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[ ] pokemon speech

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“What the damn hell!?”

“Yes. And we need to rescue him.”

How could it be that the master of thunder had been kidnapped? Watson was a legend and was supposedly on par with league fighters. Who could they have kidnapped such a powerful trainer?

“It was team aqua.” Steven said immediately as if he had read the boy’s mind.

“Why would they kidnap Watson? And how can they even do that? Watson is too just strong to be kidnapped like that you know.”

“Why? That we don’t know yet but statistically speaking we do not know Archie’s power level. He could probably meet the thunder master on his ground. I know it doesn’t make any sense but it is confirmed that Team aqua has Watson.”

“How do we know that?”


“Old man Briney?”

Steven nodded.

“Briney and Watson are childhood friends. As soon as Watson got in a dangerous position he sent us a message through his electrike.”

“Even if we know that Watson has been kidnapped, we can’t do anything until we find where they are holding him.” Aman said adamantly.

“The thing is we do know where Watson is.”

Aman raised an eyebrow.

“Watson guessed where they were going to keep him and sent his electrike.”

“Where is Watson now?”

“The Mauville electric power plant.”

“Steven…”the boy paused, contemplating all the new information that he had been told. They had to tread carefully. Last time in the skirmish with Team aqua they had almost gotten killed and one of his pokemon had escaped death by a mere minutes. He had to be very careful about all this.

“How credible is all this information?” Aman asked, hoping that he didn’t offend Steven. It was not that he didn’t believe Steven, it was just that any crucial detail gotten wrong could cost him his and his team’s life.

“I received the electrike myself with Briney and I know its Watson’s….So, very credible.”

“Fine. We’ll head out and see….”

[No.] the blaziken interrupted him.

“Sorry...sorry I forget.” Steven immediately said, tapping his forehead and took a poke ball from his pocket, releasing the metagross inside.

Once again, the air hummed with the power of the immense steely beast. The metagross stared intently at the blaziken for a few seconds as if surprised but the look was gone before anyone noticed.

“Please Jane can you repeat what you were saying?” Steven said, politely.

[I was saying that we will not rescue this person.]

“Jane…”the boy started but was cut off by blaziken again.

[No master, the last time we fought Team aqua, our team almost died. And that was only in a fight with their admin. If this information is credible then Team aqua’s leader would be there and he would still be more powerful.]

The blaziken turned to Steven and bowed apologetically.

[I don’t want to seem rude because you have saved our lives twice and I am very grateful for that but our team can’t do this rescue. So please if you….]

Steven held up his hand to halt the blaziken’s mumbling in its tracks.

“You have a very good point there Jane. There are chances that Archie could be there and if that is the case then Aman…No, it’s too dangerous to send you. The thing is I would rescue Watson myself but there is something very important that I must attend to. I hate being put in this situation and I would hate to put you in that situation too.” Steven said, sighing audibly.

“What is this important thing that you must do? Watson has been kidnapped.” Aman said, his voice slightly on edge. A human life was much more worth than any errand. What could be more important than saving a trainer who is an asset to the whole society? Not to mention that Watson was the Mayor of Mauville city. Saving him should be priority over anything else.

“I’m sorry but I can’t tell you this. The pokemon league has told me keep this information classified.” Steven replied coolly.

“I see.” he looked back at his mate. She was right. This was too dangerous for them but this was an important opportunity to hunt Team aqua. This probably was a chance to meet Archie. If he could just…

[Why can’t the police rescue Watson master?]

“Because the police would go in with their numbers alerting Team aqua of their presence.” Steven replied before the boy could say anything. “It’s a hostage situation. Who knows what they could for leverage in that situation. That is a situation that could be very dangerous for Watson.”

“So you need someone to sneak in silently and rescue Watson.” Aman said.

Steven smiled. The boy was perceptive and intelligent. A bit reckless yes but still, brave and curious.


“I see. I need some time to discuss this with my team.”   Aman replied.

“Fair enough. But time is something that we can’t spare much. So you have tell me your decision by this evening Aman.” Steven said, his steel grey eyes apologetic but at the same time seemed curious.

“Yes. We’ll do that.”

“Great. I’ll be staying at the pokemon center.”

“Okay. Goodbye Steven.” Aman said, and walked away with the blaziken bowing to Steven and walking away with him.



Steven stared at the retreating figures until they had disappeared from the view.

[You do know that the Blaziken and the boy are mates do you not?]

“Yes. Just realized it actually. Is it a problem?” Steven asked, looking merrily at the green grass that surrounded their bench.

[No. It is just unheard of I suppose.]

“You sensed their bonds?” Steven asked.

The Metagross nodded. He was an extremely powerful psychic and there were very few pokemon or people that he couldn’t read or delve into the minds of.

“You should have shielded their bonds.”

[Already done. There’s a powerful psychic shield in place. No psychic should be able to sense their bonds anymore.]

“Thank you.”

[Are you sure the boy can handle the situation?]

“Yes. I’m sure Aman can and will do it. The problem is the other situation Metagross. Sakaki is moving in on ‘him’.”

[I don’t see why we don’t team up with him and destroy this Team rocket once and for all.]

“It’s not that easy Metagross. He won’t team up with humans or anyone else for that matter. And even teamed up, Sakaki is just too powerful to be defeated. To be fair, Sakaki could beat us in a straight match.”

[What should we do then?] the metagross enquired.

“We wait.” the trainer replied simply.


As soon as they entered the house, Aman could tell that the blaziken was not happy; which was probably because of him. But before he could ask her, May came in.

“You were gone long. Did you return the things to the pokemart?”

“Yeah we did; but something else happened too.”

Aman sat down and started explaining with all of his pokemon listening to it too.

“Do you have some bad mojo on you or something?” May said, astonished at the events that had occurred.

“It’s just my luck. So team what do you think? Should we…”

Before he could finish the blaziken cut him off sharply. [Since when do you care about our opinion?] She said, giving him a steely look.

“But babe…” he said, trying to embrace her but she shrugged him off.

[Don’t. We’ll do as you say; after all we are just pokemon.]

May raised an eyebrow at him suspiciously.

“I can explain but first I need to…”

[Oh you don’t need to do anything master.] the blaziken said icily.

“Look I’m sorry alright.”

[Sorry!?] the blaziken laughed sarcastically [Sorry doesn’t even began to cover it. The last time we fought against aqua we almost died and you don’t even think twice before going after them again.]

“But Jane…”

[Do you even care about yourself? About us?]

“Look. I get that this is dangerous alright but it’s our only chance to meet aqua head on and not to mention they have the Mauville city gym leader. I’m pretty sure that they are not keeping Watson for hoots and giggles alright.”

[I don’t care master. Someone else can do it.]

“Yeah of course.  There are lots of people out there just excited to fight aqua and rescue gym leaders.” He replied sarcastically.

[Master…] the pupitar who had been silently watching his two alphas fighting from the sidelines stepped in.[Why don’t we let a third party be the judge of this situation? It would give us an unbiased view on the situation.]

“A third party?”

The pupitar nodded towards May and machoke.

“Us?” May asked in surprise.

“That’s actually a pretty good idea. What do you think?” Aman said.

“I think….Jane is right here.” May said after a moment.

“You don’t know who or what you’re going up against. That’s a straight no no and going solo here is even worse.”

