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He looked at the smirking girl as she walked into the cave, a little of the snow falling off her leather brown overcoat.  Alongside her the machoke walked, confident in his strength, muscles popping out everywhere on its purple body. The blaziken immediately stood up from her trainers lap taking a fighting stance, fires erupting around her wrists. May smiled innocently as she flashed a wide smile to the couple, showing the whites of her teeth. Aman stood up too.

“Uh....Hi May how are you doing?”

“Really? That’s what you’re going with?”

“ see I was injured, an icebeam and because of it I was unable to move so my blaziken was feeding me.......via mouth.”

“Oh yeah sure. Suddenly you can stand up and talk? Drop the act Aman, I know what I saw. You two were kissing and by the way you’re eyes were closed, I don’t think it was an accident. What do you think you are doing?”

Sudden menace flashed in his eyes, as his realized how damaging this could be, to him and his love. If May told anyone about them...He couldn’t lose her now...right when they had gotten so close.

“What are you going to do about it?”

“I could tell the whole world about you. I could tell the cops, I could tell everyone.”

He looked back the face of his beautiful love and the fear etched over her face reflected in his. His own fear surfaced, drowning him in ice cold frenzy; A frenzy to save them.

“May please stop, just listen to me alright? Please. We...we love each other and if you tell this to anyone...We would...We would..Please May they would...they could hurt her. I’m begging you.” He said, flinching at the notion of somebody hurting the beautiful blaziken that had captivated his heart.

The girl in the red and green turned to the blaziken who was standing in the same fear as her master and now her to-be-mate. Her fear was boosting her adrenaline, giving her a little more strength but she knew that any amount of strength would not reverse what she had just done. She had doomed them both.

“Do you love him?”

The question was short and simple but the tone had been quite sharp and emotionless, which doubled her fear and doubt. There was no way out for them..No way..She looked to him, seeing his handsome features comforted her a little. He nodded at her, their eyes communicating the answer to May’s question along with their fear and sadness.

[Yes. I love him.]

May looked at the machoke for translation and nodded as the message was conveyed.

Aman had no choice. If he had to protect his love he had to give up his trainer’s career and hiding from the police and the people, so it would be. Maybe they could find a desolate place somewhere, where they could love each other without hiding like culprits. He would turn away the world, his world and anything that mattered for them to be together. For them to love. His mind slightly contemplated stopping  May...Well he could just....His mind reeled and he felt disgusted at the dark thoughts that had just formed in his mind. If the world considered his love a sin, so be it. He might be sinner but not a murderer. He would never kill anyone even if it was to save himself...Though he might hurt someone if they tried to touch her.

“Planning on killing me yet Aman?”

“No, I will run if I have to but I will not let you or anyone hurt my pokemon or me.” 

“What if I don’t tell anybody?”

Aman stared at the human girl, trying to figure out if she was just joking or setting up a trap for them. He concluded that treading cautiously from here would be best for now.

“Would would you not tell anyone?”

May looked at the big machoke and nodded at him saying “You think we should tell them?”


“I’m sure. They were definitely kissing.”

[machoke. Maa-Machoke. Ma-choke?]

“Don’t worry I know what I saw. Trust me.”

Machoke bent down and May tip-toed up to the machoke, their lips meeting as the boy and the blaziken looked on dumbfounded, their eyes popping out their sockets.

“What? Like you’ve never done it before.” May said blushing, as machoke snaked an arm around her waist.

“ are?”

“Yes, me and machoke. We are mates.” May said blushing a little as she said the word ‘mate’.

“Oh come on! You guys are mates too, so stop staring at us.”

“Uhh...well..we...we were going to..I mean we just admitted our feelings to each other.”

“Really? You haven’t even mated yet!?”

“Well No.”

What a coincidence it was. They had been caught by the person who herself was mated to a pokemon. They were very lucky. Very very lucky that it had been May, not some lone hiker that had caught them.

“Machoke remember how we met?” May said, looking at the machoke who nodded.

The machoke remembered how May had caught him in that rainstorm, saving him from rain and what not. He couldn’t ever repay her debt but tried to, by becoming stronger and training, pushing himself to his limits. He had evolved and suddenly had found himself in love with the beautiful girl who was his trainer. Though he reprimanded himself at first, for having such thoughts, eventually he accepted it and bore the pain with silence. It was May one night who had cried and told him how she wanted to be the best coordinator in the world and how she thought she was never going to achieve her goal. She had opened up to him, showing him her fears and her thoughts, crying in his arms. They had kissed and one thing lead to another, ending up with them mating in the middle of the night. It had been one of the nights the machoke could never forget in his life.

“Ah! Young love.” May exclaimed, sighing looking at the trainer and his blaziken.

“So...would you guys like to come on in? It seems the snow storm is gonna get worse.”

“Sure. Here hold that for me and let’s hear your love story while I whip something up for you guys.” May said handing Aman her coat.

Aman started from the beginning, how he had got her as a torchic, their fights, their scuffles with Team Aqua, their tears, their pain and their love. Everything. Even the blaziken was amazed on how detailed and expressive her master’s story was. How strong his emotions were, how much he loved her. It amazed her, how close they had grown in such a short period of time. It had been only a week or two when they had started from their journey, and now she was a fully evolved blaziken. It was radically fast for any pokemon who had just begun their journey with their masters. At a normal rate she would still have been a torchic or mostly a combusken. But she was now a blaziken, a powerful one at that. Was it some miracle or had their bond grown so strong that it had called for her to evolve, an instinct that led to her evolution. Well whatever the factors maybe she was evolved and they were here together.

As Aman finished his narration, he heaved catching his breath lightly in his throat. The blaziken sat down beside him closely, letting her body heat envelope him.

“So are your pokemon all consenting of your relation?”

“Uhhh...we haven’t told them yet.”

“You should. When I told mine they put up quite a fight. But gradually they buckled.”

“Why? Did they not support you?” Aman said imagining Delia thuderbolting the hell out of him, the pupitar shaking his giant head dismissively and the ralts crying her eyes out when he told them about him and Jane.

“Well they thought that machoke was forcing himself on me and they considered him having a mating with their master...a little immoral. But after I told them that I loved him and wanted to be his mate, they were very supportive of us.” May replied, scooting closer to her mate.

[They won’t hurt us master. They will be happy about us, I’m sure of it.] the blaziken interjected, sensing the timidness of her master at the topic of telling their pack.

“I’m sorry I can’t understand you but don’t you worry. I have an idea.” May said to the blaziken, taking a pokeball from her belt and releasing an impressive looking medicham from it.

[Master? What is that you want me to do?] the medicham said addressing the girl next to the machoke.

“Medicham I want you to use your psychic abilities and structure some mental links between Me, Jane, Aman and machoke. So this way we can all communicate.” May said.

The medicham nodded and a swirl of light blue energy gathered around him, his eyes opaque blue with the psychic energy in them. A moment later the energy faded away and the medicham turned to his trainer, bowing to her.[It is done.]

[What’s happening?] the blaziken said, confused over what a mental link was.

“You see medicham has constructed mental links between us. Now can I understand you.”

[oh!] the blaziken said, still unclear but she suddenly jumped up in shock. It was May who had answered her, not her master. How had she understood her?

“Well medicham is a psychic type and he can construct telepathic ways for people to understand pokemon.”

“I understand that medicham is a psychic type and that’s why I’m able to understand him even though he’s not my pokemon but if you put him back in his pokeball then we won’t be able to communicate. Right?” Aman piped up.

“Uhh..I never thought of that. I’ve never had medicham make these telepathic bonds to other people but his telepathic powers they don’t seem to fade away when I talk to my pokemon.”

[How about we ask medicham?] the machoke replied, his gruff voice booming over the newly made telepathic bonds.

“Right. Medicham please.”

 [The bonds I create will last forever if not wiped out by an external psychic force or by the holder of the mental link. If I return to my pokeball, you will still be able to communicate because I have just awakened the bond. My energy is not used for your communication. You will use your own energy at the expense of speaking to each other. Well at least humans will.  The ability to use telepathy has always been embedded in humans, it just faded with time as they evolved. I have just awakened it. Also you will only be able to communicate with the pokemon I have made links with, not by all pokemon.]

“Thank you medicham, return.”

The medicham was returned to his pokeball and the party continued to exchange stories until it became dark outside.

“Let’s camp here with them for the time being machoke. We’ll travel when in the morning tomorrow alright?” May asked the machoke, who nodded taking a regular sleeping bag and putting it on some nice soft hay which was present in the cave.The blaziken quickly did her chores, lighting a little campfire just enough to warm the whole cave then she helped May cook their dinner while machoke went out to get some wood. Aman tried to help but was adamantly told to go back to resting by the blaziken.

“Aman why don’t you let your pokemon out?”

“Uhh...I wanted to do this privately you know? If you don’t mind.”

“Sure thing. Still you do have to let them out to eat.”

Aman let out his pokemon who looked at the ‘new human’ and the machoke, their behaviour defensive.

“They are not usually like this. Oi, guys this is May and machoke, they are my friends.”

The pokemon didn’t budge. The luxio walked up to the blaziken keeping an eye on the intruders.

[Who they?]

[This is May and Machoke. They are master’s friends. Old friends.]

The luxio nodded vigorously and barked an introduction to the machoke, knowing May wouldn’t understand her language.  So did the pupitar and the little ralts who had immediately climbed onto master’s jacket the minute she had been let out. May let out her medicham, repeating the process to make mental links between her and the rest of the pokemon.

[Food?] the luxio sniffed at the cooking pot which bubbled and frothed.

[It will be cooked in a little time. Go watch the entrance.]

“Yes then we can all dig in.” May chimed in.

[Okay.] the luxio nodded and suddenly realized that May had understood her.

[You understand?]

“Of course.”

The luxio affectionately licked May’s hand and ran off to keep watch with the pupitar already stationed at his post. Everybody dug in when the meal had been prepared and ate ravenously, especially Aman who had just recovered from the icebeam. He smeared some on his cheek, making the blaziken giggle. He smiled suddenly realizing how beautiful her laugh was. A breeze of chiming music in the chaos of silence. A lost butterfly in the meadow. May and machoke knew what was going on and smiled wisely, remembering how they would share smiles and laughs when they were newly mates. The luxio and the pupitar however looked quizzically at the laughing pair, not knowing the secret love they now shared. The ralts was still a toddler and didn’t concern herself with subtle expressions  and smiles and dug into her food, her wild instincts still driving her to shovel food in her mouth.

[Master I keep watch. Sleep.]

“That’s okay Delia, I think you guys should rest today. We have a long way to go tomorrow.”

[Is Jane going to sleep?]

Aman smiled at the realization that the luxio had just spoken a clear sentence to him. Their bond was getting stronger and she must be nearing evolution too. The blaziken shook her head, secretly relishing the time she will be able to spend with master tonight, how much they could talk tonight. She slightly blushed realizing what they would be doing if they alone were the occupants of this cave. The luxio gave her one weird look before running over to the place and bunked down beside her pack, well most of her pack consisting of the pupitar who had the ralts sleeping on the top of his head, curled up between the spikes on his head. The luxio smiled at the pair, reminding her of her own siblings that she had when she had been a shinx.

“So May how about we take consecutive shifts to keep watch. The pair of glaceons that attacked me could come here again so we’ll have to keep watch.”

“Alright. But me and Jane will first keep watch and you and machoke can go next.”

“Whaaaat? But I thought we were going too...”

“I don’t trust guys like you. I don’t know what funny stuff you and her could get up too if I leave you and her alone.”

Aman turned his head to hide his blush from May, machoke and Jane.

“But we love each other..”

“That’s why me and her and you and machoke are going to keep watch. And it’ll help us grow closer to each other.”

Aman and machoke visibly protested, their faces set into pouts. The blaziken immediately stowed away her sadness and anticipation for spending a night with master and smiled at May, nodding at her with approval. The guys groaned and limped to the entrance using a flat rock as a seat to peer into the snowy darkness that was outside the caves while the girls inside went to sleep.

Aman and machoke kept watch in amiable silence, finally broken by the machoke.

[So you and the blaziken? You haven’t mated yet?]

Aman nodded, blushing. It was true they hadn’t mated yet. They would be if May and machoke hadn’t come along he thought, gritting his teeth a little.

“I never thought people did this. I mean..fall in love with their pokemon.”

[Most humans don’t. May says that this kind of relation in the human society is abolished. Some humans do.]

“Do you know any other couples like us?”

[Just you. I am surprised to find anyone other than us. But I think that there are others out there, hiding from their fear of humans. They won’t come out and reveal themselves due to the fear of being hunted down.]

“Yeah I guess. Don’t know how many could have lived happily if it was not for my stupid society. But that doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is her. I have to protect her and all of my team because of my relationship with her. I don’t know what should I do. I mean..I don’t wanna put them in harm’s way just because of my selfish desires but I can’t just let my love with Jane go either. I just don’t know what to do.”

[Ask your pokemon. If they support you, well and good but if they don’t even then there are many alternatives.]

“mm-hhmmm.” Aman replied unenthusiastically. The idea of giving away his trainer career and go into hiding, moving from town to town. Living away from civilization was not very appealing to him but he knew in his heart that to be with his love, he would be happy to do exactly that with a smile.

“Did your teammates support your and May’s relation?”

[No. Infact Marshtromp beat me within an inch of my life when May told him. May had to call him back before he could end it. Others were not too happy either. It was May who convinced them that it was alright.]

“Well my pokemon might be a bit harder to convince you see.  They are pretty stubborn.”

[If you love your mate, I don’t think there is going to be a problem You will find a way.]

Aman smiled remembering his accident with that lucario. He had taken an aura sphere for her and he would do it again to save her. It was this bubbly feeling inside him that wouldn’t go away, a happiness that just didn’t seem to stop. He nodded back at the machoke.

