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Bold represents general dialogue.

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‘’ represents thoughts.



The luxio growled quietly at her opponent, her mouth opening to show sharp, pointed fangs to the wild volbeat that hovered in the air above her.

“Don’t lose focus. She’s just trying to get in your head.”

The luxio growled again not heeding the trainers words, his voice drowned by her own heartbeat and anger.

Aman sighed. They had been training for weeks to beat Watson and everything was fine...except that his luxio couldn’t seem to focus and keep her anger in check. Particularly when fighting a more powerful opponent. A few well-placed taunts were all it took to get the luxio bothered and all riled up.

Delia charged with a quick attack, zipping towards the volbeat in the air.

“Delia!” the boy called out but the luxio was too immersed in her anger and would not heed. The boy already knew what would happen.

 The volbeat quickly dodged it and paralysed the luxio with a thunder wave. The volbeat then tackled the luxio, throwing the pokemon unceremoniously onto the ground.

Aman sighed and looked towards the blaziken who was watching intently. The blaziken met his gaze but shook her head in disapproval.

[You know how she feels if we take her battles. I don’t want to get into that one.]

The boy looked again albeit with more of a pleading look this time and sure enough it worked as the blaziken sighed and got up.

The luxio was barely able to stand and was still growling at the volbeat. The volbeat however was taking her time, preparing a final thunder shock to defeat her stubborn enemy.

The blaziken jumped and landed in the middle of the battle. She powered up, flames bursting around her wrists and feet. This was all it took for the volbeat to know that she wouldn’t be able to beat this one. The wild volbeat huffed and buzzed away into the forest, no doubt spouting profanities at the raggedy group of different pokemon that didn’t fight fair.

 [Oi! This is my fight. Who told you to get involved? ] the luxio grumbled at the blaziken.

“Save it. You are already exhausted and wouldn’t have been able to defeat that volbeat anyway.”

[What was that?] the luxio turned around, her fur bristling at the trainer.

[Let’s get some rest. We all are exhausted.] the blaziken said wisely, sparing the luxio’s feeling.

The blaziken and luxio walked together into the shade of the tree, where the trainer had set up the blanket and food.

The ralts also had been intently watching every battle, trying to learn about battles and everything. Pupitar however chose to lay back and rest conserving his strength for the next battle.

The pokemon here at the Mauville fields were strong and were the perfect opponents for his team to get stronger. Aman had come up with a training strategy that was quite effective and efficient.

Any weaker pokemon were taken on by the ralts who was still a novice compared to his other pokemon. Other stronger pokemon were given to the blaziken, pupitar and the luxio.

 The strong bug pokemon were taken on by the blaziken whose fire moves were effective at taking them down quickly. The pupitar also took on a few bug types. Delia was given any water pokemon near the small lake in there. It was only after the luxio’s insistent requests that water type pokemon were too easy of a game and she wanted to get stronger, that the trainer had let her fight that particular volbeat who had proved out to be a  particularly powerful specimen of its species.

It had been almost been four weeks since the team had been constantly training, training to beat the legendary pokemon of the thunder master and frankly it was exhausting, for both the pokemon and the trainer but they kept at it, knowing that if they had any chance to defeat the Mauville Gym leader they would have to get stronger.

Also with this regular training schedule both the trainer and his mate were too exhausted to indulge in after the bed activities which, much to May and other pokemon’s amusement, made him grouchy and irritated. And as the blaziken purposely brushed her trainer’s thigh, the boy got to scowling, and a huff, turning his face as to seem not to be bothered by it. The other pokemon went about eating their respective meals. ‘The hours were rough, the training was intense but damn the food was good’ the pupitar thought.

“You are gonna choke if you don’t swallow that down first.” The boy said to luxio who was stuffing her face full of the pokemon food.

The luxio swallowed the morsel with a scowl and stuck out her tongue at the trainer. The blaziken laughed with the others joining her.

“I think we should take a nap, you know. We have been going at it for about three hours now.”

[But...No..I need to get stronger!] the blaziken said, her expression scrunching into an intense look.

“You are pretty strong already.”

[Not as strong as Watson’s magnetric though.] the pupitar grunted, opening one eye to look at his alphas.

The boy nodded, knowing that they were still far from the gym leader’s calibre. He had shown his pokemon some official Mauville Gym battle tapes and it had become obvious to all in their team that Watson was not somebody to be fooled around with. Especially his Magnetric and lantern combo was really difficult to defeat. All in all they had their work cut out for them. Another two weeks of training would be sufficient to get his pokemon hardened up for the battle. Also like promised he had begun to notice small details and provide some useful insights during their battles instead of his usual worrying and distraction in battles.

“Delia...”the boy started but the luxio ignored him, licking her paw.

“Hey! Listen to me.” Aman snapped, a little louder and deeper.

[Fine..What?] the luxio replied.

“You need to listen to me during the battles alright? You can’t just go off charging off just because an enemy taunts you.”

[Yeah yeah. Don’t worry about it. I won’t lose it alright? Easy-schmeasy.]

“You don’t get it at all.” the trainer said, slapping a hand to his forehead.

[Master let me demonstrate.] the pupitar said standing up.

[Let’s do it then.]The luxio smiled. She had been waiting for this moment all this time. To fight pupitar and see how much more powerful the training had made her.

Both stared at each other intently.

[There’s no way you can win this match.] the pupitar said, huffing at the luxio.

[Really that supposed to taunt me or something. I already told you…I don’t get angry that easily.] the luxio replied smiled coyly and turned up her nose at the pupitar.

The pupitar didn’t take another second and charged at the luxio, the luxio who had closed her eyes at her opponent, opened them at the last moment and dodged albeit landing ungracefully.

[See...] The pupitar continued [so easy to distract to. Therefore so easy to defeat.]

[Yeah right like you could.] the luxio replied adamantly.

[But I can. Even though you can’t say it, inside yourself you know, that I’ve become better than you.]

The luxio growled a warning but the pupitar continued.

[You can’t defeat Jane, we all know that. But I’ve also outgrown you. It’ll be only a matter of time before the little ralts evolves and becomes better than you. It’s a wonder that master even keeps you with us.]