“But May…”

[But nothing. May said it. It is a bad idea master.]

“Yeah it’s a bad idea going alone…” May said.



“You heard me Aman. It’s not safe for you to go on your on this kind of thing and no offence but my pokemon are more powerful than yours right now so…I think it’d be better if I tagged along with you.” May said.

 “Woah May, no it’s too dangerous. I can’t put you in this mess with me.”

[Yes it’s dangerous. For all of us.]

“Ummm…Who died and made you two the boss of me huh? I’m coming along and that’s final.”

[That is a good proposition.] the pupitar replied.

“Whew. Finally someone with some sense.” May sighed “Now explain this to your stubborn master and team. We leave tomorrow morning alright?”



After finding out that Steven had already left town, leaving the map for the Mauville power plant and a note for them, Aman and his team headed home. The note just gave them directions to the powerplant. For all it was worth, the note didn’t acknowledge that Aman would even say no. It was as if Steven already knew Aman would say yes. Some part of Aman was not comfortable with how Steven seemed to know everything but still give out only enough information to manipulate the situation in his favor. But the guy was good and that’s what mattered.

Even when the night had dawned and our heroes had gathered in their beds the boy and the blaziken still weren’t talking. The luxio had left their bedroom to sleep downstairs after trying a few jokes and getting empty silence in return.

Aman just stared at the back of his mate knowing full well that she was just pretending to sleep and was ignoring him. And he had had enough. If they were going to confront aqua tomorrow he couldn’t have this going on then.

“Jane?” he asked and was met with cold silence.

“I know you’re not asleep. Can we just talk?”

The blaziken turned around suddenly.

[You want to talk. Let’s talk about how reckless you are master.]

“But babe…”

[No. You listen to me master. Every time we go and get into one of these fights with team aqua, we come out almost dead. We were lucky to have survived all those time but I can’t put our lives on line again just based on luck anymore.]

“We’re not just going on luck here. It’s not our luck that has saved us all this time. It’s our love. We fight as a family and live as a family, that’s it.”

The blaziken turned around slowly and nodded. Master could sweet talk her out of anything she supposed. At least she wasn’t mad at him now but still she was far from okay with this situation.

[You keep saying that master but when you or someone gets hurt I am the one that has to watch as you struggle to walk or breathe. I can’t take it anymore.]

“It won’t be this time babe. I promise. We will just sneak in and get Watson. We avoid all fighting.”

[What if it can’t be avoided master?]

Aman’s jaw tensed. He knew that they wouldn’t survive against Archie. Even with May it was no guarantee. But Watson was there and with the three of them against the Team aqua leader, they could win.

“Then we’ll do what we need to do.”

Jane could see that he wasn’t comfortable with this either and tomorrow they would go head to head to team aqua. He needed to be confident and strong if he was going to do this. And she needed to be strong for him. She needed to believe in him.

[Master…] She shifted, letting herself into his arms. She needed it and he needed her.

[Master I don’t have a good feeling about this…]

“It’s okay. As long as you’re with me I’ll be fine.” the boy said, feeling her warm body pressing against his own; her scent oh so close.

He could see it in her eyes, the panic, the confusion of it all and he considered was it even worth it? Hell he was causing her pain and she still loved him, with all her heart. Was he doing the right thing here?

[Master what are you thinking?] the blaziken said, cuddling up to him.

“I…I’m thinking if I deserve you. I mean all I do is cause you pain and worry. I don’t want you to get hurt just cause I want to be the big hero and save the day. I can’t… Are we doing the right thing here?”

She stroked his face, looking deeper into his eyes. His face, so handsome. His features so clear to her, so pleasing. She pressed a talon over his lips, finding the skin soft and the urge to kiss them nearly uncontrollable.

 [Master how many humans you think would risk their and their loved ones lives just to rescue a complete stranger? I’m guessing not many. What you’re doing is out of the goodness of your heart. It certainly is the good thing to do here but is it the right thing? I don’t know.]

[And do you deserve me? YES. The answer is yes.]she said smirking and biting his lower lip softly, climbing onto him. She grinded in his lap, her hips rolling, her wet vagina rubbing against the erection that slightly poked out of the boxers.

Aman seethed, barely controlling himself. God he wanted her so badly. His hand flew up onto her hips, thrusting against her through his boxers. He cleared his throat trying to regain what little composure he had.

“We should sleep.” He croaked.

The blaziken raised an eyebrow. It wasn’t like master to turn down an opportunity to make love. Usually he was the eager one and the one pushing her to do it.

“We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. We should rest a bit.” He said feebly, his body betraying every word he said. He couldn’t let go of her hips as his instincts and body screamed for her.

He knew the blaziken was teasing him but damn it was difficult to keep control. Every sway of her hips, slight bounce of her breasts made him want to do nothing but take her.

[Are you sure master? I mean this is a one in only lifetime offer. I’m willing to do anything tonight. Anything.] she teased him, her rubbing getting more vigorous.

“Don’t push me woman.” He said smirking.

She smiled and climbed off him and into his arms.

[After this thing is done we are going to have some fun aren’t we master?]

 “Oh we’re going to have a lot of fun and I mean A LOT.”

She giggled and kissed him quickly on the lips. He was right; they needed to sleep.


They woke up near the start of the dawn as they had planned. It would be better if they could catch team aqua on surprise. Sure they would still have some men on duty or something but it was still better than going for them in broad daylight.

Aman packed up some super potions and supplies and climbed downstairs. Most of his pokemon were about and running; slightly on edge with the matter of a battle coming up. May had chosen to carry her pokemon except machoke in pokeballs because she said that they could attract attention with a huge group of pokemon around them.

His pokemon were sitting roughly in a ring with slightly tensed expressions on their faces. May who had insisted that she come along with them seemed troubled and anxious.

“Good morning everyone. I know that all of you have had only a few hours of sleep but for a good cause I think we can sacrifice a little bit sleep right?”

He looked at all of their unconvinced, uneasy faces and cleared his throat.

“As I was saying…Wait…Where is Delia?”

His question was answered by a particularly loud snore from the luxio who was comfortably napping on the rug beside the huge television.

He groaned and walked over to her.

[Master careful. You know she loves her sleep.] the blaziken warned.

He huffed and prodded her with a foot.

“Oi! Wake up.”

[Just 5 more minutes.] The luxio mumbled, half in sleep, rolling onto her belly like a dog.

“Wake up fur ball.” Aman prodded again.

No response.

Not a fuck was given to any rescue or life threatening situation. Sleeping was the priority for the luxio.

[Master I got this.] the blaziken whispered to him, knowing full well that Aman was right about to explode.

The blaziken walked over to the sleeping pokemon.

[I was just telling master that Delia here is very brave and never backs down from a fight but he said that she will be sleeping because she was too scared to go and rescue Watson.]

The luxio jumped up immediately bristling at the boy.

[What was that? You calling me coward?]

“I didn’t even say anything.”

[Oh yeah?]

“Oh Yeah.”

[You wanna fight? You wanna fight?]

“Let’s do it then.”

[Oh Yeah?]

“Oh yeah.”

The blaziken shook her head pitifully. She had seen more maturity in toddlers.

“Okay that’s enough.” May yelled after having had enough of their bickering.

