’t leave knowing the pokemon was gonna be killed and eaten, knowing there were probably small ones waiting cosily somewhere for a mother or a father who’s never gonna be back.

The real reason was the one he didn’t wanna admit. It reminded him of how his father had disappeared when he had been a kid. How his mother had raised him on a teacher’s salary. How they were left to fend for themselves from that day. These were things he had sealed inside long along. Packages left to be forgotten in the whirlwinds of a trainer’s mind. [Master, he know when fight.] The combusken said, hoping he would still argue with her. Still try to save this bleeding pokemon.

“But...but we have to do something right? Are you seriously saying we are gonna let this makuhita die?”

The combusken couldn’t answer that. “Okay let’s just put him where he came from. I don’t see any other alternatives anyways.” He picked the makuhita in his arms and carried it behind the stone cave wall. He sighed. He wanted to do more but in the present circumstances he just couldn’t.

Nobody noticed a shadow watching them from the darkness. Aman looked to his pokemon.  “Right guys, let’s go. We can’t do anything” he said sulking over the fact kicking a nearby rock, which skidded on the rough cave floor its sound echoing off cave walls. The team moved forward, some with doubts in their minds others trust in their trainers. The luxio stopped suddenly sniffing the air. Her pack didn’t stop thinking it was another one of her pranks. Ever since she had evolved she played these pranks and swooned when her teammates easily stepped in her “clever” traps. (Her trainer had recently become the victim of the “shock hair” technique.)


“what is it this time Delia?” he said mechanically thinking it to be a prank. She sniffed again, just to be sure.

[Master blood.] She sniffed again to show what she could smell.

“Blood? There’s blood in the wind?” He said looking down the path. Maybe someone was injured or worse...killed. What should he do? He chewed on his lips.

“Everybody stay close and keep watch. Let’s move forward but keep your eyes and ears open. In your case nose.” He said pointing to the luxio who was now sniffing the air at regular intervals. The whole team drew closer and moved forward throwing occasional glances over their shoulders. This time the trainer stopped, immediately the pokemon stopped too throwing questioning glances over to him. “Do you hear that? Its faint. It’s like some static huh.”

[master i hear] the combusken said. The luxio nodded. “What kind of pokemon is that?” Both the pokemon and the trainer did not know, never having heard that sound before. ”Let’s go.” The team moved forward slowly, wondering what horrors could be awaiting them in this age-worn cave.

“Dammit” the trainer said as he looked at the ‘horrors’ that had been making the sound. A bunch of zubats. The trainer sighed. “Why did i fucking have to..” [Master!?] “what’s the matter Jane?”

[master pokemon eat.] The combusken said pointing to a large green mound which was being attacked and bitten by the zubats.  A tyranitar was being attacked and had huge splashes of purple blood seeping out of its cracked armour. Even from a distance one could see that the pokemon was dead as large hordes of zubats fought over the flesh of the dead tyranitar. He sighed. Why did it have to be this way? Does this really have to be the law of the jungle? He shook his head.

There was nothing he could. As in the case of the makuhita he couldn’t do anything to help this gigantic pokemon. “let’s move guys before we get attacked by those zubats.” The combusken sensed great sorrow in his voice but didn’t question it, making a mental note to ask him later. The team moved and a second later cringed at the loud screech that emanated apparently from the tyranitar. Aman looked back to find a small spike sort of thing rising from the armour of the tyranitar. A baby? A larvitar rose whining loudly from the armour of the dead tyranitar, flinging its arms wildly, thrashing as zubats scattered and regrouped to attack this new nuisance.

“Jane ember. Delia use spark” the boy said. In a blink a few of the zubats dropped to the ground as weak flames hit them. Many were electrocuted by the luxio but the pack of zubats did not budge. They moreover attacked this group. More food for them. The boy ran to the side knowing full well what would happen if the whole pack bore down on him. The combusken jumped and kicked as many zubats as she could in a swipe of her leg, her instincts being driven into overdrive as her trainer was attacked. The luxio unleashed another spark sending a bunch of zubats into unconscious. The pack retreated with much of its members unconscious on the cave floor. As they retreated into the shadows of the cave the boy dusted himself, coming out from behind a huge rock. “Everybody ok? Fine” he said smiling a bit. The combusken however frowned looking at a couple dozen bite marks on her trainers arms.

