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It became a daily ritual. Terazuma woke, got dressed, had a brief
breakfast that one of the numerous servants had prepared for him, then
left the palace. He saw little of Byakko. He was the wind shikigami's guest,
Byakko would take care of his needs, but he wasn't Terazuma's entertainer.
The shinigami was glad that he was left alone. He hated crowds.

Preparing to leave for another day at the lake, a place he had come
to treasure, Terazuma suddenly ran into someone he hadn't met before. The
lion inside him winced away as he looked at the tall, broad-shouldered
shikigami, dressed all in black, wearing a flowing coat with two tails.
Black hair, falling down to touch his shoulder, golden eyes with slit pupils,
and an aura you didn't need heightened senses to pick up.

Both men looked at each other, then the stranger smiled briefly.

"You must be our guest."

Terazuma found defiance and annoyance battle for the upper hand. "So

Another smile, completely without any trace of humor. "Welcome to GensouKai."

And with that the stranger brushed past him, making his lion quiver,
and Terazuma wondered who he was. He pushed the thought out of his mind
and left the palace.

It was a brief walk to the lake, but today he felt like stretching his
legs, so he took the long way. It was quite early and he knew he couldn't
expect Sohryu to be there already.

He fell into a light jog, enjoying the summer wind that caressed his
skin, his senses opening tentatively as they had done in the last few days.
He smelled the grass and the water and the trees and the air, he saw the
beauty of the landscape around him, he let the air touch him, caress him,
let the sounds and smell and touch ease his mind.

Just a few weeks in GensouKai and he had started to unwind knots that
been tied thirty years ago, and which had never been broken. A week with
a man who not only taught him about how sensual the shikigami inside him
was, but also how to enjoy this life as a possessed shinigami. There was
nothing he could change, Sohryu had told him throughout one of their meetings.
He had to accept it, had to work with it, had to live, not just exist.

Terazuma was starting to understand.

Leaving the paved way behind him he jogged into the small forest that
would eventually end up at the lake.

Sohryu demanded little, except for his attention and his acceptance
of the fact that he knew what he was talking about. After the initial rebellion
inside the maverick shinigami, Terazuma had finally submitted to the other
man, aware that Sohryu did indeed know a lot about parasite types, as well
as cat shikigami.

As he neared the lake there was an odd sensation, and from one second
to the next he was suddenly confronted with the image of Sohryu in his
mind. Terazuma stumbled, gasping, and caught himself against a tree.

"What?" he whispered, shocked.

The image returned and emotions flood him. Quizzical at first, Then
something like a rush of energy, like his climax, but without him physically
reacting to it. Then the image was there again. Sohryu. Dressed in his
light shirt with the widely cut neck, the dark pants that served only to
show off those incredibly long legs, and his dark overcoat with its upraised

Terazuma sank onto the soft earth, shaking. What was going on here?

More images followed, all not his own thoughts, all containing him and
Sohryu, the lake and the emotion of gentleness, peace and satisfaction.
The undertone wasn't even sexual, just pleasure. Pleasure and warmth and
feeling so good.


He blinked, staring up the tall figure that hadn't been there before.
He hadn't even heard him arrive!

"Sohryu?" he stuttered.

Blue eyebrows descended into a frown. "What happened?"

"I... nothing," he murmured and pushed himself up, swaying a little.

There was a flash of those strange emotions and the image of Sohryu
appeared again, followed by happiness.



"Leave me alone!"

He batted the hand that had reached out to help him away, and blindly
walked down the path that led away from the lake.




No! he raged silently. Shut up!

Something curled up inside him, like a beaten puppy, he thought dimly.


Softer now. Unable to comprehend. Wanting to understand.


Terazuma stopped, almost panting now, eyes wild, shaking his head.

"Who are you?" he yelled.

He didn't get an answer. Instead there was a hand touching him, catching
his flailing fist that came crashing toward the 'attacker' and he gave
a moan of denial.

"Calm down, Hajime. Everything's okay," Sohryu murmured into his ear
as he caught him and held him close.

Terazuma felt helplessness rise inside him and he fought against it.
He wasn't helpless! He had never been! He didn't rely on anyone, least
of all his shikigami! He was independent! He needed nothing and no one...
no one...

Loneliness. -- Question. -- Sohryu?

He groaned and his knees gave way under the constant batter of images
and emotions. A cool hand touched his forehead and he briefly fought the
touch, then surrendered. Closing his eyes, Terazuma sank into the embrace,
tears sliding down his face.

He hadn't cried in ages. Not since... he had been a child.

