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Hello people.Thank you all for the reviews and emails.Over 40 emails here.So i changed the story's name to Nefastum. For those who emailed me its Latin for " Crime against the divine law."I've also introduced canons to support nefastum.Hope y'all like it. And this isn't a sex alone fic it's a adventure/lemon fic.So be patient the lemony stuff is near...I really liked some of the suggestions emailed to me. So all i can say is enjoy this...


After having switched on the small TV and digging into a pack of chips the trainer lay sprawled on the bed, comfortable. The combusken sat on the bed composed, at a distance from her master. It was not fear but her shyness that made her do so. A few minutes earlier, when she had hugged her master, it must have looked easy and normal to the onlookers. No worries just an injured combusken hugging her trainer.What they didn't perceive was the immense strength dished out by the combusken to overcome her shyness and hug her master. It had taken almost all her strength and courage to even walk in the hugging distance of her trainer. Her legs which after evolution were supposed to be stronger had wobbled like jelly. Her heart had pounded when they had made contact.

She shook herself. Why was she fussing all over simple physical contact? She had no complications over contact with master when she had been a torchic, so why was her consciousness suddenly acting up? She smiled as her mind answered her question. She barely had a conscious when she had been a torchic. She barely remembered her time as torchic. She compelled her mind to remember but only wisps came back to her mind. Snatches of memories with master.Omelettes being pecked at, master's administration of certain oil on her leg, a certain chansey and master’s chest on which she went to sleep every day. She snapped back to the past, staring at the box in which figures moved. T V master called it. As intriguing as the box was she wasn't thinking about that. Infact she was trying hard not to think about a certain somebody.

“Look at you" Aman said. She froze with fearful inkling seeping in her mind. She was still trying to come to terms with her changed appearance. She had not cared about her looks When she was a torchic because then her mind might have been comparable to a toddler. But evolution had altered that. She was equivalent of A teenager in terms of Pokémon aging.

“Look at you. You look in the serious need of a bath Jane." he said looking at the brown dirt that caked Her feet. She hadn't bathed because she had been healing and resting almost whole yesterday.

" come on" Aman said leading the combusken to The bathroom and switching on the lights. He opened the tap for hot water which in response gushed steaming water into the tub. Aman exited To get towels and some shampoo while Jane soaked herself in the warm water. Her muscles relaxed as hot water enveloped her. Aman entered a Bundle of towels in one hand and a special shampoo for Pokémon with feather in the other. He squeezed the shampoo in his hand and gently rubbed into the Head of the combusken who had closed her eyes at the soft touch of her master. She sighed contently at the sensation of fingers massaging on Her skull. Aman rubbed her head and that bundle of orange feathers that stood up on head.

[thank master for bath]

"why, thank you but like you Said you are my Pokémon and it's my duty to take care of you" he replied taking more shampoo and set to work on her neck and shoulders.

[Master ask?]

" Yeah. What do you wanna know?"

[Master gives bottle to bad blue human. Why?]

“You mean that team aqua runt? I gave him that bottle to Heal his poocheyana after all you did 'some'...emphasis on some, damage to the poocheyana."



[poo che ya na] she beamed pronouncing every syllable separately. He smirked at that.

[Poocheyana bad. Hurt master. Why help?]

“Yeah that poocheyana was gonna kill Me but that was not what it wanted. It did that on its trainer’s orders. And if I didn't help that poocheyana it could have died. I know that Some of trainers don't care and just view their Pokémon as tools, as fighting machines rather than friends. I don’t wanna be like that."

[Master Kind. Good]

He didn't reply to that because he didn't consider himself to be very kind or good. It was a basic trait that every human and Trainer should have. He did not feel special just because he had this basic humanity. “Okay enough talking. Just relax" he said moving down to Her chest. His hand was slipping down on her chest when he felt two nudges rub against the palms of his hands.

His mind and arms froze alike. Did he just....were those her nipples!?

[Master?] He shook himself out of his stupor blushing maroon which went unnoticed by the combusken. He Prayed to Arceus that she had not felt that. What would she say?

"y..Yes Jane?"

[Master stop why?]

" Oh nothing... I... Your.....can you bath Yourself Jane. I have something important to do. Sorry." she nodded and the boy walked out of the bathroom.