“heh.” He said looking at small stains of blood around those marks. He looked onto his pokemon. They also had more than a couple of bite wounds but were relatively unharmed. A sniff sounded attracting the attention of the trainer and his pokemon. “oh..” The trainer turned to look at the bleeding larvitar which was trying to hide in his dead mother’s armour.

His trainer mind immediately whirled into action. A larvitar was a rare pokemon not to say its evolutions were extremely powerful. Having a pupitar or a tyranitar in the team would certainly count for something. Hell his team would be pretty awesome. Another sob sounded snapping him out of this parade.


He nodded and neared this pokemon. He eyed it. Its mother was dead and it was slightly injured too. Not to mention the fact that it was apparently a newborn. These were not the ideal conditions for capturing a pokemon. ‘Oh god! What was i thinking, this guy’s mother just died and all i can think about is how rare he is? I am a fucking idiot.’ He thought and nodded, his jaw tightening.

“hey” he said trying to get the larvitar’s attention. The green pokemon immediately looked up, instinctively exposing his small fangs at the intruder.

“hey it’s okay. Its fine. Im not gonna hurt you.” The larvitar however didn’t seem to deter from his actions.

[master.] the combusken said walking forward to the scene of action. She motioned for him to back down and with a surprised look on his face the trainer walked backwards. Immediately the larvitar relaxed as it had previously seen the combusken fend off the ‘blood suckers’. He slipped into the recesses of the large armour of its mother and started crying. The combusken however reached into the armour with a “Jane don’t do that” from her trainer. She picked the larvitar from his hiding place and lifted him up in the air from his armpits. The larvitar suddenly stopped crying and looked dumbfound at its ‘saviour’.

[hello. Me Jane. You injured .Help?] The larvitar continued to look at the fire-type’s face, not understanding who was this. Suddenly a rock skidded and fell, sending a loud tap sound throughout the cave. All the pokemon and human turned sharply towards this disturbance (except the larvitar). “Who’s there? Come out?” the boy said, praying it wasn’t another tyranitar or any powerful pokemon. To his huge worry and disappointment a metagross emerged from the behind the curtain of darkness and rocks. Everyone present there could sense the huge amount of power radiating from the steel type and the trainer immediately knew that fighting it would be damn suicide.

Luckily for him a guy emerged from behind the cave looking directly at the trainer.

“hello, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just looking for something in the cave.”

“Whew! Is that metagross yours?” he said pointing at the steel pokemon. The guy nodded, walking into the light along with his metagross. Aman analyzed him. White hair and steely eyes other than that the guy seemed normal enough ( though he was wearing a suit which was pretty weird for a cave explorer.) “I’m Steven. Steven Stone” the guy said walking up to the boy and shaking his hand.

“ Aman from Littleroot town.”

“So what brings you here Aman?”

“Oh nothing really. I just came to Dewford to challenge Brawly but..”

“oh..So i saw how you saved that larvitar huh? Nice of you seeing how his mother is dead. Well that just shows you how dangerous caves can be. A tyranitar dead. Anyways I saw you with that makuhita too, you’re a pretty good trainer so I’m sure you will take good care of that larvitar.”

“Well i haven’t captured him and he’s not my pokemon but of course I’ll take good care of him.”

“And I’m thinking you should deliver me that letter that Briney gave you.”

“Oh my god. Sorry I totally forgot to deliver this to you” Aman said producing the white envelope from his back pack. Steven pocketed it and waved at the boy. “Bye Aman. I hope we meet again.”  With that Steven turned around and walked into the darkness of the wall with his metagross following him, apparently heading for the exit. The boy who was still gawking at the steel type was snapped out of it by a [master?]. He turned around to see the combusken holding the larvitar in her arms. “Let’s get him to the pokemon centre.” He said walking towards the exit, with his bleeding team and a injured baby following him.



