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 " " -  normal speech.      

[  ]   -  telepathic speech                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            






He looked at the healed torchic now who, was still looking around curiously as if she had been born yesterday. They had set up camp near the small lake just outside Odale as soon the sun had set. He had gotten a small tent from mom which he had set up along with the small heater in case of cold and a blue sleeping bag. Though after his win with May they hadn't fought any other trainers but they had defeated a few wild zigzagoons. As the night hummed with activity of wild pokemon. He switched on the pokedex and browsed for the petalburg gym. The petalburg gym leader was strong and  Jane's fire attacks wouldn't be particularly effective against Norman's normal type pokemon.His mind tried to make a new stratergy to win against the gymleader. No. The power difference between them was too strong for him to win. A coo sounded snapping him out of his thoughts. He looked at the torchich who yawned,ruffling her wings.


"Oh so its sleepy time for you." he said softly as he picked  the torchic up with his hands and set her down on the pillow. He turned to keep watch only to find that the torchic had shifted herslef to his lap, cozying herself for sleep. He smiled as he petted her, she  mumbled something in incoherent in her sleep but it was giberrish to the boy. He picked up his pokedex again searching for combusken.He calculated the time it would take for Jane to evolve with their current training schedule. She could evolve before reaching the tunnel to ventaduraf if they trained really hard.Two gyms before evolution. One the normal type,petalburg which he had no hopes of defeating another was Rustoboard which had the rock type gym. If Jane evolved she would have some fighting type moves, with which he hoped he could defeat the rock-type pokemon gym leader but Petalburg  was still a problem.


He growled 'this sucks'. He didn't know what to do...wait did he hear some rustling? Nah he dismissed that as his own thinking. He picked up a berry from the bowl he had kept  nearby for snacks. His ears perked as he heard it again.Rustling nearby. He froze hoping that it wouldn't be some wild poocheyana or zigzagoon. The rustling sound was nearing his tent. He switched off  the light of pokedex hoping that the pokemon would not notice his accomodation. It became dark inside the tent but he saw a shifty-dog shape jump into his tent from the entrance. Uh-oh..the shaped moved slowly as if it could see him, which it probably could. The shape slowly walked to his left and it put its head down to something.


He switched on the pokedex's light to find a Shix munching at his snack  bowl. It froze at the sudden appearence of light. A leppa berry hanging by the stem from its small mouth. It growled at him but the shinx was so cuddly it failed to scare the boy. Even still the boy didn't move. If  a shinx was here, it would have a pack not far behind. The last thing he wanted was a pack of angry shinx and luxio now. The shinx had resumed its buffet, polishing off the delicious berries kept by the human. Its eyes scanned the small den which the human had made. Its eyes stopped on the boy who had picked up his bag and the sleeping fire type ,deciding to make a run for it. It jumped on the boy who  cried out and raised his hands on instincts. He could have beaten the shinx but the thought of beating a pokemon and majorly its pack attacking him was not pleasant to him. He looked around as his senses felt no pain, no bite or spark.


He looked at the small blue dog who was now mauling his bag's left pocket. It succeded and the pocket opened revealing a few pokeballs which rolled out on the ground.  "Shinx-shinx" it let out happily before biting a pokeball mistaking it for a huge berry. Aman looked on as the shinx was engulfed in a red light. The pokeball sucked in the bewildred pokemon and softly turned two times before sealing and capturing the pokemon.


"What the hell?Did the shinx just capture itself?" he said standing up. Jane who had woken up during the incident was looking at the pokeball, also confusing it for a berry. The torchic jumped forward pecking on an empty pokeball. But she didn't get sucked in as her pokeball was on the belt of the confused boy, who now picked up the pokeball containg the newly captured shinx.


"I caught a shinx.Well...technically it caught itself but still its my pokemon."he said releasing the shinx. As it was released it jumped on the human biting him  on the leg. The torchic who had immdeiately at first felt scared at the new presence, now jumped and scratche at the small cub's back with an angry sqwak.


"Shiiiiiinnx" cried leaving the human and facing the torchic now,  whose anger had steadily climbed to new heights at being disturbed from sleep and primarly from the attack on her master. The shinx ran at the new assilant with a weak tackle. But torchic doged and  scratched it. Then she prepared a ember in her mouth and threw it at the intruder but before the ember could hit,the shinx disappeared in a burst of red light.


The torchic looked at the place where the pokemon  had vanished and then looked at her master who had just recalled the shinx.


"Jane are you okay?Are you hurt?"he asked slipping the pokeball into his pocket.




"Okay, don't worry its my pokemon now. Just like you are. We all are friends though not might not be right time to let our friend out." he said simlimg nervously, as he grabbed a cloth and antiseptic, applying it over the small bite-mark.The torchic stared at  its master with worried eyes as he winced at the burning sensation of the antiseptic.


"Go to sleep Jane, this is nothing. It'll be fine"


"Tor-tor"she replied suddenly standing up and taking position at the entrance of the tent.


Though the cuteness of the little torchic to protect his master was overwhelming, the trainer was right now busy with treating his wound.He slowly got up, not putting direct weight on  his bitten leg and limped over to his pokemon.

"Jane are you going to try guard me the whole night?"


"oh come on. You need some sleep Jane. I can keep the watch just fine you know."

"torchic-tor" she  said angrily and jumped away from her master's attempt to pick her up.


"torchic-torchic-tor" she said before resuming her watch. He quietly went to bed knowing that the torchic would not be able to hold out against sleep for long. Sure enough after what seemed a like  an hour, he saw her yawn and curl herself to sleep. He slowly stood up from his sleeping bag and picked her up very carefully, so as not to  wake her. He kept her on his pillow and took out the pokeball in his pocket contaning the newly captured Shinx. He looked at her sleeping cozily and then the pokeball beside her,feeling slighlty nervous and joyfull as he settled for  his night vigil.







He suddenly woke up as a "torchic-tor" sounded and something soft rubbed against his face. He smiled and opened his eyes looking at the torchic who looked ruffled.