He had nothing important to do but The thought of bathing Jane further had him mortified. If she has nipples then she must also have a....SHUT UP he screamed inside his mind Blushing even at the thought of it. SHE'S YOUR POKEMON!!I can't think of her like that. He switched on TV trying to divert his mind. Yeah like That was successful. His mind wandered. The more he tried to stop thinking about it, more it came back to his mind. The sensation of her....

SHUT UP he screamed mentally again to himself. A click sounded and a wet combusken came out of the bathroom unaware that her state right now might have far more consequences then both of them could ever imagine.

[Master dry?] he looked at her, standing wet. Her feathers sticking to her Body making her look....aarghhh... He mentally chastised himself and picked up a towel. He handed it to Jane who held it in her hands and Stared at it.

[Master what do?]

“What? Oh go on dry yourself"

[master do. Me can't dry]. Her broken words were surprisingly easy to understand for The trainer. He hesitantly picked up a towel and rubbed her head and neck. The combusken sighed with delight. "No wait. Now that you’ve grown up Jane you need to do these things yourself." an orange head just nodded and trainer began to teach and gave up after a short time. Her claws Were just not suited for delicate tasks. The night had crept up on the duo and the pokedex beeped its oncoming to its owner.

“Damn it’s already 11. Okay we'll see Delia tomorrow I guess. Let’s get some sleep." he said to the combusken who agreed promptly. The trainer kicked his shoes off And climbed into bed, pulling the sheets up to his chest. After not hearing any sign of movement from the combusken, he opened his eyes to find the combusken staring at him.

" what?"

[Where sleep master?]

“Oh right. You can't sleep on my chest now." he said missing the warm feeling the fire Type would give him every night.

"That's okay you can sleep with me now." As soon as the words had left his mouth he blushed. Damn! he hadn't meant anything Dirty by that but the words had tumbled out of his mouth sounding.....well suggestive. The combusken who didn't know human lingo thought nothing Of it but still her body shivered at the thought of lying next to her master. She slipped into the bed. The trainer smirked and pulled the sheets over her softly. Both of Them clung to the corner of their sides of the bed thinking that involuntary contact with the other would offend the other.

[Good sleep master.]

"uhhh.. Good night Jane". Both thought the other to be asleep while both lay awake. When early dawn arrived both went to sleep while convincing Themselves  that they hadn't been awake all this time due to the other.

The combusken awoke inches away from her masters face. She stopped her urge to touch his face. He looked so peaceful in sleep, his mouth slightly open. His black hair tumbled around his face as if he lay unconscious rather than sleep. He looks beautiful she thought before shaking her head at herself. She didn't know what kind of feeling this was. She blamed it on evolution and softly pulled out of the bed, trying not to disturb the sleeping human. She went to the bath remembering her masters words that she should do some things herself. She didn't understand why so suddenly master had stopped cleaning her. As far as she could remember master always bathed her when she had been a torchic. How did master make that water appear she wondered. Yes he moved the silver rocks over there she said to herself pointing over at the taps.

The boy woke up to find the bed warm but the tuft of yellow feathers missing from his side. He rubbed his eyes trying to clear his vision.Where had she gone? Had she left because of what happened yesterday? Fear chilled his heart. No Jane wouldn't abandon him like that. No!What had he done? He cradelled his head in his kness.A click sounded.

[master?] he looked up to find the a wet combusken head popping out the door. He sighed with relief.

Then looked at the head in amusement "what are you doing?"

[master say do things myself so i bath master.] he smiled.

"okay bath yourself. Then we'll go down to meet delia." the head disappeared behind the door, leaving a thoroughly amused human on the bed. After having bathed,the duo agreed to skip breakfast to meet the injured shinx. They walked down to the infirmary and after seeking permission and the ward number where delia was, from nurse joy. They went to the ward to find the blue cub fast asleep on a pokemon centre bed.

"lets just sit here" the trainer said and both the trainer and combusken sat down in the chairs beside the bed.(the trainer had to teach the fighting type how to sit in a chair!). The shinx sniffed the air while sleeping. Her body instincts kept a lookout by sniffing the scents around her while she slept. Her mind immediately lept at the scents surrounding her.'master' was her only thought as she shook herself awake to find her trainer looking at her. She jumped on his lap licking his cheek.

"so ya miss me?" he said rubbing the shinx's tummy.