“Your larvitar seems pretty attached to your combusken sir”

“Oh yeah. She was the one who saved him from those zubats in the cave” he said not minding the fact that nurse joy seemed to forget that this larvitar was just a rescued baby not his pokemon. “ said his mother  was dead? Poor poor baby” she said turning and softly petting the larvitar on the head. Somehow the larvitar was not tensed around nurse joy. Well it was nurse joy. Nurse joy’s all over the world had this ability to befriend any pokemon they wanted. The larvitar yipped and extended his small arms for the combusken to lift him from the nursing table on which nurse joy was treating him. The combusken obliged lifting the larvitar up and putting him against her shoulder like a human baby. Unknowingly the trainer smiled at this display of affection. “ You all would have to rest at least for two days and also I would ensure proper nutrition and healthcare of the larvitar” “You don’t have any rooms available by any chance do you?” Nurse Joy smiled and reached for the register.


“Alright guys bundle in.” He said as he entered the room. They were lucky enough to get a room in the pokemon centre with all the tourists in Dewford. The luxio immediately ran and jumped into the bed, snuggling under the covers and rolling on her back pretty much like a cat. The combusken however walked patiently and gracefully to the bed with the larvitar in her arms. Immediately the luxio emptied more than half of the space for her friend and picked up the bed cover in her mouth and threw it over her friend. The larvitar had gone to sleep somewhere in walking up the stairs to the room and now was shifted to the bed, enclosed in the bed sheet by the combusken.

The combusken however did not occupy the bed but looked at her trainer. [master sleep?]

“oh. It’s okay Jane I’ve got my sleeping bag. You guys go ahead and rest.”

The combusken however shook her head and neared her trainer. [master sleep bed.] she said pointing to the bed. After being convinced over and over that he ‘really liked the sleeping bag better than the bed’ the combusken let her trainer spread the sleeping bag on the floor and she climbed into the bed between the sleeping luxio and the larvitar. In their sleep both the pokemon snuggled to the fire-type due to the warmth emanating from her.

[good sleep master]

“good night Jane” he said burying his head inside the bag. She closed her eyes to find her mind raging with so much that was going on. She respected him but it was something more than that, something she couldn’t describe. What were these feelings? Was it wrong to have them? What would master think? And....would master accept them? So she raged on and sleep eluded her.

It was almost midnight and everybody was asleep. She sighed loudly, feeling cold even though she excluded warmth that wouldn’t allow it. “Jane are you up?” She immediately closed her eyes tightly, fearing she had offended master somehow. It was only when she realised that he was standing right over them and watching them that she slowly allowed her eyes to open looking at the moonlight illuminated human.

“Are you awake Jane?”

[Yes master]

“well i couldn’t sleep either. So why can’t you sleep huh?”

[master, me think about cave and baby] she said lying about her thoughts.

“well yeah i was also thinking of same stuff you know. What are we going to do with larvitar? And about Steven.”

[Master we keep him. He in pack.]

“No Jane i can’t capture him.” The boy said looking away from his pokemon.

[ master why?]

His jaw tightened. He knew the reason. He knew it crystal clear. Could he tell her? Could he confide in her? Well she was technically his best friend so..

“Jane do you wanna know what were my first thoughts when i saw him? All i could see was a rare pokemon to add to my team. Not the fact that it was a baby, not the fact that it’s mother was dead, not the fact that he was injured. I wanted him as an object as a thing to add to my collection. That’s why I won’t capture him. I fear that i would treat him as an object rather than as a friend if I captured him. I fear I would become a sucky-ass trainer if I did that to him.”

She looked at him. He was doubting that he was a good trainer. She boldly put a hand on his shoulder. [master. You kind. You save even opponent. Master never ill-treat me or delia. Master you always good. You do baby good. Master best master.]