"Good morning Jane" he said  as he picked her up from his face and yawned, scratching his black hair.

"Uuh...come on jane lets go to the lake" he said before recollecting the last night's events and picked up the pokeball contaning shinx.

"This is gonna be tough" he said eyeing the pokeball. To persuade a pokemon who already hated somebody was a difficult task. He shook his head before grabbing his towel, pocketing the pokeball and motioning with his free hand for Jane to follow.He wasn't worried about the tent, because it would be visible from the lake. He bathed himself first washing off the dust and pollution on his body. He than quickly wrapped a  towel around his waist while Jane was busy running around in the grass. He walked up to her and bent down.


"So you think we should let our friend out now?" he said, ignoring the fact that anything jane said would  not be understandable to him.




"Precisely my thoughts" he said smiling at his idiotcy. He took out the pokeball and let out the pokemon who quickly looked at both of them and retreated a little  bit. Jane shifted her foot,so as to defend her master. The boy smiled at his geniusness as he put a bowl of berries down on the ground. The shinx immediately brightned up, looking at the berries with a happy  smile on his face but it did not come any closer to the bowl. Seeing this Aman retreated a safe distance.The shinx immediately walked up to the bowl sniffing it with a delightful expression.


"torchic-tor" the  torchic said, encouraging the shinx as now it was no longer a threat to her master. But the shinx retreated as the torchic neared the bowl.It remembered how close it had come to get hit by that ember. Jane picked  up a berry in her beak and threw it at the creature who according to her master was of their pack now. It gobbled up the berry,its hunger winning over fear. It then slowly neared the torchic and the bowl, ready to run incase of a trap. No attack came so it didn't seem like a trap.








"torchic-tor-tor".Both the pokemon smiled as introductions were given and a small  friendship was forged which would someday probably save both their lives. They both offered each other a chance at the bowl first, each shying and sharing the berries.After the berries had been mouthed by both the pokemon  they relaxed. The boy had observed this from afar, seeing the good nature between jane and the new shinx.


After they had finished eating he walked up them hoping to make new a friend himself. The shinx jumped  back as the human approached, it looked to the torchic for help who began explain about their master. The shinx had seen humans before but not in good circumstances so the fear in its mind was great but the friendship and comfort of it's new friend was questioning the fear. The boy extended his hand towards the shinx hoping not to get shocked.


He didn't, he got bitten in the hand by the shinx who had seen  this as an attack.


"Torchic-torchic-chic" the torchic told off its friend angrily. The shinx was now realizing its love and loyalty towards master. The dangerous human had turned into its saviour overnight. Still  its small mind's rational part screamed at it to run but the assurances of its feathered friend were enough for it to relese the hand of its new trainer and let out a low purr.


" Hello little fella,  you aren't hungry now are you?Anyways I'm Aman and this is jane" he said shaking his newly bitten hand, pointing towards the bird, who watched this exchange with a happy expression.


"Shinx-shinnnxxx" it said as it  moved forward and rubbed its head against the palm of the human. With every passing second its fear cracked and natural instincts of loyalty and affection towards the trainer kicked in.

"So officialy you are my pokemon now."he said getting out his pokedex and scanning the little cub who now was playing a game of tag with Jane.


"Well you are female with a prideful nature...guess you're gonna hit it off with Jane.Now what to name you?"Aman said.

At the mention of a name the shinx stopped her game and looked at master who now was scratching his head.


"how about Rachel?" he asked. The shinx shook his head and gave him a growl.


"Okay...okay.  So how about rose?No....well aren't you humble.How about Delia?how does that sound?".


The shinx bobbed its head up and down and jumped on the boy, licking his cheek.

"yeah okay-ookay thanks now lets get you girls cleaned up." After having to chase after them both for nearly an hour he caught the duo. Pushing them into the water he bathed them both with stupendous resistance from them. After having bathed his pokemon, he clothed himself and sat down for a while.


"Man,you both are something..." he said catching his breath, looking at he pokemon now who played around each other. Even after having tired him, he still felt good about  his new addition in his team. Not only from a trainer's point of view but also from a natural point of view.His pokedex beeped reminding him of the time."Okay guys lets move out" he said, folding the tent carefully into his rucksack.He considered putting shinx back in her pokeball but voicing this only resulted in him getting growled and whined at.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               







He defeated a couple of trainers along the way and Jane and Delia were steadily gaining  experince from these battles. Not long after evening they reached the Petalburg city.After encountering wild pokemon all day he was glad to see some civilization.He would have to get used to this as a trainer he thought  as he headed towards the pokemon centre with Jane and Delia following behind.He handed them to nurse joy as he grabbed a coffee from a coffee machine. 'Being a trainer is tough, but its totally worth it he said as his torchic and shinx ran towards him fully healed.


"Okay listen up, we can't challenge Norman right now".He got confused looks from both his pokemon


"Norman is the petalburg gym-leader.And his pokemon are really  strong. I've heard his Slaking is kind of a local legend."He finished, clonking down his mug and leaving some money on the table.


"Lets head out to Rustoboard.Roxanne is weaker than norman but she's still  a gym-leader. We will have to train for some time if we are to stand in battle against her. Lets just get to Rustoboard first." he said walking around a corner and to the path leading to the petalburg woods followed  by his team.


The path was blocked by some guy in white who was apparently batting someone.The posse of officer jenny's also spelled trouble. There were very few people milling around so he ran towards an officer  jenny,stopping when he saw her bleeding a little from a bruise on her arm.


"Are you okay officer. Whats happening?"he asked,with jane and delia snapping out of their playfulness and realizing the tension of the situation.


"I'm fine.A large  pack of shroomish gone berserk in the forest. And there's a boy trapped out there. You should get to safety sir. We have contained the shroomish to the outskirts of the city."


"Jenny sound the alarm in the city. All the citizens are to remain in their houses and go to my gym, my apprentice Ronald will help you with this." the guy in white shouted turning around.