The blaziken stared at the pupitar, motioning for him to back off but the pupitar shook her off.

[You are no good at fighting and you are no good for company. How did master even catch you? Oh! That’s right. You were caught by accident.] the pupitar leered.

Before he knew he was lying on his back with the luxio’s fangs blazing near his neck; points of electricity arching between the luxio’s fangs. He could feel the hot breath on his face and in a long time, he realised that he was afraid and sweating.

A heavy moment passed but then the luxio backed off.

[This is my home too. Accident or not.] the luxio said, her eyes glistening a bit.

The pupitar immediately resented his words. He had been too harsh with his taunting and immediately knew that he had hurt the proud luxio’s feelings.

The luxio excused herself, trying to walk away but the boy stopped her. He knelt down, softly petting her mane.

“It was no accident.” The boy replied.

[Huh?] the luxio looked confused.

“It wasn’t an accident. I believe that everything that happens in this universe is meant to occur. It was inevitable. It was your destiny to meet us and it was our destiny to have you with us. And if I could replay the night I caught you, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The luxio smiled genuinely and the boy hugged her around the neck.

“We are very, very lucky to have you here.”

[You are indeed.] the luxio replied, smiling at her own sarcasm.

The tension was dispelled when the boy broke out laughing at that, with the luxio joining, followed by others.

[I took it too far. I really didn’t want to hurt you. I’m sorry.] the pupitar blurted out immediately after the laughter had settled.

[It’s okay. I’ll get you next time.] the luxio joked.

“So, you admit that you are short tempered?”

[Fine.]the luxio said, sighing.

“Then we’ll work on your anger issues from now on.”

[It’s getting dark. We should get going now.] the blaziken said, noting the shadows creeping up on them.

“I’m lucky to have found all of you.” The boy said with finality, standing up and packing their stuff back into his bag pack.

[And we are lucky to have found you master] the blaziken, then inched a little closer and whispered into his ear hazily.[And maybe you’ll get even luckier tonight.]

The boy blushed, almost dropping the food carton in his hands and turned away to hide his obvious embarrassment.




May waved as the dirty and mud stained team tapered into her house. She kept the food cup, in which she was eating noodles, down and waved the team off towards the bathroom.

[They’ve been training hard haven’t they?]The machoke got called from the couch on which they were curled on.

“Yeah. They are determined to defeat Watson.” May replied, picking up the food cup.

The silence of room was punctuated by sounds of heavy breathing and wood being punched somewhere outside in the backyard.

[Seems like marshstomp and our team got to training too.] Machoke remarked, a bit guiltily. It had been a while since he too had trained; trained to defeat or fight in a gym battle.

“Don’t worry. We’ll start our training soon. Like Aman, we too need to defeat Watson. ” May said, curling back into his embrace.

It had become a ritual for the inhabitants of the house to watch the nightly drama that usually unfolded. After dinner everyone would say their goodnights and retire to bed. For the duration of training Aman was to sleep on the couch away from his mate, because the blaziken had her training the next morning and for obvious reasons the blaziken and the boy were to sleep separately.

After everyone was done saying their goodnights, the boy would usually try to sneak upstairs, where the blaziken and the other pokemon were sleeping and every night he would meet May standing on the top stairs reminding him that she had taken kick boxing classes when she was fifteen.

Every night the boy would give his mate a longing look before goodnight and she would return his look with a quick kiss and a promise.

And so the nights weared on, silent and cold.




“Damn. We are low on supplies.” The boy said, cussing as he looked upon the meagre contents of his bag pack. They barely had any potions and food left and the status heal items were all but gone.

[I should have remembered this. I don’t know how I forgot this master.] the blaziken remarked, scratching her head.

“No, I should have remembered this. You have been so busy with your training. No worries, let’s go shopping today. Anyways it would be a nice break from all that training.”

The luxio’s face lighted up immediately.

[So shopping means….something good, right?]

[It means we can buy new things.] the blaziken replied chuckling at her friend.

[New things…like…FOOD?]


[YAY!] the luxio exploded and jumped richoting of trees with happiness.

The whole team looked at the over-energetic luxio bouncing off the trees at the edge of Mauville flower fields.

“Calm her down before she hurts herself.” Aman whispered to the blaziken.

The luxio landed in front of the trainer still hyped up like a nine year old on sugar.

[Ooh!Ooh! What kind of stuff can we buy?] the luxio said jumping up and down.

“Well we need the…”

[Can we buy steak?]

“But that’s not…”

[Ooh. Can we buy that thingy called beef jerky?]

“That’s just too...”

[Can we buy cupcakes?]

“Alright! Shut it. We are just going to buy the essentials. We have a bit of money saved up but that doesn’t mean we should waste it, you know.”

[Can we buy meat?]

The trainer face palmed himself.




The trainer shook his head at the luxio as they ventured towards inner part of the Mauville city. The pokemart was located in the eastern part of Mauville right across the Gym. The luxio was hurrying them up, trying to usher them faster towards the shop. It was all very amusing to see the usually obnoxious and sarcastic luxio being so excited about something. The ralts had also caught on to the excitement as she was also cheering with small yips with their every step from her usual position at her trainers shoulder.

“Well because you are so excited about this” the boy said turning towards the luxio “I’ll let you do the shopping.”

[Are you serious master?] Jane asked, amazed at the sudden decision.

“Yeah trainers do this all time. Pokemon are given a list and sent to the pokemart. And the staff there just fills the bags with the goodies. Of course you need to send the money with the pokemon too.”

 [If you say so master] the blaziken said, still not sure about this. It was not that she didn’t trust the luxio but… she just didn’t trust the luxio.

“Come on it’ll be fun.”

[FUN!] the luxio exploded again, bouncing off every available surface in the vicinity.

‘Maybe this IS a bad idea.’ the trainer thought sweat dropping.

And so the luxio, the pupitar and the ralts were sent to the pokemart.

[Do you think this was a good idea master?] the blaziken asked him.

Aman had led her to a part of the beach which was isolated of people. It was the same place where she had fought that raichu as a combusken. Both of them chose a spot on underneath one of the massive umbrella’s that dotted the Mauville beach.

