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Second: I’m changing some physical aspects of honen just to match the story. That’s why it’s in the alternative universe. I introduced Mt. Snowpoint which is somewhere in between Slateport and Mauville. For those who have played Pokemon emerald, its where the trick master’s house should be.

Third: I’m also changing the a little of the anatomy of blaziken...just so...oh you know why..The plumage that blaziken has on chest is actually a means to hide her...breasts. She can unhide or hide them whenever an individual female blaziken wants in her plumage.

Fourth: I totally stole the idea of their 'bonding' from a jackie chan movie. Those who have seen it will know it.

Fifth: This was long..alright...very long..also the reviews seem a little low don’t you think? Come on for a sexy  blaziken huh? Anyways enjoy!

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The trainer walked out the gym with a badge pinned to the inside of his jacket and his team behind him. The gym battle had been moderate. Not really tough but not easy either.  Jane and Delia had taken care of Brawly’s pokemon. Even though the crowd had went wild when Jane had delivered the final blow to Brawly’s hariyama, only the trainer could tell that the combusken was distracted and wasn’t really concentrating on the battle.

 The previous night’s talk about sexual relationships between humans and pokemon had distracted her. He knew that even though they had won he couldn’t afford to have his starter distracted during battles so he would have to have another talk with her and clear whatever doubts she had. He had always known that he would have to talk to his female pokemon about heats and mating but never had he thought that he would have to explain sexual situations between human beings and pokemon.

He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice that they had reached the pokemon centre and their team was standing in front of Nurse Joy. A hand on his shoulder snapped him out of his thoughts.[Master? Heal?]  “Oh yeah. Sorry Jane.” He turned to the pink haired nurse “Nurse Joy could you heal my pokemon?”  The nurse bowed and opened a tray.

 The trainer sat at a coffee table while waiting for his pokemon to be healed. God he felt so alone without his pokemon he thought as he sat alone at the table sipping coffee which by the way tasted like shit. He was so used to have them around that he didn’t consider them leaving for one second. Particularly Jane. 

Even though he had made Larvitar watch the battle from the sidelines he had still given him to Nurse Joy for a check up. His mind was sifting through various thoughts at the moment. Jane had touched him when he had been lost in his thoughts here at the pokemon centre. It meant she wasn’t scared of him abusing her or at least not afraid of him. Then what was it? Why had she been so upset when she had seen that news report? His mind was just so confused right now that he didn’t even notice his pokemon walk up to him. The luxio, distressed at being ignored by her master softly bit his knee to draw his attention. “Oww..Hey! Oh it’s you. Thank you Delia.”

[Master what think?] The luxio asked, licking the small wound on her trainer’s jean.

“Nothing really just....thinking where are gonna go next.” The trainer nodded as he walked out the cafe that was attached to the pokemon centre.


 They met up with Mr. Briney and set sail for Slateport which didn’t have a gym but was an important city. “So how’d old lad’s battle with Brawly go?”

“Oh it was nothing. Not that tough.”

“Well I hear that the Brawly kid ain’t no pushover lad. Yer pokemon must’ve gotten stronger.”

“Yeah. We did train quite a bit to beat Brawly.”

“Well that’s good kid coz Slateport is paradise land. With no gym there you and yer pokemon can take a break from all the battlin and horsin around.”

 The trainer nodded, hoping Briney was right. He looked back at his pokemon which included the combusken throwing the Larvitar in the air and catching him as he came down squealing. The luxio was circling the fire type and jumped as the Larvitar was thrown in air to catch him in the air. They deserved a break, after all they had really worked hard just to please him. It was the least he could do. “Did ya deliver the letter I gave ya?”

 “Yes I did deliver it but I didn’t know I was delivering it to that Steven guy. He looked pretty strong. Who is he?”

“Ya know Devon Corporation?”

“Yeah. Corporate giants. Biggest company in Honen and they have the number one award for latest technology in all of Honen. They also released the latest version of pokedex recently.”

“Ya know who’s the founder and owner of Devon corporation?”

 “Ummm...Mr. Devon right?”

“Yes kid.”

“I don’t understand how this relates to Steven....”

“Steven is the kid of Devon.” 

“HE IS WHAT!? He’s the son of Mr. Devon?”

“That’s what I just said boy”

“W oah! A powerful trainer and a billionaire? Wow he seemed pretty humble for...that kind of guy.”

“Well that kid didn’t grow up in his daddy’s shacks. He was a trainer like ya kid.”

“Why would he become a pokemon trainer when you have that kind of money? Anyways what was in that letter?”

 Briney smiled as he steered the ship past a wave.


The boy smiled as he looked at the largest beach he had ever seen in his entire life. Slateport beach was a bustling place where trainers waited for passerby trainers and challengers. Vendors sold mineral water and soda in their carts and huge umbrella’s were erected in which’s shady space; kids roughed and tumbled in sand. He looked back at his team who were eagerly taking in the scene and were looking left and right in anticipation.

“So guys what do you think?


[master sand.] the luxio whined as she raised her paw and shook quite an amount of sand off. He looked to the combusken who had her head down.

“Jane...Are you listening? Is this beach nice or what?”

[Beach good master.] She said dejectedly. He sighed. God this was killing him. Not having the cheery, playful combusken run up to him with a discarded shell or a empty can and ask him what it was. Her ignorance and her comic thirst to learn about human things had been very amusing. But now the dejected combusken was affecting the mood of their whole team as the luxio was also sulking and the Larvitar was walking along dejectedly at the foot of the combusken. He shook his head. Hell her gray mood was affecting him too.

“Hey guys you want to play?” he asked, only to get head shakes and depressed looks from his pokemon. In the end the team wound up at the pokemon centre getting a room and sleeping in early. The boy looked at his team as they lay in bed. Ever since that damned news display Jane had become a little distant and had stopped any sort of physical contact with him. She hadn’t even looked him in the eye ever since the news.

Even his feelings around her had just become so...different and unstable. Wait whaaaaaat? How had he become so confused about her huh? His feelings were clear and were strictly non-sexual he said to himself, grinding his teeth when a sudden pang of sadness and what seemed like denial surged through him. He looked at the combusken who was right now sleeping on the floor in a single blanket her head to the side. Her neck was beaded with sweat, her body a mix of yellow and orange feathers. Her features looked so soft, the cutest way her beak slightly opened making a perfect O and how her back seemed so smooth, how she......He face-palmed himself. What was wrong with him? He was not one of those people who....liked pokemon in that way. No he wasn’t. He looked at his luxio who was currently sleeping on his arm with Larvitar. He didn’t feel this way about her, about his luxio. Yup even though the luxio was really cute with all her fur and cat-like looks but he didn’t feel one bit awkward or different towards her. A pokemon to a trainer. Why was he so affected by Jane? What was happening to him? He yawned and shrugged off whatever confusing thoughts he had about her, letting himself drift into sleep.

The trainer woke up only to find the combusken missing from her bed (on the floor) but this time he wasn’t worried. She wanted to stay with him she had said so herself. He got out of the bed and bathed quickly. Coming out he found the combusken on the bed with Delia and Larvitar, her face showing her obvious confusion and hurt. He walked over to her and saw her immediately tense and sit up.

“Hey Jane are you okay?”

 [Yes master.]

“Well Delia and Larvitar are still sleeping so how about we go down to the beach huh? They say nothing’s better than a morning beach walk in Slateport.”

 [Thank you master.] She nodded and followed him out of the room.


 The beach was calm with gentle waves washing the wet shores and fresh wind buzzing making the wingull’s quack loudly. The trainer walked with the combusken to the shore where cold water slightly tingled their feet and wet sand clung to their feet.


 [Yes master?]

“Is this view beautiful?”

 [Very much master. Very pretty sight.]

“Are you glad to be here with me?” Her cheeks tinged red a little as she considered his question. Even though she had decided to try to distance herself from master for his sake and to lessen her pain, she couldn’t help but be happy that she was here with him. Close to him and alone with him. Of all the other pokemon he trusted her, he choose her as his best friend. She was very happy by that fact. [Yes master, I am very happy. Master best friend and I very lucky to have master.]

“Jane these past days you are a little sad over something aren’t you? Please tell me what it is? I just want to talk to you, to help you over whatever problems you have.” He said, looking out to the sea just to avoid eye contact.

[Master.] She sighed, she couldn’t take it anymore. It was painful just to hide these things from himShe didn’t want to hide anything from him. Anyways it was not like she could ignore the subject anymore. [Master I was shocked because how humans treated that human just because he had mated his pokemon. I didn’t know that people could be so cruel to such phenomenon.]

“Yeah well you are right there....wait! You just spoke a complete clear sentence! Wow that’s amazing. It means our bond must be getting stronger.”

[I speak correctly?]

“Spoke. Yes you did”

 [What bond master?]

 “You see when a trainer captures or claims a pokemon; instinctively a bond is formed between the trainer and the pokemon. It is said to be psychic in nature though nobody can surely say it. It helps communication and relationship between the pokemon and the trainer. When the pokemon are new the bond is said to very weak so no communication is possible between the trainer and the pokemon but as the pokemon grows and travels with its trainer the bond becomes stronger and the trainer and pokemon can effectively communicate and sometimes feel a little bit of each other’s emotions. Like now. Maybe I feel so happy because you are so happy and you managed to effectively communicate with me. That means our bond is getting stronger.”

[I’m so happy that our bond is getting stronger master.] She said smiling. Even though she might not be able to be his mate but still she could at least share something with him. Our. Our bond she beamed in her mind.

“So you were saying about people being..cruel?”

[master I didn’t think people would punish these humans so drastically. I mean isn’t it cruel even if a pokemon and human....they..they love each other?] she said her tone lowering so as not to suggest something that would land them in trouble.

“Well when you put it like that. You see if truth be told” He said lowering his voice to a whisper. “I’m not against these pokemon-human relationships but human society and world are really intolerant about these kinds of relations. You know Jane maybe the T.V report you saw wasn’t even a pokemon abuse case. I can’t be sure but most possibly that man wasn’t abusing his pokemon. I think that there is a difference between a consensual relation and abuse. You know they said that guy abused a Bayleaf, if you ask me a Bayleaf is pretty strong and has vine whip, razor leaf at its command, I mean it is the second evolved form of chikorita. If the guy really forced himself on his Bayleaf then the Bayleaf could have easily defended herself. She could even have killed the guy but she didn’t. That means that it was consensual which I think.... isn’t bad.”

 [Master wouldn’t a pokemon obey their master’s commands even if they are bad?]

“Well I suppose so but sometimes there are things that pokemon refuse to do even if their trainers insist them to. For pokemon mating is a sacred relation which I believe can easily overcome their desire to obey.”

 [Master are you not against these relations?]

“It’s the abuse that I’m against. I guess most of the cases that are reported are good relations because most pokemon can easily overcome any human but apart from that I have no problem with these people. I think it is just a way of life and it is their choice as to whom they want to share their life with. But that doesn’t mean I would openly claim that I’m okay with these kind of relations. You see anyone who supports these relationships are detained by police. Many are sent to asylums and mental hospitals. In my society it is the biggest taboo and it is really frowned upon, and I mean REALLY! Publicly declaring you are involved or even support this is like saying that you are a terrorist or a murderer. I think even murder cases aren’t so severely dealt with as compared to pokemon abuse cases. And anyhow even if you somehow escape the police, the people will....hurt you. There have been some cases in which somebody accidently spoke out in favour of these relationships and people have actually killed them. Their excuse is the lamest thing in the world. To protect the society from morally debased and evil notions and to create happiness and prosperity. How does killing someone create happiness? Humans sometimes can be really morons. Anyways you can’t change the society or the people’s thinking so it is best to keep quiet about these things you know.”