"Yes sir." the jenny beside Aman replied, saluting towards the gym leader and running back into the town with a squirtle on her heels.Aman however looked on as the petalburg city gym leader himself was holding the pack of shroomish. Norman turned to the jenny beside him "You,  go back and look for any trainers with fire pokemon".


"Yes sir" she said before saluting and running off towards the general direction of the pokemon center. He ran towards the gym leader who was down to a handful  of jennys and their pokemon.


"i-i have a fire type pokemon."he said catching his breath.


"Yeah son but there are a lot of wild shroomish out there, and no offense but there's no way I'm gonna let a rookie trainer out there."  


"But my pokemon is strong. It can help."


"If you are talking about the torchic, it doesn't look that strong to me" Norman said looking at the cowering torchic behind her master's legs.


He looked at Jane and picked  her up."Jane.I need your help, will you fight for me, please?" he said.The cowering expression of the torchic changed to a look of determination.


"tor-tor-chic" she said huffing angrily.She would fight for her master  and she would win she thought before jumping out of his trainer's hands and landing on the ground, waiting for orders.


"Okay kid but if you get into trouble this could be dangerous.Those shroomish use stunspore to  paralyze you and you are coming with me." he said running towards the barricade tossing pokeball, from which a vigoroth and slakoth joined his side.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    








He retreated Delia. She was an electric type so she would be vulnerable against those grass-types out there."let's go" he said to the torchic before running towards the small barricade.


"Take this." norman said handing a paralyze heal to the boy who caught it and jumped over the barricade following  the gym-leaders moves.He was stupefied at the scene that met his eyes.Atleast thirty or so shroomish were running around the forest parts and a huge number of them were fighting a small number of officer jenny's pokemons. Even the wind was tainted a little yellow, probably because of the amount of stunspore in the air.


"Okay kid there's going to be some long grass beyond those trees, thats where we think Wally went to catch his pokemon.So both of us are gonna head out there and get him back to the town okay. And he may need some temporary medication so i'll do the fighting, you just try to get him to safety okay?".


Oh he had a retort coming but he swallowed his pride and nodded.This was no time for pride, a boy was in danger. He ran towards the forest with Jane running ahead of him.And norman leading them. His vigoroth was extremely powerful though slow, its slashs and cuts were effectively  k-o-ing the shroomish.He shook his head and concentrated on the battle as a shroomish ran towards them. Jane jumped at the tackle intended for her and threw a ember at the shroomish which yelped and ran back towards the forest. They both ran on, with norman's pokemon and Jane's embers they had already made most of their way to the trees beyond which Wally had been lost.


"Now things are gonna get tough. Buckle up"Norman said running into woods.


He followed and squinted his eyes at the slightly dark forest.His eyes widened not at the beauty of the forest but the huge amount of shroomish.The place was swarming with shroomish.Norman's vigoroth and slakoth were now battling seven shroomish at a time and more were coming towards them. He nodded towards his torchic.Both of them ran towards their allies .Jane fired 4 embers succesively at the group of the shroomish who scattered to avoid  those small flames.


"We are outnumbered. We have to make a break for it. Lets just clear a path." Aman nodded and relayed the orders to jane.Norman too retreated the slakoth and commanded his vigoroth to clear the path .Vigororth nodded before growling and slashing at the shroomish in the way.Both the trainers ran behind their pokemon as their pokemon fired the shroomish with embers and slash whose numbers were growing with their progress towards Wally.The forest was now slightly yellowish and the air was thick with spores.


"Hold your breath kid and cover your mouth" norman shouted at the boy who complied without hesitation. The amount of stunspore was increasing.Norman took out a bottle an sprayed it on both their pokemon."This ought to hold for a while. Go!"he yelled.


They ran on and in a few minutes the trees began to thin in numbers."Listen boy, I'll do the fighting, you take Wally okay?"Norman said, more in  a statement than a question.They both looked as they came to the tall grass which came up to their Aman's thighs.The sheer amount of shroomish here made him take a step back."There must be at least seventy of these things or so. Look for wally I'll cover you." norman said. Aman looked around the tall grass.There was a shroomish epidemic here but to the west corner of the grass, the shroomish were clamouring there.The air around there was intense yellow, almost coagulated with stun spores.


"Look."he said to norman pointing towards the crowd of shroomish who strangely were headbutting against the air as if there was some unseen barrier there.They both ran towards the place, norman's vigoroth now fighting at his full strength slashing at the shroomish with skill that made Aman glad that Norman was his ally not his opponent. He had given Jane all clear, so now Jane was fighting without commands from her trainer.They slowly made way towards the westwards-corner.Now they were entering the hot zone of shroomish. Even with all of them fighting together Aman knew that they would be easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of the shroomish. So did Norman.Norman smiled as he whipped out a pokeball from his belt and released the pokemon inside.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            





A large roar sounded as the gargantuan slaking thumped his chest tarzan style with its large fists. For a second every shroomish stopped and looked at the ape, who was many times bigger in size than any of them. Suddenly every shroomish in the area jumped away from the slaking and dove into the forset as fast as they could.In a matter of seconds, the whole grass  field was shroomish-free. Aman just stared, open-mouthed at the slaking who looked to Norman and nodded before laying down and assuming a sleeping pose.


"Get Wally, quick."norman snapped at the boy who had lost this train of thought gawking at the huge slaking. He nodded his head with Jane walking beside him. All this fighting had tired her but her instinct to protect her master was doubled now. He walked over to see an unconscious green haired,skinny kid laying on the grass with a small injured ralts standing infront of him. Its stance was of battle so he replied before any complications happened.


"I'm here to help him."he said shaking his head towards the unconscious boy.In response the ralts collapsed on the ground, purple blood leaking from its mouth.


"Norman!" Aman yelled before running towards the injured human and pokemon.Jane reluctantly followed her master, her energy had gone from low to minimum,she could barely keep herself up. Meanwhile Norman had joined Aman,now fumbling in his pocket brought out a red white bottle.He sidestepped the trainer who had picked up his torchic, and sprayed the superpotion on both  the unconscious pokemon and human.The medicine slowly took its effect as scratches and deep cuts healed leaving barely visible scars.The blood flowing from the ralts mouth stopped and wally's knee which had a small slash across  it healed.


