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Tsuzuki had had a while to come to terms with the fact that one of
his shikigami was in a relationship with Terazuma Hajime, the very man
who made his life hard and was the bane of his existence. That Terazuma
had apparently resolved his problems with Sohryu being the leader of GensouKai
and so on showed when his moods changed, when he left Tsuzuki alone, and
Tsuzuki could finally walk into the office without the knot of trepidation
forming in his stomach.

That Sohryu now also visited his lover in Meifu spoke lengths and Tsuzuki
was secretly happy for the dragon. He had never known Aya, his only wife
and companion, mother of their equally deceased son Keijin, but he knew
that Sohryu was a person who could give love, who needed it in return,
and he was a wonderful father. While he represented an untouchable façade
to the outside, Tsuzuki had always managed to break through, overrun him
with his affections, and Sohryu gave his love for his shinigami freely.

Now Terazuma held Sohryu's affection, too. Tsuzuki didn't know if it
was love, but at least it was something along those lines. Why else would
the dragon come to Meifu then? Terazuma meant something to him.

Good, he decided. It didn't mean he liked the man a lot better, but
at least the possessed shinigami was tolerable now.


Sohryu dropped by Tsuzuki's office on Monday morning, surprising his
shinigami who hadn't expected him to still be there. Tsuzuki had spent
the weekend with Hisoka; their relationship was progressing at a pace both
men were comfortable with.

"Sohryu!" Tsuzuki greeted him cheerfully.

"Like I said, I would pay you a visit before leaving," the dragon said

They left the judicial building and walked along the cherry trees, finally
coming to a bench that was a bit out of the open.

"You stayed here the whole weekend?"

A nod. "Yes."

"Well, that was nice." Tsuzuki still smiled. "I'm glad you and Terazuma
made up. He wasn't really in a good mood..."

Blue-gray eyes regarded him solemnly. "I made a mistake before, Tsuzuki.
I won't make it again."

"So he means a lot to you, hm?"

Sohryu smiled slightly. "Yes." He tilted his head. "And you don't know

A shrug. "You chose him, Sohryu. I accept that. You're my shikigami,
but this is your life. I've no right to demand an explanation."

"No, you don't, but I want to give you one anyway. How well do you know
your colleague?"

Tsuzuki leaned back against the bench. "Well, I've known him ever since
he came to Meifu, about thirty years ago. We never got along, for various
reasons, and except that he doesn't insult me as much as before, that hasn't
changed a lot."

Sohryu was silent for a moment. "Terazuma is lonely," he then said quietly.


"Like all of you, he died a violent death, but unlike the other shinigami
here, he was forced into a partnership with a shikigami. Neither side was
asked and it didn't really work well. You know that."

Tsuzuki nodded. Everyone knew that.

"Terazuma pulled away from others, refused to be touched, and soon a
touch by a woman would set off the shikigami he carried. It has actually
not much to do with women," Sohryu said with a mild smile. "It's more like
a rising stress level. You launched his attack just like a woman's touch
would. It's adrenaline and the shikigami's need to protect his master against
a perceived enemy."

Tsuzuki listened curiously.

"It all made Terazuma a very lonely person. Add to that that cat shikigami
are very sensuous beings and you can understand the rising frustration."

"Oh. So... it was just... frustration at himself?"

"Yes, and some other things. Terazuma didn't like his shikigami, he
actually despises the act of gaining power through one, and you... well,
you have twelve. You also harbor an incredible power."

"I know," was the quiet reply. "But power doesn't mean I have to use
it. Power can hurt. I won't hurt anyone through my abilities, Sohryu."

The shikigami gently touched the young man at his side, running a tender
caress over the pale skin. "I know. We all know. And we appreciate your
control, we love you and respect you. For someone like Terazuma who doesn't
have this intimate knowledge of you, it's like waving a red flag in front
of a bull. He charges because he feels cheated, feels like you have so
much more than him and you don't use it."

"But... I don't," was the soft protest. "You are all my friends, not
my weapons. I'm not any better than all the others."

Sohryu's thumb never stopped his gentle caress. "In his eyes, you have
so much and he has only something he never wanted, and you don't use it.
You have a different take on your job, you are different, Tsuzuki. And
I mean that in a very positive way."

Tsuzuki leaned into the touch, closing his eyes, shivering a little
at the words. He had never wanted to be different; being different hurt.

"Terazuma is different as well, quite obviously even," the dragon went
on. "But he never had the acceptance of himself to begin with. He never
accepted the shikigami that is so much part of him. When he came to GensouKai,
the lion's pain was palpable. I only wanted to help him; the rest... was
almost by accident."

He smiled at the expression the violet eyes.

"Get to know him, Asato," Sohryu said softly.

"Well, I can try. I mean, you like him and you're together, so... I'll

The dragon pressed a close-mouthed kiss on Tsuzuki's head, smiling more.
"Thank you.

° ° °

Terazuma wasn't kidding himself. His relationship with Sohryu, across
two dimensions, was nothing but a way to have fun. There could be nothing
deeper behind the visits to the digital world. Nothing at all.

But slowly, doubt settled in.

'I love you, too.'

Sohryu's words that night still stuck with him. And he felt something
in return. He felt good when he was with this man, he felt like he had
found something he had missed, and it wasn't just the sex.

He wiped the thought away. No. No, no and no.

Instead of mulling over the deepening relationship he started to try
and get to know the man so closely connected to his lover. Tsuzuki Asato,
his long-time, not very much respected colleague.

It wasn't easy.

Not because it was difficult to get to know Tsuzuki but because Terazuma
wasn't the man to just walk up to a colleague and chat. He left that to
Wakaba. And then there was their shared history. A really bad history marked
by shouting matches, posturing and blowing up the new library.

No, it wasn't easy.

But over time Terazuma used his detective skills of observation, taking
note of the little things, of the interaction. He began to see past the
façade Tsuzuki presented and he was treated to a person that made
him thoughtful. He began to see what might be the shinigami in control
of twelve Divine Commanders, none of them inclined to see him as weak or

It wasn't until the annual cherry blossom festival in the Count's palace
that Terazuma actually could get a deeper glimpse, though. And the shock
of his lifetime.




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