“Tell me what is May like?”

[What do you mean?]

“I mean what is she like as in behaviour?”

[May is hot headed. Once she makes her mind, a gyradous wouldn’t stop her. Stubborn. But she’s wise too and loving..affectionate. She just wants to hide beneath that layer of toughness and hardness but deep down inside she’s a really soft and beautiful person. That’s why I love her. She is the strongest person I know and the most beautiful female I’ve ever set my sights on. What about your mate? What is she like?]

“Jane? How can I put it. She’s the strongest of our team, really powerful. She has lost only three battles in the entire time of our journey. But it’s not just strength. She’s powerful but just and kind hearted. She laughs and smiles at such silly things. I swear she has the heart of a jigglypuff. She hates to hurt anyone even if they deserve it but when she gets angry, you don’t wanna be on the wrong side of her. She defeated a lucario straight up after taking severe damage from him. But she loves to take care of anyone that is her friend. She just gives and gives, never asks for anything in return. She is the protector of my team.”

[I noticed how your pokemon react to both of you. May might not be able to see it because she does not have the pokemon instincts but I see it. They consider her the alpha female of the pack and you the alpha male.]

“Well she did mention that but I don’t really understand what’s with these titles and stuff.”

[Every pokemon in any habitat has the instinct to survive. To survive they must have strength. And as you humans say, there is strength in numbers. So pokemon live in groups, to protect themselves and their kind. Every pack formed there needs to be a leader to guide them, to lead them. The leader is usually the most powerful in the pack. The leader is considered to be the alpha male of the pack. Even the pokemon captured by the trainers consider the team they are in to be a pack. So there is naturally an alpha male in the team. And every female of the pack is instinctively drawn to the alpha male. You see with mating with the alpha male, the females can ensure safety and food for themselves and their offspring. And it usually occurs that the strongest female of the pack mates with the alpha male. You see the alpha male must fight for the right to mate with the strongest female, thus ensuring strong progeny and continuity of his species.  The female mating with the alpha male is considered to be the alpha female of the pack.]

“But I’m not the strongest in my team. Hell ralts could defeat me if she wanted to. How come I am the alpha male?”

[It’s not only about the strength but the leadership and the courage of the individual. Your pokemon see you as their leader, their mentor. Moreover you provide the food, shelter and safety for them. You were bound to be the alpha male of your pack.]

“ And Jane is the strongest female in our pack, so she’s considered to be the alpha female.”

[Not quite. She hasn’t mated with you yet, so the pokemon don’t really feel the bond.]

“How do you tell an alpha male and female from the rest of the pack?”

[The alpha male would be strong and would usually be leading the pack while the alpha female is the most protected female in the pack.]

“Who’s the alpha male of your pack?”

Machoke smiled at the question and nodded at him to follow him back into the cave.

After waking the girls, the guys went to sleep, ending their shift of keeping watch.

“I know if I ask machoke to keep watch for me, he would agree but...”May yawned as she took the hard rock stone as her seat beside the blaziken “that wouldn’t be fair to him.”

[They do deserve to rest. Master hasn’t completely recovered yet, I think I’ll ask him to rest on his next shift.]

“Aman isn’t a wuss, he’ll be fine. He can keep watch just fine. Anyways it would be healthy for him to walk around a bit you know. It would help the blood flow to his limbs and body. And aren’t you getting a teensy bit too worried about him? Huh what’s the matter? Wanna get into his pants?” May said mockingly to the blaziken sitting next to her.

The blaziken blushed heavily, redness lighting up her cheeks. [I just don’t want him to get hurt anymore. Every time master does something good, he ends up getting hurt.]

“And the fact that you wanna ride the ol' flagpole?” May said teasing the heavily blushing blaziken.

“It’s okay Jane, Aman is strong he’ll survive. Speaking of strong you were a little torchic when I last saw you and that was just a like week ago. My mudkip that you battled is still a marshstomp and he trains every day. Can’t believe you evolved so fast, it’s gotta be some kind of a record. What’d Aman do? Dope you up on rare candies?”

[Master is a very good trainer. He takes good care of us. I don’t know where I’d be without him. It was because of him I evolved so quickly. ] 

“Yeah every time Aman got attacked, you evolved. I guess you started to love him from when you were a torchic didn’t you? To protect him, you evolved so rapidly.”

The blaziken nodded. It had been exactly like that. Whenever the bond between her and master required her to protect him, she evolved, just for him. She had always had her best friend in Delia but May also was really good company.

[Your mating with machoke?....Was it?....] the blaziken blushed, trailing off.

“Oh come on. We are friends now. Girls can talk to each other. What? Our first time? It was amazing. Totally awesome. Machoke was kinda big but after that the ride went smoothly if you know what I mean.”

[Without any complications? I mean are humans and pokemon compatible in that sense?]

“Oh! Are you worried about that? That you two won’t be able to make love? Don’t worry. Machoke and I were. Most of the pokemon are compatible with humans I guess. And by your shape and size I think you two should have no complications. Bet you can’t wait huh?”

[Well I...I mean I am looking forward to it.] the blaziken said turning her head sideways to hide her blush and failing miserably at that.

“It’s okay Jane. I know what it’s like. Anyways after you guys have mated, your gonna have to be careful with Aman.”

[Careful? With master?]

“Yeah, I mean. You know how guys are. When me and machoke first mated, machoke wouldn’t get off me. I admit it was really fun but all the time? Geez. You know what I mean. Guys can get really persistent. I had to put machoke in his pokeball just to catch a breath.”

[I wouldn’t mind master’s presence.]

May smirked at that blaziken naughtily. “Of course you won’t.”

[May can I ask you something?]

“Sure hon, anything. We are friends now after all.”

[Do...Do humans males reject females if they find them..inadequate? Or not beautiful?]

“Oh sweety. Well it doesn’t entirely goes like that. Don’t worry. A guy would be fool to let a girl like you get away. And Aman’s no fool. And even if he tries to, I’ll set marshstomp on his ass.”

Both May and blaziken laughed out, picturing Aman running comically while marshstomp followed him, their laughter echoing through the snowy wilderness outside the cave.



The morning sun shone upon our heroes revealing them to be packing for moving out of Mt. Snowpoint at least one of them. After consideration Aman had suggested that he and his team stay here for another day for his recuperation while May and his team moves on to Mauville city.

“Okay I guess but promise me you two won’t do anything naughty huh?”

[Why won’t we?] the blaziken answered smirking devilishly.

“Listen to me you two, I know it really seems irrelevant to wait when you both love each other but think about it. Do you want your first time to be in a cave in the middle of nowhere?”

“May we can’t go by and grab a hotel like normal couples alright? This will have to do.”

“You don’t have to. That’s part of why I agreed to go on to Mauville before you. My dad has a small lab in Mauville and with it a small guesthouse. It’s not posh but it seriously beats a cave. And Aman do you really wanna give her that? A cave or her first time in a nice soft bed?”

Aman immediately smiled at the offer. To have their first time in the cave was safe yes but to now that he had the offer he could, he wanted to give her something that would count for something. After all until now he hadn’t really been able to do anything special for his love. He wanted her to cherish their first time, he wanted it to be the best night she had ever seen and having a warm, cozy bed for their first time would certainly be better than doing it in a cave.

“Thank you May, for doing all this for us. I can’t thank you enough.” he said offering a hand to May.

“Don’t mention it. I’ll just reach Mauville and cosy up the place for you.” May replied.

[Thank you May.] the blaziken said reaching out and hugging the girl.

[May, let’s move out while it’s morning. Goodbye Aman, Jane.]

“Take care Aman, Jane. See ya.” May said slinging the training bag on her shoulders with machoke following her out the cave into the brightness.


Aman lied back into the sleeping bag as post-icy-weakness prevailed, making harsh noises unbearable, like a bad hangover with a deathly cold but that didn’t stop him from looking at the blaziken’s swaying hips as the beautiful pokemon turned and carried the bag pack to another corner of the cave. God he could barely wait and suddenly the promise to May about waiting to make love until they get to mauville seemed a bit too long for his liking. He looked at the ralts who had comfortably curled herself against his shoulder, the little thing’s green hair falling across its pale white face. His attention snapped back to the angel who had come over to him.

[Do you feel better master?]

“Pretty much, thank you. Hey I..I was wondering if you know we could...”

The blaziken bent down to the human, letting herself get very close to his face, kissing him seductively.

[Master we promised. Believe me I want to..So much... but we must wait. Untill you get better.]

“Okay but how about about these things first huh? We haven’t talked about how we are going to do this. You know, we should get some things clear first.”

[Of course master but I think it’s better if we do this somewhere privately. If our packmates hear about this...Let’s just take one step at a time.]

“You’re right. We’ll talk when the sun goes down.”

The blaziken went back to making the cave more hospitable to her family and the boy watched her, falling sleep after sometime. The blaziken blushed as she smiled at her sleeping trainer. Admiring how his black hair tumbled around him, how his mouth was slightly open just begging to be kissed. Soon they will be mates, she bent down to pull the sleeping bag all the way around him, pecking him on the cheek, making him much less prone to the cold winteriness that raged inside and outside him.

[You have been acting strange, you know that?]

The blaziken turned around to find the luxio shaking her head at her and sweat dropped. How the hell did everybody keep discovering their secret!? She might as well cry it out loud for Arceus sake.

[What do you mean? I’m just tending to master. I don’t want him to be hurt again.]

The luxio shook her head at the blaziken again.

[Yes. But something has been going on. Ever since that human May came to us, both you and master have been acting strangely.]

[No we haven’t.]

[I can tell  you are lying. So why don’t you follow me and tell me what’s happening?]

[ But we can’t leave master alone here unprotected.]

[We need water for food and drinking and we are almost out of our reserves. I think I saw a lake in the forest while berry hunting. We should get some from there.]

The blaziken mused over the contemplation. Had Delia guessed at what her and master had or was she just bluffing? Whatever it was, she was right. The water reserves were low and they had to get refilled again. She knew it was a muse to get her to talk but it wasn’t like she could refuse now. That would just make Delia more suspicious. The blaziken nodded at the luxio and followed the electric-type to the entrance of the cave, instructing the pupitar to guard the cave while they were gone.

[So I think I have an idea of what has been going on.] the luxio said keeping a lookout as the blaziken kneeled to the surprisingly-not-frozen-lake to fill the bottles with water.

[You do?] the blaziken said, a little panic rising and the blaziken realized she actually feared what her best friend and pack-mate might say. She didn’t want them to criticize the wonderful thing that had happened with her and master. All her teammates were family to her and deep down she really did care about how they viewed her and master’s relation.

[I didn’t think master was like that but with humans you can never tell can you? Don’t worry Jane I’m gonna tackle some sense into that pervert.]

[Delia please, we were going to tell you. I just feared that you and the others might do something..that would hurt him. Please don’t, I don’t want to battle you over master’s relation.]

[I know that because you are his first pokemon, you are attached to him but that doesn’t mean he can do this. You do have free will and he can’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to...]

[Wait. What?]

The luxio looked at the blaziken perplexed.

[Isn’t master forcing you to mate with him?]

[What? Arceus no! He and I...We just...]

The luxio looked at the blushing blaziken and smiled coyly.

[What? Tell me...]

Sudden realization hit the quadruple legged pokemon and what could be said to be the evilest smirk in honen came over her face.

[You want to mate him too!]

The blaziken nodded to luxio, too embarrassed to utter a word. The luxio tackled her friend to the ground, sending them tumbling in snow, licking the blaziken over the cheek. The blaziken looked to the luxio’s face.

[I’m happy for you though I can say that the pervert is a lucky human to have you.]

[Thank you. I’m so happy to have your approval. You are my best friend in the whole world.] the blaziken said hugging the luxio around the neck.

[Yeah yeah..Save the hugs for your pervert. Well let’s back before somebody steals your mate huh?]

So the two friends returned home trudging through the snow, thick and thin.

Aman woke up finding the cave slightly less occupied than before. Jane and Delia were missing. He looked to the side and heaved a sigh of relief, seeing the small ralts still curled cosily around his shoulder. He gently sat up and walked over to the large pupitar, putting on his jacket as he went.

[Are you feeling well now master?] the pupitar’s voice echoed in the abysmal silence in the cave.

“A little. Where did they go off to?”

[They went out to bring some water. They should be back soon.]


Aman looked at the towering pupitar, realizing how the little crying Larvitar he had found in a cave had just grown up.

“Dammit boy, you’re so big I can barely see your head. You look tough.”

[That makes me taller than you master, though I wouldn’t be sure about the strength.]

“Really? There is no way in hell I stand a chance against you. Just to be clear, that includes me with a weapon.”

[Not all strength is muscle master. You have our respect, our love. That alone makes you the most powerful of us.]

“Well that’s bullshit. Every single one of you can beat my ass, no questions asked. And I mean it. I mean if you attacked me, I would teleport my ass faster than an Abra. If I could that is.”

[I don’t think Jane would let me attack you master.]

“Oh come on? Are you saying you are scared of her?”

[For now. She has trained more than me, so she is the stronger one. In a single fair fight, she could defeat me soundly.]

“Well that’s my girl.”

[Who’s your girl master?] the blaziken asked, entering the cave with Delia, their bodies flecked with bits of snow.

“Uh....nobody. Me and pupitar were just joking. I swear to god I didn’t...”

[That’s okay master. I heard everything. Besides I am your girl now.] the blaziken said, brushing past her trainer as she went.

The trainer just stood there, amazed at how his starter pokemon had made a great comeback. Then he realized the luxio and the pupitar staring at him.

“Uhmm..I meant that Jane is my strongest pokemon not that...”

