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With our hero’s advancing towards the heart of ice, Mt. Snowpoint seemed have taken a turn for the worse as heavy snow bore down on the travelers. But even as the veritable blizzard raged the boy and his team slowly but surely headed towards their destination, Slateport.

“The weather’s getting worse. We need to stop until…well here it never stops snowing so at least until the snow has thinned. Alright?”

The pokemon in turn nodded grimly, they too could feel the wrath of the nature bearing down on them and like all pokemon, their instincts commanded that they make home. The team could not find another cave like they had found before and so settled for a large tree whose shady branches protected them from much of the snow. Aman however didn’t take out his handy plastic tent. As larvitar had evolved and his size had increased so much that he could not fit into their makeshift accommodation, so Aman had decided to stop using the tent. If pupitar didn’t use it neither would they, so the large pokemon wouldn’t feel left out.

[How long do you think it is going to snow master?]

“I can’t tell. Can’t even make a guess because it snows all the time in Mt. Snowpoint. We’re just going to have to tough this one out.” The boy said wrapping the shivering ralts in his long overcoat.

[Talk for yourselves, I don’t feel anything.] the luxio said turning her nose up at them. At the same time a strategically thrown snowball promptly hit the top of the luxio’s head. The blaziken held up her hands and smiled guiltily.

[Stop acting like a snob. It’s cold. Admit it.]

The luxio growled back and shook her head, spraying snow everywhere.

[You are going to pay for that.] the luxio said, a evil smile slowly spreading across her face.

The boy just watched from the sidelines as threats were exchanged and a fight broke out. He didn’t stop them because he could see just how much they enjoyed this. It was nice to have an exchange of such ‘pleasantries’ after a hard journey through unrelenting snow and this certainly would take their minds off the biting cold.

[You’re the one to talk huh? I was the one who singlehandedly defeated all the pokemon at the playground remember? ] the luxio said.

[I defeated Brawly’s makuhita.] the blaziken replied.

[But I’m stronger.]

[No I’m stronger.]

[No I’m stronger.]

[No I’m-]

[You two should probably stop making so much noi--] the pupitar tried intervened.

[Back off.] the blaziken and the luxio yelled in unsion , still staring daggers at each other.

The pupitar just shrugged as if to say I-tried and promptly backed down. Even the large creature knew that hell hath no fury like two women bickering. Aman laughed out, seeing the abysmally huge pokemon being dominated by two smaller ones.

“Okay calm down now everybody. It’s strategy time. What are we gonna do when we get to Slateport?”

[We are going to deliver the package to a human aren’t we? ] the luxio said, realizing that this was serious and the fight would have to be continued afterwards.

“Thank you captain obvious.” The trainer replied sarcastically. “I meant what we are going to do about team aqua. They aren’t just gonna let us waltz in you know. I don’t think we have a flying pigs chance in hell to defeat them.”

[The package. You said it was of utmost importance?] the pupitar asked.

“Yes. Briney said that it was very important that the package must not fall into the hands of the aqua.”

[If the package is so important we can safely assume that there are going to be a lot of team aqua members there. Then fighting is out of the question. From what I’ve gathered this team aqua is a big criminal organization so we won’t be able to hold out against their numbers.]

“Pupitar is right guys. We can’t fight against aqua. We might be able to defeat an aqua member or two but if their numbers are any greater then fighting them is not an option.”

[Can’t we ask for help master? You said that this ‘police’ maintained law and order in human society?] The blaziken asked.

“We could but that’s too dangerous. First of all we are going to need proof and we can’t use the package as the proof. Second, no one would believe a teenage trainer delivering an important package is going to be ambushed by the notorious team aqua. They’ll probably make fun of me if I tried to report that. And if there is a large aqua presence in slateport, the citizens of slateport would be caught in the crossfire between the police and the aqua. We have to think this through and we have to make the casualties minimum. We must not involve anyone with us. Involving anyone would only mean putting them in danger and that I cannot do.”

[If we can’t fight and we can’t negotiate then there is only one thing that we can do.] the pupitar said, his eyes shining with steely determination.

[We must sneak in master. That’s our only chance.]

The trainer nodded grimly. Could he really make it through the bustling streets of slateport without being detected by team aqua?

“Hmmm..” the trainer mused, a plan forming in head. “I think I have a plan but it is a long shot and if it doesn’t work then there is no guarantee we’re going to make it out of there alive.”

The blaziken frowned, her distaste for team aqua building up inside her. Knowing that those people were out there to harm her master and pack, it just seemed to make her angry inside.

“But before I tell you the plan I have something to ask of you. From all of you.”

The pokemon straightened up at the seriousness in their trainer’s voice and even the little ralts poked her head out of the boy’s coat.

“This thing…..It is going to be dangerous. I know that you all have seen danger before and even fought in conditions where defeat was inevitable but this time there really is no escape. Our opponents numbers are going to be so great that there is no way we are going to survive a direct fight. If we are found out, we will die and as a trainer it’s my duty to protect my pokemon from harm whenever I can, so I give you guys a choice; you can come with me to Slateport or you guys can stay at May’s while I….”