"This will do for the time being, but we have to get them to the pokemon center immediately. I think the amount of stunspore used on them has taken its toll."Norman said offering the superpotion to Aman.


"Okay than lets hurry then" Aman said taking the bottle and spraying it on his little torchic.The dull and a little sleepy torchic squawked as her energy returned to her. Though she had been healed of her pain and injuries, the tiredness still persisted which could only be cured by sleeping and healing naturally."I don't think Jane can take more damage .Lets just hurry before those shroomish come back."Aman said and smiled as the little torchic protested at his damage  theory.


Slaking who had been cozying himself up till now suddenly walked over to them and looked at Norman.The trainer of the beast consented and the slaking picked up the still unconscious wally and put him on his shoulder."Dorian  will carry Wally and you can carry the ralts.Lets get going before that stunspore does any permanent damage."Norman said abruptly. Aman picked up the small green and white pokemon in his hands which stirred but didn't wake up.He looked up to see Slaking followed by Norman walking away."Jane lets go"he said to the little torchic who raced ahead of him.With Dorian, the slaking in their party rarely any shroomish tried to attack them.Most of them just fled at the sight of the mighty slaking. The one's who did attack retreated hastily after a roar and fierce thump from Dorian.It seemed like a cake walk with the huge beast and with no more attacks the group could talk without getting stunspored or headbutted by shroomish.


"So dosen't stunspore just paralyse you?"Aman asked looking at the unconscious pokemon in his hands.

"It does but in really large concentrations its toxic too and can result in poisioning and death.Did you read about those deaths from viplume stunspore explosion?"


"Yeah that guy tried to relocate the viplume's nests from his garden without any pokemon didn't he?"


"Yes. Which leads us to another question."




"Why is there a shroomish epidemic here? I know Wally, the boy couldn't hurt a metapod but I do think he might have accidently set off something."


"Did it rain here in past three or four days?"


"Yes. Rains are pretty common this season around petalburg."


"Aren't shroomish very sensitive  during eating?They feed on fresh compost soil which could have been turned during the rain."


"That actually makes sense . Wally must have stumbled on a pack of shroomish while they were feeding. Anyways can you torchic handle  some shroomish?Dorian's powerful but he's slow.And I'm really worried about Wally right now."


"If you let out your vigoroth, i think we can make it to the barricade.Then we can run the rest of the way but you will have to carry Wally, my bag is a little heavy."


Norman nodded, retreated Slaking picked up Wally and let out vigoroth before any of the shroomish thoroughly registered the absence of the huge slaking.


"Jane just a little more to go." Aman said.


The shroomish now aware that the slaking had been withdrawn, were clustering around the group.

"Lets make a run for it okay. Just clear a path for us vigoroth."


"Don't worry i'm sure we can keep  up."

"Vigoroth-vigor-vigoroth" the vigroth said waving a friendly claw towards the small fire-type.

"torchic-torchic" the torchic replied nodding at the monkey.They both jumped and let out their respective attacks.As the shroomish  broke to avoid the attacks.Vigoroth aimed a hidden power at the cluster of shroomish's.Norman and Aman both ran with the vigoroth and the torchic leading them.Aman let out a sigh of relief as he saw the barricade.The number of  shroomish had increased and the small pokemon team jenny's were barely holding against their opponents great numbers.Norman let out his slaking as they ran on towards the barricade with vigoroth and Jane covering them from both  sides.The cluster of shroomish immediately disappeared after Dorian's appearance and a few mighty roars from him.


The officer jenny's sighed with relief and ran towards their injured pokemon."Officer"Norman said to one of them  "Post surveillance duty here for some time and inform your headquarters that the situation is under control.Nobody leaves this town until I say so."Befor the officer jenny could respond,Norman ran towards the direction of the  pokemon center with an unconscious boy on his shoulder and a rookie trainer on his heels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            




Norman and Aman looked at the unconscious boy who was now resting surrounded by a chansey.The chansey kept the small ralts on wally's chest, which was also had a IV drip attached to its small white wrist. Nurse Joy came in clutching a sheet board to her chest.


"We have drained the toxins from their bodies and we are providing medication for the time being.They should  regain conscious in a day,sir. Are your pokemon to be treated too,sir?" she asked looking at both the trainers.


"My Slaking and vigoroth need some attention.But you should probably tend to his pokemon first.His pokemon are younger and more drained than mine" Norman said motioning towards the boy and the torchic with his hand.


"Okay sir come with me"Joy said to Aman who picked up his torchic and followed the pink-haired nurse."Sit down here please.That's a nasty  cut on your arm sir, other than that you should be fine"Joy said cleaning the small cut on Aman's arm who hadn't noticed this until now.She wrapped a bandage over the cut and stood up."This should do it.Though you can travel now but your torchic is really tired out so she will have to have a good night's sleep atleast."


"Don't worry Nurse Joy I wont be traveling any time soon.The path out of the town is closed and I want Jane to heal completely before we head to Rustoboard city."


"Okay take care now" Nurse Joy said with a smile which made the boy blush (No, shes older than you!).Aman picked up the healed torchic who was now sleeping in his hands and exited the room.He heard Nurse Joy muttering softly behind him.


"What was Norman thinking?A boy and a torchic...into the forest....i would never....".As Nurse Joy called Norman in,he stopped Aman with his hand


"I never got your name."

"Aman from littleroot town"

"So Aman, the pokemon center's booked full.Where are you planning to stay?"

"I have a pitch-tent. i'll just camp it near the pokemon center i guess."

"Hmm...i have a better idea, here take this and go to my gym.Look for Ronald, he's my apprentice. He'll show you to the sleeping quarters." Norman said handing Aman a key with the petalburg gym symbol on it.Before Aman could even thank him Norman pulled out vigoroth and went to the other room to be treated.


