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The first trial was... trying. Watari had fiddled with the device
the whole night and Tatsumi knew that all his lover's knowledge, energy
and brainpower was in this small key to GensouKai. But they still had to
try it out and there was only one person to test it: Terazuma.

"So... what do I do?" the possessed shinigami asked warily.

"It's actually quite easy. All you do is enter the area code," Watari
explained, smiling at him, "and the device does the rest. It homes you
in on GensouKai."

"Area code?"

"A four digit number. Like a pass code. Not really necessary, but it
keeps you from accidentally hitting the key button and ending up over there
without wanting to."

"Ah." Terazuma understood safety measures. "And the code?"

"Your pick. Just enter the four numbers, hit 'ok' and then they're stored
in there. Even if all of us know the code, none of us can use it. It's
your shikigami that's important for this."

Terazuma nodded and typed in the four numbers, then 'ok' and waited.
A small screen told him the area code had been accepted.

"Now what?"

"Type the code, then hit the small black button on the bottom left side.
It should open up the gate," Watari explained and then stepped back. "Good

He would need it.

Tatsumi and Watari watched in silence as Terazuma entered the code.
At first nothing happened, then there was a hiss of magical energy and
they were faced with a huge, black lion.

"Oh no!" Watari exclaimed.

The lion's eyes glowed red and it roared in anger and pain, wings unfolding
with a snap.

Tatsumi felt the shadows stir, surrounding the angry shikigami, and
he waited. The lion snarled, shaking his head as if to dislodge something,
pawing. Watari swallowed, clearly confused.

"I don't understand..." he murmured and pulled out a device that looked
like a pocket calculator. "Something's not right..."

Tatsumi saw the move before the Black One even made it. "Taka!"

There was an owl screech, a startled cry, and shadows shot forward,
blocking the huge paw and the whole shikigami as it attacked the blond
scientist. Watari rolled over the hard stone of the yard, 003 fluttering
around him, screeching at the Black One, while the lion roared in fury,
fighting the shadows that held him.

"Don't hurt him!" Watari yelled at his lover, scarmbling to his feet.
"He's just confused!"

Tatsumi had no intention of harming the shikigami, but he also wouldn't
let go.

From one second to another the lion disappeared and a very much naked
and dazed Terazuma stood in its place, breathing hard, trembling.

The shadows disappeared with a whisper.

"Let me guess," the shaken man whispered hoarsely. "That didn't work..."

Watari was shaking, too. "No," he confessed. "Not at all."

Terazuma sank to his knees, one hand holding his head.

"You okay?" Watari asked, worried all of a sudden.

Tatsumi followed his lover, careful of the still dangerous man, but
003 showed no hesitation as she flew around him, hooting softly.

"Headache," Terazuma confessed.

"Let's go inside," Tatsumi said calmly. "We'll figure out what went
wrong there."

And they did, supporting a shaky Terazuma who was covered by Watari's


The second attempt was a little less volatile and wild, but no less
painful for the main party involved. While the Black One didn't come out
this time -- and they had Wakaba there just as a precaution -- the gate
didn't work again. Terazuma literally ran into a wall. He bounced back
from the dimensional barrier and hit the next solid object to stop his
flight, which was a wall. He collided with a resounding crack.

Watari's reaction was one of startled surprise and mortification at
causing his colleague harm again.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as they sat in the hospital wing and he was
bandaging two broken ribs that would be healed by tomorrow. "I thought
it had just been a little bug. Looks like it's much worse. I... I'm truly
sorry. If we had a way to test it on an object first, I wouldn't..."

Terazuma stopped him with a held up hand. "I'm fine, Watari. No real
harm done. I know I've got to be the test person, and I know you don't
mean to hurt me in the process. It's okay. I want this."

Golden eyes held steady red ones.

"I want to be able to see Sohryu," Terazuma said softly. "Without asking
either Wakaba or Tsuzuki all the time. I want to be able to get there --
with the key you and Touda developed."