Another snowball smacked the trainer straight in the face, effectively stopping his little speech.

The trainer wiped off the snow and looked at the culprit who raised a single eyebrow of ‘What?’ in reply.

“But guys it’s not fair. I’m just saying this for….”

[Oh stow it!] the blaziken and luxio said in unison again, their perfect timing seemed to be a byproduct of immense friendship and trust. It was weird but somehow the trainer always thought that the luxio and the blaziken had some weird girl to girl connection which enabled them to speak telepathically and maybe even read each others thought. They could always tell what was bothering the other or what the other was up to. ‘Weird girl connection’ the trainer thought, chuckling inside his head.

[We are coming with you and you know it. That’s that. Now what is this plan of yours master?] The blaziken said adamantly knowing that their trainer was just giving them a way out and she also knew that all of them would prefer fighting team aqua rather than abandoning their master.

“Thank you guys. It means a lot to..”

 Another snowball promptly silenced him.

[He never learns does he?] the luxio said chidingly, shaking her head at the human.

[You don’t need to thank us master. We want to go with you. It’s our choice.] the blaziken said, giving him another warning glare; a snowball ready in her hand. Any more mentions of thanks and how grateful he was would lead to war..a snow war.

“Okay-Okay enough. So here’s the plan….”

A few minutes passed with the trainer explaining his master plan in detail, its intricate and elaborate twists which would boggle the mind of the most---

[That is stupid.] the luxio said.

“Say whaaat?”

[Sorry master but the plan is too dangerous not to mention that you would be going in with literally no protection.] the blaziken agreed, nodding her head slowly.


[That plan of yours is the best for this situation.] the pupitar said.

“Hah! See? Pupitar agrees. Not stupid at all.”

Pupitar had never been much of a talker and never emotional. The trainer had figured that because the larvitar couldn’t communicate with him effectively, so the pokemon was quiet but even after evolution pupitar didn’t communicate much and so the trainer figured that his pokemon was more of a silent type and his suspicions were confirmed when he found out that pupitar was of quiet nature. But when the pupitar spoke it was always words of meaningful resourcefulness and words of advice rather than the usual sarcasm that his other pokemon were fluent in.

[I never said it is the best plan ever. Quite frankly it is full of loopholes but in this particular situation we do not have many other options. Your plan draws least attention to you and team aqua already knows that you have a blaziken, a luxio and myself. So it is better that we are not seen with you.]

“I know it is not the best of plans but with a little more modification I think it can work.”

[It’s either gonna work or we are get our asses handed to us.] the luxio interjected.

“Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. But everything now depends on her now.” The boy said and at the same moment everyone in the team turned their eyes towards the small creature trying to fight the cold, trembling in her trainer’s coat.

As the evening fell upon our heroes, they set up camp in a cave which had been carved by pupitar, it was small but ideal as it left little room for night dwelling pokemon to attack. The entrance was blocked with a rock and a small fire was lighted, around which the team gathered.  Passing through harsh and cold conditions was brave and a little bit foolish for such a young group of travelers and snuggling close around the fire was just one way to chase the cold. But the storm was coming and they were headed straight towards it.


“Move it you lot. We’ve been standing here for an hour now. You three keep watch and don’t stop anyone from coming in no matter what, understand? We don’t want to draw any kind of attention and we don’t want our presence to be known right now. It’s just another day at the museum alright?” the man in the blue uniform commanded the group of aqua men.

“But sir what about the police? We are out in the open here. Shouldn’t we be undercover or at least not in our uniforms?”

“The police will not trouble us. Police force of Slateport has been….dealt with.” the man said, his blood stained shirt quelling any further questions from his subordinates. “We are ordered to stay here until boss comes. We are here on business, so stay sharp and act normal. People of Slateport don’t know anything about Team Aqua. No civilian should be able to tell us apart.”

Aman slowly walked through the streets of Slateport, trying as best he could to act normal. According to the plan all the pokemon had been withdrawn into their pokeballs except ralts, who had taken her position at the trainer’s shoulder. He had already inquired at the dockyard that Captain Stern had left for the museum, so he slowly walked to it.

‘Danger?’ he thought.

No. A small babyish voice in his head resonated.

He had been mildly surprised when he had found out that ralts could use telepathy. It was by accident that he had found out about it. They all had been eating and somebody had flung a half eaten oran berry at him. Knowing his pokemon he had been sure it was the luxio but out of pure humor and simple love he had asked the ralts if she had done that. He was surprised to hear a small but definite ‘No’ in his mind. This telepathy was essential as the ralts could sense nearby emotions such as intent to harm and maliciousness. She couldn’t use telepathy  perfectly, her answers more or less consisted of ‘yes’,‘no’ , ‘good ’,‘bad’ and only in a small range but  that was all he needed.

He turned around a corner and promptly jumped back. At least a dozen or so aqua’s were present at the museum entrance. He gulped; he would have to take the risk. Team aqua didn’t know that he was here to deliver the thing they were looking for and only three of the Team Aqua members had actually seen him. And without his pokemon he would be even less recognizable.

