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Almost forty-eight hours after the incident, Terazuma walked down
the long, open but roofed passage way that led from the palace along the
inner garden and yard to a small but beautifully crafted landscape forest.
There were hardly any flowers here, just old trees that gave shade and
cool spots throughout the hot summer days. It wasn't mid-summer yet and
the days were still cool enough to feel comfortable. Sohryu had once mentioned
that sometimes summer could be sweltering hot. Shikigami didn't influence
the weather or the seasons; they just enjoyed nature as it was.

Terazuma's eyes swept over the small park and came to rest on a lone
figure sitting on the curving bridge that spanned over the river that divided
the land. Dressed in his habitual black, just GensouKai style now, Tsuzuki
gazed into the running water, eyes half-closed, a faraway expression in
his so strangely colored eyes. His hair was as unruly as always, but he
appeared thinner. It had only been two days since they had come here, racing
through the gate, Terazuma dragging the trembling man along, fear gnawing
at his insides. In those two days Tsuzuki had transformed from the cheerful,
smiling colleague he knew and loved to hate to a powerful, determined warrior
who had tamed a dragon, to a wounded soul.

Touda was fine, was up and walking and apparently already complaining
a lot. He would be completely healed in a day or two. Sohryu, well, he
had a lot to work through, but Terazuma planned to help. Last night had
been a start. A passionate, warm and loving start. He could still smell
his lover's scent, could feel his kisses and touches, and it made him crave
for more.

Stepping out of the passageway and walking over to the bridge, Terazuma
chewed on his unlit cigarette, eyes still on the slender man he had despised
for so long. In the last weeks he had gotten to know him a little and discovered
that there was a lot underneath what Sohryu had called a façade.
He saw that now.

And I'm a detective? he mused darkly. No wonder I needed my name to
account to anything in that job. Everyone probably knew more about Tsuzuki
Asato than him.

He had started to work on that deficiency.

Walking onto the bridge he finally stopped beside the seated shinigami,
then gracelessly plopped down beside him.

"Hey," he said gruffly.

Amethyst eyes looked at him, the weight of the world in them, but the
smile on Tsuzuki's face was welcoming and warm. Child-like, in a way, Terazuma
thought with a pang. He had never really looked into those eyes. He had
been deceived by the front this man presented to everyone.

"Hello, Terazuma."

"How's Touda?"

"Fine," was the soft answer. "Shikigami heal quickly."

Like shinigami. But some wounds took longer. The deep cuts and multiple
fractures wouldn't just simply fuse shut again.

"You got a really good hit from that, huh?"

A shrug. "Touda wasn't prepared for it and his shields shattered."

Neither were you. You weren't prepared to be bonded to that fire serpent,
nor for the pain that came later on.

Another shrug. "It's okay. We're okay." Terazuma was given a bright
smile, but Tsuzuki's eyes reflected his pain.

"It's not your fault, Tsuzuki," he heard himself say. "You couldn't
have known how Sohryu felt. Your only link to this world is Touda and he
didn't know either." Terazuma tore the cigarette from his lips. "It's my
fault. I was stupid."

"You weren't stupid," was the simple reply.

Terazuma snorted. Yeah, right. He was the very definition of stupid!

"Did you talk?" Tsuzuki asked.

He sighed. "Yeah, kinda."

"But you found no solution?"

"Not yet."

Both men fell silent and Terazuma played with the cigarette.

"Tatsumi knows now," the former cop muttered.

Tsuzuki was silent, waiting, almost holding his breath.

"We talked. He told me that as long as it doesn't influence my performance
as a shinigami, he's okay with it."

"He can't just...!" Tsuzuki started to protest.

Terazuma stopped him, smiling. "He's okay with it, Tsuzuki. He's just
being careful. I know the problem is the distance between us. I can't just
go home and have Sohryu be there. We can't have a date for a movie or dinner,
we can't sit together in the evening. Our relationship is complicated.
Sohryu lives in a different realm and to get there, I need to use the Gates.
Wakaba can't always be there to open them for me."

"I can," Tsuzuki said quietly.

"I appreciate the offer." And Terazuma truly did. He had never thought
of asking him. "But this will get to all of us sooner or later. We have
to find another solution. Sohryu is the leader of GensouKai. It's not a
job where he can just drop everything on a whim and leave to see his lover."

Terazuma took out the cold cigarette. He felt somewhat down, but he
had known about the problems; he had consciously decided to enter this
relationship... because he loved the man.

"We'll find a way," Tsuzuki said quietly.

He hoped so. He truly hoped so.

° ° °

Sohryu had noticed the quiet and thoughtful way his lover was these
days. He noticed the indecision and he waited. There was nothing else to
do anyway. Terazuma loved him, he knew that. The shinigami had stayed in
GensouKai ever since the incident, but something seemed to be haunting
the young man, and it wasn't that Sohryu had nearly lost it over the prospect
of a permanent separation.

It was more.

And three days after things had settled, he finally got an answer. They
were at their lake again, sitting in the warm sun underneath a tree.

Terazuma shifted a little uncomfortably, all but chewing on his unlit
cigarette. Sohryu had seen him do that a lot lately. The ever-present pack
was almost empty, and he had never lit a single cigarette, but he kept
on chewing on it till it was a soggy mess and then discarded it with a
disgusted growl.

