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The claw never touched the small human. It stopped centimeters above
the dark head and for a lifelong second, neither moved. Inhuman eyes bore
into dragon-eyes, challenging. Terazuma held his breath.

The dragon snorted, suddenly looking confused. The claw fell to the
side and the wings drooped.

"Sohryu," Tsuzuki whispered, his voice so soft, so gentle, it touched
not only the violent shikigami but also the shinigami watching it all.

Sohryu rumbled.


The massive head lowered and there was a warning growl from Byakko,
but he didn't interfere.

"Sohryu, stop," Tsuzuki murmured soothingly.

Terazuma watched, seeing the dragon come closer, the snout now hovering
in front of his master, and Tsuzuki touched it. His hand was steady, his
eyes fixed on the powerful God, but he was terribly pale. Blood stained
the ground all around them, still running liberally from the slashed wings,
but the dragon's attention was only on his shinigami. Terazuma had an inkling
of appreciation of what Tsuzuki had faced throughout his challenge of this
magnificent creature. The battle must have been cataclysmic... and Tsuzuki
had won. He had mastered this God.

"Everything's okay," Tsuzuki said, voice coaxing, hypnotic. "Everything's
fine. Change, Sohryu. Trust me."

A shiver raced through the magnificent being.

From one second to another, the huge dragon changed into the well-known,
slender human form of Sohryu. Terazuma was running toward him before he
was even thinking of doing something other than staring. Sohryu was covered
in blood, the red fluid oozing from countless wounds, and his face held
an expression of stunned horror.

"Ts... tsuzuki..." he moaned.

The dark-haired shinigami smiled tenderly. "Everything's gonna be okay..."

And then Sohryu collapsed. Terazuma wasn't fast enough and Tsuzuki held
the tall shikigami in his arms, sinking to the ground. He cradled him close,
like a lover, and Terazuma felt a moment of jealousy, then it was blown
away by his deep worry. Tsuzuki caressed the pale face, now starting to

"Hajime?" he whispered, looking at him.

So helpless, so needy, so pleading. From one second to the next the
creature of darkness, that lethal force Terazuma had seen for the first
time, was nothing more than a vulnerable human being. Someone who was asking
for his help, needing his support, and he couldn't even think of denying
it to him.

Tsuzuki was glancing at where Byakko was standing next to the unconscious
Touda, looking lost and hurt himself. Tsuzuki was drawn between the injured
man in his arms and the injured one bound to him in so many ways.

"I'll take care of him," Terazuma whispered, meeting the still steely
violet eyes.

He took the shikigami from his master, who nodded at his colleague.

Tsuzuki stumbled over to Touda, making a soft noise of pain, now trembling
more. Byakko shifted back to his human form, pale but composed.

There was help coming, other shikigami racing to the battle field, but
Terazuma could only look at the bloody scene. His lover was out cold, resting
in his arms, wounded. Tsuzuki knelt in a pool of Touda's blood, uncaring
of it soaking into his clothes, pale as a sheet but still so very much
composed. Byakko, showing injuries himself, was at his side, talking softly.
He didn't look much better than any of them.

And then the helpers arrived and Terazuma was swept away by the tidal
wave of hands and voices, coaxing him to let go of Sohryu, guiding him
from the horrifying scene.

° ° °

He had never figured Sohryu to look vulnerable. Sure, after sex he had
looked so... so relaxed and so much younger than when he was 'in the office',
but never vulnerable. Never frail. Never close to the breaking point.

Terazuma stroked a long strand of blue hair out of the pale face, sighing
softly. He would never have figured that Sohryu could lose it like this.
He seemed so much in control, so absolutely sure of himself and the world.
Nothing could touch him... nothing... But something had.

Terazuma had touched him.

"Fool," the shinigami murmured, shaking his head. He wasn't even sure
who he was talking to, himself or the injured man.