Aman lay down on the hard  bed which he had been showed by the sour-looking apperrentice of Norman. He titled his neck to look and at the sleeping torchic on his chest.He looked over to see Delia had fallen asleep against his shoulder after her game of  bite-the-human.He looked back at Jane,he had risked her life today,his too but more importantly hers. She was just a innocent torchic following orders, not once he had thought about the danger to his pokemon when joining Norman.He had  just thrown her into battle without a thought for her safety and his heart burned with guilt.He would apologize to her first thing in the morning. Never risk your pokemon even if houndooms chase you to the end of hell he added a note to his mind before drifting of to sleep.


His eyes opened near midnight after his daily nightmare. He calmed himself for the sake of the torchic which slept on and returned to sleep.


He was woken by soft pecks and bites to his cheeks and hands respectively.He woke up to see Jane and Delia 'assualting' him.


"Yeah guys thanks for waking me up so gently." he said yawning.






"Lets get showered than shall we?"He said scratching his shoulder.


Both the torchic  and the shinx had come to recognize the human word 'shower' and 'bath' now and immediately jumped out of their trainer's reach.


"Oh come on guys not again." he sighed.






"shinx-shinx" Delia said disappearing into bed covers. Jane followed her.This time though the trainer smartened up and just grabbed the whole bed sheet and bundled it into a sack.

"There, gotch ya"He said smiling to the bundle of twitching bedsheet from which angry growls and squawks  sounded. He took the bundle to the bathroom and efficiently bathed them.Of course in return he got pecked by Jane. After bathing his pokemon he put them on his bed.


They resumed their playing of 'hide and seek' as their trainer bathed.He came out to see Norman sitting in a chair in the room.


"Good morning Aman, seems like you are an early bird.I just wanted to tell you that Wally is conscious. If you want. we can go see him together."


"Yeah sure and thanks for your hospitality,sir"  Aman said picking up his bag.


"No need for this formality boy, call me Norman" Norman said exiting the room with his vigoroth. Aman followed Norman with Jane and delia.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          








Meanwhile the green haired boy looked at the ralts which was now  slowly waking up.


"ral?"it said looking into the kind green eyes of the boy.


"Hello little fella."Wally said nervously.The ralts sensed kindness,fear and gratitude in the boy's heart and heaved a sigh of relief. It's mother had always  told it to stay away from humans but humans were not as bad as mother had described.


[ nice].Wally jumped at the sudden small-babyish voice in his head then gleefully realized what had happened."did you just use telepathy?"


[Yes. but bond weak. i weak. so little say.]


"Oh so you're saying that your not strong enough to maintain clear telepathy?"

The ralts nodded.

"Thanks for saving me back there. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.Thank you so much"

[Many pokemon attack. Why?]

"I don't know.I just saw them eating something and the next thing i know is that they are attacking me."

[You not battle pokemon.Why? You no pokemon?]

"oh i didn't have any pokemon.I was hoping to get a starter but professor  birch didn't have any this week so i hoped to capture a pokemon myself."

[You capture,kill pokemon?]the ralts said withdrawing a little from Wally.

"No,no.I don't ofcourse".

[but capture pokemon unhappy.]

"No we trainers have our set of rules.We offer pokemon a choice to journey with us or to return home. It's their choice. And trainers can't capture baby pokemon or their nursing parents.So we don't do anything to harm pokemon."

[humans good?]

"well not all of us but yeah most of us.

[so you want 'starter' pokemon?]

"yeah.i guess but i don't think i'm gonna go out to the woods for quite a long time."

[don't worry.I protect you from pokemon].Wally's eyes brightened as he heard these words.Would the Ralts agree to...?


"Umm....would you-you you,know l-like to be....m-my pokemon?"Wally asked nervously.

[ good human.kind.I your pokemon.]the ralts said smiling and hugging Wally's face which had gone from happy to joyful. The door opened and Norman,Aman and their group entered the room escorted by Nurse Joy.


"Hello Wally"Norman said looking at the ralts climbing off of wally's face.


"Hello sir"Wally said looking down.Ralts immediately picked up Wally's fear and  jumped in front of Wally to protect him.Norman smiled at the attempt of the little pokemon."No ralts.He won't hurt us"


[But you afraid.]


"Yeah. A little."


"So you can telepathically speak with your ralts now Wally?" norman said smiling  at the boy.

"Well ralts isn't offically mine. I haven't caught him with a pokeball but he agreed to be my pokemon sir."

Norman hid his look of amazement.Not that pokemon weren't capable of telepathy but he had never heard of a ralts being able to do telepathy.Ralts were too weak to construct a psychic bond with anyone, let alone use it.And telepathy without a trainer-pokemon bond that was purely unheard of. Wally rubbed Ralts red horn on his head to which the Ralts squealed in delight.


"Thanks for saving me sir,i had no idea that the shroomish would attack."Wally said getting up a little but went back to bed after a glare from Nurse Joy.

"Wally you should never go into tall grass or woods without a pokemon.You could have asked for my help son. And we just wanted to ask a few questions."A chansey came in to set a glass of moo-moo milk on Wally's table and pointed at the clock.


"They'll be here just a few more  minutes here Chansey.Sir we will discharge Wally after a scan and we are running a little late.So if you don't mind..."Nurse joy said walking past Norman towards Chansey.

"We'll just be out of here in a few minutes Joy."

The pink haired  nurse bobbed her head before following chansey out of the room.



"Excuse me sir, but who is he?"Wally said motioning with his hand towards Aman.

"Oh this is Aman.He helped me save you in the woods."

"Thank you very much sir"Wally said  smiling towards Aman.

"Uhh..its no big deal".Aman hadn't really been called 'sir' since he went to the eating place in sinnoh when he was small.It felt awkward.

"So Wally do you know why did those shroomish attack you?"Norman asked sitting  down in a empty chair, his vigoroth standing at his side.

"I don't really know sir.I just saw this huge group of them eating something on the ground and I was running away when they attacked me."

