Harem king of anime

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I walked over to Momo. I looked at her with the eyes of a predator. It was useless to resist me and she knew it.

But before I could close the distance between us I was stopped by Yuzu. She was already completely naked and pressed her big boobs against my back.

“please leave her alone. I'll take her place just please let her go.” She pleaded. But it was pointless. I came here to take all of them, and with more than half of them already wrapped around my finger it shouldn't take much to take the rest.

I turned around and grabbed her by her plump was and brought her in for a deep kiss. She moaned into our kiss as a felt up her incredibly soft body. 

“I'm sorry Yuzu, but you heard the president, both of you belong to me now. So you can get started by using both of your breasts to service my dick.”

I sat on my office chair and watched as Momo and Yuzu used their boobs to press my cock. Yuzu's huge boobs engulfed most of my cock whilst Momo’s much smaller breasts barely covered anything. But the sensation both of the provided me felt amazing. 

Yuzu and Momo were pretty eager to service me. They rubbed their nipples together and licked the pre cum from the tip of my dick. Feeling myself about to explode, I grabbed Momo’s head and forced my dick into her mouth. I shot my load and forced her to swallow all of it.

“Does that taste good? Maybe you should give some to your friend with your mouth.” Both of them understood that that was a rhetorical question and began kissing and swapping my cum in their mouths. Once they both had a decent amount of fun between them they both swallowed it. 

We changed positions so that I was laying down on the floor, whilst Yuzu sat on my face and Momo sat on my dick. Both girls rubbed their hips in unison. I lapped up Yuzu’s pussy juices whilst Momo prepared herself for losing her virginity.

After they had both cum, Momo finally angled my dick against her virgin pussy and slowly started to make her way down. When she finally hit the bottom we went back to pounding away. My tongue violated Yuzu whilst my dick raped Momo. I was in heaven as I heard both of them scream in delight.

After they both came again we switched positions. Yuzu was bent over like a dog and Momo was behind me, licking and sucking my balls and scrotum. I took Yuzu’s virginity whilst Momo gave me a rimjob. Yuzu’s soft ass slapped against my muscular thighs and her tits swung about loosely. I noticed that Momo was masturbating to us fucking like animals.

Yuzu and Momo finally moaned and let out a huge orgasm that drenched the floor. We moved into our final position; Yuzu laid down on the floor whilst Momo was on top of her. Their bodies pressed tightly against one another.

“So before I continue, I have to ask. Do you girls want to join the president and the rest of the girls?” It didn't take long for them to respond.

“I will go whoever the president goes. If she wants to be your slave than so shall I" 

“I agree with Momo. I want to marry you also”

With that we continued fucking like animals. I shoved my cock in between Momo and Yuzu's cunts. I alternated in between fucking Momo and Yuzu. Both of whom came countless of times. If I wasn't fucking one virgina then I fingered it. Momo eventually rolled off of Yuzu and I saw both of their fucked silly expressions. It was a beautiful sight to behold. 

When I found myself on the verge of cumming I pulled out and aimed my cock so I shot my load into both of their cunts. I also shot a few ropes of semen on their chest and faces too. They finally passed out and slept next to one another.

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