Sohryu had been treated by Rikugo, who had looked harried and exhausted
by the time he had arrived in his leader's chambers, blood clinging to
his robes. Terazuma could think of only one person who had been treated
first and it made him sick to think of the damage Touda had had to suffer.

"How is Touda?" he had asked quietly while watching the shikigami work.

"Hanging in there. He lost a lot of blood and Sohryu broke close to
all bones in his body."

Terazuma felt guilt creep into his consciousness. He should have...
he could have... maybe...

Sohryu was sleeping at the moment. His body was regenerating and from
the looks of the cuts, they would be healed by tomorrow. The bruises had
already faded. Most of the damage had been superficial, scratches and bruises
and cuts.

He longed for a cigarette. Terazuma stared at the ceiling of the room,
pushing down the nicotine craving. He rarely smoked now, only when he was
upset. Well, he was upset now. Others had suffered because of their stupidity.
Others who weren't even involved. Others who just worried about Sohryu...

There was a soft gasp from his side and his attention immediately returned
to the prone man. Sohryu's eyes blinked open and the slightly blurred gaze
came to rest on the man beside him.

"Hajime?" Sohryu mumbled.

"Yes, Sohryu. I'm here." He took one slightly trembling hand and smiled
at his lover.

There was confusion in those beloved eyes. "Why are you here? Why...
I don't feel good..."

"You had a rough day," Terazuma answered softly.

Frown lines appeared and Sohryu clearly tried to remember what had happened.


"Alive. Rikugo patched him up again."

"I... hurt him... why?"

"Like I said, rough day. I don't have all the details and you shouldn't
really..." He stopped as he watched his lover.

The dragon swallowed, then grew even more pale. Eyes widened in horror.

Sohryu tried to get up, whimpering and gasping in pain, but he still

"He's okay. Just a bit wasted." Terazuma put a hand on one slender shoulder,
keeping Sohryu down. "He's with Touda, probably sleeping. He wasn't hurt."

But he had looked just as bad. Terazuma had no idea what had come through
the bond, but if it was just a fragment of the agony Touda had experienced,
it was too much.

"No! I couldn't... have... I hurt him!"

Again the dragon tried to rise and again it was quite easy to push him
down. "Sohryu, calm yourself. It's okay. He's fine. You didn't lay a hand
on him."

"Why?" Sohryu whimpered, looking so lost and so very young all of a
sudden. "What did I do? Why?"

Terazuma soothed his injured lover, stroking over the wonderful hair,
down his smooth cheek. "You had a rough day," he repeated. "Go to sleep.
I'll tell you when you're better."

Sohryu looked at him, vulnerable, open and so... needy. "Stay?" he whispered.

"I will." He leaned down and kissed his lover gently. "Go to sleep."

And the shikigami surrendered to his soft order. His eyes slid shut,
the tall body relaxed, and Terazuma watched him sleep, lost in his own
thoughts and feelings as he remained in the chambers with his lover.

° ° °

Byakko looked at the two men he loved, now currently occupying the same
bed space, one curled up close to the other, both asleep. Rikugo had treated
Touda's wounds, which were extensive. Sohryu's talons had cut deeply into
Touda's unprotected, human body, injuring him in the worst way, and the
blood loss had been dangerous. He needed time to heal and while he was
in a better shape than the last time he had lain in that bed, hurt, it
wasn't any less serious.

Tsuzuki had been awake and conscious until Rikugo had finished, then
he had simply collapsed. Byakko had caught him, carrying him into the large
bed, where the young shinigami had almost instinctively curled up next
to his injured bonded shikigami.

Byakko rubbed over his tired eyes, feeling the stings of his own healing
wounds, but they were nothing compared to Touda's.

Anger rose. Anger toward Sohryu. It was squelched when Tsuzuki made
a soft noise, sounding like a nightmare, and the white tiger walked over
to the shinigami. He crawled onto the large bed and simply curled around
him, wrapping his tail around the sleeping form. Tsuzuki quieted down,
sighing softly, and Byakko smiled.



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