[Save it pervert. I know. You better not do anything that hurts her.] the luxio said, hissing slightly at the boy before padding off to her friend.

[What is happening?] the pupitar asked.

“ and Jane...we are...I”

[You want to mate her?] the pupitar asked calmly.

The boy nodded and shrank back, suddenly realizing the massive strength that was contained in the stone armour of the pokemon in front of him. If pupitar got angry, things could get ugly.

“So what do you think of it?” the boy said his voice down to a mumble.

[I approve. I only seems appropriate as both of you are strongest of the pack.]

“Really thanks pupitar and seriously bro I am not the strongest. I thought you were gonna make mudpies out of me for one second.”

[Why would you think that master?]

“ see mating between a pokemon and a human is kinda frowned upon in my society, so I only assumed that pokemon would have the same grudge against our relationship.”

[I feel it isn’t really frowned upon between pokemon though I wouldn’t know master. I haven’t lived long in the wild.]

“Now that it has come up, how is our kind of relations thought of in wild?”

The luxio shuffled over to his side, sitting cosily around the legs of the blaziken who had sat down next to her trainer, taking his hand in her own.

[I don’t really know master. I haven’t spent long in the wild. In all my time as a torchic, all I remember is you.] The blaziken said, smiling at the mention of her memories of childhood, which incidentally had been only about herself and her trainer. She didn’t remember much about her past before master and it almost seemed in her mind that her life had really started when she was picked by Aman.

“I know about the wild.” the luxio said, with a look of disinterest.

Everybody in the group looked up, their interest piqued at the mention of the wild. Having come from someplace and not knowing much about it is something that piqued everybody’s attention.

“You do?”

[Of course sherlock] the luxio replied huffing at the seemingly insolent nature of her packmates.[I lived in the wild with a pack remember?]

“You did? Damn I don’t think I am a good trainer. I don’t know my team as well as I thought.”

[Apparently. So I lived in a big pack of my kind. So I know about how pokemon live in the wild.]

“So are pokemon okay with relations like us?”

[Well I haven’t really heard about mating between a pokemon and a human in the wild before. Humans aren’t that common in wild you know. In fact you were the first human I had encountered in the wild.]

“Well those would be the trainers. So nothing really? Not a single one like us?”

[Usually females are won over by males which most probably happens by a show of strength, a fight.]

“Okay enough with that. I have heard enough of that winning a female crap in poke school. Damn I thought there would be at least more than just us. Well I can’t blame anyone. People are so scared about even mentioning about our kind of relationship that... I think we are lucky to have found May and machoke. I don’t think we are gonna find more couples like us.”

[But we will still be together master.] the blaziken said, scooting closer to her to-be mate.

“Yeah. It doesn’t matter who says that I am a filthy pervert. I love my pokemon and she loves me back.  We are not animals right? We can think and act according to our conscious and my conscious tells me that I love this beautiful being sitting by my side.” Aman said, squeezing the claw like hand of his love.

[Well try to hide your love from your human friends. From what I have gathered, they aren’t going to be happy to know.] the luxio said.

“Well they won’t know. We are going to act like a normal trainer-pokemon in front of the world. We will have to keep ourselves in check and you guys would have to be careful too. You don’t wanna slip our secret to a pokemon.”

[I don’t think most pokemon would have any objection about our relation master.] the blaziken said.

“We can’t be too careful Jane. Pokemon might tell other pokemon or if they have a trainer, they could tell their trainer too. Not to mention some pokemon can speak telepathically to humans. Okay? No telling anybody outside our team. One mistake could doom us.”

[Don’t worry pervert. We promise.] the luxio said, licking her paw.

[What about the humans who attacked you master?]

“Yeah. Team aqua.”

[What is this team aqua master? Is it a powerful human?]

“Team aqua is a group of thieves and criminals. They are one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Honen. They have been accused of so many crimes that Team aqua members are usually executed without trail but it is said that Team aqua is headed by someone named Archie. He has never been caught. Ever. Hell the police doesn’t even know what he looks like.”

The blaziken’s fist tightened and trembled, as she growled cutely. Aman laughed out at the cuteness of the act and shook her hand, just to distract her.

“It’s fine. I think we can deal with those idiots later. And I don’t think Aqua is gonna pursue us for some time now that we have beaten their admin.”

[I wouldn’t be so sure master] the pupitar interjected.

[He’s right master.] the blaziken agreed.

“Whaaaaat? You totally beat that lucario’s ass back then. I think you can take them on.”

[You don’t understand master. I had just evolved and I don’t know how, but I felt this overwhelming power and urge to protect you. I have never felt power like that before.]

[You were glowing red a little when that lucario attacked after your evolution.] the pupitar added.

“Red glow..hmm..Well I think it was your blaze.”

[My what master?]

“Blaze is an ability of your kind. Under pressure blaziken are known to be affected by blaze and it boosts the power of their fire type attacks. I guess that’s what happened.”

[She did turn a whole lot of trees to ashes by using fire.] the pupitar said.

[Master the lucario was more powerful than me, even me with blaze and the lucario was at a type disadvantage. Not to mention that I had an element of surprise. Master I think I was purely lucky to have defeated that lucario.]

“Dammit. You’re right, we can’t fight aqua head on or fight at all. That admin Tabitha did say that I was attacked because we helped Mr. Briney didn’t he?”

[They said that they wanted his pokemon and their plans had been delayed.] the luxio nodded, remembering the broad Spanish accent of the Team aqua admin.

“And we don’t even know what the hell is Team aqua’s plan. Our only lead is Briney. I think we should ask him. He must know something about it.”

[Think over it. If we pursue this Team aqua, it could mean more trouble for you. And you also have a deadly secret to keep from your human society. Wouldn’t it be better if we let Team aqua go and let your law people deal with them?] the pupitar asked.

“I don’t know. I have always hated Team aqua. They are really bad people. I am no hero but I can’t let them get away with everything they have done to all the people. They have killed thousands and destroyed hundreds of families. On top of that they did hurt all of you too, it doesn’t matter what it takes, I am going to end these evil sons of bitches.”

[Master] the blaziken said, her voice softening at the prospect of her master in danger.[I don’t want you to be hurt master. I know that they hurt us and you but I also know that if we fight with them, they could do more damage to us. I don’t care for revenge master; it’s not worth you getting hurt again.]

The trainer smiled at the blaziken and gathering his courage, slipped his arm around her waist, trying to wash away the concerned look on her face.

“It’s okay Jane. Listen to me. I will be fine. I know the risks of messing with team aqua but seriously these people deserve to be punished. I am not saying that we will be hurting them but we can most certainly hand them over to the police. Team aqua is one of the reasons that we can’t express our love freely you know. Team aqua, to promote hatred and disgust among people actually portrayed a couple like us in really bad light. It was an incidence that really sparked outrage in people. Anyways, Don’t worry Jane, I think with all of you by my side I can take Team aqua down once and for all. And frankly speaking, the cops have never found any leads on Team aqua. We are kind of the only people who have even seen their admin. I didn’t know Aqua even had a admin. We are the best shot at destroying them. So what do you say, are you guys with me? ”

[My place is by your side master, in battle and in peace.]The blaziken said, her eyes reflecting her confidence and love for him. She was worried, yes but also her respect for her master had increased. To know that Aman was so kind hearted and good that he would abandon his own safety for the good of other people.

[I will always with you master.] the pupitar replied.

[Count me in too.] the luxio said[Anyways you sound like you are very angry at them.]

“If you knew half the things they have done, you would be angry too.”

[What about your career master? Don’t trainers fight at gyms and get badges? Wasn’t that your dream?] the blaziken asked realizing that they really were making very big decisions, decisions that could affect their life together.

“Wow I..I hadn’t thought about that.”

[Master I think you should follow your dream. Saving and helping other people is a good thing but following your own heart is the best thing.]

“But with all the Aqua chasing and keeping our secret, I don’t know if I can be a good trainer. I just don’t know. What if I screw up? What if I lose? You guys are working so hard, training day and night, travelling through unknown lands. What if..what if I let you down? What if I fail?”

It was then that the blaziken saw it. Aman was hiding something, some kind of burden that he carried and it was hanging over his conscious like a noose. He was scared and something else...something she couldn’t put her finger on. She pushed it at the back of her mind.

[Master, you are going to be the best trainer ever. You are the best trainer master. You take care of us, you always are supportive and you always think of us as friends rather than tools. Master I know it seems complicated and scary but trust me..We are going to win all the badges] the blaziken said, letting her head lean onto her shoulder, rubbing his arm gently.

The boy nodded, some of his fear and confusion fading away with the soothing words of a beautiful angel reassured him.

“Thanks Jane. I promise to be the best trainer I can be.”

The sun cast dancing shadows on the cave walls as it slowly creeped towards the horizon. The sun was about to set and the trainer had taken to make his infamous stew as Jane helped him, with Delia and pupitar rough housing outside the cave.  The ralts had woken up to take her position at his shoulder and sniffing periodically at the delicious smell wafting from the stew. The ralts chirped with delight at the smell of the delicacy. Aman rubbed the little green hair that covered the little thing’s eyes. He had also forgotten that now he had a new friend to take care of.

“Jane? Call those idiots inside before anything serious happens.”

[Right master.]

Aman could have swore to god that the blaziken had purposely stood up and turned around provocatively, her smooth behind twisting with every step, her tail slightly fluttering, her hips moving seductively. He couldn’t help but stare, such a beautiful creature and he was getting that. He didn’t know why but anger rose up. Anger at the idiotic people of his kind. Humans. How could loving this beauty be wrong? How could it be a sin? A crime? Didn’t they see past the body was the heart of an angel? Did they see nothing but lust? He couldn’t see anything but love, pure, unadulterated. Well yes there was lust but still he knew that this wasn’t just his hormones. It was something delicate and tender that he wanted to share with this strong, kind and beautiful woman.

The ralts chirp brought him back from his anger as he stirred the stew and added more ingredients to the stew.

“That smells good huh Ralts?”


As the sun set on our heroes sat down and ate their dinner, laughing and talking with each other, sharing experiences, teasing and loving. Yes, a trainer with his pokemon was eating his frugal stew but what the heavens could see was a family sharing a meal, a family whose bonds had taken roots in the hearts of its members. A family without a biological relation, a family without the same blood. Did that make them any different? Any less loving?


Aman trudged through the thick snow as it blew in his face. He checked his pokenav, they were almost there. He looked back at his team who also were shuffling a little slower from their normal pace, their faces set into little frowns. They were subconsciously hating the snowy weather and just didn’t want to show their displeasure out loud. Yes with Jane at his side he wasn’t that sad but still this snow was really making his nerves jitter. They had already left what could be called the heart of Mt. Snowpoint behind, all that’s left was the this. He had heard about Mt. Snowpoint and everybody in the surrounding area had because Mt. Snowpoint was what some people liked to call an anomaly. You see, the mountain range and some of the neighbouring trees were covered with fine and heavy snow, it was always winter and snowing there, even in the summer. But some of the surrounding area was green fresh forest. Trees and greenery surviving without snow. After some distance from the mountain the snow stopped and disappeared vigoursly. Vigorous enough to perk the interest of the environmental scientists over Honen. They had studied Mt. Snowpoint and concluded that the immediate stopping of cold and snow in the area was indeed not natural. As the story spread, various versions of what could be happening there emerged. Some claimed a pokemon was causing this, some said it was manmade. Fair enough, no scientists could find a pokemon strong enough to cause this much of snow over such a wide area. After that the project was scrapped and Mt. Snowpoint was declared an anomaly of the nature. Aman shook his head and dispelled the rumours that he had heard.

At least some part of the rumours is true he thought as he looked at the line where the anomaly effect was over. Snow was disappearing and green grass had started to grow. He could see green trees and regular forest starting to grow. After seeing nothing but white, snowy colourlessness everywhere, he and his team were very happy to see some greenery.

[Master, is this normal? The snow?] the blaziken asked, looking at the fresh, green forest. It wasn’t that the snow was really troubling her, she could adjust her body temperature to counter any kind of snow and seeing the green, lush forest raised her spirits. Maybe it was because her species were more adjusted to live in a forest rather than in snow and also she was finally relieved that they were out of the snow lands. Master was in danger when they had been up there, all her pack had been danger. Now that they were out of that icy hell, she could protect master from any danger.

“Nope, it’s kind of a mystery how this snow just ends here but I can say that I am kind of happy to have left Mt. Snowpoint. Let’s keep going. It’ll take us the evening to reach Mauville if we continue to keep going. We’ll camp afternoon. Alright?”

All the members of the pack nodded slightly, realizing that this was the best course for them. The blaziken smiled as the subsequent heads of her pack members nodded. Without noticing, master was asserting himself as the alpha of their pack and all the pack members acknowledged him as their leader. What she didn’t realize that she was very excited, excited to mate with her love, who was the alpha male of their pack.

“Aaah! A trainer’s life is the best. Travelling around with your buddies and having fun with the occasional getting your ass kicked by criminal organizations.”

“Ralts Ral-ralts” the little green ralts agreed, jumping from the top of the head of pupitar. Was it really instinctual that a little thing like the ralts had sought the friendship and safety of a big creature like the pupitar. She hadn’t really been brought up in good conditions and seeked what had been missing her whole life. Safety and comfort. Because of her early age she looked for a parent, finding it in her trainer and her pack mate, the pupitar. The pupitar was one of the pokemon in her pack that had connected to her when he had been a Larvitar, so even when the Larvitar had evolved into the pupitar, their friendship had strengthened. She looked up to him like a brother. Like family. All the pack seemed like her family.

[She’s saying that she feels happy too.] the luxio said, letting a small smile slip across her muzzle.

Aman slowed down and caught up with the blaziken, letting her hand slip into her hand, squeezing it and was amazed with a shy smile glowing across the face of the blaziken. He smiled back at her, stopping himself from kissing her.