"shiii-shiinx-shiiinx" the blue cub giggled and purred with delight. She softly bit her masters fingers because her pack before master had registered biting as a sign of affection. She turned her small head, eyes scanning the floor for her feathered friend. Her eyes landed on the foot and soon followed up to find a combusked attached to the foot. She sniffed this pokemon.



[yes jane.Me change.]


[no hurt. Me good strong, protect master now"]


[yes poo che ya na gone] she replied smirking at the memory of how she had learned the pronunciation. The shinx jumped from her current position to her friends lap softly rubbing against her showing her affection towards her comrade.

Nurse joy rounded the group, staring at the trainer. "your shinx is not supposed to be out of bed sir. We haven't scanned her yet. We will discharge you pokemon after the scan sir" she said curtly, giving the trainer and the combusken a cold look.

"'im sorry nurse joy" he said immediately picking up on the nurse's cold attitude. He immediately transferred the shinx to the bed,who protested and bit her master. But he gave the shinx a look and the shinx settled down albeit grumbling. "we'll be back soon" he said rubbing the shinx on her head which purred in response.        



After seeing that the discharged shinx would not be stressed upon by her trainer, nurse joy let the trainer take his shinx. With delia on his heels and jane walking by his side, the trainer had decided to scan rustoboard city more. They walked past the cafe claiming to have fresh coffee grounded by hariyama punching technique.



[what humans do?] the combusken said pointing her claw at the figure of an entwined couple kissing. Their hands around each other and their kiss deep.

"ummm...yeah i'll tell you later guys. Lets get something to eat." he said, thinking how to explain this concept at a later time to his pokemon. They entered a cafe and the trainer ended up choosing a table in the corner. After ordering the three leppa berry camomile( his pokemon refused to eat the stinky pokechow).

" so guys now that we are in a better shape what do you wanna do?" the trainer said  as they waited for their food to arrive.

[hungry. Master food"] the combusken said petting the shinx on its head.

"do you wanna try out some chocolate?"[chocko?] jane said her head turning in a quizzical motion.

"its very sweet. Try some. Here" the trainer said taking a big bar of his half eaten chocolate out of his backpack. He kept it on the table. Before the combusken could even acknowledge it the shinx jumped on the table, her tail wagging at the thought of tasting 'master's food'. The shinx sniffed and prodded it with her small paws before nibbling at a small piece of this chocolate. The shinx immediately regretted tasting this. It burned her tongue whatever this stuff was. She let out a complaining pout and a growl before running over to her master and biting his hand.

[delia eat bitter. Chocko not sweet.]

" oh come on try it jane just try  a little bit" He had known that some pokemon species had a acute sense of taste but he had hoped that his pokemon were not. Well shinx were kind of specific about tastes and caffeine wasn't really consumable for them. But he further now hoped that torchic or its evolutions were not. The combusken picked up the bar clumsily in her claw holding it like a bomb away from her. The trainer nodded at her, encouraging her to take a bite. She opened her beak and bit the smallest piece possible from the bar.

Her expressions brightned up instantly.[master. Chocko sweet. Taste sweeeeet] she cooed scorfing down the choclate in a matter of seconds."woah. That was a big bar you just downed. I'm guessing you like chocolate huh?"

[master chocko sweet. eat chocko.]

" yeah so eat up your chamomile guys. We'll catch some training time after this okay?

"[master chocko?]

"what?you just ate that bar."

[more chocko master.]

"fine-fine. I'll order some of it." the trainer said rolling his eyes at the fire type. The camomile was finished by the shinx who licked her plate clean whereas the combusken just scorfed down the camomile hurrying just to get her chocolate. The evening air witnessed a no-longer-hungry trainer, a shinx cursing the bitter taste and a combusken gladly holding a bar of chocolate in her claw. The trio entered their room in the pokemon center, and prepared for sleep. The trainer went to sleep almost immediately as he hit the bed. Like wise the shinx but unnoticed by the sleeping team, the combusken lay awake. Maybe due to the half pecked bar of chocolate that lay beside the side of the bedstand. The combusken looked at the shinx perched on her masters chest. A pang of jealousy filled her as she remembered her usual sleeping place when she had been a torchic was now occupied by the shinx.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts and looked at the human. 'Master' she thought before laying down, turning to the side and wandering off into her dreams. The boy had woken up into the dusk by his usual nightmare. He placed the shinx on the bed and walked over to the balcony proposing that fresh air would clear his head. Unnoticed by him, jane had woken up due to a soft gasp he had made. He put his hands on the cold railing and let the wind blow through his hair.

