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"I've known you for only a day..."

Terazuma couldn't believe his own ears – he was really saying something
like that? Why not give the other guy a piece of his mind, tell him in
no uncertain terms what he could do with his offer and get the hell out
of here? But no...

"It's not a matter of time, and you know that."


Terazuma's anxiety level rose. He felt the shikigami inside of him stir.

There was a hint of movement and he whirled around, the lion snarling
– only to cower down and almost crawl under the cover of Terazuma's mind.
He was briefly surprised by the reaction, one he had noticed before, then
his view was filled by a handsome face and warm eyes.

"You need to relax," Sohryu told him and Terazuma shivered.

"I need to get out of here!" the former detective rasped. "I..."

Suddenly there was nothing more to say. Not that he wouldn't want to
– but due to the hot lips that were neatly pressed onto his Terazuma didn't
get the chance. He gasped and felt a skillful hot tongue gently probe his
mouth, fingers sneaking around his neck and pulling him closer – and then
he was kissed thoroughly, keenly and expertly.

When Sohryu pulled back after what appeared to be an eternity Terazuma
stared at him in utter shock.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Hm. You can still talk – I'm losing my touch..."

And then those lips were back on his, even more passionately then before,
and Terazuma couldn't do anything but moan and clench his fingers into
the other one's shirt. Heat was coiling inside of him, spreading through
his entire body and when he felt teasing fingers slide over the tips of
his ear and caress his neck that heat concentrated itself way down south.

Terazuma moaned again as the strong hands caressed his stiff back, teased
muscled into relaxation, and then there was a warm, moist tongue and a
hot mouth and nothing else. Years of frustration and tension, of anxiety
and anger melted into the kiss, a kiss that grew more aggressive by the

I'm not gay, he thought faintly. I'm not... I can't be...

But it felt so good. It felt so incredibly good and wonderful and...
more... much more.

Those hands were everywhere, under his shirt, on his skin, making him
writhe for more. He wanted... wanted...

A soft mouth nibbled down his neck and he whimpered, clutching the strong
shoulders of the other man.

"Terazuma," Sohryu murmured, licking at one ear.

When had he come up from his neck to his ear? Terazuma wondered faintly.

He was lowered onto his back, looking up into those fascinating eyes,
and his hands came up to touch, but then he hesitated.

"You're allowed to touch me," Sohryu breathed, kissing him again. "I
want you to touch me."

Tentatively he ran a hand through the silky blue mane, exploring the
soft texture of the strands, accidentally brushing over a pointed ear and
wandering over the skin of the neck. Sohryu made a soft little sound and
slightly leaned into the touch, closing his eyes briefly. Those skillful
fingers brushed over his ribcage, caressing naked skin ... and he panicked.

Sohryu pulled back. "I never force myself on anybody," he said calmly.
"You're not ready. I'm sorry."

Terazuma blushed – hell, what was he, a teenager in puberty, for crying
out loud? – and sat up again, feeling very much self-conscious right now.

"Uh... "

A little chuckle answered him. "Seems I still have my touch, though."

"Sohryu... "

"It's all right," Sohryu lifted a hand. "I have to go anyway." Terazuma
found his face cupped gently, fingertips caressing his ears, and despite
his panic he felt the intense urge to purr.

"Cat shikigami are very sensuous, Hajime, and he shares that sensitivity
with you. If you deprive the both of you from physical sensations, it will
drive him crazy... and you need to be touched, too. I'll be here, tomorrow,
if you need to talk."

"Sohryu..." he stammered, feeling cornered.

"As I said, it's all right."

And with that, Sohryu left. Terazuma watched the slender figure pick
his way through the trees and then disappear. Something inside of him shivered
and it wasn't the Black One.

° ° °

Terazuma didn't go to the lake the next day, nor the day after. He was
wandering around GensouKai, taking in the scenery at the marketplace, watching
the people – all different kind of shikigami, he mused, and each of them
had probably the same mind-set about sex like Sohryu.

Sohryu ...

There was something about the blue-haired shikigami that made him nervous.
He remembered only too vividly how the lips had felt on his, or the way
his skin had tingled where it had been touched, how his body had reacted...
but he wasn't gay, damnit! Terazuma Hajime didn't swing that way, never
had, never would be!

But he had kissed a man.

It had felt so good; better than any touch of a woman, at least as far
as he could remember.

He had responded to Sohryu, had kissed him back.