"Sohryu... I guess there's something I've to explain to you. Why I ran,
I mean."

"You already did."

"Yeah, but... there's more about it, and I just realized it." There
was a little sigh. "It's not just because... you know, the distance. I
think we can work on that. I ran because... not only because of the difficulties
concerning our different... uh, cultures. But because I love you."

Sohryu cocked one eyebrow quizzically. He knew that. He knew Hajime
loved him and it was the best thing that had ever happened to him since

"You see, the thing is, I..." Terazuma inhaled deeply before he continued,
"there was someone once... his name was Yoshi..."

Sohryu listened as his lover revealed a part of his life to him that
had been everything but pleasant, and his heart ached for the man at his
side, especially when Terazuma spoke about his father's reaction to an
innocent kiss.

The dragon had to admit he still had problems grasping the human concept
of ‘gay' or ‘het', but he had understood that some humans took a vast interest
in this notion. Shikigami simply didn't care if the person they loved were
of a special gender, and it would never occur to parents to beat their
children within in inch of their lives simply because they didn't approve
of the chosen partner's gender.

"I never had the chance to tell him... and afterwards... I'm not gay.
I mustn't be. My father made sure of that. But yet I love a man, and it
was... frightening?"

Red eyes gazed at him, and there were no guards this time.

"Do you fear what you feel, Hajime?" Sohryu asked quietly.

"No, I... it was a little overwhelming. I don't know how to... what
to expect, you see?"

Sohryu smiled warmly, cupping his lovers face gently. "How about we
learn together?"

He leaned in for a soft kiss.

"Did I ever tell you about my late wife and son?" he asked.


"I was married once, yes. Her name was Aya, and she knew how to drive
me crazy like no one else before..."

° ° °

It was one of those nice, lazy evenings that Tatsumi liked so much.
Take-out food from a very good restaurant, a mystery movie on TV, and his
lover snuggled close. Yes, he liked those evenings.



"I've been thinking."

Oh-oh, Tatsumi thought. He had known Watari Yutaka long enough that
these words could mean imminent doom. Especially for the non-scientific
in the room, which was, well, him.

"About...?" he prompted, aware he was signing his death certificate,
so to speak.

"Terazuma and Sohryu, their problem with crossing dimensions to see
each other."

Bingo. Gray matter meltdown.

"And?" Tatsumi felt brave today.

"There might be a solution. It involves a good load of research and
I might not be able to make it work right away, but... there is a distinct
chance to actually open a private portal for Terazuma and let him into
GensouKai without threatening the dimensional stability of either realm,
or endanger the inhabitants by allowing unwanted persons to follow Terazuma
on the trip."

Tatsumi looked at his lover, noted the excitement in the golden eyes.
"A private portal? Like a private gate? There are only four and they are
heavily guarded..."

"Yes, exactly." Watari sat up. "You see, if we can make one that's only
keyed to Terazuma, to his person, and no one else can use it, either to
get in or out..."

"You think you can do that?"

A vigorous nod. "You remember those wormholes Tsuzuki told us about?
The Shisa fell through one and couldn't go back. They were random and occurred
more often in the realm of GensouKai without connecting to either Meifu
or the world of the living. One of them hitting the world of the living
was remote. I think every 200 to 300 years. But," he held up one finger,
"if there's one thing we learned from the wormholes, it's that they can
pierce through dimensional walls and connect the worlds in a one way trip."

"You want to create a miniature wormhole?" Tatsumi asked, aghast.

"No! Of course not! That's too dangerous! But we could employ wormhole
research to do something different. Terazuma carries a shikigami, right?"


"Shikigami can cross from GensouKai into Meifu."

"Yes, but..."

"I know, Seii, I know. The Black One's a parasitic type and bound to
Terazuma, which is the beauty of it!"

Tatsumi blinked. "Now you lost me. The lion can't go into GensouKai
*because* he's bound to a host."


"And... that's good?"


Tatsumi shook his head. "You lost me."

Watari grinned brightly. "It's so simple! Kokushunkei is from GensouKai,
so returning to GensouKai once he's freed is deeply routed inside him.
He knows GensouKai; it's his home. Now, if we use that in-built homing
device, his instinct, and enable Terazuma to cross with him -- but give
control over the process to Terazuma, bingo! We have the solution!"

Watari was almost bouncing in place. He truly glowed with excitement.

"You want to... what?"

"Seii, it's easy! All I need to do is find out Kokushunkei's frequency,
if you want, and then I need someone from GensouKai to incorporate it in
a program that combines wormhole technology with gate frequencies, and
we need a device that stores that data. I've already got an idea..."

Tatsumi placed a finger on the runaway mouth. "Taka?"


"How many lab explosions do I have to expect?"

That got him a glare. "I don't blow up my lab as a rule!"

"Good. You think you can really do that?"

"Yeah. I just need someone working with me in GensouKai. I could ask


Golden eyes glowed. "Really?"


Watari hugged him, planting a stormy kiss on his lips. "Thanks."

Tatsumi just smiled and leaned down for another kiss, this one slower,
more sensual.

Watari slid deeper into the couch and sighed, his arms wrapped around
Tatsumi's broad shoulder, legs spreading to accommodate the other man.
Tatsumi didn't any more prompting.

Things heated up from there on.



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