[master?] the human jumped suddenly at the voice and spun around.

"oh jane you really scared the shit out of me. I didn't wake you up did i?"

[sorry master. Me scare you.]

" thats okay. I guess when you evolve into a blaziken we'll have much better communication." the combusken smiled at that. Though she could not remember why but the term blaziken sent a warm feeling through her.

She neared her trainer hesitantly. [master okay?] im fine jane. Its just a...a...ummm i couldn't sleep." he said, not wanting to tell his pokemon that a stupid dream had scared him.

[master not sleep?]

" i'll go to sleep after this jane. You should go to sleep." the combusken didn't feel sleepy at all and searched for a topic which wasn't stupid for her to ask.  Then she remembered something.[master humans on path?]


[before master give chocko me saw humans on path. Me ask. Master tells later.]

"oh" he said remembering the kissing couple from the road.

" they were kissing jane."

[ki-kissing?]. He tried to keep a straight face.

" yes for humans kissing umm...kissing is an expression of love."

[love master?] she said her interest piqued. Humans were fascinating.

"love is like mating for humans" he said remembring some concepts of pokemon mating and breeding. While the combusken was blushing now, a deep red spread across her cheeks. The combusken didn't have a clear idea of what a mating was but she had a vague sense of it. That was enough to make the pokemon's cheeks go red. The boy was facing the balcony side so she couldn't see him blushing a little too. This was why he had preffered male pokemon over female ones. Male pokemon didn't need to be lectured on mating and the stuff. But in the case of young female pokemon the trainer would have to put out the birds and the bees for their pokemon. Though he was awkward over him having the talk with jane but it had to be done. When she evolved into a blaziken and  had her first heat things would start to shoot off. He was a teenager himself. how was he supposed to have the talk? He made a mental note to browse on the pokenet for blaziken mating and breeding.

He turned around to see the combusken looking down abashed. She looked so cute when she was shy he thought. Wait where did that come from? He didn't mean it in any wierd sense he said to himself before walking over to his pokemon. She looked down fearing eyecontact with master. He stood in front of directly now but she couldn't manage to look upwards.

"So are you feeling sleepy?"

[not sleep master.]

" i don't feel like sleeping too. What do you say we should do?" the combusken couldn't help but feel stupid. She had no idea what to do. What was she supposed to say to master?

"how about we talk huh? Since your evolution we haven't had any time and now that we can communicate we should know each other better. After all you are my starter jane."

[starter master?]

"starters are those pokemon which are chosen by the trainer as their 1st pokemon. It is said that the strength of their bond with their starter is directly propotional to the success of the trainer in pokemon battles and leauge." the trainer answered walking inside the room to sit on the small sofa.

The combusken followed her master inside the room, standing. "come on sit down. You don't wanna stand all this time do you ?". The combusken carefully sat down at a little distance from her master, remembering how master had taught her to sit on these wierd human contraptions. The human and the combusken sat in a awkward silence.

"so before i met you where did you live ?"

[not remember good master. Only little.]

"yeah? What do you remember jane?"

[remember mother. Father. And cave master.] that was fairly obvious. The baby pokemon must remember their parents.  Also the blaziken lived in groups in caves high up in the mountains. Jane must also have lived someplace in the mountains. He tried to remember more from when he had met jane.

"and how did you get your leg injured jane?"

[don't remember master.]

"okay. So what else can you remember as a torchic?"

[me remember master, and master's home. Sorry master.]

" Hey its okay. After evolution pokemon are supposed to forget a lot of their past. So i thought that tomorrow we could get back on our training schedule huh?We could check out some of your moves now that you have evolved. You do look pretty strong jane."

[thank master.]

"okay lets get some shut eye. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day." The trainer lazily wandered into bed but the combusken's mind was aflame with thoughts. How had she become separated from mother and Father? She tried hard to remember but to no avail. She hadn't entirely told master the truth. She did remember a little about how her separation. Fire. That's all she remembered. She was so wound up in her thoughts that she didn't notice that her trainer was sitting up and staring at her.

" are you planning to sleep at all tonight?" The combusken smiled and went to bed, her dreams weaving between master and the few memories she had of her previous life.              