Both Aman and the luxio fell silent and hung their heads. They knew better than to look May in the eye.

“Aman continue.”

“Fine. As I was saying. You guys know why and where we are going. We will be facing team aqua again. Only this time on a larger scale. Their leader Archie is supposedly holding the Mauville gym leader hostage. Our job is to go in and rescue Watson. We avoid a direct confrontation at all costs.”

The luxio smartly raised a paw.


[So you mean no fighting?]


The luxio grumbled and mumbled something that sounded like ‘boring’ and ‘not worth the time’ but the boy ignored it.

[What if we have to fight?] Machoke asked, who was the only one of May’s pokemon not in his pokeball.

“Then we do what needs to be done.”

“What if Archie is there?” May asked.

“That’s not conformed. If Archie IS there and that’s a big if…we will have Watson with us. And with the three of us we might be able to hold him off.”

[Master there’s no guarantee that we can. If Watson is not in a condition to fight then we will be in trouble.]

“Just trust me. It’ll be fine.”

May and the blaziken exchanged a look but nodded.

“Fine let’s move out then.” May said.



They had to take a boat to the power plant which was underground on a little island just south of Mauville beach. In silence and darkness they stowed the boat in some nearby shrubbery. Aman looked at the Power plant. Its walls had been eroded, mossy plants had taken over the steel walls, laying siege to the plant. It was as if the power plant had been constructed and left; abandoned to its own devices. Signs of wildlife were everywhere. He could see little pokemon scampering as they disturbed their home. He nodded to back at his team and steeled himself as he led them underground into the Mauville power plant.




The blaziken felt ominous the moment she stepped into the power plant. Maybe it was her irrelevant fear that was unconsciously making her feel this way but she could feel that something was going to happen; something huge and the paranoia of it hung over her like a veil. She look at the ralts. The little ralts was scared too but it was probably so because of her child like nature or could it be that the little girl’s mind could pick up something she, the blaziken herself couldn’t?

She dismissed and trudged on with her team.

“Hold on.” Aman stopped them wait a signal.

“What?” may asked.

“Doesn’t anybody feel this is weird?”

[We are walking in a goddamn man made cave. That’s weird enough.] the luxio grumbled.  

[Exactly. This is a cave. Where are all the pokemon? We haven’t seen a single one.] the pupitar spoke up.

“And there hasn’t been any sign of team aqua. I mean there’s no guard or cameras or anything. What the hell is going on here?” Aman said adamantly.

“Also there’s no sound.” May said quietly.

[huh?]machoke asked.

The blaziken nodded in agreement with May.[Large number of pokemon live in caves yet there is no sound of anything. It is very suspicious.]

[Ummm…guys…] the luxio started.

“What?” Aman asked, looking at the troubled look on his luxio’s face as she sniffed the air.

[I can smell blood.]

“What?” may asked in shock.

“Is it Watson’s?” Aman asked, now completely troubled and panicked by the news.

[I can’t tell. There’s both human and pokemon blood. I can’t locate it though…It’s…It’s coming from everywhere.]

[Master what should we do?]the blaziken asked, tensed.

“We keep moving. If they are holding Watson” Aman said unfurling the map of the power plant that Steven had given him. “Then it’s here. The main supply control chamber.”

The team nodded back and steeled themselves.

After walking around a while Aman had come to several conclusions. Firstly this place was recently occupied by humans as he could see human footprints and on one occasion a human tooth, he had found in the ground. Secondly something terrible had happened here. There were small splashes of blood at discrete places both old and fresh. Of course the ground underneath kind of erased blood prints but he was certain there was blood on the ground. Lastly the complete absence of sound or any life made it creepy enough for the boy to wish that a team aqua member or so would just jump out at them. Just so he could be relieved that at least there was somebody here but it was only the solitary darkness that challenged them as they trudged on through the abandoned plant. As far as our heroes could see, there was equipment for the power plant; generators, huge diode circuits and drill machines everywhere. None of them looked as if they had been touched in at least couple of years.

They reached the entrance to the main supply chamber. It was a long tunnel with the entrance to the supply chamber at the end of it. They would have to cross the tunnel to get into the supply room.

Sudden footsteps coming behind them made everyone jump.

“Everyone hide. NOW!” Aman whispered furiously. It was good to know that at least someone was here. It relived some of the creepiness but now they probably had team aqua chasing their asses.

All of them took shelter behind different pieces of equipment of the power plant. The equipment was large enough to hide even bigger pokemon such as the pupitar.  Aman and Jane ducked behind a huge drill machine. Next to them behind a large control panel the pupitar was hiding. And he had seen May, Delia and Machoke hide behind another control panel just opposite to them.

The running footsteps seemingly were slowing down as they were reaching the place where they were hiding.

Dammit! The boy cussed under his breath. If this was team aqua, he didn’t have any choice. They would have to fight them.

He held his breath and listened and sure enough now that the footsteps had reached here he could their heavy breathing as if they had been running towards here.

“This is Maes of the 9th garrison” one of them said huffing with the effort. “Responding to the distress signal. Anyone there?”


“Repeat. Anyone there?”

“Alex. What about the distress signal we received?”

This time a different voice sounded. It wasn’t as commanding as the previous one. In fact it seemed rather timid.

“Sir we received the distress signal from the 11th garrison on 2:30 am today. That was an hour ago. It seemed that they were attacked Sir.”

“Attacked? By what?”

“We don’t know that yet Sir.”

“Wasn’t the 11th garrison in charge of holding the Mauville gym leader here?”

Aman’s ears perked up.

“Yes Sir.”

So Watson was here. But Team aqua was attacked. By whom? Watson? It could be that the thunder master got loose and attacked team aqua. That would explain the blood but where was Watson?

“Dammit. These fools. Archie told us that this mission was a top priority. Let’s look for the gym leaders scents. We have to find Watson right away. Release your poocheyanas.”

Aman swore slightly under his breath. Crap, the poocheyana would smell them and give away their positions in a second.

Before he could react though. He heard yips and barks from the released pokemon. The barks which turned to growls.

“What the hell?” Maes said.

“Sir, there’s someone here.”

Aman heard a loud growl followed by a spark attack. Delia. All of them stood up, ducking out of their hiding places, revealing themselves to team aqua.

“Identify yourself.” Maes said. Maes as it turned out was a tall man, athletic of build and had a scraggly beard. He had his hair tied up in a high ponytail which was covered by a bandana with the Team aqua logo on it but his long blond hair flowed behind him.

Aman looked at his team and drew a breath of relief. None of them were hurt. Good. Now to deal with this.

“Delia tackle.”

“Dammit.” Maes said tossing two pokeballs from his belt. A golbat and a mighteyana came out growling at them. The luxio tackled the migtheyana and both of them rolled away, their fangs at each other’s throats.

“Medicham come on out.” May said releasing the psychic from his pokeball.

Medicham focus punch.” May commanded, which the pokemon obeyed by jumping at the golbat with his fist glowing orange with the energy of the focus punch.

The team aqua members behind Maes had their own pokemon out but were being held back by Machoke who was fighting multiple poocheyanas and zubats.

“Aman go. Find Watson. Quick. I’ll hold them off.” May whispered desperately to the boy.

“What? And leave you here with them?”

“We don’t have that much time. GO!”