 [Master you seem quite unhappy and angry at these humans.]

“You could say I am. Seriously they rape little girls and women but touching a pokemon is sin against god? What kind of fucked up society is that huh? They are fucking hypocrites and I think they should have their dicks trampled by a rapidash.”

The combusken giggled at the language her master was using.

Oh I’m sorry but I just couldn’t let those...”

 [That’s alright master. I thought the same way.]

“Think” he corrected her.

She nodded [I believe that happiness is something that is different for every individual. If they are not harming anyone by their actions then they should be allowed to do whatever they want. ]

“Yup. Anyways that’s that. You know what, I feel really happy to talk to you.”

 [I am very happy to talk to you too master. I was anxious for so many days and I must have....hurt you so much. I am very sorry for my behaviour master.]

“Hey that’s okay. You know if you have a problem you share it with everyone. That’s what friends are for and you are my best friend Jane. You know I never really had that many friends when I was at the Pokemon School. Most kids were pretty mean to me because of my family.”

[Your family master?]

“Yeah. My father abandoned us. My mother was disabled. So I was really picked on and bullied. But that’s the past. I have you now and I feel really happy to be with you.”

 The combusken took his hand in her claw. [Master I’m happy to be your friend and I’m happy you picked me. I will protect you and I will become stronger for you master.]


The beach was peaceful and the sun was rising up, glazing the beach in a golden red light which danced over the blue waves. Both the trainer and the pokemon held hands as they sat on the wet sand, enjoying each other’s friendship. The combusken sighed happily. When she had heard that news she had been so scared, so frightened that her feelings would lead to her master’s harm. So she had decided to stay away from him. If she stayed away master would be protected from the world. And the pain in her heart became more tolerable when she stayed away from him and tried not to think about him. It was for the best. But now she understood and reached a new conclusion. The world would hurt master if they mated, so she wouldn’t be his mate. She would just stay his pokemon by his side. In a way it gave her a shady slice of love and an excuse to be with him. She imagined master mating some human girl and her living with them as their pet pokemon. Growing old with master and his mate. That was the best she could hope for. Best she could dare for. She frowned inwards realizing that she would still never be able to mate him, to express how much she loved him. She was happy that he wasn’t disgusted by such notions but still the dangers of this forbidden fruit were too much and too severe to even touch it.

“Is something wrong?” he asked, his head tilting towards her.

[Nothing master. Just thinking if the society could think the other way, there would be really happiness for people like...that guy.]

 “Yeah well don’t worry about it because the society is never gonna change and Jane don’t tell this to anyone. Okay? We could get in trouble”

 [Yes master] she said putting her head on his shoulder, hoping he wouldn’t scold her. She felt so happy and peaceful in his presence. She really enjoyed being in his company, asking and learning things. Yes this was definitely love. Definitely. For them the world altered itself for a moment and became a little bit better and peaceful. But that didn’t last long.

“Having a moment are we?” a rough voice sneered from behind. The combusken jumped away from her trainer, frightened that someone had figured her out and she had doomed them both. However Aman quietly and calmly stood up. He turned and appraised the person. A guy with blond hair with rough jeans and shoes caked with dirt. A trainer.

 “No. My combusken was tired after her morning training so she was resting.” Aman said calmly even though he knew he was lying. If he panicked this guy would certainly think that he and her were somewhat...involved and that was the last thing he wanted.

“Apparently. So you are a trainer huh? How about a battle?”

 “Fine with me. Jane will you fight?”

[Yes master.] The combusken said taking a battle stance.

“Go raichu!” the opponent said and unleashed the pokemon into the beach. “A one-on-one huh?” the guy asked. Aman nodded and looked around a little. The sun was almost up but the beach seemed deserted except for him and this guy.

“Raichu quick attack. Go!”

“Rai” the mouse pokemon said zipping towards the fire-type.

“Doge it and use ember.” Aman said. Raichu was an electric type so Jane had a type disadvantage here. Also if the Raichu got close to her with a physical attack like a tackle or a quick attack there would some serious damage there. ‘If Jane makes any sort of physical contact with this guy, he will definitely use an electric move to take her down’ the trainer thought.

 “Jane use ember again.”

“Raichu use quick attack to doge it.” The combusken peppered the speeding Raichu’s wake with smouldering hot embers however the Raichu was very fast and actually managed to doge and hit the combusken with a quick attack.

“Good. Raichu use iron tail.”

“rai-chu” the pokemon bolted towards the combusken and its tail glowed white.

This attack was head on. Even if he tried he wouldn’t be able to save her from it, only hope was to deflect it or lessen its power.

“Double kick” he said. The combusken swung her legs and with a metallic clang the blow was matched, however the combusken swung her other leg to complete the double kick and the raichu was sent flying back to its trainer’s feet.

 Her foot felt like it had been hit with a hammer but she didn’t complain. After all she had to impress master.

“Raichu quick attack”

“Use double kick” The two pokemon met head on with their attacks and Aman heaved a sigh of relief. The quick attack hadn’t dealt with much damage. The combusken kicked the raichu but instead of being thrown away like a rag doll the raichu jumped and wrapped his tail around the combusken’s leg.

 Both the raichu and his trainer smirked and Aman realized his mistake but it was too late.

“Raichu thunderbolt!”


Yellow bolts of shuddering electricity engulfed both the pokemon as the Raichu used its attack. The combusken screamed with pain as the cackling electricity surged through her whole body. The electrical output of the raichu was so much that the electricity surrounding the combusken actually lifted her an inch or so from the ground. The electricity that was now running through the combusken’s body seemed to be frying her up.

Her trainer’s scream was also lost somewhere in her own. The raichu finally let go, leaving the combusken and retreating to a safe distance, his breath laboured due to his overcharged attack. The combusken had crumpled into a heap, her feathers singed and slightly smoking due to the thunderbolt.

“Jane!” he said running into the battlefield. A slight jolt of electricity peppered his path and stopped him from moving forward.

 “Uh-uh. You can’t enter the battlefield while there is a battle going on.”

“But my pokemon has fainted.”

“You don’t know that. Wait let me check. Raichu quick attack.”

Aman watched in horror as the Raichu started running, speeding up for the attack.

 “Wait you-you can’ can’t...” The attack hit her with a slight thud and the raichu went back to his trainer’s feet immediately.

“Looks like she’s beat. Anyways that wasn’t much of fight. My raichu can handle anything.”

“Why did you attack her?” Aman said his voice very very low, his head looking at his feet.

“Well if she was able to battle then she would faint. If she wasn’t it wouldn’t hurt me to confirm it. Anyways it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to get my raichu so experience but your combusken is seriously no help.” The guy said smirking and retreating his raichu.

Then he looked up and had a fist shoved in his face.  He went off balance and fell to the ground with Aman climbing on him and punching every inch of this asshole.

“How-dare-you-attack-my-Jane?” Aman yelled emphasizing each word with a punch. Tears slowly streaked down his face as he pummelled the guy to the ground. The guy also socked him a few times back on his cheeks and shoulder but Aman kept fighting him back.

Suddenly two hands from behind restrained him and a hard blow was delivered to the back of his head. “Growl-Growlithe.”

“Growlithe surround them I’ll...”  That was all he heard before surrendering to the unconsciousness.




He woke up to a sweet sounding voice. His vision cleared to find the combusken in another bed with her left arm bandaged and her face seemingly happy.

[Master you’re awake.]

“Ugghhh...” he clutched the back of his head which was surging with a light pain.

[Master what is it?] The combusken said, a look of great concern over her face.

“I’m fine...It’s nothing. Where are we anyways?”

 [Don’t know master I just woke up here myself.]

“I guess this should be the pokemon centre. But how in hell did we get here?”

The combusken shrugged and apologized. [I’m sorry master. I couldn’t win the battle. I put you in risk.]

“Hey I told you. It’s not a one way road. And I don’t expect you to win every fight alright? You tried your best and put up a really good fight. I’m proud of you.”

 An inner part of her somewhere beamed. He’s proud of me. But still she lost and her face showed her doubt over herself. “Oi. I told you it wasn’t your fault. If anyone should be blamed it should be me. I failed to protect you and it was my mistake due to which you suffered.”

[Master! You are not to blame at all. You are a very good trainer, master.]

“Well thanks but I feel really bad that you got hurt because of me.”

[Master that’s my duty. We pokemon strive to obey our master’s commands.]

“That doesn’t mean I own you Jane okay? We are friends alright? We both have an equal say.

She smiled inwards. He considers me an equal, a friend. She already knew this but still it somehow made her feel...better.  The sound of slow footsteps piqued her interest.

[Master! Someone is coming.]

The trainer nodded and sat back in the bed. The door opened revealing a nurse joy, a rather angry looking luxio and Larvitar. The Larvitar immediately ran jumped onto the combusken who responded with a little ‘oof’.


 [I’m sorry. I and master had gone to the beach.]


[No master hasn’t abandoned you silly. We had just gone out for training.]

The luxio looked up to its trainer.[Master leave us? Why?]

“I didn’t leave you Delia. I and Jane had just gone out for a walk and you guys were sleeping. You guys looked so peaceful so I let you sleep.”

The shinx leapt up and climbed his bed resting on his legs and purred rubbing her head against his stomach. The trainer also softly stroked her mane.

The Larvitar turned to Aman. “Larv-larvitar?”

“I’m sorry Larvitar if I worried you. Next time we all will go together.”

“larv” Larvitar replied smiling and nodding.

The Nurse Joy who had been watching up to now spoke up. “Glad to see you two are alright. Your pokemon were really worried about you.”

“Thank you for taking care of us, all of us Nurse Joy.”

“Your combusken was injured a little when she was brought back to the pokemon centre. There was a blood clot in her arm which seemed due to a heavy electrical attack.”

The trainer lowered his head shamefully. “ Yes Nurse Joy. She was battling a Raichu and they used a thunderbolt....”

“Don’t worry sir; we have healed her injuries though I would recommend a good day’s rest for your combusken.”

“Hey Nurse Joy do you have any idea how we got here?”

“Why Offi...”

The door to the healing ward opened and Officer Jenny stepped in. “I got you here.”

“Officer Jenny?”

“Yes.  Joy it’s okay. I just need a few statements from him that’s all. Standard procedure.” The officer said as the Nurse showed her concern over her patient’s health.

Nurse Joy nodded and went back to her work.

“So sir, what is your name?”


“Please show me your trainer ID.”

At the slight hesitation on the boy’s face she spoke up. “ It’s okay sir. This is just to confirm your identity.”

The boy produced his trainer ID and handed it over to the Officer, his mind buzzing over if he had done something wrong.

“Now Sir, Would you narrate the incident that happened yesterday on the beach?”

Aman narrated how he and his combusken had gone down to the beach for training leaving out any part which would get them into trouble like their ‘talk’ and such. He recounted an unknown guy challenging him to a battle and how he had been defeated. His blood boiled and with barely held composure he told her how the guy attacked his pokemon even after she had fainted.

“That will be enough sir.”

“But officer there was another attacker. He knocked me out and possibly had a Growlithe”  he said remembering hearing the voices just before he fainted.

“.......That was me sir. At that time I saw you beating that guy and I didn’t know that he was the actual culprit. So I knocked you out first and tried to handle the guy too but he fled before I could stop him. That is all sir, you should rest. If we find that guy we will arrest him. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Saying this the officer stood up and left the room leaving three pokemon and a human to their thoughts.

[Master who was that?] She asked. While she had understood most of the conversation, there were still things that didn’t quite fit. After that extremely painful thunderbolt she had just blacked out. Apparently something had happened afterwards.

“She was an officer of the law, Jane.”

[What is law master?]

