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One of the authors speaking (very briefly, I assure you). Looking
at the comments (private or on the net) received so far (thank you all!),
I wanted to say:

1.) Catharsis is part of an ongoing series, so Sohryu is only out
of character if you read this story while ignoring the others. The character
is developing and no longer hates humans. We explained his reasons, too.
Catharsis will pick up on that as well. The whole series can be found at

2.) Sohryu is an old shikigami (and still looks damn good), so he
actually hasn't had that many relationships. In our series he had a fling
with Touda when they were young, then he married (but Aya died), then came
a long dry spell. The Sohryu/Rikugo pairing wasn't born out of love or
anything, but we'll explain more about them in this fic, and now he has
Terazuma. Considering we think he's about 600 years old... he was really
rather selective ;) I doubt you can say he's been falling from one affair
into the next ;)

That's it! ;)




Sohryu led him deeper into the forest. Terazuma had been here before,
had explored all there was around his vacation home, and he had found it
to be as peaceful as it was free of people. Shikigami were numerous, Sohryu
had told him once, but here, in the very heart of GensouKai, lived only
the very powerful ones. Lower level shikigami disliked the close proximity
of so much power and lived further away, sometimes so far that going there
would take a day or more.

They arrived at a long stretch of grassland that went up a small hill,
then curved gently downward to a wide expanse of untamed land. At least
it looked untamed, but knowing the landscape artists around here, it had
to be man made. There was rough grass, rocks, wild flowers, the occasional
bush or tree, and there was a small building. It looked rustic, made of
wood and elaborately decorated.

Thunder crackled in the distance, not too loud yet, but loud enough
to announce the storm coming in. The wind had picked up and the grass was
moving with every breath it took.

"Come on," Sohryu said and smiled more.

The building was large enough to be called a cabin, but very traditionally
styled. It was unlocked and Sohryu walked inside as if he owned the place.
Terazuma looked around, slightly surprised. There wasn't much, except a
futon on the ground, a small stove, a shelf with assorted items, and even
some toys. He shot his lover a quizzical look.

"Don't ask. It's a storage room, sometimes used by children to play
in, and when I want to be alone and the weather is as it is now, I come
here just to hear the rain beat against the roof."

As if on cue, the first droplets spattered against the window panes
and Terazuma had to chuckle. He walked over to the door and closed it while
Sohryu opened the fire place that adorned one wall.

"A small cabin, a fire place... If I didn't know it any better, I'd
say you planned the weather just to get me here, Sohryu," he teased.

It got him a smirk. "How do you know I didn't?"

"I think you can do a lot, but influence the weather? No."

Sohryu got the fire going and turned toward him, smiling more. "Shikigami
have strange powers."

"So do shinigami, but we don't do weather magic."

They embraced, Sohryu drawing him close and kissing again.

"Ah, well, maybe you just missed that particular lesson," he whispered
against his lips.

"Hm, maybe I did."

The rain started to gain in strength and Terazuma felt the Black One
move restlessly. He closed his eyes, fighting down the urge to do the same.
A hand on his face made him look at his lover.

Thunder rumbled and Terazuma flinched as Kagankokushunkei's presence

"He's nervous of the thunder storm," Sohryu whispered. "Relax. Let me
help you show him it's actually nothing to be afraid of..."

And then those lips were back again. Terazuma tried to lose himself
in the contact, held his lover tightly, and for a moment he forgot all
about the lion, the rain, the moods, as Sohryu played his fingers along
those hot spots that made his knees go weak.

His shirt went.

As did his shoes and pants.

And suddenly he lay on the futon, naked, his lover kneeling over him,
chest bare, pants open, looking delectable.

Terazuma let his flat hands run over that defined chest, exploring the
firm planes, teasing a nipple as he continued. Sohryu leaned forward, his
hair cascading over them like a living, silky curtain, and he caught the
teasing hands, pushing them over his head. Terazuma playfully fought the
hold, nipping at the lips that were crushing his. Sohryu continued his
slow path of kisses down his neck and Terazuma closed his eyes with a breathy
whisper as he found another sensitive spot. His hands were still in a light
grip above his head, but Sohryu let go of him as he began a trail down
south. Terazuma left them there anyway, now completely losing himself in
that sensation, feeling and sensing only him, only Sohryu, while around
them the rain was still increasing.

Thunder rumbled closer and the Black One whimpered, pushing forward,
but the rush of emotions from the shinigami he possessed rose against the
lion, over him, around him. Terazuma was hardly aware of his shikigami's
actions as Sohryu did wonderful things with his mouth and fingertips, finally
closing his lips over his hardness.

He cried out in appreciation, pushing into that hot mouth, wanting more,
and Sohryu was only too glad to give it to him.