A man.

He had kissed a man, touched him ...

And liked it.

He wasn't gay ...

He just liked kissing a man.

His imagination started to run down a certain track as he imagined the
body he had seen, lean and tall, hard muscles instead of soft curves, and
between the legs... Terazuma swallowed. Would he... could he... touch him
there? Feel another man's arousal ... ?

No way!

Because he wasn't gay!

But damn, was it warm here, or what?

Terazuma groaned.



Two days later he couldn't stand it anymore.

Stepping into the small clearing he looked for Sohryu, feeling a little
disappointed when he couldn't spot the tall shikigami anywhere. He hadn't
been able to sleep properly, and more than once his body had reminded him
unmistakably of what it wanted.

Terazuma sank down onto the soft grass, leaning against ‘his' tree and
closed his eyes. Had he really thought Sohryu would come? Had he really
thought the shikigami would wait for him? Why should he? He certainly could
find other bed partners... and why the hell was that thought bothering
him all of a sudden?!

Someone came.

Terazuma felt his heart skip a beat before starting to hammer, but he
didn't need to open his eyes to know who it was – his senses were sharp,
and he would recognize that scent everywhere: fresh and a little salty,
like a spring day at the beach.


Gods, and that voice...

Terazuma turned his head and took in the tall, slender figure in those
simple clothes. Like before he wore nothing but straight cut, black pants,
a light, long-sleeved shirt that showed a little traditional influence
but wasn't embroidered, and the hair was held back in a pony tail. Ribbons
had been wrapped tightly around a good length of it, taming the mass. Terazuma
had no idea how the man could even start brushing that stuff. But he was
more interested in the whole of the package.

Ah hell, no! Down boy!

I'm not gay! he raged.

But he found the man smiling down at him very, very attractive. Terazuma
couldn't remember ever looking after men, giving them more than a cursory
check that was more to determine their danger level than their sexuality.
Sohryu... Sohryu touched something, stirred something inside him, and he
wanted more of that kiss.

He had felt good. So... good...

"Sohryu..." he greeted him, feeling a bit hesitant.

Why had he come here? Because he liked the place? Definite yes. It soothed
his senses. Because he wanted to meet Sohryu again? Well, yes, that too.
The man... Terazuma sighed as several descriptions passed through his head
and all of them were quite... fitting.

He looked away.

Sohryu smiled. "Your shikigami seems to be getting better," he remarked
and settled down beside Terazuma.

The shinigami was quite aware of the close proximity of the other warm
body and it sent tingles through him.

For now he just grunted something affirmative.

"But you two still haven't reached a level where the true healing can

"I didn't come here to get rehab or something," Terazuma growled. "I
wasn't asked. I don't even like this place!"

Blue-gray eyes regarded him calmly. "And here I thought I could detect
a note of relaxation. It always helps me, Hajime. It's one of the most
balanced spots in GensouKai center. The energies running through this place
are harmonious, made for soothing pain and anxiety."

"I'm not in pain and I'm not anxious! Thank you very much!"

His tension rose and he wondered why. It wasn't like he felt threatened
by Sohryu. On the contrary.

I'm not gay!

Now desperation clung to his thinking and he screwed his eyes shut.
He wasn't into men. Never had been, never would be! He was straight as
an arrow! Just because there was a lack of sexual activity in his life,
male or female.... His mind screeched to a halt.


Inhaling shakily, he rubbed over his forehead.

"Pain doesn't always have to be physical. Your shikigami..."

"Leave that thing out of it! I don't need him, I don't need you, I don't
need anything!"

Terazuma was about to rise when Sohryu moved. His hand shot forward,
closing around his wrist and with a swift motion he had Terazuma pulled
across his lap. Terazuma found himself straddling the other man's hips,
able to feel much of the other's body.

"You have highly receptive senses, Hajime. You have his senses. I told
you that both of you are sensuous. You're mutilating yourself by refusing
anyone to touch you."

"People touch me..." he argued weakly.

"A handshake? A brush of shoulders? That's not touching. That's more
like an accidental contact." Sohryu's eyes were as warm as his voice. "You're
capable of feeling so much more. Let me show you..."

Terazuma trembled a little, feeling out of control. He hated to lose
control, he needed it, but this man had just single-handedly blown away

"Trust me..." Sohryu whispered. "You are able to feel my touch before
I even lay a finger on you. Close your eyes."



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