The trainer opened his eyes to the sound of water running somewhere nearby. He looked to his side to find the combusken missing and the shinx out like a light, sleeping on the bed. He peered at the open bathroom door. He quickly went over and shut the door carefully. He yawned and went over to wake the shinx up.

Suddenly the pokedex went off. Who the hell could be calling at this time? Uh-oh.  Aman's mom's picture flashed on the screen. He picked up the call cringing at the thought that he hadn't called home since he had left on his adventure which had been over a week ago. Something close to a loudred's-ass-on-fire shriek came through the pokedex. The trainer held it away from his ear.

"where are you? I'm sending hypno right over Aman. If i knew that you were gonna forget.."

"mom just wait. I was busy ma."

"i don't want to hear it mister, you are coming back home this instant. The nerve of it.."

After another few minutes of threats of dragging him back home and putting him up for a pokescience course, aman's mother calmed down."so how you Aman? How is jane now?"

"i'm really  fine mom. And jane evolved into a combusken!"

"really?thats fast isn't it? Are you training her too hard Aman?"

"no mom. actually she evolved when.."telling her about how he had almost got killed by the poocheyana and then jane's evolution took place would be like putting your hand in a houndoom's mouth."uhhh...she evolved during a battle with a trainer i met in the petalburg woods." which was technically true. Other concerns were raised about each other by the mother and  son. After extracting a promise that he would call on end of the week, the mother cut the call and went on to cook the pudding she had on stove.

[master?] Aman whirled around to find the combusken staring at him, her body dripping with water.

" well somebody's up and about."

[master what do?]

"oh i was talking to mom. Not easy. I barely survived"

[what mom master?]

"oh mom is the human word for mother.

"[master dry?] the human rolled his eyes at the combusken. After having bathed the shinx, having breakfast and buying jane some more chocolate the trainer headed towards north of rustoboard. The forest there would be perfect for training delia and jane. After having a particularly long training session he learnt that jane had indeed become stronger and she had learned double kicks which would help them beat roxanne. Delia didn't learn any new moves but had leveled up a little.

The party returned to the pokemon center covered with dirt and glass stains and nurse joy slightly turned her nose on the team. After having healed his pokemon and a thorough bath. The team went out grab something to eat.

" so guys what do you wanna eat?"

"shiii - shiinx "

[chocko master.]

" slow your roll guys. Too much chocolate isn't healthy so sorry jane but today you girls will eat cheese burgers.

[a what master?]

"just wait. Its really amazing to taste." he was right about his hunch though. Delia liked the burger because of it's meat content and jane didn't even bother to smell it.Both his pokemon ate ravenously, gulping down burgers like a munchlax. He looked at them and sighed. They had really trained pretty hard today and to see them all tired and hungry the trainer's subconscious wondered if all this training was worth it. The blood and sweat of his pokemon for a piece of metal. A gym badge. After paying the bill, the team walked out of the dining area of the pokemon center to the sleeping quarters. They would have to win tomorrow at the rustoboro gym. Yes tomorrow it would be.                    



There they were standing. At the entrance to the door that would lead to the arena and to roxanne. Defeating the apprentices that were supposed to stop him had been relatively easy. All of them were rock type trainers and with jane defeating them had been a piece of cake. He healed jane with a potion. He looked at her. "jane the next battle is going to be different okay? It's going to be tough. Do you want to fight?" the combusken's eyes gleamed. The primal instincts of fighting a stronger opponent had heightened her senses. The urge to win and make master proud was lighting her heart.

[yes master.] the trainer gulped and nodded. His nervousness was great. After all this was his first gym fight.

"shii-shinx" the shinx chimed in smiling at her friend. He looked at the combusken and opened the door, walking over to  the arena. There were very few spectators there. A few Apprentices and some kids who you could tell hung on to Roxanne’s every word. He didn't let himself get depressed over that. So what if she had a bucket load of Admirers and cheerers, he was gonna win this battle. The girl on the opposite podium smiled. The judge, a bald man in his early 50's explained the rules to the Trainers. A single match with three Pokémon each and no time constraint. The dark skinned girl Roxanne on the opposite podium flashed a thumbs up at Aman. Aman nodded And replied with a 'best of luck'.

The judge stood in the separate platform and spoke into a mike “both the trainer's please release your Pokémon into the arena." Aman nodded at the combusken who immediately jumped and landed in the arena with neat precision. The gm-leader tossed a poke ball. A brown rock thudded to ground. A Geodude.