“Don’t worry. We should trust them. They are our team mates you know.”

[I know master. I just worry about them.]

“Well you worry about them a bit too much. That’s another reason I sent them off, so you can relax a bit.” The trainer said in a whisper. Though the beach was quite devoid of people but it wasn’t still safe to talk about anything that could doom them.

 “Also I’m selfish and I wanted you to myself for some time.” the trainer said smirking a bit.

[Master!] the blaziken looked around just to ensure that they were alone.

[Well...It has been some time since we...] the blaziken replied, a blush tainting her cheeks.

The boy pushed his luck a little bit and took the blaizken’s claw in his own hand. Even though it was really dangerous having such an intimate moment in such an open place. Only one wrong eye at the wrong time in the wrong place, could doom them. It could destroy their happy lives. But it had been weeks since they had had a private moment. With all the training with their team and living at May’s they couldn’t even have had what little privacy they had before.

The blaziken exhaled, feeling the tension draining from her back at her mates touch. Surely May was looking out for their best interests but this was just interfering with their personal lives. Jane realized that she needed this…she needed a little bit of her mate’s magical touch from time to time.

The boy smiled as he gazed at his beautiful mate. He noticed that had never observed a pokemon this closely. Had hadn’t even observed a human being this closely for that matter. It was like every time he looked at her, he thought he found out something new about her. She was a cave of secrets waiting to be mined and her secrets divulged. He saw that her eyes were blue and deep, like water dancing with the oncoming waves. If you looked into them, you could stare and get lost in them; Her hair was platinum blonde, groomed to perfection and he could almost swear it was glowing in the sunshine. He noted that her feathers were looked soft and lush, and looked as if they had been really preened and cared for. But what really enthralled the boy was her movements. Every single bat of an eyelash, every flick of her hair, every touch made him realize that he was hopelessly and desperately in love with her.

Suddenly the blaziken turned her head and his eyes met her. Now if you ask them, both would swear they could read each other’s minds and would tell you what the other was thinking. So young and so foolish yet so desperate. Desperate to love.

The trainer stood up and sat down behind her. His hands grabbed her shoulders as she protested; His thumb pads massaging her shoulder and lower neck muscles.

“Don’t worry. If anyone sees us I’ll say that I’m treating an injury. As long as we don’t look too suspicious we should be fine.”

 The blaziken who had tensed up, nodded and relaxed. His fingers traced her neck and effectively found out any knots. He proceeded to dislodge them with ruthless efficiency.

[Ohhhh…This feels good master. What is this?]

“This is called a massage. You apply pressure and rub the muscles to make them relax.”

 [Hmmm...You are good at this master.] the blaziken said, leaning back into his chest.

The boy looked around a bit. Nobody was even visible, it seemed that they were quite alone in this part of the beach.

“Do I get to massage some other part of you?” the boy whispered into her ear seductively.

The blaziken who had closed her eyes and surrendered herself to this relaxing sensation, opened one eye and replied [Because you have been a good boy for a couple of weeks now…I’ll allow it.] She teased.

“Good behaviour means I get sex? Damn miss I’ll be a really good boy now.” The boy chuckled.

 [You better.]




May opened the door but not all the way, so only her face as visible through the gap.

“You sent your luxio shopping?” May asked, her face not betraying a single hint of emotion.

“Yes?” the trainer replied his voice ending in a high pitch. He knew it! The luxio always messed things up. How could he expect anything else this time?

May opened the door all the way to reveal a small pile of packed steak and other meats in the centre of the drawing room with the luxio buzzing all around it. His other pokemon, the pupitar and the ralts were standing at the side, their gaze’s lowered.


[Oh you’re here. They didn’t have any of the stuff you asked for so I bought us supplies.] the luxio said proudly, her chest inflating as if she had done the most bravest thing in the world.

“But this is all meat.” The boy said sourly.

[What did you do Delia?] the blaziken asked with a hint of disbelief or rather belief because she knew that the luxio was always getting into trouble.

“There is no way the pokemart didn’t have supplies. Delia what did you do with the list I gave you?”

[Master…Delia didn’t…] the pupitar started but the luxio hushed him.

[We lost the list didn’t we guys?] the luxio said giving the pupitar an obvious glare.

The pupitar and ralts nodded in unison.

[You think we are stupid? We can see through what you are doing. You are making pupitar and ralts lie to us. You threw away the list didn’t you?] Jane stated.

[No I didn’t.] the luxio said, hotly.

“Then why did I find this in the garbage?” The trainer who had gone off during their conversation, returned with the crumpled piece of paper in his hand.

[You see there…there is a very good explanation for this…] the luxio said, realizing that she had been caught. [It was pupitar… He made me do it…He said he wanted to eat meat all month, so he made me buy all this.]

The trainer face palmed himself.

“We can see through your bullshit acting by the way. You bought all this and forced them to go along with you.”

[Did you do that Delia?] the blaziken asked strictly.

[Of course not. I would never…]

Aman turned to his other pokemon. He knew that ralts was little and very soft hearted. Plus she was very loyal to him.


“Ral-Ral-Ralts” the ralts said, waving her arms frantically.

The trainer raised an eyebrow at the luxio but the luxio just shrugged.


[Master you are right.] the pupitar replied.

[Why you little snitch…] the luxio muttered.

The whole situation was dispelled by machoke and may bursting out with laughter. They had been watching everything from the side-lines and couldn’t control their laughter any longer.

“Ahahahha…I’m sorry but…” May said in between her laugh “this whole situation is just too much for me.”

The blaziken let out a giggle too.

It was due to the luxio’s super obvious acting and lying. It was very amusing to see something like that happening.

The other pokemon joined in too until all the members of the house were laughing.

After everyone had settled down the boy spoke up.

“I’ll admit it is funny but this stuff is expensive. Now I have to return all this pokemart tomorrow. IF they take it back.” The boy emphasised.

[So we can’t eat meat for a whole month?] the luxio asked hopefully.

“NO.” Aman yelled.