‘If you sense anything bad tell me alright?’ he said in his mind.

The ralts nodded her head faintly, her synchronize ability increased her fear, picking up on the emotions of her master. He rubbed the horn on her head to comfort her, his own eyebrows furrowed. This was it. Now their plan started.

‘Let the games begin’ he thought sarcastically in his head.

‘You remember what I told you? If anything goes wrong, do what I told you okay?’

The ralts nodded meekly. Her mind was not yet developed enough to understand the gravity of the situation but at the whim of her trainer she was pushing herself, her senses expanding outwards to vaguely sense the emotions of the people around them. The trainer too let out a small sigh. He hated pushing such a young and inexperienced thing into the danger zone but there was no other way. He steeled himself and walked forward, hoping any of the aqua who had seen him was not there in Slateport. He passed through the museum gate, slightly sweating as a couple of nearby aquas eyeballed him.

But he wasn’t stopped and ralts didn’t say anything so he trudged on as normally as he could. He looked sideways to the receptionist. The lady would know where Captian stern was. However as he neared her he saw, beads of sweat dripping down the woman’s forehead, her eyes were wide with fear, her clasped hands slightly trembling. She must have been threatened by the aqua to keep it quiet and not alert any visitors to their presence. He started towards the woman but a flash of blue seen from the corner of his eyes stopped him. Two aquas positioned near the plastic sculpture of some old submarine. They looked as though interested in the sculpture but were actually watching the receptionist from the corner of their eyes. He smiled and walked in what he hoped was a casual manner towards the reception desk.

“Are there any ticket charges for visiting the museum?” he said loud enough for the watching aqua’s to hear.

“N-No Sir, just enter your name and sign. P-Please enjoy y-your visit.” The woman squeaked, her voice trembling with innate fear.

He nodded and took the pen, and wrote as fast as he could ‘I am here to help. Where is Captian stern?’

 The woman looked at the notepad and quickly looked at him, her eyes widening. He nodded politely at the woman.

“Upstairs.” The woman croaked, her head shaking slightly.

“Aah. Thank you for telling me where the fossils are. Now I can complete my school report.” He said loudly again, making sure that the aquas were listening to him.

He smiled at her and walked off goofily towards the stairs only to find the stairway blocked by two aqua members. A blonde haired woman wearing a rough aqua shirt with a blue scarf with the aqua emblem tying her hair back in place and a young guy wearing standard blue uniform of the aqua’s. By the look of it these were just small aqua grunts but right now he couldn’t take them on. Fighting them would alert every aqua in the vicinity which would mean their swift and painful death.

“Maintenance work is going on upstairs. I’m sorry but you can’t go up right now.” The aqua grunt not sounding sorry at all.

Aman nodded and turned around, slightly smiling. A second later both the aquas were sound asleep as the ralts slowly cast hypnosis over both of them. It was a total risk using hypnosis, a dark type nearby could have detected it but it had to be done. He had trained ralts a bit on route to Slateport as her abilities like the prior would come in handy but even so the strain of using multiple psychic powers had taken its toll on the poor ralts, sweat beaded her small white body as her lungs drew shallow breath.

‘I’m proud of you.’ Aman whispered making the ralts nod vigorously in happiness.

 Before anyone could notice Aman swiftly and soundly climbed up the stairs, leaving the two aquas to be reprimanded by their officer when he would come on a round after a few minutes.


“Hand the blueprints over, Captain.”

“B-But..I” the man in the white lab coat strutted.

Captain Stern, the leading scientist on marine biology had never thought to train or keep any pokemon with him and right now he was regretting his decision with every second. Team aqua had at last cornered him in the top floor of the museum and now he had nowhere to run. He could never hand over his year’s worth of research to design a submarine to explore the seafloor, not to these criminals.

“Last warning Captain. Hand over the blueprints now. My boss told me not to kill you but don’t think I will hesitate to cut off an arm or two” the admin said, smiling evilly at the scientist.

“But I don’t know where they are.”

“Well if you’re going to lie I might as well have some fun. ”

The tanned aqua admin released a mighteyena, smiling at the gibbering man.

“Mighteyena let’s teach our friend here the meaning of compliance.”

“STOP!” Aman yelled, his voice echoing over the mighteyena’s growl who was about to pounce on Captain Stern.

“You!” the admin accused, admittedly shocked at the appearance of the boy who had once defeated his lucario.

 Aman immediately released his pokemon, all of them taking a battle stance. Their plan had been simple, Aman and ralts would go into the museum, deliver the package to Captain Stern and get out of there as fast as they could. As ralts had not been seen by the admin in their prior meeting, Aman had an advantage and with a small pokemon Aman did not draw much attention. And even though the plan was going wildly off its course, the trainer’s sharp mind had realized that everything was alright….that was up till now. They had barely defeated this aqua guy before and that too had been a lucky shot, now they had no chance of beating the notorious organization’s admin. Even if they won somehow there were still crap loads of aqua’s downstairs. They had no way to run, meaning….they were screwed.