The blond nodded. "I understand. We will get it to work. I think I need
to talk to Touda. Maybe the programming's a bit off..."

"You do that, I'll get some rest." Terazuma slid off the hospital bed,
suppressing a wince. "See you tomorrow."

Watari's sad golden eyes followed the injured shinigami. He understood
the need to be with one's lover. Just thinking that Tatsumi would be separated
from him by a dimensional barrier, depending on gates and Tsuzuki to see
each other... yes, he understood. And he would make this work.


° ° °

It took three more attempts and another week for the device to work
properly for the first time. Watari was ecstatic when he heard from Tsuzuki
that Terazuma had arrived. Tatsumi had the living daylights hugged out
of him by his excited lover and a kiss was planted in his lips that spoke
of a celebration tonight.

In GensouKai, a slightly rattled Terazuma was greeted by his shikigami
lover. Sohryu was dressed in his usual outfit, the regal, stately appearance
of a leader. Blinking, trying to get his bearings while the Black One did
the same, Terazuma exhaled softly.

"It worked," he whispered.

Sohryu closed the distance and leaned down a little, kissing the slightly
open lips. "Yes, it did. Welcome to GensouKai."

Terazuma laughed breathlessly. It had worked! It -- had -- worked! He
looked at the small electronic device that appeared as innocent as a cell
phone. Watari, you're a genius!

Someone joined them and Terazuma gazed into a pair of golden eyes. Touda
looked at him, features neutral.

"Tsuzuki and the others are asking if you're okay. I suppose you are."

He nodded. He felt fine; a bit dizzy but fine.

Touda's hard eyes didn't change, just grew more intense, then he turned
and walked away. Terazuma had a problem handling the black shikigami, but
thankfully the interaction was on a minimum level whenever he was here.

Sohryu's gentle, loving touch drew him out of his thoughts. "You should
test if you can return as well," he advised.

"Yeah." He grinned a little. "See you later, I hope."

And with that he dialled home.

° ° °

Watari was proud like a new parent. His ‘baby', the Key, as he called
it, worked perfectly fine. Any residual dizziness that Terazuma had experienced
the first few times, had disappeared. His visits to GensouKai went smoothly
and without a hitch.

Snuggling against Tatsumi, enjoying the warmth of their afterglow, Watari
felt good. Not just because of the sex, but also because of his success.
It was good to be successful, to have created such a device, to be of help.
He usually just tinkered around, invented strange little things, but not
this time.

"You brain is going to explode," Tatsumi muttered.

Watari blinked. "Huh?"

Sleepy blue eyes blinked at him. "I know that expression. You're thinking
about something again. The Key, probably." He yawned a little. "And your
head is going to explode if you keep doing it."

Watari leaned down and brushed his lips over his lover's. Tatsumi was
somewhere between asleep and awake, but he responded.

"You did well, Taka," the Shadow Master murmured and smiled. "Now go
to sleep."

"Yes, Mom." It felt good to be needed, to be useful.

° ° °

In GensouKai, Sohryu looked at his lover. Terazuma was out like a light.
Naked underneath the bed cover, black hair tousled, features relaxed, he
looked young and innocent. Sohryu smiled to himself.


Pushing a rogue strand of hair out of his face, the dragon shikigami
leaned back against the headboard and just watched the man he loved, the
man he had fought for not to lose, and the man he wouldn't let go. Terazuma
Hajime; shinigami. He would never have thought that his partner would be
a shinigami, let alone a man. He had had male lovers before, but this one
was special. This was the one, he mused. He felt it deep down inside.

And it was what made him happy. Tsuzuki had remarked on the changes
in him, as had Byakko and Touda. Even his own children had said something
to the effect.

The changes weren't just because of Terazuma, but also because of the
latest events, because of Tsuzuki, because of Touda, because of Byakko.
All of them.

He smiled more.

The future looked good, not just for him.


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