“You know what you are right. I won’t treat him any other than i treat you or delia. He will be our friend. He will be himself not the tyranitar trainers like me want him to be. Thank you Jane. You know sometimes I just think about how you solve my problems so easily. You’re kind of an Einstein or something.”

[Einstein master?]

He smiled. “very intelligent human. You know what another thing. That Steven guy was pretty weird. I mean not in a bad way, it’s just he seemed pretty powerful and what would such a powerful trainer be doing in a cave?”

[Master, human look for pokemon]

“well he already seemed to have pretty strong pokemon so why would he go to a cave with such weak pokemon in it?”

The combusken shrugged. Meanwhile realisation stuck the trainer. “wait! How the hell did he know that we saved the makuhita or actually, I was the one that hurt that makuhita but anyways how did Steven know what we did?” The combusken didn’t reply. “he must have been watching us from the time we entered the cave. Yes that’s it. It’s kinda creepy too.”

[Master worried not save pokemon?] The trainer however walked away to the balcony, with the shining moon outside. The combusken followed, unsure if it was okay to talk to master about this topic.

He leaned on the railing, looking into the darkness, his eyes darting as if he was looking for something.

“Jane you know when i was little my father disappeared. And it was very hard for me to deal with. I cried a lot and it was a topic for bullies in my coming school years. But most of all I remember my mom, working jobs to feed us. She was disabled but still she taught as a teacher in the school, she coached nurse joy’s to keep us going. She gave me everything I needed but i can remember the struggle she had to go through. And she never expressed it. I was never aware that it was hard for her until one day I walked in on her crying in her room. It was that day i promised myself that i would never hurt anyone let it be human or pokemon. And you know seeing that just doesn’t seem fair you know. What if that makuhita had some children huh? I don’t want anyone to struggle like my mom did, I don’t want anyone to grow up without their dad.” The combusken hugged her master letting her warmth cocoon them in comfortable heat in spite of the cold wind that blew. And to her surprise and delight he hugged her back letting his hands rest against her back. After a while she broke the hug, looking into his eyes ( Dark, like a moonless night)

[ Master me lost mother, father too but doesn’t matter. Home where master is.] He looked back at her as if she had said something deep. Yes she was his friend. Best friend. She was family now. He tightened their hug, feeling happiness bubble inside of him. Then he remembered the look on her face in the cave. “Jane there’s another thing i need to talk to you about. You know you don’t have to give me so know respect. I mean it’s not like you are my slave or something okay? You don’t need permission for every little thing.”

[master say, me do. Master order]

“well yeah but..”

[master friend but also master is MASTER. Me obey master]

“Well okay. But to a certain degree alright?”

[ yes master.] she hugged him back. And he hugged her back.

I don’t believe in second chances but here it was. Presented to the duo. The hugging was so intimate that it would have roused great suspicion among the world but wrapped in the cloak of darkness and night, they hugged. Do you believe in miracles? I don’t but both breathed on content and happy to be with each other. With their hearts pure and their thoughts good. Yes it was a miracle. Might seem a small one to you but it was there. That’s all they needed. All they required. “Now let’s get back to the bed Jane before we catch a cold huh?” She looked at him and nodded, walking back with him back into the room. But instead of getting back to bed she went back and entered the sleeping bag with him. He let her. Family she was right? Another chance given by world? I wouldn’t know. But they slept on in an embrace of each other, letting their dreams and hopes lead them to their wishes.



The past four days had been a blur for the trainer. He had been following the same routine day by day. Getting up, getting himself and his pokemon clean, breakfast which in larvitar’s case included going to the Dewford cave and watching the small green pokemon munch through soil and rock. Then training. Though it had been four days, the tension between the larvitar and him hadn’t been eased but the larvitar didn’t bare his fangs anymore when Aman came close so it counted for something but the boy still couldn’t touch the small green pokemon. It was the combusken who mostly took care of the larvitar. The larvitar had also warmed up to the luxio and he had caught Delia giving piggyback rides to amuse the larvitar once. All in all his team was progressing both in training and bonding.