Delia smiled as she knew she had irked her trainer enough. Both the trainer and the luxio gave each other pretend scowls. The luxio jumped up and settled in the blaziken’s lap who was sitting right next to Aman.

[So we’ll return this tomorrow master?] Jane asked, absently stroking the luxio’s side.

“Yeah. The sun is almost down which means the pokemart would be closing shortly. Tomorrow it is.”

“I’ll put this in the fridge then.” May said, pointing to the boxes of packed meat.

 [I’ll help you.] Machoke said and got up to help his trainer.

“You are a pain in the ass Delia.” Aman said, sighing and sitting back into the couch.

[Why thank you.] the luxio replied with sarcasm automatically.

[Be nice.] the blaziken scolded the luxio in her lap.

[That WAS me being nice.] the luxio said licking her paw plainly.




After dinner Aman’s team had gone to sleep on the couch except the blaziken who was helping May put away the dishes.

Both May and Jane were alone in the kitchen while Machoke and Aman watched television in the drawing room.

[May?] the blaziken asked hesitating a bit.

“Yeah?” the girl replied without looking up from the dishes.

[I was thinking if…] the blaziken blushed and looked away, tapping her foot as if unsure of how to say that.

“Go ahead.”

[Are you sure? I...I mean…you didn’t ever hear…]

“It’s written all over your face. If it was any more obvious a blind zubat would read it.”

The blaziken hid her face behind her hands, her face radiating with redness.

“You guys haven’t touched each other for a week and three days, I guess you deserve a little fun.”

[Has it only been a week? It felt like months.]

“Yeah I’m surprised you could stay away for that long. When I and machoke were newly mates...we did this like all the time.”

[Well master did try every day. I think he only stopped because I promised him that we would get together some other time. And I think this is his limit. He almost grabbed me in public today.]

“What?” May said, her expression hardening.

[Don’t worry. We were alone.]

“Look this is not a simple matter alright? Do you know what would have happened if somebody had seen that even by mistake? There would be no going back, you understand. Think of what you will lose. They’ll probably put Aman in jail if they even get a hint.” May said, all playful humour drained of her voice.

[I won’t let that happen.]

“You can’t stop everyone. We live in this world. To live in it we have to follow its rules or at least pretend we follow them. You are putting both your lives at risk just for a simple touch or kiss. Have you ever thought if were never able to see him again?”

The blaziken was silent. Even the thought of not being able to see him ever made her panic. It made her head throb. She didn’t want to think about it, didn’t want to imagine a universe where both she and Aman were separated from each other.

[I’m sorry. We’ll be more careful from now on.] The blaziken apologized, finally understanding the gravity of May’s words.

“Go on then. You kids have fun and pace yourselves.” May said to the blaziken, giving her a wink.




The boy pounced on the blaziken as soon as she entered the room, trapping her in a tight embrace and kissing her neck softly.


[Master?]the blaziken asked soflty.

“No time. Just come to bed. I can’t hold on anymore okay? And you promised today.” the boy said, thinking he would be stalled again because of May’s orders.

[Masterrrr…] she purred seductively pressing her ample bosom against his chest, feeling his face redden at her actions. [Don’t worry, I just have a surprise for you.]

“A surprise?”

The blaziken held up a small paper bag, blushing a bit.

“What’s that?”

[It’s…I can’t tell you right now but May said this’ll be good. Just lay down and I’ll be out in a minute.] the blaziken said, pointing towards the bathroom.

The boy whimpered giving her a pleading look.

[It’ll just be a minute.I promise it will be worth it.] said, kissing him deeply just to reassure him.

“No more than a minute.” The boy growled.

[Fine, fine my impatient master…I’ll be right back.] the blaziken giggled, reassuring him then giving him a final kiss and trailing off towards the bathroom.

The boy got undressed and lay under the covers, waiting for his mate, counting every second. It had been more than a week since Aman had gotten any loving and he was far away from giving up just yet.

The blaziken twirled around, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She flushed, her cheeks slowly turning red as she imagined master’s hands on her, roaming, touching and undressing her. She admitted she looked good in this clothing, even if she said so herself but what she didn’t understand that why not go out with nothing on? Master would like it better wouldn’t he? She shook her head and dismissed her thoughts. May had told her that most human boys liked this and May knew much more about human guys than she did. Master would surely like this too.

[Ready master?] the blaziken’s whispered as she came out of the bathroom and stood in front of him.

The boy’s poor eyes could only widen to their limit as he gawked at her. He finally saw what the surprise was and he sure was surprised.

The blaziken was wearing some sort of lingerie, it was completely black with purple highlights around the edges. The flimsy clothing was not too tight or loose but seemed to fit exactly on that voluptuous body of hers. It was as if the cloth was made for her, crafted around her body. The material seemed too thin to hide anything but was just enough to cruelly hide all things to leave everything to imagination. Her nipples were faintly outlined through the cups which seemed to be straining to hold the weight of her breasts.

She slowly moved towards him, twirling around slowly to show off her rear. A hole had been cut in the back to let out the small tail. The tail coming out the back of the fabric was only making the entire scenario hotter. The boy was sweating slightly, his mind surrendering to the sight in front of him. He had to admit that she was the prettiest girl he had entire seen, not just because she was naked but even when not naked, the blaziken was the most beautiful girl he had set this sights on.  

Before the boy could utter a word the blaziken climbed into his lap, rubbing herself against his thigh, her breasts pressing against his bare chest. She loved the feeling his warm body against her own. It somehow made her feel complete and absolute. The soft fabric of her thong rubbed against his thigh, and he could feel her wet, hot pussy rubbing against his bare thigh leaving a small trail.

[Do you like it master?] the blaziken asked, her beak dangerously close to his lips. She was almost touching his lips, a centimetre closer and she would taste his mouth, his essence.

“Damn…You look really good in this. Where did you get this?” The boy whispered, pushing her waist gently and assisting in the grinding.

[At a store. Remember master when May and I went shopping? May told me it would look good on me. So she bought it for me.]

“Guess I’ll have to thank May later.”

[Later.] she whispered back.

The blaziken suddenly felt a slight poke against her thigh. She smiled and started rubbing herself against his erection, teasing him, knowing that having starved him of sex for a week had him very excited.