"It's okay," Sohryu rumbled. "I expected this to happen, but not so
soon. He was more desperate than I thought."

Terazuma breathed shakily, blinking his eyes open, aware that he was
enveloped in a warm cocoon of silky clothes, feeling the shikigami's body

"W...what?" he stuttered.


Terazuma didn't understand. He fought the embrace and Sohryu opened
his arms, letting him sit up. "What about him?" he demanded.

"I felt his presence increase. The pain he's in is receding and he came


"What? What pain? What do you mean he came forward?"

Sohryu sighed and settled back against the tree behind him. "You still
don't understand much about shikigami."

Terazuma frowned. "Enough," he muttered.

"You think we're here to be bonded to a shinigami, to enhance his powers,
to serve him." Sohryu smiled a little. "We don't exist to be enslaved,
Hajime. We exist independently, freely. If we're challenged, we test the
challenger. If he or she is worthy, we decide to serve, to protect, to
follow our master. True, the shinigami has our power at his disposal, but
we gain from him in turn. A shikigami's strength grows with the strength
of his master, Hajime."

"What's that got to do with me? I can't even control the damn thing!"
he muttered.

"You always pushed him away. You didn't want him and he knows that.
He wasn't asked if he found you worthy and you weren't asked if you wanted
his partnership. In the last few days you've come to accept something about
yourself, Hajime. You're more at peace with your inner self, so Kagankokushunkei
has decided to risk coming forward, come out of the hiding place in your
mind and soul he has chosen ever since you were united." Sohryu reached
forward and drew a finger down Terazuma's cheek. "You're his master and
he knows that. He respects you, but he is what he is. He is a parasite
who will do everything in his power to keep you safe, to protect you, even
if you didn't call him. But he's also a very sensuous being, something
you know because you have his senses. He wants your approval, my friend."

"He was the one who sent me that stuff?" Terazuma exclaimed, aghast.

"Yes. Kagankokushunkei has decided you to be safe enough to communicate
with." Sohryu smiled softly. "For a shikigami that was hated for so long
by you, he's showing an incredible resilience and trust. He wants to be
your protector, Hajime, he wants to be loved by you. All shikigami serving
a master want his love."

There was a wistful note to his voice.

Terazuma was about to ask something, then thought better and pushed
the question away. Instead he closed his eyes and shook his head. Kagankokushunkei
was talking to him. Damn, it was freaky.

"I thought you guys would attack and potentially kill your master if
you detected a weakness, not want his acceptance and love."

Sohryu gave him one of those gentle smiles again. "A master's weakness
is reason to try and break free, yes. We grow strong through the psychic
power of the shinigami we serve, so we also lose strength if the shinigami
weakens. There is a moment in that partnership when we cannot stay with
the master and we will fight for our freedom."

Terazuma frowned. What did that say about Tsuzuki? part of him wondered.
He commanded twelve shikigami, Divine Commanders, so what did that make
him strength-wise? He ignored that thought as well.

"Now what?" he murmured instead.

The question earned him a chuckle. "This isn't unexpected, Hajime, just
sooner than I thought. Your shikigami is desperate for your love and approval,
and maybe it's about time you got to know him, hm?"

"How?" he demanded, anger touching his voice. "Unlike your type, he
can't just come out and we can shake hands!"

"No, of course not, but you can still get to know him." Sohryu rose
and held out one hand. "Come. I'll show you."

Against his better judgment, Terazuma trusted the blue-haired shikigami.
He took Sohryu's hand and let himself be guided.

° ° °

"Why are you doing this?"

Amused eyes twinkled at him over the fresh, green grass that was all
around them. Sohryu lay on his back, gazing at him upside down, his head
bent all the way back, and he smiled.

"You keep asking, I keep telling you the same answer."

Terazuma lay down next to him, stretching out in the opposite direction
so that only their heads lay next to each other.

"Yeah, yeah, you're saying it's because you can't see a fellow shikigami
in pain."

"That's the truth. He's hurting and I felt it like a raw, open wound."

Terazuma rolled onto his stomach and rested his head on his crossed
arms. Blades of grass tickled his skin and his sensitive nose picked up
the smell of the warm earth, the fresh green... His senses were so finely
attuned all of a sudden as if he had always been in balance with them.

"And what do you get out of it?"

A chuckle. "Same question, same question."

He glanced over his left elbow at the shikigami who looked so completely
relaxed, so inviting, so... sexy.

Shit! I'm not into men! Terazuma stopped that train of thought, but
his body begged to differ. Sohryu had shown him things he had never believed
possible. He had shown him pleasure, had sated his hunger, had nursed a
starving shikigami back to health and he had taught the shinigami who was
possessed by it how to enjoy being touched again.

