Harem king of anime

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I had currently claimed three out of the 9 girls I brought here. I stood up and took a quick breather. That's when I felt a wet sensation on my sphincter.

I turned around to see Kay on her knees with her tongue in my ass. Her slurping noises caused me to get rock solid once again. 

“yummy. Even your ass tastes amazing master.” She purred.

“I haven't even touched you yet and you're already calling me master. You must be a huge slut" 

“You know it m-a-s-t-e-r. After seeing what you did to those three I knew it was pointless to resist. So I'd just cut to the chase.” She said before carrying on cleaning my asshole and giving me a hand job.

I moved over to the only non occupied couch and sat down for a brake. Kay crawled inbetween my legs and started sucking my cock. She licked up and down my length and sucked on my balls. I was surprised by how good she was at this. Then, without any prepping before hand, she put my huge cock inbetween her huge, soft tits.

“Wow. I've given a few hit jobs before but your cock was the first one to peek out of my breasts like that. You are amazing!” she cooed

“why don't you tell me about some of your sexual experiences” I said in slight frustration. I'm pretty territorial if you couldn't tell so I prefer my woman to be virgins and hate them interacting with other guys.

“Relax master. I've only given a few blow/tit/hand jobs to guys. I've been waiting for a guy like you" she winked. Damn it! She’s starting to play with me. I have to do something. 

I grabbed her by her hair and rammed my cock into her mouth. Her tits were still around my shaft but I still got a decent length down her throat. I gripped her hair tightly and pinching her nipples. I carried on like this for a few minutes before pulling her off my dick. I then grabbed my cock and ejaculated into her mouth and across her face, tits and hair.

To my surprise she began scooping up my thick load and started licking it off her fingers. She carried on until she was completely clean. 

“You taste so good master. Let's continue, I've been dying for your cock.” She winked.

I pushed her against the coffee table and bent her over like I did Assame. She wiggled her big ass in front of me. I landed a few smacks to her backside and shoved my cock into her wet cunt. She may have experience with her upper mouth but her lower mouth was as sensitive and tight as any other virgins. 

I grabbed her by the waist and started thrusting into her pussy. Her hips moved at the same rhythm as mine. Her huge was slapped against my thighs and her tits pressed against the coffee table. 

“God this feels so good. Now I know what all the fuss was about. You're definitely worth submitting to master” 

I pulled her up by the hair again and started increasing the speed of my thrust. Her huge tits swayed and slapped about. I grabbed them as if they were going to fly away and I started to kiss Kay. Our tongues exploring each others mouths. 

At this point we weren't humans. We were animals, lost within our lust for each other. She climaxed countless of times and I enjoyed every sensation her body could offer. For a few minutes, we were one. 

I carried on like this until I finally unleashed a huge, thick load into her pussy. I unsheathed my dick from her cunt and watched my seed spill out. She slowly pushed herself off of the table and landed on top of me.

“Now that you're my master, I suppose I should tell you all of my secrets. Like the fact that I didn't eat or drink anything you gave me.” She said with a wicked smile before falling asleep like the rest of them.

God dammit. She played me completely again. I'll get her back for that.

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