She slightly leaned in again until her beak was only inches away from his ear.

 [Undress me boy.] she demanded in a voice that was barely recognizable. Usually the blaziken was shy and only raised her voice in situations of battle or life risks but now her voice was completely different. It was strong and almost commanding.

The boy slowly cupped her breasts, gently. Even when his mind and body were screeching for her, he didn’t want to be rough and seem like an ungrateful bastard. In fact every time they made love, he was grateful to her for sharing herself with him. He knew he wasn’t the best guy in the book but still she chose to mate with him, love him back and kiss him.

[Master? You don’t have be to so gentle you know. You can dominate me a bit.] the blaziken said, sensing his timidness. Even though she knew that his timidness stemmed from his good will but still sometimes it just seemed like a barrier.

“I...I can’t Jane…I don’t wanna degrade you…I don’t wanna hurt you. I don’t wanna seem like I’m not grateful because I’m very grateful. Every time you let me into bed, I can’t help but feel humbled. You accept me and make it feel as everything is alright. With you I can forget about our worries, our pain. With you ever thing seems…”

The boy was stopped by a single talons softly pressing against his lips.

[Master…Can I tell you something? Every time we mate…I am the one who’s humbled. I started having feelings for you when I evolved into a combusken and I just thought that you would never love me back because I was different. I saw that human girls had so much that I couldn’t offer you. But you kissed me, you held me, you loved me with all your heart. So you don’t have to be grateful master. We both need each other.] the blaziken said, leaning against him face to face, softly touch his forehead with her own.

[And you won’t degrade me if you dominate me master. It’s just a point of perception you see. Dominating someone doesn’t always mean hurting or making someone feel lower then themselves. Dominating can have a positive meaning too you know. In the wild, a male will dominate his mate just to show her that she is his and he is hers. That their mating is absolute. My instincts demand that you dominate me and make me yours. And deep down your instincts too want you to dominate me. Just listen to them and you won’t hurt me at all.]



“I love when you talk psychological to me.” he joked, smiling at his own silliness.

 They kissed, starting gently, tasting each other’s mouths but suddenly it escalated and their bodies took over. She unlooked her bra quickly; her lust taking over and the boy too surrendered to his instincts as he pried off the thong and threw it away.

She was mildly surprised when he seized her hips and twisted her about, turning her in his lap as they spun. To be frank he wasn’t even expecting it. Her hands landed on the armrest of the bed, and her whole body pushed forward as he thrust into her from behind.

[Master!] she yelped he thrust inside her. Seeing her on all fours in front of him, making lust-stricken sounds as he thrust into her made him even hornier. Even after having had her so many times he certainly expected her to be a little looser. She wasn’t as immaculately tight as before but her inner walls certainly were snug around his member.

She realized that normal sex was awesome but once in while a little carefree, rough love was what she needed.

She pushed back against his rapid thrusts, using her own speed to really kick things into gear. It may have surprised her but he suddenly snapped into such aggressive fucking that she almost fainted. But once she was over the shock, she really started to like it. His hand wrapped around her tail while the other hand dug into her delicious, round ass. His hand briefly left her rear, only to come back with enough velocity to make the blaziken yelp with pleasure. He smacked her ass again as he thrust into her as she replied with thrusts of her own.

The whole bed shook and creaked with their motion-mostly the strength he put into it. Her back arched as she writhed about, her head straight up in the air and shouting loudly. Her vagina seemed to be clenching harder against his member.

They both knew they wouldn’t be able to last very long because they hadn’t made love in a week. So the blaziken used her strength to really speed up their motions, going at a speed that only a pokemon could manage. The sound of her bottom, slapping against his flesh was so loud that even their voices and moans were not able to drown them out. She could feel her climax coming as she buried her face into a pillow, her moans getting louder.

The whole bed was just on the verge on falling apart at the speed they were going and with one final stroke they climaxed together. She cried out as she felt her orgasm take over her body, bucking her hips to carry out the momentum. The boy too groaned as he came, with one last stroke burying himself deep into her. Both collapsed on the bed, sweating and trying to catch their breaths. She lifted her head to look back at him, seeing his satisfied face smirk a bit.

[Worth the wait?] she asked, gasping for breath.


She laid her head back into his body, their warm bodies pressing against each. His hands were still on her bottom, cupping them, pressing her body more tightly against his.

With her head on his chest, she could hear the fast beating of his heart. Suddenly May’s words flashed into her mind. What if she wasn’t able to see Master anymore, just because they had been stupid enough to share a simple touch or a moment?

“Was it not good?”


“The sex. You are scowling a bit.”

[Oh no master. I was just thinking about what May had said a while earlier.]

“What did she say?”

[Master….What if…what if we get separated. What if someone finds out about us just because we were touching or being intimate in public? I don’t know what I’d do without you master. I can’t lose you. I need you. Our pack needs you.]

“I would never leave you guys and even if we get separated, I will always find you. Always.”

[I don’t like it master. My heart hurts just by thinking if something like that were to happen.]

“I promise that no matter how apart we get, I will always find you, my love.”

[Master I need another promise from you then.]

“Anything you say.”

[Promise me no matter how desperate we get, we will stop ourselves from being intimate in public.]

The boy looked at the hard expression in his angel’s face. She really was serious about this.

“Look I’m sorry for today. I wasn’t able to control myself at the beach.”

[It’s not just you master. It’s my fault too. I enjoyed you affection, I leaned back into your embrace. I’m just as bad as you are but together we can help other and make our lives easier. Remember master, in the outside world we are just a pokemon and trainer. Nothing more.]

The boy realized that he was scowling too. He didn’t like making that promise. It’s not that she wasn’t right but just being have to hide his love for his mate in public...seemed sad. His society, his human society and its damn barriers were keeping him from showing his affection for this beautiful woman. It made him feel suffocated and cornered. It felt like they were nothing but common criminals and their love was a crime.

“Damn…..I’m sorry Jane that we have to hide and stay quiet while those murders and thieves roam free. I’m sorry that I can’t openly love you in front of everyone. I’m sorry that my species is so screwed up.”