“I’m not leaving you alone here.”

“Dammit! Don’t you understand? Look at their numbers. Ever if they are weaker than us we can’t win over them. We need to find Watson. With him we might be able to win this.”

Aman looked at the number of team aqua and gulped. May was right. There’s no way they were winning against that number of aquas.

[Master, May is right. We have to find Watson right away.] the blaziken said adamantly.

He nodded. “Fine.”

He turned to his luxio who had entered a staring match with the mighteyana. The mighteyana was strong yes but she was strong too and she was much faster than it. She had managed to dodge almost every one of its attacks until now.

“Delia, stay with May and be careful alright. We’re going to go ahead and look for Watson.”

[You got it boss.] the luxio said smartly, growling at the mighteyana.

Even though he trusted Delia but the last time she had fought Aqua she had nearly…He shook his head. Time to go.

With a nod towards May he turned around and ran towards the darkness of the tunnel, with the ralts on his shoulder and the blaziken and the pupitar following in his wake.



May didn’t look back. She heard Aman go on ahead. Alright. Now she just had to hold these people long enough till Aman found Watson. Hopefully the thunder master was in a condition to fight or they were screwed.

“You think you can stop us alone?” Maes scoffed at the girl.

May smirked.

“Watch me.” She said tossing the last pokeball on her belt into the air.

The imposing form of a giant blue fish tumbled out.

“Swampert use muddy water now!” May said, flinging herself into battle.




Aman stumbled on ignoring the sounds of battle behind them; Running in a straight path hoping the tunnel didn’t have any sub ways in it.

The fires erupting from Jane’s wrists and feet provided a slight glow but didn’t illuminate the path enough. The inky darkness of the tunnel limited their visibility to just five feet around them.

The blaziken ran along with her master, praying that the others would be safe. They had to find Watson quickly otherwise May and the others would be…

“Dammit. Damn this.” She heard him say.

[Master are you okay?] Jane asked.

“I’m fine. But the others…”

[They’ll be fine master.]

 [May is stronger than us so she would be better at holding them for some time.] the pupitar interjected.

They nodded but it was obvious that no matter how strong May wouldn’t be able to fight that many aqua for long.

Aman stopped them again; this time with less gusto.

“Does anyone smell that?” Aman said holding up his arm to cover his nose.

[It’s coming from there.] the pupitar said, pointing towards the door in front of them; his voice echoing in the tunnel.

Aman looked at the steel bolted door from which the nauseous smell emanated, making him want to puke. It was sour and rank; like a butchers shop.

Ralts anything bad? He thought knowing that the little ralts sitting on his shoulder would read his thoughts and reply.

‘Yes’ the babyish voice sounded in his head. It was timid and afraid. Maybe it was because of her synchronization ability she was picking up on his fear.

Aman steeled himself and nodded to his two other team mates.

“Let’s go.”

What the- that was all the boy could think as he turned the cold door handle on the steel door and stepped inside the main supply chamber of the Mauville power plant.

Everywhere he could look blood and strewn corpses; mangled bodies; pokemon as well as human, somewhere in between them a body that had been completely torn in half. There were signs of struggle and blood prints on the walls and floor. It was likely that some bodies were killed, torn and then dragged around mindlessly. Most of the bodies were burnt as if fried to death and seemingly, most of the corpses were human. The rotting corpses told a tale of absolute massacre and bloodshed.

After a good thump from the blaziken the boy recovered from shock. The boy noticed that all of the corpses had the colors of blue and white. These were team aqua members but no matter what, no being deserved such death. Surely Watson hadn’t done this. Then who? A pokemon? Yes an angry pokemon could do this kind of slaughter. But what pokemon was capable of wiping out so many aquas on itself?

And where was Watson? Had he been killed too?

He took a step towards the center of the room only to jump in surprise as a weak cough sounded in the corner of the room.

The source of it had been a half dead aqua. A man in his early years. Twenty, twenty two maybe. His leg under the knee had been torn off and the right cheek bone and jaw had been smashed inside of his face.

[master!] the blaziken ran towards the aqua.

Aman ran towards the man too and kneeled, examining his condition.

The team aqua grunt flinched as he heard the footsteps reaching him but at this point he hoped it was the thing that had killed all his garrison. He hoped it would do the same to him.

“Are you okay?” Aman asked, knowing full well the stupidity of his question. The man was missing a leg and almost half of his face. No way was he okay.

“Can you get up?” he tried again.

“No” the man croaked, the voice came out odd, cracking and empty.

“What happened here?” Aman asked.

[Master!] the blaziken interjected with a bit of a look.

[Here drink this.] the blaziken said knowing full well the man wouldn’t understand her but still… She lowered their water bottle to the man’s mouth. The man drank greedily as if he had never had water in his life, letting the water dribble down his bloody, torn shirt.

“Th-Thank you.” The man replied, his jawbone dangling from its place.

“An electrivire.” He said after a moment.


“An electrivire attacked us.”

“A single pokemon did this?” Aman asked. Impossible. He had seen corpses of a few charizard and other powerful pokemon in the room. A single electrivire killed them all?

“It was powerful. Fuck, it killed everyone.” the man breathed heavily but sudden life flashed in his eyes.

“It killed all my garrison. All my friends. Dammit!” he yelled.

Aman couldn’t help but feel pity. This man whether aqua or not, had friends and cared about them. He had lost them. It didn’t matter if he had done bad things. It wasn’t like Aman could hold him accountable now that the man was nearly dead.

“Why did it attack you in the first place?”

“I-I…I don’t know.” The man said, turning away and closing his eyes.

“Hey…hey do you have a name?”


“Jeremy listen. I’m gonna get you out of here. I’m gonna take you to a hospital okay? You’re going to be fine, just hold on alright. ”

Jeremy laughed dryly.

“It’s too late kid. I’ve lost too much blood. In an hour or so…”

Aman looked at his condition…he was right.

“And even if you do get me out of here. I’m a team aqua member. They’ll kill me anyways.”

Aman looked away and stood up. Jeremy was right; there was nothing he could do.

[Master?] the blaziken snapped at him.

[Master? What are you thinking? We have to save this person.]

“Jane…It’s too late. There’s nothing we can do.”

[What? No! Pupitar tell master-] the blaziken started in unbelief. How could master let a person die just like that? No, it was never too late. Never.

[Master’s right.] the pupitar replied dejectedly.[There’s nothing we can do now.]

[No! NO! I don’t care…I’ll carry this person back to the pokemon center. You can go on ahead to look for Watson] the blaziken said giving them a hard stare.

“But Jane-”

“Listen to the kid, girl.” Jeremy crocked. Though he couldn’t understand what the blaziken or the pupitar were saying he could figure out enough from the boy’s words. “It’s too late and my life…it hasn’t been worth living anyways. Dammit! The only good thing that I’ve done in my life…” Jeremy continued, his head turning towards his right where the corpse of a dead bayleef was. Jeremy’s hand softly handed on the dead pokemon’s head, stroking the leaf on its head.

“I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you why the electrivire attacked us.” Jeremy said suddenly. In his dying moments it seemed that Jeremy wanted to speak the truth.