He had requested Briney to stay a few days before going to Slateport as he hadn’t defeated Brawly yet and the old man had promptly agreed, thinking of taking in some sights himself. It had been some time since he had and peeko had done some sight-seeing. So with Briney occupied, the trainer efficiently trained his pokemon, running laps with them, practicing their attacks against wild pokemon. Larvitar was too young to fight and watched from the sidelines as his ‘saviours’ battled. The trainer was increasingly worried over his progress with Larvitar. He just couldn’t seem to get the little one to like him. He had considered all options including giving him to Nurse Joy or letting him back to the cave but out of all options letting him stay seemed best for now. As the sun reached its peak in the sky he stopped his pokemon for an afternoon break, spreading a picnic cloth on the ground in the shade he put their food in front of them. Though Larvitar was a dirt-eater he could also eat normal berries and human food too, it was just that he preferred rocks and earth. As the pokemon dug in happily the trainer analysed them. Jane had levelled to a good extent and delia had too but he would have to get the luxio some extra training if delia hoped to match the fire-type. And finally, larvitar. Larvitar was level 6 which pretty much indicated that he was new born. Jane had convinced him to keep the small one but he had to make a relationship with larvitar. If a trainer didn’t have a strong bond with his pokemon, the pokemon would rarely obey him, which was dangerous in a battle. He sighed convincing his pokemon to take a small afternoon nap. He lay with his back against the tree in whose shade they rested. The combusken snuggled to his side, the luxio bundled onto his legs, hissing at him when he tried to dislodge her. The larvitar uncertainly neared the human as the combusken was near the trainer. The combusken nodded at him, encouraging him to not be afraid of their master. He slowly climbed half into the lap of the trainer and half into the combusken’s, his head in the combusken’s lap his feet towards the human. It was one of the first time the larvitar let the human stroke his head, the human was not evil but was not to be trusted his instincts told him. With this the trainer closed his eyes, letting the warm and moist beach breezes lull him to sleep.

He yawned and opened his eyes, the world a blur of pixels. He scratched his head as his vision cleared letting his realize the absence of his pokemon. He looked to his side and panicked finding nobody at his sides. His eyes flew wide open, moving to his side he found the combusken, luxio and the larvitar playing in the beach sand. He relaxed, feeling his heart rate slow down. He looked at them again, happily frolicking in the mud. The luxio was flinging sand on the larvitar like a dog , who did not seem to mind it, in fact opened his mouth to get helpings of the delicacy. The combusken was also being showered by earth by the luxio. The combusken then used her claw like hands to scoop up some sand and hit the luxio right across the muzzle.

It was fun to watch them, especially how the combusken was dodging random shots of dirt and raining her own on her friends. The trainer however had his eyes glued to the combusken. The quickness, the grace and the cuteness through which she dodged was like watching a ballerina prance. The boy shook his head and smirked at the picture of Jane in a ballerina suit. He stood up and walked over to his pokemon who were unaware of their trainers activities.

“you guys! I almost got a heart attack when I woke...”

Other pearls of wisdom were cut short by a pile of dirt being flung onto his face ,thrown by the combusken who accidently had been aiming for the luxio. At the last moment the luxio had dodged and the dirt intended for a friend was slapped onto a trainer’s face. All the pokemon stopped seeing the mishap that had occurred. The combusken’s heart sank as the trainer used a hand to wipe off all that dirt and looked at her angrily.

[M-master. Sorry. I-i did not...]

“you deserve some punishment”

The combusken lowered her head shamefully. “you deserve....this” he said scooping a ball of dirt and throwing it onto the currently unhappy pokemon. The mud hit the combusken straight on the head and the trainer laughed, scooping up more dirt and raining it on all three of his pokemon. Mayhem ensued as the pokemon realised their trainers pretend anger and joined the trainer in his onslaught. Another hour witnessed a trainer and his pokemon raining dirt on each other like idiots and not giving a damn about it. After all the participants of this had been tired out the trainer and the pokemon went back to their picnic spot clearing up what little mess they had made.