“You know what guys? This life is-”

Suddenly the pupitar stopped, the ralts holding on to the pupitar’s head horns at the sudden stoppage of her ride.

[Master! Do you feel that!?] the pupitar said, his voice coming out urgent and fast rather than the rich baritone that everyone was used to.

“I don’t feel anything pupitar. Is something wrong?” Aman said and turned to find that one of the largest and powerful members of his team was shaking, trembling as if with fear. To see a mighty thing like him quake, it must be something bad.

[I feel it too. Something is coming. Something big and powerful master.] the blaziken said, though she couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, her instincts screamed at her that something was happening. Something tremendous that she felt insignificant compared to it, a speck of dust against the earth. Something big.

He looked at his pokemon. All of them were staring off in random directions, their stares set into expressions of fear, their bodies slightly shivering and he didn’t think it had anything to do with cold.


[I do feel it but I can’t smell anything out of the ordinary. The air seems to fresher than ever. Infact too fresh for a forest.]

Suddenly he felt it too. Overwhelming paranormal of something humongous, something inconceivably powerful. He looked at the goose bumps on his arms and realized that he had been holding his breath.

[Master the forest is quiet. Too quiet. Something is going on.] the blaziken said, reducing the proximity between her and master, finding a little comfort in his presence.At the same moment a green thread appeared in the sky, twisting and turning like a pinwheel, advancing through the air at great speed. Aman realized that this..thing was gigantic. It was a pokemon, maybe but to be of this size? He had seen arcanine’s and wailords but they too were nothing in comparison. His whole of house could fit on its flipper like green tail itself. It was at a great distance in the sky so it looked a little small but Aman could make out the details. Green, red and yellow lines spreading over its body in a twisted pattern. Two claw like hands which were again giant size. Aman was stunned. Not because of its size, though it was a thousand times any wailord but because of the immense power it radiated. Something about this thing was majestic, even royal. Royal and freakishly powerful. He had once see a very powerful salamance and its power had stunned him but this thing was completely off the charts. Its immense power made his knees buckle and his head spin. To think such a thing of power existed.

So stunned was he and his pokemon that they didn’t utter a word. Not even a squeak. Just cold silence and staring at the thing seemingly coming towards them. Just as the image of this monstrous thing became clear, it opened its mouth, fangs flaring and a roar that shook the forest visibly. Trees shook as the tremendous sound hit them. A sphere formed in its mouth bright and yellow. A hyperbeam.

Aman was too stunned to move. Stunned and shocked at the immense sphere that was forming in its mouth.

[Master move!] the blaziken said, tackling him to the side. It had taken immense power just to move in this being’s presence but she had realized what was happening and what could happen if the hyper beam hit them. Even with the blaziken tackling them to the side, they were still in the range of the freakishly huge hyperbeam. The blaziken realized running was of no use. The hyper beam was too wide to avoid by dodging and even if they did dodge, the explosion caused by it would destroy them, not to mention a huge part of the forest.

Aman cried out as he was tackled to the side but he still couldn’t seem to take his eyes off the massive hyper beam that was coming at them at break neck speed. Any second now it would hit and they would be blasted into oblivion. He closed his eyes at his impending doom, feeling paralysed at the immense power of the hyper beam alone. Just as the hyper beam was about to hit, they disappeared from the place and reappeared just outside the range of the hyper beam. The attack hit the earth, crushing the earth with its immense force, a small crater formed where it had hit, the forest around it completely obliterated.

Though they had avoided the attack head on, they were still in the splash zone of the attack and small rocks fell as debris from the sky. Everyone realized what had happened and how lucky they were to have ralts. A teleport at the last minute.

The blaziken came to her senses, realizing that this being was after them as she heard another roar from the creature. She couldn’t loose him, not now that they had come so close to being together. Nobody could keep them away, not even super powerful beings that attacked without warning out of nowhere.

[RUN!] she screamed at her team as she scooped up her trainer and jumped with all the strength she had in her legs. They didn’t look behind to see if it was chasing them or not. They couldn’t. If they wanted to live, they had to run and so they did, with the luxio panting as she ran with all her strength, the pupitar with the ralts clinging on to his horns for her dear life and the blaziken with her trainer in her arms.



The pokemon centre’s door opened and a rough-skewer team ran in, surprising the hell of the nurse joy and the few people that happened to be present to be there.

The boy bent down, catching his breath with his pokemon doing exactly the same thing.

“Can I help you sir?” the nurse asked, looking at the trainer.

“Yea-yeah.” He turned to his team. “We lost it didn’t we?”

[I think so master. If it still had been following us we wouldn’t be standing here. ] the blaziken said, her heart racing from the chase. Dammit they had been very close to death. That thing had almost....Why would it attack them? Why only them? And why had it given up on chasing them, it was nowhere near tired. It could have chased them to the end of the universe but it didn’t and the blaziken thanked Arceus for that.

“Can you heal my pokemon Nurse Joy?”

“Of course.” The nurse said bobbing her head with her pink hair, motioning the pokemon to follow her.

“Did something happen sir? Was something chasing you?”

“Oh! No nothing Nurse Joy. It was just a wild pokemon, an ivysaur.”

“I thought that your blaziken could have handled a grass type and your team just seems exhausted not injured.”

“Yeah. It’s kind of our training. Running from the wild pokemon. ” he said, realizing that he had just said the lamest line a trainer could ever say.

“ummm okay...Do you want me to book a room for you, sir?”

“No thanks, I am going over to a friends.”


May had picked them up from the pokemon centre and had taken them to a nice mid size house. Mauville was a big city and having a house that size, professor birch was kind of rich.

“May you won’t believe what happened!”

“If anything to do with your girlfriend, I don’t want to hear it and don’t speak of that in public you idiot.” She whispered back assuming that Aman was talking about himself and Jane.

“No it’s not about that. We saw something. It chased us from the sky. You should have seen this thing. It was enormous.”

“What the hell are you saying?” May said, a hint of disbelief in her eyes.

“I saw a legendary.”

“Shhh...It’s not safe to talk about that here.” May said adamantly and signalled him quietly into her house.

Aman didn’t notice the tense posture or the way May’s fist were clenched while walking into the living room. She suddenly turned around, scaring the crap out of machoke and Aman who were nearest to her.

“Now tell me what did you see?” she said putting her hands on her hips.

“It was a pokemon I guess but it was huge maybe even a legendary.”

[What’s a legendary master?] the blaziken asked.

“Let me explain.” May interjected “you see some pokemon are very rare and very powerful. They are special pokemon that have immense power.”

[You mean like gods?] the luxio asked.

“Wait gods? What do you mean gods?” Aman asked his team.

[You see master, some of the pokemon are very powerful. Powerful to the extent that there is no ordinary pokemon that would battle them or even stand a chance against them. But it’s not just the power master. They have this..aura about them, the sense of royalty that distinguishes them from the ordinary powerful pokemon.  They are the ones who control and change the world. Every pokemon instinctually knows them and fears them.] the blaziken explained.

‘’Machoke never told me anything about gods of pokemon.” May asked turning towards her mate.

[You never asked about them May.] machoke replied.

“Tell me about them now. Who are they? How many and where?”

[May, calm down. I don’t know who the gods are. A pokemon just instinctually realizes when a god appears before them.]

“It seems to me that these pokemon gods and the legendaries are the same thing.” Aman stated.

“Seems like it.” May said and then remembered that she hadn’t even asked her guests to sit down much less offer them something.

“Oh my god! I’m such a jerk. Guys please sit down. I’ll bring you something to eat.”

Aman nodded and sat down on the sofa with the blaziken sitting to his side while the luxio comfortably curled herself at their feet. The ralts was still not very open to anybody outside her pack and tended to cling to her master jacket and many a times seek safety in his pocket on his jacket. Aman realized that the pupitar was too large to move around the house without knocking someone or something down and retreated the large pokemon, telling him the reason why while Machoke went in to help May in the kitchen.

“What do you guys think? Was it a legen..I mean was it a god that chased us?”

[I fear so master and if it was we have a big problem on our hands.]

“Yeah a legendary attacking us is not really good news. Are legendaries always like that? Attacking people left and right?”

“No Aman, legendary pokemon don’t attack people without a reason and the reason is usually people fucking with them or taking their habitat or threatening their territory.” May said returning from the kitchen with a pizzabox in her hands.

“Well  I didn’t do any one of em. People have been passing through Mt. Snowpoint for centuries and nobody has been attacked by a legendary. Why us? Is it my bad luck that I get attacked by every single passing pokemon, criminal organization or legendary?”

“Seems about right.” May replied.

“And I didn’t even recognize which legendary it was.” Aman whined.

Suddenly May’s pokedex beeped to life.

“It’s my dad. Nobody mention anything about having relations with their pokemon alright?”

“Hey Dad!”

“Hello May. I called you as soon as I got the message. You wanted me to call you back urgently?”

“Yes. It’s Aman. He saw a legendary.”

“Really!? That’s amazing! Which one?”

“Here talk to the guy himself.”

May handed the pokedex to the boy, meanwhile the luxio debated with the blaziken about the taste of the pizza.

“Hello Aman it’s nice to hear from you. How are you?”

“Hi professor Birch. I am fine.”

“How is the torchic I gave you, Jane right?”

“She’s a blaziken now professor.”

“Really? That is amazing. No doubt you are an excellent trainer. If you are ever in littleroot swing by my lab sometime. Now which legendary did you see?”

“I didn’t recognize which one it was professor.”

“You have a legendaries section in your pokedex. You can find all the current legendaries in there.”


“I checked them professor but none of them seem to match the one I saw.”

“Are you sure it was a legendary?”

“Well about ninety-percent professor. It was gigantic not to mention it’s hyper beam was the size of ten waillords packed together.”

“Hmmmm...Do you remember what it looked like?”


“Vividly professor. It chased me into mauville from Mt. Snowpoint.”

“Good. Would you hand the phone to May please?”

Aman gave the phone to May.

“May, I need you to give me a keychart based on Aman’s references. Okay? A keychart is a schematic diagram depic...”

“I remember what a keychart is Dad. Just because I became a trainer doesn’t mean I forgot everything about researching.”

“Good. Mail it to me when you are done alright? Take care sweety. Bye.” Professor said and yelled another bye loudly for Aman.

“So you were a researcher?” Aman asked May who had taken the chair opposite to Aman and his team.

“Nah. Dad always wanted me to be one. Follow in his footsteps but I wanted to be a trainer. Still, when I was young Dad would sometimes take me on his researching trips and I can’t lie those were fun but a trainer’s life is awesome.”

“You bet. Hey did  you...”


“You know, fix the room for us.”

“Nah I still have to make some more adjustments.”

[What adjustments?] the blaziken asked.

“Oh your mate here told me a few things on how to..decorate your room for your..time together. And so there are a few things that I still have to do. But not to worry, your room will be ready by the time its evening. ”

[Master, you didn’t have to do anything fancy for me.]

“It’s nothing fancy. Just a few things here and there and because of my stupid human society I can’t do most of the things for you but still I sure as hell am gonna try my best.”

“Nothing fancy!? What about the..” May trailed off after getting an intense glare from Aman. He didn’t want May to ruin the surprise he had for his to be mate.

“That leaves us with the whole afternoon. What are we supposed to do in the mean time?” Aman asked.

“I know. You can go sightseeing. Mauville is a big city Aman. You can go down to the beach, visit the day-care centre. Maybe try the cycling road or the flower fields of mauville. This way I can prepare for your first time and keep it a surprise from her.”

“Yeah. Maybe I’ll challenge Watson.” Aman said, his trainer instincts rising inside him again.

“Yeah about that...You can’t.”

“But why?”

“Hmm..let me see. His pokemon would wipe the floor with your team in a second. ” May said dramatically “No offense.”

“He can’t be that powerful. My pokemon are a lot stronger than before you know.”

“I know they are pretty strong Aman but Watson is on an entirely different level. I was a researcher and I can gauge pokemon and their strength. Trust me, he’s gonna zip past your pokemon with just one single pokemon.”

“Hey we defeated Brawly. Even if I can’t defeat him I’ll still battle him, just to gauge his power.”

May shook her head. Aman was making an amateurish mistake. After having defeated Roxanne and Brawly every trainer thought himself to be superior than normal trainers and in their over confidence challenged Watson, who was just and merciless in battle. She herself had made the same mistake and since then hadn’t worked up the guts to challenge Watson again. Sure Aman’s pokemon were stronger then hers when she had challenged Watson but she knew for a fact that Aman didn’t stand a chance against Watson and she also knew that any tries to stop Aman would only fall on deaf ears.

“Wait. I can’t battle Watson now.”

“What changed your mind now?”

“Umm..I can’t have Jane battle now, just before our...”

[Master I’m not afraid of fighting.] the blaziken said standing up. Aman sighed at how proud his little blaziken was.

“Yeah sweetie but you might consider saving your stamina for tonight. I don’t think you’ll be getting any sleep tonight.” May said, winking towards the blaziken.

“She’s right Jane. We’ll talk about this later okay?”

“Well I thought I could do with some battling. Since travelling through Mt. Snowpoint I haven’t had a single battle. If you don’t count me getting ice beamed by a pair of glacieons. I guess you can’t count that. They did actually sucker punch me or sucker ice-beamed me.”

“You can go to the local playground here. It’s like a battle ground for all sorts of trainers. Just be careful. Some of them are pretty strong.” May said, rolling her eyes at Aman.

“Yeah-yeah. Point me in the direction” Aman demanded.