[Don’t say that.] she said, mockingly[My mate is from the same species.]

[And in here, in this bed, you are free to love me as much as you like. The world is open while we stay close and love.] she added.

“I’m not sure what I’ve done that god has sent one of his angel down to me.”

She giggled and he giggled with her. Their smiles just seemingly everlasting while they were in their world.

[You’ve done lots master. You saved me, you saved Delia, pupitar, ralts. You are the reason that all of us are here together and happy. I don’t have the words to tell you how much I love you master.]

“We don’t need words as long as we have each other.” He said, holding her tighter to his chest. “I can be silent and then you can be silent with me. And then we can love each other silently.”

[Master? I want to know about your childhood. I want to know what my mate was like before he picked me.]

“My childhood. Well it’s nothing interesting. I don’t wanna bore you.”

But one look at the blaziken’s face told him that she was thoroughly eager to know.

“Well, I was born in Littleroot. My mom was a nurse joy by profession and my father was a scientist. I have no idea how they met or how they fell in love but they did and had me.”

“Mom gave up her job after I was born to look after me. And so my dad worked at the Mossdeep Lab. I don’t know what his work was but I remember him coming home on Sundays sometimes. I remember him walking through the door and he’d...he’d have this big smile his face. And he’d look worn out and tired but he’d cheer up after seeing mother and me. Anyways around when I was seven there was an accident at the lab. I don’t know any details and there was nothing in the newspapers but Dad was gone, just like that. No body, nothing was recovered.”

The blaziken tilted her head up to look at her mates face. She had to say that, he looked quite handsome to her. His black hair sweaty and sticking to his forehead, strands of it just coarse and fine. His smooth skin which seemed a little pale like he hadn’t been in the sun for sometime. His mesmerizing eyes which were absolutely black but warm and simmering. His eyes were deep and endless like a pit; like a tunnel that you could just dive right in. She could see the lonely years he had spent in his childhood; how every ordeal, every fight had fashioned him, carved him into the person he was.

After that my mom got depressed, she wouldn’t sleep, she wouldn’t eat. I remember walking in one day, coming back from school I was just seven. I didn’t know anything. And I walk in and see her crying on the floor. After that I told myself that I’d never let anything happen to Mom. So I decided on becoming a trainer and defeat the pokemon league. You won’t believe me but a pokemon trainer is actually a booming profession. After that my Mom had that accident. She was paralysed left from her waist down. It wasn’t pretty but we managed. She never let me feel any kind of pressure of pain, even though things were not very good for us back then. She was coping with Dad’s loss, she was working three jobs. She never let me feel that we were poor or unsupported. I…She’s the strongest woman I’ve ever seen.”

[I’m sure she is. She raised you to be the person you are today and I’m thankful to her for that. Because of her, I met you, fell in love with you. But master I don’t remember her very clearly. Can I meet her?]

“Actually you’ve met her before but you were only a torchic so you probably don’t remember much. We can meet her of course. We might go back to Littleroot sometime. We do have Petalburg gym to defeat so I think we will go to Littleroot soon. But it might not be good idea to go back home. You see, my mom might not be…approving of our love.”

[But you have an open mind and she raised you. Isn’t it possible that she might be okay with us?]

“That could be but I doubt it. Anyways it’s way too risky. I don’t want us to get separated just because we put our faith in the wrong person.”

[But she’s your mother master.]

“I know and I’m not comfortable with hiding our relationship from her either but I…I can’t lose you, you know that.”

The blaziken nodded. She didn’t even want to think about things like that. Not right now.

[What about your friends master?]

“Well…I didn’t really have many friends back in my childhood. I just wanted to complete school and get out of there so I could be a trainer.”

[Your life must have been so lonely as a child master.] she said, sighing a bit.

“Kinda yeah. But now I have you and our team. That’s good enough for me.” He said, brushing a golden strand that had intruded upon her cheek back into its place.

“That’s enough about me. I already know all about you but I don’t know what happened to you before I met you.”

[Well master, I didn’t remember how I got separated from my pack in the first place but I think it might have been a forest fire. I don’t remember much but that’s okay. I don’t mind. My home had always been with you anyways.]

He kissed her again, this time softly and lovingly but suddenly broke off.

“You’re pretty tired aren’t you?”

[How did you know that master?]

“Our bond...trainer or mating whichever it is. I can feel your…exhaustion, it’s like I can feel as my own.”

[And I can feel that you can still go a few rounds.] the blaziken replied, smirking.

“Through our bond?”

[Through your boxers master.] the blaziken giggled back.

“Well you’ve been training pretty hard for the gym match and I’ve already tired you out. We should sleep, we can have more fun later.” The boy said and pulled her closer to himself.

They had an accord, a reserved state in which they curled up after love or even when the just slept together, he always spooned her. It had become sort of their custom. It felt good to have the blaziken’s soft back pressed tightly into his chest while he held her, his hand on her belly and hers intertwined with his. From here he could traverse downwards, right between the valley of her thighs and tease her or maybe going up and softly cup her breasts.

And the blaziken liked it because she felt protected, even though Aman could never surpass her strength; he was but human she felt safe and comforted in her mate’s warm touch, his smooth skin pressed against her feathers. It was heaven for the fire type pokemon.

Aman had gone to sleep but the blaziken couldn’t sleep. Her thoughts revolving around their lives. They had team aqua against them, the notorious criminal organization which had murdered thousands was now after her mate and they were a threat to her whole world. They had a god that was trying to kill them. She still remembered the huge green thing and its massive hyper beams that chased them when they were at Mt. Snowpoint.

They also had a secret to keep, a secret from the world. Their mating was almost like a hanging noose, warning them that one slip of their secret would lead to their total demise. On top of it they were pursuing the pokemon league which was a difficult task in itself. Most trainers dedicated their lives to it but still didn’t make it. Would they be able to do it?