Another few minutes the trainer explained that the police and officer jenny’s helped maintain order and law in the society and punish criminals. Officer Jenny’s were considered one of the elite forces of the world and certainly were not to be trifled with.

[Master something happened after..after I lost?] She said a small pang of guilt over losing the match.

The trainer seeing this stood up, walked over and lay down beside her in her bed. Subsequently the luxio occupied the space at their feet while the Larvitar retained his position in the combusken’s lap. The closeness of her master made the combusken blush heavily and was noticed by the trainer but he didn’t mention it.

“Listen to me. If you want me to beg for your forgiveness say so but please just stop blaming yourself. It was not your fault, maybe mine but I think I can handle that. I mean what is the big deal we lost. All battles are never meant to be won.”

The combusken looked at the sudden outburst of emotion from the trainer. She understood.

[Thank you master. I understand now.]

The trainer gave a wide smile reassuring that he wasn’t angry just trying to emphasize the point. A smile by the way which made butterflies rampage in the combusken’s stomach. Then her eyes fell on the trainer’s shoulder which was a little exposed due to his position. [What’s that master?]

Aman followed the combusken’s line of sight and looked at a slight red bruise that had swollen a little. “Oh this must have been from my fight with that guy.”

[Fight? You fight master?]

“I fought. Yes” He corrected her.

“What happened master?” she said obvious concern etched all over her face.

“Well that’s what I was trying to tell you. You see after you fainted” he said mildly as to not hurt the combusken’s feelings. “the guy had the nerve to attack you again. I don’t know...I just got so angry at that asshole. I just  couldn’t stand there and watch him hurt you anymore. He should thank his stars that Officer Jenny intercepted otherwise I would have beat the shit out of that asshole.”

He hadn’t noticed until now that all the time he had been narrating this, he had been slightly shaking with anger and his hand was balled into a tight fist. That guy had made him just so angry, so mad. Seeing that guy’s raichu hit her like that. He just couldn’t take it.

The combusken kept a light claw on his chest snapping him out of his anger. [Master you could have gotten hurt. You got hurt. You shouldn’t have fought that human master.]

He suddenly realized that there was no reason that he should be this angry. Yes he had the right to be a little mad at that guy but this anger and hatred he felt for that fucker were not alright. Why was he so angry at him? True he had hurt her. His eyes widened. Did he beat the shit out of that guy because he hurt her? Specifically her? No No No he just did that to protect his pokemon right?


He pushed this thing to the back of his mind making a mental note to brainstorm on it later.

I couldn’t have just stood there and do nothing okay? Jerks like those deserve that.”

[He might deserve that Master but do you deserve this?] the combusken replied, pointing at the small bruise on his shoulder.

“Well you guys always battle for me. I just did it this time. I don’t know what I deserve but you certainly deserve a better trainer than me. If you can take a hit for me, I can take one for the team too.”

The combusken frowned a little. Was he still blaming himself for that battle?

She whispered something to both Larvitar and Delia which didn’t quite catch the trainers ears but he soon found out as all his pokemon jumped on his hugging and tickling him.

“Haha...alright guys cut it out. And you” he said turning to the combusken. “You will rest here while I go and get these guys something to eat. Come to think of it we haven’t eaten either. But Nurse Joy will bring us food. Anyways you like chocolate right?”

The combusken stood up. [Chocko Master? Yes master I love chocko.]

The trainer laughed and motioned for the luxio and the Larvitar to follow him.


The combusken now was alone in the bed her thoughts fluctuating around only one person. He had fought for her. Protected her. Somewhere on a deep instinctual level it had touched her.  Why would he protect her risking his life and injury?  He was kind Yes but this? She was already putting him in harm by just being around him. How much he was gonna give her?

She stared at the wall. She loved him but did he? Did he fight for her because he loved her or was it just a trainer protecting his pokemon. She smiled at the contents of her thoughts. He? Love her? Ha! I am arrogant to think that master would ever return my feelings she thought. Maybe it wasn’t arrogance but desperation that controlled her mind. Did it matter what it was?

There wasn’t any way for them to be together either way. All she could manage and deserve was dreams of him and small moments like the one on the beach which she treasured forever. Them holding hands, staring into the sunrise as if looking to a brighter future for them. But this was too much. Her love was too much and it was raging inside the combusken. She almost felt as if she would die out of love for him, just burst open.

Her arm tingled slightly reminding her of her injury. She didn’t pay any attention to it. She would take these injuries and the pain of getting hit by that kind of thunderbolt a thousand times over if it meant they could be together. Free. Forever.



The trainer walked down one of the many streets of the Slateport. The market place was bustling with people and vendors selling various things; shouting on top of their lungs about their wares. The sweet and spicy scent of different spices hovered in the air making the air a feast of scents. The pokemon, Delia and Larvitar were looking everywhere having not seen much of human world and were certainly interested in places from where delicious smells wafted into their noses.

[Master. Food.]


“Alright alright. Even though in my opinion you guys have been eating way too much of this outside junk still one more wouldn’t hurt before hitting the road to Mauville.”

The pokemon were just too busy in smelling and seeing all these items that they were hardly paying any attention to their trainer’s ramblings.

Finally the trainer selected a light joint which served fast food. After getting his pokemon burgers he sat back in his chair, chewing on his own burger not giving a damn about what he was eating. His mind was churning with thoughts of just one individual. Her. And about his actions too. Why was he so angry at that guy? Why? It didn’t make any sense. The scene of that Raichu hitting her replayed in his mind and his fist clenched tightly. He looked at the clenched fist. He was still angry. Why? His eyes widened a light bulb going on in his mind. Did-Did he...? Was he angry because...He loved her?

He choked on the burger he was eating and gulped it down with some water. No that couldn’t be. Could it? He didn’t love her. True she was great company to have around. True she was strong, funny, intelligent; cute....He stopped dead in his tracks. This wasn’t a description. It was worship. He was worshipping her. Dammit! What the hell is wrong with me? He thought. And when he had layed down beside her on her bed she had blushed. Why? Did she love him?

He gasped suddenly and both his pokemon looked up from their bowls at their trainer.

“It’s n- nothing. Go on guys eat up.”

The pokemon returned to their lunch but the trainer wasn’t interested in the burger.

He had finally figured it out.

She had been so worried about human-pokemon relations after seeing the news because SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH HIM. But she couldn’t tell him because if she did the society would kill them both. That’s why she was so upset. That’s why she had been crying. His mind showed him the conversation they had had on the balcony. Every statement, every action of hers indicated she loved him. The hugs, the tears and the ‘Don’t abandon me master’. Everything became clear. Yes he was sure of it. Delia had also seen that news why wasn’t she affected? He thought.

[Master!] The luxio put her paws on his leg, her tail wagging. [Food finished master. Go home?]

“Let’s stop by the candy store first shall we?



The trainer walked in consciously aware of the combusken now more than ever.

“Are you feeling any better?

[I’m feeling fine now master.]

“Did you eat?”

[Yes master. Nurse Joy came in with some food.”

“I’m glad. Here I brought you some chocolate.” He said taking out the candy and holding it out to her. As she extended her hand to take the chocolate he deliberately touched her hand making it look like it was an accident. The combusken blushed, her cheeks red with embarrassment.

 He knew it. She did love him.

He hadn’t noticed until now that he had a obvious smile on his face and was in a very good mood. ‘I’m just happy that I figured out what her problem was, not that I’m happy that she loves me.’ he justified himself.

 Now all he had to do was to figure out what to do about this...thing? Wait it wasn’t that much of a problem. It’s not like they were doing anything..... wrong right? And even if they were it wasn’t anyone’s business. And anyways crushing on someone was not a crime right? You can’t chuck people in prison just because they happen to like someone can you? If this obsession of hers gets out of hand then he will interfere until then it was okay not to talk to her about this stuff.

He looked at the combusken who was now biting down on the chocolate with keen interest and a really happy expression on her face while the luxio lectured the curious Larvitar about how bad this ‘chocolate’ was. He smiled at the fact that all his pokemon were happy. It was great to see them and their childish antics in action.

It was just what they needed because they would start travelling to mauville tomorrow. It was a long route and the journey would be tedious with Mt. Snowpoint in the way. Mt. Snowpoint was a formidable mountain to climb for rookie trainers as it housed strong pokemon in cold temperatures and even the paths in Mt. Snowpoint were said to be tricky to travel on. The crossing would require a good stock of food with plenty medicine especially frost heal. The mountain was a home to various Ice type pokemon and death by freezing was not uncommon. He just hoped the weather report wouldn’t report a blizzard while they were up in there.

Unluckily all the double bed rooms had been filled and only one bed rooms were available in the pokemon centre. He didn’t really mind sleeping in the same bed with his pokemon. With her. But it would still make things awkward for him and Jane. The pokemon in question however did not mind at all. Infact it gave her a little more time to spend alongside her master and a little less of the pain her heart gave her.


The trainer woke up in cold sweat due his daily nightmare and looked around, wiping the sweat of his forehead with his hand. He blushed when he realized that they were snuggled up to each other their hands around each other. He frowned. It hadn’t mattered all this time when they had slept together. Why was it nagging him now? He couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the sleeping combusken. Her claw like hands still across his chest, her feathers sleek and shining with sweat, her waist so petite....He blushed furiously realizing he was sneaking looks like a thief...or rather like a-like a guy would..

He sharply turned his head towards the combusken suddenly noticing the absence of Larvitar which usually curled around the combusken. He sat up to see if the Larvitar had slept over with Delia. His heart sprang with panic and fear as he realized that Larvitar wasn’t anywhere there. He immediately stood up, thinking Larvitar had ran off. A rare pokemon like Larvitar...anything could happen to him...

He was about to head out the door when he realized that the balcony curtains were slight drawn apart and little morning light shone through it. He walked over and drew apart the curtains to see Larvitar sitting against the wall looking at the rising sun.  The look in the larvitar’s red eyes suggested that he was deep in thought.

“Hey Larvitar.”

The Larvitar jumped in shock at this sudden intrusion then relaxed seeing who the intruder was.

“Do you mind if I join you?”


“Well what’s the problem? Is something bothering you buddy?” he said sitting beside the Larvitar.


“Yeah well I can’t understand you so it’s not gonna be much of a conversation but still there are something’s I wanted to talk to you about.”


“You know how I found you in the cave. As soon as I laid my eyes on you I wanted to capture you, you know? I just wanted a rare pokemon like you to be in my team. And I just realize how much you guys have changed me. If I hadn’t met you I’d still be thinking of pokemon as an object. To be coveted and added to collections but thanks to you Larvitar I have changed and become stronger and a better trainer. I thank you. All of you. I wouldn’t hold it against you if you want to leave us. I would even take you back to your cave, you know if you want to. You are a friend and will always remain so but please hear me out. If you come with us we will train together, eat together and...just be a family together. Jane and Delia are already fond of you and I can tell that that you are quite fond of them too. In the end it’s your choice Larvitar...”

The Larvitar whose eyes were shining with loyalty and love jumped on him hugging the trainer around his chest. The trainer laughed with relief and gave the Larvitar a quick hug on the back.

“You know what beside me you’re the only male in our team so it’s good to..You know have a guy in here. We can be brothers. Wait we will be brothers.”

The trainer stood up, placing the Larvitar on his shoulder.

“Alright let’s take the brotherhood pledge.” He said comically with a goofy smirk on his face. He raised his hand parallel to the ground and said “We pledge that we will always be brothers forever and will follow the codes and rules of bro-hood forever.”

The Larvitar mimicked him, raising his hand in a similar fashion.

“Larv-larv-larvitar. Larvitar-tar. Larvitar.”

The trainer laughed out loud and picked up the Larvitar to play with him but the Larvitar tugged at his trainer belt.

“huh. What is it Larvitar?”