"Looks like you were right Aman.Wally  shroomish feed on composite soil, so you probably stumbled on a pack feeding.They are really sensitive while eating"

"I-i didn't k-know that sir"Wally head sloped downwards in shame.

"That's no need get depressed.Accidents happen. Here i  have something that will cheer you up."Wally looked up to see Norman holding a pokedex and a pokeball in each hand."Here these are yours. You can capture your ralts and start on your journey if you want to."

"Yeah.Thank you so much  sir"Wally said bounding out bed leaving the little Ralts on it.

[Wally] telepathic baby voice whined in his head.

"Im here Ralts" wally said turning back to find that the ralts had teleported itself to his shoulder.Norman hid another surprised look at this feat.While ralts were capable of teleport, the normal ralt's teleport would be hazy and imprecise.But the surety and preciseness of this ralts teleport on wally's shoulder had left him amazed.

He clicked the small button on his glasses.Level five. Barely over a newborn but the telepathy and teleportation were atleast level twelve for ordinary ralts.And that was a maybe.Telepathic psychic bond between trainer and pokemon was established only after evolution or in this case after this ralts evolved into a kirila. Its stats were a little high but nothing unusual.


He accidently titled his head and the little torchic and shinx came into his view. His eyes widened at the report given to him.If the ralts was amazing, the torchic's stats were unbeliveable.Attack,Hp, special attack was way up high than any torchic he had heard of.While the def and special defense were slightly high too.He had seen pokemon with higher stats than normal and that was with medicines such as X attack and so on but there was no way it could be increased to this much.Was this coincidence that he had met two special pokemon?He checked the shinx. Nope all the normal  traits and stats of a normal shinx.He checked the torchic again and it amazed him. Norman's vigoroth was the only one aware of Norman's special luxray-slash vision glasses.


Meanwhile Wally had captured his ralts and was learning  the pokedex's functions from Aman.Their friendship seemed to going on well enough."After closing the pokemon list you press this button.There. Thats how you check a pokemon's report and everything."Aman said handing the pokedex to Wally.  


"ralts you are level five ,Male. And you are quiet of nature."Wally said giggling at the Ralts who was busy playing with Wally's green hair.


"Take care now.Wally don't exert yourself too much.Nurse Joy would set a mighteyana after me if she finds out that I'm disturbing you."Norman chuckled,standing up from the chair.

"Wally stop by at the gym after this would you?Aman lets get going."Norman said walking towards the door.

"Bye Wally.See you around." Aman said waving at the  green haired boy.


He followed Norman out of the room with his torchic and shinx running after him,leaving the Ralts and its master in the pokemon center.


After checking out the barricade post with Norman, he decided to leave for  Rustoboard.The shroomish activity had subsided mostly.Though the officer Jenny's thought that it could still be dangerous inside the woods, Aman was all set to go to Rustoboard.


"Okay bye Norman."


"Kid call me when you reach Rustoboard. Here's my pokenav number.Please tell me you have a pokenav function in your pokedex.".Aman nodded his reply.


"I'll see you again some time."


"You bet. I'll be challenging you someday."Norman chuckled at this.


Typical trainer he thought before replying "I'll be waiting for that kid."




"Bye to you too vigoroth"Aman said.


"Actually vigoroth's telling you to take care"


"Oh thanks vigoroth.We'll see you in the arena next time"




"Torchic-tor-chic" Jane said shaking her head."vigor-vigo-roth" vigoroth said waving a claw in a bye motion.The shinx who was a stranger to both norman and vigoroth had hid behind its master's leg. Aman turned and ran towards the lush-green forest waving  his hand back at the normal-type gym leader. Norman smiled at the kid and looked down at the not-so-normal torchic.They'll be okay he thought before turning and walking towards him gym.







Aman sighed happily, forest life agreed with him. He loved to see trees and small wild pokemon playing in the branches or in the tall grass.'No matter how advance man becomes mother nature still humbles us all' he thought and looked back at his team which was surprisingly fighting and  squabbling over some thing.


"H-Hey break it up.What are you two doing?" he said separating the shinx and the torchic and holding them by their scruff's."TOR-TOR-CHIC-TORRRR"Jane sqwaked angrily, struggling in Aman's grip."SHIIINXX-SHII-SHINX"  Delia retorted.Both were angry and fighting each other but Aman shook his head at both of them.'Man im catching a psychic type next time i see one' Aman thought trying to keep the shinx and torchic apart.


"TORCHIC-TOR-TORCHIC"Jane said  huffing at the blue cub who seemed to lower her head.


"Are you crying Delia?" he said looking at the shinx who had stopped struggling in his grip and had tears rolling down her blue cheeks.

"Oh don't cry. Jane what did you say to her?"  


"Nevermind.Delia listen, lets camp here and eat something huh? How does that sound?" he said petting the blue cub on her head softly.The crying became small whimpers and the trainers softly tickled his shinx.

"Shiiii-shinx-shinx"  she said giggling and biting his trainers finger affectionately.

Jane hissed at the shinx who growled back at her."Enough girls. Okay it's getting dark so im gonna set up camp here.I don't want any fighting between you two okay?".Aman opened his  bag and constructed his plastic tent while both his pokemon ignored each other. After the tent was constructed, both of them bundled in, to claim dominating position over the other. Jane was faster so she jumped into Aman's lap while  Delia settled for his hand albeit grumbling. Aman entertained both his pokemon and with a single hand stirred a can of stew.


After everyone had had their fill of the stew Aman looked down at both his pokemon who were still ignoring  each other.

"Oh-come on.Are you guys still fighting over....whatever it was you were fighting for before?"He said picking up the shinx who turned her nose up at the torchic.

"Listen we all are a team now.Team members don't fight team members.A team's greatest strength is it's unity and i'm not a good leader or orator but i don't fight with my family. And now you girls are my family.And as cheesy as it sounds, it's true.So you guys are gonna become jack-and-jill ASAP. No questions asked okay?"

