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Dinner was a private and thankfully small affair. Terazuma had secretly
dreaded a large banquet table and dozens of servants bringing food. As
it was, they ate in the private chambers and the food wasn't a ten-course
meal. It was rather simple, tasteful, and the sole servant was the headwoman
who only once appeared to attend to the drinks.

Terazuma watched his lover while they ate, took in the lines that hadn't
been there before he had left, and he knew he had hurt the shikigami with
his accusations and his subsequent leave of GensouKai without seeing him

"I'm sorry," he said after a while.

Sohryu raised an eyebrow. "What for?"

"Everything. I overreacted."

"You were hurt. I understand that now."

Terazuma played with a carrot. "Well... I was... I felt like you didn't
trust me, like you only wanted to use me."

"I'm not like that."

"Yeah. Like I said: sorry."

Sohryu smiled warmly, but whatever he was about to say was interrupted.
There was a light knock on the door before it was pushed open and the little
girl Terazuma had met before bounced into the room, followed by an older
boy with blue hair -- Sohryu's son, he assumed. Tenkou beamed happily at
her father, climbing onto his lap and chattering about the events of her

Terazuma nodded a greeting as she waved at him, sending him a flashy
smile and a hello, and he simply watched how Sohryu listened to her talk
nineteen to the dozen and even asked a question here and there. The boy
had sat down at his father's side, answering the questions about his day
far more quietly, and something inside of him stirred. Sohryu apparently
was a loving father, putting everything else behind. So unlike his own...

Looking up Terazuma realized that it had become quiet, and he blushed
a little when he noticed the intensive blue-grey eyes of his lover directed
at him. Sohryu smiled before he returned his attention toward the little
girl on his lap.

"Tenkou, it's past your bedtime already. Say goodnight."

Tenkou wrapped her arms around her father's neck and kissed him soundly
on the cheek before she took her brother's hand, waved a good night at
Terazuma and disappeared.

"You really love them..." Terazuma muttered, sipping at his wine.

"Very much. They are all my pride."

"Will your son follow in your footsteps one day?"

"No. He's not supposed to, if that's what you're asking, and even if
he wanted to, as a wind shikigami he wouldn't be able to. He could be Byakko's
heir one day. No, it's Tenkou who can become Goddess of the East. She's
a water shikigami. But only if she chooses to. She's not forced to follow
a path she doesn't want to go because of silly traditions."


For a brief moment Terazuma wished his own family had had that take
on traditions. It would have made his life easier.


The gentle tenor drew him out of his thoughts and he looked at his lover.
Sohryu stood, stretching out his hand in a silent invitation, and Terazuma
took it, following him willingly into the large bedroom -- and into the
large bed.


° ° °

Waking up in the middle of the night, feeling pleasantly sore in places
that hadn't felt sore in all his lifetime was a relatively new experience
for Terazuma. The moon was bathing the room in a bluish light, illumination
enough for him to see the face of the man lying at his side. He had never
seen Sohryu sleep, it occurred to him, and he couldn't help watch. The
fine chiseled features relaxed, the long blue hair looking almost like
a veil on the pillow, defined shoulder muscles -- a man in every sense
of the word.

And he had fallen for him. He, Terazuma Hajime, had fallen for a man,
was lying in his bed right now, had slept with him, and it had been good.
Oh yes, it had been good. Sohryu knew a lot of tricks from the book and
he had used each and every one on him, starting with a deep muscle relaxing
massage with warm scented oil that had Terazuma almost melt into the mattress,
followed by skilful hands and fingers turning the massage in a deeply erotic
sensation and finally the lips and tongue in places where he had never
even assumed a tongue would go.

Sohryu had introduced him to the ‘secrets' of male loving, but they
had gone all the way only once before. This time Terazuma had felt much
more at ease and relaxed, and he had encouraged his lover to take him,
to extinguish the burning need he felt. Sohryu had followed his -- more
or less - silent requests only too willingly, and after taking the edge
off -- twice - he had finally slipped into him, cradling his body against
his chest, and caressing his sweaty skin until Terazuma had screamed out
his release hoarsely. Sohryu had followed him over the edge with a choked
moan, buried deep inside him. The shikigami had held him afterwards, riding
out the afterglow together and Terazuma had fallen asleep to the soft stroking
of Sohryu's hands on his skin.

Right now Sohryu didn't look much like the god he was. Without all the
robes and kimono, without all the tresses and stuff he wore when representing,
without the scowl that used to appear when he was under stress, Sohryu
looked young, almost ageless.


Why did I fall for you, Sohryu? Why was it that you wormed yourself
under my defenses?

I'm not gay.

Terazuma stretched out a hand, slowly sliding fingertips over the soft
skin he had touched often in the past, had felt sliding against his own,
had even tasted.

I'm not gay ...

Blue-gray eyes regarded him sleepily, and he started.


"I'm not gay ..."

Strong arms wrapped around him, pulling him down onto the slender figure,
lips met his gently.

"I love you, too."

° ° °

It wasn't unheard of that shikigami manifested in Meifu. There had been
instances of Suzaku or Byakko appearing, though in a destructive manner
because Tsuzuki had been about to be completely taken over by a devil.
On this Friday afternoon, a tall man strode confidently through the halls
of the judicial building. Long blue hair, bound into a pony tail that started
high up on his head, fell down his back. The narrow face was handsome,
the blue-gray eyes definitely not human with their slit pupils. He was
wearing a simple white, long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Not
exactly the outfit of a shikigami, let alone a high level one, least of
all of a God and Protector.

Sohryu smiled to himself, noting the looks he got from the few shinigami
still on duty. He stood out, he knew. The pointed ears were a dead giveaway,
as were the eyes, and if not for that, the aura was quite outstanding.