“Tar” the green pokemon said pointing at one of the pokeballs.

The trainer’s brow furrowed. “They are pokeballs but what do you want me to.....” He took a guess.

“Do you want me to capture you?”

The Larvitar nodded. “Larvitar”

Aman smiled and retrieved a pokeball from his bag inside the room and slowly touched it against his head. In a brief moment the Larvitar was sucked inside and the pokeball sealed immediately.

The trainer immediately let his ‘bro’ out and both of them went back to the room together.



The team had started early getting breakfast and moving to the route that led out of mauville towards Mt. Snowpoint. Aman didn’t want his team risking travelling in night. Aman had stocked on food and medicine the previous day so there was no point in staying in Slateport anymore. The sun had barely risen and most of the population of Slateport was still fast asleep in their beds.

“So guys we have good news. Larvitar has joined our team.” He said giving the little pokemon an introductory bow. The combusken clapped (something she had learned from the ‘Box’) and the luxio barked in approval. The Larvitar happily returned these courtesies. After all he was quite happy to be a part of the team.

A buzz like tiny noise attracted their attention and the bushes to their left ruffled, making the trainer and his team alert.

The combusken and luxio took a fighting stance, ready to defend their master. With a small shriek a ralts ran forward and stopped looking at the unfamiliar pokemon in front of it. Aman’s eyes widened at the poor creature. The ralts was covered with purple blood and had slight teeth mark over its arm which was limping against its body. The bush behind the ralts rustled again but this time a large mighteyana came out, roaring at its prey.

The ralts ran with tears streaming down its small face; its cries breaking the heart of the boy. The ralts ran towards him where he picked it up, cupping its small trembling frame in both of his hands. The ralts looked up at the humans face and collapsed of various reasons like hunger, blood loss and depletion of energy.

The mighteyana roared at the group angrily for stealing his prey. Before the mighteyana could even take a step the luxio tackled it with a spark and sent it flying back. The combusken threw an ember nearby just to deter him but not to cause any actual damage. The mighteyana yelped at the fire and ran back into the small forest that lined both sides of the route.

The boy looked at the unconscious pokemon in his hands. Dammit! It was really injured. If he didn’t make it to the pokemon centre real quick this ralts would be in danger and the pokemon centre was quite a way back into Slateport.

 What should he do..what should he.. “Yes. That’s it” he exclaimed as he withdrew an empty pokeball from his belt. He gently touched the pokeball to the ralts forehead and the ralts was sucked inside it in a burst of red light. The pokeball while wouldn’t heal the ralts, it would provide a status mode for it which would lessen its suffering and stop its wounds from getting worse. The pokeball sealed immediately as ralts couldn’t put up any attempt to escape. He pocketed he pokeball and turned to his team.

“Guys we’ll have to sprint back to the pokemon centre and get thi....”

“So you’re the kid whose been giving us all this trouble eh?” a broad Spanish accent rang snapping Aman’s attention to the speaker who was standing in the middle of the route blocking their path.

Aman’s eyes widened with shock and fear began to cloud his mind. This was....Team aqua...Well it seemed at least like Team aqua but it seemed the uniform had a few changes. A blue coat was draped over the normal-aqua shirt with the Team aqua symbol on it and the guy was particularly more muscled than all the other Team aqua wimps he had seen.

But it was the strength and the confidence the man radiated that made the trainer’s hackles rise. This man was strong. Very strong and very dangerous. Maybe it was the cruel smirk carefully hidden behind his tan face or the fact that he only had a single pokeball strapped to his belt.

“Wh....who are you?” he said, his throat felt dry.

“I am Team Aqua admin Tabitha and I’m here to teach you a lesson. You see you helped Briney escape didn’t you? We just wanted his wingull and because of you our plans have been delayed by months. Even Archie took an interest in you boy. You should be honoured that I Team aqua admin is here himself to deliver you your punishment.” The man’s accent was definitely Spanish but the voice was soft and luxurious, almost like a magnetric’s fur. And like a magnetric’s fur you didn’t wanna rub it the wrong way.

“You..You bastard! You will never get Briney.” Aman yelled his voice quite full of sudden anger and hatred which even amazed himself.

The man smirked. “We don’t need him now. But for your interference you will pay the price.”

Saying this he tossed a pokeball unleashing a male lucario. With its coat still shiny and brazen it was a young one but quite powerful one at that. It had fought multitude of pokemon and helped his trainer rise to the level of admin of Team aqua.

“Go lucario. Teach this kid the consequences of meddling with Team aqua’s plans.”

The lucario looked back at its trainer and disappeared using extreme speed but all that appeared to the young team was lucario disappearing in a blur. Before the boy and his pokemon could even know what was happening the lucario appeared to the side of the luxio and struck it with a bone rush on its pulmonary vein to the head, his mere aim to disable her.

He didn’t mind bloodshed in the least but such weak and young pokemon didn’t interest him one bit. Anyways he had been ordered to punish the boy not his pokemon. The combusken’s mind screamed its instincts and she stood in front of her trainer, trying to offer some protection. The lucario reappeared in front of the combusken his bone rush still in his hands like a staff.

 [Out of the way.] Lucario said. The combusken growled and threw a ember at the steel type who disappeared and reappeared at the same spot to avoid the ember. A casual display of power. Just to warn the combusken what she was getting into. The combusken could feel very much the strength of the lucario but her instincts, loyalty and her undying love for him wouldn’t let her abandon master like that. [Last chance combusken, you can’t win this. Vamoose.]The lucario said waving the bone rush above his head.

Larvitar latched onto the lucario’s foot, unyielding even when the lucario shook his leg to dislodge the toddler from his foot. With a particularly adamant shake of lucario’s leg, the Larvitar was sent tumbling away.

After this charade the lucario turned his attention towards the combusken who still was in front of her trainer. He shook his head as if pitying her. The combusken’s blood boiled at the insolence of the steel type pokemon and she ran at the lucario with a double kick. Just as she was about to hit the lucario, he disappeared and reappeared. The combusken briefly heard her trainer’s scream but the next moment a intense pain on the back made her mind shut out all sound. She could barely stand up as it was but after being struck by another bone rush she went down, her body unable to keep up with the pain that cascaded through her back.

 The lucario started advancing towards the fear stuck boy who was looking at all of his injured pokemon. The combusken however stood up and tried to double kick the young lucario but the lucario disappeared again just as her attack was about to hit. The lucario reappeared to her side, grabbed her leg which she was going to attack him with and sent her crashing into a nearby tree with considerable force. Aman was rooted on the spot with fear coursing through his veins. The lucario turned to the boy intending to finish this job and get back to his training. An ember hit the lucario straight on the shoulder and the lucario turned towards the kneeling and panting combusken, her body at its limit but her mind raging with anger and her instincts in overdrive.

A pokemon had only a few primary duties. Mating. Offspring. Masters and survival were basic necessity implanted by birth in a pokemon. These were the instincts that pokemon strived for, killed for. And right now the combusken was quite at her limits and pushing it.

The lucario snuffed the fire out with him paw, his fur a little singed and smoking.

[Hmm..Thrice you have suffered my attacks and yet you have the power to stand. Most of my opponents stop breathing at this point but this is it combusken. This is as far as your luck goes. Farewell.]

The lucario raised his hand a blue sphere charging in his palm. A aura sphere. The combusken immediately knew that this sphere had too much energy to be parried. She couldn’t doge it, she was standing right in front of her master. Her options seemingly dwindled to nothing...The aura sphere was not powerful enough to immediately kill her but it would cause immense damage and afterwards maybe death. Her options were to doge and let master take the hit or die and save master from death by that aura sphere.

The Combusken smiled as the lucario fired the attack, the blue sphere charging towards them. It wasn’t even a question. She would gladly take the aura sphere a thousand times in her face if it meant saving him. She sighed. After all she never had confessed her feelings for him. She had been scared that the world might hurt master if she told him but now the world didn’t matter, she was going to die anyways.

However before she could even utter a word Aman ran and stood in the way of the aura sphere and her, his back to the oncoming attack. At the same moment the aura sphere struck, the power of the attack rending flesh and bone where it made contact. After doing its damage, the sphere dissipated and the boy fell down on the ground. For the combusken however the world had wound itself in slow motion, master appearing out of nowhere, the aura sphere striking his back, his falling down slowly as if a leaf blown from its tree. And she never got to tell him. Never got to convey her feelings.

Her grief made her forget time and place and the fact that she was now softly whispering things to the fallen boy. No he couldn’t die. He couldn’t. Master. She yelled, her cries loud and scaring the shit out of some sleeping tailows nearby. The boy breathed in heavily, his breath sounding more like a sigh. She kneeled to him, her tears clouding her vision. [ m-master...I-i love y-you master. I love you.] She whispered.

Even with his sensitive ears the lucario didn’t hear the ramblings the combusken was making. It wasn’t that he couldn’t hear, he didn’t care to hear. The boy was punished, his job was done. Nothing else mattered to the lucario.

The trainer tried to speak but miserably failed, his throat gurgling and his mind withdrawing into darkness. The combusken’s mind burst with raw emotions. ‘Not him. Anything but him. Please’ she cried mentally to whatever gods that existed in the world.

“Looks like we overdid it. Anyways the kid’s punished and this bitch is crying her eyes out. Job well done lucario let’s get back to the base. Hahahaha.”  The Team aqua admin said laughing out at the pathetic condition of the boy and his pokemon. The lucario and its trainer turned away, walking away like they had just finished a picnic.

It was then that something inside of the combusken snapped. Never before had she felt so cold hatred for anything in the world. Not even the poocheyana that had tried to attack her trainer. Her hatred born of anger and frustration engulfed her, her mind locking on the lucario and the admin as enemies. The combusken was surrounded by pure white light which clung to her body, engulfing her in its glow. A blaziken, strong and proud stood where the combusken had been; fires erupting round her fists and legs.

“Looks like the bitch still has some steam left. Lucario deal with this vermin already.”

The lucario started towards the newly evolved blaziken on foot, not bothering with extreme speed anymore. ‘No matter how much she evolves, she wouldn’t be able to match my strength.’ The lucario thought smirking.

The blaziken stood where she was, her face expressionless, and her eyes still dripping with tears.  A sudden intense red glow surrounded her and the ground around her quivered with the power of it.

[’s the special ability of your kind isn’t it blaziken? Blaze boosts your power under pressure. It still wouldn’t change anything. I will still beat you and aft-]

The lucario was stopped in his track as a fiery clawed foot struck exactly where his head had been a mere moment ago. The lucario’s eyes widened with fear as he realized that he had used extreme speed at the last moment to doge that kick to the head. He had had many battles in his life, some really close and some real heart racers but never had anyone outdone his extreme speed. No one. How did this blaziken...?

He disappeared and reappeared behind the blaziken and outstretched his paw to fire an aura sphere but was shocked when the blaziken grabbed his paw in the instant of light and with a whirl sent him crashing to the nearest tree. The tree trunk snapped with the force of the throw. The blaziken opened her beak and let out a bright jet of fire, converting the broken tree and some of the nearby trees completely to ash.

 It was the lucario’s luck that Tabitha had withdrawn him just as the flamethrower was about to reduce the lucario to a heap of smouldering flesh. Lucario was a steel/psychic and a flamethrower would be potentially life threatening to him. The Team aqua admin Tabitha scowled as he realized that he hadn’t brought any more pokemon along with him in his overconfidence that the boy would require one of his pokemon at most.

“This isn’t over.” He spat turning around and running with amazing speed for a bulky guy.

The blaziken turned over to her trainer, her heart felt like being ripped to shreds with every moment that passed.

“ Aman!? What is going on? Aman?” a voice ringed in the blaziken’s ear. She turned around, scowling. If anyone tried to hurt him anymore, she wouldn’t...