“Alright everybody. You know the rules” Aman said turning to his team as they walked down the street that would lead them to the playground of Mauville “Jane is not fighting today. Ralts can’t fight. Which leaves us with Delia and pupitar and since I don’t want to seem like a mean big bully I won’t use pupitar much in these battles. So Delia you’re up alright. If you want to quit at any time just say. No need to fight if you don’t want to alright?”

[Excuse me, unlike you I’m not a wuss. I can handle anything you throw at me. The only thing you should be worried about is how to comfort those crying humans when I grind their pokemon into dirt.] The luxio snarled at her trainer.

“You seriously need therapy Delia. I’ve seen pscyo-criminals with less attitude like yours.” Aman joked, rubbing his luxio’s mane.

The blaziken walked in silence with her pack. It seemed so simple and yet so complex that it made the blaziken’s head spin. When she had been a torchic she didn’t remember much about how she had been separated from mother and father, she had almost given up hope. So scared of being alone. Then he had come along. Master had taken her on this amazing journey, with such strong pack mates. Moreover she had never thought of having a mate, she had been given a new life by master by that she had been satisfied with that but now master had shown her love, more than what she had ever hoped in her life. What could be more perfect? What could be more divine? She slightly blushed and trembled as they walked by the dark streets of Mauville in the slightly chilly evening air. It wasn’t just what master had done for her; it was what he had done for everyone. Now that she had seen more humans she had come to understand that humans could be vicious and downright destructive but they could also be good and gentle, like master. So she walked a little closer to him, basking in the luxurious proximity of his presence.

Aman looked at the huge park that consisted of trees, benches and hell they even threw in a monkey bar set for children. When May had told him to go to this playground for battles, he hadn’t thought that it would literally a playground. But at least May was right about one thing. Scores of people were on the premises with so many battling, while some cheered them on. It was poke battle fiesta over here. Aman grinned, flexing his knuckles. “Alright guys lets kick some ass.”


Aman smiled as he made his way back to the path from where they had come. The sun was just about to go down and Aman having won enough battles made his way towards the exit of the playground.

“You did great Delia.”

“I could have done better. I didn’t know that a meganium could be that goddamned fast.”

“Oh would you stop rubbing it in. You lost one battle. One. We admit it. You were pretty good.”

[Pretty good? Pretty good he says. Did you see me out there? I was awesome. I am the best fighter in the world. Say it.] The luxio said grinning at the backchat and squabbling she did with master and her pack.

“You’re the best fighter in the world....Jane.” Aman smirked.

[You wait. Someday I’m gonna beat her too.] the luxio hissed back at the trainer.

[I’ll be waiting for that.] the blaziken nodded.

“Same here.” Aman said, staring off in the distance seeing a trio of men standing just under the oak next to the exit of the playground. The poor lighting hid the faces and the details of the men. All Aman could make out was a general outline of them.

“....Sir. Our presence here can put them on defensive. I have already scouted Fortree city. He wasn’t there.” Said one of the guys.

“What about the other cities?” a rich dark voice spoke out. Something didn’t seem right. Not that Aman was paranoid but the voice sounded so oddly smooth and gentle, like a hiss. Soft but spoken by a deadly predator.

“The search still continues sir, our agents are scouting every one of them as we speak.” Another voice spoke, this one seemed young and hasty with a bit of accent.

“Until we find him, everything is halted. We leave for Kanto only when we find him understood? Dismissed.” The rich voice spoke out again.

He was nearly at the gate out of the playground now with Jane and Delia bickering about who the better fighter was. He still could only make out the silhouette of the three men as they walked by because of the oak tree providing dark shade for the men. Suddenly he felt his foot slip and his head crashed into the side of one the man. The man cried out of surprise in the dark and the rustling sound indicated that the second man had stood up too. Aman stood up cursing his luck. His foot had to slip right now. Dammit!

“Are you blind Brat!?” the young voice with the accent yelled and a hand pushed him back roughly. Aman knew he had knocked into this guy but jeez this guy was surely overreacting.

[Master!] he heard simultaneous voices of his Delia and Jane behind him, rushing towards him.

“I’m sorry man I slipped.  I’m so sorry.” He said apologizing into the darkness. Due to the shady over branches of the green oak he still couldn’t see anything but just outlines.

“Stupid boy you think...” the young voice sounded again, angry and raging.

“Calm down Nero.” The rich dark voice slowly resonated slightly to the side of this ‘Nero’. “I’m sure the boy didn’t do it on purpose, did you boy?”

Aman didn’t know why but the calm, cool voice seemed oddly threatening than the angry man’s. Sweat formed on his forehead and his mouth went dry. He didn’t know why but he felt scared, scared that behind the calmness was a lethality, a monstrous fury that he didn’t want to face or comprehend.

“N-No sir.”

“See Nero. The boy didn’t mean any harm.” The rich voice replied as Jane and Delia finally appeared on his sides. The blaziken had fire erupting out her wrists and feet, casting a serene golden glow underneath the dark oak tree. But suddenly the glow didn’t seem so perfect now. It seemed to have been corrupted and darkened by the presence of the man.

Aman’s eyes immediately fell on the man sitting between the two standing ones. The standing men had their faces set into furious snarls, their hands at their trainer belts. Not to mention both of the men were wearing entirely black assemble with what seemed like a large P, no an R on their shirts. He couldn’t make it out but it did seem like a R. However his attention was captured who was sitting calmly in the middle, his face set into an expression of boredom and very distinguished calmness. The ebony skin that stretched smoothly over his face, his black eyes calm but aware, calculating, his sleek and shining brown hair carefully pushed back, his black suit and red tie that seemed awfully expensive but something that really made him panic was the calm, cold look in the man’s eyes. He understood that the fury of these men was nothing compared to the dead pan look on this guy’s face.

“What is your name boy?” the dark man asked, no hint of aggression or anger in his tone, just the same dead pan tone of the voice that fitted the expression on his face. And somehow this dead pan expression was more threatening than the anger the two men to this guy’s sides were radiating.


“I am Sakaki.”

Behind him Delia growled.

“Now, now what do we have here? A luxio and a blaziken. A trainer. Good. Very Good.” the man said, staring ahead, rubbing his chin.

Suddenly static echoed at the other man’s ear and he nodded an affirmative back into the tiny speaker and receiver that were plugged into his ear.

“Sir the chopper is ready. We should move out now.”

The dark man smiled and for a fleeting second Aman could have sworn he had seen a flash of sudden malicious menace in those dark eyes which then instantly returned to the same moribund expression that the dark man housed.

“Good. Let’s go. Goodbye Aman” Sakaki said, standing up and walking off without so much as a backward glance towards them, with ‘Nero’ and the other man on his flanks.


[What was that about eh?] the luxio asked.

“I don’t know.” Aman replied, feeling a cold chill run down his spine.




May was waiting for them with the door open when Aman and his team arrived.

“All of you in here.” May said sternly, motioning them inside the house.

“Are you insane!?” May yelled as soon as the door had closed.

“I swear I didn’t touch her.” Aman said, his hands flying up comically.

“That’s not what I’m talking about. I asked medicham to secretly follow you to the playground. You guys are worse than I imagined. Do you have any idea what would have happened if you guys were found out?”

[May, did we do something wrong?] the blaziken asked, worried that somehow they had made the impression of closeness in public.

“Okay sit down. This is common sense 101. If you are gonna be together don’t show it in public you fools.”

“We didn’t. We didn’t even talk about it in public.”

“You two were walking really close, not to mention these happy expressions and cheesy smiles. Also Aman as an extra precaution for you, you shouldn’t really walk close to her.”

[Why? What is wrong with master walking with me?] the blaziken asked, remembering  even walking with him had seemed so romantic. Even in the constrained human society they could still at least walk together, side by side or so she had thought.

“Oh come on! Look at yourself. Your figure attracts attention. You’re cute, too cute for Aman to walk that close alright? You guys should practice how to act in public before you really get out there.”

“May’s right. You look should I put this like a gentleman... you look really feminine and well...cute, so it’s best we don’t walk to close while in public. Don’t worry May. We’ll practice that out tomorrow.”

“Great. Now, the bedroom is upstairs. There is some extra food in the fridge. Everything you said, is upstairs and in every way you wanted it. Here are the keys. I’ll be down at one of my friends. Alright. Good night.” May grinned slyly at both of them before heading out the door.

“Jane? Can I ask you to do something?” Aman said innocently after checking that the front door was locked.

The blaziken grinned. [I didn’t think you were such a pervert master but sure. Anything.] The blaziken said, fluttering her eyes at him, teasing him.

Aman blushed, flustered at the thought. “It’s not that silly. I’m just tying this around your eyes.” Aman said, holding up a black strip of cloth.

Many girls would have been frightened at the prospect of losing their sight, now matter for how brief but the blaziken’s infinite trust in Aman didn’t flicker at the prospect of him obscuring her sight with a cloth. For her it was amusing to see master use his human culture to surprise her.

[What is that for master?] the blaziken asked, out of curiosity as Aman tightened the cloth around the blaziken, just tightly enough so she wouldn’t be able to peek.

“That’s a surprise. Now when I tell you to open your eyes, then you’ll open them alright? No peeking.” Aman said smiling, relishing the look on her face when she would see her surprise.

[Where are the others master?] the blaziken asked, her voice gentle, still so filled naught and timidness.

“They are in their pokeballs. This night is just about you and me.” Aman breathed slowly into her ear and gently tugged the blaziken towards the bedroom upstairs.

[Are we there yet master?] the blaziken said, jumping up and down with excitement.

Aman opened the bedroom door and the golden light shone in his face. Perfect. May was a better decorator than he had thought. Everything was as he had planned.

“Okay now.” he said.

The blaziken immediately ripped off the cloth, her eyes dazzled at the sight that she had just encountered. A large king size bed with a fluffy pillow and a pure white silk sheet. The bed was surrounded by candles, loads of them casting a golden radiance, an otherworldly light that bathed the bed in a divine glow. That light only brightened the flowers that seemed to cover every possible surface, roses and lavender with their smell mixing to produce some enchanting fragrance, something addicting. The room was dotted with little heart shaped chocolate boxes. The balcony window had been opened and silver moonlight illuminated the room, mixing the silver and the golden glow to make some kind of perfect light. Underneath the flowers an unseen radio set blared a slight silent melody, no doubt human but ethereal, delicate notes flowing into her ears. The blaziken stepped inside, stunned at such beauty, such human items could produce something so enchanting, so breathtakingly beautiful.

Aman smirked. His visit to the playground had served dual purposes, his team had blown off some steam and the by the time they were back the moon had risen up sufficiently high in the sky. He looked at the amazed blaziken who was slowly treading into the room, her eyes darting from surface to surface as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. He embraced her from the behind, his hands linking at her waist. He kissed the side of her neck but got no reaction from the stunned blaziken.

“Do you like it?” he breathed into her ear seductively. The blaziken wordlessly turned around and hugged him, softly crying, her head pressing into his chest.

“Darnit! I knew I should have ordered more chocolates.” He said mockingly.

The blaziken slapped his chest slightly still hugging him. “It’s beautiful master.”

“No..... You’re beautiful.” Aman said slowly, cupping the blaziken’s face and kissing her, his tongue probing at the entrance of her beak. Though she had never french kissed before, she was more than happy to grant him the access he wanted. His tongue twisted and turned, battling against the blaziken’s as they both kissed passionately, their hearts pounding. The blaziken slightly pushed at his chest, breaking the sweet kiss they had just shared.

[Master I need to tell you something.] the blaziken said. The blaziken turned away from the boy, suddenly looking distraught and worried.

“Is something wrong my love?”

[Master please don’t think badly of me.] the blaziken said, a small tear trickling down her cheek.[but we can’t mate.]

Aman smiled at the blaziken. He had seen her love for him many times now. There was no doubt in his mind. Her love was real as was his. Even if god himself came down to earth and told him that their love wasn’t real or in any way natural he would probably scoff at the god. Every second of his trainer’s journey had become a witness to the love they had. How could he doubt it?

“It’s okay to be scared. I am scared too but I trust our love and I trust you.”

[It’s not that master. I haven’t told you about mating, what it requires and what happens if you break a mating.] the blaziken quivered.

“Tell me.”

[I’m scared master.] the blaziken cried [I’m scared that you would reject me if I told you.]

“Then don’t tell me because I don’t wanna be without you anymore. Whatever it is I don’t care, there is nothing in this world that you say is gonna change my feelings towards you babe. Look at me. Tell me if you find a single shred of doubt in me. It doesn’t matter what has happened, doesn’t matter what you’ve done, doesn’t matter what you do. I will always love you. I swear it.” the boy simply said, his love outshining any worry or doubt that could rise at this moment. Aman gently cupped her face, wiping away her tears as her kissed her gently, sweetly. The blaziken peered into his eyes, finding nothing but sweet love beckoning her to a brighter place. Love that promised the strength she had hoped for, the light she had seeked.

[Master, mating is the most sacred ceremony for a pokemon; it is a promise of unconditional love, safety and protection. It’s not just two individuals making love and living with each other. It’s sharing every part of your life with them. The bright side and the dark side. And it can never be broken or annulled. If it is broken , both the mates die. If one of the mates is to die, the other one would die too. Once a mating is done, there is no survival without the other. A mating is wrapping your life and your destiny with someone else. We are already hunted by so many things master. If sometime in battle, something ever happened to me, you would...]

Aman stopped her gently by putting a finger on her beak and smiled. It was natural to still have doubts if the other loved them or not. After all they had been on the road for like two weeks now. They had fallen for each other in two weeks. In human society it would be considered an immature relation but by long he had realized that after he had chosen Jane as his starter, his whole world had started revolving around her. From waking up in the morning to going to bed, she was the only one that occupied his life and his dreams. If Jane was taken out of his life he would nothing else to do, nowhere to go. Survival without her had become impossible just as it was.