The sun was almost about to go down so the trainer proposed for the team to return to their room in the pokemon centre. The party returned and was frowned upon by the nurse Joy as she watched a trainer and his three pokemon covered with mud, step on her clean clean floor. Aman smiled apologetically at her and silently walked up to his room with his pokemon where he gave them one hell of a bath. Of course with two of his pokemon evolved he tried not to touch any...err more evolved parts of his female pokemon. This was getting tough and he would really have to do something about it he thought.  He never considered how he would deal with his female pokemon in these matters. Maybe he should teach them how to bath themselves he thought, pulling his clothes over and stepping out the shower having bathed himself. After everybody was clean, the team went down to grab something to eat. ( Again dirt and rocks for larvitar.) He smiled, today while their mud-flinging contest the larvitar had let down his shields letting the trainer inside his comfort zone. Many a times he had flung mud on the trainer and had not even hesitated to do so. So far this had been the progress the trainer had made with his little friend.

The team later gathered in the bedroom with the trainer and the pokemon on the single bed assuming same positions near their trainer as they had on the beach i.e. combusken snuggling to the boy, the luxio on his legs and surprisingly the larvitar had seated himself  on the trainers lap without any qualms over it. The trainer and the combusken were fairly surprised about it but the luxio couldn’t care less as long as she occupied her trainers legs. The trainer switched on the TV flicking through the channels with almost no interest while the pokemon watched curiously  as the ‘people inside the box magically disappeared and appeared.’ The luxio and the larvitar was more perplexed as it was the first time they had seen such a thing, the trainer spent a good fifteen minutes to explain it to his pokemon. He stopped on the ‘ pokemon adventure’ show which showed a shitty kid named Ash Ketchum go on his pokemon journey. Oh he hated this kid. Reasons? Because he considered the whole show fake as it did not show any kind of injury or death to anyone in the show whereas the reality in the real world was quite different. There were reports of people dying or pokemon dying because of a battle or something frequently.

The TV continued into the night as the larvitar drifted to sleep. It was expected as he was just a baby after all. But both the combusken and the luxio watched the ‘BOX’ with attentiveness as did Aman. Finally bored, he changed the channel switching it to news which had a man in a suit sitting at a desk.

“ –ne. Yes when John Elmer adopted a chikorita everybody thought him to be a messiah, little did they know the monstrous man behind the face of this so called ‘messiah’. John had been abusing his Bayleaf for over a month using the innocent grass-type for his hideous means. Here we have Joan from pokemon rights association  to express her views.”

The camera turned to the women sitting beside the reporter. Green hair, green eyes nothing special. “yes that is correct. Mr. Elmer had not been able to become a trainer when he had been a child and worked at the nearby pokemart. Our sources say that he had been lonely and morose ever since he had lost his wife, then suddenly everything changed. After the adoption of a chikorita his neighbours report that his behaviour had drastically changed. He would go on walks with her, feed her and also take her to the pokemart. So basically we have the image of a man who portrayed a normal, civil life among the society. But alone inside his house he had been abusing his pokemon ever since she had evolved into a bayleaf. Speculation is there that due to the death of his wife his sexual needs had grown which he shamelessly poured over his innocent pokemon.”

“Now Joan as we know, the police has arrested Elmer and he is currently behind the bars.”

Behind the reporter a huge screen flashed, showing a 50 year old man handcuffed and being taken out of a vehicle by a posse of Officer Jenny’s.

“Yes that is correct. As soon as his neighbours heard weird sounds emanating from his house, they approached it to find Mr. Elmer abusing his Bayleaf. Now let’s hear the people who knew Mr. Elmer, what they have to say?”

Behind her the screen changed and showed a man and a woman apparently his wife, standing together in the garden. “You are Mr. Elmer’s neighbours?” A reporter asked “Yes sir, we’ve living here for almost 20 years now” the man answered.

“ Now how long have you known Mr. Elmer?”