Wally looked at the fallen trainer then at her. “Are you Aman’s torchic?”

Now that her anger was sated her mind jumped. Wally! The human master had saved. A huge ray of hope shone in her mind. Master still could be saved. The pokemon centre.

She gripped the green haired human’s arm pleading him. [please. S-save him.  Save him please.] she sobbed her voice almost incoherent over her crying.

“Hey it’s alright. I can’t understand you but my kirila can. Here tell him and he’ll tell me.” saying this he released a kirila . The psychic pokemon didn’t even need to hear anything. He read the sorrow and sadness radiating over her and told his master.

[Wally I think that Aman is injured. Let’s get him some medical attention.] The green haired trainer nodded and told the blaziken to carry Aman whereas he carried the luxio with the Larvitar stumbling along with them to the pokemon centre.



Aman stared at the intense darkness that surrounded him. It was everywhere. There was a noise that was reverberating from all around as if ripples in water. He could barely make it out, wait it wasn’t a noise but a distinct sound, a voice! It was fearsome in its own. The darkness, malice, frustration and longing that was imbedded in the haunting voice was unforgettable. It rang in his ears making him drowsy. The same voice rang over and over from different places giving the impression of a multitude of voices speaking together.

....Not today. Not now. We will wait. We will wait...It is not the time....We will wait....

The endless beldam of voice churned in his head making him feel sick and his head aching with a vengeance. The darkness blurred and faded away with the pain.

He opened his eyes in shock, the immediate brightness of the world making him shut his eyes again. He was suddenly aware of a rising pain on back which made him cry out softly. He tightly clamped his mouth shut before he could scream his lungs out. The pain became constant and bearable and he took in his surroundings.

 He was in a bed with his chest tightly bound in bandages, he saw the luxio resting on the floor next to the bed with the Larvitar taking a nap on top of her. He looked around for her, the one he loved. Yes the last moment had left no doubt in his mind. He could have argued that it was just a trainer protecting his pokemon but the moment he had jumped in front of her to protect her from that aura sphere he had found it out himself. He loved her now more as a lover than a friend, as a pokemon. He couldn’t have just stood there and watch her take the hit. He never wanted to see her hurt and knew if he did take that attack, he was sure as hell dead but death in the face of his realization of love seemed nothing. He would gladly sacrifice himself to see her smile.

He sighed as he replayed the last moments of his waking conscious in his mind. The mind wrenching pain which numbed in a moment. He had tried to tell her, tell her how he felt about her. How much he loved her. But his lungs seems to fail him and he had settled for a gurgling gasp. How embarrassing, his love confession a gurgle. But anyways he couldn’t forget the last words the combusken had said. ‘I love you master’ He replayed them over and over in his mind, his mind humming with a deep joy and happiness. She loves me too.

He detangled himself from his thought train and looked for the combusken around the room. His eyes settling on the claw like hands that were on his stomach. Those weren’t hers. Her hands were three long needle like claws with yellow feathers covering them but these were three claws with long thin creamy leathery skin at the end. He wasn’t exactly shocked as he should have been seeing a unknown pokemon near him but it could have been his recent injuries causing some confusion in his thinking. He looked beyond the hands to see a jet of platinum blonde locks sprawled over his lower stomach. That was weird. A pokemon with hair? No less golden hair? Hmm....His mind doubled over as he realized it. Was it....? Could it be...?

“Jane?” his voice gasped ending in high note, a question out of sheer amazement.

The blaziken ruffled at the sound of a far off familiar voice. She rubbed her sore eyes wincing at the sensation. She remembered that she had been crying all the way to the pokemon centre, then when they had taken master to the so called ‘ICU’ she had been crying almost for the whole day. The terrible feeling in her heart hadn’t gone away but had just increased. Finally the nurse had informed Wally that master was out of danger and was healing. After what seemed like hours they had put master in a bed and let her see him. Delia had been healed and brought out of the room too though she apparently had no injuries.

She had taken a chair, sat next to him and had cried herself to sleep in his lap. The other pokemon had also come to check on their master and had fallen asleep on the ground beside him. Her conscious weighed down on her. She couldn’t protect him today. At least he was safe now. Though she had never hated any kind of pokemon in particular but she was pretty sure that if a lucario appeared before her ever again, she could not be exactly friendly with it. She rubbed her eyes again rising up from the chair, her hair returning back to the original position every blaziken has, flowing and parted to the side. The world returned from blurred to normal and the blaziken looked at its shell-shocked trainer.

Aman looked back at his newly-evolved blaziken who had just stood up, putting her full body in his view. She had evolved from a girl into a woman. The blonde hair which rained down each side of her, red masked face with the cutest beak ever placed in bird heaven, a mane of blonde curly feathers covered her chest made her look fuller, her full legs and her strong arms. Her innocent blue pools which were her eyes where he could drown himself forever. He couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful being in front of him. As if god had forged a creature from fire, red and orange. If there was a beauty contest around here she would beat every single female on the planet without breaking a sweat. God she was amazing.


“” he mumbled unable to think with such stunning radiance and beauty radiating from the blaziken.

[Master are you alright?]

“I..I...You’re beautiful.” He gasped unable to keep those words in his mouth.

She blushed. She had never thought master would like her new form with evolution. But he really liked it and that made her happy beyond what words could describe.

A moment passed and the blaziken realized that how close she had come to losing him. She flung himself onto him hugging him with her hands around his neck, her body lying on top of him on the bed.

[Master I was so scared! I...I thought..I thought I was going to...lose you]

God even her voice had changed. From the wheezing tone of a teen her voice had become rich and deeply feminine. Like cherries. Sweet and profoundly soft.

“It’s okay. I’m sorry I worried you.” He said hugging her back, feeling her body a little hotter than normal. Her feathers tickled his bare flesh ( A/N: the arms and the chest. Didn’t want you guys getting any funny ideas.) which felt so soft and fluffy. She could cuddle him to death.

Then he realized the place they were in and the dangers of proximity of their bodies.

“Jane I need you to get off me..If Nurse Joy sees us..”

She nodded remembering how imaginative humans were in this department. She had to be more careful what she did around all humans so as not to put master in danger.

She smiled inwards as she noted that her master’s eyes were still on her. Did he really find her that beautiful?

“Okay what happened?” he asked, the pain of their hug surging through his back but he would have hugged her anyways.

She saw the slight wince on his face and stood up.

[Stay here master. I’ll tell the Nurse that you are awake now.] she said before walking out the door of the room.

His mind however swam with thoughts about her and about how they were going to deal with their ‘issue’. He loved her but he had still not told her. He would tell her that and they would be together. Yes it would be very difficult to hide it from the world and they would probably have to travel a lot instead of settling in a town but he couldn’t deny his love for her anymore. His mind moved to the more interesting aspect of their love.

Would they....make out? He guessed so but even if Jane was a little hesitant about it they could work that out. And even if they couldn’t, it wouldn’t matter to him. Just spending time with her was more than enough for him. He suddenly felt the urge to talk to her. Talk about everything they were going to do, how they were hide the fact that they were together, how to act near other humans and how to act when they were alone. His cheeks tinged with a slight pink as his mind conjured an image of her and himself...doing it. Touching, moaning, rocking with a rhythm.

He shook his head as he heard the door click open and Jane came in followed by Nurse Joy with a file in her hands. From childhood he had had this fantasy about Nurse Joys but now his eyes were glued to the blaziken who walked beside his bed, each step making her platinum locks bounce. He turned his attention to Nurse Joy with difficulty, trying to sit back on the pillow.

“Sir, your back is injured. Please lie down. Now sir, is your vision blurry or in any way disorientated? How many fingers are these?”


“Any difficulty in breathing sir or any pain in the back of your head or neck?”

“Well my back hurts except that I feel normal.”

“That will be all sir. Well will run some blood tests for number of blood platelets and RBC’s and get you proper rest. Please rest. And if you feel any better Officer Jenny would like to talk to you in evening.”

With that the nurse walked out her forehead wrinkled with worry.

“Wait....We left this now must be sometime in afternoon right?” he asked the blaziken who sat in the chair she had previously occupied.

[Master you were unconscious for a whole day. You were attacked yesterday.]

“Woah! Now I’ve got to stop fainting every time something happenes.”

He looked at the depilated condition of the blaziken.

“Did you eat or sleep at all these days?”

[ Well...We did sleep a little master but I couldn’t eat. Not with you being.....]

“Thank you Jane but if one member of the team gets injured that doesn’t mean the whole pack is gonna stop eating alright? Now Delia, Larvitar and Ralts are your responsibility too. Anyways I’m happy to see that all of you are alright.”

[The pack stops eating if the alpha male of the pack is not eating.] she said.

The concepts of packs and pack leaders were instincts buried inside every pokemon so the trainer was not surprised at how the blaziken knew that.

“Wait. I’m the Alpha male?” he said, laughing a little.

[Master why did you...protect me? You could’ could’ve died master.] she said her eyes becoming watery. He tried to get up to comfort her but the pain in the back surge and he settled back in the bed. The blaziken on seeing her master’s pain, stopped her tears.

She was pretty sure that the last words she had said to master when he had fainted had not been heard by master. She had been sobbing uncontrollably when she had confessed her feelings to the fallen boy. He also had been on the verge of unconsciousness, so she assumed that master hadn’t heard her words. It was best anyways. She would put him in danger if he had heard her.

 She suddenly realized that lucario could have heard them too. What if they told someone? What if they captured her or worse....captured master? Well they were Team aqua, an organization of bad people. Who would believe them? The police wouldn’t nor would the people. From what she had gathered Team aqua was notorious and had a very bad reputation among the society. So nobody would believe the lucario or his trainer anyways. And it didn’t seem like the lucario had heard her. If he had, he would’ve been sure to add a snide comment or something. She eased up with her explanation, assured that Master wasn’t in danger now.

“Listen I protected you know...This is not the right place to talk about...our stuff. We’ll talk when we are alone alright?”

The blaziken nodded, confused over what ‘our’ stuff was. She thought that he didn’t know she loved him, he thought that they both knew they loved each other. But what both didn’t know that this big misunderstanding was brewing between them.

“So anyways how are Delia and Larvitar?”

[They are fine master. Nobody was injured...except you] she added hesitantly.

“What did I tell you. Accidents will happen, that isn’t your fault Jane. We just have stick together through thick and rough that’s all. And you fought the lucario and you won apparently.”

[They ran away master.]

“So you chased them away, see you protected me. I’m indebted to you more times than I can count. Promise me you’ll not feel guilty over any of this if you want to blame someone blame those Team aqua goons.”

She suddenly realized that she had a deep buried hatred for Team aqua and lucario’s.

“I almost forgot. How is Ralts now?”

[It’s fine now master though its collarbone was dislocated. It has been healed by Nurse Joy and is sleeping now.]


[Well master I don’t know if the Ralts is a male or female so...]

“You haven’t just grown physically have you? You grammar and sentence construction has improved and I can lightly understand your emotions now. Your voice is all so clear now. So this is the trainer-pokemon bond huh?”

The other pokemon who had been sleeping were suddenly woken up by voice of their master. The Larvitar climbed down from his mount and shook his head, leaving behind dreams and sleepiness.

“Hey Larvitar. How are you?”

“Larv-Larvitar.” The small pokemon said jumping up on his trainer’s bed hugging the boy around his arm.


“It’s good to see you too buddy.”

[Master he is asking you ‘how are you?’]

“You can understand him?”

[Yes master. A pokemon can communicate with other pokemon on a basic level but not like our pokemon-trainer bond. Yes master I can slightly feel you’re emotions too. I can tell that you are happy to see us.] she replied when he raised a eyebrow at the mention of the bond.