“It was Archie. He’s doing something big. And the electrivire was part of the plan. Archie needs the electrivire to do whatever he’s doing. Kidnapping Watson wasn’t his main objective. No. Only Watson knew where the electrivire was. Team aqua has 14 garrisons in it, ranked from one to fourteen. Garrison one being the most powerful and 14 being the weakest. Garrison 4 was sent to capture Watson and extract the information of where the electrivire was. They did capture Watson and came down here to capture that electrivire. But it was too strong. It…killed them all. We received garrison 4’s distress signal two days ago and we were sent to scout out the situation but…it killed my garrison. All of them.”

“What is Archie trying to do?”

“I don’t know. I stole this information from garrison 4’s office.”

“I see. Thanks Jeremy.” The boy gulped. There was nothing he could do.

“Jeremy is there anything we can do…”

“Yes…It hurts…this isn’t what I hoped death would be like…kid…do it.” the man said, a different kind of light shining in his eyes, a glean of hope.

Aman’s eyes widened. No he couldn’t do that. Anything but that.

[Master you have to do it. He deserves that in the very least.] the pupitar said, looking away.

[What…What are you guys talking about…What does master have to do?] the blaziken asked.

A long silence.


[Master is going to put him out of his misery.] the pupitar said, his words coming out harsher than he expected.

Aman looked away.

[What! No!] the blaziken recoiled in horror. How could these two be so calm about it? They were ending a life. This was…

“So kid will you do it?” Jeremy croaked, hoping the boy would take pity on him. With his bayleaf gone he didn’t have much to life for anyways.

Aman kneeled to the fallen man and turned to the ralts on his shoulder.

“Ralts hypnosis.”

The little thing gave a squeak of obedience before reaching out and keeping her small hand on the guy’s forehead.

“Th-Thank you…”

The man’s eyes grew droopy and for one last instance he smiled, remembering all the times he had with his friends and his bayleaf.

Aman stood up stiffly and turned, walking away from the man without another glance.



Jane followed her master as they all walked away from Jeremy towards the center of the supply chamber. She knew master must have gone through enormous struggle to do what he just did but ending someone’s life even if it was better for the man; was unacceptable. She refused to believe that a life couldn’t be saved. Everyone was worth saving and until they drew their last breath, they were worth the effort to save. Her master wouldn’t look at her. Wouldn’t talk. He just walked ahead with an expressionless face. She was worried yes; but this wasn’t the time for that. They had to find Watson…if Watson was alive.

After completing a round of the room, Aman stopped. Watson was probably dead. He couldn’t find him nor his body. Had Watson escaped? Well whatever. They were doomed anyways. With Watson not here to help them all they could do was run into their deaths with those aqua at the end of the tunnel.

“Let’s go guys. I’m sorry I got you into this mess.”


“Please hear me out. I’m sorry that I always lead you into life threating situations. I wish you had a nice trainer; one who wasn’t a screw up.”


“But I love you all. You are the friends that I would give my life for and I’m happy that we have had this long of a run.”

[Master!]the pupitar yelled his voice echoing over the dead and empty room.[Stow your crap. There’s a door here.]

Both Aman and Jane were surprised at the Pupitar’s sudden outburst; usually Pupitar was the one to be calm and collected but his outburst had gotten Aman out of his cocoon of self-pity at least.

“A door? Impossible.” Aman checked the map of the power plant again. Nope. This was the supply chambers. There were no sub rooms or branches. It was just one big room.

He inspected the place where the pupitar was pointing. Yes there was the faint outline of something rectangular. A door? But there was no knob or handle.

The blaziken kneeled to the entrance and inspected the thin swath of clean floor where grime and dirt should have been.

[Master this was moved recently. This is an entrance to something.] the blaziken said, pointing to the evidence.

[Master get back.] the pupitar said.

“What are you...?”

The pupitar tackled the wall, sending the rectangular steel door off its hinges.

Aman nodded at them and walked into the dusty, dark room.



Aman looked around the room; illuminated by the orange glow coming from the fires around his mate’s wrists and feet.

“This seems like an old supply closet.” Aman said looking around. The room was filled with various tools and equipment’s.

[Well this doesn’t really help us...] the pupitar started.

[Wait.] the blaziken stopped them with a raised hand.[There’s someone there.] she said kneeling under the huge shelf. Aman ducked and looked under the shelf to find a bundle of torn and dirty clothes with white, receding hairline on the persons head.

“Watson?” Aman said in surprise. Of all the places they could find Watson.

No response.

“Watson?” he tried again; this time a bit louder.

The bundle of clothes shuffled slowly.

The Mauville gym leader turned around, looking at the source of the voice. The gym leader seemed frail and gaunt, a small cut on his chin.

“Who are you?” he asked feebly, his voice so faint that the boy almost didn’t catch it.

“I’m Aman from Littleroot. Steven sent me to rescue you.” Aman said, hoping the Gym leader wasn’t gravely injured.

“Steven sent you?” Watson said though it was more of a statement rather than a question.

“Yes. We got your electrike.”

“Oh.” The gym leader said before collapsing into unconsciousness.

“Dammit!” Aman swore before pulling the old man’s body from underneath the shelf. The old man looked worse for a change but he didn’t seem to have any serious injuries. He had some dried blood around his mouth but that seemed like it.

[Master he’s very weak. We need to get him to the pokemon center immediately.] the blaziken said, kneeling down to the old, depilated man and checking his vital signs.

“Alright then let’s go. Pupitar, carry Watson will you?”

Just as they were about to turn around and leave the room, a roar sounded somewhere close by.

‘Great. Just great.’ The trainer thought sarcastically.

[Master. I think the electrivire just found us.] the pupitar said.



They quickly hid the unconscious gym leader back underneath the shelf and turned around. They could at least draw the beast away from the gym leader but they’ll have to go out and face it then.

The boy gulped but nodded at his team. He didn’t want them to see him shaking or something. If they were going to die, he’d prefer to die out swinging rather than curling up like some wimp and crying.

They walked out into the room with the corpses only to find darkness; nothing moved. Then it came; a roar; loud in magnitude, slightly shaking the whole room with its intensity.

The huge creature dropped from above, its two tails flailing and writhing like lassos. The electrivire was huge. Electrivire weren’t supposed to grow this big. The thing was as tall as pupitar, maybe even taller and bulkier. Wide lines of electricity jolted across its body as it roared again.

‘This is not good.’ The boy said, gulping at the sight.

[Master get back.] the blaziken said,  pushing him back with her hand and standing in front of him.

The pupitar tackled it sending it slightly back. Even so Aman was surprised that Pupitar’s tackle didn’t have more of an effect on that thing.

Pupitar used thrash, using his body to slam the electrivire.

“ELECTRIVIRE!” the beast roared sending the pupitar hurtling back.

The pupitar tried again, running at the massive pokemon with a tackle.

The electrivire ignored the incoming pupitar and took a stance. Yellow bursts of electricity sparked across its fist.

“No pupitar…It’s a thunder punch.”  The boy yelled but the momentum of the pupitar was already too great to be stopped now. With a terrible sound, the punch connected shattering through the pupitar’s armor into its soft body inside. The pupitar was sent reeling back, his back landing against the wall, his wound bleeding profusely.