When a finger brushed over his opening, Terazuma's breathing hitched.
Sohryu gave him no time for second thoughts as his mouth increased his
actions and the shinigami cried out. His cry transformed into a gasp as
slick fingers entered him,

Too much. So very much. His brain misfired and he moved into the contact,
wanting more, needing more, needing the rush those actions had created
the last time.

"Sohryu!" he whimpered, clearly begging now.

The tip of his arousal was licked teasingly and he shot his lover a
murderous look that only came across as a glazed flicker of 'don't you
dare stop now'.

The rain pounded the roof and the storm was now right above them, shaking
the roof tiles, the cabin, raging over the land, but Terazuma couldn't
care less.

"Sohryu... want you..." he moaned.

Blue-gray eyes regarded him, filled with need and lust, and suddenly
the tall shikigami leaned over him, their bodies touching in the most wonderful

"Hajime," he whispered roughly. "Do you trust me?"

He nodded, arms coming up to stroke and caress his lover, feeling the
hot skin, the tension in the lean frame. "Yes."

"I want to take you, Hajime. I want you to be mine. I want you."

He knew what that meant and he wanted and dreaded it just the same.

"Please," he just answered.

Sohryu leaned down and kissed him, a long and slow kiss, relaying his
emotions, his need, his desire.

"I don't want to hurt you," the shikigami murmured. "But there will
be unease, maybe even a brief pain at first, but it will pass. I promise
it will be good for you, Hajime. Very, very good."

"I trust you," Terazuma answered, meaning it.

Sohryu smiled and went back to his teasing ministrations and Terazuma
almost whimpered when that finger slowly slid into his body once more.
He lay on the futon, legs wide open, wanting, needing, demanding more.
And then his lover brushed over the hidden spot that turned his spine into
molten lava, his wild bucking and a harsh cry a dead giveaway of his feelings.


Sohryu continued his torture until Terazuma was so close, he almost
came, but the shikigami seemed to sense it, pulling away.

"Hajime, turn," he whispered.


"On your side. It's easier that way," was the soft explanation and Sohryu
guided him.

Terazuma felt strong arms wrap around his waist and a hot breath on
his neck when Sohryu finally slid into him, carefully and gently as not
to hurt him in any way.

The initial entry hurt. There was no denying it. It was a slow burn,
an intrusion, but the preparation had loosened him to the actual penetration.

He groaned.

Sohryu kissed his neck, his shoulder, his ears, especially the ears,
and Terazuma didn't know whether to cry or to moan or to scream. Sensations
were bombarding him; mild pain, absolute pleasure, tickles of things to
come, and more. A lot more that went beyond his way to describe. He just

Finally Sohryu settled against him, deeply sheathed, and he rested his
head against one shoulder, his breath coming in short, controlled bursts.

"Okay?" he whispered, sounding strained.

The rain was drowning out all other noise, only their harsh breaths
and whispers to each other were audible.

"Yes," Terazuma groaned. "Just... move... do something... dunno..."

Finally he did.

Slowly but steadily.

Terazuma's world twisted as Sohryu hit that exact same spot again and
again, tightening his hold on his lover, making him sob in need for more.
He spread his legs as far as he could, needing more depth, more... anything...
Sohryu answered his wordlessly moaned request, reaching down to wrap his
fingers around the straining hardness, while his other hand caressed his
lover's chest.

Sohryu picked up the pace and Terazuma closed his eyes, and then there
was nothing but the sensation of touch, heat, need, all flowing together.
His tactile sense was overboard, sucking in all touches and kisses and
caresses, sending his brain into a world of bliss that finally released
itself in an explosion of utter ecstasy as Terazuma screamed his lover's
name. His world seemed to white out for a moment, then shrank down to one
single point of existence where it was just him and Sohryu, joined together,
and he sobbed hoarsely.

Terazuma heard his hammering heartbeat, the blood rushing through his
ears, and he felt Sohryu's body blanketing his, harsh breathing caressing
his slick skin. The taller man was still deeply seated in him and he enjoyed
the sensation. When his lover pulled out, the shinigami moaned softly.


"I'm fine," he answered the unspoken question, aware of the mild burn
where they had been joined. "More than fine." Terazuma gave him a lazy,
satisfied grin, then pulled him down into a kiss.

Sohryu tenderly kissed him back, soothingly stroking over his sweaty
skin. Terazuma felt pleasantly exhausted and despite the feeling that he
would be damned sore tomorrow, already felt sore, he couldn't think of
anything better than this moment.

"So that's the secret, huh?" he whispered.

Sohryu chuckled. "Yes."

He hummed, almost purring, feeling nothing of his shikigami but shared
bliss. The rain and storm had been forgotten as the Black One had been
taken with his host on a ride of his life.

They rolled into a loose embrace and Terazuma soon felt himself doze
off, safe and secure in his lover's arms. It was still raining, it was
still rather windy, as gusts hit the cabin, but he couldn't care less.
He felt good. Very, very good.