Well she was almost right. He was happy to see them all but he was especially happy to see the one he loved.

The luxio jumped on the trainer softly landing on his bed so as not to hurt him.

“Hi Delia. How are you feeling now?”

The luxio looked the trainer in the eye seriously and with a bark licked his face over and over with her tongue like a dog.

“Alright-Alright. I get it. You’re happy to see me too.”

[Yes master. Happy master is okay.]

“Thank you for fighting  for me.” he said rubbing the luxio’s muzzle which he knew she liked very much. The luxio purred in response, her tail swishing with happiness over the bed.

The blaziken was surprised herself as a spark of jealousy hit her. She admitted it; she was a little jealous at the luxio, how Delia could be so close to master while she could not.

The jealousy enemating from the blaziken was barely perceptible but with the trainer-pokemon bond and the look on her face Aman got the hint.

“Are you alright Jane?”

She nodded and blushed, a slight red over her cheeks, barely noticeable.

He smiled, loving the way her head tilted to the side a little, how her cheeks were redder than her face, how her beautiful golden hair tumbled down her head....

[errr...master are you listening?]

“Sorry I was just thinking about...stuff.”

She was about to ask what stuff he was thinking about but the door opened and a green haired trainer with a Kirila by his side entered.




Nurse Joy picked up the report, examining it carefully with her eyes trained to a swellow’s precision. With the years of experience under her belt she could detect injures and diseases from a mile but this case was a little baffling. Chansey walked in with some potions and put them in their place. Looking at her trainer, chansey realized that her trainer was in deep thought.

[What is that Emily?]

“Oh nothing really chansey. This boy got hit by a aura sphere of considerable strength and he’s up and about.”

[The boy you operated on yesterday?]

“Yes..yes. According to my calculations he should have been unconscious for around a week. He has recovered so fast. I don’t believe it. I mean I have seen some medical miracles Chansey but this is quite impressive. He must have a very strong immune system. I mean look at this” the red haired nurse said, handing various reports to her pokemon.

“ Blood platelet count normal. Red blood cell count normal and these reports are from yesterday after the surgery. It’s like the bleeding stopped when he was hit.”

[Yes he has recovered faster than normal but it’s nothing out of the normal is it Emily? So many recover faster sometimes.]

“Well yes but at this rate. Anyways I’ve seen some Aura sphere cases. Most of them are fatal if the sphere’s are any strong. The mark on the boy’s back was quite impressive so I guess the aura sphere was quite potent.”

[Are you worried?]

“Worried? No. Our job is to heal people and pokemon. I’m just amazed to see a miracle happen here at our pokemon centre. Like you said it’s nothing out of the normal but still..”

The chansey nodded at her trainer. [Let’s go to sleeping ward. A maril needs some attention.]

The Nurse nodded securing the file in a cabinet as usual and walking out the room with chansey.




Aman looked at blaziken still amazed by the beauty of her. A clash of yellow, gold and red spilling beautifully across the pokemon sitting next to him.

[It was good of Wally to take care of food for our pack.]

“Yeah but you haven’t eaten anything in a while so I don’t see any reason for you to decline their offer.”

She shook her head prettily. [I will stay by your side master.]

He smiled at that. “Maybe we can get something to eat together sometime after this.”

She shook her head again. [Master Nurse Joy has advised you to rest for a week at least. You will heal faster if you rest. And it’s my duty to see that you are safe and healed.]

The pokenav which had been placed on a table to his side buzzed while flashing a caller Id on the screen. Aman picked it up quickly.


“Hey Aman how’s it going?”

“ Well not very good, you see.....”

He narrated everything to Norman, about the battle with Raichu, about the Team aqua admin and his pokemon’s evolution subtly leaving anything involving him and Jane.

“Wow kid you are a trouble magnet. I leave you to do a gym battle and you mess up with Team aqua.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I just did what I had to do.”

“Hahaha..I know Aman but Team aqua admin? That’s serious business. I didn’t think Team aqua would send their Admin to just target you. What did you say you did to them again?”

“The admin said that I interfered with their plans and saved Mr. Briney and his wingull, peeko.”

“You saved old man Briney?”

“Well all I did was mislead a Aqua from finding Mr. Briney... Wait you know Mr. Briney?”

“Of course. He lives just on the outskirts of Petalburg. He’s an old friend.”

“But I don’t understand why would Team Aqua want Mr. Briney?”

“I don’t know about their plans Aman but I seriously doubt it’s a charity fair. Briney knows many secrets the ocean has swallowed. I would not know what Team aqua is after but try asking Briney not that he would tell. Briney guards those secret better than his life.”

“Oh! Thanks Norman. I’ll try my luck with Briney.”

“Yeah take care kid. And bring your pokemon to my gym someday. We’ll see what you can do other than getting in trouble with Team aqua.” The voice cackled with humor.

“You bet Norman. Goodbye.”

He switched off the pokenav and returned it to the table. He considered calling mom but knowing that he had been critically injured would not boost his mom’s spirits. Nor would be the fact that the notorious Team Aqua was now gunning for her son.

The blaziken who had been listening attentively looked up to her trainer.

[Master, now what?]

“Well we’ll continue to Mauville. We will have to cross Mt. Snowpoint first and if Team Aqua comes after us we’ll have to deal with them. Speaking of dealing with Team Aqua, you know we are going to fight opponents that are superior and on a higher level than us...So I want to give you guys an option. If you see a challenge from superiorly greater foe, don’t think about fighting or protecting me, you can just run away and save yourself alright? If Team aqua gets me I don’t want you guys to get killed because of me too.”

The blaziken seemed offended at that and her face adjusted into the cutest of pouts that shall haunt the boy till kingdom come.

[Master we are not just your pokemon, we are your friends too. You expect us to run away? Master I don’t know about others but I will never leave your side no matter who challenges me. I am willing to fight by your side and die by your side. And I think all the others fell the same way about you master. You have shown us kindness and friendship master. We will never forget that. We pokemon strive to obey you. And you don’t have to worry master. I will get stronger, more stronger than any Team Aqua pokemon.]

“Thank you Jane. I didn’t mean any offense by that.”

The blaziken nodded and watched over the boy as he finally fell asleep after sometime, her heart a blessing and curse at the same time.



Aman looked at the pokemon and people surrounding his bed. Well mostly pokemon. He had a chansey with Nurse Joy, Wally with his kirila and his team which seemed pretty excited that he was getting discharged. Well he had taken one week’s rest and was now ready to continue his adventure.

“Now Sir, don’t over exert yourself and please don’t carry your backpack for long hours. Other than that you shall be fine.”  Nurse Joy said seeing him getting off the bed and ready to go out to his adventure.

“Thank you Nurse Joy. I don’t know what us trainers would do if Nurse Joy’s weren’t there.”

Nurse Joy chimed with laughter and bowed to the team before returning back to the reception.

They all walked out the pokemon centre into the fresh morning air of Slateport, loving the sound of tailows in the morning.

“So Aman where are you headed now?”

“Well I was thinking of defeating Watson of Mauville. So I’ll go to Mauville through Mt. Snowpoint and maybe we’ll reach there in a week or so.”

“Well Mt. Snowpoint is said to be a little dangerous Aman so take care alright?”

Aman nodded. “Thank you Wally, you know for saving my life and helping my pokemon.”

“That’s okay. You saved me and my kirila’s life remember. I did the same. I guess we are even then.” Wally said taking out his hand and shaking it with the other trainer.

“Take care Wally. I’ll see you around I guess?”

The green haired kid nodded and waved as he walked and disappeared around a street with his kirila trailing behind him. From the corner of his eye Aman thought that the kirila was staring at him but as he turned his head to see that kirila, there was nobody there.

Aman remembered that Briney had called at the pokemon centre and had told him that he had some important business to attend to and wouldn’t be able to take him back to Petalburg. Aman smiled as he thanked Briney for his help wondering what this secretive business was. Was it connected to Team aqua in any way? Anyways it had turned out well for him as he had planned to go to Mauville all along.

They walked towards the route that led out of Slateport and towards the freezing mountains.



Aman had set up the small tent near the freezing pond that was located at the base of Mt. Snowpoint. Damn it was chilly and they were still at the base of the mountain. What was awaiting them at the passes and ways of Mt. Snowpoint? He shook his head as he stirred a largish can of stew. His pokemon were getting bigger so he had just bought bigger rations and utensils to cook in. He sighed as he looked at the Blaziken who was sitting against the entrance of the tent keeping watch. He couldn’t help but sneak little peeks at the beautiful pokemon.

He had released ralts and had found out that it was a female. He smiled at the pokemon, feeling happy that the ralts had chosen to join them. Not that he understood her but he had Jane translate. Due to ralts synchronize ability she was reflecting the happy mood of her trainer. When the luxio put up the issue of naming both Ralts and Larvitar, Aman had refused saying their natural names were beautiful rather than any names he could give them. He had realized this when he had been thinking the word ‘Blaziken’ all in his mind.

 The ralts was pretty shy and conservative and chose to cling to Aman’s jacket but Aman had seen the ralts was a looking with a profound interest at the Larvitar. Maybe it was because they both were toddlers or maybe because the Larvitar had been the first one to offer to play with her. She had briefly seen the trainer’s emotions and now was hungrily staring at the stew which gave off a delicious smell.

 It was the friendship Aman had shown, the protection he had offered, the care and gentleness he had shown towards the ralts that warmed the ralts heart. She had not seen love and care in a long time. She had lost her family when she had been snatched by a human poacher, shipped away from home, it was with difficulty she had escaped. Escaped into wild where there was no food. She had gorged on nothing but a few decaying berries and was followed by predators everywhere. She was lost, all alone. Finally the mighteyana had injured her and had almost eaten her when Aman had stumbled upon her. Saved her. Offered her everything for nothing. Though she still had wild habits like eating like a frenzied dog. Aman could not help but sympathize with the little thing that hung on to jacket, looking at the stew.

‘She probably eats like this because in the wild there is no guarantee that food will be there the next time you get hungry. Eat while you can right?’ he thought softly stroking the green hair of the ralts which the little thing approved with slight chirps.

He picked up a spoon and tasted the stew. “Alright perfect. Now guys dig in.” He said to his pokemon who immediately ran up to him, looking at him pour their shares in their respective bowls.

All except the blaziken who was still keeping watch and was looking out the tent flap into the snowy wildness. The ralts had already started eating with her tiny claws from his bowl, her white little claws digging into the stew. He smiled at the newest addition to his pack and looked back at the blaziken who was still lost in thought.

He picked up a bowl and headed over to her, offering it to her.

“Here, eat this. I’ll keep watch till then.” He said smiling.

The blaziken snapped out of her thoughts and took his offer taking the bowl in her hands.

[Master have you eaten?]

“Nah. You guys finish up. I have my share over there.” He said pointing to the bowl emptied by the ralts and other pokemon  who were now lying on the tent floor, their stomach’s full.

[Here master, we can share my food.]

The trainer smiled at the gesture. He nodded and sat next to her. They ate silently but in such an arranged manner that it amazed them both. Whenever one would want something, the other would hand it to the one without asking. It was like they were communicating on a whole different and intellectual level. Understanding was easy, easier than what he had with his other pokemon.

After the lunch Aman suggested a little nap seeing three of his pokemon were already asleep. The ralts had fallen asleep near the Larvitar and the Luxio had curled near the Larvitar too. He also pretended to sleep while thinking about what would be the perfect time to talk to Jane about...them.