“Though you keep interfering with aqua’s plans boy, I am glad that we have met here. I will finish you once and for all today.”

“I remember beating your ass before and I’d like to see you try this time.” Aman said, feeling more courageous than he actually was. He knew there was no way he could defeat this guy but he wasn’t going to admit that and a little bluff never hurt anyone.

 “Oh yes..You see before I only had one pokemon with me. My lucario, who was the newest and least experienced of my pokemon. This time my most experienced pokemon, my mighteyena will be handling you, you scum. ” the admin smirked, his hand signaling to the mighteyena who had been baring his fangs towards the trembling scientist up till now, stopped and turned towards the young and inexperienced team.

“Destroy them, Mighteyena.” The aqua admin said, smirking dangerously.

The mighteyena appraised the team of misfits with its glowing red eyes, finding none of them to be interesting or a threat. All of them were very weak and very young. None of them had the experience or the power to spar, let alone stand up to him in a battle. The blaziken seemed a little more powerful than the rest, that was to say she wouldn’t be dead before ten seconds into a straight battle.

[They defeated lucario? Then that idiot deserved punishment, getting defeated by a bunch of pups who can barely walk.]

[Punishment?] the pupitar asked.

[Punishment yes. He was….how should I put it.. put down for getting defeated. It is fair after all.] the mighteyena said, as if this was all common practice.

[You sicken me. You have no remorse even when one of your packmate is dead.]

[That pathetic whelp would never have been a packmate. Those who get defeated don’t survive. It is as simple as that.]

[Master get back.] the blaziken said, her eyes trained on the mighteyena’s feet. Even if they were outmatched, that didn’t mean they were giving up. There were three of them and only one of the enemy.

“Enough talk mighteyena. Shadowball!”

A purple black ball quickly swirled into the mighteyena’s maw, its energy shuddering as it grew.

Before the mighteyena could launch the attack however, pupitar headbutted the mighteyena, the shadowball exploding in its mouth. This had been a wise and equally foolish move on the part of the pupitar as he was caught with the explosion of the shadowball, his large body thrown away from the force of it.

The whole floor shook as the pupitar landed unconscious on the floor, blood leaking from its cracked grey armour. The trainer was beside the fallen pokemon in a flash, kneeling on the floor trying to stop the blood gushing from the wound. He immediately withdrew the pupitar in his pokeball, hoping the stats mode would slow the deteriorating condition of his pokemon . They weren’t out of danger yet and as a trainer he still had to protect his other pokemon. 

[That was probably the most bravest and stupidest thing the pupitar could have done. He has taken a direct hit from my shadowball. He will not quite recover from his injuries, that is if he doesn’t succumb to them first.]

The luxio snarled at the dark type, her fur sparkling with static electricity. Fires erupted around the blaiken’s feet and wrists as energy pumped through her veins, her body ready for battle.

[Master stay back.]

The trainer nodded realizing that he could not help his pokemon here and trying it would be just getting in their way and getting killed.

[Your master will die soon little girl, as will you.]

The blaziken growled lightly and inched slowly right of the beast, while the luxio shifted left step by step, her legs poised to act a single movement from the hulking mighteyena.

[I assure you, attacking from different directions at once is not going to help you win in any way. Even if there we more of you the outcome would be the same. You would still die here, today.]

The trainer saw it too. The mighteyena surely had been in more battles than they had and thus knew much more about strategy and positioning in battle than them. There was an obvious and enormous power difference between his team and not to mention his team was less experienced in battle than the mighteyena. Even with the blaze the blaziken immediately could tell that she could not defeat the mighteyena, not alone. Flames enveloped around her foot as she charged the blaze kick, the luxio followed her, her fur cackled with static electricity, blue arcs jutting across her body. The mighteyena seemed indifferent to his opponent’s actions even letting out a fake yawn to taunt both the pokemon.

“Be careful you guys.”

The blaziken nodded slowly, her eyes trained on the mighteyena’s legs for a single sign of movement, her own legs tensed, ready to jump at a moment’s notice. The air swayed with tension as both the parties waited for the other to make the first move.

“Mighteyena. Enough playing around. Finish these fools. I have to get those blueprints as fast as I can.”


He turned towards the blaziken and the luxio.

[Sorry I must finish this quickly.]

[Fine by us.] the blaziken replied.

The mighteyena smirked and in a split second a purple ball glowed in his mouth. He threw it at the luxio, growling at his opponents. The blaziken who had her eyes on the mighteyena this whole time made a mistake and looked back at the luxio to see whether she was alright or not. She realized her mistake and moved instantly; diving to the right and the shadow claw which would have ripped her guts open only clipped her arm, leaving deep marks on it.

“Jane are you alright!?”

The blaziken quelled him with one look and the boy realized that instead of distracting his pokemon, he should be finding a way to help them.

