Harem king of anime

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Disclaimer: I do not own High school of the dead or Girls und panzer so I don't make any money from it.

Shinji Yame is a 16 year old boy. The only thing notable to say about him is that he is completely ordinary. Well that, and the fact he has 6 beautiful women in love with him. 

Shinji never really knew what to do with these girls, so he always just acted dense around them in hopes that the issue would clear up on it's own.  

Then one day, he started to notice all of the girls, one by one, had started to ignore him. Until one day he was invited by his principle to go to his office after school. What he saw that day changed his life.

He watched as all of the 6 girls were naked and lovingly rubbing their bodies up against his principle. He always wanted to find a solution to his problem, but this sickened him. 

After that day he was never the same. He was depressed and never talked to anyone. He spent his life in his room studying and playing games to take his mind off of those events. He was a NEET for 20 years as his youth slipped past him.

That's when he decided to change, he went to college where he started becoming better. He never wanted something like that to happen again. So he trained day after day, improving his body and mind. He studied to become a teacher so he could go back to a school and build a harem much bigger than his last one.

This is the story of Yame-sensei, the man who will turn an entire females only school into his harem. This is the redemption story of the harem known as ‘the infinite harem’. This is the story, of the harem king of anime.

AN: This is the beginning of a fanfiction with no true ending. Each chapter will be centred around Yame-Sensei adding one or more anime girl/s to his harem. There will only be girls with no superpowers in this story; however girls in supernatural settings like high school of the dead are accepted. The list of anime in this story are as follows: 
High school of the dead, K-on, Food wars, Girls und panzer, assassination classroom, Galko-chan, ECT.
More will be added to the list as I go on but these are the ones I've got so far. Anyway thank you for reading and look forward to future instalments.

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