“I would die. Say it. I’m not scared because I wouldn’t wanna live in a world where you are not there. To find something good we must search for it. I have searched for it my entire life Jane. And I found you.”

[You don’t understand master. What if tomorrow or a month or a year from now you wake up and find some other human girl more pleasing as a mate than me? There are human girls out there who must be prettier than me. What if master, sometime you get bored of me?] the blaziken said, divulging her most innermost doubts to the only love of her life. These were things she dreaded, feared and had nightmares about.

“Come here.” Aman said, taking her head in his lap, softly stroking her silky blonde hair. “For me there is no prettier girl out there. How do I know I won’t go after other girls? Because I love you, I love you so much that it hurts when you cry, it hurts when you’re sad. If after a year or a month I wake up not loving you, I would go back to sleep and dream of you again. I love you and I will love you until I die and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.”

[I love you too master but I am different from human girls. I have a beak and claws master. I can’t give you what other human girls can. I have nothing to offer.]

“Yes you are different from others. That’s what makes you so special. Look, I never believed in love. Back in school a girl ripped my heart out and from that day stopped believing that love was real. I thought it was just a name for a cheap fling and I never would ever get involved in it. But... you make me doubt the way I thought, you make me wanna believe.”

[Master?] the blaziken said softly, raising her head.


[I love you.] the blaziken said kissing him suddenly, passionately. Nothing would stop her. Her doubts had been washed away. Yes, she trusted him and believed in him but to think he loved her this much. How silly her doubts seemed now, how swiftly they had been cast away by him. The lover, who loved her, wanted her for who she was.

“I just want to tell you that don’t be afraid to kiss me, hold my hand, love me because I want that and I always will love you more than you can imagine and there is something I should tell you too. Like you said, sharing your bright side and your dark side.”Aman said, gulping down the bitter truth that he knew would resurface if he didn’t get it out there now. “Like you know, my father left when I was very little. I probably haven’t told you this but I think my father left because of me. It affected me. It changed me. I never wanted that but I did get something in return. You know how I have nightmares every day? I think I was damaged somehow. I know it seems silly. So many people have it worse but it just...I don’t know, I just...Behind this mask of goodness, I’m still just a scared little kid. I think some part of me is broken and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again. Are you willing to accept damaged goods?”

[Master!] the blaziken said hugging her trainer tightly, wanting to wash off every last one of his pains, every last one of his fears. [You are not damaged goods master. I now know the reason why you are so good, the reason you take care of everyone around you. You don’t want them to feel the pain you saw. That’s why you care and that’s why I love you master. I promise that I will be with you forever no matter what happens.]

Aman smirked humourlessly. So much pain existed in this world, so little love to remedy it. He had always wondered what was real.  Which one would win? Pain or love? And holding this beautiful angel in his arms he had found his answer at last.

“I promise to love you to the end of my life and more.”

The blaziken drew back and stood up and smiled naughtily. Now that their doubts and fears had been cleared up it was time for them to consummate their mating. Enough with criminal organizations and gods chasing them, she would have her mate no matter how much the world tried to stop her.

[Master I have a surprise for you too. Just close your eyes for a second.]

Aman closed his eyes at her whim, childishly grinning and imagining what the surprise would be. Well let’s just say he was in for a BIG surprise.

[You can open your eyes now master.]

He opened his eyes and nearly died of a tremendous nosebleed. Aman stood up, looking up and down, his eyes roaming, wholly devouring the blaziken’s body with his eyes.  He was stunned at such a beautiful form; his eyes wandered from her well formed breasts to her legs which (sadly!) were crossed giving her the impression of an innocent young maiden. Aman just stood there like a fool, gaping at the beautiful body of the blaziken. How could have god created such a creature with the perfect mix of sexy and cute. He had always hated those skinny human models who looked as if they had been starved to death and as he looked at the well formed beauty before him, he couldn’t help but resist, dirty thoughts streaming into his mind at the speed of light. How the blaziken twirled, her body so beautiful, so sexy yet the innocent expression that the blaziken had put on was so contradicting to her body movements. It seemed so wrong, touching such innocence but somehow the innocence made the boy lust more. There was something of an enigma here, touching the untouchable, like a kid who is told not to do something, would do exactly the same thing. There was some odd pleasure in breaking the rules. The blaziken giggled. She knew he would find her a little beautiful but seeing the lust in her mate’s eyes delighted her, made the instinctual part of flare at how much the male desired her.

[Are you alright master? You seem a little....flustered.]

“ wow.” Aman blabbed, losing his composure at such a beautiful and erotic sight. Hard to believe that such a beautiful body with such a beautiful heart could be truly his. Fuck the heart, the boy was too busy concentrating on the body right now. True he had seen her naked but this was something so erotic, something so sexy that his mind couldn’t help but wonder. How the blaziken was standing before him, naked, wet, waiting to be taken in any way he desired. The blaziken walked towards him, slowly turning to show him her smooth red plump ass with the cutest little feathery tail.

[Like what you see master?] she teased.

Aman drooled at the sight, a huge tent poking out the front of his pants. He stood up abruptly, losing all his calmness and collectiveness at the sight of her breasts with such beautiful strawberry pink nipples, which had hardened due to the amount of lust and arousal flowing through her body. How her breasts bounced slightly with every twirl and step the blaziken took. The blaziken arched an eyebrow and with a single claw like finger slowly motioned him to join her.

 Even though he had seen porn sometimes and had even used his... let’s say hand’s services that seemed nothing compared to the real deal. Aman gathered what courage he could muster and walked forward trying to diverge his eyes from her furry beautiful body but his eyes wouldn’t obey him anymore. The blaziken stopped her master with a light claw on his chest.

[Uh-uh. You are fully dressed master and that, is not fair.] the blaziken cooed seductively, tugging at his shirt. Aman hastily removed the trainer jacket and the shirt, tossing them aside.

[Good Boy.] she purred, embracing him, her large breasts pressing against his bare chest. She was almost the same height as master who was exceptionally tall for a seventeen year old human. She kissed him, stunning him, how a shy and conservative blaziken had turned into this...this teasing deviled succubus.

She led him to the bed, quickly lying down on her knees, her ass wiggled in the air, her tail inviting him to do unspeakable things to her. And just the thought of the things he could do with her, made the tightness in the boy’s pants almost unbearable.

“Jane? I think it will better if we do it in a different position you know? As this is our first time it would be better if one of us had the control you know? It would help things go smoothly.” Aman said, praying for strength that he didn’t just go down on this blaziken and fuck her the way she deserved. It was taking almost all of his willpower just to stop himself from grabbing her and taking her right there against the wall. Even as much fun as it seemed, this was their first time and penetration would hurt, no matter how beautifully wet the blaziken was.

[Different position master?]


[I didn’t know humans had different positions for mating.] she said blushing, thousand mental images flooded into her mind as her imagination devised so many possible way they could have each other.

“Well then we’ll have to remedy that. Maybe after our mating we can experiment a bit more.” Aman said smirking.

He instructed her to lie down on the bed which she did quickly, presenting herself to him, her lust increasing with every passing second. He climbed on top of her and they kissed again, this time longer, deeper and it suddenly escalated into a frenzy. Before anything could tear them apart, legendaries, team aqua or the human society they wanted to consummate their mating.

She stopped him with a light touch. [Master there’s no need to hurry, we have the whole night for us and you can have me any way you want. Any number of times you want. I am yours.] she said and somehow seeing his lust fuelled eyes only made her want him more. Plunging into her, taking her hard, her instincts called for it. To fulfill the need of the male.

“You’re right. There’s no rush. I want to show you how much I love you. All of you.”Aman said, kissing her cheek, his mouth wandering down to her neck.

She gasped suddenly, her lust flowing into a warm pool just under her belly.

“Are you okay?”

[Yes master, it’s just that....exposing your neck to a male is considered to be a females consent of mating. You see the act exposes the neck and the throat, making an individual vulnerable. It shows that the female is offering her life to the male, to her mate. It’s the sign of submission.]

“Oi. You remember what I said right. I’m not better than you. We both love each other and we both are equal.”

[I know master but its instinctual, I can’t help it. Don’t worry master, I’m sure you won’t take advantage of a poor little blaziken like me.] she replied sweetly, which didn’t hide any of the lust she was inducing into him.

“Oh I fully intend to tonight.” He said smirking back at her. He kissed her throat again to which she turned her head providing him total access to her neck. He kissed the nape, the slight downwards curve of her beautiful collarbones, biting softly but adamantly making her moan, knowing full well that biting there would cause her instincts to make her more aroused. His kisses trailed downwards as he cupped her breasts with his hands.

“Wow these are big. They barely fit in my hands.” Aman said, brushing his thumb against the tip of the pink rosy nipple. The blaziken mewled softly, her shivering body barely able to contain the lust and the desire that was stopping her from thinking properly, making her brain hazy.

[They are average for a blaziken. I guess as we are slightly bigger than humans...] she lost her train of thought as her sucked on one nipple, massaging the other with his hand. Nibbling, licking, sucking and kneading her breasts gently. He sucked it until it became too sensitive to be teased anymore. After seeing that the other one got attention from his mouth he wandered downwards, kissing her beautiful red belly, her soft feathers trailing against his bare chest. He was stopped by the blaziken who kissed him, and he returned to her eye level.

[Master I can’t take it anymore. I want you now!] she begged as her body burned with uncontrolled lust and desire. Aman quickly removed his pants, grabbing the attention of the blaziken who licked her lips at the sight of her mate undressing.

“Uhhh..” Aman hesitated. She hadn’t seen that part of the male anatomy and he really didn’t wanna freak her out. True the blaziken might have had a vague idea about the structure of the male organ but she still didn’t have a complete understanding. Another reason why the blaziken was so excited and intrigued to see her master undress.

[Off with it.] the blaziken urged him, tugging at his boxers. Aman pulled them off, letting her see his whole body. He had trimmed his hair, pubic hair. It’s not that he didn’t like hair, it’s just that he preferred.......a clean presentation.  A soft giggle escaped the blaziken’s throat. [Master you are big. I don’t know about my species but you look big to me.]

“Umm...I just a little big by human standards, by blaziken standards I’m just average. I googled it” he added when the blaziken gave him an inquiring gaze.

The blaziken nodded, parting her legs, showing the boy her desire, how wet her slit was, soft pink skin running, with such delightful smell. The boy’s teenage mind immediately formed another thing he could do with her but he stored it away for later. He quickly opened a drawer to the small table beside the bed and took out a tube.

[Master!] she whined. Aman chuckled and held up the tube in his hand just for the blaziken to see.

[What’s that master?]

“It’s a lubricant. Even as wet as you are, penetration is still going to hurt. This will help things along.” He said slathering the lubricant over his rock hard penis before squeezing more onto his hand.

 “Okay I’m gonna put some lubricant into you, so just try to relax and breathe.”

The blaziken nodded nervously. Even with all her teasing and sultry antics she was very nervous about this, her and master, would they be able to enjoy each other’s bodies? Would he be able inside her? She closed her eyes, letting her trust in her master and now her mate calm some of her nervousness.

Aman slathered the lubricant onto a finger first, slowly rubbing around her clit eliciting a subtle moan from the slowly panting blaziken. He gently worked a finger into her, twirling his finger to get enough lubrication around. The blaziken moaned, her hot cunt pulsing at the sudden jolts of slight pain and pleasure that seemed to flow into her body. After seeing she was comfortable with a single finger he slowly worked another finger into her wet pussy. The blaziken moaned louder, her walls clenching on tightly to his fingers. Aman rubbed her thigh and she breathed, trying to relax and enjoy the administrations of her mate. He swirled the lubricant around making sure that her vagina was slicked up. However the blaziken suspected that master was doing too much of it just to tease her but none the less, she let herself enjoy this beautiful sensation. After lubing her up the best he could Aman stood up.

“Are you ready?”

The blaziken nodded and gulped trying to dispel some of her nervousness but the boy picked up on it. It wasn’t that the boy wasn’t nervous but was trying to hide his virgin nervousness under the expressions of a loving guy and he was succeeding. Yes he had kissed before but the best he had gotten was to second base with his brief, obnoxious school girlfriend. He too was pretty much the virgin that the blaziken was.

“Relax sweetheart. I would never hurt you. We will just take things very slowly so it’s pleasing for both of us alright? If it hurts you tell me, don’t take the pain just to please me alright? I want both of us to enjoy this night to its most. So just relax and trust me.”

[I love you master and even if it causes me pain I would let you do it if it pleases you but I know that you will never hurt me because hurting is not in your nature. You are my master and my mate and I promise to love and fight for you forever.] she said smiling at him, loving he was being so gentle, so caring. In the wild mating was a serious business and even though the two mating pokemon loved each other, the female would experience some pain and sometimes some injury. She dispelled those thoughts letting his sweet memories take place instead of them. Hers and master’s day at the beach when she had been a combusken. Master choosing her as an injured torchic. Their first kiss. Master’s confession of his love to her.

Aman climbed on top of her positioning himself at her entrance. The blaziken embraced him, pulling her arms around his neck. The chaotic darkness in the boy’s eyes met the serene ocean blue in hers and for a moment their souls connected, took flight and made a pact. To live and love. Forever.

Now heed my call children for something huge was at work here, some powerful force that was neither of this world nor of any other but existed in all the worlds since before the beginning of nothing itself. How a simple pact would grow into the hope of their world could not be guessed, not even by the god who slept, waiting for his time to reveal what would become the destruction as well as the salvation of the entire existence itself.

“Do you trust me?” he breathed, his breath hot on her neck, her face.

[With my life.] she replied.

Aman slowly pushed at her entrance slowly penetrating her. The blaziken winced at the pain that flowed through her in waves. Aman kissed her neck, softly biting to help her through the pain. His actions on her throat would tell instincts that it was natural for her to be in a little pain and the pleasure of having a male dominate her by biting her neck would certainly help her overcome the pain.