Immediately bickering started.A series of angry "torchic-tor-chic-tor" and "shinnnn-shinx-shiii" were exchanged.After calming them both down he looked at them both.

"So much for my speech...i can't wait for  one of you to evolve,so atleast I can understand something" he said petting the shinx,which purred baby-like with delight.Jane who had been watching all this jumped off his lap and sat on the ground,facing away from her master and  her 'team member'.Aman looked at the torchic as a sniff sounded.Uh-oh.Aman kept the shinx down as he stood up and went over to where the small bird.She was crying,so baby like was the little torchic's face that his heart melted at  the sight.

"Oh Jane, are you crying?Why are you crying?"

"torchic?"she said huffing away from her master.He looked at the childish behavior of his torchic.It was definitely jealousy that was etched across her little beak.

"Are you  being jealous that i was petting Delia?"The torchic huffed again proudly,shaking her head.'Definetly signs of jealousy' he thought.He picked up his torchic who resisted her master's actions.

"Listen Jane, i was petting her because she  was crying.I don't love her more than you."


"Yes, you are my first pokemon and belive it or not i'll favour you more than any of my pokemon because you will always be my best friend, no matter what,Okay?"


"There's  another thing i wanted to tell you Jane."he said remembering his previous night's promise."I'm sorry"

"Tor-tor?"she said tilting her head in a questiony way.

"Yeah .Yesterday I led you into the forest without thinking about the risks. Next time I ask anything dangerous of you just peck me. Okay?"The torchic who had stopped crying by now jumped and hugged her master's neck. Well as best as she could.The Shinx who had seen this had joined the dogpile.She jumped on her  trainer and let out"shinx-shii-shi-nx",nuzzling the little torchic.

"tor-torchic"Jane said happily before jumping towards her friend and they both nuzzled each other for a while, forgiving and forgetting.It had been a stupid and  childish matter upon which they had fought but the friendship which had been reforged between the fire-type and the electric type was more powefull then ever.Jane suggested a plan to the shinx who happily agreed.They both ran to the  sleeping kit or plonked themselves on their master's bed.He went over to the bed and looked at his pokemon.


"Move it both of you."he said trying to compel both his pokemon to move so he could lie in his bed and keep night watch.Both  of them didn't budge." this is how its going to be huh?"he said comically jumping to catch both his pokemon.This had been their plan all along, to engage their master in a game of catch-me-if-you-can.And like hell it had  worked.Aman chased the little torchic over the bed while Delia jumped on his bed kitten like teasing him.

"oh-no you don't" Aman dived for the shinx which jumped and landed next to Jane.After playing this game for what seemed like  hours,Aman lay back on the bed,catching his breath."From where the hell do you guys get that kind of energy?"he asked a giggling torchic and shinx, who did not seemed tired at all.They just plonked themselves on their usual sleeping  spots i.e. Jane on Aman's chest and Delia on his shoulder.The warmth enamating from the fire type on his chest eliminated any reason to keep watch.He drifted off to sleep without any watch or safety in a forest.His usual nightmare  woke him up and he realized that he had gone to sleep.He felt nice and cozy in his sleeping bag but he would have to leave this warmth.He softly shifted his pokemon, not to disturb their sleep(or he would have to play another chase  game with them) and went over to the cushion on the ground, taking backsupport against the tent's wall.He switched on his pokedex and started browsing random stuff just to keep himself from sleeping again.


A little after four he had fallen asleep and now at six in the morning he was being woken up by his pokemon.Aman's usual routine followed.Catching his pokemon,getting bitten and pecked,Bathing, breakfast and travelling.He was now on the road Jane and Delia playing as usual.They encountered few shroomish which were easily defeated by Jane.Delia while had some trouble taking down the grass-type pokemon but still was able to defeat a slakoth or two.


It was afternoon and Aman's calculations estimated that they were nearly out of the forest, so they didn't make camp for afternoon.He looked on as the path was becoming more steady, meaning they were at the end.He had seen very few trainers in the forest, but now he looked at the guy probably twenty fiveish or so, standing around and looking at some tall grass. Maybe this was a challenger Aman thought. He had met very few challengers in the forest. He had won every time and Jane particularly had gained a lot of exp. He looked at the stranger, weird outfit other than that,the guy seemed normal enough.Whatever Aman thought continuing down the path.

As he approached the guy,the guy let out his pokemon. A poocheyana. Aman looked at the guy. The guy stared at Aman.The guy jumped from his position to infront of the boy and stopped him.


"Alright kid give me your pokemon and I'll let  you go."Aman looked at the guy,feeling scared and planned to run away.Then the thought that he had two pokemon while the guy only had one.


He felt a little confident."I'm not doing that and if you want to battle than I won't stand back either."he said.


"Do you know who I am kid? I am a team aqua member.Do you wanna mess with me?" the guy said taking a step forward. His poocheyana growled,baring its teeth to add to the threatening effect. The poocheyana looked a little powerful. It was probably a couple of levels above his best pokemon,that was Jane.But he did have two pokemon.While Delia wasn't really strong to take on this poocheyana,she might tire it a little so Jane could bring it down. He would have to take the risk.


"Jane use ember" he said suddenly,hoping to get a element of surprise. But the poocheyana still dodged the ember that was thrown his way.

"Delia use bite as many times as you can" he said his panic escalating a little at the quickness of the poocheyana. It was pretty strong and fast.

"Jane use ember and scratch"he said hoping that fighting with greater numbers might help him win this battle.

"Poocheyana use crunch" the guy said gruffly.With amazing speed  the poocheyana lunged towards the oncoming shinx and bit down hard enough to draw blood.Delia immediately fainted on the ground.Aman immediately withdrew her before she could get anymore harmed.Jane's angry squawks filled the path and the poocheyana growled at this ruckus.The poocheyana was fast so Aman had no hope of outrunning it, so battle it was going to be.


"Jane use ember".The ember made a hit but the poocheyana seemed undaunted. He willed his  mind to construct a strategy but there seemed no way out of it.The opponent was faster,stronger and was a couple of levels higher than his pokemon.In ordinary circumstances, he would have given up and accpeted to save his pokemon from further pain but he couldn't hand over his pokemon.Especially to team Aqua.