Cheers erupted from the few people in the spectators "go Roxanne!!"

"This rookie has no chance"

"Beat him Roxanne". Aman noticed that some of them were giving him glares. He ignored it. 'Gotta keep my head in the battle' he thought. A pair of Mr. Mimes produced a transparent barrier over the arena, so trainers wouldn't get Hurt by any misdirected attacks. The Pokémon league had made it compulsory in 1857 that the protection of trainers during the battle was necessary. The judge also sat Down in an old worn desk.

“Let the match begin."

"Jane ember" he said quickly not wasting any time. The combusken let a few embers on the rock type who tried to dodge them But failed.

"Fire type attacks on a rock Pokémon? Another rookie trainer." the gym leader said. “Okay geodude use tackle."

He smiled this had been his strategy all along. Making Roxanne under estimate him. Both Jane and him had worked out this plan. As the geodude came rolling in for tackle, Aman's smile widened.He didn't even need to command her as the combusken jumped the rolling pokemon and unleashed a double kick on the geodude. The geodude was sent hurling towards the arena barrier, where it collapsed. The girl on the next podium flinched as she saw her geodude try to get up to his feet.(A/N: geodude doesn't even have legs but you get the gist)

The judge jumped up from his desk and passed through the barrier without flinching. He bent down to the geodude and examined the slightly bleeding pokemon. "The geodude is unable to battle."the judge said waving a red flag in the air. Roxanne retrieved the unconscious pokemon, softly rubbing the pokeball, mumbling something that Aman's ears couldn't catch.The cheers from the spectators had lessened but the glares hadn't. Curiously Aman noticed Jane giving them a hard glare. She pocketed the pokeball and withdrew a fresh one.

" it seems i have underestimated you.It won't happen again" the girl said loudly. She unleashed another geodude into the arena, her smirk widening. The referee nodded. "Geodude rock throw"

" Jane dodge it". The boy watched, amazed as the combusken richoted of the rocks thrown at her. His strategy had been straight, get close, double kick ,game over but the rock throw's were stopping the combusken from getting inside the range to attack geodude.

"keep it up geodude" Roxanne shouted, smirking.


He hadn't prepared for this he thought panicking. By this time the combusken had already been hit by a few rocks. She couldn't keep that up forever.Huh. The boy's mind whirled inside his brain, trying to think of a new strategy.

" Jane rebound those rocks."To roxanne and the others it sounded like gibberish, impossible. But the combusken had understood her trainer's instruction very clearly. The rock thrown at her was closing in, she swung and double kicked the rock back at it's owner. The geodude couldn't move, shocked at his own attack being used against him.

" dodge it geodude" the girl ordered, but it was already to late.The rock hit the geodude in the face. Another couple followed. The geodude recoiled at the hits and didn't see the combusken coming.

"use rock slide" the rock type trainer pleaded hoping that a rock slide would evade the oncoming combusken. The combusken swung at the geodude with a double kick as the geodude unleashed a rock slide. Both the pokemon were showered with rocks, engulfed by the attack.With the user of the attack losing concentration, the attack lost its intensity and the rock flow stopped both the combusken and the geodude lay on the ground, which was bloated with rocks.None moved.Worry, not about winning the badge but about his pokemon escalated for the boy.

" Jane?" no response.The judge got up from his seat."JANE!?"the boy said, his voice a little high, his panic rising."shiiinx!" the little cub beside the boy cried. The combusken opened her eyes. Master's voice. That last attack had been close and powerfull. She tried to get up, but her leg ached. Another plea from the master. The combusken willed itself up, supporting her right leg. Her breath heavy. The geodude moved, struggling to stand up. The judge looked on at the fight, what was it gonna be?The geodude got to it's feet, cheers erupted from the admirers. The geodude looked at its opponent and heaved, falling down to the floor. The judge moved uncertainly towards the arena. But hurried up as he entered inside the barrier.

"The geodude is unable to battle." he declared. The combusken bent down, kneeling on a knee, trying to catch her breath. The boy ran towards the arena, but the judge signalled him to stop.

" You can't enter the battle zone right now or face disqualification." Damn, he knew the rules. He looked at his pokemon. Fuck it! this wasn't worth her getting hurt. Then he remembered something smiling.

"I want to use a potion" he said.