The pupitar cursed. Now he was all but useless. The thunder punch had shattered his stone armor and injured him enough so he couldn’t move. Now he couldn’t protect Master. All he could do was watch. But Jane was there. Yes and she was more powerful than him. She would protect him yes, she was his mate. She was not going to let that thing get close to master so easily. He chuckled inside his head, even though there was nothing funny about this situation. If the electrivire thinks he can kill master, he has got another thing coming on. Pupitar’s vision started to grow dull but he shook his head slightly. No, he won’t faint. He had to watch and think of something. Yes that’s all he could do right now.

Aman flinched as he saw his pupitar crash into the massive steel wall.

The electrivire roared again, turning to the blaziken and human in front of him.

“Jane what is that electrivire saying?” Aman asked. If he could calm that thing down, maybe he could turn this around then.

[I can’t understand it properly master but its saying something along the lines of death and killing.] the blaziken replied.

“Of course.” Aman replied sarcastically. “Of course it is.”

The blaziken turned around now concentrating on her enemy; the fires around her wrists and feet burning hotter than ever.

She was partly a flying type pokemon which meant she was vulnerable to this things electric attacks. She would have to be careful; keep her distance and use her long range attacks to snipe this massive thing.

The electrivire came in charging with a thunder punch again but she opened her beak, letting loose an enormous column of fire, turning half the corpses in the vicinity to ashes.

The massive flamethrower took large amounts of energy but it did the job alright. It stopped the oncoming electrivire’s attack but beside that it didn’t seem to have done much.

The electrivire roared at the blaziken, using his hands to beat his chest like a gorilla. The flamethrower had singed the electivire’s fur where it had connected but other than that it was useless.

The electrivire came again this time with a body slam; the blaziken jumped and used blaze kicks to parry the slam but the two tails of the electrivire came from behind, grabbing her by her arms.

In an instant the electrivire discharged 20,000 volts of electricity through his tails into the blaziken.

Aman’s scream was lost somewhere within the blaziken’s as she flailed in pain.

After a brief moment the electivire[B1]  let go, letting the blaziken fall unceremoniously onto the floor.

The boy started to run towards her but was stopped with a feeble yet adamant voice.

[Master I thought I told you to stay back.] the blaziken said, coughing up blood.

“Don’t fight. Jane please…don’t fight. You’ll die. Please don’t…” the boy blubbered, tears streaming down his face. The sight of his mate coughing up blood was enough to bring tears to his eyes. He was trembling, with the pain of his mate’s life. No he wouldn’t let her do this. If something happened to her…to anyone here…it would be his fault. He brought them here. It would be his fault.

“I am your master and I command you to stand down.” He yelled hoarsely.

The blaziken smiled.

[We are friends and as your friend and your mate it is my duty to protect you.] the blaziken said without turning around.

She slightly jogged on her feet, rekindling the fires which had gone out with that electric attack.

The blaziken evaluated the situation. She couldn’t defeat it, no; it was too powerful for that. It had taken out many of team aqua’s pokemon single handedly, so she doubted she could defeat it. But maybe she could slow it down; slow it down enough for them to escape.

The electivire came in with another thunder punch but she jumped to the side. The electivire thunder punch slammed into the ground, creating a small hole. With its fist stuck in the hole for a moment, the electivire couldn’t move which gave the blaziken a brief window of opportunity. With the jump she had made to doge the punch she used it to richoted off the wall, hitting it in the back with a powerful blaze kick. The beast roared, with a mighty tug, pulled his fist from the ground and flailed. The blaziken ducked and used her speed to get behind the electivire.  She used to wall as a push and struck again with another blaze kick. The electivire turned around but the blaziken was already gone, moving behind him again she used another massive flamethrower, this time trying to focus it on its legs.

The massive thing roared with pain, hopping on its feet causing the whole room to shake slightly. It flailed its arms and tails wildly, discharging electricity everywhere. The blaziken used agility to increase her speed, dodging every flailing limb of the massive beast. But didn’t notice the oncoming thunder punch. She instinctively raised her arms but the attack was too powerful. It threw the fire type back a good distance, fracturing one of her ribs and knocking her unconscious.

The boy was running too her before she touched the ground. He kneeled, taking her head in his lap, gently cupping her cheek.

“Jane?” he called out softly, tears falling onto the blaziken’s feathers, staining them wet. A dribble of blood flowed from her mouth onto his hand, staining it crimson.

“Get up.”


“You promised.”


The pupitar watched as the blaziken was defeated. ‘She had slowed the thing down alright’ the pupitar thought looking at the burns and singed fur on the electivire’s legs but the damned thing was too powerful. Too powerful to be taken on by them.

Was this the end?

He watched as his trainer cradled the blaziken’s head in his lap, softly calling out her name but the blaziken didn’t answer. The boy broke down sobbing with great cries and heaves.

The cries escalated slowly into laughter, the laughter of a madman; it was the laughter of a man who had lost everything; the laughter that comes with insanity.

What happened next still terrifies the pupitar to this day. If you ask him, there are two things that he can’t erase from his memory; no matter how much he tries; two things that will haunt him until the day he dies. First the Great Fortree War that would happen in the future; the war that they yet had no idea about; the war which would consume everything. Second, the events of today; what happened after Jane was defeated by that electivire.

The laughter started changing; the high pitched laughter became garbled, becoming deeper and heavier. After a few moments the laughter had changed entirely. The eldritch sound resonated, now entirely unrecognizable. No human mouth could have made such sound. The boy’s face was expressionless, empty as he laughed, his head turned towards the ceiling.

The electivire roared, angered at the human’s laughter.

Suddenly the boy stopped, lowering his face to look at the beast.

Pupitar flinched as he sensed it. Something about the boy had changed. He wasn’t a psychic but he could feel it. The boy’s aura changed to something darker; something grotesque. The pupitar was suddenly filled with innate fear; deep instinctual fear of being in the vicinity of a predator; his instincts screaming at him to run or hide; whatever he had to do, just get away from the boy.

He saw same expressions flit across the electivire’s face but the electivire roared thumping his chest with its massive fists.

The boy looked at the electivire and for a moment everything in the room looked frozen; only the wind silently rustled some burnt clothing of the dead aquas. The next moment the boy smiled; his face twisting into the most grotesque smile the pupitar had ever seen; the smile of something that wasn’t of this world.

The pupitar looked on as the boy smiled; then the sound, such of a cardboard box dropped to the floor and the boy disappeared. The next instant the boy was standing directly in front of the massive electivire still smiling that damned smile.

What the- Did master….No that is not Aman; that thing is not my master. It’s something else. The pupitar thought. But did the boy just teleport right in front of the electivire? He had heard of pokemon using teleportation but a human? Or could it be that move that he had seen. Extreme speed? Where a pokemon moved so fast it appeared as if they were teleporting. But then again no human could move at that speed. Hell even if a human moved at that speed, he would die. Pokemon with hardened body and extreme endurance managed to use to move. No human could move like that. But that thing; the thing that looked like master right now; it didn’t seem human; it didn’t feel human at all.

The electivire roared at the sudden appearance of the human right in front of him and swung a volt induced arm at the boy. Then stopped in its track as the boy caught it.

With his bare hand? The pupitar thought, his mind now a scramble of thoughts and expressions.  

He has seen Jane take a hit from the thunder punch and she had fainted by it. The boy had caught it with his hand. How was this even possible?

