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AN: so I decided to change the style of this fic for the next few chapters or so. This chapter will be in 1st person instead of 3rd person. With that out of the way, please enjoy.

The tankery commanders arc:

After I had stolen the heart of the beautiful Shizuka Marikawa, I had to choose which girl to take next. After a while of being stumped, Shizuka came up with the perfect idea.

“Master, why don't you go after Maho Nishizumi, the commander of the tank girls?” she said whilst happily sucking on my balls. “If you go after her you can get the co-commander and the rest of Nishizumi house”

“that's a brilliant idea! After seeing you as nothing but a mindless cum dump for so long I got it you were so smart.” I calmly said whilst patting her head as a reward. 

“Thank you for the praise master. But I'm nothing without this dick, so I'll just help anyway I can to make you happy. Speaking of which, I have the perfect blackmail to get Maho.” She got up from my dick and walked over to the computer. “This school has a bathhouse and there's cameras installed. So if we get some footage of her little sister she'll be bound to do what you say. What do you think master?”

“That's perfect. As a reward, how about I put a cream pie in you and let you walk around with it in your pussy for the day. I know you love that" 

The next day, I walked on over to Maho’s office with the video of her sister and her friends. I knocked on the door and waited for a reply. I got one almost immediately telling me to come in as Itsumi Erika, the co-commander opened the door.

“You must be the famous first male teacher of Hearts peak academy. So what brings you here exactly?” her tone was demeaning and sounded like she was disgusted by my presence. 

“Well I'd like to disgust something in private with you. Is that okay?”

“I refuse” she shot bluntly. “Erika will be staying here with me"

“Very well, suit yourself” It doesn’t matter if they’re both in same room. After all, I planned on taking Erika too. 

I placed the video on the desk and told her to watch it. Erika brought out a laptop to watch the disco on. They looked mortified by what they saw. 

“W-What the he’ll is THIS!?” Maho shouted as she stood up from her chair. “Where did you get this footage? In going to bring this to the police and make sure you will never see the light of day" 

I loved how infuriated she was. But not as much as the fact she'll soon be looking at me with affection instead of disgust.

“If you tell the police or anyone else about this my partner will send out that video. It'll ruin those girls and they'll never want to show their faces in public again” I said with a grin. Seeing their defeated faces was pure joy to me.

“So what do you want exactly?” Erika asked coldly. 

“Simple. Tonight meet me at the sweet love hotel on bottom street tonight at 9:pm. Don't be late or you know what will happen” I turned around and walked out of the room. But before I closed the door I decided to pour some salt onto the wound. “Oh yeah, I have more copies so you can keep that disc if you want. Bye now"

At 8:50pm I was so eager that I had found myself early at the love hotel. And to my surprise both Maho and Erika were there too. 

“You girls are early. You two are more eager than I am.” I said with a slight chuckle. They both remains silent and we walked into the love hotel. I paid for all of us and we walked in to our room.

“So how about we get started then? The two of you can undress yourselves and after that you can shaft by giving me a double blowjob” so we all got naked and I laid down on the bed. Soon after they both reluctantly crawled on to  the bed with me.

They started by licking up the length of my shaft. Neither of them were very good but this night was about training them. Although their reluctant licking was cute, I'm more used to a faster pace. So I grabbed the back of Maho's head and shoved my cock down her throat. 

She tried to remove herself but I easily overpowered her and kept shoving my dick in her mouth. But to my surprise, although Maho seemed like a reserved girl, she was quick to start masturbating and giving me the ‘I'm a slutty girl please tame me’ look Shizuka always gave me. 

I looked over at Erika, who was staring in disbelief, as she watched the person she's closest to behave like a bitch in heat. This was enough to make me cum into Maho’s mouth. To me surprise she was able to swallow all of it, which took Shizuka several times to master.

“Okay now spread your legs bitch. I want to see your sweet pussy before I claim it for my own.” 

As expected she was dripping wet. But I decided to be patient and started to lick her pussy. I licked up and down her slit and played with her clit. It only took a minute but she sprayed all over the bed.

“You're pretty perverted to soil the sheets like that commander. I guess I was right in choosing you as my bitch.” She tried to say something in protest but all she could muster was a couple of moans and whines. 

I got up and prodded her hole with my fat meat stick. I looked over at Erika again and saw her blushing wildly at the site. That's when I grabbed her by the throat and forcibly kissed Erika as I penetrated Maho for the first time. I could tell from the tightness that Maho was a virgin. After letting Maho adjust to my size I let go of Erika who was in a daze and started to pound Maho virgin cunt.

I furiously fucked her dripping pussy as I watched her big boobs flop around on her chest and listened to the sweet moans of the once calm and respected commander turn burnt into a slutty bitch in heat after a few thrusts. The feeling of her cunt tightened each time I played with her big jugs as she climaxed on my cock.

After awhile of that I decided to pick it up a notch. I began by putting both of her nipples into my mouth, feeling her become putty in my hands. I picked her up slightly by the ass and slammed harder and deeper into her canal. I had only came once and yet I lost count of the number of times she has. 

I finally came into her pussy and let out enough sperm to get her pregnant. I stepped back and looked down on her. If the famous Maho Nishizumi fell so easily then her mother and sister should fall quickly too. I didn't need to ask her, I knew she was already mine.

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