“He was here before we shifted to this neighbourhood, so almost 20 years from now ”

“Okay and during that period did you notice any abnormal behaviour by Elmer or any attraction towards any pokemon?”

“No sir, Elmer was a good neighbour or so I thought. I never thought this is how he would turn out”

The woman who had been looking distraught throughout the interview spoke up “He always had been a good neighbour you know. I mean-I mean he looked so kind and loving. He would always have a gift for us, always candy for our kids. I-I never thought he would do something like this. Just knowing these kind of people exist in our society...” the woman sniffed holding a handkerchief to her eyes. At the very moment a raichu bundled into the screen and tugged at the woman’s foot. “ I’ll feed him” She said to her husband, turned and left the scene with the raichu following her out of the screen.

The camera screen went blank and the reporter spoke up “ So Elmer had masterminded this plot of staying normal in the society while covering up his crimes. According to the law, we assume there is going to be a trial?”


“What are your views Joan on how to curb this problem?”

“Well first I think these people should not be even given the privilege of trial. An execution punishment would put a check on these cases, also moral education among children should be improvised in schools so the next generation grows out to be good citizens of the society.”

“Yes. Also a protest has broken out in Fortree city where Elmer lived, demanding immediate execution of Elmer. The public of Fortree is out for blood and 2nd squad of Officer Jenny’s have been deployed to control this riot. People really have poured their hatr- “ Aman switched the TV off with a scowl, throwing the remote to the side and pulling up a sheet to cover em. The Luxio curled up not giving a damn about humans and their problems. Her world was limited as was her concern. While the other one, the combusken was fear-stuck, her mind sending her into vertigo. They punished humans. They punished humans. Her mind has registered what Delia had missed. If a pokemon mates a human, the humans punished them. The humans were against such things. She turned her head slightly to look at the guy she loved who given  the circumstances had his mouth agape and was snoring lightly. She turned her head away sharply. NO!. She couldn’t mate him. If she did...she shook her head. She would never let anything hurt master, even if it meant stopping these..these feelings for him. She bit down on her tongue trying to stop the flow of sadness that seemed to rush through her.

She realized she was too close to him and was starting to get teary. She slowly withdrew from his embrace, her heart cursing her and walked out to the only chair, sitting on it. She tried to analyze everything she had heard from the ‘BOX’ hoping to find a loop hole which would allow him to be with her. Yes she admitted it. She loved him. He captivated her heart like nothing else and plagued her dreams like....well plague. In the face of not being allowed to love her master she admitted her love for him, tears streaming down her face as she sobbed realizing she would never be more than just a pokemon for him. She contained herself, trying not to wake the others and wiped off her tears with her arms. First he would never love her. Master was good, there were probably a lot of human females willing to mate with him. Why would he look at her? And even if by some miracle, he returned her feelings she couldn’t. If she did, they would hurt him like they hurt that human. They could never be mates. NEVER. Reality sank in and the combusken shook her head. She looked at him once sleeping so peacefully. Her mind pondered and reached a conclusion to construct an argument that would lessen her pain. She blamed herself for everything, in fact started hating herself. Only if she hadn’t been a pokemon, only if she had been a human female she would be with master right now. And they could be together where no one could hurt them. Master would love her if she had been human. The world would accept her if she had been human. It was all her fault she thought sniffing silently.

By coincidence the boy woke up his eyes wide, sweat pouring down his face. The combusken jumped when master sat up in the bed looking like he had seen a Gengar. She presumed it must have been her crying that woke him up. Little did she know that it had been that nightmare that her trainer always had that had woke the boy up. As his vision focused he saw the combusken sitting on a chair in such late hours of the night. He tilted his head to the side quizzically. The combusken however looked down not making eye contact with him. Something was off, he could tell it. He could tell when she was being shy and when she was distressed and now he could see that she sure as hell wasn’t being shy. He got out the bed, sliding the luxio to the side and the larvitar next to the pillow.

“Is something wrong Jane?”

[No master. Everything fine.]