The luxio who had dodged shadowball with moderate difficulty saw an opening and ran in for a charge induced tackle only to have the mighteyena use agility and dodge it. She dodged another shadowball with difficulty her and was tackled to the side by an agility enhanced tackle from the mighteyena.

Before the mighteyena could finish off the luxio, the blaziken engaged the mighteyena with her fire induced blaze kicks. The luxio got up groggily, shaking her head adamantly. The blurred world reassembled and the luxio realized that the tackle had broken something. A bone perhaps. She breathed heavily realizing that she had to help the blaziken right now.

The blaziken let out a frustrated growl. She hadn’t been able to hit the mighteyena once, not even a single time. It used its agility move to dodge any serious attacks and right now was on the defensive. She feared what would happen if the mighteyana turned to offensive which would be catastrophic for them. The luxio joined her side, panting heavily. The blaziken however didn’t look at her. She wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

[Are you alright Delia?]

[Fine…He’s slippery dammit.  One of us needs to slow him down so the other can attack him.]

[You slow him down. I’ll get him.]

The luxio glanced at the blaziken briefly then nodded.

This had to end now or else.

They broke off in opposite directions, each charging their own attacks. The blaziken used double kick and sure enough both were dodged by the mighteyena.

The luxio ducked and slipped under the jumping mighteyana but due to his current agility induced state; the mighteyana dodged the tackle by the luxio. Using his agility the mighteyana tackled the oncoming blaziken back and in an instant turned around to use crunch on the luxio. And with a pronounced crack the mighteyena’s fangs ripped into the collar bone of the luxio snapping in two pieces.

“NO! Delia!”

The blaziken who was still recovering from that tackle couldn’t do anything but watch, she tried getting up but failed miserably, her body seemed too heavy to get up. Too heavy to help her best friend.

“See. Let this be a lesson to all who try to stand in the way of Team aqua. You will die today, just like your worthless pokemon.”

  The trainer just choked a sob back as blood dripped from the luxio’s neck freely.

The luxio however, who still had the mighteyena biting into her neck smiled faintly.

Without any warning a gigantic bolt of yellow tore a hole through the roof and struck the luxio and the mighteyena who still had his fangs dug into the luxio’s flesh. They shuddered as the magnitude of the thunder attack struck them, due to the luxio being a electric type and her fur protected her from static electricity she didn’t bear the full brunt of the attack but the mighteyena didn’t have any such protection and was struck with all the might of the thunder. The ground exploded around both the pokemon as the team aqua admin and Aman jumped back, dust and rubble rising into the room.

“Dammit!” the admin slightly coughed into his sleeve covering his mouth to protect himself from the dust. He hadn’t expected the luxio to sacrifice herself to take down his mighteyena. Not that the mighteyena was defeated. He knew full well that this thunder attack would only leave a scratch on his mighteyena, it had survived far worse but he couldn’t afford anymore surprise attacks like this one. Enough said the dust and stone slowly settled and the mighteyena stepped out of the cloud of dust, his fur singed, slightly smoking and with a deep scowl on his face. The luxio however had fainted as the blood loss and the strain on her body because of using thunder attack had sent her into a catatonic state.

The mighteyena coughed slightly, and growled at the now standing trainer and blaziken.

[Worthless pieces of trash, the lot of you! How dare you insects attack me!? I am better than you. I always will be, you spineless scum. ] the mighteyena roared.

[Delia!? Stay with me! We’ll get you to the pokemon center.]

[You! Save her? If you are as stupid as she was, you would be dead by the time you move!]

[We’ll see about that.]

The mighteyena opened its maw and a dark pulsing purple sphere formed in it, this time bigger than any of the previous ones it had used. Just as the mighteyena was about to release it, suddenly the ground shook with slight tremors as the air hummed with some unknown energy. From the decimated door came in a grey haired man along with a metagross that radiated so much power that it stopped both the mighteyena and the blaziken in their tracks.

“Steven?” Aman gasped. As traumatized he was by his luxio’s defeat, he hadn’t imagined Steven to come here and this couldn’t be a coincidence that Steven had just decided to walk to into the Slateport museum when team aqua was here.

“Whew! We almost were very late here. We almost didn’t make it.” The grey eyed man, smiling comically throughout the room.

“It’s you!” Tabitha gasped slightly, his face turning sour from its previously cheerful stature.

“Ahh! Tabitha. What are you doing here?”

“We…..We are done here.” The admin said, visibly not happy with Steven’s appearance. He turned to Aman. “You boy, you will see the next time we meet.”

With that the admin turned around and walked out as fast as he could. The trainer ran to his unconscious luxio with the blaziken but the grey haired man held up a hand to stop them.

“Steven p-please…C-can you…Can y-you p-please…” the trainer sobbed, his cheeks dripping wet with tears. In response the grey haired man and his metagross disappeared into thin air leaving the defeated but still alive team in a dusty, ruined museum.


“Chansey! Clear the operating table we have a casualty!” the nurse joy said as she hurried beside the counter with a stretcher with black and blue furred pokemon. The chansey immediately teleported to the emergency operation room with medical supplies in her nurses apron, her pink hands setting everything up for the operation as fast as they could. The doors flew open as the nurse brought in the stretcher, immediately transferring the unconscious pokemon onto the operation table.