“Are you alright?”

[I’m fine master. It’s not that bad.] she said through a gritted beak, her eyes watering slightly. Her claws had dug into the bed sheet, holding them tightly seemed instinctual. She bore through the pain, realizing this was nothing. She would go through worse for master.

“Don’t pretend to be brave on my part alright?”

[Yes master, just go at the same pace you are.] she said trembling with excitement and pain, breathing at a steady pace, taking in his scent.

Aman slowly pushed himself slowly and carefully further, rubbing her thighs until he was fully inside of her, her heat almost unbearable yet so oddly pleasing and fitting, maybe her being a fire type explained the heat. Her tightness squeezing his cock harder, her silky wetness giving him a feeling out of this world. He waited for her adjust to his girth, basking in this feeling of absolute pleasure. Absolute divinity. The blaziken relaxed as the pain slowly receded and faded into a slight burning sensation which oddly gave her pleasurable warmth building inside her. Looking at his beautiful mate, her face slightly scrunched into a little painful/pleased expression, slightly turned on the boy. The sight of her body breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling with each breath. Every single thing about her made his love and lust for her almost uncontrollable.

[Master you are huge!] she said, looking at how his entire length was inside of her. How tight his two fingers had felt inside of her but they were nothing compared to his entire thing, feeling his member pulsing inside of her. Her slick insides holding onto him tightly. She couldn’t describe how perfect this felt,  how intimate. How could this be wrong, how could humans think of this as perverted? Sick? Her mate claming her was the best feeling in the world, the only way her world was supposed to be.

“I told you I’m average, it’s just you whose so tight Jane” he said loving how delightful her tight juicy passage felt.

“Tell me when you are ready alright?”

[I don’t feel any pain now master. You can start.] she said, loving how his entire length filled her up, his hardness against her softness.

Aman slowly withdrew until only the tip was inside of her and slowly pushed himself back in. Moans wracked through the blaziken’s throat as her walls constricted around his length, the feeling of pain and pleasure mixing into something savoury and very enjoyable. After a few times, the pain was gone, replaced with something else...a feeling so good, so pleasurable that the blaziken couldn’t stop herself from moaning at the waves of warmth that filled her entire body, the jolts of electricity that coursed through her body making her twist and turn, lighting every part of her body on fire.

[Master...this...this feeling is...]

“Out of the world, I know” he said slowly. He could never use his hand again because it would never match up to this...this feeling...this pleasure. He started with slow and soft strokes, his length diving into her, making her each moan more audible then the last one. The feeling of her tight wet walls rubbing against him as he thrusted into her wet, waiting snatch was nearly driving him insane. Her back arched, pushing against him to match his every stroke, every push; matching the strength of his thrusts with her own. She wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him to go faster.

[Harder master...more...faster] she moaned, her hands buried into his hair, possessively.

Aman complied picking up the pace, using his body weight to make the strokes faster, harder. Their bodies rocked to a perfect rhythm, thighs thudded against each other, the sound of flesh slapping against each other providing such an erotic background, not that Aman could hear that over the blaziken’s moans. The rhythm’s tempo increased as did the pleasure with the blaziken almost screaming at this point, her body unable to keep up with the pleasure that flowed through her.  Each time he buried himself to the hilt into her a surge of heat ran through her making her squirm and contort to carry out the momentum of the pleasure. Each thrust ploughed her body lower into the mattress. The pleasure almost driving her into a euphoric daze.

[M-Master...I’m...I...] she screamed, her tongue hanging out her mouth.

“I know.” He whispered into her ear, increasing the speed of his strokes to the point that none of them could control their oncoming orgasms.

The blaziken screamed as the earth wracking orgasm took possession of her, the pleasure pushing her body to its limits. Her claws raked into his back as she arched, her walls clenched against his member, milking him for all he was worth; spilling her own juices onto him. The boy himself did not anticipate it as her walls clenched so tightly that it immediately made him cum, spilling himself into her, filling her up with his seed.  A single moment that lasted for eternity. Their bodies, their love everything compressed into a single instance of time, but the infinity of it lasted for both of them. Funny, how something that the human society considered a sin, the relation they considered to be foul would go on to be one of the most powerful forces in their world. The only force that could stop the descent of darkness. Who would guess that the edge of destruction on which the world now hovered would be affected by a boy and a blaziken. We do not know if they would save the world or tip it into eternal damnation but right now the stars shone brightly as the residents of Mauville slept, unknowing of the sweet blaziken and the boy who had stumbled and fallen for each other.

Both of them collapsed back into the bed on top of each other, panting, trying to catch their breaths as the equally pleasant aftermath of their lovemaking unfolded. The blaziken tried to say something but realized that she was too out of breath and too tired to tell her mate how happy she was; how much she loved him. They had gone at it so hard that they had to catch their breaths for another five minutes.

[Master...master...I...] the blaziken panted breathlessly, realizing her body had used up all of her strength to cope up with the pleasure she had just enjoyed and was going to protect what little energy she had left. He eyes grew droopy, sleep trying to overtaking the blaziken. She squawked angrily at herself. She refused to sleep without telling her mate how much she loved him.

Aman embraced her, letting her hot body, her beautiful cuddly curves drape over his body. She snuggled into his frame, loving how their bodies fitted together; she kept her head against his chest, loving how soft his skin felt. With the last of the energy left inside of her she lifted her head from his chest.


Aman stopped her with a kiss, smiling at her childish attempt to stay awake.

“I know...I love you too. Go to sleep my angel, I’ll be right here with you. Good night.”

The blaziken returned to his chest, immediately falling asleep; her dreams repeating their love making a thousand times and a thousand times more. The boy smiled, letting his cheek rest against her head before following her into the world of dreams, his dreams quite similar to his mate. Lying in each other’s arms protected from the brutality of the world of man, these two could sleep safely unaware that something watched them from faraway, something on the northern edge of Route 131, far away near Pacificlog town.


The blaziken smiled in as she felt a pair of soft lips on her beak, gently kissing her; She didn’t open her eyes straightaway, savouring the feeling of his chest pressed tightly against her boobs, how tightly entwined their bodies were around each other.

[I didn’t know my mate was stealing kisses from me while I sleep.]

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

[I wanted to wake up master. I wanted to wake up and be with you.] she said, kissing him, yawning cutely making the boy smile at how beautiful his mate was.

She smiled blushing as last night came back to her. Of the extent and the intensity of the things they had done, it all seemed so simple now, so pleasurable, so necessary. She couldn’t stop but be happy, delighted leaning against his strong frame, comparing which was softer; master or the silk bed sheet; smirking as she chose master. The room smelled like them, their love making scent lingered making it oh so much more sweeter to wake up in his soft, warm arms. They silently basked in the afterglow of their love each wondering what could be more perfect than this single moment; waking up in each other’s arms.

“So I have something for you.” Aman said climbing out the bed walking over to the table which had a silver dish on it. As he walked to the table, the blaziken’s eyes shot up to admire his smooth handsome back. Aman returned to find an odd expression on his mate’s face.

“Are you feeling well?” he asked, worried that somehow she had gotten sick after their night’s charade.

The blaziken didn’t speak, staring off into space. Aman brought the silver dish and kept it to the side, his face set into a worried pout.

“Are you okay babe?”

[How much pain are you in master?] the blaziken gasped, her eyes getting watery as she asked him the question.

“What are you talking about?” he said perplexed. Why would he be in pain? It had the best night of his life, loving her so much. What was going on?

The blaziken silently pointed to his arm which had a small purple and swollen bruise. He looked at it and the numerous marks that covered his arms and he was pretty sure by the slight aching on his back, there were quite a few there too.

“Oh this...It’s nothing. I don’t even feel it.” He said rubbing it slightly.

[Don’t lie to me master!] the blaziken yelled and fell silent. She knew it, she had always known it. He would get hurt by her but still she had gone on to mate with her master. She had, for her own selfishness hurt him, him who had given her everything including the most memorable night of her existence. How could she have done that? She looked away from him, losing strength to look him in the eye.

[I knew that I could hurt your during mating but I was selfish. I thought that if I was cautious...I’m sorry master.] the blaziken said, pushing herself out of the bed walking away from him.

He walked over to her, embracing her from behind, his arms slipping across her waist. “Listen to me...”

She gently shrugged his hands off and turned around holding his hand up, hers entwined with it, her claw against his pale human skin.

[Don’t you see master? I’m different.]

How could she explain it him? They were so different. What did he see in her? What could he possibly find inside her to love her so much? She didn’t have any doubts about his love now but there were so many things that she couldn’t give him. She felt as if she had deceived him, cheated him; with him offering everything with this mating, his love, his protection, his life, the beautiful night and her nothing but herself.

“You know something? I love your claws. They have always protected us, me and my pack. I love your beak, it’s so beautiful to kiss. I love that you are different; I love you for who you are. You don’t see yourself from my eyes. I see so much of you and I just sometimes hope that you will smile, just to make the world a better a place, just to make me see the goodness. What can I say to make you believe? What can I do to tell you how much you mean to me. I’ve spent so many nights, lonely and cold and I don’t wanna be alone anymore. I don’t wanna be lonely anymore.”

[You are never alone master. I will always be with you, no matter where we are our hearts will always beat for each other. I’m sorry that my stupidity is always getting you upset. I’m so sorry master.] embracing him, letting her body comfort him.

“I’m not upset, not anymore. Anyways these scars aren’t half bad you know. This one actually feels... good.” he said, rubbing a slight slash mark on his neck just above his collarbone. He was not lying as rubbing this mark seemed to send a odd soothing warmth through his body.

[That’s your mating mark master.]

“My what?”

[Your mating mark. When pokemon mate they leave mark on each other and while is not distinguished it is certainly visible. It marks the pokemon and tells others that the pokemon is already mated and no attempts to woo or persuade should be made. That’s how members of the pack know if an individual is mated or not, so that the suitors only go for the females who haven’t mated yet.]

“Shouldn’t you have a mating mark then?”

[I do. You gave me one.] she said, turning her head to the side and moving the tuft of soft feathers slightly above her collarbone to show the bite mark underneath.

His mind flashbacked as he remember during climax they both had bitten into each other’s necks simultaneously out of pure instinct. Was it a coincidence that the boy had never known that the blaziken sealed their mating with marking their mates, declaring them to be theirs and theirs alone.

[It marks me as your mate. It tells everyone that I belong to you and you alone.] she said, rubbing her mark fondly.

He closed the small distance between them, kissing her hand slightly. “And I belong only to you. Now let’s get back to bed and have our breakfast.”

She let him lead her back to the bed, sinking into the soft silk sheets covering her body.

“Now one breakfast in bed. Ta-da” Aman said lifting the dish to reveal an omelette, squarely cut with precision into little small cubes with toast.

“Sorry. I’m not really good at cooking anything but stew and omelette.”

[Smells wonderful master.] she said, realizing how sweet and intimate this act must be humans; giving your mate breakfast in bed.

“Alright let’s eat before it gets cold.” he said, taking his place alongside her.

[What’s that master?] the blaziken asked pointing at the knife and fork resting on  the side of the plate.

“Oh this...These are just silly little things we humans use to eat food. I guess humans don’t wanna get their hands dirty.”

[Teach me master!] she squealed with delight. He looked at her, amazed; how could she find so much happiness in something so utterly mundane? How could she turn the moonless night into a bright day?

He took her hands in his, moving her hands to teach her how to use a knife and a fork. Slowly, sweetly, holding her hands.

“Alright open up.” he said as he guided her hand to feed her a piece of the omelette.

[Your turn master.] she said gleefully holding a piece of omelette with a fork. He opened his mouth, letting the blaziken feed him. Due to her only having three claw like fingers or maybe due to inexperience at using a fork, the fork slipped from her hand, the omelette sliding and hitting the side of Aman’s cheek with a pronounced squish. Maybe a human couple would have gotten angry at that but the boy simply smiled.

Silly little blaziken.

[I’m sorry master] she said, giggling at the state of her master. [Here let me get that for you.]

She picked up a napkin, softly dabbing at his cheek then suddenly realized the proximity of their faces, of his sleek red lips against the pale skin. Kiss him? Why the hell not, he was her mate now.

[Mine!] she squealed playfully before kissing him, letting her tongue roam into her mouth. The boy replied back equal vigour, his tongue ravishing her, tasting every corner of her mouth; their saliva mixing with their mouths literally consuming each others.

Aman suddenly remembered his idea and pushed the blaziken firmly back into the bed, climbing on top of her, taking the dominant position.

“Let’s have some fun shall we?”

[Are we going to try a new ‘position’ master?]

“You sure are curious about that aren’t you?” he said smirking.

The blaziken reddened, even after do so much, such questions caused so much desire and lust in her; his suave seducing always worked on her. While she was still contemplating this, the boy surprised her by kissing her forcefully, restraining her arms. Even though she could easily break out of his grips, her strength was many times the boy’s, she preferred not to, loving how he dominated her. Her instincts demanded it; that her mate take her wildly, use her, filling her up with his seed, impregnating her.

He kissed her neck, licking the small bite wound he had given her the previous night without knowing the amount of arousal he would cause just by this simple act. He moaned heavily at that, arching her back instinctively. You like that don’t you? Aman thought, licking the mark over and over; softly nibbling on it. Loud moans erupted from the blaziken’s throat as she thrashed underneath him, rubbing herself against his leg. If he continued like this, she wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer.