The electivire screamed suddenly as a loud and definitive crack was heard; the sound of bones being broken; the electrivire roared with pain flinging his other free arm wildly at the boy. The boy lifted the huge pokemon by its arm which he was still holding onto and threw him at the wall. It was like watching a child throw a toy in anger; only this time the toy in question, thrown was a 610 lbs electivire. It was many times the boy’s own weight. Still?

The electivire was thrown with such tremendous force that he dented the massive steel wall of the power plant; also breaking one of the electivire’s legs. The boy stared at the injured beast for a moment as if contemplating something. The next moment it started walking, slowly in a fear inducing stride towards the electivire.

The electivire saw the human coming towards him and struggled, writhing with pain but still trying to get up. But now the electivire was no longer trying to fight; this human was not a human at all; he was something else. The electivire’s only thought as he saw the being coming towards him was to flee, panicking at the prospect of the boy reaching him.

The boy stopped right in front of the struggling electivire. The electivire’s roars were replaced by mewls, maybe pleadings; the sound of a chick in a snake’s grip.

The boy lifted his fist and for a moment, stopped, as if evaluating the whole scene then he drove it threw the electivire’s chest, punching through the heart of the massive thing.

The electivire gurgled, blood coming out its mouth. In its last moments the electivire’s life flashed before his eyes; the face of his trainer; his trainer saving him a second time by giving him a new home, the power plant. Everything blurred and faded away and the electivire was no longer in the supply chamber of the Mauville power plant.

The boy withdrew his fist; it came out with a squelch, blood pouring out of the electivire’s wound. The boy looked at his blood coated fist; again lost in thought. Then it came again; the resonating laughter of the garbled voice, the eldritch laughter of a being beyond this world. The laughter was suddenly cut off as if snuffed by a cloth or something. The boy stared at the dark room for a second before collapsing onto the floor, unconscious. The stagnant and vile aura faded away and he was Aman again the pupitar noted but what had happened? What was master? Was he human?

The pupitar’s vision blurred, dammit he was losing too much blood. No! He had to get help. He could save them.

Dammit the pupitar thought, exasperated at his failing body and then he let himself be engulfed by the darkness.



Aman woke up, jumping up from the bed in, his thoughts only screaming for his mate. Was she okay? Where was she?

He looked to his left finding the blaziken sleeping in a bed next to him, bandages tied around her stomach and torso. He tried to get up, reaching for his mate.

“Lie down.”

He looked at the source of the voice, finding it to be May sitting on the sofa opposite to their beds. She had a couple of bandages covering her and looked tired, with her hair all jumbled up.

He clutched his head, seething at the pain; feeling like someone had taken a baseball bat to his head.

“You okay Aman?”

“I’ll live.” The boy replied, consolidating with the pain. It was getting better now.

“How’s she?” the boy asked motioning towards his sleeping mate.

“She’ll be fine. A broken rib. It’s been fixed. She need to rest though.”

“The others?”

“Delia’s alright. The ralts is okay too. Just unconscious. Pupitar’s stable now. His injury was pretty bad but he’s okay now.”

The boy sighed in relief.


“Fine. Swampert took quite a few hits but he’s fine now. He’s actually snoozing off the injuries right now.”

A moment passed.

“Kinda sucks doesn’t it?” May asked.

“Yeah it does. I know that I have to control over it, I mean there’s nothing I can do about it. When we fight it’s always possible for them to get hurt but… it just hurts.” Aman replied, sitting up now that the headache had become more manageable.

Both sat, staring for a moment.

“What happened?” he asked, clutching his head slightly.

“You tell me. We were fighting aqua and I expected you to be coming with Watson but only Watson came to us. He defeated Team aqua without breaking a sweat though he was pretty worn out himself. Then we found you and the others unconscious on the floor.”

“I guess we lost after all. So how did you beat the electivire? Watson?”

“What are you talking about? You defeated that giant thing.” May said, arching an eyebrow questioningly at the boy.

“Uhh..No we didn’t.”

“But the electivire was already dead when we got there.”

“Really? But…”

“What about pupitar? He must have defeated it.”

“Nah, pupitar was really badly injured. He couldn’t have…Well maybe he could have defeated that electivire I suppose. The guy doesn’t give up and is as stubborn as a mule. ”

“Maybe. We’ll ask him.” May said.

A knock sounded on the door and a nurse joy and a chansey rolled in a bed with pupitar on it. Pupitar was awake though looked weird with the huge swatch of antiseptic roll wrapped around his body. It probably looked weird because Aman had never seen nor imagined pupitar getting injured. In his mind the giant, stone armored pupitar always seemed invincible. Oh well…

“Oh you are awake.” The nurse joy said, noticing that Aman was sitting up.


“We checked you sir, you’re fine.” The nurse joy said, happily.

“Yeah. My head hurts a bit but it’s nothing.”

“Please lie down.” Nurse joy said.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll be fine I think.”

“Please. Lie. Down.” the pink haired nurse said, with a glare that promptly made the boy shut up and jump into his bed.

The typical smile returned on the nurse’s face.

“Your luxio and ralts are resting. I’ll bring them around when they are awake.” Nurse joy said.

“Thanks Nurse Joy.” The boy said to the retreating nurse.

After Nurse Joy had left, he turned to the pupitar.

“You okay there buddy?” Aman asked.

The pupitar nodded.

“I’m glad.”

May coughed.

“Huh? Oh yeah…how did you defeat that electivire buddy?”

Pupitar’s eyes widened. He didn’t remember…any of it?


[You don’t remember master?] the pupitar asked quietly.

“Well after you got injured. Jane was fighting that thing and when she was defeated. I remember cradling her head…After that I blacked out. It’s actually kind of lame actually but hey… it’s not like I could have done anything either.”

The pupitar thought about it for a while. Master blacked out. He didn’t remember murdering that pokemon. He didn’t remember flinging it across the room like a toy. He didn’t remember ending its life?

“So how did you defeat it?” May asked.

[I…I…I got lucky. Used head butt. The electivire was already injured because Jane’s flamethrower had burnt his legs badly. It was tough but I got it.]

“Thanks bud. You saved our lives. I owe you one.”

The pupitar nodded, trying to move but wincing at the pain.

“Hey hey hey…Don’t move. It’s been a crazy day. Get some sleep. I’ll get you guys some food when you wake up.”

The pupitar obeyed, closing his eyes but not before staring at the boy for a second. Was this the same guy that had destroyed that massive electrivire? No, he was different. He was Aman. That thing was something else.

He couldn’t tell anyone, what had happened in the supply chamber of the Mauville power plant. He had to keep it a secret. Master would be questioned, detained by the police if they knew who had actually defeated the electivire. Master and his pack themselves would be confused and even if he told them, they probably wouldn’t believe him anyways. It was better to keep it a secret.

The pupitar closed his, drifting to uneasy sleep with shadows drifting to and fro in his dreams.




The blaziken woke up, softly opening her eyes, immediately aware of a hand brushing a stray hair away from her cheek. She smiled as she looked up to see the owner of the hand.

[Are you okay master?]

“I’m fine. Just some scratches.”

[The others?] she asked.

“Everyone’s fine. Just resting.”

[But the electivire-]

“Pupitar defeated it.”

[He did?]

“He got lucky and since you had already injured it…”

The blaziken tried to get up but was forced back with a gentle hand.