It was no great surprise for him that when he entered the Shokan Division
he was already expected by his master. Tsuzuki must have felt his arrival,
one of the many little connections between shinigami and shikigami, just
like Sohryu could always tell when Tsuzuki was visiting GensouKai.


The greeting was a beaming smile and he was hugged Tsuzuki-style, the
young shinigami embracing him. Sohryu wrapped his arms around the slender
form, smiling at the stormy welcome.

"What are you doing here?" Tsuzuki asked, pushing away to stand an arm's
length away. He took in the outfit. "Oh, wow... Looks different."

Sohryu chuckled.

"But it looks great," Tsuzuki added, still smiling. "You looking for

Sohryu froze. He hadn't known how to approach the subject of why he
was here. He hadn't come for a social visit and he hadn't come to see his

Tsuzuki's smile warmed even more. "He's in the archives, looking for
something. You'll find him there."


"I know," was the gentle answer. "Go and see him, Sohryu."

The dragon stared at him, once again surprised by the young man. He
would never be able to understand him, his thoughts and actions, his whole
being. Tsuzuki was Tsuzuki, and understanding him took more than a life

"I will. Thank you."

He was hugged lightly. "I'm happy for you."

Something inside Sohryu fluttered. It sounded like a blessing and from
his shinigami it meant more than anyone could ever know.

He left for the archives after a promise to see Tsuzuki before he went
back to GensouKai, whenever that was.


The archives were located a good distance away from the main office
structure and Sohryu encountered hardly a soul. It was Friday and only
those working a case were here. It suited his purpose because the attention
he had gotten already was enough. Enma-Daiou was probably aware of his
presence here and if the Lord of Hades objected to it, Sohryu would know
soon enough. So far he had been left alone.

The archives were part of the library building and with it under the
control of the GuShoShin. Sohryu knew the library. Well, as much as one
could know the building one had been involved in destroying after the grand
reopening. He smiled slightly. Tsuzuki still wasn't allowed back unless
Hisoka was with him. The same went for the archives. Terazuma had apparently
been let in without a watchdog because the dragon couldn't see a trace
of Wakaba anywhere.

Following the large signs indicating the archives, he finally stepped
into the cool, semi-dark vault. Fine-tuned senses took in the room, looking
for his lover, and he smiled to himself as he discovered him not too far
away. Sohryu quietly approached the man.


Terazuma grumbled to himself as he searched through the old files, looking
for that one name that had so far been eluding him. The case had been simple
until the moment the names had no longer fit the facts. So they were looking
for a ghost, a shadow, a name that had been altered or gone lost, and the
soul now associated with it wasn't the one they had been sent out to look

The case had no high priority and he knew he should be on his way home,
get some beer, relax, sleep in, watch TV. Monday would come up sooner than

But there was no one at home and he didn't look forward to the loneliness.
He had changed; he had a lover. He missed his presence and while on a case
that was usually no problem. He could live with that. Cases took all his
concentration and he was on business. His private time, though... well,
that was another matter.

"There you are," he muttered and finally pulled the file out of the
electronic database.

He scanned over the entries, then sent it to his and Wakaba's office
addresses for further actions on Monday. With that done he shut down the
computer and rose, stretching stiff muscles. He hated computer work, just
as much as he hated libraries. He had told his partner once that books
gave him headaches and it was true.

Terazuma felt a brief tingle at the edge of his senses, but no alarms
went off. The shikigami usually rose when there was danger, but apparently
the lion felt completely at ease.

There was a presence and Terazuma was about to turn when a pair of strong
arms slipped around his waist. He felt the warmth of the other body, smelled
the familiar scent of his lover, and his whole posture relaxed into the
light hold. Sohryu kissed his neck, warmly, wetly, teeth scraping lightly
over the sensitive skin.

Terazuma gasped when those teeth tortured one ear and his knees almost
gave way under the sensation.


"Yes, love?"

"Stop that!"

Another nibble. "Why?"

"Because it would be embarrassing if I came in my pants!" Terazuma whispered

A chuckle made him shiver and Sohryu stepped in front of him, smiling
seductively. Before Terazuma could reply he was kissed. Deeply, lovingly,
with a lot of fervor... oh hell!

He wrapped his arms around the other man, holding him close, giving
as good as he got. When they finally separated his braincells were wildly
misfiring. Sohryu was still smiling, eyes warm.

"Hello," he murmured.


"Mhm, I like you speechless."

Terazuma forced the gray mass between his ears to work. "What are you
doing here?" he stammered.

"Visiting my lover."

"But... uh... okay." Red eyes blinked, dazed. Then he discovered the

Oh... Hell...

Sohryu looked... edible. Terazuma found one hand gliding over the white
shirt, coming to rest on the waistband of the jeans.

"Nice," he murmured.

Sohryu smiled again, looking sex and simply irresistible. "You free
tonight?" he asked.

"You asking me out for a date?"

"That depends..."

"On what?"

Sohryu grinned more. "You interested?"

Terazuma leaned in very close. "Very much," he breathed.

"Good. Your place or mine?"

Terazuma nipped at the delectable lips. "My place is in the world of
the living."

"Meifu is fine, too."

The kiss was proceeding, the nips and licks growing deeper, more insistent,
and Terazuma found himself pushed back against the computer table. He clung
to the taller form, the temperature in the room rising.

"Sohryu!" he gasped. "Not here..."

"Like I said, your place or mine?"

He looked into those loving eyes and smiled. "Well, you're here already...
and there are some nice places..."

Sohryu stepped back and Terazuma straightened, trying to pull himself
together. "Lead the way," he murmured.

And Terazuma did, quite conscious of the handsome man at his side as
they left the judicial building. The weekend was looking better and better.
Actually, it was going towards perfect.




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