The chansey threw a questioning look at her trainer and her nurse.

“A fang in her and a broken collar bone.”

The chansey nodded putting on a medical mask as the operation began.

Aman sat in the waiting room, the paper that he held in his hands shook as the trainer choked back on another sob. He held the letter from Steven. It explained how Steven had showed up at the museum when he did. He had been warned by Mr. Briney that team aqua was after whatever was in the package and he had sent Aman to deliver he package to Captain Stern. He had flown all day on his Dragonite from Lavaridge to Slateport to help him. It was due to him that the team aqua admin had run away, sparing the life of his pokemon and himself. And he had teleported the almost dead luxio to the pokemon center. The few minutes that he had saved would probably be the difference between the life and death for the luxio. And after doing everything, after saving their lives he had left, leaving this note for him at the pokemon center. A tap on his shoulder brought him back to the room from his brooding thoughts. It was his mate.


“I’m sorry. Just thinking. Thinking it would have been better if I had left you guys with May.”

[Don’t start with that again master. We came of our own free will and we knew the risks.] the blaziken said, her own eyes moistening a bit.

“You’re right. We can’t keep dwelling on the past. We need to think of the future.”

[At least we safely delivered the package to Captain Stern, master.]

“That doesn’t make it any better.”

[It shouldn’t.]

“What is that supposed to mean?” The boy asked, looking up to find a steely look in the calm blue of her eyes.

[It means that maybe the next time we are in a life death situation you could stop distracting us and help us fight.] the blaziken said dramatically, getting up from seat.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was a burden to you.” The boy said, his voice lowering to almost a whisper; his head slumping down in the realization that he was an utter failure at helping his pokemon in battle.

The blaziken immediately softened and though she did want to comfort her mate, they were in a pokecenter and there would be a lot of humans in the vicinity. So she did the only thing she could do to comfort him, she sat down next to him.

[Master..I’m sorry. With Delia and pupitar getting hurt…it’s just been a bad day and I didn’t mean it like that.]

“No your right. I am useless. I can’t help you guys out there.”

[Yes you can master. You can guide us and tell us strategies instead of…instead of distracting us you know.]

“Distracting you? When did I ever distract you?”

[When? All the time. Your crying, your calling out for Delia. Every single time master. You are a great trainer but you can’t just leave battling to your pokemon. You must command us in battle just as you command us out here or in any other situation.]

“But..what if…what if one of you…what if I get one of you killed? You saw it could happen. We are up against people who are stronger than us, faster than us and they even have better resources than us.”

[It doesn’t matter master. You just have to trust yourself master. You can lead us in battle and if you do we can easily overcome enemies and obstacles like aqua.]


The blaziken gave him a hard stare.

“Fine. You know I’m not gonna be able to do it instantly, it’s gonna take some time for me to get to do that…”

[Don’t worry master. We’ll be right there with you.]

And just as the desire to kiss was almost about to become unbearable for the boy, the nurse joy walked in. Her hair shriveled and plastered to her head as it shone with a thin swean of sweat. Beside her a chansey bundled in. Both seemed tired and in the dire need of coffee.

“Nurse Joy!” the boy ran up to her instantly hoping for good news. “How is she?”

“Your pupitar is alright sir and his body is healing. We’ll be able to discharge him sometime by tomorrow or so.”

“But I thought the shadowball…”

“You pupitar seems quite clever and strong sir, the shadowball didn’t actually hit must have only brushed your pokemon.”

“That’s a relief.”

“On the other hand your luxio sir..she had lost quite a lot of blood and trauma to her neck . I am glad Mr. Steven brought her when he did. A few minutes late and things could be…”

The trainer nodded, nodding slightly at his luck.

“She had been operated on and is stable now but I can’t let you meet with her as she might contract an infection. A wound like must understand.”

“Can we talk to her at least?”

“After a few days. We had to remove the broken mighteyena fang from her neck and we had to set her collar bone in place. You must see that these injuries have taken a toll on your pokemon. We must ensure that she gets proper rest and nutrition. Sorry.” The Nurse said, hoping the trainer would understand the gravity of the situation.

“Of course Nurse Joy. We understand. Thank you.”

“We do have rooms available if you would like to stay here.”

“Thank you Nurse Joy.” He said giving her his trainer card for the room.

[Master why are all nurses at the pokemon center called Nurse Joy. Are they all named nurse joy?] the blaziken asked as she kept her head against his chest. Their room seemed quite comfortable but only had a single bed which was fine by the blaziken as it gave her the perfect excuse to hug him as tightly as it was physically possible without hurting him. And because the pokemon center was full of people they were not doing what would make this situation even more perfect. With the ralts tangled in his black hair, sleeping the tiredness off they were quite alone in the room.