° ° °

Terazuma felt like whistling. He walked through the growing dusk toward
the palace that was Byakko's humble residence in this gigantic city without
a name. Today had been good. It had been more than good; it had been fantastic.

The lion seemed to agree with him, radiating pleasure and sleepy laziness.
For the first time in all his life Terazuma thought he might just come
to accept the shikigami.

"Hey, Terazuma!"

The cheerful voice that had grated on his nerves not too long ago floated
over to him and he found himself almost smiling at Byakko. He caught himself
at the last moment.


"Had a nice day?" the tiger asked politely.

Oh, if you only knew how well.... Terazuma shut down on that thought,
his body tingling pleasantly. The lion almost purred.

"Yeah, kinda."

"Good. Looks like being here isn't so bad, hm?" Byakko grinned.


He walked past the shikigami, unwilling to talk more. He might just
spill something. He had no idea how Byakko would react to him sleeping
with one of his own kind.



Terazuma didn't see the sudden frown on the smooth, youngish face, the
red eyes narrowing in thought, and the nose flaring a little. Byakko's
tail twitched, twirled and then curled in what could be called a confused
question mark. Finally the wind God walked into his palace, deep in thought.

° ° °

Night had fallen over GensouKai and Byakko had finally made it to bed,
snuggling up against his naked lover, who had been busy all day. Touda
wrapped an arm around him, noting the detached air of the white tiger,
how he appeared to be thinking of something. It wasn't unusual for Byakko
to ponder daily problems even in bed, but this looked different.

"Touda?" Byakko asked after a while, snuggling closer.


The tail twitched, swishing across the bed, and Touda frowned a little.
Now that was a clear sign of agitation. If all else fails, look at the
tail, he always told himself.

Byakko was silent, not looking at him, a mild frown on his face. The
tail twitched more, beating across his skin. He liked the feel of the soft
fur, but at the moment Touda thought few erotic thoughts. Something was
bothering his lover.

"What's wrong?" he finally asked.


That had been too quick. He grabbed the tail and held on.

"Wanna try again?"

"It's really nothing, uh..."

The tail twitched, even in his grasp, and Touda tugged lightly.

"Liar. Now tell. You're bursting with something and it's not helping
that you bottle it up."

A sigh. Then, "Eh, how well do you know Sohryu?"

Touda frowned a little, caught off guard. He hadn't expected that. "We
grew up together."

"That's not how I meant it. I meant, how... well... do you... know...
uhm... him...?"

Eyebrows raised. "You mean... personally?"

"Kinda. Very personally..." Byakko cleared his throat. "I mean, I've
known Sohryu for all my life and well, he never had many partners, you
know. Aside from Aya, who I never got to meet. And later... not that I
noticed, aside from a... err... well... At least nothing permanent."

Touda's frown deepened. What was going on here? Byakko couldn't possibly
know about Rikugo, now could he?

"Byakko, stop babbling. What's wrong?" he demanded, still holding the
nervously twitching tail.

"Uh, I met Terazuma today."

"Stop changing the subject!"

"I'm not," the tiger protested. "When I walked past him I smelled something
on Terazuma... something that's suspiciously like... uh... Sohryu?"

Blink. "Sohryu?"

"Yes. And it smelled... quite intense."


Was there an echo in here?

"Like, very close..."

"How close?"

"Close close. Close like... us... after a particularly hot night...
or day..."

"How sure are you?" Touda asked, shock settling in.

No way! No way was Sohryu...


"Are you certain?"

Byakko sat up and scowled at the other man. "This is a cat's nose,"
he told him firmly, pointing at his nose. "I'm 110% certain. There's no
way they just bumped into each other after they jerked off on their own
in solitary confinement!"

Touda winced. He hadn't needed that picture. Sometimes his lover could
be very... descriptive.

"So you think Sohryu slept with Terazuma?"

"I don't think, I know! I smelled it, for crying out loud! It was as
clear as if he had written it down somewhere! Or showed me the dirty pictures!"

Touda sat up, scrubbing a hand over his face. "Damn," he whispered.
"What's he thinking?"

"About as much as I did, probably, when I slept with you," was the light

Touda scowled. Sohryu... first Rikugo, now a shinigami! And he hadn't
even thought of him switching partners! Shit, what was that dragon thinking?
Rikugo was a measure of safety because he was a shikigami in this realm,
but someone from the outside? A place Sohryu had had qualms with not too
long ago?

Great! Wonderful! Just perfect!

He knew just who to talk to first thing come morning...

"Touda?" Byakko asked carefully. "You okay?"


"Well, I don't think it's bad. Might be a bit difficult if they keep
it up after Terazuma has left," the wind shikigami went on, voice thoughtful.

Touda snorted. What an understatement! Sure, shikigami could manifest
in Meifu, even in their human form, and even if not summoned, but Touda
had a hard time seeing Sohryu do just that. A very hard time.

He had to talk to the dragon.

As soon as possible...



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