Sometimes she wished she could shrug it all off. No more dangers, no more fighting. They could find an isolated island or forest which wasn’t inhabited by people and live their lives happily as man and wife. She also knew that if she asked this of her mate, he would do it. He would do anything she asked of him but that would be too selfish of her. Master had his own dreams and by going after team aqua he was going to saving a lot people’s lives. He was doing what other humans avoided and shrugged off as not their business. He was heroic, yes but also a bit naïve and gullible. He did not have the instinct to maim and hurt. She loved that he was so kind and gentle but confrontation was also required if they were going to face team aqua.

She thought about their pack. Delia, the sarcastic, bumbling clown who took pleasure in doing…well silly and goofy things. The ralts who was very delicate and like her master very soft hearted was very shy. Pupitar, the wise guy. All in all she had very good friends.

She shook off her thoughts and shifted in his embrace, leaning back into his form. The boy shifted too, maybe in sleep, maybe awake. Had she woke him up?

[Master?] she whispered.

“Ummmm…” the boy replied after a second; his voice thick with sleep. “Seconds already?” he said his arms tightening around her waist.

She smirked, a grin lighting up her face.

[After I can feel my legs again.]

“Hmmm…” he replied approvingly and went back to sleep, his leg sliding over on hers and his face buried deep into her hair.

She closed her eyes. No matter what happened, no matter which god chased them, whichever organization was after them, even if master’s own people turned against him, she would never leave him. Despite this cruel world she would protect him even if it meant giving up her own life; though their life force was bonded and the death of one would lead to death of other too but the blaziken found some satisfaction that she would protect him, even by sacrificing herself; just as every being has a notion to protect what was most precious to them with their own lives. She didn’t know but a second later she had fallen asleep, her dreams ranging from team aqua to the god that chased them endlessly.




Far off in another dimension, Rayquaza hovered, his tail coiled, his head bowed to the two great lords that stood before him. He himself was a lord, the lord of the skies but compared to these great ones he was but a speck of power, a mote of dust even though his power was absolute. These beings were universal, older than the universe itself and their powers being the elements of universe itself. Their presence itself was so strong and celestial that rayquaza could barely look at them, their power and divinity absolute and infinite in its measure. The substance of the dimension was ether, nothingness but the greater ones had chosen this dimension among the countless many that existed, where rayquaza could ask for an audience with them and carry out his duties and orders.

[The boy lives.] One of the lords said; an edge to the voice that swept over the infinite void of the dimension.

The lord didn’t speak per say, he communicated would be better. The need of sound was but of lesser creatures to communicate. The lord spoke into his mind, his speech needing no words but only intent, which then were inculcated into rayquaza’s mind as words.  

[My lord he ran into a human colony and I couldn’t...]

[Silence!] the lord boomed, the dimension itself seemed to reel and quiver at the amplitude of the lords anger, its vast darkness slightly shaking.

 [Your love for the humans have impeded you far too long! It was your duty and you have failed to perform it.]

[Brother] the other lord spoke, his voice in dire contrast to the previous one, soft and gentle but confident and regal in its own power. [If I may as to be coy but our god almighty father and brother did create and love these humans. It is also one of our duties to save and help their species.]

[They are nothing but a hindrance and danger to all other species that thrive in the universe. A few species hold nothing against the balance of our universe. I do not understand as to why father would even give importance to such punitive and meagre species.]

[Ours is not to question but obey brother.] the other lord replied.

Rayquaza couldn’t help but wonder; what was this father that they spoke of? A great one that was more powerful than them? That was impossible. The powers of these lords was infinite and everlasting and universe itself was a mere toy in their hands. To think a being of greater power existed? It seemed ridiculous. And if such a being existed then where was it? Wasn’t he rayquaza? The lord of the sky, a great being with all of universe’s knowledge. Eons and eons of knowledge stored in the vastness of his mind. Was there something that he himself didn’t know? Weren’t these lords the very first beings of existence itself? When even the universe hadn’t existed they had been there and they were the ones who had created the universe, weaving the very fibre of it. They were the very basics of existence and order; yes he was sure of it.

[Still your duty holds little one and you will abide by it.]

[Yes, my lord.]




The boy woke up, to the sweet sound of his mate humming a tune, he didn’t know where she had heard it, and he barely knew she listened to any music but this tune just seemed so mellow and content.

He shifted his leg, letting the blaziken know of his state.

[Good morning master.]

“Good morning. Do we have any intention of getting away from the bed today?” he asked, innocently but his voice had a naughty edge that made the blaziken join his smirk.

[Nope. We are going to stay here all day, in bed.] she replied innocently in the same tone.

The blaziken turned around and kissed him, her passion not worn by any means by their last night’s activities.

“But we should really go down or Delia and the other are going to come upstairs. And I’m pretty sure they don’t wanna see us naked.”

The blaziken giggled imagining their packs reaction at that.

[Master we also have to return that meat to the pokemart.] she reminded him.

“Yeah there’s that.”

[But it can wait…can’t it] the blaziken said, suggestively.

“It sure as hell can.” The boy said, arousal and lust creeping into his mind, kissing his mate to start their…thing.

But the blaziken broke the kiss mid-way, keeping her hand on his chest.

[Master wait! I want to try something.]

“Umm…What do you mean?”

[Master you know that you’ve always been good to me and you always please me…So today I want to please you.] the blaziken said.

“You always please me and we did please each other very much last night.”

[But there are other ways to please one another. Like you…you taste me down there…I want to taste you too.] the blaziken said, her face going radioactively maroon with embarrassment.

“You mean a blowjob?” the boy said, his voice ending on just a bit of puzzled note. How did she have this idea?

[Well master…you see…I asked May that what pleased human boys and she told me a lot of stuff.]

“So that’s where you’ve been getting all these ideas?”

[Yes. So master should we try it?]

 “Well…you see babe…You have a beak and that might be a bit…”

[Don’t worry about that master. I’ve had a lot of practice….On bananas] she added after Aman raised a curious eyebrow at her.

“Well sure then…but be careful.” The boy replied hesitantly.

She smiled, she knew master was hesitant but it wouldn’t be long before he was begging her to do this again.

She trailed south as the boy lay back onto the bed, kissing and pecking at his chest, abdomen before finally arriving at her destination. He was nervous; yes but aroused too at the prospect of this new thing as was indicated by his erection. Her hand gingerly grabbed his member, slowly moving it up and down, adjusting her speed and pressure of her touch.