Meanwhile the blaziken was keeping the so called watch while actually she was deep in thought. Master had become even more elevated in her mind. Saving a broken little thing from a predator, Protecting her from her death in that battle with lucario. Everything he did was just making him more of an alpha male of their little pack and though the blaziken did not know it, by instinct all females of the pack were drawn to him. Desire to mate with the strongest male of the pack. None of their pack’s females were fully evolved except her so they didn’t desire him just yet but if they completed their evolution... She shook her head. It didn’t matter how much any of them desired him, they would never be able to mate him.

The recent incident with lucario had put her on a defensive and she took extra care to protect him from any kind of danger. That was why she had offered to keep watch. Also she was trying to stay away from him as much as she could. Her being near him would just put him trouble. Master had been through so much...always getting injured because of her.

She wanted to let it out, to yell how much she loved him to the whole world. But the poor blaziken couldn’t even tell the person she loved. She sighed sadly, giving her body a shake to keep it active. ‘If this is what it took to protect him, so be it.’ She thought and looked at the sleeping (that’s what she thought) boy. She zipped the entrance of the tent and closed her eyes plopping her leg in such a position that if anyone entered their make shift home, they would have to wake her first.

She woke up to a soft sound beside her and saw her trainer sitting next to her. She blushed heavily remembering what her dream had been. Her and master, in a cave, doing things that would be very much welcomed and pleasurable. She had dreamed his...member crashing against her walls and their moans as they claimed each other. Their bodies slapping against other, joined together by sacred bonds.

 She shook her head after hearing her name from master’s mouth.

“So Jane I was....I mean I....I” he gulped nervously. Dammit it was so hard to tell her what he felt for her. He gathered what courage he had and looked the blaziken straight in the eye.

“Over the past time, our bond has grown stronger. We as a team have grown stronger and closer to each other. and me. You know because of your evolution and all that.”

The blaziken looked at its trainer. He was being hesitant..hesitant to speak what? She smiled lightly so as not to discourage him, also noticing the heavy blush that spread warmly across the trainer’s face.

“You know I really care about you and always have thought of you as a friend but lately..I’ve been thinking about you and I-I realised that...”

“I...I love you Jane.” He mumbled.

The blaziken’s eyes widened with shock, she stared at him as if he had just turned into a bulbasaur and did a somersault. At that single moment her senses numbed. Sound, sight, feel..she couldn’t feel anything but mind burning shock. She looked at his eyes to find the real meaning of the words spoken here and was shocked to find that the words meant what she had always dreamed. He loved her like a man to woman rather just like a pokemon.

A bubble of happiness erupted through her, her mind racing at the thought...Master loves me. Master loves me she repeated in her mind. Loving how beautiful the words sounded. How they both loved each other. Of how happy she was right now. Her mind danced with joy and pure happiness, the sheer power of emotions lighting the fires around her hands and feet. Nothing in the world could stop her from being happy at this momen.....

Sudden realization hit her like a hurricane and all her hopes crashed and burned to ashes. He couldn’t love her. They would kill him. They would hurt him. No she couldn’t. Nor could he. They could not cross the boundaries. The chains that ran deep and solid in the human society.

Aman looked at the conflicted look on the beautiful face and smiled.

“That’s alright. I already know how you feel about me.”

She looked up, her eyes flinching with pain. He had heard her when he had almost fainted. What should she do? What could she do? She clenched her beak tightly. To protect master she would have to break his heart. Break his trust and lie to him. She swallowed and steeled herself. It would destroy her but at least he would be safe.

[What do you think I feel for you master?] she said, her voice a little sharp and cold.

Aman’s mind scowled at the tone. She loved him right? Then why was she acting this way. What if.....? Did she love him? He had almost been unconscious when he had heard her confession. Could it be that he had heard wrong or had entirely imagined what she had said?

“I think you love me too.” He said, his voice feeble and ridden with self-doubt.

[I don’t master.]

Aman tried to relax but something felt as if it was strangling him from inside. As if someone had punched the wind out of him. He had made a mistake. She didn’t love him. Of course she didn’t. Look at her! He thought to himself angrily.

“B-But you said y-you loved me.” he strutted, his mind completely surrendering to panic and pain now.

[When I saw you injured, I told you that I loveD you. But those words meant that I love you as a pokemon loves its master not as this...] she said trying to quash her consciousness screaming at her to stop. Screaming at her to hug him, to kiss him and erase that painful look on his face.

“ don’t love me?”

“You have misunderstood me master.] she said as pain escalated, hot and burning and tears threatened to spill from her eyes.

“But I-I love you. I love you Jane.”

“I DON’T!” she yelled, her tears flowing down her red masked face.

Aman flinched at the sudden pain and sadness that seemed to burst inside his heart making it hurt more than anything he could imagine. His eyes became moist making the world a little runny and watery blur.

“Jane please....please I-I”

The blaziken stood up and slashed at the entrance, trying to escape the vortex of pain and heart-break that churned inside of her.

[I don’t love you master.] she whispered softly, sobbing and jumping as fast as she could away from her trainer.

She ran as fast as her legs would carry her. Her eyes were now overflowing with tears and she wasn’t watching where she was going bouncing off any surface that came in contact with her feet. She had done it. He was safe now. Probably heartbroken but still safe. She cried her heart breaking with every tear that rolled down her cheek. She had broken his heart. The person she loved, she looked up to. She had destroyed him. She disappeared into snow covered trees not caring which way she ran.




He sat back against the tent wall staring at the torn fabric where she had disappeared. His mind screamed at him. Idiot! Why would she love you? You’re just a human. She probably hated him right now. He tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to come out of his eyes. How could he be such a moron? Proposing his own pokemon? He hardened himself as pain came and rocked his heart with a chaotic rhythm.

Maybe she had left him forever. He deserved it. He had broken her trust, broken all the values of friend ship she had established with him. He hated himself, hated for destroying her. He steeled himself and stood up. Its okay, his team was still okay. If she came back he would give her what she asked for. If she wanted to leave, he wouldn’t stop her...thought it felt like he would die first if she left him.

He willed himself to deal with this rationally and tried to sort his thoughts. First safety of himself and his pokemon. Wherever she would go, he hoped she would be safe and happy. His mind screamed at him to go find her and ensure she didn’t get hurt by any wild pokemon out there. Next their future. He would ask for her forgiveness as soon as she came back. If she came back at all.

He cried himself to sleep on the same spot they had been sitting peacefully a while ago.



A day had passed for our young team and to the shock of the other pokemon of the pack, the alpha male and the strongest female of the pack weren’t talking to each other. It wasn’t a I-am-angry-and-I-will-not-talk-to-you silence that had broken out between them. It was more of a trying to avoid the other silence. Both tried to act as if the other wasn’t there while definitely ensuring that no contact of any kind would happen between them. They both were angry at themselves and thought this as a punishment for them, blaming themselves for other ones misery.

They were halfway to cross Mt. Snowpoint and the weather at this point had become quite harsh, with temperatures dropping down and the snow fall increasing. The trainer and the pokemon trudged through the snow. While most of the pokemon had natural defences against snow like the luxio had heavy fur which helped her endure the intense cold, the Larvitar had tough shell armour and wasn’t troubled by the cold and the blaziken was a fire-type and could adjust her body heat accordingly. But the ralts didn’t have any natural protection and was returned to her pokeball on her trainer’s whim. The trainer had a heavy jacket over him which helped him from the worst of the cold.

They trudged on and Aman spotted a cave formation in the wall of the snow covered mountain. He motioned to his pokemon and carefully avoided meeting the blaziken’s eyes.

“You guys scout the cave if there is any pokemon living in there. Alright? If there is anybody there, retreat. If not then we camp. I will wait outside here.”

[By yourself master?] the luxio said whining a little.

Aman nodded and watched his pokemon bundle into the cave one by one. He turned his gaze to the wasted snowland. When you are depressed a few hundred kilometres of snowy wilderness is exactly what you need. He sighed closing his eyes and sighing at the intense emptiness that increased day by day in his heart. The pain had left him, there was only sorrow and regret for breaking the trust of his best friend. He felt so lonely even though his pokemon were just beside him. Even though she was just beside him.

He rubbed his arm, at least she came back. She didn’t abandon their team. The sound of muffled paws in snow reached his ears and he opened his eyes expecting to find his pokemon back from the scout. Instead he found himself looking at a pair of glaceons. Their blue furs matching the white-bluish vista of snow that surrounded them. One of them was bigger than the other and growled at him threateningly, baring his fangs at the trainer, while the other one looked a little fearful and had its eyes on the cave.

“W-Wait...I just..”

The glaceon opened his maw, a shuddering sphere of white and blue cackling in it.

ICEBEAM!? The trainer thought before his whole world turned white and froze over.




The blaziken opened her beak and an ember glowed in it, casting orangish golden light on the empty cave walls. The cave was obviously used but was not occupied at the moment. She nodded at her other pack mates and motioned for them to return outside to tell their master. She suppressed the heart ache that threatened to tear her heart to shreds again and walked out of the cave.

She gasped at the scene before her eyes. Master was..frozen? Bluish transparent snow had encased her trainer in a cold coffin. The boy was entirely encased in ice with his face frozen in a scared look and his hands in front of chest as if to protect himself. All of the other pokemon were stunned as well to see their trainer frozen in a wall of ice. The blaziken tried to stop her rising panic. He wasn’t dead. No he wasn’t she screamed at her mind and ran towards him, touching the ice gently as if not to hurt him. Her tears started raining as she looked at the frozen face of her lover. Why was this happening? Was fate trying to play some sick game, hurting him over and over.

[Jane let’s take master back to the cave! Hurry] the luxio barked the rational solution.

The blaziken complied through her veil of tears and with a push of her muscular arms pulled up the whole block of ice in which her master was encased. They all ran inside the cave with the blaziken taking the lead even with the heavy block of ice she was carrying. Small shards of ice dug into her skin as she kept the ice block on the cave floor. Not a wince from the fire type.

[What should we do?] the luxio asked, nudging the blaziken.

The blaziken shook herself. This was no time for tears. She must think rationally and save master. She had to or else...

[Go block the cave entrance with a rock. I’ll try to get master out of this ice.] she said her voice unable to hide her panic and fear..fear of losing him again.

She delicately carved out the ice with her claws, taking care not to scratch the skin of her trainer.

[It’s too big. I can’t push it.] the luxio said, pushing at the huge rock that was just against the cave opening.

The Larvitar looked at the rock, feeling the need to save the guy who had saved him from a bunch of zubats. It was his turn to save him, to save his trainer. To be of use to the human. But he was too small, too small to move the rock, too powerless to be of any help...A white light engulfed him and his body expanded. The luxio looked awe struck at the large steel gray pokemon that had evolved from a small Larvitar.

The pupitar pushed the rock with its body, moving it inch by inch till all of the cave entrance was covered.

[It’s done.] the pupitar called back to the blaziken, his voice booming over the silence that surrounded them. The blaziken nodded apparently her sadness of what happened to Aman had drowned the fact that a pack mate had just evolved. She continued to thaw her master out of the ice. Another ten minutes the boy was entirely out of ice but was in critical condition.

The blaziken bent down to feel his pulse, her talons flinching at the coldness of master’s skin. The pulse was very weak, a low thud against the cold skin. It made her own heart stop and shudder at the possibility...

[Master is in danger what should we do?] the luxio howled, looking up to the blaziken whose mind seemed to fail her.

[We have to get master’s body temperature up. If he remains cold like this....]

[use your flamethrower to warm him up] the pupitar interjected hastily. Time was short, if they didn’t do something immediately....

The blaziken shook her head. [No. A flamethrower would burn master. And a ember wouldn’t have any effect.]

 What should I do?  What would master do? Master would save her even if he had to sacrifice his life for her. Or anything else...

[I have an idea] the blaziken spoke up, her voice hesitant and doubting at how others would react at this idea.

[What?] the luxio barked with impatience.