" well in that case, its my duty to remind you that if you use a battle supplement during a battle the opposite trainer is liable to get the first command of action." He nodded, running towards her.He took out the bottle of potion from his pocket that he always kept there for emergency.

"Jane are you alright?Are you okay?"He said bending down to his pokemon.

[fine master.]she said her voice a little painfull and wincing.

"Do you want me cancel the match?"

[no master. fight.]

"Are you sure?can you stand?"The combusken stood up looking at her master.He sprayed the potion on her leg, knee where a small cut was there and on her torso. "Are you okay?does anything else hurt?" The combusken shook her head.

The trainer stared at her for a second, feeling guilty over her predicament."Sir, are you done?" the judge said from behind his desk. He nodded and walked back slowly to his podium." Commence battle." the judge yelled in a microphone.

wordlessly roxanne tossed the pokeball unleashing the pokemon inside.A giant stoneblock, like one of the easter heads stood in the arena. A nosepass. But Aman already knew that.He had researched before hand about roxanne and her pokemon.Due to his usage of the potion, now it was roxanne who could command first. He waited for it,as soon as she gave a command to the nosepass, he would have to do the same. She couldn't use this opportunity with a attack move, unless it was a hyper beam or something but this was a pretty good opportunity for strengthening defense, bulking up or some other stat increase. All in all, things were bleak for the boy who had challenged the rustoboro gym-leader.

"Rock blast nosepass"

"Dodge it and then use ember" he said, just to get a gauge of how strong this nosepass was. The nosepass didn't even try to dodge the weak flames. It just stood there with it's trainer smiling.

" Nosepass use tackle." With surprising agility for a bulky pokemon, the nosepass ran towards the fire type.

"Jane doge and use focus energy". The combusken complied, jumping, landing wobbly due to her injury and a red glow engulfing her as she focused her energy.The nosepass stopped short of colliding with the barrier. Aman had been right, it could run well but could not maneuver its bulky body that easily.

"Jane focus energy again" This was their last hope. If this didn't work then, looking at the condition of the combusken he didn't think this fight would last much longer.

Roxanne tried something else." Nosepass use block and then use harden." Aman looked at the gym leader. What was she trying to do?These moves were not affecting the match whatsoever.

"Nosepass harden again". The nosepass hardened, a green glow on the stone surface.

"Jane focus energy."

"Nosepass use tackle". Uh-oh, now he understood what the gym-leader was doing. By using harden the nosepass's defence was so up high that even with a effective double kick, the nosepass would get less damage.Also by hardening the tackle of the nosepass had gained some potency.

"Dodge it." he commanded, the combusken jumped exactly as the nosepass drew in for the tackle.The combusken couldn't land properly and fell to the ground but immediately stood up."focus energy" he cried, trying not to think of the consequences if this failed.The nosepass was still reverting from the tackle. This is as good as it gets he thought, " Jane, double kick maximum power" The combusken ran and jumped towards the nosepass, and swung her legs with all her might.

A crack sounded.

The sound of stone cracking, the nosepass landed a little distance from the fire type, out like a light. The combusken fell to the ground not being able to support her leg anymore. Aman looked on but didn't move. He could not enter the arena. He would get disqualified on the other hand Jane was in a pretty bad shape.The girl in the opposite podium also was silent, staring at her nosepass.

The judge had by the time walked into the arena. He first examined the nosepass. "Nosepass is unable to battle" he declared but didn't wave his flag. The combusken was down too. He went over to examine the combusken, he looked at her turning her face to see her eyes. They were closed. He sighed. Such an intense and promising battle it had been. Being the 1st gym of this region, not many glorious battles happened here but some like these were amazing in their own sense. He was still looking at the eyes of the fire pokemon. They opened suddenly, bright orange scaring the judge for a fleeting moment. The combusken, sat up. One leg against the ground, the other while felt numb. She looked up at her trainer. The trainer didn't want to smile but it burst out, his pride for her. She on her own had defeated the rustboro gym. A single combusken against three of a gym leaders pokemon.

" The gym-leader is out of usable pokemon. The challenger wins the match."No cheers erupted for him, no clapping but he didn't need that. He was running towards the arena passing the barrier, and bent down to the combusken.

[master?] she said her voice feeble.

" I am proud of you" he whispered. In response the combusken smiled and let the darkness engulf her.