He continued downwards kissing her hard rosy pink nipples, then suddenly nibbling on them roughly making the blaziken press his face into his breasts, her moans coupled with nearly incomprehensible, breathless words of encouragement. When he was sure that her ample bosom had received enough (oh it could never be enough for him) attention, he moved downwards, trailing his mouth over her perfect red belly, leaving a trace of saliva as he went. He kissed her knee, slowly making his way up to her ample thighs, kissing them softly, biting, inducing such painful desire in the blaziken that she purred with delight. He parted her legs, seeing how she was practically gushing, her dripping slit slick with her juices.

“My my, looks like I’m gonna have to ‘clean’ this mess up” he said, putting just enough emphasis on clean to make the blaziken tremble with nervousness and curiosity. Was master going to...lick her there? No. No. Master wouldn’t. He would be disgusted by it wouldn’t he?

“Master what are doing?” the blaziken said as she knew and trembled with slight fear and wanton lust; her pussy clenching up in excitement as she imagined him doing the depraved act.

Aman just looked at her, maintaining eye contact as she licked around her clit, kissing around it making the blaziken moan painfully. He tortured her, as every small lick added to the heat that was becoming almost painful to bear.

[Master please.] she moaned.

“What? What do you want me to do?” Aman said innocently, adding to the teasing effect.

[M-Master are you okay...ahhh okay with licking me down t-there?]

Aman smirked. “Not just okay but I absolutely want to taste you. Every single drop of you.”

She didn’t know what it was, the dirty words or the desire that shone on her master’s face but she felt that she wouldn’t be able to take this painful heat anymore. Aman returned back to torturing her, licking her clit.

“M-Master please..Aahhhh..Please master...More..Uhhh...more” she moaned.

“Right then.” He said happily, before plunging into her pussy, his tongue entering her flesh as he sucked at her inner walls, licking them his tongue writhing against the spasming, her walls clenched down on his tongue so tightly. Her juices dripped into his mouth as he swallowed them, his tongue rubbing against every single inch of her honey filled walls. He devoured her, his lips sucking at her outer labia making the blaziken mad with pleasure. Without thinking she grabbed his the back of his head, thrusting his face into her pussy, the sound of her wet flesh slapping against his mouth echoing through the room.

She almost blacked out, nearly losing her consciousness as she came, gushing and splashing her juices onto the boy’s waiting mouth. Though because of there being too much it, it splashed all around his mouth. The blaziken collapsed back into the bed, trembling as the orgasm left a warm, pleasing sensation spreading through her body.

[M-Master...I’m...I’m really sorry, I...I..] the blaziken apologized at what she had done on his face.

“Mmmm...I think I have had my fill of the desert.” the boy said, licking his fingers, tasting her cum off his fingers. The sight of him doing something so depraved, so unbelievably dirty nearly made her cum again, her mind, soul and body trembling with arousal and love again. She growled with desire and pounced on him, kissing him, tasting herself from his mouth; not minding it in the least.

[Ready for round two master?] she asked, smiling slyly.

A knock sounded on the door, urgent enough to break the blaziken and boy from their lusty trance.

“You guys get decent, I’m coming in.” May yelled from the other side of the door.

Damn you May the boy cursed as the blaziken peeled herself away from his body.

[Just a second.] the blaziken yelled back, getting herself decent and retreating her breasts into the mane that covered her chest and cleaning herself the best she could. Aman quickly pulled on his boxers and jeans, his eyes still sneaking peeks at the curvaceous blaziken. After a minute May unlocked the door, walking in with a slight sly smirk spreading over her face.

“Alright guys I was gonna go down to the cafe, you know grab a coffee. And I am taking machoke with me. So you guys want to make it a double date?”

Both the blaziken and Aman stood dumbfounded , their eyes raised at May “Didn’t you just yell at us yesterday about acting inconspicuous in public?

“Don’t worry guys, I have it all planned out. Me and Aman will go as a couple and you” May said pointing to the blaziken “and machoke will go as our pokemon. It won’t be as good as a normal date but grabbing some coffee together is as good as it gets out there for us.”

 [He’s mine!] she said showing mock anger at May’s declaration of master and her going as couple, hugging him from the behind just to emphasize her possession of her master.

“Yeah yeah. He’s all yours.” May said, smiling at them before telling them to come downstairs when they were ready to go.

[Wanna join me for a bath master?]


 After they had ‘bathed’ vigorously for an hour they came down trying their best to look innocent as all hell, as if chocolate wouldn’t melt in their sweet innocent little mouths. Well they weren’t fooling anyone as May smirked slyly and machoke just headed out to avoid all the awkwardness that was going to take place.

“Aren’t we happy today?” May said to the blaziken who was practically bouncing her way towards the kitchen.

“Soooo...” May addressed the blaziken who was trying very hard to look as innocent as she could. “How was it?”


“Good? GOOD? That’s all I get. Come on give me the details. How big?”

[What do you--] the blaziken stopped in mid question, horrified at the dirtiness of the question.

[No! I’m not going to tell you the size of...]

May had joined her two fingers, increasing the distance between them slowly. “Tell me when to stop.”


“Still going.” May said, still at her childish act.

The blaziken gave a little shy nod, turning away from the human girl due to the amount of embarrassment.

“Well he’s better than most seventeen year old guys, though machoke would make Aman weep in this contest.” May said, smirking evilly.  

Aman sat down on the couch, releasing his pokemon except the pupitar. The ralts immediately jumped onto her master, protesting after being kept a whole night in her pokeball.


[She’s asking what did she do that you put her back in her ball?]

“Aww...You did nothing wrong ralts. I just had take care of.” Aman said rubbing the red horn on the little ralts head softly; in response the ralts squealed, the horn being quite a sensitive part of her species anatomy.

“Oh you took care of it alright.” may chimed in, her giggling making the whole thing plainly obvious.

[What is with you guys? Why do you smell like her?] the luxio said, sniffing tentatively at the boy.


[You two did it didn’t you? guys are gross.] the luxio said, belching at the idea of it. Even though the luxio pretended to be disgusted, she was secretly happy, the two alphas of the pack had united. Now their pack had better leadership and strength.

“Can you at least pretend to be happy for us?”

[Then what the hell have I been doing all this time? This is me putting up with you and that’s as good as it gets pervert.] the luxio said.

“I’ll take it.” Aman said, smiling. Oh how the luxio tried to hide that she loved to be around them. Well it didn’t matter because both the blaziken and the boy could easily see through this and accepted and loved the prone-to-sarcasm luxio.


Aman had a pronounced frown on his face as he sat down loudly in the stupid cafe chair.

“Aman is something wrong?”

He huffed angrily, shaking his head. Even the toddler ralts could tell that her master was lying. There was something troubling him.

The blaziken who had been skipping happily all along the way to the cafe, loving every single second of the life, life with master. But watching him so agitated worried her too.

[Master is something wrong?]

“I’m sorry...It’s nothing...”

[Master I’m your mate now, you can’t lie to me you know.] the blaziken whispered, resisting taking his hand in hers. Their corner was mercifully away from prying eyes, so therefore they enjoyed the privilege of calling each other mates in public for the time being.

“Will you guys shut up! If someone hears up, we are going to be in a hell of a trouble.” May whispered intensely, glaring at them.

“Sorry” [Sorry]. Both spoke at the same time, both resisted the urge to kiss the other at how perfect the moment was.

Aman and May slowly sipped decaf while the pokemon were given some pokemon food (which they refused to eat. To think Aman had spoilt them, feeding them too much of human food!)

[Master you were saying...]

“Alright fine...I just didn’t like the way all the boys in the street were looking at you. I guess I am a bit jealous”

[Looking at me?]

“He’s right you know” May interjected, taking a sip of her coffee. “Well they were not staring at you directly but you know sneaking peeks.”


“Because you won’t stop acting like Mary Poppins! I mean to say that stop being so cheerful and happy. It just seems suspicious, a beautiful blaziken with a teenage guy trainer. You will be raising quite a few eyes.”

[I don’t know, I can’t stop it.]

May shook her head at the blaziken and turned to Aman.

“I’m gonna run to the ladies restroom. No touching.” she reminded them before walking off.

“She’s right you know. You are pretty attractive, though I haven’t seen any blaziken’s to compare too but you seem too...curvy. I think we should take care because we are going to be under a lot of suspicion.” Aman whispered, under his breath, not that anyone else except from the table could hear them.

[Yes mast-] the blaziken was cut-off by a blonde human girl taking the seat opposite to Aman.

“Hello, I’m Ashley.” The girl said in a high pitched throaty voice, which sounded fake on the blonde girl along with her hair color.

“Aman.” He replied, shaking the hand that had been offered to him. Something about this girl didn’t seem right to the blaziken, the way this ‘Ashley’ was twirling her hair with her finger and biting her lower lip slowly.

“So I see you have a blaziken. So do I.” Ashley said, taking a pokeball off her belt and releasing a male blaziken from it.

Aman nodded, his nerves slightly jittery at the presence of this new male blaziken. It was not that he considered the male blaziken as competition, it was just that he didn’t like him. Yup that was the reason. Pretty much.

“So I was wondering if we could drop them off at the day care, see what happens right?”

Underneath the table Aman’s fist clenched at the thought of this stupid blaziken touching his mate.

“No thank you. My blaziken is not interested in that right now. ” he said coldly, his distaste for this girl escalating with every passing second.

“Of course- of course. We should let Blaze and your blaziken meet first, get to know each other.”

Blaze! What a stupid, rubbish common name Aman thought.

“Hey I was wondering if you could show me around, I’m new in town and I don’t really have a place to stay. I was wondering if...we could go back to your place.” The girl said, touching his hand with hers.

The blaziken growled angrily, her beautiful features somehow still beautiful and angelic to the boy despite being filled with rage. Ashley laughed out nervously, retreating her hand immediately. “That’s okay, Blaze also can get extra protective of me sometimes.”

The blaziken thanked the gods that May was returning from the restroom and had spotted them. If May had been all but a minute late, the blaziken would have pounced on this girl and beat her up savagely. How dare this stupid blonde girl try to get intimate with her mate! He was hers and hers alone.

“Excuse me. What is going on here?” May interrupted Ashley’s rants about how she was coming out of a break up and wanted to take things slow.

“Who are you?” Ashley asked, rudely, snapping her finger in May’s face. A vein bulged in May’s forehead as she controlled her anger and tried to breathe.

“I’m Aman’s girlfriend. Now who the fuck are you bitch?”

“Excuse me?”

“Piss off , he’s my man and if I ever see you around here, ever, I’m gonna tear off that fake blonde pasty wig that your wearing.” May said, getting all up in her face with a scowl that would make a shiftry scamper.

Ashley’s blaziken tried to step in but Jane stopped him in his track with a deadly glare that would make birds drop dead.

“Whatever” Ashley muttered before leaving the cafe and our heroes alone.

“That’s how you deal with the bitches in Mauville.” May said, scowling at the door.

“Wow that was extreme. Remind me not to piss you off.” Aman said mockingly.


“Let’s get home. I hate leaving Machoke alone you know.” May said.



After spending the best week of his life in Mauville, the trainer had packed his bags ready to go to venturdarf town. He knew there wasn’t a gym there but there was a battle tent there, which would help in training his pokemon for the battle with Watson. He had heard many things about Watson, therefore he was going to go in with everything he had.

The blaziken sighed as looked around the house. She was going to miss this place. How safe and warm they had been in this house. The memories of her and master spending the day cuddling on the couch with master usually trying some perverted trick and making love by night in a warm, soft bed. Not that the bed mattered. Every second with master was a grace, a gift for her but doing naughty things in a warm bed was better, much better than the harsh elements of nature that they were going to encounter on their journey.

Aman’s pokedex beeped and the boy picked it up immediately, realizing that the number flashing on the screen was Mr. Briney’s.

“Mr. Briney how are you...”

“Shut up lad and listen to meh... Team aqua is after you.” Briney’s old voice cackled through the speaker.

“I know that. Their admin battled me and he lost.” Aman said, grinning.

“Good lord lad, their admin is very strong But that doesn’t matter, you have to be careful.  Go into hiding boy because team aqua is going to take it’s revenge no matter what.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’m okay. Mr. Briney aqua’s admin said that you had something, something that was very important to them. What is it?”

“I have no idea what they are after but I tell ya they ain’t making candy. Even if I knew something that was valuable to them, I would never tell them. Not on my life. I don’t know the exact reason why but I have heard rumors... rumors that Team aqua is trying to kidnap a marine scientist and not just any marine scientist, the best marine scientist in honen.”

“They are after Captain Stern?” Aman said. In advance grades of pokeschool he had did a paper on his research. Stern was a popular name in marine biology and discovery and was one of the leading scientists of Honen.

“Exactly. Lad I need to ask a favour and I know it’s dangerous but this is urgent. I need a package delivered to Stern immediately.”

“A package?”

“I can’t tell ya what is in the package lad but it’s very important that it reaches Stern.”

“I understand. Where will I get the package and where should I deliver it?”

“The package should be arriving any second now lad and deliver it to Captain Stern on Slateport docks. Do not hand it to anyone else boy, that package must reach Stern only alright?”

“Aman?” May’s voice emanated from the doorway. “There’s a package for you.”

“I got the package Mr. Briney.”

“Alright then lad I’ll see ya at Slateport after ya deliver the package and take care, Team aqua is also looking for this package so tread carefully son. Bye”

Back to Slateport which meant through the icy hell of Snowpoint again. Damn.

[Master everything is packed and we are ready to go.]

“Change of plans. We are going back to Slateport.”



(A/N: I know...The ending probably sucked, I didn’t mean it to go there but I have been really trying to write this and not give up not to mention that I haven’t had breakfast in like 3 days. *Sighs* I miss home. College dorms are stupid!!Baka! Baka  ) And my college network doesn’t give access to sites like so I had to hack the VPN. I don’t wanna come across as a cry baby but it’s hard but it would be great to have some reviews up on there...


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