[ I will.....lay down with him. With my body heat I will be able to warm him up...gently and carefully. It’s the only choice.] She said, her voice sweeping over the pokemon. Nobody dared question the authority of alpha female of the pack, not even the large and mighty pupitar. They had long since considered her the alpha of the pack. After all she was the most powerful of them all.

They all nodded understanding what the blaziken was going to do. The blaziken took out a pokeball from the trainer’s pocket and let out the ralts who looked confusingly at the unconscious boy.

The blaziken sprawled master’s sleeping bag on the cave floor, putting him gently inside it. She sighed looking at the still face of her trainer. It had to be done. She said lying on top of him, her legs tangling with his, her stomach pressing against the bare skin of her trainer. She let her breasts out of the plumage that every female blaziken has, pressing them against his chest, hoping their warmth would supply enough heat to his heart to get it pumping. She knew this kind of contact was only reserved for mates or offspring but her heart had long since surrendered to the trainer and her conscious had already considered Aman her mate.

She increased her body temperature slightly watching the ralts crying over the face of their master. Her own mind was cursing herself but she put those issues back and concentrated on making her lover alright. She motioned for the pupitar and the luxio to comfort the ralts while she zipped up the sleeping bag, encasing her and master against each other. She kept her head against his chest, listening to the faint beating of his heart, the rhythm of it slowly driving her to sleep.

Aman woke up but didn’t open his eyes, smiling slightly at the warmth that seemed to encase him. He dreamed of happy pillows that he hugged during his teens and the softest blanket imaginable that seemed to cover him. Something was smothering his face. Something very warm and very very soft. He opened to see nothing but maroonish red everywhere. He drew back his head slightly but the space in his sleeping bag was only so much.

“WHAT THE—“ he cried out (his voice muffled due to...well you know) , looking at a pair of warm red breasts. In a single moment his mind captured the large round spheres with soft shade of slightest pink nipples that seemed to be very much....perked up. His face became intense red and if anybody could have seen it at that moment they could have very much mistaken it for an intense red tomato from a distance. Also his blood rushed downwards to a very peculiar part of the male anatomy. The breasts moved downwards suddenly and the face of a beautifully familiar blaziken came into view, looking apologetic and flushed with brighter red, if that was possible.


“A-Am I d-dreaming?”

[You dream lying naked against me master?] she said, turning a quizzical brow at the boy, teasing him.

“Okay now I’m totally confused” he said, sensing that there was nothing against him and the blaziken but his boxers.

[I thought you would have no problems about us like this because you loved me master?] she said seductively, pressing her ample bosom against the flushed boy’s chest.

“I-I..” he strutted, he couldn’t help but look downwards at her breasts.

The blaziken giggled, looking at her trainer strutting.

[You were frozen when we found you master. Your body temperature had gone very low, so I’m warming you up.] she said to the bewildered boy.

The boy looked back at the blaziken. Though this was definitely better than the cold silence and the pain of heart break but still very confusing. She had distinctly told him that she didn’t love him like that and here she was doing...all sorts of stuff. Maybe she did this to just save me he thought.

“Thank you for saving me Jane but you didn’t have to do...all this to just save me. After all I broke your trust and our friendship, so that’s okay. If there’s any way we can go back to being friends again...”

[But I don’t want to be ‘just’ friends with you master. I did this because I wanted to. You didn’t break my trust master, you just enforced it more strongly. It was me who was...such an idiot but I think now I see it clearly. We can’t go back to being just friends again master. We have to talk]

“I-I..Please just hear me out. Don’t leave the team just because of me. I’m sorry that I was stupid enough to think that you would love me. I’m sorry and I regret it. If you want we can still be friends and still be a trainer and a pokemon, we can be a great team together and I wouldn’t mention my..stupid feelings for you ever again. Just don’t leave us...please just consi----“

Aman was stopped in his mumbling by a fiery beak pressing to his lips, a gentle tongue softy tasting his lips. The trainer was so dumbstruck that he didn’t even return the beautiful kiss of his pokemon.

The beak withdrew back with the blaziken looking very flustered.

[Master I love you and I will never leave you. No matter what. And I wouldn’t mind if you mention your feelings for me quite a bit.]

[Y-you love me?] the boy asked, even though the kiss had been absolutely promising, absolutely affectionate. Absolutely divine.

[Yes master. I always have. From the time I was a torchic I looked up to you. As I evolved I developed these feelings for you. Now I don’t think I can live without you.]

“But you told me you didn’t love me.”

[Even though I like it it’s kind of cooped up in this sleeping bag master. How about we go outside and talk?] the blaziken said, unzipping the fly of the bag and climbing off her bewildered and stark naked trainer.

The cold chilly air hit the trainer like a ton of bricks and the blaziken immediately noticed this. The boy tried to move but was stopped by a quite lethargic sort of feeling. As if he had exercised too much and his body had permanently cramped in this position.

[Are you alright master?]

“Yeah. It’s a bit difficult to move though.”

[Well you were out for three days master, so I think your body would slowly adjust to you waking up now.]

“Three days!?  I was unconscious for three days?” he asked incrediously.

[You were probably frozen by a Ice-type attack and your body must have numbed in that position. It’s alright master. Try to move a little, slowly.]

He sat up in the sleeping bag but with difficulty and suddenly felt so weak, so thin.

[You haven’t eaten in three days master, so I think your body has been sustaining itself on reserves for three days. Here eat this up master, It’ll feel better.] the blaziken said handing the trainer a bowl of soup type of thing. It had been made from the wild berries they had found and some water boiled together.

The boy took the bowl without hesitation, the smell of unknown berries enticing him. The blaziken sat next to him, her legs softly covering his over the fabric of the bag.

“Jane where are the others?”

[Pupitar and Delia have gone to look for food and ralts is sleeping right now.]


[Oh yes master. Larvitar evolved.]

“Are they okay?”

[They are fine master, though ralts was pretty upset over you getting..hurt. She has been crying herself to sleep all this time.]

[Same thing can be said for you.] a voice echoed from the entrance. The blaziken went over and moved the rock with some effort, revealing a luxio and a pupitar, their bodies speckled with snow, each carrying a bundle if berries in a makeshift pouch on them.

[Master] the luxio and the pupitar chimed, overjoyed smiles spilling at seeing their trainer. The luxio immediately jumped onto the trainer, licking his face affectionately. The boy stroked the luxio’s muzzle. The pupitar however waited his turn, with him being too big to hug for the human and also him having no arms.

The trainer then looked at his newly evolved pokemon, smiling at the pupitar.

“So how’s it going big guy?”

[Better than you master.]

“Aah. My boy’s got some tongue on him huh?”

The pupitar laughed, a booming gruff laugh echoing over the cave, which by the way woke up a sleeping bundle of green and white at the foot of the trainer’s sleeping bag.

“Ral?” the small green thing said blinking at the human, who smiled warmly at the small pokemon.

“Raaaaalllllllllttttttssssss” the ralts cried running over to the trainer with her tiny legs and jumping up on his face, small tear drops trickling down her cheeks.

The ralts sobbed uncontrollably and trembled as the boy soothingly rubbed the small back of his pokemon.

“It’s alright..It’s okay. I’m not going to die out on you guys. No stupid Ice beam is going to take me out.” He said consoling the ralts who just sobbed on his shoulder. The other pokemon looked pitifully at the ralts knowing it had affected her pretty hard. She was very new to the pack and had only gotten close to master. She had already lost her family and seeing her new family get hurt like that had probably been very hard for the poor creature.

It had been hard on all of them, more hard than they let on. Particularly hard on the blaziken who had donned on a brave mask for the sake of the team. As the alpha in command it was her duty to remain stable and guide the others. Inside her feeling had just been in a turmoil, not knowing if he would survive this thing.

It was only now she realized that how much they depended on their master. All this had put her under so much of pressure. Inside she had just been one step away from a giant meltdown. It was master who guided them, protected them and gave them the strength and the courage to face the nature every day. She had tears but had chosen to put them away for later.

“Alright guys. Let’s eat. Then we’ll figure something out alright?”

After all the pokemon and human had eaten their fills, the ralts went to sleep. She was just a toddler by pokemon standards and it was quite expected of her. Surprisingly it was only pupitar whom she really slept around and the trainer figured that the pupitar and the ralts had become friends..or more like siblings with the pupitar being the older brother for the young ralts. The luxio offered to keep watch but the trainer and the blaziken proposed that they would keep watch together and Delia should just go to sleep. After giving them a suspicious look the luxio ran off to join the pupitar and the ralts in sleep, leaving the two love birds to resolve their issues.

The trainer had dressed and had shambled next to the blaziken at the entrance of the cave, looking out at the serene white valley.

“So let’s talk” the boy said looking straight into the eyes of the blaziken, who returned his gaze.

He had been quite amazed and really really happy when she had told him that she loved him. It had been one of the most happiest moments of his life, one he would always remember (along with those breasts.) She returned his feelings which he never thought she would. He looked calmly into the eyes of his loved one now, patiently waiting for her to explain everything.

[Master. I lied back then when you told me that you loved me. I am sorry I broke your heart so painfully but I just..I couldn’t...”]

“That’s okay. But if you did love me why did you tell me otherwise?”

The blaziken softly kept her head in his lap, her golden hair sprawling onto his legs, in which he softly tangled his hands, rubbing her scalp.

[Master after I learnt that human-pokemon relations were considered bad in your society, I tried to stay away from you because every time I came near you, I realized that I couldn’t be with you. I cannot let anyone harm you master. We pokemon have only few sacred duties. Protecting our masters is one of them. That’s why I lied to you master. I didn’t want you to get hurt...]

“Then why are you telling me truth now?”

[Because I couldn’t stand it master. I may be selfish in this but I love you too much and every time I try to run away from you, you seem to get hurt. I just can’t let you get hurt anymore master. I can’t see you in pain anymore. Even now I’m not sure what to do master. If...we mate] she added blushing at the words [ your society might hurt you or even kill...]

“Listen to me please Jane. I love you and I don’t care what the society thinks of me or if they are against If getting hurt is the cost of loving you, I’ll be happy to take anything they throw at me. I want us to be together and I think we will have to live discrete lives and hide our secret but that doesn’t mean we can’t love each other. Scew the society, I only care about what you think. If you want us to be together then we’ll be together. No matter what.”

The blaziken looked into the dark chaos of the eyes of her trainer, finding everything she had hoped for. Love, care, protection and happiness. He really meant it. When she had fallen in love with him, she had never thought he would ever return her feelings, not like she did. But now that possibility had occurred, the blaziken was overjoyed to see that Aman really meant it. He really did love her, just like she did. Tears started to well up in those blue eyes and she couldn’t help but smile happily at him.

The boy bent his head and softly (and nervously) kissed the  blaziken whose head was in his lap. The blaziken softly melted in his kiss, pouring her heart out to him with a single motion. The kiss wasn’t perfect with the boy having lips and the blaziken having a beak and both were quite inexperienced too but that didn’t stop the boy from deepening their kiss, their tongues writhing against each other, their saliva mixing. It felt too damn good so they both kissed as long as they could, breaking for breath holding each other’s loving gaze for eternity. Nothing could have ruined their lives. The moment was there’s to cherish each other and love but was it really their moment?

“Wonder how many times he’s done that?” a rough female voice called out from the whiteness of the wild that was outside the cave. The boy and the blaziken were too shocked to stand up, too shocked to move. Someone had caught them, they had just begun their relationship and somebody had already....The voice was too damn near, meaning somebody had seen them...

A lithe figure of a girl and a big man dotted the entrance. The figures came into the view of the trainer...

A machoke, strong and proud stood next to its trainer. Aman’s eyes fell on the girl, his mind screaming only one thing....



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