"Jane use scratch".The torchic moved in but the poocheyana tackled it in mid way.Jane was thrown back by the impact of the tackle. It had been a critical hit. He pleaded for Jane to get up but the torchic didn't budge.


"Like I told you kid, give me your pokemon.You would have to hand them over one way or another. Nobody stands in Team Aqua's way kid. Now I can't have you going to the cops  and setting them on my tail.I think I'll just kill you here. Much easier to kill and nobody will find you easily either." the guy said smirking.He nodded towards his poocheyana who bared its fangs at him.Terror gripped Aman's mind  and his legs refused to move.

As the poocheyana moved for the kill a white glow hit the side of the trainers face. He immediately looked over to see a combusken standing where Jane had fainted.Before his mind even acknowledged  what had happened the combusken jumped and kicked the poocheyana.The poocheyana was thrown back violently.Its ribs were cracked and blood leaked from its mouth. The Combusken moved towards the poocheyana silently and menacingly while the Team  Aqua member tried to hide himself behind some bushes.


"Jane STOP!"Aman said looking at the combusken raising its claw at the fainted poocheyana.The combusken shook her head angrily but retreated towards her master. The Team Aqua  member came out of the bushes to withdraw his pokemon.


"Here"Aman said throwing a potion towards the guy.

"What?"the guy stuttered, looking at the bottle of medicine.

"Take it before I change my mind you son-of-a-bitch!"Aman yelled. He was angry not at the poocheyana but at its trainer.The guy had left his pokemon at the mercy of the opponent.The poocheyana had obeyed it's master but its master himself was a coward.

"This isn't the last of me kid.You will pay for meddling with Team Aqua's plans" the grunt said giving the young boy a glare which was responded back with a equal glare and a ember from the combusken.The grunt ran like hell out of the way into the forest leaving behind a angry combusken and its master. The boy sighed and looked at the newly evolved combusken who still had a glare on her face.


[Master why give medicine?].Wow did she just use telepathy.While combusken were not psychic type pokemon. Every pokemon and trainer formed a weak psychic bond after some time usually after evolution of the pokemon.Yes it was still fuzzy and minute but atleast now he would be able to communicate with Jane at a basic level.

[master?]the voice of the  combusken was higher pitched,almost a coo.

"Are you okay Jane?"

[Master Delia hurt. Heal].The memory of the injured shinx came to his mind and he picked up his bag.

[Master, give bag .I carry].

"I can handle it Jane."

[I carry.You run faster.]

"okay".He handed his bag to the combusken who picked it up with a single hand and hauled it over her shoulder.

"lets go"he said before running off towards the end of the petalburg woods.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        







He sat alone at one of the tables at pokemon center musing in his own thoughts. His mind was now burning with anxious thoughts and emotions. One of his pokemon was severely injured and the other was fatally drained from a drastic fight and evolution. Great just great he said  sarcastically,rubbing his forehead. He looked up at the nurse joy who had a notepad in her hands.

"Are you Aman,  the owner of a combusken and a shinx?" "yes"he said nodding soberly.

"Follow me sir". The boy followed nurse joy,  his mind engrossed in deep thoughts.

Troubling thoughts.

"Sir your combusken is resting right now and pardon me but i can't let you meet your pokemon right now. She needs complete rest for a day."

"Its okay. Jane should rest for  a while. What about my shinx?" Nurse joy flipped through the notepad

"I'm sorry to say sir but your shinx has been badly injured. Her collarbone has cracked slightly and there are bite wounds over her neck. She is not in any  danger but you shouldn't let her strain her neck too much for sometime. We have plastered her collarbone and have given her vaccination for the bite but we are keeping her under custody till tomorrow."


"Thank you so much nurse joy.  I can't thank you enough for saving my pokemon"


"Its my job sir" nurse joy replied smiling at the distressed boy." We can book a room for you if you want to stay for tonight sir."


"That would be wonderful, thank you"he said, feeling gloomy thoughts hover in his head. He sighed as he lay down in his bed. He missed the little torchic snoozing on his chest and even the shinx's bites. He resisted but failed,drifting off to a uneasy sleep. He woke up suddenly, his chest heaving at the bad sensation that something bad had happened to his pokemon. He awoke from his stupor, realizing that the events of last night had really occurred.


He bathed and got himself dressed to go down  and get his pokemon. He was putting on his shoes when his pokedex chimed. He picked it up. The pokenav call was from a unknown id. He clicked on the green button. "Damn boy didn't i tell you to call when you reached rustboro city?"  

"Norman" he said a smile lighting up his features. "so have you challenged roxanne yet?" his smile drained as he narrated the previous days events.

"hmmm...Team aqua is no good but the good thing is that you are fine. Team aqua has a long history of murders and crimes on its list. I don't think they targeted you on purpose so you are safe now. Don't worry you pokemon are strong, they'll heal in no time."

"thanks norman"

"catch you later kid"

Aman locked his room and headed down to the wards. He looked down on the combusken who was sleeping in the hospital bed. He seated himself on the chair next to her, watching her rise and fall with breath.

Suddenly the combusken's yes flew open. [master?] a breezy soft cooish sound resonated in his mind.

" I'm here"

[master okay?hurt?]

"I'm fine Jane. How do you feel?"

[me fine master. ]

"thank god you are okay. You evolved. How do you feel?"

[Change feel. Feel strong like master.]

"I'm hardly strong of any kind Jane and if i had been strong enough, i would have protected you guys. In fact you are the one who protected me. So i guess i owe you a thanks."

[me duty protect master. No thanks] the combusken said  jumping off the bed and hugging her trainer.

[master delia heal?]

"yes she is healing now but she was badly hurt, so that might take some time"

[master delia where?]

"lets go meet her right now."

But they couldn't see her because as nurse joy put it 'her collarbone isn't healing fast enough'. So the duo returned to their room.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


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