“Actually no. All nurse joy’s do have their real names like my cousin Brianna. But it’s the job. That’s how the people know that the person is a nurse. Well that and they hire the same kind of girls for the job. Red headed, fair and that hairstyle of theirs. It all started with a single lady who started the art of healing pokemon, her last name was Joy, so in her honor all the nurses are named Nurse Joys.”

[Humans have such great history behind everything master. It’s amazing.]

“Damn right. This nurse joy has been going on for..from whenever the civilization advanced into the new ages. So we are a proud part of this at least a hundred and fifty year old tradition.”

[They are very good at healing pokemon master. In the wild we don’t have this much medical help.]

“Well it is a tough job you know. I don’t mean that pokemon can’t heal or anything, no offense but these nurses train and study for about nine years in medical science and healing. And then a chansey is assigned as a pokemon to them.”

[Why only that kind of pokemon master?]

The boy smiled and brawled on with his mate listening intently to every fact or story he remembered from the poke school eventually both falling asleep under the veil of the night.

The boy woke up to the sound of a shower running and sat up yawning with all the courtesy and manner of a hippodon. He smirked as he realized who was in that shower and untangled the ralts from his hair, keeping her under the covers to get some sleep. By gods he wanted to join her in the shower but they were smack in the middle of a building full of people. He just sighed heavily and went back to bed trying not to imagine the water running down the blaziken’s smooth, wet, slick body.

The blaziken walked out of the bathroom sopping wet, her feathers soaked, clinging to her body. The boy put the down the pokedex.

“Jane that was Mr. Briney on the pokedex. He was just saying…wow…you..” the boy strutted as he had turned to the  wet blaziken.

The blaziken arched an eyebrow and smirked naughtily at the trainer winking at him.

“Dammit woman. If y-you keep d-doing this stuff I don’t think we’ll be able to keep our secret, a secret for long.”

[That means you are just a pervert who can’t control himself around females master.]

“Just one female though.” he said, winking back at the blaziken.

[Master? You were saying something about Mr. Briney?]

“Oh yeah. He called. He was just saying thanks for getting that package to Captain Stern and apparently he heard that we held off team aqua’s admin so.. Steven must have told him.”

[This Steven guy master, can we trust him?]

“I should hope so. This guy has saved our asses twice and we haven’t even thanked him for it. Also we trust Briney and Briney trusts Stevens, ergo we trust Steven.”

[So where do we go next master?] the blaziken asked as she started to make the bed and tidy the place up.

The boy just smiled and helped her with the chores.

“We aren’t going anywhere until we know that Delia and pupitar are travel ready again. After this we are going to Mauville. We haven’t defeated Watson yet.”

The luxio had an irritated scowl on her face as she walked through the snow, her pack besides her swooning at her every step.

“Are you okay?”

[Does it hurt?]

The luxio turned around, her fur sparking with static.

 [Alright that’s it. Anyone who asks me one more time if I’m okay or not I will thundershock them. Stop treating me like a pup.] the luxio growled at her buddies.

The pupitar who was much wiser than his pack members kept his mouth shut as he knew that the luxio did not throw empty threats.

The blaziken and the trainer giggled together with the ralts retreating to the trainer’s pocket. And now on the way to Mauville our heroes encountered no wild pokemon as the mighty size of pupitar made most of the pokemon scamper. The few that tried to challenge them were scared by the cranky luxio who attacked every idiot who dared to challenge them. Also now that they were away from civilization the trainer was much more affectionate towards his mate.

 All in all the company enjoyed peace and quiet as they trudged on towards the electric city to challenge the master of thunder.

“You back?” May said opening the door to the ragged, snow speckled team, letting them in.

“So it seems.” The boy replied taking off the long coat while his team settled comfortably on the sofa except the pupitar who was retreated into his pokeball.

“So you wanna tell me what happened there?” May said eyeing the shoulder-neck bandage on the luxio’s shoulder.

The boy didn’t reply, acting as if he hadn’t heard her over the sound of his coat rustling on the coat hanger.

May looked at the blaziken and arched a brow.

[We got into a fight.] the blaziken said cautiously, if master didn’t want to tell May there must be  a reason behind it.

“That it? Seems a bit more than a regular fight.” May said, a vein slowly working its way onto her forehead.

“It was. This trainer was strong. He had a…a charizard. And..” the boy said.

“You suck at lying you know that?”

The boy sighed and looked at the blaziken. She nodded in return, knowing that May would find out one way or another.


“So Team Aqua’s admin attacked you to get a package you got from an old man which contains something you have no clue about and delivered it to a stranger by almost getting your pokemon killed but you were saved by the Steven Devon the millionaire and renowned trainer. ” May said looking at the blaziken and the trainer who were sitting opposite to her on the sofa.

“Yeah. That sums it up.” The boy said, knowing how stupid he sounded, delivering something he had no clue about and putting his whole team in danger without so much as a question from Mr. Briney.

[May are you okay?] the machoke who was sitting next to his trainer asked.

“Shhh..I’m just trying to make sense of anything…just anything at all.” The girl said.

The machoke turned to the boy.

[So why did team aqua want this package?]