Aman's smile disappeared as his starter fainted, falling to the ground. He recalled her immediately and stood up ready to run off to the pokemon center. Meanwhile the gym-leader had come down smiling.

"Wait, we have a healing system right here. Pokemon center is a little far away. Come with me." She said, bowing a little to the boy. He nodded all joy of victory drained of him. Both the trainers walked up the stairs that went on the healing center.

There was a old Nurse Joy standing there who greeted the trainers and hurriedly snatched their pokeballs from them.

"Are they okay? Don't tell me it was you two battling downstairs?" she said looking at them accusingly. Roxanne had known the nurse from childhood and nurse joy had been like a second mother to her.

"yes nurse joy, it was us. A gym-battle." The nurse meanwhile had put the pokeballs in the healing machine. Aman looked at them as they beeped with a yellow light.

" if i were in the pokemon league, i would ban these battles from happening. Pokemon always battle and get hurt." she said softly. The trainers looked at each other, mentally disagreeing with nurse joy.pokemon battles could not be banned." i will be back in a second." the nurse said turning and exiting.

" So nice battle." she said giving him a hand. He shook it and smiled

" yeah that was one good battle."

"I'm sorry but i thought that you were one of those stupid kids who you know who start fresh and don't know a thing about battle.So I underestimated you."

" stupid kid huh?"

"No, I'm sorry.I didn't mean.."

" That's okay. no offense taken." he said and remembered those people in the arena. "talking of stupid kids.The audience wasn't exactly what I thought it would be."

"Yeah its very different from what we see in the TV. People always cheer for the gym leader. And Im sorry about them. They are just trainers who lost to me and now are apprentices. Anyways i don't like them really."

The healing machine beeped and nurse joy piled in with a chansey. "Okay there we go. Make sure to get them good sleep and food." she said waving them off.

Both the kids took their pokeballs and pocketed them.Aman thought to release Jane but thought against it. He would release her when they were back in their room.Both the trainers walked out together, through the arena to the exit of the gym. A few spectators had left and the rest were giving him hard glances. This time Aman looked at them and returned their glances with glares of his own.

" oh my god. i almost forgot to give you this." roxanne said, snapping Aman out of his glare session.She took out a case from her pocket and opened it. It was filled with rock badges. She picked out one and handed it to the trainer, whose eyes were now shining with a amazed frenzy."here this is the rock badge and here is a TM." she said handing the boy a brown cd enclosed in a sand colored case.

It was customary for gym leaders to give the winning challengers a TM or something.

"This is rock-tomb. It inflicts damage as well as lowers Sp.def" she said. Aman didn't bother. He shoved the TM in his backpack and looked at the badge."Thank you" he said.

"I never got your name, you know?"



"I know" he said, smiling. The gymleader smiled too, embarrassed at her own stupidity.

"I'll see you around Aman" she said turning back to the gym and vanishing inside. Aman looked at the gym for a fleeting second and turned back, walking towards his room, a single blue cub following him, whining.                

He looked at the sleeping combusken. She looked so peacefull sleeping.He sat in a chair opposite to the bed. His mind was abuzz with thoughts.It was now that he realized his mistake. He had pushed her too much, too early. She was on no level to fight roxanne but due to her type advantage and her persistence they had won. Somehow they had won.

Any other type of pokemon in that battle wouldn't have stood a chance. But what most bugged him was the look in her eyes when they had won,she had won. Somehow he had understood that look without a single word from his pokemon.The look had said it all.All she had wanted was to please him, to make him proud. She looked for praise risking her life in return.He hated it. Hated it because she had to risk herself, her life just for his amusment.And she didn't ask anything in return. He was worried about her.Her loyalty was so much. Incidents throughout history depicted of how pokemon had gladly laid down their life's at the nod of their trainer. The most famous example would be Sir Aron's lucario.It worried him. If he slipped up, if he made a mistake she would have to pay with her life.

What kind of fucked up world was this? he thought. He loved her.Yes he admitted blushing.Not in that sense but he cared for her like a trainer would for a starter, for a friend. He smiled as she moved mumbling something into the pillow. He didn't get everything,only one word MASTER. He looked at her. The little injuried torchic he had been kinda forced to take.His best friend. He smirked remembering a quote Sir Aron used to say. The soft moonlight through the curtains illuminated the sleeping pokemon. He bent down and whispered "Dream again child..."    

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