“ Are you sure?” he said putting his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. She looked towards him and then he saw how watery her eyes were. She had been crying.

“what is it? Look you can tell me.”

 'No master I can’t' she thought.

[Master nothing worry.]

“please Jane. Look whatever it is I’ll take care of it i promise okay? Just tell me what’s the problem?”

She shook her head. She wouldn’t lie to him but she also couldn’t tell him about her feelings and how she was no longer allowed to have them. She searched for something to tell to him but in the panic and sadness of it her mind jumped and she mumbled what her mind was so worried about. [master..B-Box show h-human pokemon.] He immediately understood what direction this topic had taken. She most probably was shocked over the possibility of humans abusing pokemon and was distraught over it, maybe scared too he thought. He immediately realised he was touching her shoulder and sharply retreated him hand. Does she feel that I would take advantage of her? Is she worried that I hugged her? Well they had been sleeping together in the bed and also had been sharing hugs over some time. The trainer immediately regretted making her feel that way (or what he thought she was worried over.)  

He knew he would never do anything that would harm her but maybe because of his affectionate behaviour over the past week had scared her. “Jane look I’m sorry that i scared you but it isn’t like that. I would never do anything like that alright. I’m sorry you had to see that and I’m sorry that maybe I got  too carried away when we hugged but I would never abuse you. Please Jane forgive me. I only hugged you because I thought we were friends and that we were family.”

The combusken looked up to him. Is that what he thought she was crying about? Why was he taking all the blame on himself? Why is he being so good? “Look for what it’s worth, I’ll never touch you again okay? So please don’t be scared of that thing. I will always think of you as my best friend but I would never cross that line.” This only made the combusken lose what self-control she had and she started crying again. The trainer hung his head down. “This is all my fault. I should never have done what i did.” He wanted to comfort her but touching her again might make her even more scared he thought.

She quickly sat up and went over to the balcony trying to stop the flow of tears that emanated from her eyes. The trainer looked over at the luxio and the larvitar and on finding that both were asleep, he moved on to the balcony. She had her hands on the railing, her back turned to him and her tears falling to the ground. He closed his eyes and trying to strengthen his courage. He joined her at the side of the railing and looked at her. She was miserable, so was he as his best friend was crying. “Listen, I promise you I would protect you with my life and never do anything that would harm you in anyway. But if you feel that your safety is the matter you can stay with my mother....or if you want to go I’ll---I’ll release you.”

Without warning the trainer was tackled to the ground, his combusken hugging him tightly around the neck, her hot tears dripping onto his neck. [M-Master...Don’t-don’t abandon me.] she said her almost incoherent through her sobs. The trainer was shocked. Did she think he was just gonna use her and then abandon her? Since she was the one hugging him, he hugged her back tightly. It didn’t matter if she thought bad of him but he had to comfort his pokemon. “Shhh—it’s okay. I’m never gonna abandon you okay? I’m sorry I said that. I am a asshole. Look as long as I’m alive you will always be with me alright?” The combusken however couldn’t stop crying, her emotions taking their toll on her. After a while her tears slowed and the trainer rubbed her back trying to comfort her.

[Master. T-Thank. Sorry.] she said. He picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bed, tucking her in. She had been so distressed that this whole charade had seeped almost all her energy and she fell asleep the minute she hit the bed.

The trainer looked at her again. Did she not trust him? Well she did as he had seen during their sea accident. Then what was it? Maybe the shock of such a disgraceful act had scared her. It was the only explanation. He got his sleeping bag out of the bagpack and spread it on the floor. He knew he couldn’t sleep knowing what had happened just now but he wasn’t giving up without a try. Did she not love him? The trainer choked at his own thought. What the hell. It isn’t like that. We are just good friends. There was no way....he thought to himself a small blush spreading across his cheeks. One thing was clear though she did not want him to leave her which meant that she still thought of him as a friend and wanted to be his pokemon no matter what the TV had showed. She was so brave. “Goodnight Jane” he whispered knowing full well that the combusken was lost in her world of dreams.


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