It wasn’t bad. The boy had really thought that he wouldn’t enjoy this but this was good too. She was slowly moving her hand faster, giving him a sensational hand job. After a minute or so the blaziken grew bolder and decided to go further. The boy bucked his hip at the sensation of the blaziken’s tongue which licked his shaft from bottom to the top. She added another long lick, her tongue licking the underside of the warm member, spreading her wet saliva onto it. She took it into her mouth with care, making sure the edges of her beak didn’t hurt his tender flesh, her tongue twisting against the head. She took another step ahead and slowly started moving her head up and down, softly closing her beak just enough so as to not hurt the boy but actually having some suction on the thing in her mouth. The boy groaned at the sensation. He had expected it to be a bit uncomfortable at the best but the sensation of the soft flesh of the blaziken’s mouth and her tongue was so good that the boy almost cried out.

This feeling was so brilliant and arousing that the boy had to bite down on his tongue to moan very loudly so as to disturb anyone downstairs. Before he knew it his hand dug into her hair, pushing her head further down his cock. He had to pry open his eyes at the sight of his mate going down on him as he thrust into her wet mouth. She was sloppy; yes, sometimes going from the base to the tip irregularly but he wasn’t complaining. She seemed to get really excited too as she devoured his cock, seeing him writhe under her touch gave her some sort of control and pleasure. That day the boy came to realize that blaziken’s have larger mouth’s compared to a humans; also a longer tongue as his tip pressed against the back of her throat. She was taking almost all of him into her mouth, the wet, soft feeling of her throat contracting against his cock was almost too much to bear. The blaziken had also picked up the pace, with almost all of his size vanishing into her wet, waiting mouth. He could feel the oncoming climax and didn’t want her to be disgusted by the taste of him.

“Jane…I-I’m gonna…”

The blaziken actually sped up knowing with the rhythm of his trusting hips that the oncoming climax was very near. And with one last thrust she took all of him into her mouth, triggering the boy’s climax. The boy groaned as he came, cumming directly into the blaziken’s mouth, his head pressed against the back of her throat, his hips convulsing slowly. After a while the blaziken withdrew, leaving the wet and slightly flaccid penis against his thigh.

 “I’m sorry…I didn’t want to cum in…”

[But I did. You seem to have no problem with tasting me. Why shouldn’t I taste you master?] she asked, giving him a pout. She didn’t seem to mind the taste…it was a bit salty but normal; nothing she couldn’t handle for her master.

[How did I do master?] she asked, wiping her mouth with her hand even though she had swallowed most of it.

“Y-You were amazing. I don’t know how but you sure are a champion at this.”

[Well I could be better…provided I get more practice at it.]

“Please…practice as much as you want.”

The blaziken giggled, kissed him softly on the lips and left for the bathroom to clean up and bathe, leaving the dazed boy on the bed.




After another quickie in the bathroom Aman and Jane descended the much dreaded stairs to the drawing room. They knew they hadn’t exactly been quiet during their tryst last night and a person would have to be deaf to ignore the slight sounds coming from the bedroom upstairs.

[I know that’s its upstairs and all but could you at least pretend to care if we hear you or not?]

That’s the question they were greeted with as the luxio tried to embarrass them to all hells.

You could literally see the blaziken going red at the comment.

“I..We…” the boy tried to mumble but the luxio cut him off.

[Stow it lovebirds. I’m gonna go get some fresh air.] the luxio said, grinning at their obvious embarrassment and padding off towards the door.

The pupitar had been called into the pokeball later the previous night and the ralts was still asleep which left May who was sitting on the couch, staring at the TV with a grin that could match a ludicolo.

“Fun night I suppose?” she asked the couple.


“Did my present help?”

Another grin, this one a bit wider.

“Yes.” The boy nodded, looking away, a slight blush on his cheeks too. “Thank you for your gift and…everything else.”

 [Well we should get going. We are just going to return that meat to the pokemart.] the blaziken said hastily, trying to get out of the house before she died of embarrassment.




The boy and the blaziken walked together but at a little distance apart, remembering his promise from last night. Now they seemed like any ordinary trainer and blaziken walking down the streets of Mauville.

The pokemart hadn’t made much of a hassle about it and it seemed that pokemon frequently messed up the items that they were supposed to bring.

After they had successfully completed their task and were retuning back home but on the way they passed through the playground where they had battled before. The boy still remembered the name of that man…Sakaki…It sent shivers down his spine to remember that face. He passed the same shady tree under which he had met that man and to his surprise under the same tree, the same bench, Steven was sitting there. In his hand he clutched the pokedex and was holding it close to his mouth as if talking to someone.

“Are you sure?”

Something static-icky echoed at the end of the other line but it was incomprehensible to the boy and the blaziken.

“Then I’ll be there right away.” Steven said, seemingly not pleased at whatever he had heard but his expression changed immediately as he saw Aman and Jane.

“Oh hello Aman.”

“Hey Steven. What are you doing here?”

“Running an errand or not running an errand to be precise. I still haven’t completed what I came here to do.”

 “Which is?” Aman asked, he knew Steven was not a bad guy but he was sure that Steven had a lot of secrets.

“Ah! I have an idea. Why don’t you do it for me?” Steven said, lighting up at his own idea as but it seemed as if he had been waiting specifically for him here to give him this task.

“Depends on what the errand is.”

“Wisely spoken. I’m sorry that was rude of me. The task is dangerous and you have already suffered enough. I shouldn’t impose this on you.”

The blaziken’s ears perked up at the word dangerous. Like hell she was going to let master do another dangerous job. Her reaction seemed to attract the attention of Steven, whose sharp, grey eyes seemed to penetrate her mind as if he could read it.

“What’s the task Steven?” the boy asked calmly. He wasn’t the one to go looking for trouble but if something made a trainer like Steven desperate enough to ask for his help, he was at least going to enquire what it was.

The grey haired man seemed to think, staring into the background for a second before making up his resolve to divulge the secret to Aman.

“The Mauville gym leader, Watson has been kidnapped.”


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