“Uh-uh. You fractured a rib little missy. You are going to rest here without a fuss” he mockingly glared as the blaziken tried to protest “while I and May get you guys some food.”

[Fine but get some choco too master.]she said, sulking a bit but agreeing to it.

Aman laughed and got up, signaling May to follow him.

“Choco?” May asked as they walked out of the pokemon center.

“Chocolate.” Aman grinned “She loves that stuff.”



After a day of rest, most of his pokemon were up and running. The pupitar still wasn’t allowed to move and needed rest but the others were moving. After thinking a bit they decided to pay Watson a visit while May went back home and bought some supplies.

Aman enquired at the pokemon center to find that Watson had been discharged a day back. So he headed to the gym with Jane, Delia and ralts to look for Watson. Watson had actually saved them. If Watson hadn’t defeated the Aqua that May had been fighting, all of them would be dead right now. Yes, Watson did deserve a thanks.

He found out that Watson had left for the graveyard by Watson’s assistant at the gym.

‘The graveyard? Why would Watson…Well we’ll find out. I hope everything is okay.’ Aman thought walking to the graveyard.

He found the old man kneeling next to a tombstone with a heavily bandaged magnetric to his side.

[Master…Is Watson okay?] the blaziken asked, clutching at his arm, then letting it go immediately realizing they were in a public place. She knew what graveyards were, she had been around humans long enough to know it but it baffled her. Why bury the dead? Most pokemon usually left the dead to the nature. If it could provide food for another pokemon…

“Let’s find out.” Aman said leading them into the graveyard to the place where Watson was.




The magnetric turned around, smelling people coming towards them.

Watson too noticed his pokemon’s line of sight and turned around.

Watson’s eyes were red and slightly swollen. Had he been crying?

“You okay there Watson?” Aman said, quite unsure of what to do.

“I’m fine. How about your pokemon?”

“They’re all fine now.”

A moment passed, the ralts who was shy and timid tried to hide behind his the boy’s hair.

“I should thank you Aman.” Watson started. “If you hadn’t come along when you did…”

“No, we should be the ones thanking you. If you hadn’t fought off those aqua’s, we’d all be dead right now.”

“I guess it works both ways then.”

“If you don’t mind me asking Watson, what are you doing here?”

Watson didn’t answer and for a moment the boy thought he had trudged on soft ground there.

“Just paying respects to an old friend, which reminds me. I have to ask something of you son. Look at me; you rescued me and here I am asking another favor.” The old man said.

“Oh please Watson. If there’s anything I could do…” Aman replied humbly.

“The police haven’t interviewed you yet right?”

“Well no. I was in the pokemon center all this time so…”

“Good. When the police interview you, they’re going to ask you if you were the one who defeated those aquas in the supply chamber. You have to tell them yes.”

“What!? Watson it wasn’t me. It was the electivire. It murdered all those aquas.”

“Tom didn’t murder anything!” Watson yelled, outrage and anger shining through his red eyes.

Aman gulped. Wait a second…


Watson’s face fell, the expressions of anger and outrage changing to remorse and sorrow.

“He was the first pokemon I had. Hatched him from an egg you see. The smallest thing I had ever seen. I was a young man just like you back then. I watched him grow. Tom was the most kind hearted and loving elekid. He was rather shy and timid. But there was something wrong with him. When I found it out, I took him to Professor Ethan. Professor Ethan is the father of professor Birch. Professor Ethan told me that Tom was special. That pokemon like him were one in a million. They were more powerful than the normal ones of their kind. Tom could charge up to twice the electric output of any normal elekid. I was happy but I didn’t know…Tom was playing with our neighbor’s squirtle. And then…”

Watson broke down, his eyes glistening with tears wetting the old man’s beard.

“And then…it was an accident. The squirtle was electrocuted. It wasn’t Tom’s fault, he was just playing. But when the police came looking for him… I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let them take Tom. They would have put him down. So I lied. I told them that Tom had run away, escaped. I knew I couldn’t keep him any longer. So I…So I went to the power plant and left him there; to make a new home. Every once a month or so I would go to the power plant; play with him, feed him. I watched him grow into the big electivire he was. In return Tom kept the pokemon that lived in the power plant safe; from trainers, from the outside world. He had never hurt a soul in his life but then Team aqua came. They kidnapped me, trying to get Tom for their own means. When Tom saw me…he tried to protect me…but Team aqua wouldn’t stop. So he attacked them. Stowed me away in that side supply chamber while he faced aqua…”

“I’m sorry Watson. I didn’t know…”

“It’s not your fault…None of it is…If anything it’s mine. I only I had been brave enough. If only I had the guts to stand up for him…he’d still be with us. I failed him. He trusted me; protected me and fought for me… And I failed him.”

A silent moment passed with Watson’s magnetric whined, pressing her muzzle against her trainer’s leg.

“Was it you who…you know, defeated Tom?”

“I’m sorry Watson. I didn’t know…”

“Again it’s not your fault…You did the right thing…Tom had killed too many people…aquas or not…The life of those aquas…That’s my fault too.”

“Watson none of it is…You did what was right for him.”

“I wish I had supported him Aman. I wish…”

Watson looked up, drying him tears with his arm.

“Tom knew his predicament. He’d say that one day we’d be together again as master and pokemon. He waited for me…And I didn’t come…All his life he wished to be normal so he could come back home but…but…”

“I’ll do it Watson but I don’t know if the police will believe me.”

“They’ll believe you. I’ve already told them that you defeated those aqua. As a gym leader they’ll believe me. If the police find out it was Tom, there will be and enquiry. And they’ll dig up his bones, put his body in a research lab, trying to find out how he was so strong. After everything…Tom deserves to be normal. Tom deserves to rest in peace. ”

 Aman gulped nodding. He couldn’t help but feel responsible for it. His pokemon defeated…no, killed Tom. Because of his size and power he was too scared, too scared to reason or talk to the pokemon. The electivire had just been trying to protect an old friend. His trainer.

“I do it Watson. I’ll tell them.”

Another moment passed.

“Thanks. I…You have my gratitude.”

Aman nodded, turning around; leaving an old man with his remorse.



Aman walked back silently to home, May’s house in question.

[Master are you okay?] the blaziken asked, feeling sadness and grief through their bond.

“I’m fine. Just thinking how wrong we are to judge someone based on physical appearance. The electivire was big and strong, so I didn’t even acknowledge him as an intelligent being capable of emotions. I thought of him as a monster; a beast; nothing more when he was just trying to protect his trainer.”

[I’m sorry master. It’s our fault too.]

[I don’t understand. Why does the old man blame himself?] the luxio who had been quiet the whole time spoke up.

Aman smiled mirthlessly.

“Because he believes it’s his fault. He didn’t vouch for his pokemon when he was a teenager. If he had fought a case against the charges on Tom…Maybe he would have been able to keep him. The electivire still believed in him. Even when he became a gym leader Watson didn’t think to get him back. Afraid of what people would do to Tom and him if they found out what happened all those years ago. If the police found out that this was the missing elekid from back then… Watson was too afraid to fight for his pokemon and that fear…it killed him. Fear killed that electivire.” The whole group stopped, realizing now the sorrow and pain of the old man.

“Remember…there’s more than one way to snuff out a life.”



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