Ten days.

His life had been completely turned around in ten measly days. Sure,
GensouKai had a different calculation of time than Meifu, but that didn't
account for him suddenly enjoying male sex.

I'm not gay, he moaned to himself. I'm not...

And the more he fought it, the more he wanted this man.

He sighed.

Sohryu was silent, eyes closed, enjoying the sun as it was, his white
shirt open and revealing a smooth, hairless chest he had touched before.
Terazuma bit his lower lip, fighting the impulse to crawl over and kiss
that inviting patch of skin, lick those nipples into hardness, listen to
Sohryu's breathy moans. They had yet to get past second base, past touching
and fondling, and Sohryu doing most of the work. He was hesitant of actively
seeking what he wanted. So far the shikigami had somehow sensed his hunger
and had fed him every time.

I'm not needy! Terazuma snarled softly. I'm not the submissive
who just takes and lets him play!

Pride rose and he felt the Black One stir. Emotions trickled through,
emotions of... wanting, of approving, of coaxing him gently.

Great, now the cat was telling him what to do!

The lion worked on instinct, Sohryu had told him. Most parasitic types
were unable to communicate in human words. They relied on emotions and
images, and their instinct guided them as to what was right or wrong.

Well, sometimes those instincts sucked, Terazuma thought glumly.

Another little push and he glared at the Black One.

Why don't you mind your own business, cat?!

But there was no denying the attraction and he suddenly found himself
sitting next to his lover, looking down on the handsome man, taking in
the lazy smile, the half-lidded eyes, those lips... and he kissed him.

Slow, gentle, tender... hands roaming over the exposed skin, along the
line of the ribs, then up again... fingers brushing against the nipples
he had thought about...

He stopped, pulling back, breathing hard.

"Hajime?" Sohryu questioned softly.

"I don't want to... use you," he stammered.

"You aren't. If I didn't want this, you'd know by now."

Terazuma felt something curl inside him and he didn't know whether it
was fear or warmth. He had never initiated something like this, had only
been given pleasure, and he knew he wanted more. So much more...

"Sohryu... I... never did something like this before..."

"Just do what feels good, Hajime. You don't have to do anything you
don't want to."

Hesitantly Terazuma touched the soft skin again. Running his fingers
over Sohryu's body he felt the shikigami shiver when he touched hot spots,
heard the breaths turning into gasps. Testing, he ran a thumb over a peaked
nipple once again, feeling his own body respond to the soft moan that elicited.

Sohryu liked this? Stroking over the hot skin Terazuma was fascinated
by the way his lover acted in response, breathing harder, arching slightly,
spreading his long legs...

Terazuma took all the courage he could muster and brushed his fingers
over the hard length so prominently bulging against the constricting confines
of the dark pants.

Sohryu gasped, arching into his touch more violently than before, and
Terazuma became bolder. Slightly fumbling finger undid the simple clasps
of the pants and he let his hand slide inside, hearing a breathy moan as
an encouraging response. The other man's arousal didn't feel much different
from his own, he mused absentmindedly, closing his fingers around it carefully.

Sohryu moaned again when he tested the feeling, stroking over its length
or ran his fingertip over the silky tip.

Terazuma grew braver. ‘Just do what feels good' Sohryu had said. He
knew what his lover had done with him, to him, and it had felt incredible.
He began to explore the texture of his lover's arousal, stroked and caressed,
ran teasing finger nails lightly over the hot skin.

Sohryu cried out, his hips twitching into his touch and Terazuma felt
something shiver through him. He was doing this, he was creating such pleasure.
His first explorations into male sex, into being the active part... Terazuma
marveled at the simple effects, at the results.

Leaning over his lover, still stroking gently, he kissed Sohryu, drawing
him in, meeting his harsh reply with softness. Sohryu was growing more
and more restless, needy, urging him on verbally as well as with simple

"Hajime..." he whispered roughly. "Stop teasing!"

Terazuma wasn't actively trying to be cruel, but the words made him
tremble with excitement. He had been unaware that his stumbling attempts
were so arousing for the shikigami. When Sohryu came, it was with a throaty
moan, eyes screwed shut, face a mirror of ecstasy. His body tensed briefly,
then he sank back with a harsh exhalation of air. Terazuma stroked over
his lover's skin and Sohryu whimpered, highly sensitive at the moment.

Blue-gray eyes opened and gazed at him, filled with satisfaction and
warmth. Sohryu reached for him and Terazuma leaned down into the tender




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