[We don’t know.] the blaziken answered simply.

[And why was it so urgent to deliver the package?] the machoke asked .

“No clue.” The boy replied feeling more and more stupid by the moment.

[Okay.] the machoke said, visibly stumped at the couple.

“Okay no offense but how can you be so stupid. Why would you do anything for this old man and put yourself and your team in danger?”

[Because he saved our lives and took care of us when our conditions were bad.] the blaziken said adamantly.

“We trust him.” The boy added, eyeing the girl and her machoke.

“Trust him enough to tell him your secret?” May asked.

The boy looked away admitting defeat.

“No.” the boy replied.

“That’s a wise move.”

[Enough with this seriousness. I’m going to bring you some food.] the machoke said, trying to dispel the serious atmosphere in the room.

“So what’s your next move genius?”

[He’s gonna challenge the city gym leader.] the luxio said, smiling brightly as if it was the best thing in the world.

The boy slapped a hand onto his face as May stared at him and immediately started lecturing him about how moronic he was.


After dinner all pokemon and well as trainers had retired to their bedrooms. Machoke insisted that they take the bedroom upstairs while they bunked down in the guest room. The luxio was wise enough to know that she didn’t want to be around when the alpha male and the female of her pack got their freak on. So she chose the comfortable rug by the television set and also had the ralts curled up on top of her.

The blaziken sighed as she looked at the bedroom. It was the place where they had first mated and now the second time would also be in the same bed and the same room. Though this time the room was plain and simple she cherished the pale moonlight that illuminated the room, bathing the whole room in its silver glow.

“Hey.” Aman said.

The blaziken turned around to find him entering the room.

[Is everybody asleep master?]

“I think so.”

[That’s good enough for me.] the blaziken said, her body shivering slightly. It had been five days; five long days without having each other and the blaziken was surprised as the boy immediately grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the bed.

[Oh really master? Aren’t you supposed to woo a lady before mating with her?] the blaziken teased, seeing how with every second of delay, her master became more lustful and wanting.

“Woman don’t toy with me. You don’t know how these five days have been. One time I thought I was gonna pounce on you and take you right there regardless of who saw us.”

[Master!] the blaziken blushed, the thought of master getting amorous right near the pokemon center with all those people, making her blush harder than ever.

[Master you are such a pervert. The sight of poor me, naked in front of all those people!]

“Well we can’t have that. Naked and squealing Jane is a sight for me and me alone.” The boy said, his arm wrapping around her waist.

[Yes. That sight is only reserved for you, as is this sight is only for me.] the blaziken said, her claws immediately unbuttoning his shirt with precision.

She pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top, stacking her body next to his; her breasts rubbing against his chest as she rubbed the erection in his pants.

The boy growled and grabbed her hips, urging her to go faster but she stopped him with a claw on his lips.

She leaned in and whispered [Let me undress you master.] in his ear, biting the earlobe; feeling his excitement any better through his pants.

She slid down smoothly and began unbuttoning his jean; pulling it off him; licking her lips slowly at the erection that was pointing through his boxers.

The boy breathed heavily, the odd sensation of someone else undressing you was very welcomed and felt oddly arousing.

The blaziken was pulled up by the impatient boy, as he kissed her; feeling herself on his lips; her beak clashing against his mouth. She could feel how much he wanted her and she realized that these previous five days had been pretty hard for him (pun intended.)

And as the darkness of the night descended, there was nothing but the light of love in their hearts; in whose glow they made love again.

They were awoken by a growl as they both sat up immediately and relaxed realizing that it was Delia who was looking at them with a rather platonic and bored expression.

[By gods I didn’t get any sleep at all. Not with all your weird noises. I know you guys are disgusting but could you at least try to keep it down?] the luxio said putting on her best fake scowl.

“You could hear us?”

[Only all the time.]

The blaziken blushed hiding her face behind her hands.[Master..what if May and Machoke heard us? Oh my god I can’t face them like that!]

“Relax. It’s natural. Anyways May and machoke slept in the guest room right? I doubt they would have been able to hear us.”

[Get freshened up lovebirds. Breakfast is downstairs.] the luxio said sarcastically, padding off downstairs for breakfast.

“Let’s shower shall we?”

[Oh no you don’t master! If we shower together…we’ll get dirty again.] the blaziken said to the smirking boy.

“Fine. Go ahead. I’ll see you downstairs.” The boy said, pecking her on the lips and climbed out of bed to use the bathroom downstairs.


The next day the trainer had taken to get some training in for his pokemon. On May’s advice that it would be completely useless to try and take on Watson now, he opted to train his pokemon and with the luxio’s injuries now healed they could get some real training started. And so he was in the flower fields of Mauville where trainers and bug catchers roamed by large. The battles were considerably easy as Jane was a fire type. The only one having a problem was the little ralts whose level was low in comparison to other pokemon here. But still as the sun reached its peak in the afternoon sky, the team returned home with very little bruises and much experience.

‘Better get ready Watson we are coming.’ The boy thought as he smiled at his team. 

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